Serendair D&D campaign

I'm in a cross-country D&D campaign, DMed by Mike Kimmitt, that takes place in the world of Serendair. I say "cross-country" because we span six time zones---Mike's in Honolulu, at GMT-10, we have a few East Coasters, at GMT-4, and there's people everywhere in between. We use KloogeWerks, an increasingly fully-featured electronic D&D assistant that, with its built-in chat client, can serve as a really nice augmented tabletop for such campaigns as ours.

Anyway, here are some files that people in the campaign might find handy. I can't imagine them actually being useful or even interesting to anyone else, but if you want to look at them, be my guest. (I think I've blocked out all the IP addresses and such---let me know if I missed any.)


Transcripts and summaries