Don has joined the game.


[Don] I believe it's 5:30am there, so I won't be seeing you anytime soon. :)

[Don] Levelling notes: I took one SP each in Bluff and Diplomacy.

[Don] I think I have everything now except HP; remind me to roll for that when I get back.

[Don] Oh, and I have the transcript from last time up in the usual place.

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Master] *awakens*

[Don] You're up early!

[Don] Anyway, I'm off. I'll be back in an hour.

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Okey-dokey.

Jeff has joined the game.

[Master] Buenos Dias!

[Jeff] Howdy

[Jeff] Anyone from '93 here? I met several of that class last night in a NYC alum gathering

[Master] Don's a '93 nongrad.

[Master] *thinks*

[Jeff] Matt Unterman ring any bells? That's the only full name I remember

[Sedlack] I remember the name

[Master] I think he hated me. Can't precisely recall.

[Jeff] Well... he's doing well.

[Master] Good to hear; he seemed nice enough. Except for the one thing, you know.

Jeff has left the game.

Jeff has joined the game.

[Jeff] weird

[Sedlack] What happened?

[Jeff] dunno

[Jeff] I think I was just overzealous with the keyboard shortcuts and accidently quit there

[Sedlack] Ah.

Tamora has joined the game.

[Jeff] hello

[Tamora] hi

Tamora yawns.

[Tamora] It's early.

[Sedlack] Yep. Be thankful it's still standard time.

[Sedlack] Or, perhaps, the rest of us should be thankful it's not DST yet

[Sedlack] No, wait. DST is good for us because we get another hour of sleep

[Master] But one less hour of GAMING.

[Sedlack] True.

Brian has joined the game.

[Master] SEBBY!

[Sedlack] SEBBY!

[Brian] good morning

[Jeff] hey

[Master] Don's got the transcripts up in the usual place; please feel free to refresh your memory. :)

Joe has joined the game.

[Joe] Man, and I thought I was gonna be early.

[Sedlack] Joe!

[Jeff] Woot!

[Master] Norm!

[Joe] And here Sebby's beaten me in. Madness.

James has joined the game.

[Brian] Muahahaha.

[Joe] Jimmay!

[James] Was running just a little late.

[Sedlack] And yet, you got here on time

[James] Didn't get back from Wisc until about 2am.

[Jeff] There's still 10 min to go!

[Master] *feverishly creates maps*

[Sedlack] *writes code in another window*

[James] The last I heard, Ryan and Angie had not yet finished setting up their networking at the new house.

[Joe] That's gonna leave a mark.

[Master] Hm.

[James] They were supposed to get that done yesterday.

[Joe] Networking or not, I'd think they could just plug one computer into the wall and game.

[James] But I haven't talked to Angie since Friday.

[Joe] For today.

[James] ... networking as in the firewall attached to the cable modem.

[Master] Heh.

[James] Networking in general isn't hard, because all the computers are in the same room.

[Joe] Huh.

[James] Arkady's hit points adjusted by 8 to 58.

[Joe] Of course, you don't _need_ a firewall.

[Brian] should i have a map btw?

[James] Dunno why that was lower than max.

[Joe] And I tell Erica all my passwords for work.

[James] Yes, you need a firewall. Especially these days. Especially with Windoze computers.

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

Sedlack is receiving the map...

[Master] no map yet.

Sedlack has received the map.

[Brian] shoot. what's don's URL again?


Tamora has left the game.

Roger (Jeff) is going to back through the portal and mack on the Yuan-ti

[James] Oh, that's right. Did Arkady take a hit last session?

[James] Was that why he was down to 50 HP?

[Joe] I really don't think he did.

[Sedlack] I don't think he took a hit.

[Joe] We only got into one fight, the beholder. And that didn't even get a chance to go.

Roger (Jeff) is going to pet the Dire Tiger

[Sedlack] ntupleValues[ kProperTime ] = -dy * kD0Mass / reconDmom.y() / sol * 1.0E+15;

[Joe] So how's the dire tiger going to get up the chimney? And how's the dire tiger going to get back down?

[Sedlack] Oops

[Master] *giggles*

Jared has joined the game.

[James] Gaseous Form.

[Joe] Hm. Is the dire tiger going to _like_ being a gas?

[Roger (Jeff)] Howdy

[Master] Only one way to find out.

[Sedlack] Hi, Jared.

[Jared] g'morning.

[James] Gonna call Angie and see what's up.

[Master] We just did.

[Joe] Seems like a waste of a 3rd level spell, tho. We're pretty short on spells as it is.

[Master] They're dealing with technical problems.

Angie has joined the game.

[Joe] HEYO

[Sedlack] Heh

[Jared] (psst. Why is Dennis Kucinich here?)

[Joe] That's the beholder.

Client has joined the game.

[Jared] oh. Obviously.

[Roger (Jeff)] We should chop that up and sell the parts

Ryan has left the game. has joined the game.

[Sedlack] Only time will tell what other Democratic presidential candidates we kill in the course of this dungeon crawl

[Sedlack] Does that computer address say "man ass"?

[Ryan] Yes.

[Roger (Jeff)] Mmmm.. man ass

[James] Manassass Virgina.

[James] ... or something like that.

[Ryan] Civli War, and all that.

[Joe] As in "Bull Run"

[Sedlack] Methinks they should truncate elsewhere

[Ryan] "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall"

[Ryan] Well, yes.

[Sedlack] Yeah, yeah, I remember that Encyclopedia Brown

[Ryan] There's a neighboring town called "Manassas Park", which I always parse as "Man Ass, As Park"

[Master] Right then.

[Sedlack] Righto. There's a chimney we need to get up.

[Roger (Jeff)] I have a grappling hook

[Master] Tam's solving some technical problems.

[Joe] Vel's onnit.

[Master] We'll be ready in just a moment to start.

[Velkyna (Joe)] How far is the ceiling near the chimney from the ground?

[Roger (Jeff)] Hey, this is Roger's old char sheet

[Roger (Jeff)] I thought I sent an updated one

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don is also still "away from the computer".

[Jared] man, we didn't get 800 measley experience last time? must have been a bad day.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We got 1500

[Sedlack] I believe Don's absence is a "known bug"

[Master] Check the log . . . yeah.

[Master] Also true for Don's absence.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fair 'nuff.

[Jared] oh. So was I supposed to level in the off time and I missed it? :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, come on dude.

[Master] Hang on.

[Sedlack] I think this is true for "the new guys", but not "the really new guy"

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] =)

[Sedlack] (The "classic" level 10's are getting close to 11, after all)

[Praxis (James)] You know, it would be much more convenient if all you guys would just grow wings like me.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I can grow wings when necessary.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Praxis (James)] Really, cool!

Tamora has joined the game.

[Master] Technical problems resolved.

[Master] Okay, chimney.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Huzzah!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] At the moment, I think the easiest route to the ceiling is to have the tiger lift us. Arkady then suggested we make the tiger gaseous, so he could follow.

[Master] Vel, gimme a Move Silently.

Tamora has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Move Silently: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+7+1) [10+15+7+1] 33

[Velkyna (Joe)] How high is the ceiling?

[Praxis (James)] Vel could just sneak up invis, and secure a grappling hook and rope.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That was the plan.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm also concerned that the thing is trapped.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm concerned that lots of things we're going to run across will be trapped.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Thing?

[Velkyna (Joe)] The chimney.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ah. Indeed.

Tamora has joined the game.

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Ah; I'd thought Vel scouted up the thing at the end of last session.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] It's not trapped.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, we hadn't checked it out yet.

[Master] Heh, ok.

[Master] Search roll.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, Vel has to get up there first. She'll Slipper over from one of the walls.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [13+15+2+5+1] 36

[Joanne] *watches in amazement*

[Master] It's clean.

Velkyna (Joe) removes the cloth covering and peers up the chimney.

[Master] The chimney is about six feet in height.

[Master] There is some kind of room above.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She'll creep up (still invisible) and pop her head up into the next room.

[Master] This room was medium-warm, about sixty-five degrees.

[Master] The room above is colder, and when Vel removes the covering, a wind starts to rustle past her.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fresh air is nice.

[Master] Vel peeks into the next room.

[Master] It seems to be a cave set into the side of a mountain.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, that's a pickle.

[Master] Starlight trickles in. One of the wolves at the mouth of the cave whuffles and whines, then settles back down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will slip down and inform the group what's up there.

[Master] (They haven't seen the map; it's all you.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] "There's a stone statue. Probably comes to life and shit. And a bunch of wolves."

[Velkyna (Joe)] (she'll fill in the part about it being a cave)

[Master] (kewl)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmmm...How many is "a bunch"?

[Roger (Jeff)] Anyone have sleep memorized?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Eight or so.

[Master] (the wolves are unusually large, for the record.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are they ... DIRE?

[Master] Likely. THe light wasn't great.

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I can't say if that stone guardian will come to life and kill us. But given our track record, figure it will.

Master pours a bowl of cereal

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, I could keep the Wolves calm for a minute or so

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: We've fought stone golems before. You need +2ish weapons to injure them and most magic has no effect.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They wouldn't attack us, so long as we didn't attack them

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, we need to figure out who's going up in what order.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] And how exactly my friend the tiger is going to fit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Let's worry about the tiger once we've dealt with the golem.

[James] Sounds like the cave would be plenty big enough.

[Angie] Is it possible the guardian/statue is someone who was turned to stone?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yes, it would be.

Velkyna (Joe) shrugs. It looked like your typical badass stone guardian statue.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: It was also labelled "stone golem" by the DM. ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (OOC: I was hoping for "Joe Lieberman")

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Sadly, no.

[Angie] OK, just a thought

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, we should get some badasses up to deal with the golem

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then, sending me up to hold off the wolves makes sense

[Tamora] Like the people with the magic talking swords.

[James] Sounds fine.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Note that Aric and the tiger have enchanted hands/paws.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC: is Lia still invis?

[Aric (Brian)] did you cast the spell on them?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes, before we went through the portal into this place.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: I think everyone with ImpInviis is still invisible.

[James] Did who cast the what spell on whon?

[Aric (Brian)] what temp mods does the spell give?

[Aric (Brian)] i appear to have cleared my char sheet

[James] ah, you mean magic fang?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] +2 to-hit and damage for eight hours.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OOC: and when next I level, it will become +3 for 9...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will sneak back up the chimney and attack a grapple, letting the rope fall down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She's got one grappling hook with cloth padding for stealthy grappling. She'll use that one.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Again, how high is the ceiling?

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kimmitt never said.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (today at least ... I forget if he mentioned it last time)

[Master] Twelve feet at the middle, about 10 feet at the chimney.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So 16' from floor to lip of upper cave.

[Master] Yep.

[Aric (Brian)] could some of us jump that?

[Velkyna (Joe)] If Lia's still invisible, she should maybe go next. Do we still have the silence rock?

[Master] Aric: Prolly just you.

[Arkady (James)] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I dunno. I got the Boooots

[Aric (Brian)] that'd get me up there quicker than climbing

[Master] True, but you're also wearing plate armor. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The tiger is 30' long and 10' at the shoulder. He could easily lift us one (or maybe even several) at a time into the opening.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll fly up with my boots, when my turn comes.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Elevator, but yes. =)

[Master] Okay, Vel sets the hook, and Kitty kneels to accept the first passenger, who is . . . ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will enter the above room to get out of the way for people entering.

[Master] MOve Silently check for Vel, pls.

[Lia (Angie)] I'd say me or Aric, since we are both still invis

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] We should have a marching order before you leave.

[Master] I'm seeing Lia, Aric, then Aedean?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then maybe Defthon.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That sounds like a good start

[Master] Ok I'm gonna rule that it takes 2 rounds to climb up the rope and get into the room.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The spellcasters should be last.

[Lia (Angie)] How is the tiger coming up?

[Master] Who's got the Silence Rock

[Master] ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lia, then she can drop it to Aedean.

[Master] And I think you're solving the tiger problem post-combat.

[Master] Ok.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Very well. *sigh*

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Does that mean I'm up last?

[Master] Prolly.

[Master] Okay, Vel, Lia, Aric, and Aedean ascend without incident.

[Master] (jas)

[Velkyna (Joe)] WEE JAS

[Master] As Aedean ascends, one of the wolves happens to awaken. It sniffs the air and freezes.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] He probably smells the tiger and is scated witless. =)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ^scated^scared

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Vel has her short sword out)

[Master] It turns and spots the non-invisible Aedean, then barks for the others to wake up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean, you're on.

[Master] At the sound of the bark, the stone golem on the left opens its red, glowing eyes . . .

[Master] Initiative.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative: (d20+7) [16+7] 23

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative: (d20-1) [3-1] 2

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [12+3] 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] Boom.

[Master] Stone Golem: Initiative: 16

[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Initiative: (d20+0) [17+0] 17

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Classic Aedean Initiative

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative: (d20+0) [8+0] 8

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative: (d20+6) [13+6] 19

[Dralafi (Jared)] (us downstairs too?)

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Initiative: (d20+6) [20+6] 26

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative: (d20+3) [3+3] 6

[Master] (You'll roll as you ascend)

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Initiative: (d20+4) [8+4] 12

[Master] Pet Wolf: Initiative: 13

[Dralafi (Jared)] ta waste

[Master] hehe

[Master] Vel goes first.

[Aric (Brian)] trying to remember, piercing weapons don't work on the stone golems, right?

[Aric (Brian)] or was that clay

[Master] (the golem is 9 feet tall, for the record. :) )

[Velkyna (Joe)] Huh. It's too far to approach.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or is a charge 2x movement?

[Master] Charge is 2x

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet. Vel CHARGES.

[Master] The golem unfolds its arms; it is made of the same rock as what surrounds you.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sadly I can't sneak attack.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] But I do get +2 for being invisible.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Stone Golem. Distance: 6'05"

[Master] right

[Velkyna (Joe)] What's the charge bonus/penalty?

[Master] Someone else look that up for me?

[Master] ...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Bueller

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan's looking it up

[Lia (Angie)] +2 attack -2 AC

[Velkyna (Joe)] No problem. I'm dodging the golem.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC Rules question - would the fang spell on me also give +2 to my TAIGAA LIIPU?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+4) ** Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19+4)) [(17+19+4)] 40 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+4) ** Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19+4)) [(17+19+4)] 40 [CRITICAL HIT (x2)]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 40 (probably) hits Stone Golem [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dammit.

[Master] Impressive.

[Roger (Jeff)] damn

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OOC Aric -- what the hell is that?

[Master] Aric: Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What a shame golems are immune to crits

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0)) [(4+3+0)] 7 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, that would've been a critical sneak attack if it was anything else.

[Master] Lia

[Velkyna (Joe)] What happened to Lia on the init?

[Dralafi (Jared)] that woulda been so cool

[Aric (Brian)] OOC SS'ra: my sandals let me do a jump kick attack at *2 the unarmed attack hit damage, as long as i start with a run

[Master] I think I twitched and hit the advance button twice.

[Lia (Angie)] charge and attack stone golem

[Velkyna (Joe)] 8d6+3 damage.

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OOC: Aric. Ah. Yes, all limbs. Your teeth are now magic too, but probably don't do normal damage. Mine do, though. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric's man musk is also +2 to attack and damage.

[Master] Heh.

[Master] Angie, technical difficulties?

[Aric (Brian)] how many times do we have to go over this? i'm a MONK. i CLEANSE myself REGULARLY.

[Lia (Angie)] YES

[Velkyna (Joe)] We all get a little ripe on the road.

[Master] whoa.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Even Vel.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Hmm. Humans all smell nasty, but I suppose I can detect the half-orc at even greater ranges. ;)

[Master] lemme mess with this.

[Lia (Angie)] I can't move Lia

[Master] Me either.

[Master] Okay, disconnect and reconnect.

[Arkady (James)] That's a pickle.

[Don] Back now---catching up

[Velkyna (Joe)] DON!

[Master] I think our two copies of the program are fighting over Lia.

[Master] Try disconnecting, Angie.

Angie has left the game.

[Master] That did it.

[Don] I remember Matt Untermann! Didn't know him very well, though. :)

Angie has joined the game.

[Master] You should be all set.

[Lia (Angie)] map me please

[Roger (Jeff)] (He does IT for Time, Inc. now)

[Lia (Angie)] thanks

[Master] Still having problems?

[Lia (Angie)] just slow

[Master] ok

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(8+18)] 26

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 26 (probably) hits Stone Golem

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's that firewall slowing you down.

[Master] That's a nice sword . . . roll damage.

[Lia (Angie)] only the one in my brain

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((6+4)+11)] 21 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Master] hardcore.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, Lia just tripled Vel's damage.

[Master] ok.

[Stone Golem] OW.


[Velkyna (Joe)] HULK SMASM

[Aric (Brian)] Some of us should take out the pet wolves. They'll be an annoyance.

Stone Golem tries to hit Lia despite her being invisible.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (smash)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The plan is for me to keep the wolves reined in.

[Aric (Brian)] maybe a fireball on the wolves would help

[Velkyna (Joe)] 50/50 concealment bonus.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC I do not have any temp mod set for the invis

[Stone Golem] np it's a concealment bonus anyways.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Didn't the imp invis wear off?

[Stone Golem] Stone Golem: Attack: 2 Slam hits AC: 28

[Stone Golem] Stone Golem's attack of 28 (probably) hits Lia

[Velkyna (Joe)] No bonus to AC but if he "hits", Kimmitt has to do that 50% thing to see if he really hits.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Chris: It was ImpInvis.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, so it only lasted minutes.

[Don] So who-all is upstairs with the golems?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Vel, Lia, Aric, Aedean

[Stone Golem] Hang on, this is relevant.

[Master] Did the ImpInvis die off while you were searching the room?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hoo. Unknown/

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think it did. We were futzing around for a while

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And it's min/lev

[Master] You were in there for at least an hour.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] it' gone then

[Master] Okay. That prolly doesn't change who you'd send, since you sent up badasses to start with.

[Velkyna (Joe)] well, I don't know about an HOUR, but it was definitely longer than 1 min/level.

[Lia (Angie)] that's why I asked at the begining

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel can still invis herself with the Ring, which is what she would've done. Of course, she's visible now.

[Master] Stone Golem: Attack: 2 Slam hits AC: 20

[Master] Stone Golem's attack of 20 misses Lia

[Master] Stone Golem: Damage: 2 Slam does 19 points of damage.

[Defthon (Don)] New hit die for levelling: (d10) [4] 4

[Defthon (Don)] :P

[Master] The golem flails at Lia, hitting her once. Damn that thing hits HARD.

[Defthon (Don)] +1 for con. Ah well, could be worse.

[Master] Lia's hit points adjusted to 59 (-19) - Lightly Wounded

[Roger (Jeff)] oh, hey (d4) [1] 1

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ummm...didn't the attack miss?

[Roger (Jeff)] pooty

[Master] THere were two attacks. :)

[Master] Jeff: suxx0r.

[Dralafi (Jared)] (so, we did level then?)

[Master] Wolf turn.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Where "we" is Dral, Def, and Roger, yes)

[Master] Apparently. You know me, I only keep vague track of these things

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, there are six Peter Wolfs, lead singers of the J Geils Band.

[Master] The wolves move to join in the fighting.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I'm not sure I'm awake enough to conduct actual leveling :)

[Pet Wolf] My angel is a centerfold.

[Lia (Angie)] joy

[Velkyna (Joe)] I tumble

Pet Wolf charges Aric

[Don] Defthon's hit points adjusted by 5 to 67.

Pet Wolf is cool with the idea.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC: We'd be hearing sounds of combat, yes?

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 21

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 21 misses Velkyna

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don: Oh, definitely.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Crud. They split up.

[Master] The folks downstairs hear that combat has started.

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 20

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 20 misses Lia

[Defthon (Don)] Should we get up there to help, guys?

[Aric (Brian)] OOC: Pet wolves, I have three words for you that your master understands. BRING. IT. ON.

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 15

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 15 misses Lia

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 15

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Defthon is already next in line.

[Master] The pet wolves are Iraqi insurgents?

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, I'm heading up then. Let me know when I arrive.

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 21

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 21 misses Aric

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 21

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 21 misses Aric

[Master] Okay, lots of missing for the wolves.

[Master] Aric.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think Random.rand() is a little unseeeded at the moment.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Feel free to smack up the bitches on you.

[Velkyna (Joe)] FLURRY OF BLOWS

[Aric (Brian)] ok, well i think i'm going to lightning fists the wolves. refresh me, is there any reason i *shouldn't* ki strike?

[Master] Well . . . no.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think ki strike is automatic

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's the hands-act-as-+1-weapons thing, right? That's automatic.

[Aric (Brian)] ok. i have both it and unarmed strike in my list, couldn't remmeber if i had a max # or what. so attacking the nearest one

[Master] ok

[Brian] Aric targets Pet Wolf. Distance: 5'06"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (For DR purposes, they count as +1, yes)

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(8+7+2)] 17

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 17 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Master] ok damage

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(8+5)] 13 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(15+7+2)] 24

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 24 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(3+5)] 8 points of damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] (in addition, I totally forgot to ask the dm if I could switch to the so much less ass 3.5 Order of the bow initiate:) )

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 3: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(10+7+2)] 19

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 19 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(10+5)] 15 points of damage.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 4: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+4+2)) [(3+4+2)] 9

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 9 misses Pet Wolf

[Master] Not quite dead yet.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 5: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+1+2)) [(20+1+2)] 23 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 5: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+1+2)) [(19+1+2)] 22

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 22 (probably) hits Pet Wolf [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(7+5)] 12 points of damage.

[Master] That did it. Does Aric have Cleave?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heh.

[Aric (Brian)] sadly, no

[Master] (wham. wham. wham wham. whamwhamwhamwhamwhamwhamwhamwham...)

[Master] ok one dead wolf. With Aric's BARE HANDS.

[Master] Aedean.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Remind me not to piss off Aric.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's satisfying working with one's hands.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Calm Emotions on the four Wolves over by the Golem

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Will save 18

[Master] Pet Wolf: Will: 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit man.

[Master] Pet Wolf: Will: 19

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit man.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Crud

[Master] Pet Wolf: Will: 12

[Master] Pet Wolf: Will: 5

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's my boy.

[Master] *giggles*

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Which two failed

[Master] Okay, two of them don't make their save. What happens to them?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nothing

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whoops

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They can't take aggressive actions until attacked

[Velkyna (Joe)] They sit down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good dog.

[Master] gotit.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Which two made their saves, which two failed?

[Master] Vel is up. First char to follow the front 3 starts climbing.

[Master] The left two made their saves. The right two failed.

[Defthon (Don)] I think that's me climbing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel unloads on the Golem.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Good. At least Lia's not flanked

[Master] ok on both counts.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(3+19)] 22

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 22 misses Stone Golem

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 2: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+14)) [(15+14)] 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 29 (probably) hits Stone Golem

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0)) [(1+3+0)] 4 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That was utterly ass.

[Master] (I've got to say, this whole "rolling dice for me" thing is awesome when it's morning and I'm sleepy.

[Master] Vel hits the golem and hurts it, but seems to not be able to do much more than trivial damage.

[Master] Lia.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Golem is "up" again.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(12+18)] 30

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 30 (probably) hits Stone Golem

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ooc: or when it's afternoon and you're sleepy, or when it's evening and you're sleepy...

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((1+3)+11)] 15 points of damage.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Right, but you're in Hawai`i, so it's morning.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ooc: yes, but Kimmitt is often sleepy.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13)) [(2+13)] 15

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 15 misses Stone Golem

[Defthon (Don)] CFS LAD 1

[Velkyna (Joe)] So ... very ... sleepy.

[Master] All too true.

[Lia (Angie)] I'm hasted so I get one more

[Master] ok

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(17+18)] 35 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(12+18)] 30

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 30 (probably) hits Stone Golem [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

[Master] Lia carves off chunks of stone with her massive, magical blade.

[Master] (no crits)

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((5+3)+11)] 19 points of damage.

[Master] The golem looks injured.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, that last attack salvaged a pretty mediocre round for Vel and Lia.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ATTACK ME.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I CAN SOAK IT.

[Master] The golem hits Lia back; his movements have a sense of despeation to them.

[Master] Stone Golem: Attack: 2 Slam hits AC: 21

[Master] Stone Golem's attack of 21 misses Lia

[Master] Stone Golem: Attack: 2 Slam hits AC: 24

[Master] Stone Golem's attack of 24 misses Lia

[Velkyna (Joe)] WOO

[Master] But her hasted dodging is more than sufficient to protect her.

[Lia (Angie)] squeek

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] sense of desperation increasing...

[Pet Wolf] *wanders*

[Pet Wolf] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 15

[Pet Wolf] Pet Wolf's attack of 15 misses Lia

[Pet Wolf] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 23

[Pet Wolf] Pet Wolf's attack of 23 misses Velkyna

[Velkyna (Joe)] Squeaker.

[Pet Wolf] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 26

[Pet Wolf] Pet Wolf's attack of 26 (probably) hits Aric

[Pet Wolf] Pet Wolf: Damage: Bite does 18 points of damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] d8 for hp: (d8+1) [1+1] 2

[Pet Wolf] Aric's wolfy friend bites him savagely, doing 18 points of damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] GOD DAMMIT

[Pet Wolf] Sorry man.

[Master] Aric's up.

[Aric (Brian)] ok, i'm going to repeat what i did to its friend

[Master] There's sense to that.

[Brian] Aric targets Pet Wolf. Distance: 5'03"

[Dralafi (Jared)] at least all my arrows are magic.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(7+7+2)] 16

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 16 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Dralafi (Jared)] (oh man, now I have to change all my attack rolls.)

[Aric (Brian)] did i hit?

[Master] Aric's hit points adjusted to 52 (-18) - Moderately Wounded

[Master] yes

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(3+5)] 8 points of damage.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(3+7+2)] 12

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 12 misses Pet Wolf

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 3: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(13+7+2)] 22

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 22 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Master] ok damage

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(10+5)] 15 points of damage.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 4: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+4+2)) [(15+4+2)] 21

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 21 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Master] ok

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(4+5)] 9 points of damage.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 5: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+1+2)) [(4+1+2)] 7

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 7 misses Pet Wolf

[Master] ok, not quite as effective as last round, but quite respectable.

[Master] Aedean.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I assume that maintaining concentration precludes me from any significant actions....

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ?

[Master] Yeah, probably right.

[Aric (Brian)] Hey Aedean, want to finish this one off?

[Master] (Aedean looks like he's busy maintaining some sort of spell.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then, I'll keep the two calm wolves pinned down

[Master] Defthon climbs up the tube.

[Master] Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's unloading again, hopefully with a little more luck.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(7+19)] 26

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 26 (probably) hits Stone Golem

[Defthon (Don)] Map me?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Who's climbing next?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0)) [(3+3+0)] 6 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 2: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+14)) [(6+14)] 20

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 20 misses Stone Golem

[Arkady (James)] Dral should probably be next.

[Master] suck.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp.

[Master] Lia.

[Dralafi (Jared)] yeah get me up there

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(3+18)] 21

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 21 misses Stone Golem

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Step into the tiger's paw, please.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13)) [(20+13)] 33 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13)) [(16+13)] 29

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 29 (probably) hits Stone Golem [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

Stone Golem dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

[Defthon (Don)] ...and place me on the map? ;) Should I roll initiative, or do I automatically get added into the lineup next round?

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's three crits waste. Man.

[Master] hang on a sec.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((5+2)+11)] 18 points of damage.

[Master] ok hold up

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOYAH

[Lia (Angie)] waiting

[Master] The stone golem, carved to pieces, finally gives up its magic and collapses into rubble.

[Master] CLEAVE.

[Dralafi (Jared)] oh how sad. no shooting for me :)

[Angie] Lia targets Pet Wolf. Distance: 8'10"

[Master] ooh, too far away.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13)) [(6+13)] 19

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 19 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Master] okay, 5' move and you can get one attack on it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But it's probably not that far. It's EATING HER.

[Master] oh, right.

[Master] m'badd.

[Master] that's better.

[Master] okay, roll damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((6+5)+11)] 22 points of damage.

[Master] You cleave the crap out of the wolf, but it's a big tough bastard.

[Lia (Angie)] I stil have one more attack

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(10+18)] 28

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 28 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((3+4)+11)] 18 points of damage.

[Master] not quite dead yet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Cripes.

[Lia (Angie)] shit

[Master] Aric's up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Umm, Did you skip the wolves?

[Velkyna (Joe)] In all fairness, the wolves didn't got.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (go)

[Master] Yeah, weird.

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 11

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 11 misses Lia

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 23

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 23 misses Aric

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is there an occasional "next turn" bug?

[Master] ok that's it.

[Master] I guess so.

[Master] Either that or my mouse finger is twitchy today.

[Master] Aric's up, this time for real.

[Aric (Brian)] since i know it's hurt, i'm going to standard ki strike it

[Master] ok

[Aric (Brian)] less attacks, better chance of hitting

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Ki Strike hits AC: ((d20+12+2)) [(10+12+2)] 24

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 24 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 3: Ki Strike does ((1d10+5)) [(6+5)] 11 points of damage.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Ki Strike hits AC: ((d20+9+2)) [(2+9+2)] 13

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 13 misses Pet Wolf

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 3: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Ki Strike hits AC: ((d20+6+2)) [(3+6+2)] 11

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 11 misses Pet Wolf

[Master] suck!

[Dralafi (Jared)] well, so much for that plan

[Aric (Brian)] dammit.

[Master] Aedean, still keepin' it real?

[Aric (Brian)] oh well. next.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You bet

Tamora has left the game.

[Master] Defthon emerges.

[Master] (Roll initative, Don.)

[Defthon (Don)] Oh I see.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [11+2] 13

[Master] thanx!

[Master] Vel's up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Don't hit the wolves near Lia that aren't eating her"

Tamora has joined the game.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Joe?

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] oh sorry

[Master] missed the "away from" notice.

[Master] ok you're up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, apologies.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Start working on the nearby wolf. I'm dodging him now.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Pet Wolf. Distance: 6'07"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(4+19)] 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 23 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0)) [(4+3+0)] 7 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 2: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+14)) [(9+14)] 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 23 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0)) [(1+3+0)] 4 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now where are the crits?

[Master] Vel fences with the wolf and does damage.

[Master] Lia.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] attack same wolf as before

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Welcome to Critville, Population: 0

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(5+18)] 23

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 23 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Master] That'll do it.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((4+2)+11)] 17 points of damage.

[Master] The wolf is extremely dead.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Little help?

[Lia (Angie)] move to help vel

[Velkyna (Joe)] Try to flank it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (if possible)

[Master] Make it 5' and you'll be able to do a Full Attack.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can she reach it with 5'?

[Master] Just barely, I think.

[Master] That works.

[Angie] Lia targets Stone Golem. Distance: 7'00"

[Angie] Lia no longer targets Stone Golem.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13)) [(16+13)] 29

[Master] that's a hit; roll damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((5+6)+11)] 22 points of damage.

[Don] Defthon targets Pet Wolf. Distance: 5'10"

[Master] wham.

[Lia (Angie)] do I get my haste attack?

[Master] yes

[Master] What happened was that you used your haste attack on the first wolf.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(3+18)] 21

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 21 (probably) hits Pet Wolf

[Master] Now you're using your Full Round Action to waste this guy..

[Master] roll damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((4+3)+11)] 18 points of damage.

[Master] poor doggie.

[Lia (Angie)] that works

[Defthon (Don)] Wolf's not evil, correct?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I softened it up for you, of course.

[Master] Nah, just neutral.

[Master] but we skipped it, so gimme a sec.

[Master] Pet Wolf: Attack: Bite hits AC: 26

[Master] Pet Wolf's attack of 26 (probably) hits Aric

[Master] Pet Wolf: Damage: Bite does 12 points of damage.

[Master] The wolf bites Aric again.

[Dralafi (Jared)] *woof*

[Master] ok now you can kill it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric apparently has some Beggin' Strips in his PANTS.

[Defthon (Don)] Draw Tsohanoai, and...

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: Tsohanoai [b] hits AC: ((d20+10+3+3)) [(20+10+3+3)] 36 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: Tsohanoai [b] hits AC: ((d20+10+3+3)) [(14+10+3+3)] 30

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 30 (probably) hits Pet Wolf [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

[Velkyna (Joe)] THERE'S MY CRITS



[Master] damage

[Defthon (Don)] Hoo.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: Tsohanoai [b] does ((1d10+3+3*1.5)) [(6+3+3*1)] 13 points of damage.

[Master] That'll do the trick.

[Defthon (Don)] The theme of the day is: wasted crits.

[Master] Tsohanoai singes the fur as it slices into the wolf, killing it.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah well.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Get Mr. Druid up here and he can take over for Aedean on these other two wolves.

[Brian] Aric's hit points adjusted by -12 to 40.

Pet Wolf really ought to be fighting or fleeing or something.

[Defthon (Don)] I think that's the first damage I've done in three sessions. Gratifying. :)

Pet Wolf is on serious Prozac.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They can flee if they want

[Dralafi (Jared)] Wolf: 'We love the Aric! Coz he is close to us!'

[Pet Wolf] oh ok

[Defthon (Don)] Hee.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or at elast walk away

Pet Wolf trots off

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They won't be scared, as such

[Pet Wolf] (in wolfish) This is a bad scene. Seriously.

[Master] If you let them go, combat's pretty much over.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Wolf: 'He is tasty, and crunchy, and warm because he's an avatar!'

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I see no problem in letting them wander off

[Velkyna (Joe)] If they're Fugue's "pet wolves" I don't know if we want them to get back to her.

[Pet Wolf] watch out for big sword cuts

[Velkyna (Joe)] If she's got some animal communication, she'll know about us.

[Master] ok we'll continue then.

[Master] Aric

[Aric (Brian)] hrm. Aedean, when we're done, can i get some healing so i can save my wholeness of body?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (The wolves are allowed to defend themselves, so if someone charges them, AoO is probably in order)

Aedean (Sedlack) nods

[Aric (Brian)] so we want to stop the wolves?

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's a thought.

[Brian] Aric targets Pet Wolf. Distance: 65'11"

[Master] Aric steps up and begins to run; it is always such a joy to watch him glide along the ground.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Of course, butchering docile animals isn't high on my list.

[Aric (Brian)] hang on

[Arkady (James)] What, I can suggest they not attack us.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nor would I suspect it's high on Aric's list

[Arkady (James)] That will last for a while.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Arkady (James)] like 11 hours.

[Aric (Brian)] i'm with vel. though i don't want them to report back to fugue.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But Aric could run in front of them to try to corral them back by us.

[Aric (Brian)] and just attack us later

[Aric (Brian)] that's a good thoght

[Velkyna (Joe)] Non-violently.

[Master] Aric is not familiar enough with the spell to come up with that idea.

[Master] As far as Aric's concerned, the spell could end at any moment.

[Aric (Brian)] could i ask quickly how long we have?

[Arkady (James)] I would just suggest they take a vacation, over in those highlands over there. Plenty of deer over there...

[Aric (Brian)] or would that break aedean's concentration

[Lia (Angie)] but getting in front of them would allow for flanking

[Master] "Aedean, how long will the wolves stay quiet?"

[Lia (Angie)] SOP

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I did say Aedean could keep them under control for "about a minute"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] back when we were still downstairs

[Aric (Brian)] actually how about this reasoning

[Aric (Brian)] i could jump over them to stop them

[Master] Aric didn't catch that. :)

[Arkady (James)] That's enough time to start suggesting them, if we don't want to kill them.

[Master] Okay, Aric runs past the wolves and leaps over them.

[Aric (Brian)] thinking that if nothing else, it's more honorable to get them from the front than behind


[Master] They look up and watch as he flies over, his fingers trailing along the top of the cave.

[Aric (Brian)] and go into a martial position

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Lasts L rounds.

[Master] Aedean

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can I move and maintain concentration

[Master] Sure, if it's a single move.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Love the Boots

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's it for me

[Master] ok

[Master] Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll move to help Aric out in the event of hostilities.

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Initiative for Dral, who has now climbed up?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] .

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can I peek out the cave mouth?

[Master] Dral will be there on ROund 5. :)

[Master] Vel: You're up on a mountain. It's night. That's all you get in the fractions of a second you allow yourself to look.

[Master] Lia.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Check check.

[Lia (Angie)] Move to flank the wolves

[Defthon (Don)] We're definitely attacking them, then?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not yet, I thought.

[Master] Lia: If you enter their threatened area, they're gonna figure you're about to attack them.

[Defthon (Don)] Just surrounding them?

[Master] kewl

[Defthon (Don)] I missed: what exactly does that accomplish?

[Lia (Angie)] hows that?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, unless they start at us. I figured we'd play it by ear.

[Pet Wolf] *whines*

[Master] Def

[Velkyna (Joe)] We're waiting for Arkady to get up here so he can musically calm them down and keep them from reporting back to Fugue.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] ok

[Master] Aric?

[Defthon (Don)] I run to there and await in a suitably martial pose.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No big arm movements.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: The little status thing kidicates that Mike (the Master) is away from his keyboard...

[Aric (Brian)] sorry was paused.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Dunno.

[Aric (Brian)] what do the wolves look like they're doing?

[Defthon (Don)] Whining, apparently.

[Master] Hanging out, looking like they want to leave.

[Aric (Brian)] can we get ss'sra to do anything about them?

[Master] Presumably.

[Aric (Brian)] i'll just hold my position here until he can climb up

[Aric (Brian)] hold my action

[Master] Aedean?

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll basically hold position, giving them a retreat option toward the back of the cave

[Master] Dral emerges.

[Master] Your buds appear to have the relatively docile wolves pinned in.

[Master] (Jared's away from the keyboard.)

[Master] Dral moves so he has a good shot if necessary

[Master] Dralafi: Initiative: 16

[Master] Or, rather, he does so on 16.

[Master] Vel?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Holding. Can we fast forward until an animal wrangler gets up here? Or might the wolves get antsy and bum rush us?

[Master] Who's next up the chimney?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady?

[Master] ok

[Arkady (James)] Sure

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Or me?

[Arkady (James)] Ss'sra can be next, that's OK.

[Master] Too late.

[Master] Arkady climbs up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I figure Arkady because he can save us a spell by using his music.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 2 more rounds marked off

[Master] :)

[Arkady (James)] OK, beginning fascination...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Is Arkady still Invis?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless Ss'sra can talk to them. That might be useful, if they know which direction Fugue went.

[Master] And so the conversation turned

[Master] Until the sun went down

[Master] And many fantasies were learned

[Master] On that day!

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: perform: (d20+19) [13+19] 32

[Velkyna (Joe)] JUKE

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOX

[Velkyna (Joe)] HERO

Pet Wolf is fascinated

[Velkyna (Joe)] (stars in his eyes)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I can indeed talk to them.

Pet Wolf starts buying CDs and concert t-shirts.

[Arkady (James)] They need will saves better than 32 to avoid the effect.

[Pet Wolf] Yeah that's not happening.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Velkyna (Joe)] _VEL_ couldn't make a save better than 32.

[Master] The rest of the Party climbs up.

[Arkady (James)] I don't see any reason why Ss'sra can't talk to them in this state...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I kind of whoosh up, actually.

[Arkady (James)] Or I can just suggest they take a vacation...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Talk. Get info.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] And the tiger come up via...?

[Arkady (James)] You know, they've been working real hard lately, guarding this cave...

Joanne looks at the dead wolves and the collapsed golem.

Joanne shivers.

[Arkady (James)] They deserve a break...

[Velkyna (Joe)] While they're chatting with the wolves, I'll take a better look out the cave mouth. Maybe suggest Aric does as well.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Darkvision)

[Arkady (James)] I'll need to go back down to cast the gaseous form.

[Master] Okay, in order:

[Master] Vel and Aric: You are a little ways up on a mountain. The stone is black obsidian, which suggests that this is a reasonably recently active volcano

[Master] The air is much warmer inside than out.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Magmalicious.

[Master] Ss'sra, what would you like to say to the wolves?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lava so hot it makes me sweat.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lava so warm and red and wet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lava!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hot lava!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] First, ask them why they were staying here, and where they would like to go now.

[Pet Wolf] This is where we live!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Then, ask whether they've seen anyone else go by.

[Pet Wolf] We were going to go; the fighting is not going to end well for us.

[Pet Wolf] go by?

[Pet Wolf] I'm not sure what you mean.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Anyone but us come through that hole over there?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Humans.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] A human.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Humanoid.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (right)

[Pet Wolf] The master sleeps down in the lower chamber.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (They are more right than they know)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Interesting. The _beholder's_ pet wolves.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (how long ago was it that the thief escaped the tower of Boccob?)

[Pet Wolf] 5-6 hours now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He does have a charm monster eyeball, I believe.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Describe your master.

[Master] sorry.

[Master] 5-6 hours now.

[Pet Wolf] floating ball with many eyeballs.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Your master is also dead.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Good description.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (FWIW, there's a good chance that a single high level thief would have passed thru unnoticed)

[Velkyna (Joe)] F'rinstance, me.

[Arkady (James)] LOL

[Master] any other questions for the wolves?

[Arkady (James)] Not from me.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Can you smell the passage of a human other than those in this group, perhaps 5 hours ago?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (You might want to make a "stay here, don't attack us", and we'll leave you alone deal)


[Pet Wolf]

[Pet Wolf] *shrugs in a wolfish fashion* It has been too long, no?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I say let 'em go. If they're not Fugue's pet's, ain't no harm.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "pets"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "No pet' only seeing eye dog's"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, yeah.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes, I suppose. Would you like to stay here? We won't fight you anymore if you let us pass through again later.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "HOT" DOG'S

[Arkady (James)] Might want to warn them about the tiger too.

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

Pet Wolf looks sly.

Tamora has left the game.

[Pet Wolf] Mostly we just want to leave.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Where are you going?

[Pet Wolf] Out to hunt.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Good hunting. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] They're on the hunt, they're after you.

[Pet Wolf] Thank you, lizard druid.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Yay karma points for us!

Tamora has joined the game.

[Pet Wolf] Okay, what now?

[Master] heh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I thought you were hunting

[Master] What now?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's going to search the cave for ... things.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Probably concentrating on the back wall.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] And now we try to bring up a geseous dire tager.

[Defthon (Don)] Heh.

[Master] ok on the first glance you find a shelf against the right wall that has, of all things, a bunch of miniatures fighting over a tiny sculpted fort.

[Arkady (James)] yes. Let's bring up the tiger.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ?

[Master] You manage to handle the tiger; go ahead and use up the spell.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: A diorama

[Master] James: Yeah, that's it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but y'know, a beholder.

[Master] Would you like to examine it closely?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sure.

[Praxis (James)] There's no accounting for taste.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Any collector's value to it?

[Master] THis is what it looks like.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Isn't one of the rays telekinesis?

[Master] You haven't the faintest notion. Probably, out of sheer uniqueness.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Chris: Yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's so odd.

[Master] It looks like a group of beholders attacking a dwarven fort in some kind of cave.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is it all glued together, or are the miniatures loose?

[Master] Search check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [14+15+2+5+1] 37

[Master] The minis are loose.

[Master] The dwarves are all duergar, carefully crafted with the appropriate symbols on their armor.

[Defthon (Don)] Hee. The minis are loose! Lock your safes!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Crazy.

[Praxis (James)] They might be in stasis or something...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Like it might be an attack plan rather than just art

Tamora is receiving the map...

Tamora has received the map.

[Master] Here I'll send it to everyone.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will quickly, yet dextrously, disassemble the diorama into some loth she has in her haversack.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] (cloth)

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Joanne takes notes on a piece of paper about where everything is.

[Defthon (Don)] Beholders, huh.

[Praxis (James)] Might want to make notes of the positions.

[Praxis (James)] OK.

[Master] Joanne grins at Praxis.

[Defthon (Don)] Are all the dwarfs of the same type?

[Master] Yes, all duergar, though some have different uniforms and suchlike.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ONE STEP AHEAD OF YOU.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Arkady, does your bardic lore mention anything about such a battle?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We don't know this continent's legends that well...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aren't there "evil dwarves" out west on this continent?

[Praxis (James)] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+12) [8+12] 20

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yes, duergar to the west.

[Defthon (Don)] In particular, what's the difference between the duergar outside the wall and inside?

[Master] James: No info. This isn't a particularly big engagement though.

[Master] Def: Nothing that you can see; they're probably just different military units.

[Praxis (James)] This is probably a plan for the future anyway.

[Praxis (James)] I didn't think Beholders were very social critters.

[Master] Make a d20 roll and add your Base Attack bonus to discern tactical issues. +2 for 5 ranks in Sense Motive.

[Master] Let me know if you think any other skill should apply

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: I thought they really didn't enjoy each other's company and actually were quite territorial and uncooperative.

[Praxis (James)] (d20+6+2) [7+6+2] 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] But y'know, hey. They're extremely intelligent. So maybe they organize every now and again.

[Master] OOC: They're a little different now; they have clans they don't hate.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Attack 1: Spiritual Rapier [0] hits AC: ((d20+7)) [(2+7)] 9

[Defthon (Don)] (d20+10) [11+10] 21

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ooc: They live in large groups in Hordes of the Underdark.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack 1: Club [R] hits AC: ((d20+7)) [(1+7)] 8 [CRITICAL MISS]

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Of course, all my info comes from a way-old issue of Dragon magazine. "Ecology of the Beholder".

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (If it's a magic Club, you got a little extra, even)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ah, but that probably added strngth, anyway.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ss'sra: "Dude! They're having a picnic!"

[Defthon (Don)] It looks like the group on the right is trying to relieve the duergar inside the fort.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will cast a Det. Magic, looking at the model, but then doing a sweep of the cave

[Defthon (Don)] Not clear that they'll actually help, though.

[Master] Aedean:

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Alternate skill suggestion: spellcraft. Are the beholders' antimagic eyes all pointing together, or all around, or closed, or can we not even tell?

[Master] No magic in the cave other than that which is carried. You kind of have to metaphorically shield your eyes from Tsohanoai and Claidemn Soluis, as usual.

[Master] It's not obvious.

[Velkyna (Joe)] AVERT YOUR EYES

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Or that the fort just isn't big enough for all those duergar.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nothing magic apart from what we know.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If everyone's checking out the diorama, Vel will search the rest of the cave instead of stowing it.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] (searching while they're pooting)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then stow it after they're done, with Joanne sketching.

[Master] Search roll.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [13+15+2+5+1] 36

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, Joanne can sketch while we poot

[Master] Footprints.

[Aric (Brian)] i'm going afk for a few minutes. joe'll be me if anything comes up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] From where to where?

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] From the chimney to the back of the cave.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!

[Master] Made by Slippers of Spider Climbing on small feet.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] secret door...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do they "walk into the wall" or something similar?

[Master] yep

[Velkyna (Joe)] 'Cause I'll search that spot on the wall.

[Master] go get 'em.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [1+15+2+5+1] 24

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] (back to the old map)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] RealPlayer sez: "Someone stole the kishka"

[Velkyna (Joe)] ASSTASTIC

[Lia (Angie)] oops, sorry

[Master] You can't find it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can I try again?

[Velkyna (Joe)] -2?

[Lia (Angie)] Vel, do you want some backup?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You could presumably take 20

[Roger (Jeff)] I think it's time to blow shit up with MAGIK

[Master] Yeah, but have Arkady inspire confidence.

[Master] Wait, Roger's right.

[Master] :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, Vel will just take 20, since she's SURE it's RIGHT THERE.

[Praxis (James)] Can do on the inspire competence. Which gives another +2

Sedlack is receiving the map...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Even Vel can roll a 1, apparently.

Sedlack has received the map.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, have a magic user detect the door that obviously must be right there.

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Meld into Stone?

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Door's not magic, I would have seen it

[Master] Vel finds a secret door.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There we go.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is there a reason Praxis is doing all the talking instead of Arkady? Should I assume that's Arkady?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady's using Praxis as a ventrilloquist dummy.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Marching order?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Like Willy Tyler and Lester.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oops. Aric wanted healing, too. Lemme get that

[Arkady (James)] For a while, we were off the map, so I couldn't switch.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditching Giant Vermin

[Lia (Angie)] me too

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Critical Wounds: (DC=(10+6+4) [10+6+4] 20) (0-(4d8+10)) [0-((5+3+7+6)+10)] -31 HP recovered

[Lia (Angie)] (for healing)

[Arkady (James)] Do we want to just use the CLW wands?

[Defthon (Don)] How wide is the passageway?

[Master] Aric is healed.

[Defthon (Don)] About two people wide?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We could do that for Lia.

[Master] The doorway is kind of tight, but the passageway is reasonably spacious. About 2 people wide, yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] OK for the tiger?

[James] Arkady targets Lia. Distance: 23'08"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel should be in the front to scout. She's still certain there will be traps laid by Fugue.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(2+1)] -3 HP recovered

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Sure. Cats just quantum tunnel, anyway. ;)

[Master] Ooh, the passageway is okay, but the doorway is not.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(1+1)] -2 HP recovered

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Still gaseous?

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(2+1)] -3 HP recovered

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I should stay in the middle so I can fly up and send artillery support in all directions.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(5+1)] -6 HP recovered

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds: (DC=(10++5+1) [10+5+1] 16) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(2+5)] -7 HP recovered

[Master] Lia's pretty much better now.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Gaseous is 2 min/lev

[Master] ok, your call.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] we didn't necessarily dither _that_ long

[Master] How long does Take 20 take?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] So gaseous through the door, then.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 2 min

[Master] excellente. No problem; you get him through the door.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] yay!

[Master] ok hang on next map

[Master] The dark rock is just rock. The light rock is the tunnel. Could you set up your marching order for me please?

[Defthon (Don)] Marching order: me, Lia in front?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel in the very front to scout.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Vel scouting ahead...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Do we want me to try to track her?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then Lia, Def

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, she can either duck back or get around to flank, good.

[Defthon (Don)] Dire tiger takes up the rear?

[Velkyna (Joe)] She'll also be invisible most of the time.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Speaking of which, Vel activates her ring.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Seems reasonable to have tiger in back

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Can the tiger turn around in the tunnel?

[Master] The tiger is very dextrous.

[Master] But it's a bit of a pain.

[Defthon (Don)] Dral's an archer, so he can be in the second rank.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Oh, and in which direction are we marching, btw?

[Master] The walls are coated in some kind of phosphorescent moss.

[Defthon (Don)] Only real question is where to put Aric.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Towards the river-looking thing, I'm guessing.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aric and Aedean can follow Dral

[Master] It gives the equivalent of low light.

[Master] You're marching se on this map.

[Master] is that about right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Looks good to me

[Velkyna (Joe)] Looks good.

[Defthon (Don)] Seems good to me.

[Master] Okay, you head down into the tunnel and come across an underground river.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will take a quick 10 on Search to look for traps at the mouth.

[Defthon (Don)] Vel, even with invis, duck to the side when we meet a nasty, so Dral knows where his clear shot is.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (33)

[Master] It pretty much terminates the tunnel. It emerges from solid rock a little ways to the left, then goes into the aforementioned a little ways to the right.

[Master] No traps.

[Defthon (Don)] Passageways across the tunnel?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Def: gotcha.

[Lia (Angie)] any sign of the footprints?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] How deep, fast and wide is the river?

[Master] No; they stopped at the secret door. There's less dust and stuff here though.

[Master] It's not obvious how deep it is, but it's a solid 20' across and quite fast.

[Master] Maybe even 30'; it's hard to tell in this light.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Could a ranger type (Def) or druid type (Ss'sra) track to verify that the tracks end at the river?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Any chance that the footprints to the secret door were a diversion?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore: (d20+18) [9+18] 27

[Master] Again, the tracks were just to the door; they stopped afterwards.

[Arkady (James)] Tammy: yes.

[Master] ("Tami.")

[Arkady (James)] Sorry.

[Master] no worries.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 'sokay

[Master] Hm . . Ss'sra, gimme a search check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway, it's a thought. The floor in the first room was heavily swept.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Well, the tiger's 30 feet long. If there's another secret door on the other side, he could be a bridge,

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's kind of odd that these tracks weren't.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Search: (d20+2) [15+2] 17

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless the beholder TKed the dust and it was just a very anal-retentive beholder.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] The tracks are on the ceiling of this passageway.

[Defthon (Don)] It's *possible* Fugue assumed that we wouldn't find the chimney.

[Arkady (James)] Are you sure he doesn't mind us stepping on him?

[Defthon (Don)] !

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sweeping up in the wolf den might have attracted attention.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] He'll be fine. To him, you're very light. =)

[Defthon (Don)] Tracks in... what? Dust doesn't stick to the ceiling.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] moss

[Aedean (Sedlack)] guano

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] The stalactites, mostly.

[Defthon (Don)] Moss, ok.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Do the tracks on the ceiling extend over the river?

[Master] No.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do they stop at the mouth of the river?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Where do they stop?

[Master] Yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She may have jumped into the water.

[Master] At the mouth.

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I can scout the agua if necessary.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Or there could be another secret passage in the ceiling.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That too.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Do the tracks leave this room, along the river?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will Slipper up to the point where Ss'sra points out the tracks stop. She'll search at that point.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (on the ceiling)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Given that the bank is not the "mouth", as such)

[Master] Okay, Search roll for Vel as she crouches down close to the ceiling, her hair hanging down.

[Master] Sorry, the mouth of the passage, bank of the river.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She's got a long Lara Croft-like braided pony tail.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (OK)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [19+15+2+5+1] 42

[Velkyna (Joe)] THAT'S RIGHT.

[Master] Vel is pretty fucking certain there's nothing there.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] that's niice.

[Dralafi (Jared)] NICE ROLL

[Velkyna (Joe)] Search the river?

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She may have dove (dived?) from the ceiling down into the water, which is why the tracks stop)

[Defthon (Don)] Is the current too strong to swim against?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes, the river.

[Master] Def: You wouldn't want to try it, especially carrying a big-ass bag of heavy loot.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The tiger can act as a water-break.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are we fairly certain the tracks don't go along the ceiling upriver?

[Defthon (Don)] Ss'sra: really? That seems implausible.

Dire Tiger look s faintly aggrieved at not yet having a name.

[Arkady (James)] I don't think that's going to work. The tiger-dike idea, that is...

[Master] Vel: Extremely certain

[Defthon (Don)] Vel: there is no ceiling upriver.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Garfield"

[Arkady (James)] LOL! Yes.

Ss'sra (Ryan) to tiger: I asked you!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Check check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel wil take out two lengths of 50' rope. Untie the grapples from one of them, and tie that rope to the end of the first.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] *laugh*

[Dire Tiger] You can't pronounce my name, and one of us here is the druid.

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Is "Garfield" acceptable to you?

[Defthon (Don)] Heh

Garfield is comfortable with it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "I need someone to be my anchor."

Joanne volunteers

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Maybe a big guy.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Joanne probably doesn't weigh enough

[Velkyna (Joe)] Someone strong.

Ss'sra (Ryan) volunteers Garfield.

Joanne looks down.

[Joanne] Fine, fine.

[Garfield] What is an anchor?

Velkyna (Joe) smiles. "I appreciate the offer, though."

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel offers Ss'sra the other end of the 100' rope. "Tie it onto him or something.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] We want to tie this rope to you, so Vel is not washed away by the current in the river.

Garfield nods

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will shrug off her haversack, putting her sword/scabbard and a couple other things into it (cloak, overtunic, etc.)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Anyone good with knots?

Joanne takes them and stacks them neatly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So she's basically wearing her Slippers and light clothing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Unless someone has use rope, I'm the knot master.

[Master] int or wis check for Vel.

[Lia (Angie)] I have use rope

[Roger (Jeff)] I have some use rope

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Use rope is dex-based right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, so don't look at me

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: INT check: (d20+2) [17+2] 19

[Master] Joanne does not have any use rope; she watches carefully as the knots are tied.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Plus 1 for the Luckstone.

[Master] You've got that necklace of water breathign.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, that was next on the agenda.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Use Rope: (d20+9) [6+9] 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] But thanks.

[Master] kewl, just making sure.

[Master] Okay, Roger ties a competent knot.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Should we do barkskin or mage armor or suchlike to protect against bashing into sharp rocks?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel still has her bracers of armor on, so her AC's high.

Ss'sra (Ryan) nods

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] (suggest we break at 12:30 HST 5:30 CST 6:30 EST for food.)

Velkyna (Joe) asks for the necklace of water breathing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (sounds good)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Seems reasonable.

[Master] (oops that's 4:30 CST 5:30 EST.)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] isn't it 12-4-5 ?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Even better

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Roger: does that cover both ends of the rope? One should be tied to vel, the other to Garfield's paw.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, sounds good.

[Arkady (James)] That's a fine break time for me.

[Roger (Jeff)] I assumed that Vel tied herself to the rope

[Master] Yeah.

[Defthon (Don)] Next month we'll be dealing with DST, but this month we're still on ST. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Chekc.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That was the plan, I figured.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] give me a few minutes to catch up

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's fine, Aric's not doing much right now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I also hadn't determined if Vel wanted to slack all 100' of the rope or be able to slide along it as necessary.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will, however, tie a knot at the very end of the rope as an emergency grip point.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Once Vel has the necklace on, are we live?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think so

[Master] sounds good. Where do you go first?

[Arkady (James)] Did Vel want even more rope (with which to hang herself?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Might help, unless the tiger comes closer to the mouth.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will try to get in the water and begin looking for any openings on the way downstream.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh, did you need more rope? I keep some. I assumed you had all you wanted.

[Master] search check

[Velkyna (Joe)] Since the consensus seems to be that she wouldn't have gone upstream.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [2+15+2+5+1] 25

[Velkyna (Joe)] Damn.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Waaa waaa

[Arkady (James)] Arkady has 2 50' knotted silk ropes.

[Master] Vel finds a rope which is approximately the same color as the stone at the floor of the river.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !

[Master] It is stretched across, anchored on both ends.

[Velkyna (Joe)] How's it anchored?

[Master] Tied very carefully around underwater outcroppings.

Velkyna (Joe) will grab the underwater rope, and follow it to the other end.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Search around the other end.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [17+15+2+5+1] 40

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's more like it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Indeed.

[Master] There is a secret door that leads farther down; it opens into a passageway which goes up for a few feet to dry off, then heads downward.

[Velkyna (Joe)] In the wall right there?

[Master] Yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kewl.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will relay this information to the party.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Getting to the opening will be tricky, of course.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The door is underwater?

[Master] I hate to do this, but the tiger is no longer gaseous . . .

[Master] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How deep is the river?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I hope not, or the anchoring wouldn't have workd very well.

[Master] 5 feet at the banks, 10 feet in the middle.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The current's more of a problem than the depth, obviously.

[Arkady (James)] Well, I have one more 4th level which can be used for gaseous, but...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can someone Wall of Ice or something?

[Arkady (James)] You can just cruise around underwater as a gas.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Or reduce?

[Arkady (James)] you _can't...

[Master] One problem at a time. First figure out how you all are going to get through, then worry about Garfield.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I still have a Scroll of Wall of Stone

[Velkyna (Joe)] YES

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Could probably make a bridge

[Velkyna (Joe)] OH YES

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or a dam.

[Arkady (James)] Indeed.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Seal up the water upstream.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The entrance is below the surface, yes?

[Arkady (James)] Of course, the pressure build-up might get interesting...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Slightly, yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We only have to worry about the pressure for the 30-40 seconds it takes us all to get across the waterless riverbed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Looking up the details on Wall of Stone

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] But we also have to get *back*

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Teleport

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, TP.

[Arkady (James)] Can't telport the tiger though.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless we're currently on another plane.

[Arkady (James)] Or D-Door him either.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] How much does that weigh?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Can if he's Reduced.

[Arkady (James)] I didn't think we had Reduce...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think a bridge is more prudent

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] "can weigh up to 6,000 punds"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] no can do.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's a lot of area for a dam.

[Master] It's smaller at the entrance.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How much area

[Master] about 10x15

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I could seal that off about 5 or 6 inches thick

[Velkyna (Joe)] Should work.

[Velkyna (Joe)] For the short term at least.

[James] Note to self: Taking a giant tiger along during a dungeon crawl: inconvenient.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If we want it to last longer, then purposelly don't seal it - leave a couple feet

[Velkyna (Joe)] I believe I made that comment earlier.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I could leave some space. That should work

[James] OK, so wall of stone, and then gaseous for the tiger?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds like a plan.

[Velkyna (Joe)] What happens if we keep running into little doorways? Keep wasting spells?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That, or we'll have to ditch the tiger

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, I love Garfield and all, but ...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Note to Ss'sra: might want to pick up a wand or necklace or something of gaseous form :)

[Roger (Jeff)] (blast them with magic)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I like Roger's thinking!

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[James] Well, we don't want to leave the tiger stuck here...

[James] At least we should get him back outside...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's Ss'sra's call

[Master] ...

[Master] What's the plan?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Wall of Stone to mostly seal off the river entrance (so we can wade across)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mostly to stop the current.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And then bring the tiger in or send him out, at Ss'sra's discretion

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I suggest we tell Garfield to go back home on his own, after etherializing him.

[Defthon (Don)] If we bring Garfield all the way in, we'll have to bring him all the way out.

[Defthon (Don)] He'll be useful in fights, but so would the spells.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, but stopping the current will drop the water level pretty quickly

[Defthon (Don)] I think it's not worth it.

[Defthon (Don)] But, yeah, up to Ss'sra.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... ?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OOC: My dilemma is this. The druid class is designed to have animal companions to help in fights. But more powerful animals are bigger. So I'm screwed either way.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] In dungeon crawls, yes

[Master] Fortunately, we don't actually do a lot of dungeon crawls.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] not all, but this one, yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] the one through the abandoned temple would have been fine.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Except for the very end, yeah

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I could have brought the surviving wolves instead, or asked those bocobbies for more and smaller things...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] sigh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] More and smaller maggots.

[Master] Thank you; I was trying to think of that word.

[Aric (Brian)] alas, chris got rid of the giant vermin spell

[Velkyna (Joe)] We'll come back for Garfield, don't worry.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I suppose we leave the tiger here, and then get him out at the end as we leave.

[Aric (Brian)] could have summoned something for ss'sra to use

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's got too fun of a name for this to be the end of him.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It doesn't summon things, it just grows existing things

[Aedean (Sedlack)] For a short period of time

[Arkady (James)] I'd rather make sure Garfield can get out now.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Arkady (James)] What if we don't want/need to come back this way...

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] yeah, we've had too many crawls where we've exited in a much different place.

[Master] You're coming back to the room with the portal no matter what. This is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] But we came through a PORTAL.

[Arkady (James)] OK, right.

[Aric (Brian)] we could send garfield back to the portal room

[Velkyna (Joe)] Again, it depends whether or not this is on the same plane.

[Aric (Brian)] and ask him to guard it

[Velkyna (Joe)] If it is, we can TP.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If not, we've got no choice but the portal to get back.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (All OOC, of course. Vel's got no fucking idea.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... speaking of which, Vel is very very wet and getting very very cold.

[Defthon (Don)] Shot would know that, though.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Sometime this WEEK, people."

Velkyna (Joe) shivers.

[Arkady (James)] Let's get Garfield back to the portal room.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Very well.

[Lia (Angie)] garfield can keep you warm

[Velkyna (Joe)] I big fur blanket.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... with fangs and claws.

[Master] okay, blow the spell.

[Arkady (James)] OK. Done. (Don't have it set up in Klooge)

[Master] okay, set up the dam.

[Arkady (James)] So, we're back from the portal room. Now time to get through the secret door?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Fortitude: (d20+4+4+3+1+2) [5+4+4+3+1+2] 19

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Sorry, Garfield. I thought you'd actualy have something to do. Please wait for us in the portal room; if you get hungry, go back through to where you lived before. They'll feed you.

[Aric (Brian)] i'm afk for another few minutes. joe is me until i return.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel avoids hypothermia for now.

[Garfield] ok

[Master] DAM IT

[Defthon (Don)] Heh. Thought that was a typo at first. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hee

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, set up the dam, leaving a Few inches (maybe a foot) at the top to minimize the floiw

[Master] ok

[Defthon (Don)] OOC ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that just going to make a really fast, really narrow flow of water?

[Defthon (Don)] But the same amount as before?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No, because it'll cut off the upstream flow at some point

[Master] That would imply that every dam in the world would have the same effect.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Up to a point, yes, but only near it. It'll fountain out, but then be a trickle once on the floor again.

[Master] Since they all (ok most of them) allow flowthrough.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That is, we're probably making an underground lake somewhere else

[Defthon (Don)] They do. They raise the water level, and just as much water flows as before. Right?

[Defthon (Don)] Ah... I see.

[Defthon (Don)] But once the underground lake fills, *then* there will be as much water as before.

[Master] ...or evaporation will be a bigger deal, or the dam will burst.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Possibly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I hope we're not flooding out some quiet, peaceful dwarf community upstream.

[Defthon (Don)] Probably nothing we have to worry about, then.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Evaporation is probably relevant given that it's a volcano and all

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Depends again on the width of the pipe. If the flow rate is small enough, the lake will hit the "ceiling" anfd get longer, and eventually find some other place to overflow its banks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Fortitude: (d20+4+4+3+1+2) [13+4+4+3+1+2] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel again avoids dying from hypothermia while people argue physics.

[Master] hee.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's get crossing

[Master] Aedean sets up the dam and it works like a charm.

[Defthon (Don)] The physics argument is totally OOC. Our characters would just do this; I was just wondering what the actual, as opposed to expected, effect would be. :)

[Master] You wait a few minutes for the water level to drop, then cross without incident.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Let me know if you need a Resist Elements, Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: I know. I'm obviously just joshin'.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Vel can just walk up the wall if it really becomes an issue

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We do need you in tiptop shape here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Once the water dies down, before people start crossing, Vel will scamper up the hole and search it out. Invisibly.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mostly making sure there's room for everyone in there.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But also for traps.

[Defthon (Don)] Incidentally, as a general rule during the crawl, unless I need both hands for something else, I'm walking around with Tsohanoai drawn.

[Master] Def: Ok.

[Master] Vel: You search a little way down the corridor and find a space for all to reassemble sans traps.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Same marching order?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um. Nice map.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (BEEFCAKE)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Still seems a reasonable order

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Sending map. This will be a sec.

[Roger (Jeff)] yeah, same

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ooc-memo to self: You have a Wand of Dispel Magic, you can probably prep other spells in the future

[Velkyna (Joe)] All that and still no pmap?

[Master] You should have it, Joe . . . you're on the upper left.

Velkyna (Joe) dries herself off and gets re-clothed and re-equipped.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Oh, I got confused by "sending map".

[Master] It looks like it'll be a few more minutes yet.

[Master] I download way faster than I upload. :)

[Master] (and this is the jpeg version!)

[Dralafi (Jared)] THE MAP TO END ALL MAPS


[Velkyna (Joe)] One does not simply walk into this map. There is evil there that does not sleep.

[Defthon (Don)] Jeez Mike, this is the slowest map yet.

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Eighteen meg map.

[Master] We're almost done.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey, while we're waiting for the map, I'm going to go rotate the tires on my car.

[Master] Actually, I'm gonna go hit the head.

Sedlack has left the game.

[Aric (Brian)] is no one talking or is my connection hung?

[Velkyna (Joe)] CLERIC DOWN

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

Sedlack is receiving the map...

[Velkyna (Joe)] We're waiting for the map, which is apparently quite large.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] test

Sedlack has left the game.

Sedlack has received the map.

[Defthon (Don)] Yay!

[Master] woo!

[Velkyna (Joe)] madness

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is it supposed to look black?

[Master] hang on, Im' gonna do a garbage collect and we'll get rolling

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Defthon (Don)] Note to DM: Probably best not to put the whole dungeon on one map in the future....

[Master] yeah, apparently not.

Jeff has left the game.

[Dralafi (Jared)] lol

[Sedlack] Has anything actually happened?

[Master] crap.

[Defthon (Don)] No.

[Master] we lost Jeff now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I just see a bunch of black.

Jeff has joined the game.

[Master] I'm gonna be pist if my map breaks everyone.

[Master] You should see a lot of dark blue wiht a little patch of love on the left top part.

[Arkady (James)] I'm OK, but I had to do a garbage collect. Still at 92/154 MB.

[Jeff] I don't know if I want you to map me or not

[Velkyna (Joe)] I see a bunch of dark blue with a little patch of black with our chars. But it's pitch black.

[Master] i'm gonna garbage collect and retransmit to Jeff.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] only 37/64 here

[Jeff] you are likely to be eaten by a grue

[Master] ok that's better.

[Master] down to 70.

[Master] Joe, do you see a list of chars on the left?

Brian has left the game.

[Master] crap.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, I see our chars but theres no dungeon textures or anyuthing.

[Sedlack] Brian was frozen up, as I was

[Master] ok.

[Sedlack] I told him to kill Klooge and restart

Brian has joined the game.

[Master] Let's see if we can nurse this through. If we can't, I'll remake the map in chunks.

[Brian] my client hung

[Jeff] I'm mapped up

[Defthon (Don)] Actually, since sending maps individually always seems to work (and be faster),

[Master] Who, besides Joe, is having map issues?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Should I see cave walls or dungeon tiles or anything like that?

[Master] Yeah, I may just do that.

[Defthon (Don)] it might be a good idea to map us one at a time.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or just our chars floating in darkness?

[Master] resending to Joe.

[Defthon (Don)] Chars floating in darkness for me.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I see walls n shit

[Master] Joe, Don, did that help?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'm all set.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I still see darkness.

[Master] how's your memory?

[Velkyna (Joe)] But it did try to re-map me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 37/64.

[Master] ok

[Master] Don, you?

[Defthon (Don)] It did re-map, but still a black splotch amidst a field of blue.

[Defthon (Don)] 42/64.

[Master] *thinks*

[Velkyna (Joe)] Let me try to initiate the remap.

[Defthon (Don)] Went away, came back, still nothing.

[Defthon (Don)] Wait, we can initiate remap?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, let me try to bail and come back.

[Master] wait 1 sec

[Defthon (Don)] Try removing Def from this map and then putting him back?

Joe has left the game.

[Master] The individual chars are irrelevant. Hang on a sec, we'll try Joe's method. has joined the game.

Joe is receiving the map...

[Defthon (Don)] Sorry, try moving my client to a different map and then back, then?

Joe has received the map.

[Sedlack] We're standing on a big black potato with a gray stripe

[Defthon (Don)] Did that work, Joe?

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, there we go.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, brb.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SAVE THE LOGS

[Master] heh.

Don has joined the game.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, fortunately the chat log stays if you disconnect and then reconnect.

[Defthon (Don)] Unfortunately, I still have a black blob. Hmmm.

[Master] ok hang on

[Master] did that do it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, you're human? I thought you were some outer-space potato man.

[Defthon (Don)] Nope.

[Sedlack] You might have to go the next step and quit klooge and restart

[Defthon (Don)] Joe, did you actually *quit*?

[Master] Yeah, I think that's it. Suck.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah. Jus'sec.

Don has joined the game.

[Don] (And yes, I did save the logs first).

[Don] Yaaaayyyy!

[Don] I see the potato!


[Master] potato potahto.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet.

[Master] ok do I have the marching order right?

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] Now that the tiger is gone, we *might* want more power at the back.

[Sedlack] Looks right to me

[Defthon (Don)] Oh wait, is that Aric back there? That should be enough.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, that's good.

[Master] ok

[Master] Vel scouts ahead.

[Master] Vel, spot check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+0+1) [1+12+0+1] 14

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Any tracks to follow?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heeeuw

[Master] Ryan: Search or Wilderness Lore

[Sedlack] Crit miss

[Master] Okay, hm.

[Jeff] Skills don't crit

[Velkyna (Joe)] Remember, she _is_ invisible.

[Master] ok

[Sedlack] I know, it was a joke

[Jeff] ah

[Velkyna (Joe)] (you never did clear her icon)

[Master] ok search check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [6+15+2+5+1] 29

[Jeff] Vel can borrow my eyes of the eagle

[Sedlack] She's already got goggles

[Sedlack] They help her Search

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Glasses"

[Master] This room is crazy trapped.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore: (d20+18) [19+18] 37

[Velkyna (Joe)] Multiply-trapped? Or one nasty ass trap?

[Master] The tracks have stopped. Either she did not come this way, she is an unimaginably good walker, or she flew/gaseous formed/et cetera.

[Master] Multiply trapped; lots of mechanical traps, most involving tripwires and falling rocks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd assume she DDoored or gasformed, or otherwise, to quickly bypas the traps she laid.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will explain the situation to the party. "I'm going to need a few minutes."

[Sedlack] gas seems likely, as she wouldn't have been able to gas through the river

[Joanne] Need a hand?

[Defthon (Don)] Eeeeeeee

[Velkyna (Joe)] Watch me, to learn. Don't touch anything.

Joanne nods obediently.

[Defthon (Don)] Joanne, you should stay b--- well, if Vel says it's ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not even if it LOOKS like I missed something. Don't touch shit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Understand?

Joanne nods again.

[Joanne] No touching of shit.

Velkyna (Joe) will start working on the first trap.

[Praxis (James)] Aside: I try not to touch shit anyway. It is stinky.

[Sedlack] I think googlefight is broken

Joanne watches intently.

[Praxis (James)] ? Googlefight?

[Sedlack] Joanne (0 results) vs Falling rock (0 results)

[Defthon (Don)] What were you googlefighting?

[Defthon (Don)] Heh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will explain what she's doing as she goes.

Joanne soaks it up like a sponge

Ryan has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "With any projectile trap, you're going to want to first gently grab the counterlever mechanism with a pair of needlenose pliers to secure it. This is a needle trap, so you're going to want to take a grade three hook pick and gently ..." Vel continues to step through the procedure of disarming the trap for Joanne's benefit. Her tone and vocal cadence is bizarrely academic and learned for such a ... plebian ... task.

[Defthon (Don)] Good heavens.

Ryan has joined the game.

[Master] Hey, Angie, what happened to poor Ryan?

[Praxis (James)] OOC: LOL!

[Master] ah, here we are.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)]

[Velkyna (Joe)] (A few Disable Device rolls?)

[Master] Go ahead, please.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Disable Device: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+2+2+1) [19+15+2+2+2+1] 41

Joanne accepts this as yet another Vellish quirk.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)], that is.

[Sedlack] (If you do the searches by hand, Joanne wins, 2,730,000 to 30,700)

[Master] One down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Disable Device: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+2+2+1) [12+15+2+2+2+1] 34

[Master] Two down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [3+15+2+5+1] 26

[Aric (Brian)] "OOC Then you take this polyhedra from your pocket and roll it. Bizarrely, that determines whether or not you've sucessfully disarmed the trap."

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ooops. Missed.

[Master] Three down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Disable Device: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+2+2+1) [13+15+2+2+2+1] 35

[Defthon (Don)] "polyhedron"

[Master] Okay, that's enough for now; you've cleared a good path and this is taking time.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Liek at the beginning of E.T., when two giant dice roll towards the secret agent...

Velkyna (Joe) motions for the party to advance.

[Master] Ok a quick note --

[Master] The rooms are shown here as a 2-D map. In fact, each connecting tunnel goes up, down, et cetera, and sometimes requires short drops and suchlike.

[Master] So there's no running from room to room or anything like that.

[Sedlack] Noted

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right. Good ol' cavern stuff.

[Lia (Angie)] great

[Master] These are lava tubes, so they're pretty smooth. They've started growing stalactites and stalagmites.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, it's Cranston Manor.

[Aric (Brian)] So this area at least has been dormant for a while.

[Master] The walls are patchily covered with the phosphorescent moss, and it is warmer down here than it was up on the edge of the volcano.

[Aric (Brian)] (Not that Aric would necessarily make that connection)

[Master] Aric -- yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Remember, if we see a robot, it's afraid of the mouse.

[Master] The ceilings are a good 10-20 feet high in these rooms.

[Master] This room shows obvious signs of traffic, which kind of makes sense.


[Master] Disable Device check for Vel.

Velkyna (Joe) stresses the importance of the party walking exactly where she walks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Disable Device: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+2+2+1) [5+15+2+2+2+1] 27

[Master] ok thanks.

[Sedlack] "The party will try to do so as much as possible while following an invisible person"

[Master] This room is empty except for the traps laid down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (btw Vel was visible for the trap tutorial, so she's still visible now"

[Master] (thanx)

[Sedlack] That will make it easier

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heh. I figured.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Obvious signs of traffic avoiding the traps?

[Master] There are three exits.

[Master] Nothing obvious, no.

[Aric (Brian)] how many lights are there?

[Master] WE'll call them north, east, and southeast.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Should I search out each opening?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] You said "This room shows obvious signs of traffic, which kind of makes sense" -- I wanted more details thereon.

[Sedlack] I know which exit the spirit of Mennendon votes for

[Lia (Angie)] ???

[Master] Right -- now that you look for it, there is stirred up dust and whatnot around the traps. Just not a set of footprints carefully avoiding them.

[Master] :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fugue had to lay the traps, but she gaseoused to avoid them on the return trip.

[Aric (Brian)] you know, *this* is where we should have left Garfield. Oh well. I'm sure this wouldn't be a safe place for him to wait.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, there are still some traps down.

[Sedlack] Yes, but we had no way of knowing

[Master] There are a couple of needle traps, but the majority are tripwires connected to rockfalls.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC like in the Goonies!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel navigates the room like Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Entrapment".

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sans spandex.

[Sedlack] And apparently expects the rest of us to do the same

[Master] Heh. It's not quite that bad, of course.

[Master] Which exit?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will scppe out/peer down each of the three paths to see where they lead generally.

[Master] Vel gets a short distance down each without gaining much info.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I vote left.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fine by me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel carefully and meticulously points out a path whereby everyone can navigate the room.

[Master] (like that)?

[Sedlack] Sure

[Praxis (James)] OK

[Defthon (Don)] Yup

Joanne does the traffic cop thing, backing Vel up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It would be more amusing for her to do the stewardess thing.

[Joanne] by now

[Joanne] buh-bye

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel activates her ring again.

[Joanne] bye!

[Joanne] bye, now.

[Joanne] bye bye!

[Joanne] buh bye!

[Joanne] bye now!

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's funny. I said "buh bye" yet you're still here.

[Lia (Angie)] ???

[Sedlack] I got confused for a second and thought Joanne was actually leaving

[Master] (Joanne as a stewardess.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Which part didn't you understand? The "buh" or the "bye"?

[Velkyna (Joe)] ANYWAY.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We'll advance down the corridor, Vel in front scoping ahead.

[Master] You come to another cavernous chamber.

[Lia (Angie)] any more footprints?

[Master] Search check/Wilderness Lore.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore: (d20+18) [10+18] 28

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [1+15+2+5+1] 24

[Master] Not that you can find.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Suxx0r

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Search: (d20+8) [5+8] 13

[Aric (Brian)] i love how joe can roll a 1 and still get a 24

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's my girl.

[Master] Vel rounds a tight corner and creeps silently into the room.

[Master] This room is more finished than the rest; the walls are smooth and there is a tidy pile of rubble in one corner.

[Sedlack] Almost too tidy...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is that an opening in the NE corner?

[Master] Yes.

[Master] hang on a sec.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll examine the pile of rubble.

[Master] This room has the oddest damn smell . . . burnt mushrooms.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] With garlic?

[Sedlack] burnt umber hulk

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] or myconid or shambling mound...

[Defthon (Don)] Is that some sort of spell component?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are there any signs of flame or char?

[Master] Spot check

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Or growing fungus?

[Aric (Brian)] or Mycon

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+0+1) [12+12+0+1] 25

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot: (d20+3+2+1) [4+3+2+1] 10

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Spot: (d20+12) [18+12] 30

[Master] Only Vel.

[Master] She's the only one in there.

[Defthon (Don)] oops, nemmind

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] sorry.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, the Mycon were loosely based on the D&D monster the myconids.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sentient fungus.

[Sedlack] Nice 4+3+2+1, though, Don.

[Aric (Brian)] yeah, but i bet they didn't have juffo-wup

[Master] You don't see anything, really.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (whom I have already mentioned...)

[Velkyna (Joe)] No. No, they did not. Though they did grow turgid.

[Aric (Brian)] did violent action ensue?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ryan: Right, just making the connection for Brian.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (General Bucky Turgeson?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Frequently, yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But ... they've seen the BIG BOARD!

[Master] You can't fight in here! This is the War Room!

[Sedlack] n e way

[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway, 25 on the Spot ...

[Master] Something obviously lives here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... and is currently away?

[Defthon (Don)] Is there anything on the ceiling?

[Master] There is a thick pile of moss in one corner of the room.

[Master] You aren't there, Don. :)

[Master] And the floor is swept clean.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Upon Defthon's suggestion, Vel will check the ceiling.

[Master] Move Silently Roll.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Move Silently: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+7+1) [5+15+7+1] 28

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ping?

[Master] sorry

[Velkyna (Joe)] pong?

[Master] looking something up

[Master] 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] DERP

[Master] ok

[Defthon (Don)] THAT'S BAD

[Sedlack] So close...

[Master] Vel only roll initiative.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's not "happy to see me"

[Master] ???: Initiative: 19

[Aric (Brian)] that's never a good fanfare

[Dralafi (Jared)] uhoh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative: (d20+7) [2+7] 9

[Velkyna (Joe)] Neep.

[Sedlack] D'oh!

[Sedlack] Hope you have time to scream

[Velkyna (Joe)] PURPLE WORM

[Master] hee

[Velkyna (Joe)] BEHIR

[Velkyna (Joe)] TRAPPER

[Master] just a sec

[Velkyna (Joe)] LURKER ABOVE

[Velkyna (Joe)] XORN

[Master] Surprise round first.


[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, fuck me.

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck me fuck me fuck me.

[Sedlack] Mike seems to have a real fetish for those guys

[Dralafi (Jared)] that doesnt sound good

Jeff has left the game.

[Master] The Destrachan uses its destructive harmonics to attempt to destroy Vel's metal items.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck me fuck me fuck me

[Defthon (Don)] Wow.

[Master] All metal items must make a Fortitude Save DC 15 or be destroyed.

[Master] (all items on Vel, that is).

[Master] Stuff in the Haversack doesn't count; it's on another plane.

[Master] However, roll to see if the sack's straps and buckles pop.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now, is this ferrous metal?

[Defthon (Don)] heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wasn't gold/platinum/etc immune?

Jeff has joined the game.

[Master] It says "metal"

[Master] Don't worry about coins; they're easiily reconstituted anyway.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but the last destrachan, I didn't have to roll for certain things. Like my Glasses, because they were gold-rimmed.

[Jeff] (what's happening?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Vel loses a ton of items.

[Master] Hm. Don't bother with the glasses; that's too little metal for me to care.

Jeff is receiving the map...

Jeff has received the map.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is the fortitude save _my_ fortitude save?

[Master] It's mostly aimed at your weapons, of course.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or something else?

[Master] No, the item's fortitude save.

[Master] jas

[Praxis (James)] Well, the stuff in your possession gets your fortitude save, stuff laying on the ground uses its own fort save.

[Master] 2 + 1/2 caster level to create the item.

[Master] round down

[Defthon (Don)] Jeff:

[Master] so +6 for teh shortsword.

[Jeff] (thanks)

[Sedlack] Magic items use your save or theirs, whichever is better

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do they use my save?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Because my save is better than +6.

[Sedlack] Yes, they use yours (PH 136)

[Master] (checks to confirm)

[Sedlack] "Nonmagical unattended items never make saves

[Master] nonmagical items are autodestroyed.

[Sedlack] Attended items get your save

[Master] you can use your save if you like for your attended items.

[Master] ok got it

[Velkyna (Joe)] So my Fortitude save?

[Master] yes

[Master] DC 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] Eat it. Because my fortitude Save is +14.

[Master] heh.

[Master] okay, your magic items are fine.

[Velkyna (Joe)] THANK GOD

[Master] all nonmagical metal items are destroyed.

[Sedlack] As are her nonmagics

[Sedlack] As long as they're attended, they get her save

[Sedlack] "attended" = "grasped, touched or worn"

[Master] wacky.

[Master] That's unfortunate for the Destrachan.

[Master] ok.

[Master] The creature emits a horrifying noise; Vel steels herself and grits her way through it.

[Master] It will take 1 turn for each Party member to run into the room.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I assume Mr. Hears-By-Echolocation is immune to invisibility?

[Master] Vel, what was your init?

[Master] And yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I got a 9.

[Sedlack] she got a 9

[Aric (Brian)] when i see the name destrachan i still think it should be something a lot cuter

[Defthon (Don)] What do you mean? One turn for the first rank, second for the second rank, and so on?

[Master] ok

[Master] The post-surprise round:

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd assume the first rank can just move normally.

[Master] It means everyone can run in, but it'll take a turn.

[Master] Just to get to the entrance.

[Defthon (Don)] Also: "round"

[Master] Round, yes.

[Master] Sorry.

[Praxis (James)] "... the chan suffix being a dimunative in Japanese.

[Praxis (James)] So since Brian reads a lot of Anime...

[Sedlack] Yeah, but it sounds like "KHAAAAAN"

[Master] The Destrachan is obviously nonplussed by Vel's success in resisting the attack and lifts up its head.

[Defthon (Don)] So, the whole party can run in next round.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's what Vel would be screaming if she lost some magic items.

[Aric (Brian)] "destra-chan!! kawaii!!!!"

[Sedlack] Well, many of us probably recognize the sound of Destrachan

[Velkyna (Joe)] Certainly the old party.

[Aric (Brian)] suggest we leave metal items here for the time being?

[Velkyna (Joe)] This fucker is worse than shriekers at alerting Fugue. Dammit.

[Sedlack] My Fortitude is +14

[Master] The Destrachan aims a cone of disintegration at the ceiling, and a section of it turns into a thousand shards of sharp rock, all falling on Vel.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady will attempt a counter-song.

[Master] Arkady is not in the room.

[Velkyna (Joe)] REFLEX

[Master] Yes.

[Aric (Brian)] i'm only at +9

[Master] Hang on

[Master] You have 2 choices:

[Arkady (James)] Yeah, when I get into the room. The counter-song radius is only 30' anyway.

[Master] 1) Try for a reflex save and stay in the fight.

[Master] 2) automatically make your reflex save but be knocked prone as you dive out of the way.

[Aric (Brian)] actually i'm not sure what of my stuff is made of metal, and what stuff isn't.

[Velkyna (Joe)] What's the save DC?

[Master] Hang on, I'm making this up as I go; it's what it'd do, but there aren't a ton of rules.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, regardless. We need to take this out before it can bawl again. I need to engage it. So I'll Reflex save towards the creature.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Besides isn't the rock ... well, rock? Not particularly metallic?

[Master] Yes.

[Master] Who said it can only do this to metal?

[Sedlack] It has...options

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.

[Master] Okay, hit me with that Reflex save.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, I'll roll my save and let you decide if I succeeded or not.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex: (d20+8+7+3+1) [18+8+7+3+1] 37

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmm.

[Master] Yeah, that'll do.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Like a warm blanket.

Destrachan flees northward

[Velkyna (Joe)] Attacks _and_ moves?

[Master] Yep. Its power is a standard attack.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, wait the two attacks were separate rounds.

[Velkyna (Joe)] My badd.

Tamora has left the game.

[Master] ok, go Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] normal move to get to the thing, single attack with sword.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Since it's fleeing, is this a sneak attack?

Tamora has joined the game.

[Master] Nah, it was a normal combat move.

[Velkyna (Joe)] S'cool.

[Master] It's retreating more than outright fleeing.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Destrachan. Distance: 5'00"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(7+19)] 26

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 26 (probably) hits Destrachan

Master shrieks in pain

[Dralafi (Jared)] lol

[Sedlack] Don't hit the GM

Destrachan shrieks in pain

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, sorry about Howard Dean.

[Master] heh.

[Master] Damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0)) [(2+3+0)] 5 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Master] The rest of the party comes into the room.

[Velkyna (Joe)] CAREFUL

[Sedlack] Initiative?

[Master] Initiative, please.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [8+2] 10

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Initiative: (d20+4) [9+4] 13

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative: (d20+0) [4+0] 4

[Sedlack] Aedean: Initiative: (d20-1) [7-1] 6

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative: (d20+6) [5+6] 11

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Initiative: (d20+6) [9+6] 15

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative: (d20+4) [5+4] 9

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [13+3] 16

[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Initiative: (d20+0) [14+0] 14

[Sedlack] At least Vel still gets to go before the Druid and the Cleric

[Velkyna (Joe)] Y'all better hope the range on that bellow is <30'

[Master] Shottamip: Initiative: 14

[Sedlack] I (heart) Fortitude saves

[Arkady (James)] Or just stay within 30' of me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That too.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Getting pop, brb.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

Master disengages from Vel.

Destrachan disengages from Vel.

Destrachan emits a horrible noise.

[Sedlack] Destrachan is a punk bitch

Tamora has left the game.

Tamora has joined the game.

[Destrachan] The ceiling behind the Destrachan collapses and continues to pour down dirt and debris, creating a nasty dust cloud.

[Master] Arkady.

[Master] (food after this encounter terminates)

[Arkady (James)] Just do a full move to Vel.

[Master] ok

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Arkady (James)] No point in countersong at for now...

[Master] Dral.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, wouldn't I get a sneak attack OR the destrachan couldn't use its attack?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Disengage is a full action, no?

[Dralafi (Jared)] so whats this dust cloud do for me filling him full of lead?

[Master] Ooh, good point.

[Master] Okay, take your Sneak.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(16+19)] 35

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 35 (probably) hits Destrachan

[Master] hehe

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sword sneak attack for (1d6+6d6+3) [2+(3+1+1+3+3+5)+3] 21

[Velkyna (Joe)] Weak.

[Master] c'est la vie.

[Sedlack] Dral is up, then

[Master] He's pretty much got total concealment.

[Master] And some cover besides from the falling rocks.

[Dralafi (Jared)] so theres no point then. check.

[Defthon (Don)] How high are the rocks piled?

[Joe] Velkyna targets Velkyna. Distance: 0'00"

[Master] They really arnen't done falling yet.

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Joe] Velkyna no longer targets Destrachan.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel is, of course, visible.\

[Master] ok

[Master] Shottamip!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Could she aim a fireball at some point past the collapse?

[Tamora] waiting.

[Master] ok

[Master] hehe Praxis

[Tamora] If it hit a rock on the way it would get our guys.

[Arkady (James)] Praxis will chill by Arkady.

[Master] Aric

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Praxis (James)] I'm not flying after that thing!

[Master] kewl

[Aric (Brian)] i'll approach but hang back a bit

[Master] Lia

[Aric (Brian)] since i don't have a magic bag btw, anything metal i'm not immediately using is back by the tunnel in my sack.

[Master] ok

[Lia (Angie)] how heavy is the debris/

[Master] It's still coming down.

[Master] IT's lots of dust and a constant rain of rocks and pebbles.

[Velkyna (Joe)] A flip of the ol' kLoOge Coin results in: Tails

[Defthon (Don)] How big are the biggest rocks?

[Defthon (Don)] Are they mostly falling in the middle?

[Lia (Angie)] haste, charge, attack

[Defthon (Don)] How high has the pile gotten so far?

[Master] ok

[Master] Fortitude save to avoid choking on the dust; reflex save to avoid damage from it, and you will be blinded temproarily by the dust when you emerge.

[Master] Finally, a Reflex save to avoid falling on the treacherous rubble as you charge through.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(+2) ** (d20+7+2) [17+7+2] 26

[Master] Do all that, and you'll get a well-deserved whack at the Destrachan. :)

[Master] Fortitude save made.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Reflex: ** MODIFIED BY: REF(+2) ** (d20+7+2) [7+7+2] 16

[Master] ok take 9 damage from falling rox

[Velkyna (Joe)] The rox r0xx0red Lia's b0xx0rs.

[Master] actually, make that 5. Apologies.

[Lia (Angie)] now can I hit it?

Tamora has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] One more reflex, to avoid tripping

[Master] yep

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Reflex: ** MODIFIED BY: REF(+2) ** (d20+7+2) [20+7+2] 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tripping would be a 10-yard penalty and replay the down.

[Master] good deal.

[Master] ok i'll rule you can make it.

[Master] charge attack, go!

Tamora has joined the game.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(10+18)] 28

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((3+5)+11)] 19 points of damage.

[Angie] Lia targets Destrachan. Distance: 8'02"

[Master] You strike the Destrachan, wounding it again. It is nearly panicked.

[Master] Def.

[Defthon (Don)] I was planning on doing pretty much the same thing.

[Defthon (Don)] Same deal? (Fort, refl, refl?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's listed as Vel's turn ... FYI.

[Master] yep

[Master] weird. thanx.

[Defthon (Don)] Also, I skirt the outside of the tunnel if the fall is lighter there.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Fortitude: (d20+7+1+4) [19+7+1+4] 31

[Defthon (Don)] YEEEEAAAAHHH.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Reflex: (d20+3+2+4) [19+3+2+4] 28

[Velkyna (Joe)] Love that Paladin cha bonus.

[Lia (Angie)] cool

[Master] wild.

[Defthon (Don)] YEEEAAAAHHHH.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Reflex: (d20+3+2+4) [16+3+2+4] 25

[Defthon (Don)] Woo!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Defthon is going on to Texas and Oregon and California.

[Master] Heh.

[Don] Defthon targets Destrachan. Distance: 7'04"

[Defthon (Don)] Destrachan evil?

[Master] yes

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil [b] hits AC: ((d20+10+3+5)) [(1+10+3+5)] 19 [CRITICAL MISS]

[Master] ignore it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit.

[Defthon (Don)] Ouch. Karma, and all that.

[Master] that it?

[Defthon (Don)] +2 for the charge, not that it matters. ;)

[Master] heh

[Master] hrm.

[Defthon (Don)] I don't think there's anything else I _can_ do.

[Master] i was doing something and lost everyone else's initiives.

[Roger (Jeff)] I was 9

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel 9, Lia 11, Def 10 is what I remember.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I was 4.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Destrachan 19.

[Defthon (Don)] 10 for me; Lia was 11, Vel 9 :)

[Sedlack] 6

[Praxis (James)] Arkady was 16, Praxis was 14

[Tamora] 14 maybe for me?

[Sedlack] shot was 14

[Sedlack] Anyone else missing?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric?

[Aric (Brian)] i was 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] There you go.

[Master] Thanks.

[Master] Vel is up

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay. Is there room for me to engage the Destrachan between Lia and Defthon?

[Master] not so much.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Not that I can see)

[Defthon (Don)] ...but you could *flank* it!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not enough for a 30' mover, though.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can I "charge" past it to flank it?

[Master] right, but charging through dust toward something which is probably somewhere and maybe expecting her is not precisely Vel's style.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah, right. No.

[Master] No, you have to attack at the end of a charge; otherwise it's a double move.

[Sedlack] I believe charge requires straight line motion

[Defthon (Don)] Yes.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] when you charge, you have to stop as soon as you're ion striking distance.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then she'll double-move past Lia and Defthon and the Destrachan to cut off it's escape.

[Master] ok the same batch of saves

[Velkyna (Joe)] "its"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Fortitude: (d20+4+4+3+1+2) [9+4+4+3+1+2] 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex: (d20+8+7+3+1) [10+8+7+3+1] 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex: (d20+8+7+3+1) [7+8+7+3+1] 26

[Defthon (Don)] I thought _I_ had a lot of different bonuses.

[Master] Like that?

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's good.

[Master] Roger!

[Defthon (Don)] Ten-four.

[Roger (Jeff)] I'll do nothing

[Master] ok

[Master] Ss'sra. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean's at 6, no?

[Sedlack] You skipped Aedean at 6


[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Aedan first

[Sedlack] Aedean will Run thru the debris

[Master] ok

[Sedlack] 'Cause he don't care about be blinded

[Sedlack] Fort save:

[Sedlack] Aedean: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: CON (+2) ** ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(+1) ** (d20+10+4+1) [16+10+4+1] 31

[Sedlack] Reflex: rock avoidance

[Sedlack] Aedean: Reflex: (d20+8-1) [2+8-1] 9

[Sedlack] We'll mulligan that

[Sedlack] Aedean: Reflex: (d20+8-1) [3+8-1] 10

[Master] take 7 points of damage

[Sedlack] Woo

[Defthon (Don)] Heh

[Sedlack] Reflex: trip avoidance

[Sedlack] Aedean: Reflex: (d20+8-1) [2+8-1] 9

[Defthon (Don)] Ouch

[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp.

[Master] Yeah.

[Sedlack] Aedean's hit points adjusted by -9 to 78.

[Master] You are now prone in the middle of the rockfall.

[Master] Kel.

[Master] Kewl.

[Tamora] He said 7 points of damage, that's 9

[Master] Ss'sra.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Takin' a flop.

[Sedlack] Aedean's hit points adjusted by 2 to 80.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Can I make it to Aedean to help him up and out of the rock fall?

[Master] You really don't even know he fell.

[Master] Listen, these humans are insane.

[Master] Charging into something like that when they don't know what's on the other side.

[Master] Seriously.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, humans and half-elves.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It does rather seem that way.=)

[Velkyna (Joe)] But yeah, that wacky human blood.

[Master] You have to figure that this is some kind of cultural thing . . .

[Lia (Angie)] ooc seemed like a good idea at the time

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Where is the pile of rocks from which the destrachan arose?

[Master] It wasn't a pile of rocks, it was a random outcropping that it hid behind.

[Master] and -- over here

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ah. In any case, I'll go investigate that.

[Master] ok that'll take a little more than 6 seconds. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I know. =)

[Master] The Destrachan, panicked, emits a new noise.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC It's calling its mommy.


[Master] it hits Lia, Def, Aedean, and Arkady..

[Master] reflex save DC 15 to halve.

[Master] 20 sonic damage

[Sedlack] Aedean: Reflex: (d20+8-1) [5+8-1] 12

[Tamora] Isn't Dralafi closer than Arkady?

[Praxis (James)] Arkady: Reflex: (d20+11) [18+11] 29

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Reflex: ** MODIFIED BY: REF(+2) ** (d20+7+2) [11+7+2] 20

[Defthon (Don)] *Reflex*? Huh.

[Sedlack] Yeah, there's a shock

[Master] Dunno.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Reflex: (d20+3+2+4) [10+3+2+4] 19

[Master] Anyway, yes. I said Arkady, meant Dralafi.

[Defthon (Don)] D'oh.

[Dralafi (Jared)] you dodged the sound waves. duh.

[Sedlack] Aedean's hit points adjusted by -20 to 60.

[Dralafi (Jared)] oh, you llama.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Reflex: (d20+12) [8+12] 20

[Master] ah ha!

[Master] Now it's visible.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Green slime!

[Angie] Lia's hit points adjusted by -10 to 65.

[Praxis (James)] Sorry, should have been doing the countersong after all....

[Jared] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by -8 to 46.

[Don] Defthon's hit points adjusted by -10 to 57.

[Defthon (Don)] -8?

[Master] I'm still stuck on the whole llama thing.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I changed my max but not current for gaining a level

Master flees

[Dralafi (Jared)] Im just making up for it.

Destrachan flees

[Dralafi (Jared)] we scared the gm off.

[Master] AoO for Lia, Def, and Vel.


[Defthon (Don)] Ok. That's our #1 attack, yes?

[Master] yes

[Defthon (Don)] Any particular order you want that in?

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(15+18)] 33

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 33 (probably) hits Destrachan

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll let Def and Lia go first to see if they make it past the beefcakes.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((3+6)+11)] 20 points of damage.

[Master] That does it; it dies from a wound in its back as it sought to cravely flee.

[Master] Here Endeth the Destrachan.

[Master] The rockfall slows and Aedean pulls himself up.

[Roger (Jeff)] Brave, brave, Sir Destrachan

[Tamora] Lunch time.

Sedlack brushes himself off

[Master] The area there is covered in rubble and requires 1/2 movement to avoid the reflex save.

[Master] Lunch!

[Sedlack] Lunch/dinner!

[Dralafi (Jared)] how long a break?

[Lia (Angie)] how long?

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I have been quested by Erica to hit the grocery store, so will be more "away from the keyboard" than normal.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] Half hour? Until 1/3/5/6:10?

[Defthon (Don)] Anyway, I'll be here, beep me on imsasun if you want me.

[Praxis (James)] OK.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sedlack] that was quick

[Velkyna (Joe)] Store's just down the block.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I actually watched a lady waiting for a spot close to the store. She waited the whole time it took me to slip my car past her, drive down to the next open spot, park the car, get out, and walk the whole way to the store entrance.

[Sedlack] Heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm not sure what she was waiting for.

[Sedlack] I know my Ref saves aren't great, but rolls of 2,3, and 2? That just blows.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Chunktastic.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NA na NA na NA na NA na FISHin'.

[Praxis (James)] OK, so I'm playing ToME (Troubles in Middle Earth)...

[Velkyna (Joe)] PS2?

[Sedlack] Hmm...My Fort save is actually a little too high...

[Praxis (James)] And I need to save this little twerp Merton...

[Praxis (James)] (no, it is Unix/Windows) Based on Angband.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Merton Hanks the legendary NFL defensive back?

[Praxis (James)] And so the regular 'word of recall' (which is like a town portal in D2LOD) isn't good enough for him...

[Praxis (James)] He's gotta have my only fireproof WoR scroll. Which are much more expensive and harder to find...

[Sedlack] Aedean: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: CON (+1) ** (d20+10+3) [7+10+3] 20

[Praxis (James)] Twerp.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Whatta dorque.

[Sedlack] Okay. That's right

[Praxis (James)] Well, if it wasn't for the dice rolls, we'd all be playing Amber or something...

[Velkyna (Joe)] I take it fireproof items don't get flamed by, say, dragon breath.

[Sedlack] I would assume not

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmm, DM fiat.

[Praxis (James)] Yes. That's a big problem in all the Angbands, unless you have fire immunity, you're constantly losing books and scrolls you're carrying.

[Sedlack] There might be a "normal fire/magical fire" distinction

[Sedlack] Kind of like normal vs. magical darkness

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, now that you mention it. That does sound familiar. It's been a while since I played Angband.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think my current char is still stuck with a Unicorn of Order quest or something similarly insane.

[Sedlack] I'm tempted to use "The Ring of Power (The One Ring)" just for the damn fir immunity in Zangband

[Velkyna (Joe)] DON'T DO IT

[Velkyna (Joe)] IT'S A TRICK

[Sedlack] But I'm already acid and electricity immune

[Velkyna (Joe)] I forget, is there elemental resistance vs. elemental immunity, or just immunity?

[Praxis (James)] There is another ring of power which gives Fire Immunity too.

[Sedlack] There is resistance and immunity for Acid, Elec, Fire, and Cold

[Praxis (James)] ... just Immunity. There is no diff between breath and magic as far as elemental damage goes.

[Sedlack] Everything else is just resistance

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right. It's all coming back to me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just like in that Celine Dion song.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know. The one about Zangband.

[Sedlack] Sadly, the other Ring of Power I have is the elec immune, rather than fire immune

[Praxis (James)] Currently playing a Vampire Petty-Dwarf Unbeliever. Been interesting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I see your lips moving ...

[Praxis (James)] The Vampire Gnome Assassin was also interesting.

[Sedlack] I understand the "Vampire" part of that

[Sedlack] (the first one)

[Praxis (James)] petty-dwarf is another race of dwarves. They get resDisenchantment (which can zap your items)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice. So I take it "Vampire" is not a race in ToME like it is in Zangband?

[Praxis (James)] The Unbeliever walks around with a magic-supression field.

[Sedlack] I see

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Praxis (James)] Vampire is a modifier available to most races, and it is a 'corruption' that can happen to anybody later in the game.

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Gotcha.

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Theres a Celine Dion song about Zangband?

[Defthon (Don)] It's in French.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right.

[Dralafi (Jared)] ah. how do you say Zangband in French?

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Le Zangbande"

[Defthon (Don)] "Le Zangbande"

[Velkyna (Joe)] BEAT YOU

[Defthon (Don)] BWAHAHAHA

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, that's pretty freakish.

[Praxis (James)] The words are about lost love, but really it was about losing a +20,+20 artifact sword when preserve mode was off.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm pretty sure it was on "Falling Into You".

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shania Twain did a cover of it on "Come On Over", except she sang it in Ojibwe.

[Defthon (Don)] No, it was on that French CD she did.

[Defthon (Don)] "Le monde est stone", it was called.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, right right.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It was that duet she did with Patricia Kaas.

[Defthon (Don)] (I'm so not even kidding that she has a song entitled that.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aren't we past due for re-gaming?

[Defthon (Don)] Rather.

[Sedlack] A bit, I think

[Defthon (Don)] Nevertheless, it behooves us to await our DM.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could start DMing ourselves.

[Sedlack] Yeah, by my count, we're missing Mike, Tami, and SEBBY

[Velkyna (Joe)] Perhaps Jeff as well.

[Sedlack] Yeah, and Jeff

[Dralafi (Jared)] Well, if we're DMing ourselves, I'd say todays exploits thus far are good for 10k XP

[Velkyna (Joe)] OUT

[Velkyna (Joe)] STANDING

[Sedlack] Okay, in the pattern of "recycling annoying monsters from the past", the next room had bodaks

[Roger (Jeff)] here

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, let's not go there then.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We then whip up on some grimlocks.

[Dralafi (Jared)] the one after that had the nightwalker and the nightflyer

[Sedlack] And then there's that Chaos thingy

[Velkyna (Joe)] Some minotaurs wet their pants when they see us.

[Sedlack] And then a Medusa

[Master] back

[Master] See, y'all are so spoiled.

[Sedlack] How so?

[Master] Expecting all new monsters in every dungeon.

[Sedlack] I don't expect all new monsters.

[Master] (waits for it)

[Sedlack] I just expect the repeats to not necessarily be completely weird-ass annoying dudes like Herr Destrachan

[Master] Noted.

[Dralafi (Jared)] PURPLE WORM

[Velkyna (Joe)] So, I found a picture of Velkyna from the last room.

[Velkyna (Joe)]

[Dralafi (Jared)] lol

[Arkady (James)] Darnit. The vampire petty-dwarf unbeliever died.

[Master] Cute.

[Dralafi (Jared)] on that note, its time for me to go.

[Arkady (James)] As they say, Yet Another Stupid Death.

[Master] Bye Jared!!

[Dralafi (Jared)] Someone make sure Dral gets to shoot something.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Later, Jared.

[Master] Heh.

[Velkyna (Joe)]

[Velkyna (Joe)] (should'a done that first)

[Sedlack] Later, Jared

[Dralafi (Jared)] have fun storming the castle!

[Master] Think it'll work?

Jared has left the game.

[Master] heh

[Master] I guess he's completely dead.

[Master] Okay, Joe, you got Dral?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sure. I tend to forget initiatives, though.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So if you can get those, I'm good.

[Master] ok

[Master] Do you wanna do any healing before Vel moves forward?

[Sedlack] Yes

[Arkady (James)] I think that would be wise.

[Velkyna (Joe)] While some healing gets passed around, Vel will search over the previous (Destrachan) room.

[Sedlack] Time to whip out the wand and go to work on myself

[Velkyna (Joe)] Specifically the moss bed and the rubble pile.

[Defthon (Don)] Heh heh

[James] Arkady targets Lia. Distance: 27'07"

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(1+1)] -2 HP recovered

[Master] Nothing there whatsoever.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(4+1)] -5 HP recovered

[Sedlack] Roll #1: (d8+1) [4+1] 5

[Sedlack] Roll #1: (d8+1) [5+1] 6

[Sedlack] Roll #1: (d8+1) [4+1] 5

[Sedlack] Roll #1: (d8+1) [8+1] 9

[Sedlack] Roll #1: (d8+1) [3+1] 4

[Master] For the record, you're doing damage to Lia, not helping her. I think you need to switch the signs on your spell.

[Lia (Angie)] thanks

[Arkady (James)] Huh, I thought it was supposed to be negative...

[Angie] Lia's hit points adjusted by 7 to 72.

[Sedlack] Oops, rolled an extra

[Sedlack] Aedean's hit points adjusted by 25 to 85.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'll look for tracks into and/or out of the room, unless of course all the charging and ceiling-falling has totally wiped everything out...

[Master] The latter is very mcuh the case.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ah well.

[Sedlack] For Defthon

[Sedlack] Roll #1: (d8+1) [5+1] 6

[Sedlack] For Dral

[Sedlack] Roll #1: (d8+1) [5+1] 6

[Sedlack] Defthon's hit points adjusted by 6 to 63.

[Master] I got dral

[Sedlack] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 6 to 52.

[Defthon (Don)] Danke

[Master] oop you're ahaed of me. no worries

[Master] ok so Vel scouts into the next room.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Did I find anything in the previous room?)

[Master] (no, sorry.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kay

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel activates her ring

[Master] Move Silently, Spot, and Search

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [3+1] 4 HP recovered

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Move Silently: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+7+1) [5+15+7+1] 28

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+0+1) [12+12+0+1] 25

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [7+15+2+5+1] 30

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [2+1] 3 HP recovered

[Master] There does not appear to be anything alive in this room, but you find a false wall on the east side.

[Sedlack] False Wall East

[Velkyna (Joe)] Any footprints?

[Master] hehe

[Master] Yes, but they are of the Destrachan.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Does the false wall appear to be something the destrachan could manipulate?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I forget how prehensile its limbs are)

[Master] You're not sure . . . it seems to have decent paws but they aren't really up to human standards.

[Angie] Lia's hit points adjusted by 6 to 78.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will motion everyone into the room.

[Joe] Arkady no longer targets Lia.

[Master] ok

Destrachan decomposes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That was quick.

[Master] It's a whole process.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm assuming nothing else is in this room?

[Master] yep

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] I was going to make a comment about telic vs atelic events, but it was waaaay too language-geeky.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will check the false wall for traps.

[Sedlack] Do we want to go through the wall, or do we want to check out the obvious passages first?

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's a thought.

[Roger (Jeff)] wall

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Wall

[Master] search

[Arkady (James)] wall

[Defthon (Don)] I'd be inclined to check out the rest of the tunnel system first.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [15+15+2+5+1] 38

[Velkyna (Joe)] Frames.

[Master] WEE JAS

[Master] Okay the wall is free of trappage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is there a way to open the false wall, or is it just something to move?

[Velkyna (Joe)] In other words, is it a door or just a propped-up wall?

[Master] It's mostly just something to move. It's not attached, so you can pull it over or just shove it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll try to quietly shove it, assuming I've got the strength. Else, summon some muscle.

[Master] it moves easiily.

[Master] Gimme a d4

[Arkady (James)] Did anyone do a listen check?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d4) [3] 3

[Velkyna (Joe)] (no)

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [40] 40

[Sedlack] Score!

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [3] 3

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nerf

[Defthon (Don)] ...the hell?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (treasure)

[Sedlack] It's a treasure roll

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [74] 74

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [18] 18

[Sedlack] C'mon Mace of Disuption +3!

[Defthon (Don)] Right. Just for a false wall? Is this just like a wall safe then?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I'm guessing)


[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [8] 8

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sucky rolls, man

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [15] 15

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] You can never tell.

[Velkyna (Joe)] True.

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [95] 95

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmm.

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [14] 14

[Velkyna (Joe)] KEEP MOMMA ROLLIN'

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [18] 18

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [40] 40

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kimmitt is possibly stuck in a logical loop.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [55] 55

[Sedlack] sauerkraut

[Sedlack] train

[Master] You find a number of items.

[Sedlack] wall

[Defthon (Don)] I'll say.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I like where this is going.

[Tamora] yay

[Master] More to the point, there is a set of shelves behind the wall. Mixed in with some shiny junk is four items of value.

[Master] A potion of climbing,

[Master] a scroll of Charm Person,

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Dire-Tiger-size collar of Reducing, anyone?

[Master] a pair of Goggles of Minute Seeing,

[Master] and a Ring of Protection +3.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Tamora] What variety of bonus is a ring of prot?

[Velkyna (Joe)] deflection

[Master] +3 Def bonus to AC.

[Tamora] thanks joe.

[Velkyna (Joe)] As in, doesn't work with shield, but works with armor.

[Arkady (James)] nice

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can this help someone right now?

[Sedlack] I could upgrade from my +2

[Velkyna (Joe)] I.e. is there a front-line type in need of better AC?

[Sedlack] (I does stack with shields, BTW)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Oh, kewl)

[Defthon (Don)] ...checking...

[Aric (Brian)] i too have a RoP +2

[Velkyna (Joe)] (is a shield armor bonus that stacks with regular armor?)

[Master] yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Noted.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then is the Shield spell a deflection bonus?

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, I could use it. No rings, no deflection bonuses at the moment.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe that's where I'm getting confused.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] No, it gives 3/4 cover.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then I'm just high.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could either give the +3 ring to Def or give it to Aedean who gives the +2 ring to Def. I'm generally infavor of PROTECT THE CLERIC moves.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, if someone else needs it more, that's fine. :)

[Arkady (James)] that's OK.

[Tamora] I vote for clerical AC.

[Sedlack] It's (obviously) fine by me

[Roger (Jeff)] yeah

[Velkyna (Joe)] For now. We could redistribute later. I just figure no point in putting this in a pocket while we wait to figure out who gets it.

[Defthon (Don)] So, Aedean gets the RoP+3, I get +2?

[Master] ok

[Sedlack] Here, Def, have my +2 ring

[Velkyna (Joe)] I assume there's no passage or anything past the shelves?

[Master] search roll

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will take a quick 10 on Search for the shelf area to see if there's anything she missed.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (33)

[Master] nah, nothing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kay. Back to the trapola room.

[Sedlack] Alrighty

[Arkady (James)] ok

[Master] ok

[Defthon (Don)] I vote for ESE.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Again, Vel guides the party through the room.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] When I move, you move.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (just like that)

[Sedlack] ese works

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fine with me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Watch out for the medallion, my diamonds are reckless.

[Master] thanks for lining them up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Feels like a halfling is hangin' from my necklace.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel activates her ring.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And then peers ahead.

[Master] (jas)

[Master] Gimme a Move Silently Roll.

[Defthon (Don)] WEE JAS

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Move Silently: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+7+1) [4+15+7+1] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dammit.

Ryan has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Did we lose Ryan and/or Angie for a bit there?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] razzlefrackin varmint. java.console.SocketException

[Defthon (Don)] I didn't even notice Ryan go. In fact (checking) it never said he dropped.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Lia (Angie)] I'm fine, Ryan is cursing

[Velkyna (Joe)] Excellent.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mike?

[Master] Vel rounds the corner.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] map me, please?

[Defthon (Don)] (Ryan: )

Ryan has left the game.

[Master] An umber hulk tries to take her head off.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp.

[Sedlack] InvisiVel blends in particularly well with this dungeon background

[Velkyna (Joe)] Goddamn non-visual creatures.

[Sedlack] I told you there would be burnt umber hulks.

[Master] Same deal as last time; 1 turn to entry.

[Tamora] Maybe we should give up invisible scouting and just walk places enmasse down here.

[Master] Initiative for Vel only.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's a possibility.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel is dodging the nearest umber hulk

[Master] Umber Hulk: Initiative: 7

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative: (d20+7) [2+7] 9

[Master] Umber Hulk: Initiative: 21

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet merciful crap.

[Master] Umber Hulk: Initiative: 7

[Master] Umber Hulk: Initiative: 11

[Aric (Brian)] we've fought UH's before right? anything special about them, or are they just beefy?

[Velkyna (Joe)] They have a confusion gaze.

[Roger (Jeff)] confusing gaze

[Roger (Jeff)] dammit

[Velkyna (Joe)] Other than that, just beefcake.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Though they are quite strong, with many HP.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (like most beefcake)

[Lia (Angie)] note - Ryan is still waiting for map and chat updates

[Master] Tremorsense.

[Master] Don't leave home without it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I tumble.

[Lia (Angie)] He's waiting for the map to transfer

[Master] Umber Hulk: Attack: 2 Claws hits AC: 24

[Master] Umber Hulk's attack of 24 (probably) hits Velkyna

[Master] Umber Hulk: Damage: 2 Claws does 9 points of damage.

[Tamora] I'm flying through the end of combat, fyi

[Master] Velkyna's hit points adjusted to 85 (-9) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Umber Hulk: Attack: 2 Claws hits AC: 30

[Master] Umber Hulk's attack of 30 (probably) hits Velkyna

[Master] Umber Hulk: Damage: 2 Claws does 11 points of damage.

[Master] Velkyna's hit points adjusted to 74 (-11) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Umber Hulk: Attack: Bite hits AC: 23

[Master] Umber Hulk's attack of 23 misses Velkyna

[Master] Umber Hulk: Attack: 2 Claws hits AC: 13

[Master] Umber Hulk's attack of 13 misses Velkyna

[Master] Umber Hulk: Attack: 2 Claws hits AC: 17

[Master] Umber Hulk's attack of 17 misses Velkyna

[Master] Umber Hulk: Attack: Bite hits AC: 13

[Master] Umber Hulk's attack of 13 misses Velkyna

[Velkyna (Joe)] I was dodging one of them. So if I was dodging that one with teh 24, he missed.

[Master] Crap, that's the one. hang on.

[Velkyna (Joe)] HA ha!

[Master] Umber Hulk: Attack: 2 Claws hits AC: 19

[Master] Umber Hulk's attack of 19 misses Velkyna

Umber Hulk tries to use Confusing Gaze on Vel.

[Master] Will save, DC 15.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, I beat half these guys for initiative.

[Master] This is the Surprise Round.

[Master] They knew you were coming b/c of Tremorsense.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But don't I get a spot or something to avoid surprise?

[Master] Fair question.

[Master] The rules really aren't clear to me.

[Defthon (Don)] I thought thieves of a certain level couldn't be caught flatfooted?

[Master] Anyone got stuff?

[Master] She isn't flatfooted; she is surprised, which is a different thing. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, I'm not flatfooed, though I can still be _surprised_.

[Sedlack] There's a difference between flat-footed and surprised

[Arkady (James)] Barbarians of a certain level can't be flat-footed.

[Arkady (James)] I thought.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought you roll a listen or a spot or something to determine who sees who first.

[Velkyna (Joe)] They see me because of tremorsense.

[Defthon (Don)] Right, barbarians and rogues. But, what's the diff between flatfooted and surprised then?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Surprised means they go before you.

[Master] loss of dex bonus to ac

[Velkyna (Joe)] Flatfooted menas you lose the Dex bonus to AC.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Most people are surprised AND flatfooted.

[Master] In the DMG, the difference is characterized as "who is aware of the other first."

[Velkyna (Joe)] Rogues can't be flatfooted.

[Master] I was ruling that they were extremely aware of Vel, due to the Tremorsense thing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, which would be relevant if they had missile weapons.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But since they rumble out to attack me, I would think I'd have a chance of noticing that in enough time to react.

[Master] Right . . . the way I was seeing it was cinematically.

[Sedlack] The way I read, it they can take partial actions; this should *technically* happen before initiative is rolles

[Master] Vel steps into the room, creeping carefully to avoid making a sound.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I guess my question is ... is there such a thing as automatic surprise?

[Master] (we're using the Surprise Round variant)

Ryan has left the game.

[Master] In the DMG, yes. Usually I'll give Reflex Saves and whatnot. This time it didn't seem to apply.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, to be technical, I have been "Peeking" into rooms.

[Master] Fair enough.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not just sauntering in.

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan is trying to restart

[Master] The Umber Hulk is hiding against the wall.

[Master] Vel peeks and/or steps into the room, the camera pans back, and the Umber Hulk attacks!

[Master] Vel's supernatural quickness is enough to keep her from getting hit much, etc. etc.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, in the discourse on surprise on p120 of PH, sounds like it's quite possible for both sides to be aware of the opponents, hence no surprise. So.

[Master] I'm going based on the rules in the DMG on p. 61.

[Sedlack] It seems reasonable

Ryan has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] As an aside, I'm not kvetching. I'm just kind of surprised (har har) that Vel would get no roll at all to avoid this.

[Sedlack] Fighting monsters whose primary long-distnace sense isn't sight is just throwing off our plans a bit

[Ryan] OK! Map works.

[Master] Again, most of the time she would. I just liked this particular ambush more than most. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fair enough. Where were we?

[Master] Will save.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right. Yar.

[Master] DC 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Will: (d20+4+0+3+1) [3+4+0+3+1] 11

[Defthon (Don)] Oh, I don't much care either way, I'm just trying to understand the rules. I don't have encyclopedic recall of three versions of the PH, DMG, and MM like Joe does. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] DUHHHHHHH

[Master] Velkyna is confused.

Master looks it up

[Velkyna (Joe)] DERP DERP DERP

[Sedlack] (If it's "as the spell", I have the die roll queued up)

[Velkyna (Joe)] ENRAGED

[Velkyna (Joe)] WANDERS OFF

[Master] it is indeed, Chris.

[Master] duration is 8 rounds.

[Sedlack] Lemme know when you want it

[Master] I'll plug it into the thingy


[Master] Round 1 begins; initiative for folks who are not Vel please.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [17+2] 19

[Sedlack] Aedean: Initiative: (d20-1) [17-1] 16

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative: (d20+0) [13+0] 13

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative: (d20+6) [1+6] 7

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [15+3] 18

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Initiative: (d20+4) [19+4] 23

[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Initiative: (d20+0) [7+0] 7

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative: (d20+4) [10+4] 14

[Master] Dralafi: Initiative: 10

[Tamora] Shottamip: Initiative: (d20+3) [13+3] 16

[Master] Joanne: Initiative: 14

[Master] Okay, same as last time -- 1 turn to get to the opening of the door.

[Defthon (Don)] Hey! A decent initiative for a change!

[Master] I'm gonna rule that you get to the opening in Initative order.

[Velkyna (Joe)] On the up side, "confused creatures attack the creature attacking it".

[Defthon (Don)] Aric climbs over the other four ranks of people to get to the door first. :)

[Master] So folks can run into the room next round in iniitiative order is my thinking.

[Master] ok

[Sedlack] He's fast

[Master] I'll accept arguments for why a given char would be able to get in faster, if you'd like.

[Aric (Brian)] did i just lose a turn?

[Defthon (Don)] He's also blocked by eight other people. But hey! Something something abstraction something.

[Master] hehe

[Master] Everybody who's not in the room loses a turn.

[Arkady (James)] He tumbles...

[Master] lol

[Master] okay, Aric does his thing.

[Aric (Brian)] "i crowd surf"

[Umber Hulk] *backs off and holds its action*

[Umber Hulk] Chris, gimme Vel's action!

[Velkyna (Joe)] DERP DERP DERP

[Sedlack] Confusion: The creature (1d10) [6] 6 -- freezes with indecision.

[Umber Hulk] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] DAH!

[Sedlack] Ah, the ever popular "do nothing"

[Umber Hulk] Aric!

[Umber Hulk] Heh.

[Master] Am I stuck?

[Master] No.

[Master] Good.

[Master] Aric, you're up!

[Aric (Brian)] ok.

[Sedlack] And in the dorrway, yes?

[Aric (Brian)] jumping over everyone's heads i guess.

Velkyna (Joe) is standing at the cave opening, figuratively frozen and speechless.

[Aric (Brian)] is she being directly attacked by any of them?

[Master] no, but one of them that has a held action uses it.

[Master] WIll save, plase.

[Aric (Brian)] me?

[Master] yes.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Will: (d20+8) [11+8] 19

[Master] ok you can act normally.

[Defthon (Don)] Did he move towards them at all?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric avoids the DERPs

[Aric (Brian)] ok on one hand i want to help vel, on the other i'd prefer to attack the single one

[Aric (Brian)] since i tend to get SAVAGED

[Aric (Brian)] and besides, Lia can CLEAVE the three

Velkyna (Joe) rubs at her forehead like she's trying to think of something.

[Master] I think you answered your own question there, Aric. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I was ... supposed to do something ... something important ...

[Aric (Brian)] ok i'll attack the single one

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Brian] Aric targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 9'08"

[Master] That's fine.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(13+7+2)] 22

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 22 (probably) hits Umber Hulk

[Master] damage.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage 5: Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) does ((1d10+5)) [(1+5)] 6 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Lightning Fists (Ki Strike) hits AC: ((d20+7+2)) [(12+7+2)] 21

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 21 (probably) hits Umber Hulk

[Master] hang on; you moved this round. How many attacks do you get?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are you ... my mommy?

[Aric (Brian)] can't i normally move and hit?

[Master] Move once attack once.

[Master] Standard action vs. full action.

[Aric (Brian)] cause my attack is x/y/z

[Master] (a 5' move doesn't count as moving; you get one of those for free.)

[Master] Yes, that's only on a Full Attack option.

[Master] Chris, can you give Brian a page number from the PH?

[Aric (Brian)] would lightning fists still give me two additional attacks?

[Master] Hang on (looks it up)

[Aric (Brian)] i don't have my PH with me - using a PDF

[Aric (Brian)] it's not quite the same

[Defthon (Don)] It's p124...

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] in Chapter 8, in the section on Combat Actions.

[Aric (Brian)] ok. whatever.

[Master] I don't have the text from Lightning Fists in front of me.

[Master] I think it requires a Full Attack, tho

[Aric (Brian)] look at my char sheet

[Sedlack] "If you get more than one attack per must use the full attack option to get your additional attacks"

[Aric (Brian)] guess not

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: As a note, people shouldn't get too close to those who are confused. Like Vel. One of the options for the round is "attack nearest creature". FYI.

[Master] ok that's settled.

[Defthon (Don)] Is "Lightning Fists" a monk thing? I don't see it.

Master holds his action.

[Aric (Brian)] it's in my character notes

[Sedlack] I think it's from "Sword and Fist"

[Master] Def

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, there aren't any other UHs in there, are there?

[Master] They're kind of big, so you likely see all that there are.

[Sedlack] Yeah, all of the chars have certainly seen Confusion at work before

[Defthon (Don)] (standing in doorway)

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Master] Will save, please.

[Defthon (Don)] Charging the one on the right.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah, yes.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Will: (d20+3+2+4) [3+3+2+4] 12

[Defthon (Don)] Suck.

[Umber Hulk] Chris, hit me!

[Sedlack] Confusion: The creature (1d10) [4] 4 -- freezes with indecision.

[Master] heh.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, there you have it, folks.

[Defthon (Don)] (This isn't a fear thing, is it?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Look at all the pretty birds.

[Sedlack] Nope. Not fear

[Master] nope, it's idiosyncratic.

[Sedlack] Ju st confusion

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, just checking. ;)

[Master] Arkady!

[Arkady (James)] Thinking...

[Arkady (James)] Maybe just move in to help out.

[Ryan] Ss'sra targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 47'00"

[Arkady (James)] No, actually, I'll inspire courage

[Master] But first you get to make a Will save!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady learns the importance of not being seen.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will: (d20+8) [18+8] 26

[Sedlack] Yeah, he could have inspired courage from the hall

[Master] success!

[Master] Arkady Inspires Courage. What are the mods for that?

[Arkady (James)] Actually, I will inspire greatness in Aric.

[Master] ooo

[Master] :)

[Arkady (James)] inspire courage is +1 to hit and damage. Whereas this gives +2 hit dice, including saving throws.

[Master] ok so no Inspire Courage, just an Inspire Greatness to Aric?

[Arkady (James)] That is correct.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wonder where that fish has gone.

[Arkady (James)] unless someone has a better idea...

[Velkyna (Joe)] I did love it so. I looked after it like a son.

[Master] Aric --

[Master] +2 HD

[Master] +2 attack bonus

[Sedlack] (d10s)

[Velkyna (Joe)] And it went where ever I did go.

[Arkady (James)] Oh, sorry, that's fort save, not will save.

[Master] +1 fortitude save bonus

[Aric (Brian)] hang on a sec

[Aric (Brian)] do i still have GMF on me?

[Master] Don't forget your con bonus. And yes.

[Aric (Brian)] does this stack?

[Master] Yes.

[Master] Shottamip, your turn.

[Tamora] No two of the umber hulks are more than 30 feet apart.

[Aric (Brian)] i just noticed that my +2 to damage from GMF went away somewhere. so that UH should have 2 more damage

[Master] noted.

[Tamora] Shottamip: Slow Group: slows up to 12 creatures for 12 rounds (slowed creatures can only take a partial action each turn, and they suffer -2 penalties to AC, melee attacks, melee damage, and Reflex saves) (Will save negates, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Master] Umber Hulk: Will: 13

[Master] Umber Hulk: Will: 25

[Master] Umber Hulk: Will: 7

[Master] Umber Hulk: Will: 7

[Arkady (James)] Very nice.

[Sedlack] Can she hit all of them?

[Tamora] oh. I can take my standard move, too, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fishie fishie fish fish.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: Vel is channelling Dorrie from 'Finding Nemo'.

[Tamora] I want a better view for later.

[Defthon (Don)] Fish fishy, fishy-oh.

[Master] hang on just 1 sec

[Tamora] I just flew over people's heads, and I'm hovering up neaer the ceilinng.

[Defthon (Don)] It went... wherever I... did go!

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... something ... important ...

[Master] ok that works.

[Master] Aedean

[Master] sure.

[Sedlack] Good enough for flanking?

[Velkyna (Joe)] It is a most elusive fish.

[Master] no.

[Sedlack] Aedean: Attack 1: Mace of Disruption +1 [1] hits AC: ((d20+7+1+1)) [(11+7+1+1)] 20

[Master] damage

[Sedlack] Aedean: Damage 2: Mace of Disruption +1 [1] does ((1d8+1+1)) [(2+1+1)] 4 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Master] Roger!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

[Roger (Jeff)] one sec, looking up radius

[Tamora] Which one made its will save?

[Master] The middle one up top

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 7'05"

[Roger (Jeff)] okay

[Master] hit it!

[Aric (Brian)] ok. finally figured out what i needed to do for the HD thing. rolling two d10's

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Fireball: (DC=(14+3) [14+3] 17) (7d6+1) [(6+3+4+3+5+6+5)+1] 33

[Master] (is that spell radius to the right extra?)

[Master] (the 3 up top?)

[Aric (Brian)] Roll #1: (d10) [2] 2, Roll #2: (d10) [3] 3

[Roger (Jeff)] yeah

[Master] Umber Hulk: Reflex: 14

[Master] Umber Hulk: Reflex: 6

[Master] What's my save DC?

[Roger (Jeff)] 21 I think

[Master] Umber Hulk: Reflex: 5

[Master] heh. Nice shot.

[Sedlack] 10+3+stat mod+wacky wizard nonsense

[Aric (Brian)] with con modifier of +2, that's +2+2 = 4, +3+2 = 5 , = +9 HP?

[Master] Roger gets in a nice 100-HP damage round.

[Velkyna (Joe)] P.Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

[Sedlack] Yep, Brian

[Defthon (Don)] Incidentally, I'm watching the intro videos for KW 2.0 and boy is it ever gorgeous. I can't wait.

[Master] Hey, how'd you swing the 10' radius, Roger?

[Aric (Brian)] ok. i think i'm good now

[Master] Kewl.

[Roger (Jeff)] huh?

[Master] Doesn't fireball have a bigger radius?

[Master] *looks stuff up*

[Roger (Jeff)] I didn't put that circle down

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: 40' radius, no?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] That circle is mine, actually.

[Sedlack] 20'

[Master] 20' radius, 40' diameter

[Master] oops, sorry!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Pretty pretty pretty lights.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] BTW, how do you tell the "center circular effect" to chage its radius?

[Master] bracket keys []

[Master] [ ]

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] excellent!

[Master] hm, how can one decrease radius of effect?

[Sedlack] I'd assume he just aimed the center farther back

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] one generally centers the effect behind them...

[Master] ah ha!

[Roger (Jeff)] I don't hit vel

[Master] And the blowback is irrelevant due to new rules

[Master] THANK YOU.

[Master] ok fixed!

Joanne stays safe

[Master] Ss'sra!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Hit the same trio with a flame strike.

[Master] wham!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Flame Strike: (DC=(10+6+4) [10+6+4] 20) A column of flame descends from the sky, doing (8d6) [(4+4+4+5+5+3+6+3)] 34 damage.

[Master] what's my dc?

[Sedlack] It says 20

[Velkyna (Joe)] It wasn't very civil of you to sit down without being invited.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] says 20.

[Master] Umber Hulk: Reflex: 19

[Master] Umber Hulk: Reflex: 8

[Master] Umber Hulk: Reflex: 4

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Now they're Burnt-Umber Hulks.

[Aric (Brian)] *rimshot*

[Aric (Brian)] wait. aren't the colors burnt sienna and raw umber?

[Aric (Brian)] (if that was what you were referring to)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] yeah, yeah, whatever.

[Master] They aren't . . . quite . . . dead . . . yet.

[Sedlack] I'm pretty sure there's are burnt umber

[Master] Dral's turn.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] just crisped around the edges.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I am, too.

[Sedlack] Vel might get 'em when she goes crazy

[Master] Time for arrows and walking and killing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, I'll be Dral.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can I hit the hulks from here?

[Sedlack] Which is only fair, since I'm Vel

[Master] only 1 of em.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Which one?

[Master] oh wait you're at the door.

[Master] ok 5' move no prob.

[Master] how's that?

[Master] Enjoy your Full Attack. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet. A little too close to Vel in the event of "attack nearest creature", but hey.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 20'10"

[Master] Definiitely use multishot

[Joe] Velkyna targets Velkyna. Distance: 0'00"

[Sedlack] You should have Dral do that

[Joe] Velkyna no longer targets Umber Hulk.

[Joe] Dralafi targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 22'00"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(5+19+1)] 25

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 25 (probably) hits Umber Hulk

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(4+5+1)] 10 points of damage.

[Master] That's 2 dead umber hulks.

[Master] 3rd attack?

[Master] or did you not end up using multishot?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Multishot.

[Joe] Dralafi targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 14'01"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(2+19+1)] 22

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 22 (probably) hits Umber Hulk

[Master] that's not quite how it works, but you hit it a lot anyways. :)

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(2+5+1)] 8 points of damage.

[Master] That finishes off those three.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm just using "first 2 shots" on his attack area.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I figure he gets a third shot now?

[Master] Close enough for government works.

[Master] You took 3 shots. :)

[Master] That's how you killed 3 of 'em.

[Master] oh wait I misread.

[Master] ok 3rd shot

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll just nod politely and assume you know what you're doing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tell me what to do now.

[Master] take 3rd shot.

[Master] :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kay.

[Sedlack] Aren't Def, Aric, and Arkady in the way?

[Joe] Dralafi targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 17'10"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Umber hulks are like 9' tall.

[Master] I killed the 3rd umber hulk by accident.

[Sedlack] Ah

[Joe] Dralafi targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 14'01"

[Tamora] It didn't want to live anymore.

[Master] after two fire hits? No. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (30') [B] hits AC: ((d20+22+1)) [(2+22+1)] 25

[Master] damage.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] tkae it down, since it asked so nicely.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (3rd shot) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(1+5+1)] 7 points of damage.

[Master] excellente.

[Master] sweet!

[Master] Velkyna is now up. Chris, gimme a Confusion roll. :)

[Dralafi (Joe)] I'm a perforatin' machine.

[Sedlack] Confusion: The creature (1d10) [10] 10 -- seems to have collected itself.

[Master] whoa

[Velkyna (Joe)] W00T

[Sedlack] Act normally

[Master] Go Vel!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's fuckin' pist.

[Sedlack] (For this round, anyway)

[Defthon (Don)] Is that just for one round?

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 30' move, tumble through the hulk to flank it on the other side, sneak attack.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Tumble: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+7+2+1) [9+12+7+2+1] 31

[Tamora] That's our girl.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 6'07"

[Defthon (Don)] You go, Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(14+19)] 33

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 33 (probably) hits Umber Hulk

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sword sneak attack for (1d6+6d6+3) [2+(4+5+4+3+3+1)+3] 25

[Defthon (Don)] Whee!

[Velkyna (Joe)] "I had a moment of clarity."

[Master] LIA.

[Angie] Lia targets Umber Hulk. Distance: 7'06"

[Lia (Angie)] do I need to will save?

[Master] nope

[Velkyna (Joe)] BRB. Gotta set up the tape for Sopranos in case Erica doesn't get back in time.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(10+18)] 28

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 28 (probably) hits Umber Hulk

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((6+5)+11)] 22 points of damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13)) [(4+13)] 17

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 17 (probably) hits Umber Hulk

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((2+6)+11)] 19 points of damage.

[Master] Lia gets in the last word!

[Tamora] But two people are still confused, is that right?

[Master] Hey, Chris, can you give me a roll for Def's confusion?

[Lia (Angie)] always glad to help

[Sedlack] Confusion: The creature (1d10) [1] 1 -- wanders away disinterested.

[Master] Only one now.

[Tamora] no, two.

[Master] Def wanders off . . . TOWARD THE TRAP ROOM!

[Master] Vel snapped out of it when she rolled a 10, I thought. OR does she snap back into it?

[Tamora] yes

[Sedlack] That's only for that round

[Master] ah.

[Tamora] I'll throw a dispel when my turn comes back up.

[Master] Def wnaders off; it's Shottamip's turn.

[Praxis (James)] Hey Defth, where ya' goin?

[Tamora] I believe I can only do one of them, since it wasn't all one spell.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] yes

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Is it dispellable?

[Defthon (Don)] To the tunnel with the tunnel.

[Tamora] Shottamip: Dispel Magic: attempts to remove magical effects from the target, with dispel checks of (1d20+10) [5+10] 15, (1d20+10) [15+10] 25, and (1d20+10) [15+10] 25

[Tamora] Trying to save Defthon from the traps.

[Master] ok Def is cured.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do I do something wacky?

[Master] (it is dispellable; it's a supernatural ability)

Defthon (Don) shakes head.

[Defthon (Don)] Buh?

[Master] Aedean and/or Roger, do you have any way to help Vel out?

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Dispel Magic: (DC=(14+3) [14+3] 17)

[Master] sweet!

[Master] 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] Does that fix me?

[Master] ok cool. Vel's fixed.

[Sedlack] Actually, I go first,

[Sedlack] but whatever

[Master] yeah, 're right. my badd.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "I had the strangest dream."

[Velkyna (Joe)] "You were there, and you were there, and you were there."

[Master] Okay, things kind of calm down now.

[Master] But there are four dead Umber Hulks.

[Defthon (Don)] "It was a lot better."

[Master] Whihc is, you know, better than four live Umber Hulks, all things considered.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, seriously you guys, KW 2.0 is gonna be fucking sweet.

[Master] *laughs*

[Master] I'll look forward to seeing it. In the meantime, I'm pretty satisfied here.

[Roger (Jeff)] Three of them don't even need to be cokked before eating

[Roger (Jeff)] er

[Roger (Jeff)] cooked

[Master] Way to stick it to the man, Jeff.

[Sedlack] Alright, time to get a better look at this room?

[Defthon (Don)] Heee hee he heee

[Velkyna (Joe)] After taking a few moments to center herself, Vel takes a look around.

[Master] Reflex save for Vel.

Velkyna (Joe) kicks the umber hulk corpse, angrily.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex: (d20+8+7+3+1) [18+8+7+3+1] 37

[Master] A creature appears out of nowhere and tries to grab Vel's shortsword.

[Master] She holds on to it, and an absurd tug-of-war ensues.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !

[Master] It then shrieks and disappears.

[Master] I swear to god, it looked like a haggis with appendages.

[Defthon (Don)] What the hell?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Was fur einen creature?

[Velkyna (Joe)] What kind of creature?

[Sedlack] Mmmmmm...kay

[Velkyna (Joe)] How big?

[Master] Seriously, haggis sized.

[Master] Only difference was that it was white and blue instead of grey and creepy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Having never seen haggis, what, a foot long?

[Master] Two, two-and-a-half.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Pretty fucking big haggis.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: I think tht was an ethereal filcher)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: Not to be confused with the ethereal felcher)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+1+6) [4+1+6] 11

[Defthon (Don)] Heeeuw.

[Praxis (James)] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+12) [19+12] 31

[Tamora] Shottamip: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+7) [18+7] 25

[Master] Arkady and SHottamip have heard of it.

[Master] It's an ethereal filcher.

[Master] it steals stuff.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I rule.

[Master] It jumps in and out of the astral plane.

[Praxis (James)] Wouldn't that be the etheral plane?

[Tamora] Hmm. Don't think I have any way of getting at it there.

[Defthon (Don)] Like I said, encyclopedic knowledge of three versions of PH, DMG, and MM. I can only hope to aspire. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Umm...Wouldn't the ethereal plane make more sense?

[Master] *checks*

[Master] Ethereal, sorry.

[Praxis (James)] Or else, there could be such a thing as an astral filcher.

[Master] (I thought the two were one and the same. Silly Kimmitt.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Though the ethereal does link the astral to the prime material.

[Praxis (James)] Trix are for kids!

[Velkyna (Joe)] I believe.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ethereal leads to inner planes, astral leads to outer.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm not sure

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, right right.

[Tamora] Inner vs. outer planes?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] both connect relatively directly to the prime

[Velkyna (Joe)] Inner are the elemental planes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Outer are the alignment planes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Anyway, I've already used ethereal jaunt, so no filcher hunt.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ty

[Velkyna (Joe)] Inner are also the positive and negative planes.

[Master] brb

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Positive and negative? I assume that isn't referring to ionic charge.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] elemental. energy drain is negative energy

[Shottamip (Tamora)] This isn't PH stuff. :)

[Praxis (James)] healing is positive energy

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] healing is positive energy, although too much positive can kill you just as dead

[Praxis (James)] 10 pounds in a 5 pound sack, and all that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... like putting too much air in a baloon!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] yup. exposure to the positive material plane makes you feel *great* -- until your cells explode.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] balloon or baboon?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Futurama reference)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] either.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (typo: balloon)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] or baleen...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] splutch.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Praxis (James)] too much air in a baboon is also very unpleasant. Monkey guts flying everywhere.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Like the exploding whale videotape.

[Defthon (Don)] Oh, not again.

[Praxis (James)] You mean when they shoot them with explosive harpoons?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Exactly what "splutch" was intended to indicate.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] No, it exploded due to gases released in decomposition

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Whale bits all over the street in Taiwan

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Not the one with the TNT, it didn't.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Oh dear

[Praxis (James)] What, so they actually filmed it?

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] yep. If you do a google search I'm sure you can find it.

[Defthon (Don)] The one they exploded with dynamite was in Oregon, I think.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd check Snopes first. Sounds suspicious.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] A whale carcass washed up on a NW Pacific beach and they decided to split it into pieces to make cleanup easier.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But then again, I check Snopes for most things.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And they had a news crew to film it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But it didn't go quite how they intended...

[Aric (Brian)] the exploding whale is real.

[Velkyna (Joe)]

[Praxis (James)]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fukd upp.

[Aric (Brian)]

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Praxis:

[Praxis (James)] yes?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] hmmm. not at all what they macro was supposed to do.

[Praxis (James)] 's ok.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] testing out a new die roll thingy.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Praxis:

[Lia (Angie)] what are we doing?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Waiting for Mike

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] razzelfrackinhornytoads

[Defthon (Don)] Well, I'm knitting.

[Lia (Angie)] thanks

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whatcha trying to do, Ryan?

[Master] ok

[Master] Right, any change in plans, or are we sending Vel ahead again?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, gettng back on track.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'm trying to make a translation table like your confusion thingy which translates a d100 roll to an animal type.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do we see the rest of the room?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can we see the rest of this room?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will search the room, too,

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shouldn't we check the walls and ceiling here first?

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore: (d20+18) [13+18] 31

[Master] um ok

[Master] Gimme a d100!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Any tracks? Where've the umbers been moving about?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] [1d100]

[Velkyna (Joe)] (d100) [9] 9

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Roll #1: (d100) [71] 71

[Master] hehe

[Master] Joe got it first.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll let Tami do this one.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or Ryan.

[Master] okay, the umber hulks have mostly just been pacing around this area.

[Defthon (Don)] Tami: curly brackets.

[Master] That said, I need a second d100

[Shottamip (Tamora)] thanks don.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (1d4) [2] 2 -- wombat

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tami!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (d100) [75] 75

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Roll #1: (d100) [74] 74

[Master] ok d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ryan!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [69] 69

[Defthon (Don)] , dude.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Y'all roll better than me. You guys should be official dicepeople.

[Master] ok Tam, gimme another d100

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (d100) [71] 71

[Master] ok d100

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Your turn.

[Master] ryan's up

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [5] 5

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now that's a Joe roll.

[Master] ok d100

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (d100) [20] 20

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [29] 29

[Master] ok d100

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [74] 74

[Shottamip (Tamora)] better

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] ok, gimme one list d100

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (d100) [58] 58 bottles of beer on the wall

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [13] 13

[Master] ok you find a suit of magical plate armor.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ooh.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't want it. :)

[Defthon (Don)] Wow.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It's probably heavier than I am.

[Velkyna (Joe)] DIBS

[Velkyna (Joe)] (not)

[Joanne] Er, okay. Something you're not telling me?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] How long does it take to spellcraft-ID something?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hours

[Aedean (Sedlack)] like 8 of them

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (I think)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I take it that's all we find?)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Someone stash it and I'll look at it tonight. I don't sleep much.

[Joanne] It's a Take 20 skill thing, so about 2 minutes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Joanne!

[Master] *laughs*

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Even if it has multiple things? Which magic plate armor might. I would expect that to take longer somehow.

[Master] 2 minutes per thing

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If y'all don't ming waiting 2 mins then I can give it once-over now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Why don't we check it later. I don't think theres anyone who benefits from this _right now_, is there?

[Roger (Jeff)] Aedean?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Barring it being like +4 or somesuch)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Everyone big has dragon armor already :)

[Master] (spoiler: Aedean really kind of wants this)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um. Okay!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Let's take a breather.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] While you all finish searching the ceiling, I'll look at the armor.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I can probably use it as much as anyone, but I've already got +3

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Take 20 = 37

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will check the ceiling.

[Master] It's Plate Mail +2 with at least one Special Ability.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sorry...I was trying to help Ryan with his bag of tricks

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (extra turning?)

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Vel, a couple of Search rolls?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Why don't we assume I spend another 2 minutes on it - we've been discussing it for 5 minutes anyway.

[Velkyna (Joe)] whoa.

[Defthon (Don)] Uh??

[Aric (Brian)] INCOMING

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [14+15+2+5+1] 37

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [6+15+2+5+1] 29

[Master] sorry, clicked the wrong thing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+5+1) [2+15+2+5+1] 25

[Master] Tam -- it is Ghost Touch Plate +2 with one more special ability...

[Master] ...glamered.

[Master] Ryan -- Try it now?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, I can't stop now. I'm too curious.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nifty.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] What does glamered mean for armor?

[Master] It can be made to look like normal clothing.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] How convenient.

[Master] But you are fully armored.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Still no joy.

[Praxis (James)] Very Nice.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So when you're in a sticky situation, you get underestimated.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sticky. Like this space bar.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now that's what I call a sticky situation!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (1d4) [3] 3 -- c

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Ok that's it for treasure here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fair 'nuff. Forge ahead?

[Master] Boccob only knows how they ended up with such an artifact anyway.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That is kind of nice

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So what shall we do with it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean's the only one who a) could use it and b) isn't already clad in badass dragon armor.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, Dral could, I suppose.

[Dralafi] Pfeh

[Master] Okay, decide and then gimme some sweet, sweet marching order.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I could use it, I guess. Then I can sell off my +3 plate later

[James] Did you want to put it on now, or afterwards?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We can wait

[Defthon (Don)] We're continuing east, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Next time we have a couple minutes, I can change

[Velkyna (Joe)] Despite getting repeatedly dumped on, Vel sucks up her responsibility as the party scout.

[Aric (Brian)] other than the look-like-clothes thing, how is this +2 mail better than chris's +3?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It works vs. incorporeal creatures

[Master] Ghost Touch means it counts against incorporeal critters.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ghost touch, maeans undead don't get to ignore it like other armor.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Good vs. wraiths and ghosts and shit

[Aric (Brian)] ah

[Defthon (Don)] That look right?

Ryan has left the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And nighflyers and nightwalkers and bodaks...

Ryan has joined the game.


[Defthon (Don)] Well, he could have just said something.

[Master] Bodaks not so much.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, it'll help Aedean in diplomatic situations, since he won't look heavily armored

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, if he wants to gamble and cheat

[Defthon (Don)] Or did we actually want to rethink the Vel-leads strategy?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not that Aedean needs any help in diplomatic situations.

[Defthon (Don)] I guess it served us well enough int he trap room.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think I should lead because there still could be traps.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right.

[James] Fine by me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll um. Be more careful.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But maybe not lead invisibly, off very far.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] but should you be so far in front this time?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, some of us are loud.

[Master] If she's not a little way in front, the folks in plate armor make her scouting pretty much irrelevant.

Velkyna (Joe) pulls a small piece of highly polished steel out of her haversack and uses it to peer around the corner.

[Master] Spot check

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... instead of poking out her head.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+0+1) [5+12+0+1] 18

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ick.

[Master] Nothing there.

[Master] Move Silently.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Uh-huh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She'll creep into the room (invisible)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck it, I'm taking 10 (Skill Mastery). I get a 33.

[Master] 26

[Master] ok

[Master] There's a gigantic elemental thingy stomping around looking pissed

[Shottamip (Tamora)] "I heard a die roll! Everybody stay back!"

[Defthon (Don)] Hoo boy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Spicy a-meat-ah-ball-ah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Maybe we can talk to it."

[Velkyna (Joe)] (JOKE)

[Defthon (Don)] heh.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a (d6) [4] 4 rabbit out of my hat!

[James] Well, are they automatically evil? Maybe we shoudl talk to it.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] damn.

[Master] But Greater Earth Elements are intelligent and friendly!

[James] Would we know that?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Intelligent and friendly on rye bread with some mayonaisse.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It's "automatically" in our way, is what it is.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And likely to charge on sight.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think most elementals are neutral by default

[Velkyna (Joe)] Elementals are N. Depends on who summoned them and what their orders are. Like golems.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But hey, if it stays put and says, "hi," I'll be the first one to walk up and chat.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So yeah, there's a chance we could pass unmolested.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fine, let's see.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey, buddy!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How big is it, exactly?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sup, dawg?

[Defthon (Don)] THAT'S BAD

[Master] Initiative, please.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Umm, if this is our plan, perhaps the rest of us should be closer

[Master] Earth Elemental: Initiative: 3

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative: (d20+0) [11+0] 11

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative: (d20+7) [15+7] 22

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a (1d10) [2] 2 -- grizzly bear out of my hat!

[James] everone?

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative: (d20+4) [6+4] 10

[Defthon (Don)] Everyone?

[Master] Dralafi: Initiative: 10

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative: (d20+6) [11+6] 17

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [20+2] 22

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Initiative: (d20+4) [9+4] 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] Why you gotta be like that, homes?

[James] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [5+3] 8

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative: (d20-1) [9-1] 8

[Defthon (Don)] d000000d.

[James] Praxis: Initiative: (d20+0) [20+0] 20

[Master] Yeah. Except that this time I figure you all followed after Vel to see what the hell she had planned.

[Master] Dralafi: Initiative: 22

[Master] Joanne: Initiative: 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] (NOTE: Elementals have high DR vs weapons. Probably +2 or +3)

[Defthon (Don)] Why'd you reroll Dralafi?

[Master] these are actual locations.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You rolled Dral's init twice

[Master] (I forgot I'd rolled him in the 1st place.)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a (1d100) [6] 6 -- grizzly bear out of my hat!

[Earth Elemental] Aw, that trick never works.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Thanks, Chris. =)

[Defthon (Don)] HA ha ha ha

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No prob.

[Aric (Brian)] i assume unarmed strike will work against it though?

[Aric (Brian)] oh btw, i assume the inspire greatness has expired, correct?

[Velkyna (Joe)] If your GMF is still up, probably.

[Master] inspire greatness is done, yeah.

[James] yes, though I can start it up again.

[Aric (Brian)] what about GMF?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How tall is it?

[Master] 15', plus or minus. And thick.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative: (d20+3) [2+3] 5

[Aedean (Sedlack)] GMF lasts hour/lev, so you're probably still all good

Velkyna (Joe) is rapidly rethinking her idea.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] GMF has eight hours' duration. still up.

[Master] actually, let me restate.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not that it matters necessarily with this dude. But Vel is invisible.

[Master] It's closer to 30 ft tall, but hunched badly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Sweet merciful shadows."

[Master] It moves toward Vel with hostile intent.

[Defthon (Don)] At least it's not evil.

[Master] Vel, you're up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So despite me being invisible, it's lumbering towards me?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] "Usul has called a big one! Again, it is the prophecy."

[Master] It heard you speak is all.

[Velkyna (Joe)] True.

[Master] So it's a vague kind of "toward"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Ryan, do you have a Bag of Tricks?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel is going to (wisely) fall behind the skirmish line)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Tami: yes. That's what I've been trying to set up. I think it works, now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] that's my MEA. Holding my partial.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Seems appropriate for a druid.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes, that was the idea.

[Defthon (Don)] Does anyone know whether these things are usually good or neutral?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I looked at them but went with a Summon spell instead. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Neutral.

[Master] ok.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Elementals? Always neutral.

[Defthon (Don)] Got it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Like natural animals.

[Master] Dral.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I can spontaneously summon, too.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] He shoots!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do we still have GMWed arrows?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Don't think so.

[James] no, they ran out a while ago.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] My money is all in my cloak and boots, pretty much.

[James] They only last 11 hours

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It hasn't been anywhere near 11 hours

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I agre.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] agree.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] He did them before we set out for the boccob tower

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I forgot that

[Joe] Dralafi targets Rocky. Distance: 66'06"

[Master] Yeah, they're done now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(9+19+1)] 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 29 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] This is a +1 arrow.

[Master] noted

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(8+5+1)] 14 points of damage.

[Master] ceci ne pas un pipe

[Velkyna (Joe)] Does it seem to hurt it?

[Master] The sheer force of the blow does some damage, but there's some kind of resistance there.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm. Well, lay on McDral.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(3+19+1)] 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 23 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(5+5+1)] 11 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (3rd shot) [B] hits AC: ((d20+14+1)) [(14+14+1)] 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 29 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] k

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (3rd shot) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(5+5+1)] 11 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm guessing Dral is doing minimal damage.

[Master] Def

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Elementals are immune to crit hits, right?

[Defthon (Don)] Charge!

[Velkyna (Joe)] If the DR is slash 10.

[Don] Defthon targets Rocky. Distance: 7'09"

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: Tsohanoai [b] hits AC: ((d20+10+3+3)) [(5+10+3+3)] 21

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 21 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] damage

[Defthon (Don)] That's +2 from the charge, too

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: Tsohanoai [b] does ((1d10+3+3*1.5)) [(2+3+3*1)] 9 points of damage.

[Defthon (Don)] feh.

[Master] ok

[Master] Praxis

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dink.

[James] Scope the area.

[Master] Lia

[Lia (Angie)] haste, charge, attack

[Master] ok

[Angie] Lia targets Rocky. Distance: 8'04"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(7+18)] 25

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 25 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] (east coasters -- when do you turn into pumpkins?)

[Master] ok

[Master] damage

[Roger (Jeff)] mid-1

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11)) [((1+3)+11)] 15 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (2 more hours, probably)

[James] +2 for the charge?

[Master] +2 is for attack, not damage.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] that's to-hit

[James] sorry

[Master] np


[Aric (Brian)] yup

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** Tiger Leap (via Sandals) [S] hits AC: ((d20+11+2)) [(20+11+2)] 33

[Master] good grief. Monks can practically commute to work on one turn's charge.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hee hee.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+2) ** Tiger Leap (via Sandals) [S] does ((2*(1d10+4)+2)) [(2*(8+4)+2)] 26 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Holy balls!

[Brian] Aric targets Rocky. Distance: 6'11"

[James] It is the smell that does the extra damage.

[Aric (Brian)] forgot to target him. whoops.

[Master] most impressive.

[Master] JOanne . . .

[Joanne] You know the league I play in? My league?

[Joanne] Yeah, this is out of it.

[Master] Go scaly druid!

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's not even the same frickin' sport.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Man, here I was tryin' to be good and maintain the skirmish line and everyone else goes all balls-out.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] produce flame. lasts 8 rounds, ranged touch attack. question: can I full attack with it?

[Master] No, ranged touch is a different critter.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Could not lock character sheet to decrement spells remaining. No data available

[Master] np

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Error parsing "d4+l/2": kLoOgeWerks.lo: unexpected character: l/2

[Master] heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Really not Ryan's day today.

[Master] what're you trying to brin gup?

[Ryan] Ss'sra targets Rocky. Distance: 73'08"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do not bringe upp that which ye cannot put downe.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's 1d4+4

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Error parsing "(d4+{8)": kLoOgeWerks.lo: unexpected character: {8

[Master] So these two strings walk into a bar.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Sigh. let's just do it this way: (d20+7) [7+7] 14

[Master] The first one says, "I'll have a beer."

[Master] The second one says, "I'l have a beeuU894 ( **^ & % oalurn3uc8

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's your ranged touch attack?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] =)

[Master] The first one then says, "You'll have to forgive my friend. He's not null-terminated."

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes. That should hit an earth elemental.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, they're mostly armor

[Master] The Ranged Touch attack hits.

Ss'sra (Ryan) burns the target for (d4+8) [3+8] 11

[Master] save?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] sorry, sorry, d4+4.

[Master] ok 7 points. Does he get a save?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] None

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] no save.

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Like many of the divine ranged touch attack spells)

[Master] Roger roger

[Roger (Jeff)] hm.

[Master] indeed.

[Roger (Jeff)] pass

[Master] ok

[Master] Arkady

[James] inspire courage

[Master] (Gimme the beat, boys and move my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock & roll and drift away . . .)

[James] everyone gets +1 to hit and damage

[Master] ok, take care of your own temp mods pls.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Umm, what's the range on that?

[James] move 30' to get close to rest.

[Aric (Brian)] does that include us who are over by rocky?

[Arkady (James)] Sure, I'll sing loud.

[Master] lol

[Master] Aedean

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (Dobie Gray! Who once was in with the in crowd...)

Arkady (James) sings 'Remeber the Alamo'.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (Uh, Arkady? They all *died*)

[Aric (Brian)] Um, everyone at the Alamo died.

[Master] Right, he's singing it in Spanish

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Rocky. Distance: 46'01"

[Aric (Brian)] Why don't we just sing "Timothy" while we're at it? I mean, we're in a cave!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Centering this behind the Elemental, of course.

[Arkady (James)] That's why you have to remember it. So you learn the lessons of the past.

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] "Recuerdate el Alamo'!"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Flame Strike: (DC=(10+6+5) [10+6+5] 21) A column of flame descends from the heavens, doing (10d6) [(4+3+1+1+6+6+3+5+5+3)] 37 damage

[Master] Recruerdanvos! We're using old-fashioned Spanish.

[Master] wow.

[Master] Reflex save?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, for half

[Master] ok

[Master] Rocky: Reflex: 9

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Eat it

[Master] heh.

Rocky hits Aric.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Strong like rock! Agile like rock.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] me?

[Defthon (Don)] Rocky!

[Rocky] What'd you roll?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 5

[Rocky] Go Shottamip!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Serpents, empowered: sends 5 green serpents flying through the air to strike the target(s) for ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(2+1)*3/2] 4, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(1+1)*3/2] 3, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(2+1)*3/2] 4, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(3+1)*3/2] 6, and ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(4+1)*3/2] 7 damage

[Master] heh

[Master] ok then

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 24

[Rocky] ow

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm done.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I suppose I should move to where i could see it, strictly speaking.

[Arkady (James)] It towers over the party, seeing isn't a problem. Even for a Gnome.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I was around the corner of the tunnel though.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So I walked over a couple steps.

[Arkady (James)] Got it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now it's time for Rocky to put someone in the Hurt Locker.

[Rocky] Rocky: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Slam hits AC: 25

[Rocky] Rocky's attack of 25 (probably) hits Aric

[Defthon (Don)] Rocky!

[Rocky] Rocky: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Slam does 26 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The winner is ... Aric.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Dr. Scott!

[Rocky] (the next attack will be at -5; the char sheet is messed up. :) )

[Velkyna (Joe)] (fling)

[Defthon (Don)] THANK you.

[Rocky] Aric's hit points adjusted to 44 (-26) - Moderately Wounded

[Rocky] Rocky: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Slam hits AC: 37

[Rocky] Rocky's attack of 37 (probably) hits Aric

[Rocky] Rocky: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Slam does 26 points of damage.

[Rocky] Aric's hit points adjusted to 18 (-26) - Heavily Wounded

[Rocky] Last attack is at -10.

[Rocky] Rocky: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Slam hits AC: 43

[Rocky] Rocky's attack of 43 (probably) hits Aric

[Rocky] (possible critical)

[Rocky] Rocky: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Slam hits AC: 29

[Rocky] Rocky's attack of 29 (probably) hits Aric

[Rocky] no critical

[Rocky] Rocky: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Slam does 36 points of damage.

[Aric (Brian)] well i'm dead

[Rocky] Aric's hit points adjusted to -18 (-36) - Dead

[Velkyna (Joe)] ARIC!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mistah Aric, he dead

[Rocky] The elemental pounds Aric into the ground . . .

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Good thing we got those diamonds...

[Defthon (Don)] Wow, he's _really_ dead.


[Arkady (James)] Damn.

[Master] Dral is up.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Well, you are the biggest target.

[Defthon (Don)] That charge is seeming like less of a good idea.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: What about Vel?

[Master] Vel's also at 22.

[Master] I don't know why it has her going 2nd.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And Vel's Dex is ungodly.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And probably has a higher Dex

[Master] weird.

[Master] it skipped vel

[Arkady (James)] Next time we'll try a little harder to talk to it, or at least deceive it.

[Master] thanks for the heads-up

[Master] its' vel's turn.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tears start streaming down Vel's face as she screams into combat, charging the creature.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shit

[Joe] Velkyna targets Rocky. Distance: 7'05"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(12+19)] 31

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 31 (probably) hits Rocky

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0)) [(2+3+0)] 5 points of damage.

[Master] Dral.

[Velkyna (Joe)] FUCKER

[Defthon (Don)] Wait, aren't you flanking him?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] no sneak attack.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] and no, from the map.

[Master] Rocky's immune to critical hits and sneak attacks, and she isn't flanking him anyways. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ding

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (She would've move into a more flanking possition were sneak attacks on elementals viable)

[Master] Dral's up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(13+19+1)] 33

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 33 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(6+5+1)] 12 points of damage.

[Master] Dral's arrows just aren't doing the kind of damage you'd think they'd do.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(16+19+1)] 36

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 36 (probably) hits Rocky

[Velkyna (Joe)] ( I know, but every little bit counts)

[Master] (Just keeping it real, yo.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(7+5+1)] 13 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (3rd shot) [B] hits AC: ((d20+14+1)) [(16+14+1)] 31

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 31 (probably) hits Rocky

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (3rd shot) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(4+5+1)] 10 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Damn, finally one goes poink.

[Master] Yeah, that one bounced off.

[Master] Def

[Velkyna (Joe)] I feel fortunate taht so many at least did a little.

[Defthon (Don)] Two attacks.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Tsohanoai [b] hits AC: ((d20+10+3+3+1)) [(18+10+3+3+1)] 35 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Tsohanoai [b] hits AC: ((d20+10+3+3+1)) [(19+10+3+3+1)] 36 [CRITICAL HIT (x2)]

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 36 (probably) hits Rocky [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

[Master] Immune to crithits.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Another wasted crit

[Defthon (Don)] Dammit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kimmitt's really teasting us with these not-crits.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Tsohanoai [b] does ((1d10+3+3*1.5+1)) [(2+3+3*1+1)] 10 points of damage.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Tsohanoai [b] hits AC: ((d20+5+3+3+1)) [(3+5+3+3+1)] 15

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 15 misses Rocky

[Defthon (Don)] Dammit.

[Master] Def carves away at Rocky and does some damage.

[Master] Praxis

[Defthon (Don)] Well, ten points is better than none.

[Arkady (James)] that's it.

[Master] Lia

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(5+18+1)] 24

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 24 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((4+6)+11+1)] 22 points of damage.

[Praxis (James)] I don't think my poison sting is going to do much against this guy.

[Defthon (Don)] Attagirl!

[Velkyna (Joe)] THAT'S my girl!

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13+1)) [(11+13+1)] 25

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 25 (probably) hits Rocky

[Aric (Brian)] ok since i'm not needed for a while, i'm going to watch some class lectures (online course). if i'm needed, someone beep me on titan or IM

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((2+4)+11+1)] 18 points of damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(4+18+1)] 23

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 23 (probably) hits Rocky

[Joanne] Well, fuck me with a pipe and a chili dog.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((3+5)+11+1)] 20 points of damage.

[Master] 60 points of damage . . . hardcore.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Chili dog? Do they have those here?

[Lia (Angie)] OOC can sombody slow this thing?

Joanne dithers

[Master] Ss'sra?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah. Vel knows a guy in Dessit that sells them.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack: Produce Flame [R] hits AC: ((d20+7)) [(15+7)] 22

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra's attack of 22 (probably) hits Rocky

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If I had thought that it would last this long, I would have done something like that instead.

[Master] ok damage.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Produce Flame [R] does ((d4+4)) [(1+4)] 5 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, this fucker's got at least 200 hits or so.

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] every little bit helps...

[Master] You're definitely taking a toll on it.

[Master] Roger?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Feel free to provide a hp estimate at the start of each encountere.

[Master] *laughs*

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Roger (Jeff)] I'll keep watch for people sneaking up on our rear. Yeah

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] No good spells left?

[Roger (Jeff)] Against an earth elemental?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He could be saving 'em

[Roger (Jeff)] doubtful

[Velkyna (Joe)] Magic missile would work.

[Roger (Jeff)] okay

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Mine is working, if slowly.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Slow would be ideal.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Magic Missile: (DC=(14+1) [14+1] 15) 4*(1d4+1)

[Roger (Jeff)] (4d4+4) [(2+4+2+1)+4] 13

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Good.

[Master] Keep on plugging.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sexcellent.

[Master] Arkady

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is this a living creature?

[Arkady (James)] continue to inspire

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] No

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I thought it's alive

[Arkady (James)] done

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Hmm. Probably depends on the spell, then

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, technically yes. It's living rock.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Great. I have a plan. Better DC than slow.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But it'll be immune to most "living creature" spells like sleep, charm, hold, etc.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Why?

[Master] Knowlege: Arcana roll.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+7) [15+7] 22

[Master] Elementals are immune to paralysis, sleep, et cetera. What were you thinking of?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] hmph.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, Arkady's inspiring?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But not to slow? I would think slow and stop are pretty similar concepts.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, Aedean's up, right?

[Arkady (James)] everyone

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Not to slow. Slow works great.

[Master] slow is a time-spell.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, wait. I get +1 to damage from Arkady. I forgot to include that on Vel and Dral's attacks.

[Arkady (James)] Sorry, out of higher-level spells.

[Master] paralysis tends to be mind-control thingy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sorry.

[Master] Right, I'll add 7 damage.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] They never normally sleep. Elves are mostly immune, so elementals ought to be as well.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just 4.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But Slow is also a Will save, just like those other spells.

[Master] ok

[Master] *looks it up*

[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady took effect after Dral's first salvo.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The rules are a bit wonky, yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So, slow is actually a mind type of spell.

[Master] Actually, no.

[Master] Slow is a time spell.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Elemental: Immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, and stunning.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Doesn't say anything about Slow.

[Master] But when you cast time spells on sentient creatures, in the D&D universe, they get a chance based on their Will to resist it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think the issue is that shit like paralysis, sleep, poison require organs to really work

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If Slow can affect a Golem (it does) then I assume it affects a living creature.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Crits are in the same category, for this.

[Master] Same reason Vel's stuff resisted the Destrachan with her Fortitude saves.

[Master] *shrug*

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm up, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think it's time to get a Spiritual Weapon going.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Spiritual Rapier [0] hits AC: ((d20+7+1)) [(4+7+1)] 12

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean's attack of 12 misses Rocky

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shucks

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sukk.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's it for me

[Master] Shottamip

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Slow Group: slows up to 12 creatures for 12 rounds (slowed creatures can only take a partial action each turn, and they suffer -2 penalties to AC, melee attacks, melee damage, and Reflex saves) (Will save negates, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Master] Rocky: Will: 17

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOYAH

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Good

[Defthon (Don)] Oh, thank fuck.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, "only a partial action" is going to be a damn lifesaver

[Velkyna (Joe)] No doubt.

[Master] Rocky: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** Slam hits AC: 34

[Master] Rocky's attack of 34 (probably) hits Lia

[Lia (Angie)] ow

[Master] Rocky: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (-1) ** Slam does 14 points of damage.

[Master] hang on that was a misroll.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's -2 to damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (from Slow)

[Master] yeah, but it's +1 cuz it and Lia are both in contact with the ground. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (There was a +1 before)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wacky.

[Master] Rocky: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (-1) ** Slam does 34 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NAR

[Master] Lia's hit points adjusted to 44 (-34) - Moderately Wounded

[Lia (Angie)] ouch!

[Master] Even slowed, the creature is enormously powerful.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Glad I could help.

[Master] It strikes Lia once. But hey, 2 fewer total attacks.!

[Master] Dralafi.

[Defthon (Don)] Hey look! Round 2!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel first, right?

[Master] Yes, dammit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Maybe it's a bug with the top of the order?)

[Master] something.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(4+19+1)] 24

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 24 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0+1)) [(1+3+0+1)] 5 points of damage.

Jeff has left the game.


[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+14+1)) [(12+14+1)] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 27 (probably) hits Rocky

Jeff has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Short Sword +3 [r] does ((1d6+3+0+1)) [(1+3+0+1)] 5 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shitty damage rolls, man.

[Master] yeh

[Master] Dral.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(4+19+1)] 24

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 24 (probably) hits Rocky

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(1+5+1)] 7 points of damage.

[Master] ploink

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(7+19+1)] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 27 (probably) hits Rocky

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+19+1)) [(6+19+1)] 26

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 26 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] hehe

[Velkyna (Joe)] Whoops, missed.

[Master] Off by 1 error.

[Velkyna (Joe)] My computer is walking through molasses right now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(7+5+1)] 13 points of damage.

[Master] I understand; I promise to use smaller maps henceforward. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (3rd shot) [B] hits AC: ((d20+14+1)) [(10+14+1)] 25

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi's attack of 25 (probably) hits Rocky

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (3rd shot) [B] does ((1d8+5+1)) [(5+5+1)] 11 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It doesn't help that each time I have to re-navigate Dral's labyrinthine attack tree.

[Master] (I included the Inspire Courage mods).

[Master] Defthon swings Tsohanoai in a deadly arc...

[Defthon (Don)] Second verse, same as the first

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Tsohanoai [b] hits AC: ((d20+10+3+3+1)) [(7+10+3+3+1)] 24

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 24 (probably) hits Rocky

[Master] damage

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Tsohanoai [b] does ((1d10+3+3*1.5+1)) [(8+3+3*1+1)] 16 points of damage.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Woo!

[Defthon (Don)] Hey, that's more like it.

[Master] The creature falls to one knee.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck on toast.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Hmmm?

Defthon (Don) jumps back as the elemental crashes to the ground before him.

[Master] Then disintegrates like a cliff face giving way before a rainstorm.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ah, good.

[Lia (Angie)] YES

[Defthon (Don)] SOY EN FUEGO

[Master] (bullet time is now over)

[Lia (Angie)] Aric

[Master] Aric's body was badly mangled by the elemental's crude but powerful blows.

Velkyna (Joe) falls to the ground near Aric.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Alas, poor Arick. I knew him well, Dralafio.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] This is going to take a little while....

Joanne rushes to comfort Velkyna

Velkyna (Joe) is sobbing uncontrollably now that the heat of battle has worn off.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] This room has a lot of entrances

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes. The rest of us should go investigate them.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Make sure I don't get interrupted

[Dralafi] The room behind us has only two entrances.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Any interesting tracks around here?

[Dralafi] Let us go back there.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That makes sense. I'll need about ten minutes

[Defthon (Don)] Or even just to the hallway.

[Lia (Angie)] Vel, we need your help to protect Aedean while he helps Aric

[Velkyna (Joe)] Choking back sobs, Vel looks up at Lia.

[James] Arkady targets Lia. Distance: 46'01"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's move back to the Umber Hulk room

Velkyna (Joe) nods, standing.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [1+1] 2 HP recovered

[Master] Lia's hit points adjusted to 44 (0) - Moderately Wounded

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [8+1] 9 HP recovered

[Master] Lia's hit points adjusted to 44 (0) - Moderately Wounded

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] How long to make a quick sweep for tracks in here?

[Master] A couple of minutes . . . Wilderness Lore

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Try actually adjusting, Master

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore: (d20+18) [1+18] 19

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] blargh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Might want to grab Shot too.

[Master] Ss'sra: No good info, sorry.

Aedean (Sedlack) pulls a Scroll of Resurrection of of his Bag

Dralafi (Joe) holds watch over the west passageway

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [5+1] 6 HP recovered

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll keep an eye out over here.

Aedean (Sedlack) begins to read from the scroll

[Arkady (James)] 17 so far, half way

[Master] (why not use Raise Dead and not Resurrection?)

Velkyna (Joe) guards the east, though her eyes repeatedly drift back to Aric and Aedean.

[Arkady (James)] Still has XP loss either way, right?

[Master] Yeah.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Because I don't have Raise Dead in scroll form

[Arkady (James)] What about on a ioun stone?

[Master] Ah; saving the Ioun stone for emergency?

[Master] Lia's hit points adjusted to 44 (0) - Moderately Wounded

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's teh "raise-Aedean RD.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, because anyone can cast the one out of the Stone

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Exactly

[Arkady (James)] Actually, now that I have a fairly high use-magic-device, I might be able to use the scroll myself.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Caster Level Check: (1d20+10) [3+10] 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Also, Resurrection will bring Aric back with full hits.

[Master] What did you need to cast Resurrection correctly?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think that's just barely enough

[Velkyna (Joe)] Raise Dead leaves him with 1hp.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Lemme check

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [5+1] 6 HP recovered

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Crap. I technically needed a 14.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck a duck.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [5+1] 6 HP recovered

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Did you already use your reroll/

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Unless certain unborn godesses would like to help out their champions...

[Master] yeah . . . that's what I got too.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (1d8+1) [7+1] 8 HP recovered

[Master] DOes Inspire Courage/Competence affect Caster Level Checks?

[James] Arkady no longer targets Lia.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] i doubt it

[Arkady (James)] Uh, let me check

[Defthon (Don)] Can we sleep on it? And Aedean can pray for Raise Dead in the morning?

[Arkady (James)] skill checks.

[Master] Lia's hit points adjusted to 44 (0) - Moderately Wounded

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Not a good idea. We're in hot pursuit

[Master] Damn.

[Arkady (James)] I don't think it will work for caster level checks.

[Master] Will roll.

[Arkady (James)] Lia is back up to full hits, BTW.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Umm...Lia's HP don't seem to be going up)

[Master] Sorry, Wisdom Check

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Time is still of the essence, yes? We could carry him with us until tomorrow if need be.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: WIS check: (d20+6) [4+6] 10

[Lia (Angie)] OOC: you know you aren't adjusting my HP, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Alternatively, if we've accrued 2000 XP so far, one could argue I've gained a level

[Master] 2k?

[Master] *thinks*

[Velkyna (Joe)] Did Aedean already mulligan today?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah

[Master] (yes)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah, nuts.

[Arkady (James)] I didn't know if I should have done it myself... Usually I let people adjust their own.

[Master] I don't think you broke 2k for this adventure yet.

[James] Lia's hit points adjusted by 12 to 78.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw, c'mon.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] So we carry him.

[Master] The scroll is destroyed without effect.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC I was only 1174 to next level

[Arkady (James)] OOC: Lia has more exp than Aedean, remember the minor death from the Deck of Many things?

Aedean (Sedlack) produces a large string of profanities, and then another Scroll

[Defthon (Don)] O-ho!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Caster Level Check: (1d20+10) [20+10] 30

[Arkady (James)] Dang.

[Master] Glad we got that covered.

Aedean (Sedlack) goes into a trance.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] The power of a frustrated mind.

[Defthon (Don)] Nice ace up your sleeve.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] This will take 10 minutes. Don't know if anybody wants to do anything in the meantime

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We do need to check the walls in the next room.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Can I try tracks in the big room again?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] I'll help Vel watch

[Lia (Angie)] Vel, I think he'll be OK

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tears are still flowing freely. She nods. "I know. But it don't make it hurt *sniff* any less."

[Joanne] I'll help search, too.

[Master] Ryan: GO ahead.

Jeff has left the game.

Joe has left the game.

Sedlack has left the game.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore: (d20+18) [12+18] 30

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore: (d20+18) [5+18] 23

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'm trying, but nothing's happening

Jeff has joined the game.

[Master] damn that sucked

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] There we go. First one's the real one.

Sedlack has joined the game.

Joe has joined the game.

[Joe] Geez.

Sedlack is receiving the map...

Sedlack has received the map.

Lia (Angie) moves to watch Ss'sra

Jeff is receiving the map...

Jeff has received the map.

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Guess I wandered off to the Astral Plane for a minute to find Aric)

[Master] who needs the map?

[Joe] What the heck was that?

[Master] I'm running out of memory here.

[Master] I did a trash collection and things went downhill. :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You're the trash. aren't you special.

[Master] ok

[Master] Wilderness Lore and Search Rolls.

[Defthon (Don)] Just for Ss's, right?

[Master] Ah, there are my my WL rolls.

[Master] Search for Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (basic): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+15+2+1) [7+15+2+1] 25

[Master] The only tracks in this room are ones made by the Elemental and some Umber Hulks a while ago.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit, I missed. That should be +5 -> 30.

[Master] No traps, no doors, nothing interesting.

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Any idea how long the elemental's been in here?

[Master] More than a couple of days. Past that, dunno.

[Master] ON a whim, Vel digs through the pile of elemental debris.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do tell.

[Lia (Angie)] lol

[Master] She finds a green emerald, very larg.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Probably because she's kicking the debris out of anger)

[Master] very large, sorry.

[Master] It's the size of Joanne's fist.

Velkyna (Joe) picks up the emerald. It's pretty obvious to anyone who's known Vel that this would normally cause her to break out in a huge shit-eating grin. She just shakes her head and keeps searching.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Wowzer. That's like the size of my head or something, right? :)

[Joanne] Vel! What is that you've got there?

Velkyna (Joe) looks up at Joanne. She holds out the monster emerald. "A rock."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "It's mine...It is my....prrrreciousss"

[Joanne] You ain't fucking kidding.

[Arkady (James)] Think of how much booze you could buy with that.

Joanne shoots Arkady a look.

[Arkady (James)] Heck, you could just buy your own distillery.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Castles in Spain.

Arkady (James) looks at Joanne.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Magical equipment

[Arkady (James)] I've been dead once. Didn't enjoy it.

[Lia (Angie)] Or Aric could use it to found his order

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Any distinguishing marks? Jewels that size generally have names and histories and the like.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] There are, oddly, no distinguishing marks.

Velkyna (Joe) hands the emerald to Shottamip to examine.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It could have come with the elemental, directly from its home plane.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Such things are not uncommon, there.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Is it a cut emerald?

[Master] It is polished and carved very simply.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think Aric gets to name it, then.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Only fair.

Joanne 's eyes track the emerald to Shottamip's hands, then rivet back to Vel.

[Lia (Angie)] should it be checked for magic traps?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] perhaps

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spellcraft: (d20+17) [2+17] 19

Velkyna (Joe) sniffs absent-mindedly. "That is pretty fucking big."

[Arkady (James)] It is already a greed trap.

[Master] There are no spells on the Emerald.

[Master] Aedean finishes his spell.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aric is down a level...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] However, we should look down the other corridors now, and discuss this stone later.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (Someone ping Brian?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... or a Con, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If Kimmitt wants to play it that way, yeah

[Shottamip (Tamora)] XP is easier to come by than stat points.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Con only if already at 1st level

[Arkady (James)] That's the old days.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The PH says a level

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That said, I think Kimmitt allowed Arkady to blow a Con instead

[Master] Yeah, when you raised Arkady, you actually had a True Resurrection scroll. He lost nothing.

[Arkady (James)] I'm going to turn into a pumpkin soon.

[Master] I think.

[Arkady (James)] Yes, that is what happened.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh yeah, that's right.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Never mind.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah we True Resurrected Arkady.

[Master] ok

[Arkady (James)] We thought it was the end of the campaign, so we talked Aedean into it.

[Arkady (James)] But the campaign lives!

[Master] Aric's vest now has a symbol on it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Huzzah!)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's pretty much up to Mike exactly how much XP is lost

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Interesting

[Velkyna (Joe)] A symbol or a Symbol?

[Arkady (James)] Well, in the PH, you're supposed to go down to halfway to the next level.

[Arkady (James)] I thought.

[Master] Yeah, but that's just rude.

[Master] You're at t-600 XP, Brian.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Especially since Aric was almost to the next level anyway

[Defthon (Don)] Well, down to the next level, and then halfway along within that level.

[Master] Vel: Probably the latter, all things considered.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, he's 9th level, 600 away?

[Master] yes

[Defthon (Don)] Anyway, I pinged him on imsasun.

[Master] me too

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] What does it look like? is it familiar to anyone?

[Aric (Brian)] i'm still here.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC didn't want to talk when i was dead

[Master] It's in your images folder.

[Master] Bardic Lore, Knowledge: Arcana, et cetera.

[Defthon (Don)] The Pattern!

[Master] No, just _a_ pattern.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+1+6) [11+1+6] 18

[Defthon (Don)] Oh. I thought we were doing an Amber crossover. :)

Aric (Brian) sits up with a start.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+12) [12+12] 24

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Spellcraft: (d20+8) [14+8] 22

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Easy there, Aric.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You gave us all quite a scare

[Master] You are not familiar with this pattern or anyting much like it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+7) [18+7] 25

Joanne asks Shottamip to look at the emerald.

[Arkady (James)] To get him back up to full hits, can we just take the average for the CLW want? That would be 12 charges.

[Master] The spell gets him back up.

[Aric (Brian)] What......the stone beast. It came at me ..... then nothing. What happened?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, looking at the emerald again.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He's at full hits

[Joanne] no, no, me.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] You were dead

[Joanne] I want to look at it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh, go ahead.

Joanne beams

Joanne gazes into it.

[Joanne] Wow . . .

[Aric (Brian)] That's very interesting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] /her neck whips around. She starts running up the corridor.

Master follows

Aric (Brian) looks down, and notices the pattern.

[Aric (Brian)] Well, that's new.

Joanne follows

Velkyna (Joe) gasps, more from relief than surprise.

[Lia (Angie)] Welcome back Aric

[Arkady (James)] Death is not the end. As you now know.

Aric (Brian) flexes. I'm weaker. Death must have taken its toll. Fascinating.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (Please have exact change)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I got back as much of your spirit as I could

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (Although you appear to have ben in the E-Z Pass lane)

[Lia (Angie)] (death is only the begining

[Lia (Angie)] )

[Aric (Brian)] Thank you Aedean. I understand little of your craft, but I realize it is extremely difficult. I am in your debt.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Try not to make a habit of getting yourself killed

[Arkady (James)] We are all in his debt, many times over.

Joanne plays nervously with the emerald.

[Aric (Brian)] I'll keep that in mind.

[Lia (Angie)] Joanne, are you OK?

Velkyna (Joe) seems more focused now that Aric is all right. She looks down at Joanne.

[Aric (Brian)] I have got to learn to be more ... subtle ... in attacking things.

Dralafi draws and fires an arrow so quickly you almost miss that he did.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Why don't you give me that rock. Mmm?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] um...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] what did Dral shoot at?

[Defthon (Don)] Dralafi?

[Arkady (James)] Dral?

[Dralafi] Blue lizard.

[Lia (Angie)] what?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Which direction?

[Defthon (Don)] My sword is drawn---

[Dralafi] *points to an area behind Joanne, where an eighteen-inch long lizard lies impaled on an arrow shaft*

[Aric (Brian)] hey mike, can i just sort of ignore the fact that i'm 9th level now so i don't have to fuck around with my character sheet? i can probably make the proper adjustments for hits, etc

Dralafi looks sheepish

Shottamip (Tamora) stares.

[Defthon (Don)] ---ah.

[Master] Brian -- sure.

[Praxis (James)] Just be sure of your target, Dral.

[Dralafi] Safe than sorry, all that.

Praxis (James) flaps wings.

Shottamip (Tamora) goes to inspect the dead thing.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I expected it to be the ethereal stealer again.

Velkyna (Joe) clears her throat. "Joanne?"

[Master] It's a cute little lizard. Looks like an iguana, but blue.

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan's keyboard is dead and it's time for him to turn into a pumpkin

[Joanne] Oh, sorry.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If anyone can shoot fast enough to catch it before it leaves this plane, Dralafi would be the one.

Joanne hands Vel the gem.

[Joanne] *grins*

Velkyna (Joe) takes it, turning it over in her hand.

[Joanne] I can practically see my house in that thing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Appraise?)

[Master] (yes)

Velkyna (Joe) laughs. "I didn't know you had a house."

[Velkyna (Joe)] I,/I> lived on the street.

[Joanne] FIguratively speaking.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (whoops)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Anything about the lizard look like it's worth more time?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Appraise: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+8+2+1) [8+8+2+1] 19

[Master] Yeah, that's an eight thousand GP gem.

[Master] Plus or minus.

[Praxis (James)] That's all? I was expecting another order of magnitude.

[Master] Shot: You really aren't sure. But you've something of an expert on staff.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh yeah!

Shottamip (Tamora) motions to Ss'sra.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Ryan's computer is AWOL)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (FYI)

[Lia (Angie)] ryan's keyboard is dead

[Master] Ss'sra identifies it as a Shocker Lizard.

Ryan has left the game.

Velkyna (Joe) stows the emerald in her Haversack.

Arkady (James) looks at the lizard too.

[Master] They emit electric sparks as a defense mechanism.

[Master] (I think we're at a good stopping point for now.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That sounds good to me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Probably wise.

[Master] (Since we're losing a lot of the East Coasters)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] XP?

Ryan has joined the game.

[Master] (Next time we finish up this level, go down to the fungus beds, et cetera)

[Master] *calculates XP*

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sounds comfy, these fungus beds.

[Defthon (Don)] Just finished the KW 2.0 videos. Seriously cool. They're available on the main discussion forum at kloogeinc.

[Master] Call it 900 even.

[Master] Ah, how about 1k.

[Jeff] woot

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay.

[Lia (Angie)] damn

[Master] We got somebody killed, we should break the 1,000 XP barrier. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Magically, Aric is 10th level again

[Defthon (Don)] They're also something of a tutorial, so you'll want them even though you d/l KW 2.0 in a couple weeks.

[Defthon (Don)] Heh.

[Master] Okay, that's gonna do it for today, I think. Thank you very much, as usual, for a marvellous time!

[Defthon (Don)] Updated. It'll be a while until I level again. ;)

[Master] heh.

[Jeff] Did you get the char sheet I emailed you a while back?

[Defthon (Don)] When approximately are we looking at for the next session?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 857 to next level...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oops, 957

[Master] Send me free weekends in April.

[Lia (Angie)] 174 for me

[Master] ooh, harsh.

[Ryan] No April committments as yet.

[Lia (Angie)] I'll survive

[Defthon (Don)] Look at it this way: it's pretty much a guaranteed level next time even if Mike's stingy. ;)

[Master] Unlike Aric.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think we're more or less free all April, save Easter Sunday.

[Master] heh.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] When is that?

[Master] I'll try to get scheduled within the next few days.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And the 17th, which is Erica's birthday (and a Saturday, I know)

[Aric (Brian)] ok mike, i'm 644 to next level. taking that into account, ok to just drop my XP to 45356?

[Aric (Brian)] and leave my char sheet alone?

[Master] absolutely.

[Master] Via emails, please. That lets me assemble at my leisure. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Easter is the 11th, apparently)

[Jeff] later all

Jeff has left the game.

[Master] Night!

[Master] THanks for putting up with the technical weirdnesses.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway, should go. Gnight all!

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, Easter weekend's out, but prolly the rest are good. I'll check.

Ryan has left the game.

[Lia (Angie)] night all

Joe has left the game.

[Master] I'm gonna go catch a shower; feel free to hang online and poot to yur heart's content.

[Arkady (James)] good night everyone.

[Aric (Brian)] well

Angie has left the game.

[Master] g'night.

[Defthon (Don)] Nah, I'm heading out too.

[Aric (Brian)] hopefully since the levels take longer to achieve, the fact that XP should be increasing should catch me up quicker.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Night, all

[Defthon (Don)] See y'all.

[Aric (Brian)] i hope.

James has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, our late-starting group is almost caught up now.

[Defthon (Don)] Ever so briefly, we're all 10th level.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] To Aric, anyway

[Defthon (Don)] Well, except Vel.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Except for Vel and Shot

[Defthon (Don)] And everyone else will level next time. But still.

[Defthon (Don)] Next time around we'll overlap for longer. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] True.

[Aric (Brian)] man, hearing about how fast my friend sean's game has leveled makes me jealous

[Defthon (Don)] Next time will be a better level for me, anyway. This time I got no specials, no feats; the only thing I got was two skill points, a hit die, and a +1 to hit.

[Aric (Brian)] execpt they play once a week and only have 5 players

[Aric (Brian)] it's all ryan's fault for making it less XP for us! :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I am eagerly awaiting 6th level spells.

[Defthon (Don)] 11th I get an extra attack, and 12th I get a feat *and* an attribute point.

[Defthon (Don)] Oh, that's true; technically I got access to 2nd level paladin spells this time.

[Defthon (Don)] Not sure how useful they are, though. I'm sure I'll come up with something.

[Defthon (Don)] Brian: I don't dare blame Ryan for less XP, because then y'all will start blaming me and Jeff and Jared. :P

[Aric (Brian)] well

[Aric (Brian)] you guys replaced 3 characters

[Aric (Brian)] so it all works out

[Aedean (Sedlack)] On the minus side, 11th is one of those levels where none of my saves improve

[Defthon (Don)] 'sides, Ss's has a crazy high wilderness lore and similar skills

[Defthon (Don)] And... dire tigers. ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And he can absorb a lot of damage

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah.

[Defthon (Don)] Anyway, I should, um, go grade exams or something.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Anyway, I'm gonna take off.

[Defthon (Don)] See y'all.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Good night, everybody

Sedlack has left the game.