Vanyel has joined the game.

[James] Arkady: Caster Level Check: (1d20+9) [9+9] 18

[Vanyel] Ok, that's better.

[James] Arkady targets Aric. Distance: 4'05"

[Sedlack] Was your text box "paused"?

[James] Arkady no longer targets Aric.

[Vanyel] What do you mean "paused"?

[James] Arkady targets Aric. Distance: 4'05"

[Sedlack] That's a common source of not being able to see what people type

[Vanyel] Oh, yeah...

[James] Arkady no longer targets Aric.

[Vanyel] I couldn't type anything

[Vanyel] but then

[Vanyel] I closed and opened the dock chat

[James] Arkady targets Praxis. Distance: 2'07"

[Vanyel] and then I could type but I hadn't received anything since I went afk

[Sedlack] We saw what you typed...

[Vanyel] interesting

[Tamora] Hi

Client has joined the game.

[Vanyel] howdy

[Jared] hello, client.

[Jeff] Hey

[James] Does anyone know how the cost stuff with spells works?

[James] Do I just put in cost 1 for 1st level spells or something?

[Sedlack] I wouldn't bother with it

[James] I've been keeping track manually...

[James] I just thought I would use the system if I could.

[Sedlack] As have I

[Tamora] Shottamip: Gather Information: (d20+8) [3+8] 11

[James] Arkady: cure light wounds: (DC=(10++3+1) [10+3+1] 14) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(3+5)] -8 HP recovered

[Vanyel] For the cleric and sorceror types, it's # memorized anyway

[Vanyel] and that's easier to keep track of.

[James] Arkady: invisibility: (DC=(10++3+2) [10+3+2] 15)

[Vanyel] I am away from the keyboard.

[James] Hmmm... can't edit Arkady's char sheet now...

[Master] Hey, there will be a short pause while I continue to get my shit together.

[Master] James, try it now?

[Vanyel] I am back at the keyboard.

[James] same

[James] whoops, wrong one.

[James] I was trying to edit Aedeans... but I can't edit mine either.

[James] I didn't want to edit Aedeans, BTW.

Sedlack has left the game.

[James] Could not lock character sheet to decrement spells remaining. No data available

[Vanyel] oh now look what you've gone and done

[James] Heh.

Sedlack has joined the game.

[James] looks like I broke it.

[Sedlack] That was annoying

[Master] I have it locked by you.

[Master] Disconnect and reconnect, ps.

[Master] pls.

[Tamora] Shottamip: Detect Poison: detects any poison and rolls (1d20+2) [1+2] 3 (DC 20) to determine the type of poison

[Sedlack] "you"=????

[James] doesn't let me disconnect...

James has left the game.

James has joined the game.

[Master] "you" = James

[Sedlack] Cool. JUst checking.

Angie has joined the game.

[Sedlack] I had to kill klooge via the task manager, which never inspires confidence

[James] Can you hear me now?

[Vanyel] hey hey hey!

[Vanyel] got a better connection this time?

[James] Make sure you don't have any extra java processes lying around.

[Jeff] Roger targets Aedean. Distance: 6'11"

[Sedlack] Yes, unless you mean "hear" in the conventional sense of the word

[Jeff] Roger targets Aric. Distance: 6'04"

[Jeff] Roger: Attack: Dagger [1] hits AC: ((d20+0)) [(8+0)] 8

[Jeff] Roger's attack of 8 misses Aric

[James] Sorry, I've seen those irritating Verizon commercials too many times.

[Jared] hey, jeff, answer the message I sent you :)

[Jeff] The e-mail? I responded to that.

[Jared] no, the ingame one

[Angie] Hi Everyone

[Jeff] My telephone isn't ringing.

[Jared] neat.

[Sedlack] hello

[Jared] test

[Vanyel] hmm

[Vanyel] yeah, I guess your blue is far enough from mine. ;)

[James] That's too dark Jared

[Sedlack] I concur

[Jared] this is a horrible color, but no one else is using it :)

[Vanyel] What does the new little red bar mean in the campaign list? Right now it's on Mike.

[Jared] lets try this

[Vanyel] Enh

[Jared] the red bar means 'typing'

[Vanyel] Ahhhh

[Vanyel] Interesting.

[James] That's a new feature...

[Master] Yeah, that's a request from one of the other gaming folks

[James] it seems in the mini-map the icons are offset from the big map.

[Vanyel] Who are we still waiting for?

[Vanyel] Yup, I reported that bug last time

[James] Joe...

[Vanyel] Kurris has rated it a low-priority bug, so it might get fixed eventually

[Sedlack] Joe, Sebby...

[Jared] Dralafi targets Arkady. Distance: 4'10"

[James] Hey!

[James] That's like shooting a bard in a barrel.

[Master] Still pooting; is everyone here?

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (Base) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20)) [(10+20)] 30

[Jared] Dralafi's attack of 30 (probably) hits Arkady

[Jared] just testing.

[Master] We're missing Shidle and SEBBY.

[Sedlack] Not Joe, Not Sebby

[Master] amusing.

[Jared] Dralafi no longer targets Arkady.

[Jeff] Has Roger not gained his level yet?

[Vanyel] Oh right! We all need to roll hit dice

[Jeff] All targets for Roger removed.

[Sedlack] I thought all you new guys did.

[Vanyel] well, "all" = me, jeff, jared

[Jared] A flip of the ol' kLoOge Coin results in: Heads

[Jared] does sound work for everyone else?

[Jeff] A flip of the ol' kLoOge Coin results in: Heads

[Jeff] No sound

[Sedlack] I believe I have shut sound off

[Jared] I dont. but still no sound.

[Vanyel] I don't have sound on this computer at the moment

[Vanyel] should I set it up?

[Sedlack] As the phone sound is just too ear-piercing

[Master] Understandable.

Client has joined the game.

[Master] The way to fix that is simply to delete the phone .wav soundage

[Master] Then you're all set.

[Master] Or to put a new sound in.

[Vanyel] Rolling my new hit die: (1d10) [9] 9

[Vanyel] ROKK

[Master] Witnessed.

[Jeff] Roll #1: (d4) [1] 1

[Jeff] Poot

[Vanyel] sukk.

[Jared] Oh, I just rolled one off screen. my badd. re-rolling:

[Jared] (1d4) [2] 2

Client is receiving the map...

Client has received the map.

[Vanyel] Is "Client" Joe, Sebby, or one of the observers?

[Sedlack] Hey, new guys: get real hit dice.

[Vanyel] *I* had a real hit die.

[Master] lol

[Jared] I used to have a real hit die....

[Vanyel] hey yeah, what did you level in?

[Joe] HERE we go

[Master] ah

[Sedlack] Joe!

[Master] Joe, would you do me the enormous favor of calling SEBBY?

[James] Joe, you've at least beat out Sebby... but just barely.

[Jeff] Roger's been teaching Dral magik

[Vanyel] nifty!

[Joe] I'm having technical difficulties. Some one else call the SEBBY.

[Sedlack] ...and also how to have sucky HP.

[Jared] hey, will roger allow me to crib spells from him?

[Master] Nah, elves already know how to do that.

[Sedlack] Oh, great, so it's just amplifying his natural weaknesses. Great.

[Jeff] Yeah. There's some Spellcraft skill check wankery involved, though.

[Jared] dude, kimmitt said nothing about wankery being involved.

[Jeff] Hey, I was not informed of any rule 0ing

[Jared] Mr. DM, what sort of wankery do I need to perform?

[Joe] What, are we all in a box?

[Jared] PAIN.


[Joe] But the gimp

[Joe] 's sleeping.

[Master] Well, you're gonna want some Spellcraft with your level anyway.

[Master] At least a couple of points.

[James] I thought you just neede 'read magic'.

[Joe] I'm not sure I'm okay with Aric and Aedean sitting on top of me. They're both kind of heavy, one with the girth and the other with the armor.

[Jared] yes, I did that. tell me about the wankery :)

[Master] (I'll be done pooting about in about 3 mins.)

[Jeff] I checked. You don't need read magic if the spellbook's owner is helping you

[Joe] So, Defthon gained a wizard level?

[Jeff] But you still need to make a Spellcraft DC15 + spell level to prepare the spell

[Joe] Or, Dral.

[Master] Dral

[Jared] dral gained a wizard level, yes

[Sedlack] "Hooked on Magics worked for me!"

[Joe] That d4 must be treating you right.

[Jeff] And then you can write it in your spellbook for the low low cost of 100gp per page

[Jared] well, damn, thats expensive.

[Joe] Vel knows a guy. I can get you a deal.

[Jeff] And it takes a day per spell (!)

[James] It is better than being a sorc or bard, with a limited spell list...

[Master] It's different, is what it is.

[Sedlack] Yeah. Tell me about it.

[Jared] a day per spell? thats totally ass. I dont think I've even had a free day to retcon in ;)

[Vanyel] I like the sorc way better, really.

[Master] Wizards are awesome for item creation, tho

[Master] Jared: Get me SEBBY's number offa Imsanet

[Master] ...?


[Jared] how exactly am I going to find it on imsanet?

[Vanyel] xxx-xxx-xxxx

[Master] ok thanx don

[Vanyel] ph is your friend

[Joe] See, Don knows what's up.

[Jared] ph exists?

[James] Arkady: Will: (d20+8) [1+8] 9

[Angie] Lia: Reflex: (d20+6) [13+6] 19

[Joe] just use the ldap thang.

[Master] Ok, SEBBY said he'd be at his dad's.

[Sedlack] Aedean: Will: (d20+7+5) [16+7+5] 28

[Jared] I certainly dont have sebby's dad's number

[Master] So no contact there.

[Joe] Well, shit.

[Master] Well, if he overslept, I'll think of a suitable abusement.

[James] doesn't Sebby have a mobile phone?

[Master] I dunno.

[Master] I'm gonna finish my donut and we'll get started.

[James] DO-NUT!

[Joe] Be right back (getting drinks and eats set up)

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[James] oh, oh, oh, my do-nut... (thx to Wierd Al)

[Angie] Lia: Reflex: ** MODIFIED BY: REF(+2) ** (d20+6+2) [20+6+2] 28

[James] Lia: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(+2) ** (d20+10+2) [20+10+2] 32

Client has joined the game.

Client has left the game.

[Jeff] *SNIF!*

Brian has joined the game.


[James] yeah, the problem was, those 20's were in practice...

[Sedlack] SEBBY!

[James] SEBBY!

[Master] SEBBY!

[Vanyel] SEBBY!

[Brian] dad's "Sure, you can have the computer at 2" apparently meant "...When I finish the stuff I have to do for my school."

[Ivellian] SEBBY!

[Asratia] SEBBY!


[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.


[Asratia] ok I'm done now.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Reflex: (d20+6-1) [9+6-1] 14

[Brian] whoops, looks like i'm conflicting with jeff's colors. let me change

[Master] Ok I'm done.

[Joe] AIE!

[Brian] no one's using cyan i assume?


Lowly Scro has joined the game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I don't believe so.

[Master] Hello, Scrotok

[Master] We're just about to begin.

[Jeff] Welcome!


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Howdy

[Lowly Scro] Hi

[Angie] I think I have all the modifiers for the sword set now

[Master] Excellent.

[Lowly Scro] D&D 3E?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Mace +3, Heavy (GMW) [r] hits AC: ((d20+11)) [(11+11)] 22

[Master] Yepper.

[James] give it a swing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Cool. I got that set up.

[Lowly Scro] Need me to provide a PC?

[Master] Okay, anyone want to summarize (nah, Scro) what happened last session?

[Master] Or shall I start with the typing?

[Velkyna (Joe)] We all got about 5k XP.

[Master] You earned it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And gained a level.

[Brian] can i get a map?

[James] Well, we got roped into helping a new god to be born

[Vanyel] We all talked to Asratia and the new ones were bound to her service

[Brian] i didn't gain a level. (200 xp short. grumble. :) )

[Master] lol

[Vanyel] Then we got sent down into bodakland


[James] there were orcs too.

[Jared] booooooooooooooooooooooooooodak!


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hey, Mike, if we earned 5k last session, should I give myself another 3100 XP? :)

[Master] Okay, let's be a little more, um, thorough about this.

[Master] cute.

[Vanyel] Actually, there were wolves first

[Angie] Don't forget the athaches

[Master] Okay, let's recap.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ATHACH

[Vanyel] Er, coyotes

[Master] You woke up on the Cloud Ray, which proved that

[James] dont' forget the orcs...

[Master] the Cloud Ray was not a fever dream.

[Brian] DIRE coyotes

[Velkyna (Joe)] FILTH FEVER

[Velkyna (Joe)] PAC MAN FEVER

[Jared] EVIL dire coyotes.


[Master] Given this fact, you wandered out into the misty sunlight,

[Master] and had a pleasant meal provided by the elves.

[Master] You got to know one of the Rangers, who seemed nice.

[Master] Then Asratia and Ivellian called you in. They seemed to have just finished their conversation.

[Lowly Scro] Ok

[Master] They told you that you'd be running military errands for them and lentyou a carpet.

[Master] You then had two encounters; one with an Orc/Abyssal Dire Coyote raiding party,

[Master] then one with their big brothers -- 7 Athaches and a Bodak.

[James] ... in which we almost all got creamed.

[Master] You limped back to Cloudhome, where Ivellian was grouchy at you.

[Lowly Scro] Ok

[Master] Did I miss anything?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I thought he was grouchy at himself.

[Roger (Jeff)] He was? That wanker

[James] ... for not getting completely creamed as everyone else...

[Master] Well, he was grouchy in general, and you were around.

[Tamora] Yeah, grouchy at the world for hugely sucking.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's just happy to be alive.

[Master] Vel's journal, btw, is a work of art.

[Master] Where is that thing, Joe?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Thanks!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We also have the body of an orc cleric

[Master] oh yeah!

[Velkyna (Joe)]

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Did we get another holy symbol?

[Master] Does anybody remember what I set up as its stuff?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Erythnul

[Master] OYEZ

[Master] his stuff, rather?

[Jared] and we learned to not be dumb in combat.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, lemme dig.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We got a +1 breastplate.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Brooch of shielding

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ring of the ram

[Velkyna (Joe)] Robe of blending

[Velkyna (Joe)] and a ...

[Velkyna (Joe)] something.

[Master] Mm. Smoothies.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There, I knew it was five.

[Master] Hard to go wrong with such thigns.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Didn't we also get a Raise Dead scroll or two?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, yeah. A scroll with two raise deads.

[Master] Okay, those of you who wish to cast curative spells (I don't recall), now would be a fine time.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There it is off in the corner.

[Lowly Scro] (OOC) Do you use RogerWilco or TeamSpeak (etc.) or only chat?

[James] RogerWilco didn't seem to work well for us.

[Master] Yeah, it was wanky.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Moderate Wounds: (DC=(10+5+2) [10+5+2] 17) (0-(2d8+9)) [0-((1+3)+9)] -13 HP recovered

[Master] We were thinking about trying TeamSpeak at some point,

[Master] but the timing hasn't worked out yet.

[James] I was supposed to investigate streaming audio using MP3 or Ogg Vorbis...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Query: Would it be "they started wailing on us" or "they started whaling on us"? I thought it was the latter.

[Sedlack] Aedean's hit points adjusted by 13 to 52.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've always used "wailed"

[Master] The latter.

[Lowly Scro] Ok, so u just use chat only (no voice)?

[James] Tammy, that text is also a little dark.

[Master] As in, to hit with a whale.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Moderate Wounds: (DC=(10+5+2) [10+5+2] 17) (0-(2d8+9)) [0-((8+7)+9)] -24 HP recovered

[Velkyna (Joe)] See, as in "to cause to wail like a little girl"

[Master] actually I've seen both.

[Master] so hey

[Velkyna (Joe)] MEDIC

[Sedlack] Aedean's hit points adjusted by 24 to 68.

[James] If you want the purple, I can switch colors...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Test

[Jared] Scro: we currently just use chat only, yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] any better?

[Roger (Jeff)] I call the brooch of shielding.

[Aric (Brian)] i could use a little healing. i believe i already used my self-healing ability for the day.

[Master] I call the CLENIS

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've been red for a long time, if someone wants it I'll switch to something else. I've been looking for a change.

[James] still seems dark to me, what does anyone else thing?

[Angie] Still kind of dark Tami

[Master] Jeff, I forget; did I download the new Roger yet?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Serious Wounds: (DC=(10+5+3) [10+5+3] 18) (0-(3d8+9)) [0-((5+3+2)+9)] -19 HP recovered

[Roger (Jeff)] No, this is the old Roger

[Sedlack] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 19 to 27.

[Master] ok I'll change that.

[Master] jas

[Jared] and sound just magically started working. neat.

[Aric (Brian)] WEE JAS

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Serious Wounds: (DC=(10+5+3) [10+5+3] 18) (0-(3d8+9)) [0-((1+3+7)+9)] -20 HP recovered

[Master] Oh!

[Sedlack] Velkyna's hit points adjusted by 20 to 45.

[Master] Okay, here's the deal.

[Vanyel] I need curing at some point, but I have a want of CLW too

[Master] I changed to "send sounds to clients.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Testing

[Master] "

[Velkyna (Joe)] Test test

[Vanyel] are we going to rest before doing anything?

[Master] But it cost bandwidth.

[Master] Lemme try something.

[James] that's a nice color Joe.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Serious Wounds: (DC=(10+5+3) [10+5+3] 18) (0-(3d8+9)) [0-((3+4+6)+9)] -22 HP recovered

[Vanyel] I wouldn't want to drain anyone's spells

[Angie] Tami that looks good

[Aric (Brian)] you're kind of close to the master color, joe

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Thanks Angie

[Sedlack] Velkyna's hit points adjusted by 22 to 67.

[Master] I think some of you don't have sounds in your sound folders.

[Master] Hi, Angie!!!!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Serious Wounds: (DC=(10+5+3) [10+5+3] 18) (0-(3d8+9)) [0-((8+5+6)+9)] -28 HP recovered

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh the heck with it.

[Master] hug

[Roger (Jeff)] A flip of the ol' kLoOge Coin results in: Heads

[Master] A flip of the ol' kLoOge Coin results in: Heads

[Sedlack] Defthon's hit points adjusted by 28 to 54.

[Roger (Jeff)] I have the dice roll but not the coin toss

[Vanyel] merci

Angie has left the game.

[Lowly Scro] Master, any sound you play will be sent to them if they don't have it

[Master] Amusing.

[Master] We lost Angie there.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Moderate Wounds: (DC=(10+5+2) [10+5+2] 17) (0-(2d8+9)) [0-((4+7)+9)] -20 HP recovered

[Velkyna (Joe)] Bomb-oh

[Roger (Jeff)] Can someone msg me? I want to see if I get the phone sound

[Master] When she returns, we will hit it.

[Sedlack] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 20 to 47.

[James] she's restarting...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Test

[Roger (Jeff)] Hm, nope

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, that sucks

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Moderate Wounds: (DC=(10+5+2) [10+5+2] 17) (0-(2d8+9)) [0-((4+8)+9)] -21 HP recovered

[Master] yeah, it looks like some of the clienty folks don't get all the soudns.

[Master] Solution -- download the Master/Client version instead.

[Sedlack] Aric's hit points adjusted by 21 to 63.

[Master] It'll have all the sounds.

[Lowly Scro] I can hear all

[Velkyna (Joe)] Meh.

Angie has joined the game.

[Master] okay, I'm glad we solved that bitch

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Moderate Wounds: (DC=(10+5+2) [10+5+2] 17) (0-(2d8+9)) [0-((3+7)+9)] -19 HP recovered

[Velkyna (Joe)] Meh.

[Master] Everybody have the Map?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Such as it is, yeah.

[James] yes

[Roger (Jeff)] I do

[Angie] yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Where's Roger? Give him 19 HP.

[Master] ???: Detect Thoughts: (DC=14)

[Lowly Scro] Yep

[Master] Fixed Roger

[Vanyel] Do we need the sounds, or are they just ambience?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ambience

[Master] Ambiance.

[Master] Also, Ambulance

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+5+1) [10+5+1] 16) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(6+5)] -11 HP recovered

[Master] At any rate, is everyone more or less up to speed on the plot?

[Sedlack] Lia's hit points adjusted by 11 to 69.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yep.

[Roger (Jeff)] Yes

[Angie] Thanks

[Master] (Scro, if you care, you can get recaps of previous adventures on James's website. James, what's that URL?)


[Lowly Scro] yep

[Master] There we go.

[Lowly Scro] thx

[Master] Otay!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unce!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tice!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fee times a mady!

[James] Def is still down a few.

[Master] You begin your rest at dawn, and you sleep the rest of the exhausted.

[James] Wanna another cure light?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel is as well.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dral too.

[Master] (Finish the housekeeping; I'll wait.)

[James] Arkady targets Dralafi. Distance: 4'10"

[James] Arkady targets Defthon. Distance: 4'03"

[James] Arkady no longer targets Praxis.

[James] Arkady no longer targets Dralafi.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+5+1) [10+5+1] 16) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(4+5)] -9 HP recovered

[James] Arkady: cure light wounds: (DC=(10++3+1) [10+3+1] 14) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(1+5)] -6 HP recovered

[James] Arkady no longer targets Defthon.

[Sedlack] Velkyna's hit points adjusted by 9 to 75.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Thanks!

[Master] Jeff, I don't have a copy of New Roger around. Could you please resend?

[Roger (Jeff)] Sure

[Lowly Scro] Resend w/ email?

[James] Defthon's hit points adjusted by 6.

[Lowly Scro] (vs. internal to KW)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Glad for the rest, I was running out of 3rd/4th/5th level spells.

[Roger (Jeff)] Sent (via email)

[Master] gracias

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It's hard keeping you lot alive sometimes.

[James] You!!!! Run out of spells?!?!?!!?

[Velkyna (Joe)] SHOCKING

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Just the good ones. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Looks like Brad Pitt is swimming in cherry Kool Aid.

[Vanyel] James: did you actually do the adjust on that?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Everyone should check their current total XP. (I just updated mine to reflect last session's XP.)

[Master] Running Shottamip out of spells is a personal goal of mine.

[Aric (Brian)] actually i keep glancing at Def's icon and thinking it's Jon Stewart

[Vanyel] We all received 1900 XP after the last encounter, I just checked

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+5+1) [10+5+1] 16) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(5+5)] -10 HP recovered

[Lia (Angie)] That could kill the rest of the party

[Sedlack] Defthon's hit points adjusted by 10 to 62.

[James] I can't adjust your HP, can I?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure you can

[Vanyel] Dunno, ask Chris

[Vanyel] :)

[James] Oh, news to me.

[Aric (Brian)] mine is, unfortunately, adjusted. i guess not 200, but 310 short of level 10 :)

[Sedlack] Arkady's hit points adjusted by -40 to 11.

[James] I thought just the GM could do that.

[James] Nice.

[Sedlack] Arkady's hit points adjusted by 40 to 51.

[Vanyel] Well, *I* just levelled to 9, so you can stop complaining

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mike trusts us.

[Master] Roger is up and running.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Still 3000 xp to 12th level.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's an option the master can set.


[Master] hehe

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mostly, I think he'd rather have us do it than have to do it himself every time we heal

[Velkyna (Joe)] There, my XP are set.

[Master] Sedlack, as usual, has the right of it.

[Lia (Angie)] my XP are set

[Master] Tex/Mexcellnt.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's Dexcellent

[Roger (Jeff)] Shit, that's an old copy I had on IMSAnet.

[Roger (Jeff)] Sorry! One sec.

[Master] ok

[Lowly Scro] If a cleric casts cure lt wds on another PC, do they need to target that PC first?

[Master] Scro -- I don't really get how cures work

[Master] but it'll roll the dice for you no matter what

[Master] and you can change it manually.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They can, in principle, but again, we just use the honor system for ease.

[Master] I need to do some serious experimentation with that.

[Lowly Scro] Cool; DM option to allow clients to adj HP

[Master] ding.

[Master] Lots and lots of options for such things

[Master] For semi-hostile Parties, such things can be fun.

[Lowly Scro] i'm familiar

[Master] Okey-dokey.

[Master] You sleep through most of the day,

[Master] except for Dral, who wakes up after 4 hours.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Especially in a case like this, it saves me from having to try to target when everyone's packed into a 10x12 room...

[Master] He looks around; everyone else is still thoroughly unconscious.

[Master] What do you do?

[Lowly Scro] I sleep

[Velkyna (Joe)] C) DIP A RAG IN IT

[Master] Jared . . .

[Master] ?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ich schlafe

[Lowly Scro] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] zzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Jared] um, prepare spells. cause you know, its new and exciting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] *snrk* zzzzzzzz

[Aedean (Sedlack)] yes sleep good

[Master] Shottamip is quietly playing with some of her stuff in the corner, actually.

[Lowly Scro] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Shot, Dral, spot rolls

[James] Arkady has dreams about being splatted by a giant.

[Jared] after that, I'm just going to wait for the rest of the group to wake. I'm not desperate to go anywhere.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [6+8] 14

[Master] Roger should be good now.

[James] So this is a co-ed dorm?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dream of electric bodaks.

[Master] Yep, with little bunks for the little people and Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I so slim.

[Master] These crazy English girls, with their short hair.

[Master] At any rate.

Lowly Scro snoozes blissfully.

[Roger (Jeff)] Hm, nope

[Master] (Jeff, it may not have updated right.)

[Master] (Give it a sec.

[Master] )

[Master] Shottamip notices that Dral has emerged from his trance.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Torpor. Elves go into torpor.

[Master] Jeff, is it cool now?

[Jared] :)

[Master] Dral pulls a book out of his pack and starts perusing it.

[Master] It's a spellbook, strangely.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Frommer's Cloudhome"

[Velkyna (Joe)] "... on 10gp a day"

[Master] "If you have 1 day . . ."

[Roger (Jeff)] Hm, nope. I added his 1 new HP actually, so it should be apparent from the sidebar if it's right.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 0. Artifact. You have no maximum hand size.

[Master] "See Asratia, mother of a God. You'll need a full day to get over the awe, so that's pretty much it."

[Velkyna (Joe)] "If you have 2 days, just do the 1 day thing, but take your time."

[Master] Roger, we'll work on this in a sec.

[Roger (Jeff)] Okay

[Master] Do Shottamip and Dral do anything, or do they quietly ignore one another?

[James] testing...

[Velkyna (Joe)] You guys should play Milles Borne.

[James] Arkady: dispel magic: (DC=(10++3+3) [10+3+3] 16) Dispelling...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't generally bother people when they're studying.

[Jared] I'm quietly ignoring the universe at this point

[Master] Listen checks, please.

[James] everyone, or everyone who is awake?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And I'm used to having a couple-hour stretch while everyone else rouses, anyway.

[Master] Dral and Shot.

[Lia (Angie)] Everyone?

[Jared] Dralafi: Listen: (d20+3) [1+3] 4

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Always the first one up.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Listen: (d20+6) [10+6] 16

[Jared] well, I see my standard dice have managed to survive the upgrade.

[Master] Okay, the next few hours pass uneventfully.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel is humming "You Spin Me Right Round" in her sleep.

[Master] click-click of jewelry tools; the turning of a page, the even breathing of those deep in concentration.

[Master] And Aric's occasional sre.

[Master] snore

[Master] Spot checks for Dral and Shot

[James] I thought you were going to say 'arse'.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE.

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] Those of you who haven't already: chat as your character!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [11+8] 19

[Jared] Dralafi: Spot: (d20+6) [10+6] 16

[Master] ok.

[Master] Nothing much happens until the rest of the Party starts waking up.

[Master] Everyone, gimme a Con roll.

[Master] hehe

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: CON check: (d20+2) [20+2] 22

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: CON check: (d20+2) [1+2] 3

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: CON check: (d20+1) [7+1] 8

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: CON check: (d20+1) [13+1] 14

[Praxis (James)] Praxis: CON check: (d20+1) [19+1] 20

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: CON check: (d20+3) [5+3] 8

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] Dralafi: CON check: (d20+1) [7+1] 8

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: CON check: (d20+4) [5+4] 9

[Praxis (James)] Arkady: CON check: (d20+2) [10+2] 12

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, shit.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: CON check: (d20+1) [14+1] 15

[Dralafi (Jared)] apparently today's secret number is 8

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] Right, it'd help if I did that as myself...

[Master] Don, you're chatting as Dral, not Defthon

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] right, about to fix that

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] con bonus is correct though

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hoist!

[Master] Aedean is the first to awake. He sits up, blinking, and notices that Dral and Shottamip have been awake for some little time.

[Master] (when does Aedean pray for new spells?)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What time is it now?

[Master] Midday.

[Master] late day, actually.

[Aric (Brian)] ah-ha! that's it, mike, it's not that i'm late, i just always get a critical miss on my "wake up" roll in the morning

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Guess it'll have to wait til sunset then

[Master] See, you need to crank up your con.

[Master] ok, thanx

[Praxis (James)] LOL!

[Master] Aedean stretches.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I failed my "go to bed" proficiency.

[Master] Praxis awakens and notices Dral studying; he flits over to check things out. The sound of movement awakens Pilagro.

[Master] Dral, listen check.

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] Huh, I'll have the same problem as Aedean then---I pray at dawn too

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] Oh well

[Praxis (James)] *sniff*

[Roger (Jeff)] (Scro: Pilagro is Roger's cat familiar)

[Master] Dral prayed after the fighting; it's fine.

[Master] Or Defthon, actually.

[Lowly Scro] ok... want me to RP it?

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Listen: (d20+3) [11+3] 14

[Master] You threw me off again, Don. You gotta do your thang.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Actually, I have my choice of dawn and sunset, as long as I don't pray twice in the same 24 hours)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, Dral prayed DURING the fighting.

[Roger (Jeff)] If Michael doesn't mind I don't mind.

[Dralafi (Vanyel)] I did!

[Defthon (Vanyel)] Evidently not

[Defthon (Vanyel)] Ok, better now.

[Master] THERE we go.

[Master] Nah, I'll do it; I've got the background.

Praxis (James) flaps his wings, stretching them out.

[Velkyna (Joe)] zzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Master] Praxis and Pilagro, listen checks, please.

[Praxis (James)] Praxis: Listen: (d20+14) [5+14] 19

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Listen: (d20+7) [17+7] 24

[Master] Pilagro's ears prick up, and he bats at Praxis to get his attention.

[Master] He gestures toward the door.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (WAIT FOR IT)

Praxis (James) looks...

[Velkyna (Joe)] (.... STAY ON TARGET)

[Lowly Scro] lol

[Master] Pilagro rolls his eyes

[Master] And pads toward the door.

[Praxis (James)] what's up? (telepathically)

[Master] (jas)

[Velkyna (Joe)] WEE JAS

Praxis (James) heads towards the door too, and telepathically gives Arkady a nudge.

[Pilagro] Are you much for opening doors?

Praxis (James) looks back at him. Do I have hands?

[Master] Arkady: You are too deeply asleep to care.

[Pilagro] I dunno; you've got the teeth and claws thing going on.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, it's like the issue of Justice League that was all about Superman's dog and Batman's cat.

[Pilagro] I thought your forepaws were pretty good for this kind of thing.

[Praxis (James)] Are there any gaps in the door?

[Master] No, it's sealed.

[Praxis (James)] I take it that it has a draw bar or somesuch?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Any of us awake humanoids notice any of this?



[Shottamip's Viper Familiar] Is this a private party, or can anyone play?

[Master] Aedean, gimme a Spot check.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] hah

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+13) [7+13] 20

Praxis (James) goes to Arkady, and sticks a tounge in his ear.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kinky.

[Master] Arkady awakens with a start.

[Master] Aedean, there's some kind of furry convention going on near the door.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmmmm ... furries.

Arkady (James) looks to throw Praxis across the room, but...

[Master] More scaly, actually.

[Arkady (James)] (telepatically) what's going on?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] \whispers, "What's up, guys?"

[Master] Pilagro and the viper point toward the door.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Velkyna's in trouble down at the old mill?"

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Good cat, Pilagro!"

[Master] (It's a sliding door thingy. Very clever.)

[Arkady (James)] Arkady goes to the door to listen.

[Master] What does Aedean do?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What is Pilagro, by the way? I forgot.

[Velkyna (Joe)] cat

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: listen: (d20+14) [18+14] 32

[Lia (Angie)] A cat

[Dralafi (Jared)] cats can open sliding doors. I have proof.

[Master] Dral looks up as Arkady passes by, thens shrugs.

[Arkady (James)] and cupboards too.

[Lia (Angie)] Cats can walk thru walls

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will pick his way through the sleepers as best he can and take a listen at the door

[Aric (Brian)] it's getting all Kiki's Delivery Service in here.

[Master] Arkady: There's some kind of bird outside the door.

[Master] (Here, birdy birdy...)

[Arkady (James)] Had we seen birds at Cloudhome before?

[Master] No.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Thank god. I thought it would be an ogre magi bodak.

[Master] Oh, stop giving me ideas.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (the way our day's been going)

[Dralafi (Jared)] no, its that hydra bodak from dragon three months ago. polymorphed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] at least your eyes are closed....


Arkady (James) wakes up the rest of the crew.

[Master] hang on, hang on

[Velkyna (Joe)] *snrk* Go way, I'm sleeping.

[Master] Dral, arkady moves to start waking people up.

Velkyna (Joe) rolls over

Arkady (James) pokes Vel again.

[Lia (Angie)] opens one eye. What's up?

Velkyna (Joe) falls out of the top bunk in a stupor. "Where's my pants? Where's the fire escape?"

[Master] Something's at the door; the familiars are all next to the door like dogs wanting to go outside.

[Arkady (James)] There's a bird outside. Which is quite unusual.

[Roger (Jeff)] Good morning Arkady! Oh, it's not morning! Oh hey Pilagro! etc.

[Master] It's like a bell goes off in Dral's head.

[Aric (Brian)] Does somebuddy gotta go potty?

[Arkady (James)] Shhhhh!!!!

[Dralafi (Jared)] I walk over to the door and open it up

[Master] There's a hawk roosting about two feet away. It spreads its wings,

Shottamip (Tamora) puts away her tools and stands up. Not much taller though.

Arkady (James) casts detect magic

[Aric (Brian)] anyone speak hawk?

[Master] and flies up to Dral's shoulder, installing itself as though it had lived there for years.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] she wasn't wearing pants?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude. Dral's Spencer for Hire.

[Lia (Angie)] looks like you've got a friend

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Spenser"

[Dralafi (Jared)] I look at it on my left shoulder, nod, and sit back down.

[Hawk] I'll be needing a name, friend.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel was wearing pants. She's a little confused in the morning/afternoon.

Roger (Jeff) nods knowingly.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] ah.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Spenser"

[Master] Praxis, Pilagro, and the viper form a little welcoming committee.

[Aric (Brian)] "Avery"

[Defthon (Vanyel)] I detect magic on the hawk, rather expecting what I'll see

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's probably why the crossword didn't work last week. Hurm.

[Master] It's getting all Snow White up in here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Noted.

[Dralafi (Jared)] "This is Lome Surinen. He'll be accompanying me in the future."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Hawkwind"

[Master] Roll 'em, Def.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] oops nevermind

[Praxis (James)] Don't let him try to stick you with 'Spud' or something.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] it's detect evil i have for free

[Defthon (Vanyel)] dammit I'll get used to all this paladin stuff one of these days

[Master] hehe

Velkyna (Joe) sighs, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Fricking zoo in this group."

[Master] Pretty much everyone is awake.

[Praxis (James)] maybe we should get Vel a puppy.

[Lowly Scro] Which familiar does the bird poop upon?

[Master] There are a couple of basins for washing up, but elves tend to be lower-maintenence

[Master] than humans and suchlike.

[Praxis (James)] and if it doesn't work out, we can always eat it later.

[Master] Mm.

[Master] Puppy.

[Dralafi (Jared)] OOC: There should be an umlaut over that first e, but I dont actually care enough to figure out how to type that.

[Master] I should order that pizza.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex: (d20+17) [3+17] 20

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dodge the bird poo.

[Master] Vel tumbles.

[Master] Out of bed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll clean up and then change into my real armor.

[Ivellian] Good afternoon.

[James] I tried to tumble out of a top bunk bed once...

[Ivellian] I trust you slept well.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC: I wonder if Asratia would be my familiar!

[Lia (Angie)] Not bad

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well enough.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Nice and quiet so far.

[Master] No, but you can be hers, Aric.

[Ivellian] I . . . apologize for last night.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric grants Asratia Alertness.

[Ivellian] It was difficult.

[Ivellian] I lost many friends.

[Aric (Brian)] I slowly wake up, but seem to dwell in a meditative state for a few minutes.

[Arkady (James)] It has been difficult for all of us.

[Ivellian] When the Bodaks slay one of us, he cannot be revived.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Really?

[Ivellian] Our clerics have not the craft.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ah. I see.

[Aric (Brian)] Is there anything you could do, Aedean?

[Master] OOC: Death Gaze requires a True Resurrection to do much about.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Master] Or Greater, you know what I'm talking about

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OOC: Resurrection works, as does True Resurrection

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna spit-takes.

[Ivellian] heh

Ivellian looks abashed

[Ivellian] Sorry, you startled me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sorry. I have a drinking problem.

[Master] It's "raise dead" that doesn't work; got it. Resurrection does the trick.

Ivellian smiles

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Indeed. Which is to say, my ability to do anything about it is highly limited.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Ž

[Ivellian] At any rate, I am deeply grateful for your help and your success.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] heee

[Ivellian] If you would care to join me for a meal, I can explain more of what transpired last evening.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] Sounds good to me

[Arkady (James)] Sure.

Velkyna (Joe) perks up at the mention of food.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Food is good.

[Roger (Jeff)] Okay

[Master] (5 minute break for me to order pizza; you go and eat the same kind of food you did yesterday.)

[Dralafi (Jared)] A meal sounds like a good idea

[Praxis (James)] Do you have any truffles?

[Master] Talk amongst yourselves.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Do we want to dole out the magic items?

[Jeff] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] sure

[Praxis (James)] OK.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] except that everyone's leaving...

[Aric (Brian)] i'm going to go afk for a couple of minutes too

[Tamora] Hey Angie, how was the move? I keep thinking that I'll call but it's always too late. 6 hour time difference is a bitch.

[Velkyna (Joe)] we talked about giving Roger "Hide Me I'm Fragile" Leafblower the robe of blending.

[Aric (Brian)] where did you move to, angie?

[Praxis (James)] She's away from the keyboard...

[Aric (Brian)] ok, where did she move to, tami or james? :)

[James] But since I helped her move...

[James] She moved to Lanham, Maryland. Just outside of Washington DC.

[Jeff] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] wow. that's quite a move.

[Master] nemmind, they don't open till 11.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] OH

[James] I concur, on the robe.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] A bunch of things just clicked into place

[Roger (Jeff)] I have a cloak of resistance +2 already

[Velkyna (Joe)] robes and cloaks are compatible.

[Master] ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] A robe is a vestment, cloaks go over them.

[Master] okay,

[Velkyna (Joe)] Look it up in the DMG, I'm pretty sure they're different "slots".

[Aedean (Sedlack)] i'll look it up

[Master] but I'm gonna rule that a robe of blending has to be on the outside (confirmed on the ruling)

[Master] in order to be of use.

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] That makes sense...

[Velkyna (Joe)] makes sense.

[Master] So Roger's sol, sorry.

[Aric (Brian)] what does the robe of blending do?

[Velkyna (Joe)] chameleon powers. +N to hide.

[Tamora] So who doesn't use a magic cloak already?

[Velkyna (Joe)] And can Change Self.

Lowly Scro blends into the ether from which he watches amusedly...

[Roger (Jeff)] Plus it has bodak stink all over it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Why wouldn't a robe on the outside and a cloak on the inside work together?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] cloak, cape or mantle is one slot

[Aedean (Sedlack)] robe is another slot

[Aedean (Sedlack)] vest, vestment, or shirt is a third

[Defthon (Vanyel)] I thought that robes were the same slot as armor

[Aedean (Sedlack)] DMG, P. 176

[Aedean (Sedlack)] armor is a fourth slot

[Defthon (Vanyel)] ...or maybe I've been playing too much zangband. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heh.

[Aric (Brian)] i don't have a robe. but then again, hiding isn't my forte ;)

[Defthon (Vanyel)] I could take the robe then, but I still suspect someone else might find it more useful

[James] Arkady has a cloak... but Praxis doesn't have a robe or cloak...

[Lia (Angie)] i'm back

[Velkyna (Joe)] If a Robe of Blending provides Change Self powers, I'd think it would morph the cloak as well, even if it was on the outside.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "It's magic".

Praxis (James) would like a nice protection amulet too.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] yeah, we burned a bunch of scarabs last time...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Of course, we could always trade the robe + shit to the elves for other items.

[Lia (Angie)] Can we make more?

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... if Mike's ruling that it won't work with Cloaks.

[James] If the elves have anythign to spare.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] Well, we definitely have people that *can* use it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or we could TP to Dessit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SELL IT

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh sorry.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That slipped out.

[James] Actually, we've got other stuff to sell.

[Ivellian] Of course, Nailo will offer you recompense for any items he woudl find useful.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's what I'm talking about.

[Ivellian] And a trade for other items could almost be managed.

[Defthon (Vanyel)] Ah Velkyna, you're nothing if not predictable. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Are we going to be seeing Nailo soon?

[Ivellian] We could, if it were a priority. The days still belong to the elves.

[Defthon (Don)] ooc: who's nailo again?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. I didn't know if a trip to see him was part of what you wanted to talk to us about.

[Ivellian] I merely wished to keep you informed.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Thanks

[Ivellian] I trust your judgements on how to supply yourselves; I wanted to let you know of our resources.

[Ivellian] That said, last night was a terrible night.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ooc: An elven elder. I don't believe the "new guys" have met him.

[Defthon (Don)] aha

[Ivellian] Your actions were a shining success, for which I am desperately glad.

[Arkady (James)] I wouldn't exactly call it 'shinning'...

[Defthon (Don)] We're pretty glad too: we barely squeaked by

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I'm not sure I'd call it "shining" ... it seemed a lot more "pyrrhic")

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No one died.

[Ivellian] The orcs' raids were insane; nearly every orc who crossed our borders, except for the highest-level commanders, were killed.

[Roger (Jeff)] ...permanently

[Ivellian] But they did terrible damage.

[Lia (Angie)] How terrible?

[Ivellian] One bodak snuck into a camp and . . . slaughtered twelve elves before he was noticed.

[Defthon (Don)] OUCH

[Ivellian] Then we were forced to fight him -- that is where I was drawn after our battle.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe we should take the fight to them.

[Ivellian] And then I . . .

Ivellian stops

[Ivellian] Yes.

[Ivellian] I think that that would be an excellent idea.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, you guys are playing the waiting game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The waiting game sucks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Find their asses and kick 'em.

[Defthon (Don)] Vel, have you just volunteered us?

[Ivellian] Before Erdun fell, we saw this as a necessity, rather than a war.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I suggest a daylight assault.

[Ivellian] We protected our borders and bought time for Corellon to return.

Velkyna (Joe) shrugs. We're here to fight.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It will reduce their advantages and enhance our own.

[Ivellian] It has been fifty years, and our losses are mounting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd rather pick our battles than have them pick 'em.

[Defthon (Don)] Certainly true.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Like Aedean said, if we pick the time, like daytime, we pick the battle.

[Ivellian] Many of us would prefer to leave these forests, entrap them terribly, and use the land itself as a buffer for us.

[Defthon (Don)] Entrap them how, though?

[Ivellian] So a middle ground has been reached; a defense which inflicts terrible losses on the orcs when they intrude.

[Ivellian] They have been more effective of late, though, and this new suicidal insanity . . .

[Ivellian] Well, I suppose orcs have many children, yes?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't know, I never babysat for any.

[Arkady (James)] yes, but they aren't normally suicidal.

[Defthon (Don)] I... never really thought about it

[Ivellian] I recall from Aramil that you were forced to make a landing inside their territory and barely escaped with your lives.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Certainly, more than elves.

[Ivellian] And this from a routine patrol.

[Arkady (James)] Evil, yes. Crazy sometimes.

[Lia (Angie)] It's really a case of who is directing their actions

[Ivellian] I am not certain what an offensive would accomplish, precisely.

[Arkady (James)] Well, someone is pushing them into attacking, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could find their fortress, sneak in, and plant a bomb next to Hitler ... oh wait, wrong game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, it would depend on what size force we were attacking

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Sense Motive: (d20+5) [7+5] 12

[Lia (Angie)] Can we reduce theri numbers significantly?

[Master] Arkady, this is true. But the Triumvirate are well-guarded in their keeps, and they are each mighty forces in their own rights.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Someone find a Scroll of Genocide.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 'o'

[Roger (Jeff)] heh

[Aedean (Sedlack)] THat's a lot of damage.

[Ivellian] It is strange; the orcish wizard is mighty enough to command Nailo's attention nearly exclusively.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If he's distracted with Nailo ...

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: WIS check: (d20+1) [1+1] 2

[Ivellian] They play a complex game of point and counterthrust.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric notices that his shoes are untied.

[Arkady (James)] How about attacking their supplies?

[Ivellian] And, of course, they move constantly.

[Arkady (James)] An army doesn't march on an empty stomach.

[Ivellian] Indeed; this is how we fight.

[Ivellian] But the orcs are divided into individual warbands, and each band brings supplies from its home areas.

[Ivellian] Thousands of individual, tenuous lines.

[Roger (Jeff)] Maybe Austria will support an attack on a supply center

[Ivellian] We would need dozens of Rangers on Gryphons, raining down fireballs to make a dent.

[Ivellian] And the Ogre Magi are fearsome in the air.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Don't they have any permanent camps or strongholds?

[Ivellian] Erdun, now.

[Defthon (Don)] Isn't there anything further back?

[Arkady (James)] The orcs still don't know about the back way in, right?

[Defthon (Don)] Or is it just the triumvirate's castles?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How many strong is their force there?

[Ivellian] And deep into their territory, they have the villages and towns which create their weapons and supplies.

[Defthon (Don)] What kind of air protection do they have?

[Lowly Scro] Zug zug!

[Ivellian] We do not know how the Triumvirate operates. We have few spies.

[Defthon (Don)] I mean, what stops us from flying a carpet over and burning down all the villages?

[Ivellian] Mainly the ogre magi. Our command of the air gives us the knowledge we need to defend ourselves well.

[Arkady (James)] Dispel magic

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ogre magi?

[Ivellian] But over their own territory, they have much sway.

[Ivellian] You may recall that you battled wyverns during your sojourn in orcish lands.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Ivellian] THey, too, patrol skies further north.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I remember the wyverns.

Ivellian eats quietly.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: Maybe we should tell the Dane that the Trium was talkin' smack about his momma.)

[Defthon (Don)] I'm not familiar with wyverns: can they see invisible?

[Arkady (James)] Well, classicially speaking, air superiority is the first step to success.

[Aric (Brian)] Attacking villages with children and other non-combatants is not an action that I feel comfortable with.

[Ivellian] Classically . . .?

[Defthon (Don)] If not, we could at least fly a carpet in there to do recon

[Arkady (James)] Let's take out the wyverns and anything else like that.

[Defthon (Don)] That too.

[Aric (Brian)] I suspect that even among the orcs, there are many who do not wish to join the fighting. They are not all our enemy.

[Defthon (Don)] What? But they are *orcs*.

Velkyna (Joe) sighs.

[Aric (Brian)] Do you look at me and see "enemy"?

[Defthon (Don)] But you are not an orc.

[Defthon (Don)] You are half-human.

[Aric (Brian)] I was raised in an orc village for the first 12 years of my life.

Defthon (Don) is surprised.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, let's not take out the kids.

[Defthon (Don)] Why did you... What... How did...

Defthon (Don) sputters a bit

[Ivellian] I fear that you do not understand; our power is simply not great enough to diminsh the orcish population.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You will find he is full of surprises.

[Defthon (Don)] Alright, fine. We can at least try to bypass it, flying over it

[Arkady (James)] Where are all these ogre magi coming from?

[Velkyna (Joe)] The ogre magi stork.

[Ivellian] Wherever they come from, in general.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What, then, are the elves trying to do?

[Ivellian] Ten years ago, the orcs battled the ogres and their magi for supremacy

[Ivellian] Now they work together.

Ivellian places his head in his hands.

[Defthon (Don)] Lovely.

[Ivellian] We do not know.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Could we get them to fight again?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Start some shit?

[Ivellian] We return, over and over, to the leadership of the Triumvirate.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds: (DC=(10++3+1) [10+3+1] 14) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(4+5)] -9 HP recovered

[Defthon (Don)] Do we at least know where they are?

[Ivellian] And they are nearly invulnerable.

[Ivellian] No.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, seriously. Have it look like the orcs started some shit with the ogre magi. Get them fighting again.

[James] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 9 to 54.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or are the leaders too much in control now?

[Arkady (James)] That was also last night.

[Dralafi (Jared)] ooc: ooh, that was the cat breaking something. back in a sec.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Roger (Jeff)] I want to polymorph into an orc!

[Aric (Brian)] i need to go afk for a few minutes.

[Ivellian] It is not that they have iron control.

Roger (Jeff) jumps up and down.

[Ivellian] It is that they would reestablish order swiftly.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm.

Ivellian raises an eyebrow.

Ivellian shakes his head.

[Arkady (James)] / scratches his beard.

[Ivellian] For tonight, we must prepare for the inevitable reading.

[Ivellian] (raiding)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe it's time to do some recon. Find one of the leaders and take it out.

[Roger (Jeff)] AHAHA

[Ivellian] I would very much like that.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, this is what I'm saying.

[Defthon (Don)] Go invisible, fly a carpet up that way and do recon

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know, that thing about cutting off the head and the body not working or however that goes.

[Ivellian] Do not attempt to defeat the half-dragon; he will kill all of you.

[Defthon (Don)] Or will we be seen by the wyvenrs?

[Ivellian] But perhaps the wizard or the yuan-ti . . .

[Arkady (James)] yuan-ti?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, the wizard and Nailo are prettty tied up with each other,right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (half snake abominations)

[Ivellian] Nailo is kept busy.

[Defthon (Don)] Wait, is Nailo a good guy or a bad guy? I thought he was an elf.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's a good guy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's working to keep the orc wizard busy.

[Defthon (Don)] AH.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But we don't know that Nailo really uses up all of the bad guy's attention, is that what you're saying?

Ivellian smiles

[Ivellian] As insightful as you are lovely, Dame Paunen.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dammit, I said that ten minutes ago!

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] True, but he uses up _some_ of his attention.

[Defthon (Don)] ooc: anything expensive, Jared?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (nobody notices the CHA 8 chick)

[Dralafi (Jared)] ooc: just a plate. not the end of the world.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sorry, Vel, it helps to be blond.

[Defthon (Don)] Good, that makes it easier for us.

Velkyna (Joe) sniffs.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Exactly. When I sit down for a round of poker, I want my opponent distracted by other thoughts as much as possible.

[Defthon (Don)] It's ok, Vel, they keep ignoring half what I say too. The conversation's just going mad fast.

[Defthon (Don)] So what do we know about this wizard, then?

Arkady (James) looks at Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's kind of pouty at the moment.

[Arkady (James)] Well, how exactly is Nailo occupying that orc wizard?

[Lia (Angie)] And how can we help?

[Ivellian] I do not entirely understand the nature of their arcane battles.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Fair enough.

[Arkady (James)] Well, we could just run in a blow things up.

[Lia (Angie)] Where is the wizard?

[Ivellian] We do not know.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could get the orc wizard punk'd by Ashton Kutcher. That seems pretty painful.

[Defthon (Don)] Do we at least have an approximate direction to go looking?

Ivellian smiles ruefully.

[Ivellian] North.

[Defthon (Don)] Great.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Any chance that orc cleric would kow?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Perhaps if we raided Erdun, we could capture a high-enough-ranking official that might have some more detailed information.

Ivellian looks up

[Ivellian] These are both excellent ideas.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Trust the wizards for the bright ideas.

[Ivellian] How would we question the orc cleric?

[Arkady (James)] Well, at least we know how to get into Erdun.

[Ivellian] Do you have the appropriate spells?

Ivellian smiles.


[Defthon (Don)] ooc: where on serendair are we again? I have the blurry maps, but no indication of where we are (over) now.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I can try to talk to him this evening.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Aedean has this nifty thing he does.

[Ivellian] I imagine that they have located the secret entrances by now.

[Master] You are near the southern end, over the northeastern section of the elf lands.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It is not guaranteed to work, however.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Where in relation to Erdun?)

[Master] (There are maps under "Images.")

[Master] A ways to the west.

[Master] You are a ways to the west of Erdun.

[Defthon (Don)] "under" "images"?

[Master] whoops, I need to send them specifically.

[Master] jas

[Defthon (Don)] ~dpb/serendair/

[Master] even better.

Kishtunkin has joined the game.

[Defthon (Don)] Whoops, make that ...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Roger (Jeff)] Welcome!

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Hello, kishtunkin. THanks for joining us.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lowly Scro] Kish is my bud... we're just observing from the Nether Realms

[Kishtunkin] thank you I will shut up :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] 'sup?

[Master] It's so nice that we're on the same page. ;)

[Defthon (Don)] How annoying, the tilde key does funny stuff in the chat dock.

[Master] irritating.

[Master] At any rate, I've sent some images...

[Defthon (Don)] Anyway: has, among other things, maps.

[Master] Erdun is the star next to the arrow.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So we're in the "druids" area?

Arkady (James) digs out his old maps of the area

[Master] yepper.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Cool.

[Master] (Let's do the chat with the orc cleric first (I didn't see that one coming, good job), then we'll work on Erdun.

[Master] )

[Arkady (James)] thar be druids here

[Master] dinnae fook wid de druuds.

[Arkady (James)] abast ye maties


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, first I'll have to wait for sundown until I can replenish my spells.

[Defthon (Don)] The elven lands are the southern tip of serendair, yes?

[Master] Ok, you pore over maps and talk about ideas until sundown.

[Master] on the eastern side, yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (yes)

[Master] They end at the mountain range.

[Master] Anything need doing before then?

[Defthon (Don)] Oh, those are mountains down the middle... I see know. Alles klar.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, we need about 3k XP.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. Best case scenario, we get four questions, and we want to be as specific as possible.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger needs to memorize spells, but he wants to memorize some new ones.

[Master] kewl

[Aric (Brian)] I will meditate.

[Lia (Angie)] What's worst case?

[Master] good deal.

[Arkady (James)] Do we want to ask about Erdun?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Worst case is 0 questions.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And there's nothing between best and worst case.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC: What are the GPS coordinates of the bad guys?

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Brian - he'll tell you, but not give you a GPS unit.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, the first thing we have to decide is whether we think it's worth trying to ask this guy about the wizard's location.

[Lowly Scro] I am away from the keyboard.

[Arkady (James)] agree

[Lowly Scro] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Anyone speak Orc?

[Dralafi (Jared)] I think it would be worth using one question on it, at least.

[Defthon (Don)] We could ask him if there were any *permanent* bases of operations he knew of, and wher ethey were

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If we decide it's worth asking, I suggest something along the lines of "How far is it from Erdun to the Triumvirate wizard's stronghold?"

[Arkady (James)] I can cast tounges on you.

[Roger (Jeff)] I don't want to attack a wizard on his home turf.

[Defthon (Don)] Sounds gross.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Dralafi (Jared)] just how far might give us a pretty big radius.

[Defthon (Don)] Where else do you want to attack him then?

[Aric (Brian)] um, i speak orc.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I also speak orc.

[Roger (Jeff)] Good point

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The problem with asking "where" or "any" questions is that it easy for him to weasel.

[Arkady (James)] Aedean has to speak orc though.

Lowly Scro speaks orc: "Daboo! Svoboo! Zugzug!"

[Dralafi (Jared)] "Something needs doing?"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Answers tend to be brief or vague, especially if the questions are imprecise.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Unless he speaks Common.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC: What up, G?

[Master] Go ahead and sort out which questions you'd like asked and in which order.

[Master] I'll impose a 10 minute time limit on the conversation to keep things moving.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But, yes, Aedean has to do the talking.

[Aric (Brian)] "How far from Erdun is the keep of the wizard. What direction is it."

[Aric (Brian)] "How far and what direction is your base camp."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's two questions

[Aric (Brian)] can you sneakily ask two? drat. ;)

[Arkady (James)] Of course, does the body know where it is?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] THe body knows if he knew.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I agree that we don't want to go to the wizard's keep and attack him there, so.... do we want to bother to figure out where it is? Are we going to try to lure him out?

[Arkady (James)] But we've moved the body...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The knowledge is "imprinted" on the body at death

[Defthon (Don)] "How do you get from Erdun to the wizrds keep?"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's why we give an immobile reference point, such as Erdun.

[Dralafi (Jared)] "Teleport"

[Master] Hee.

[Arkady (James)] Maybe we just need to get enough info from the orc cleric to gain more.

[Defthon (Don)] "If you were on foot, what are the directions you would follow..."

[Velkyna (Joe)] What if he's never been to Erdun? Or doesn't know the "elf name" of it?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Again, answers tend to be brief.

[Arkady (James)] So we could ask things like 'what is the wizard's features' or some such, that might help with scrying.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] At best, we'd get the wizard's race, I'd guess

[Master] If you think the wizard doesn't have scrying wards in place, you have the qualifications necessary to plan for the occupation of Iraq.

[Master] ;)

[Defthon (Don)] oh boy.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Here is my thought:

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sounds painful.

[Master] "How do you get from Erdun to the wizard's keep on foot" is a pretty good question.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do we even have anyone who does scrying? I haven't trained in it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You're the GM.

[Master] Just wanted to give you a reference point.

[Defthon (Don)] I.e. "HINT: ask this question"

[Lia (Angie)] That's only one

[Arkady (James)] Arkady hasn't trained for scrying either, though he was thinking about it.

[Master] Not that you'll necessarily get a lot ut of it, just that it's a basically good question.

[Defthon (Don)] Otoh, that could be because he has a stinky weasel-around for it.

[Defthon (Don)] :)

[Arkady (James)] How about asking what magical wards the wizard has protecting him?

[Lia (Angie)] Would this guy know that?

[Arkady (James)] Or any passwords or such.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ah. Well, I still favor "How far from [reference point] to the wizard's stronghold?"

[Arkady (James)] Well, if you go visit the wizard, you have to know how to get to him. And what to avoid.

[Defthon (Don)] Seems like that would give a strict subset of the info you'd get from the "how do you.." question.

[Velkyna (Joe)] What about if the wizard has any non-standard (not orcs, not ogres, etc.) guardians?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If the answer is "I don't know", we ask questions about the forces stationed at Erdun

[Defthon (Don)] Right, that should be the first question, yes.

[Arkady (James)] OK

[Defthon (Don)] If he *does* know how to get there, we can ask about the protections

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Exactly.

[Defthon (Don)] "Does the wizard have any magical creatures or unusual equipment defending his castle?"

[Defthon (Don)] Oops, "What kind of..."

[Velkyna (Joe)] Exactly. No yes/no questions.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Now you're catching on.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Except "what kind" might just give "magical"

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... "other than orcs, ogre magi, bodaks, wyverns, ogres ..."

[Aric (Brian)] OOC I swear to god if the answer is "Bodaks", Ivellian's on his own. ;)

[Defthon (Don)] I do think we need to be more specifc than "non-standard", but the basic question is good.

[Arkady (James)] How about "who are the wizard's most important guards?"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "What must be done to get past the magical wards on the stronghold?"

[Dralafi (Jared)] "John and Steve."

[Defthon (Don)] Make that: "What-ALL creatures does the wizard have defending his castle, other than ?"

[Master] "Feng and Keth." ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I KNEW IT

[Arkady (James)] Those are Tristan's guards.

[Dralafi (Jared)] If Feng shows up, we can't kill him, can we?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We can, as long as we don't damage his head too much.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, but my pet theory is that Tristan is hiding as an orc wizard for nefarious purposes.

[Arkady (James)] Yeah, but he's undead now... that would be very odd.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Change self is such a 1st level spell.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. I think we have two good opening questions.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, come on. An orc wizard?

[Master] You're coming up on your limit . . .

[Arkady (James)] you have a point.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Would names help us?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I.e. if we knew the wizard's name was Bob, would it help us any?

[Defthon (Don)] We might ask about keep defences even if he hasn't been there, btw.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Only for other interrogations.

[Defthon (Don)] Vel: good idea

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If he hasn't been there, he probably doesn't know.

[Defthon (Don)] But a name could get us a long way in those interrogations, if it's known.

Velkyna (Joe) beams at having been noticed.

[Defthon (Don)] "The X that defends the keep is legendary!"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay question 3: name

[Aric (Brian)] What is the wizard's name?

[Arkady (James)] What is the wizard's true name?

[Aric (Brian)] Or heck, could we ask for the names of the triumvirate?

[Defthon (Don)] "What is the name of the wizard who commands the army and is a member of the triumvirate?"

[Velkyna (Joe)] "You have defeated the fearsome ORC WIZARD and recovered HIS shard."

[Shottamip (Tamora)] The names of the members of the triumvirate sounds like a fair single question to me.

[Arkady (James)] yes, good.

[Defthon (Don)] And ask *that* first; if the orc doesn't know, he's not likely to have been to the castle.

[Lowly Scro] Thanks all! I have to get going. Have fun!

Lowly Scro has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Later!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OKay, but we won't know which is which

[Aedean (Sedlack)] UNless Mike is feeling generous

[Kishtunkin] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] can we specify an order?

[Defthon (Don)] On the Erdun track: "What are the secret entrances to the city of Erdun that you know of?"

[Defthon (Don)] You can wait for the answer on one before you ask the next, I think.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "In this order -- wizard, half-dragon, yuan-ti -- tell us the names of the Triumvirate"

[Defthon (Don)] O I C

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. That works.

[Dralafi (Jared)] indeed

[Defthon (Don)] Except phrased as a question.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right. "What are the names ..."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's easy enough

[Defthon (Don)] right-o.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could just leave question 4 to Aedean's choice. Depending on answers.

[Arkady (James)] What does the hawk think?

[Defthon (Don)] Also on the Erdun track would be the exact same question about who's defending it

[Defthon (Don)] Also: who/what is in command of the forces in Erdun?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think I can work something along those lines.

[Defthon (Don)] *immediate* command...

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What probably better than who.

[Master] someone cast tongues on Aedean.

Arkady (James) cast Toungues on Aedean.

[Aric (Brian)] I thought the tonguing was Praxis's thing.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Heh

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.


[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] The Orc cleric's body is where you left it, in a storage shed.

[Master] Ivellian is with Asratia, monitoring the night's events.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] \me casts Speak with Dead on orc cleric corpse

[Praxis (James)] That's only when I have to wake people up.

[Master] wrong slash.

[Master] ok.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, yeah.

Jeff has left the game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He gets a Will save, DC 18

[Praxis (James)] Answer me, these questions three, 'ere the other side ye see.

[Master] Roll #1: 28

[Dralafi (Jared)] oops

[Master] Nice will save there, sparky.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Der.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, well. Shit happens.

[James] Hooo-wah.

[Master] Got another one of them thar spells, Aedean?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sadly, another SwD cast within the next week (by anyone) auto-fails.

[Master] Well, shit.

[Master] Sorry, fellas.

Jeff has joined the game.

[James] Roger!

[Jeff] Whoa, my power strip is a little touchy

[Dralafi (Jared)] well, so much for that plan :)

[Master] hehe

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It was a nice idea.

[Master] i agree

[Velkyna (Joe)] Alas.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] This is the downside to clerics having good will saves.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] right.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heh. We should've cast the spell, THEN mulled over questions for the next fifteen minutes.

[Lia (Angie)] What's next?

[Velkyna (Joe)] What a downer.

[Jeff] what happened?

[Aric (Brian)] we go kill another orc cleric and then speak with it?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Looks like we try to hit Erdun

[James] Well, we can try again with the cleric next week.

[Aric (Brian)] what is erdun again?

[James] Arkady could put some oil of timelessness on him.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Castle Booooodak"

[Velkyna (Joe)] The fortress with the basement.

[Lia (Angie)] Assuming we survive that long

[Aric (Brian)] i thought from context it was an elf town but maybe not

[Master] good idea

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Presumably, the elves can give us a fair amount of information about Erdun's layout.

[Master] you remember it

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay.

[Master] The dungeon connects to the basement, which is ovoid.

[Lia (Angie)] I'm not likely to forget

[Master] The basement has storage areas, barracks, and a chapel.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes. I remember the basement

[Master] The fortress itself is a ironwood structure inside an earthen keep with battlements.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But I don't recall us hitting the upper floors

[Velkyna (Joe)] We had maps, though.

[Master] You did; I have them mapped, though I don't remember exactly why.

[Velkyna (Joe)] From the vault.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right

[James] yes, we were just in the lowest level.

[Lia (Angie)] Do we think we can still get in the back door?

[James] We were talking about escaping upwards, until we realized we could go back out the dungeon.

[Master] right, now I remember

[Velkyna (Joe)] The theory is that they (the orcs) would've found the back door by now and may have trapped it.

[Master] No, I don't. The orcs undoubtedly figured it out by now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Though I'm a little okay with the traps.

Shottamip (Tamora) grins

[Master] They wouldn't mess with traps; they'd just collapse the entrance.

[James] We could cast silence on ourselves while we dig.

[Lia (Angie)] They could also have added to the inhabitants in the dungeon

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah. Like bodaks.

[James] I could levitate out a bunch of rocks too.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I could cast fireballs with my eyes closed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'd rather keep this aboveground if possible.

[James] Well, we could drop right in the middle of them.

[James] Wear party hats and yell 'surprize!"

[Master] ooh

[Velkyna (Joe)] If we do it in the daylight, we'd have an easier time hitting the upper works.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Do we have an elven reconnaissance on the orc movements/forces around Erdun?

[Master] yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What do we know?

[James] I still think if we take out as many wyverns as possible, that would give the elven rangers more freedom to strike from the air.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Estimates on numbers, what kinds of creatures they've seen, etc.?

[Kishtunkin] Thank you all for letting me well all!

[Master] up to the minute.

Kishtunkin has left the game.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] just ask Ivellian.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's a damn fine idea. Where do the wyverns roost?

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could hit their hatchery or something.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ivellian, what do the scouts say about the orcish forces around and in Erdun?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Give the elves air superiority?

[Arkady (James)] Joe: exactly.

[Defthon (Don)] I don't think they're well enough established to have a hatchery there yet...

[Master] just a sec...

[Aric (Brian)] WEE JUST A SEC

[Velkyna (Joe)] They have to be laying eggs SOMEWHERE.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And roosting somewhere.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right. There may not even be that many wyverns in the Elven lands.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They might be mostly flying over the orc wastes.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Still, I'd think anything that weakens their grip on the air would help ...

[Arkady (James)] The elves don't have the numbers, so they have to use mobility.

[Dralafi (Jared)] IVE DISAPPEARED

[Velkyna (Joe)] I THINK I'M BLIND

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure. But there might be as few as 0 wyverns around Erdun is my point.

[Arkady (James)] If the elves have air superiority, then they can strike at times of their choosing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] True. I'm just trying to think of non-Erdun options for beatdown.

[Velkyna (Joe)] TIME WARP

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ah. I misunderstood.

[Arkady (James)] Or we can go after the ogre magi.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And taking out wyverns seems more palatable than taking out a wizard at the moment.

[Master] Think WWI air, not WWII air.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's hard to target invisible, flying things.

[Master] Recon, not assault.

[Master] Elves with bows on gryphons, not wizard assault teams on carpets.

[Master] carpets get dispel magic hit, and things go to hell.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sounds like it's time to introduce the orcs to the elven Luftwaffe.

[Master] Luftwelffe.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are you correcting me, or making a joke.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Actually, it sounds like it's time to introduce the elves to the concept.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Because I'm 100% sure it's "Waffe"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's a joke.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Gotcha.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just checking.

[Dralafi (Jared)] with the 'elf' in there

[Velkyna (Joe)] I SEE NOW.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I would have jumped on him too, otherwise.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm thinking "WELF"? What's a "WELF"?

[Velkyna (Joe)] *DER*

[Arkady (James)] Well, if the orcs can't do recon, then that will hamper them too.

[Master] i am laughing too hard to type well

[Master] WELF . . . hehe

[Master] (catches breath)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] He really is.

[Arkady (James)] Let's go after all their scouts and such.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's like a Madeline Kahn sketch.

[Ivellian] Did you get any information from the cleric?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The strength of his residual will was,sadly to great for me to overcome.

[Lia (Angie)] Unfortunately not

[Defthon (Don)] "So I says to ze man, 'velf'? Vot is a 'velf'?"

[Velkyna (Joe)] You could say it was a triumph of the will.

[Jeff] *groooooooan*

[Velkyna (Joe)] (tap tap tap) Is this thing on?

[Ivellian] So is this the Anschlorcs?

[Ivellian] dammit, that didn't work.

[Ivellian] ah, well.

[Ivellian] Okay, back to the gaming.

Ivellian frowns

[Defthon (Don)] heee hee

[Dralafi (Jared)] :)

[Ivellian] Orcschluss!

[Ivellian] That's it!

[Ivellian] ok sorry

[Ivellian] Uruksraum!

[Ivellian] oh god there's so much there!

[Velkyna (Joe)] A bountiful comedic harvest.

[Defthon (Don)] oh boy.

[Master] ok that really was sufficient.

Ivellian frowns.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Senk yew. I be heer all ze veek.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] However, we still have the option of interrogating one of the leaders who is holding Erdun.

[Ivellian] The night has been quiet.

Ivellian looks thoughtful.

[Arkady (James)] Too quiet?

Ivellian glances at Asratia.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If we can take the leader alive, so much the better.

[Asratia] Audacity itself, these humans . . .

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Living captives are open to more means of persuasion than dead ones.

[Defthon (Don)] He prolly won't have such a high will, either.

[Aric (Brian)] If there are bodaks or other evil beings there, we may wish to delay our attack until tomorrow morning.

[Ivellian] That seems wise.

[Defthon (Don)] YES.

[Arkady (James)] I didn't think torture was in our playbook.

[Defthon (Don)] Of course, indoors the bodaks are still a threat.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We do have tight ends in our offensive playbook, however.

[Defthon (Don)] !!!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think we have a variety of spells, at least.

[Aric (Brian)] Like Defthon, if Vel's journal is to be believed.

[Ivellian] If you will move near there, you will be able to get a thorough reading on the area during the night, then attack in the morning.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] There are more ways of getting what one wants than violence.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No one can make all their saves, right?

[Arkady (James)] Quit looking at my end!

[Asratia] Sorry.

Velkyna (Joe) gets a dreamy look on her face.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I thought you knew that, Arkady.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmmmm.

[Shottamip's Viper Familiar] Sorry.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can keep trying to read thoughts until I get something, for example.

[Pilagro] Sorry.

[LomŽ Surinen] Sorry.

[Arkady (James)] OK, that's cool then.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Ivellian] Ahem. Sorry.

[Master] Right-o.

[Ivellian] What do you need from us?

[Roger (Jeff)] A Daylight will negate the benefits of a bodak being indoors.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We need information.

[Velkyna (Joe)] INFORMATION

[Velkyna (Joe)] INFORMATION

[Arkady (James)] I am a man, not a number.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (you won't get it!)

[Velkyna (Joe)] BY HOOK ... oh, forget it.

[Ivellian] Nailo has maps of what used to be there, though of course there will be significant changes.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Arkady (James)] How are we going to knock out this leader? A sleep spell won't work.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] of course.

[Ivellian] Do you need information on teh forces currently occupying the fortress?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hold Person?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That would be eminently useful, yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Hold Monsters)

[Arkady (James)] even better.

[Defthon (Don)] The problem with bodaks is, daylight doesn't hurt them *that* fast

Ivellian gets a faraway look in his eyes.

[Defthon (Don)] and while outdoors in daylight might be enough to prevent them being there,

[Velkyna (Joe)] But I thought daylight negated the bodak death gaze?

[Defthon (Don)] once they're *there* (i.e. indoors) a daylight spell doesn't work that well.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or am I high?

[Defthon (Don)] OH. Really? I thought it just did them damage, slowly.

[Ivellian] There has been extensive activity in the area.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, that too?

[Ivellian] Relatively few troops.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You're high, Joe.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I SO HIGH

[Ivellian] Sorry, few troop movements.

[Ivellian] The fort has a garrison of several warbands . . . we count

[Aedean (Sedlack)] D'oh!

[Ivellian] about a dozen Ogre Mage warbands.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: how many in a warband?

[Ivellian] And two tribes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NYERK

[Ivellian] of orcs, perhaps two hundred fighters in total.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] tribes of ogres, or of orcs?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ah

[Ivellian] But most of them are low-level fighters.

[Aric (Brian)] When two tribes go to war, go to war...

[Velkyna (Joe)] How many magi in a "warband"?

[Ivellian] We suspect there may be high-level Erythnul clerics and others there, but have no confirmation.

[Ivellian] We also suspect the presence of bodaks.

[Arkady (James)] It sounds like we need to draw them out, and then attack the fortress.

[Ivellian] Sorry -- one mage in a warband; he controls a half-dozen ogres and some of the coyotes we've come to know and love.

[Ivellian] They act as scouts and patrols.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah

[Defthon (Don)] FEEL THE LOVE

[Ivellian] The orcs act as a standard garrison.

Ivellian returns to the present.

[Ivellian] Anything else?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe do it in stages? Hit them, retreat + regroup, hit them again? But quickly enough that they can't sufficiently gird their defenses? But then we're not taking them all on at once in some massive scrum.

[Arkady (James)] Well, that's too many to take on directly.

[Roger (Jeff)] Is there a magical laboratory suitable for making wands?

[Roger (Jeff)] Here?

[Ivellian] I'm sorry, but no.

[Ivellian] You'd have to go to Nailoglas for that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, we could probably use some elven riders for support.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or archers.

Ivellian smiles.

[Arkady (James)] Archers would be good.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Golems would be nice.

[Ivellian] We have little to offer, of course, but we will do what we can.

Ivellian looks at Asratia, hard.

[Asratia] Tomorrow.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC: ewwww


[Arkady (James)] OOC: what?

[Ivellian] casts another pregmant glance. AT least another sentence passes them just through their glances.

[Master] Sense motive if you want to figure out what was said there.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Sense motive: (d20+0+2) [20+0+2] 22

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Sense Motive: (d20+5) [16+5] 21

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: WIS check: (d20+0) [18+0] 18

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Sense Motive: (d20+2) [19+2] 21

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: sense motive: (d20+11) [13+11] 24

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The nine of us can't take on an army, but with the proper support, we have a lot more options

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit, we should've saved those rolls for saving throws.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: WIS check: (d20+1) [3+1] 4

[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Sense Motive: (d20+1) [4+1] 5

[Ivellian] Arkady: There is obviously some sort of policy disagreement between Asratia and Ivellian.

[Defthon (Don)] NO KIDDING.

[Defthon (Don)] on the "should have saved them", that is.

[Master] sorry, that should have been under Master, not Ivellian. YOu understand.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right-o

[Arkady (James)] OK, so to recap the plan (such as there is)...

[Master] (I'm gonna do Asratia's lines in bold from now on to demonstrate the majesty of her voice. FYI.)

[Arkady (James)] We hit the fortress, and kidnap someone to get more information.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Smash n' grab.

[Ivellian] I am receiving information on movement within Erdun.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And the additional information for which we are hoping is intel on the triumvirate?

[Arkady (James)] Did we want one of the ogre magi, or someone higher up in the chain of command?

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, we hope.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, as high as we can get...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think someone higher up.

[Lia (Angie)] What's going on in Erdun, Ivellian?

Ivellian looks up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Among other reasons, because it's a real pain in the ass holding an ogre mage captive.

[Ivellian] The orcish defenders are mustering.

[Ivellian] I think another major raid is in the works.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, Ivellian's the Metatron.

[Arkady (James)] That's interesting.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: Ask him to drop trou.

Ivellian looks annoyed briefly, then deals.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmmm...

[Ivellian] Can you go there to investigate? We have few forces here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe we should hit them before they get their act together.

[Defthon (Don)] What time of day is it?

[Defthon (Don)] And where exactly are they planning to raid?

[Arkady (James)] Getting on into evening, yes?

[Master] It is 1/2 hour after dusk.

[Defthon (Don)] Not us, obviously, since we're up in the air

[Master] make it 45 mins, actually.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Joys.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or, maybe we should hit the commanders while the horde of puds is out of the castle.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Outstanding idea.

[Defthon (Don)] That's sort of what I was thinking.

[Master] Given that it's summer, we're talking 9, 9:30.

[Arkady (James)] Night raid on a castle.

[Master] PM

[Roger (Jeff)] I think we should set up a distraction outside the fortress while impinvisivel and someone else sneaks in and grabs someone.

[Defthon (Don)] 'Cuz if we can ignore the raid, we can just raid the castle ourselves

[Ivellian] This is your opinion as to the wisest course of action?

[Arkady (James)] We've got to get more information.

[Defthon (Don)] Like I said: where are the orc raiders *going*?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] "Someone else" might have to be me. I can try to immobilize someone if I can see him.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We should definitely hit half the fuckers while the other half are elsewhere.

[Ivellian] We will not know for another half-hour.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Be it raiders without commanders or commanders without raiders.

[Arkady (James)] We

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Finding and kidnapping a leader is a pretty tall order for two folks in 8 minutes...

[Arkady (James)] We'll need to split into two teams then. Who else will go with Shot?

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, where *might* they go then? I just have no sense of what's around Erdun

[Roger (Jeff)] Aedean has a good point.

[Defthon (Don)] Y'know, if SHottamip can get to a higher-up she could probably teleport him out, no?

[Ivellian] Into our territory, if it is a raid.

[Ivellian] There are several potential targets.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think we should hit commanders or infantry, but not split up and do both.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I agree.

[Aric (Brian)] Ivellian, what condition are your troops in? Could they repel a raiding party?

[Arkady (James)] Well, I meant a distraction outside the castle, and someone kidnapping the leader.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No, even a held guy can resist a TP, I think.

[Aric (Brian)] It would be foolish to go after the commanders if the raiders managed to take more of the Elven territory.

[Ivellian] Likely.

[Ivellian] Raiders will attempt to destroy, not capture.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If we can take out a significant number of raiders tonight,

[Aedean (Sedlack)] we may be able to hit the commanders tomorrow before reinforcements arrive.

[Arkady (James)] ... and prevent re-inforcements from joining....

[Aric (Brian)] Another advantage of capturing raiders would be to get better intel on the commanders they serve.

[Defthon (Don)] Would TP work if he's unconscious?

[Arkady (James)] ok, so we let the raiders hit a skirmish line in front, and then we hit them from behind.

[Lia (Angie)] The raiders may be more vulnerable while at the castle

[Aric (Brian)] In principal, I agree that it is vital that we take out their leadership structure. But the losses caused by raiders in the meantime could be too great.

[Ivellian] You're more than 1/2 hour away by flight.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Don - yes I think so. Someone want to look it up? Michael's using our book.

[Defthon (Don)] It doesn't actually say.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It says "willing creatures"

[Defthon (Don)] It says "willing creatures" can be teleported

[Defthon (Don)] But not what happens if they aren't willing.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] A conscious unwilling person just stays behind.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I would think an unconscious being is essentially cargo.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They're not "legal targets" if they're not willing.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] They slip right out of the spell effect.

[Defthon (Don)] Chris: you know this, or you're guessing?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] THat's my interpretation.

[Ivellian] I'd go more or less with JOe.

[Arkady (James)] So we hit the raiders tonight, heal up quick, and hit the fortress tomorrow?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] When Arkady changed his mind about coming along midway through the incantation, we left and he stayed.

[Master] hehe

[Master] Yep.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That is my thought, yes.

[Ivellian] Very well. Saddle up; you have a flight ahead of you.

[Arkady (James)] Much to his later chagrin.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm okay with that.

[Lia (Angie)] So are we all flying to Erdun?

[Ivellian] I will have one of our Rangers act as a point scout for your carpets.

[Aric (Brian)] As long as we can get 310 XP from the raiding party, I'm all good with that. ;)

[Arkady (James)] So we hit the raiders tonight, heal up quick, and hit the fortress tomorrow?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Anyone want a magic armor bonus before we head out?

[Roger (Jeff)] YES

[Ivellian] Break out the GMW and other suchlike.

[Arkady (James)] Roger doesn't have mage armor?

[Defthon (Don)] That too.

[Master] Hurry it along . . . :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Dragon Scales: provides the target with a +4 armor bonus to AC for the next 11 hours

[Defthon (Don)] I'm gonna want a few (5-10) GMW arrows

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Dragon Scales: provides the target with a +4 armor bonus to AC for the next 11 hours

[Dralafi (Jared)] mmm. GMW arrows....

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, that marks off one for me and one for Roger.

[Master] mmm. GWB arrows...

[Arkady (James)] how many batches of arrows? 50 per spell

[Aric (Brian)] any chance of GMW'ing my kama?

[Master] mmm. GLBT arrows....

[Arkady (James)] Do we want to give some to the elven rangers too?

[Ivellian] We have our own means.

[Arkady (James)] We can do the kama too, but keep in mind, I only have 3 3rd level spells.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ARCANE ARCHERS

[Arkady (James)] I want to hold one back for dispel magic.

[Arkady (James)] but that isn't strictly necessary, because other people have it now.

[Aric (Brian)] don't worry then

[Lia (Angie)] How many people need Arrows?

[Defthon (Don)] I don't need a whole batch---my MO is just shoot a round or two until they close, then fight with sword

[Arkady (James)] Do we want GMW crossbow bolts too?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd be ... fine with that.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Roger, I gave you temp modifiers for the armor spell.

[Roger (Jeff)] Okay!

[Velkyna (Joe)] But I'm probably the only one who uses Xbows other than desperation.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wouldn't waste it at this point.

[Lia (Angie)] I use arrows, but only a few rounds

[Dralafi (Jared)] I'll want at least 30 or so arrows, since I use them continually.

[Arkady (James)] OK, so Arkady will GMW a batch of arrows, with 30 to Dral, and Aric's kama.

[Arkady (James)] 30 for Dral, 5 for Arkady, 5 for Lia, who else?

[Defthon (Don)] me

[Velkyna (Joe)] As a reminder, ogre magi regenerate. You have to cut their heads off if you take them down.

[Arkady (James)] Can we buy maces?

[Velkyna (Joe)] And they have this special ability that allows them to rise to their feet as a free action. :P

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll sell you a Heavy Mace for 20 gp.

[Ivellian] I am sorry?

[Ivellian] We have a store of weapons, yes.

[Arkady (James)] OK, 30 GMW arrows for Dral, 6 for Arkady, 7 for Lia, 7 for Defthon

[Ivellian] You kids keep track, now.

[Defthon (Don)] Yup

[Arkady (James)] Let's get 3 or 4 maces.

[Defthon (Don)] Why?

[Defthon (Don)] oh yeah... nevermind

[Arkady (James)] golems or such

[Aric (Brian)] actually arkady

[Arkady (James)] yes?

[Aric (Brian)] instead of GMW'ing my kama now, let us wait until we know what we are fighting

[Arkady (James)] OK

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good call.

[Aric (Brian)] if there are golems, it will make more sense to GMW my ward cestus

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Anyone else with only a 1 or 2 armor?

[Master] We can get for you a few unenchanted maces, if you would like.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Who has and doesn't have Scarabs at this point?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Mine is still good

[Velkyna (Joe)] I have no scarab.

[Arkady (James)] That's fine.

[Aric (Brian)] can monks use maces untrained?

[Arkady (James)] My scarab is still good.

[Aramil] Hello.

[Aric (Brian)] i have no scarab

[Defthon (Don)] I lost mine last time

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hi.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No, Def, you lost mine last time.

[Lia (Angie)] i think I still hve mine

[Aramil] You sent for me, Ivellian?

Aramil nods to the group.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (under her breath) Oh, joy.

[Arkady (James)] everyone can use a heavy mace, right?

[Aric (Brian)] OOC where are Porthol and Athol?

Shottamip (Tamora) snorts in amusement

[Shottamip (Tamora)] A heavy mace is probably heavier than I am.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 12 pounds.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 5 gp.

[Ivellian] Indeed; I will need you to ride point on two carpets carrying this party here.

[Arkady (James)] light mace for Shot then.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So I exaggerated a little. Still -- no.

[Aramil] Of course. Our destintination.

[Aramil] ?

[Ivellian] Erdun.

[Aramil] Ah.

[Aramil] I shall see to my mount, then.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: he's good at switching back and forth quickly, yes?

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's getting better.

[Dralafi (Jared)] OOC: my computer wants me to reboot it. back in a minute.

[Aramil] Aric?

[Aric (Brian)] Yes?

Jared has left the game.

[Aramil] Forgive me, but why are you discussing maces?

[Defthon (Don)] In case there are golems.

[Aramil] Ah.

[Aramil] But why would a monk need a mace?

[Aric (Brian)] I have a bladed weapon. And a mystic force that calls it self "Pley-aah" asked if i could use one.

[Defthon (Don)] DA PLEY-AHHHHH

[Aramil] Why a weapon at all?

[Roger (Jeff)] (Spells set up)

[Aric (Brian)] I can do slightly better with a kama than my bare hands.

[Arkady (James)] Some things you don't want to hit with your hand.

Velkyna (Joe) makes 'meh meh meh' gestures with her hand.

Aramil looks confused for a moment.

[Aric (Brian)] Although this Pley-aah tells me that that may no longer be true soon.

[Aramil] Oh! The resistance of the golems to nonmagical attacks.

[Aramil] Here, hold out your hand.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don't hate the Pley-aah, hate the Gee-ahm.

Aric (Brian) holds out his hand.

[Aramil] Aramil: Magic Fang: (DC=14)

[James] Do a monk's weaponless attacks count as magic after a while?

[Aric (Brian)] Ki strike, baby.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (yeah)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, after a while

Aramil smiles

[Aramil] Good luck, chosen one.

[Aric (Brian)] Magic fang?

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] (it makes natural attacks magical)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (it's a ranger spell)

[Aric (Brian)] whatsat do?

Jared has joined the game.

[Ivellian] You know, he's only fifty.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (+1 to your hands, IIRC)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Go Fists Go

[Ivellian] I think he's overcompensating.

[Jared] map me?

[Asratia] Oh, hush. Allow our brave child his quirks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (actually, I think it's +N, where he gets +1 per so many levels)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I don't have a PH)

[Master] It's +1 at the 1st level

[Master] There's a Greater Magic Feng (and Keth) later on.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.

[Master] Otay!

[Master] (temp mods set for Aric.

[Master] )

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unce!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tice!

[Master] What's next.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fee times a mady!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Let's bust some heads.

[James] Or try to not get our heads busted.

[Lia (Angie)] About those Mace?

[Aric (Brian)] i'm going to take a quick break before we start out. brb.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Defthon, when we get closer to the battlefield, I will shield you from the effects of the Bodak's gaze

[James] Lia should get a greatclub or a large flail

[Asratia] Arkady, come here.

[Arkady (James)] OK

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, cool---how exactly?

[Velkyna (Joe)] DEATH WARD

Asratia casts Greater Message

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I have a spell which protects from such things

[Arkady (James)] Thank you.

[Defthon (Don)] Cool

[Asratia] You may contact me from anywhere in the elven lands, now. Be judicious with this power.

[Defthon (Don)] brb

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe we should heal everyone up to full. Some are still down a point or three.

[Asratia] The Party grabs the appropriate maces and mounts up. Aramil leads the way.

[Master] dangit

[Master] ok.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roger, Dralafi, you two need not get close to your enemies to be effective against them, so we will do our best to keep you far enough away

[Master] Be sure to put your maces in your inventory, and feel absolutely free to put them into your attack/damage expressions.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Vel, Aric, I can protect one of you but not both...

[Lia (Angie)] OOC Do I have the option of a flail?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Crud...Brian's not here...)

[Arkady (James)] Yes, you have all martial weapons, Angie.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Elves are not known for having lots of heavy flails around.

[Lia (Angie)] I meant is one available

[Master] They're cutty-people, not hitty-people

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: Vel's fortitude save is huge. I'd vote for protecting Aric)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (That last failed save was a fluke)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I HOPE)

[Master] Everyone's got maces, but heavy stuff tends not to be such a common thing

[Master] You'd have to go to Nailoglas or some such.

[Defthon (Don)] Plain heavy mace, yes?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: Plus, vel has blindfight so she can just close her eyes)

[Master] light mace

[Master] d6 dam

[Defthon (Don)] Was the scarab question earlier because some were being handed out, or just general curiosity?


[Aedean (Sedlack)] *ahem*

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ooooohhhh, yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The mace guy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] My badd.

[Master] hehe

[Master] Is everyone more or less prepared?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The scarab question was because the DEath Wards were being handed out.

[Master] Do we know who has the Death Wards?

[Arkady (James)] Arkady does.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They will be going to Aedean, Defthon, and Aric

[Defthon (Don)] right.

[Defthon (Don)] got it.

[Dralafi (Jared)] yay death for me

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They only last 90 minutes, so Aedean will wait to cast them until the battle is close

[Master] Excellent.

[Master] ok

[Master] You fly toward Erdun.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Dral, you're more effective if you're out of gaze range anyway.

[Dralafi (Jared)] good point

[Velkyna (Joe)] Bodak's range is only 30 feet.

[Asratia] Arkady, can you hear me?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good!

[Arkady (James)] Yes, loud and clear.

[Asratia] The orc garrison is headed north, not south. Something strange is happening.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe their compass flipped.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's time to wreck the discothek

Arkady (James) relays this to the group.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC I hear that happens every 30K years or so.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Uh-oh. I don't like surprises lately.



[Asratia] Arkady, the Ogre Mage warbands have left, as well.

[Arkady (James)] Do we still want to hit the raiding party?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I say if they want to go north, let them.

[Asratia] The fortress has lights, still, something is happening.

[Arkady (James)] Should we instead just hit the fortress, or should we follow the raiding party?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are they going to blow it up?

[Arkady (James)] Or summon something big and nasty.

[Asratia] They'd keep the garrisons around the outside, so you couldn't disable the explosions, if so.

[Arkady (James)] Something that would normally eat orcs, perhaps.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I say we go for the fortress.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless it was such a big ass destruction that they couldn't be near it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or wouldn't want to be.

[Arkady (James)] But they have the fortress, why blow it up now?

[Master] dangit . . .

[Master] I gotta get them to make it more obvious who I'm chatting as. ;)

[Arkady (James)] It's not as if they don't think they can hold it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe they don't want to hold it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] They've been raiding and destroying, not raiding and capturing. This is within their modus.

[Arkady (James)] Asratia: Are you tasking someone to follow the raiding party?

[Dralafi (Jared)] farking computer. ITs being wonky. I'll be back in a few.

Jared has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] farging icehole.

[Asratia] Ivellian has chosen not to.

[Roger (Jeff)] Ivellian's the mole!

[Master] You continue flying toward Erdun...

[Arkady (James)] Does it look like they're going to hit somewhere else on the border?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] The elves get beaten up enough taking care of the ones who come south.

[Asratia] There are no raids in progress at this time. Strange...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If they don't want to have someone follow the raiding party, let's just hit the fortress

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ask Asratia if there'

[Arkady (James)] Maybe that's what they want us to do.

[Velkyna (Joe)] s anyone left in the fortress.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Let's recon Erdun. I'm concerned about what might be happening there.

[Lia (Angie)] We have no idea what's at the forress

[Defthon (Don)] Sounds good to me

[Arkady (James)] I relay Vel's question to Asratia.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I was under the impression that most of the stuff to the north is pretty elf-less at this point

[Asratia] Yes, there are lights on and activity within.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Might be an illusion.

[Arkady (James)] True.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Thus the need for recon.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know, the old coat-around-a-mop-on-the-belt trick.

[Arkady (James)] invisible recon.

Velkyna (Joe) ahems.

[Aramil] Let me make a pass.

[Aramil] I'm lighter and harder to spot

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Go ahead, Aramil.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aramil] And I can fly harder, since I'm not going to fall off.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah! Bishop will go! Great idea!

[Arkady (James)] Do you want to be invisible Aramil?

Jared has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought all the riders had rings of inviso.

[Aramil] I'm already too far away; don't worry, I am good at using the clouds and trees.

[Jared] map?

[Jared] thanks.

[Arkady (James)] Oooookay.

[Aramil] The Gryphons are hard to spot.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Sense motive: (d20+0+2) [1+0+2] 3

[Defthon (Don) (to GM only)] Defthon: Sense motive: (d20+0+2) [9+0+2] 11

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's a big ass map.

[James] Is it about time for a dinner break?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Nice gryphon.

[Aramil] Gimme 5 minutes.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Erdun is an ironwood structure inside of an earth embanked-keep.

[Master] There are two doors on the south end.

[Master] The central area is the lowest; the little ovoids on the corners are raised about five feet

[Master] (They're essentially battlements)

[Master] and the earthen walls are about 10-15 feet high.

[Defthon (Don)] Wow, that map took a long time to send

[Master] The keep rises -- rose -- about 40 feet into the air.

[Master] But as Aramil makes his pass, the keep collapses into the ground.

[Aramil] That's not good.

[Jared] buh

[Defthon (Don)] whoa

[Aramil] The keep has just collapsed into the ground, it looks like it spontaneously rotted.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[James] !!!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Does he see anything else?

[Master] James, you need to cast that Message spell, so we can keep in contact...

[James] it has short range though, like 200 feet

[Shottamip (Tamora)] "Spontaneous" effects are often side effects of weird magical beasties....

[Master] Ok, he starts relaying through Asratia.

[Aramil] I'm making another pass.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Like Max's rusting armor.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... but everybody calls me ... Dead Meat.

[James] Arkady is relaying this to the rest of the group via message or course.

[Aramil] Damn, this is strange. The temperature just dropped twenty degrees.

[James] Aramil: get out of there!

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Hey Aramil, why did you wear a red tunic today?

[Velkyna (Joe)] PULL UP

[Aramil] Corellon protect m--

[Velkyna (Joe)] PULL UP

[Aramil] Eat this, you bastard!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Asratia?

[Asratia] Oh no, Aramil's lost his mount

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Jared] ooc: Im not sure thats all he's lost.

[James] Asratia: is he still alive?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can't we, like, get there?

[Asratia] He is firing arrows into something, he . . . he's gone.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] How far are we?

[Master] 1/4 mile, to be (relatively) safe, while Aramil scouted.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Well, shit.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Any thoughts?

[Asratia] Get low, whatever took out Aramil will come for you next.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We better get over there and see what's up.

[Asratia] Hurry!

[Jared] I could have LomŽ make a high pass over the area first, see whats there.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Down it is.

[Velkyna (Joe)] GET DOWN GET DOWN

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whatever it is, it may well be worse for the elves than the orcs were

[Jared] or not.

[Asratia] Spot checks

[Defthon (Don)] Down sounds better to me...

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot: (d20+3+2+1) [4+3+2+1] 10

[Master] Spot checks

[Master] .

[Master] .

[James] we head down.

[Master] .

[Master] .

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: (d20+10) [3+10] 13

[Master] .

[Jared] Dralafi: Spot: (d20+6) [7+6] 13

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [5+8] 13

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spot: (d20+10) [5+10] 15

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Spot: (d20+6) [6+6] 12

[James] Arkady: spot: (d20+2) [19+2] 21


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+13) [14+13] 27


[James] Praxis: Spot: (d20+5) [7+5] 12

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+10) [14+10] 24

[Jared] JAmes has saved us.

[Master] Aedean, there is something blotting out the stars above and in front of you . . .

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fuck.

[Master] But only a few of them . . .

[Aric (Brian)] well, shit

[Defthon (Don)] He's pointed them out to us?


[Shottamip (Tamora)] Cold, hmm -- flying undead maybe?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I should point out that Aedean would have chucked the DWs by this point...

[Master] The temperature just dropped a few degrees.

[Master] Vel has felt this before . . .

[Defthon (Don)] Is the map of where we actually *are* right now, btw?

[Master] Sedlack -- ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh shit.

[Aric (Brian)] Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody....roll initiative!

[Master] It's where you're headed.

[Master] Not yet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck.

[Defthon (Don)] I thought you said we were 1/4 mi from the keep

[Defthon (Don)] but we're about to go into battle...?

[James] so much for 'safe'

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How far away do the things appear to be?

[James] Praxis: Initiative: (d20+0) [18+0] 18

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Thing" says Velkyna.

[James] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [16+3] 19

[Master] It's only one thing, and it's coming from the Keep.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It'll be a thing.

[Roger (Jeff)] DW?

[Defthon (Don)] A "thing"?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Death Ward

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How far away does the thing appear to be?

[Master] Spot, again, for Dral, Lia, Vel, and Aric.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Vel, maybe a hint?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: (d20+10) [15+10] 25

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Spot: (d20+6) [11+6] 17

[Master] 1/8 mile, so 700 feet ish?

[Jared] Dralafi: Spot: (d20+6) [6+6] 12

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, I really hope I'm wrong about this.

[Defthon (Don)] but...?

[Master] Vel, it's not headed toward you, its going to pass over without even caring.

[Master] It's getting colder.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Stop with the cryptic. Please.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There was this thing that I saw when I was a kid.

[Defthon (Don)] It's heading for Cloudhome!

[Master] Knowledge Arcana, Bardic Lore, Knowledge Religion

[Velkyna (Joe)] It killed ... a whole bunch of people.

[James] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+11) [18+11] 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] It was black and cold and shit.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+6) [7+6] 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just like this.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Knowledge (religion): (d20+1+0) [1+1+0] 2

[Aedean (Sedlack)] For everybody?

[Defthon (Don)] Feh.

[Master] just the folks with some real ranks in it.

[Roger (Jeff)] I have a Knowledge Arcana, but I don't remember how many ranks I put in it

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+6) [4+6] 10

[Jared] Dralafi: Knowledge (Religion - Order of the Bow): (d20+3) [15+3] 18

[Master] James, you've actually heard of something like this thing.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Crap roll. Bleah.

[Master] Arkady, rather.

[James] Big nasty flying thing?

[Master] It is the Nightwing, and it is horrifically deadly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel mentions that she noticed that it seems like it's going to fly over us and not fuck with us.

[James] So just how boned are we?

[Roger (Jeff)] Roll #1: (d20+6) [2+6] 8

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (Good, since he's the one with the message, he can get a couple seconds saved on warning Asratia)

[Master] Composed of pure darkness, a hugely powerful undead.

[James] Relaying all this to Asratia

[Master] You cruise low, just above the treetops, and the creature ignores you.

[Master] it flies eastward.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's going for something. It went for this wizard's tower and fucked up the place.

[James] Which way is cloudhome?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fuckity fuck fuck fuck

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's going for something right now.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Went for, or was created/summoned there?

[Master] cloudhome is west.

[Master] it banked then turned east, sorry

[Velkyna (Joe)] And it's not going to stop until it gets it.

Defthon (Don) sighs in relief

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What's east of here?

[Master] Decide what you're going to do next, and then you all can eat whilst I prepare.

[Master] Elfdom.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] My guess is Nailoglas

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Should we maybe follow? I don't like no knowing what's going on, but I don't wanna die either.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That doesn't matter, it's going to fuck something over HARD and SOON.

[Asratia] I have warned Laucian.

[James] Asratia: what's east of here?

[Velkyna (Joe)] And it's immune to a lot of magic. I think. I mean, I was really young and it was a long time ago.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We have to do something.

[Master] Very little. The sea elves, eventually.

[James] Well, for a start, let's trail it.

[James] It's not as if the carpets get tired.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How fast is it, compared to the carpets?

[Master] About the same speed.

[Lia (Angie)] What about Aramil?

[James] We can pick up his body, it may be possible to raise him.

[Master] I have scouts moving to shadow the creature. Could you see to Aramil and find out what is left of Erdun? Perhaps we can retake it . . .

[James] If there still is a body.

[Master] ..says Asratia.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] There you have it.

[James] From what Aramil described, I'd be suprized if there is anything to retake...

[Defthon (Don)] Let's go check out the keep, I guess, but I'm not very hopeful.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, but it's still worth investigating

[James] OK. Perhaps we can figure out who summoned it, and how.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If nothing else, perhaps we can find out what caused the Nightwing to appear there.

[James] Maybe figure out some way to banish it.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady has detect magic running.

[Master] I've got the Party approaching from the west.

[Defthon (Don)] Can you do that as a background process? Neat!

[Master] Arkady, there is great magic coming from Erdun (der).

[Arkady (James)] Let's come in low and slow.

[Master] The castle has no activity.

[Master] Spot chex

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot: (d20+3+2+1) [6+3+2+1] 12

[Master] Def, Aric, Aediean, Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: (d20+10) [13+10] 23

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: spot: (d20+2) [17+2] 19

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+10) [14+10] 24

[Master] Vel, Aramil's body is on the earth embankment.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+13) [19+13] 32

[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Spot: (d20+5) [6+5] 11

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Spot: (d20+6) [1+6] 7

[Velkyna (Joe)] "There's Aramil," she points.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Spot: (d20+6) [14+6] 20

[Arkady (James)] I don't think we should get off the carpets for more time than we have to.

[Defthon (Don)] why n... ah, good plan.

[Aric (Brian)] as a note, where am i?

[Master] On one of the carpets.

[Master] On the left side of the map

[Aric (Brian)] someone just ride that carpet

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think we're going to need to get off of the carpets in order to investigate

[Defthon (Don)] yes, but for a minimal amount of time, then

[Arkady (James)] Do we want to circle around first?

[Defthon (Don)] we regroup on the carpets to discuss.

[Defthon (Don)] makes the inevitable fleeing easier.

[Lia (Angie)] Check Aramil First

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Pick up the body; investigate the ruins.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is there any sign of life?

[Master] Aramil's broken body lies on the battlement.

[Aric (Brian)] or worse, any signs of un-life?

[Master] The fall obviously killed him.

[Master] He looks more pissed than anything else.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He died with his middle fingers extended.

[Arkady (James)] We'll wrap him up and put him on one of the carpets

[Master] Vel, spot check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: (d20+10) [13+10] 23

[Master] Also, Praxis and Lome

[Arkady (James)] What killed the griffon?

[Master] You haven't looked at ityet.

[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Spot: (d20+5) [19+5] 24

[Master] The rubble of Erdun is shifting.

[Defthon (Don)] UP! UP!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shifting how?

[Master] Spot again.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: (d20+10) [10+10] 20

[Praxis (James)] Better start flying if you can , folks.

[Defthon (Don)] Just Vel?

[Praxis (James)] Praxis: Spot: (d20+5) [17+5] 22

[Master] Something is digging its way out.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM

[Master] Yes, just Vel for now

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot: (d20+3+2+1) [14+3+2+1] 20

[Defthon (Don)] oops then

[Lia (Angie)] Back on the carpets

[Master] The temperature suddenly drops.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel points out that some shit is coming.

[Dralafi (Jared)] CRAP

[Defthon (Don)] We never left the carpets...

[Dralafi (Jared)] UP NOW.

[Defthon (Don)] UP! UP!

[Velkyna (Joe)] FLY FLY FLY

[Praxis (James)] Let's go!

[Master] Initiative, please.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative: (d20+3) [20+3] 23

[Lia (Angie)] Warn Asratia!

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [16+2] 18

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative: (d20+7) [9+7] 16

[Dralafi (Jared)] OOC: Thats two of three nightshade possibilities. Where's the third? :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative: (d20-1) [4-1] 3

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative: (d20+4) [2+4] 6

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative: (d20+6) [8+6] 14

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Initiative: (d20+6) [19+6] 25

[Praxis (James)] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [15+3] 18

[Praxis (James)] Praxis: Initiative: (d20+0) [5+0] 5

[Master] ???: Initiative: 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey, Dral finally rolled well.

[Dralafi (Jared)] w00t.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Initiative: (d20+3) [3+3] 6

[Arkady (James)] Arkady warns Asratia

[Aric (Brian)] jesus

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Classic Aedean initiative.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Normal arrows aren't going to hurt this thing," Vel shouts.

Velkyna (Joe) hooms. "I remember it being bigger."

[Nightwalker] The night is mine . . .

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Not a flyer. Good.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's Michelob!

[Aric (Brian)] You can have it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE

[Master] A twenty-foot tall humanoid composed of pure darkness climbs out of the wreckage of Erdun.

[Defthon (Don)] Ugh.

[Aric (Brian)] wait, is Nightwalker the one who is tuned to the frequency of EVIL?

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's not 'happy to see me', is it?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do we try to take this out, or leave by air?

[Master] ...and it's time for a dinner break.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Master] 30 mins ok?

[Arkady (James)] Houston, we have a problem.

[Velkyna (Joe)] S'fine.

Jeff has left the game.

[Arkady (James)] OK. Food time.

[Dralafi (Jared)] farking nightcrawler

[Defthon (Don)] Are you going to be playing lots of sounds? I'm not set up on this computer to receive them.

Jeff has joined the game.

[Roger (Jeff)] whoops, wrong button

[Jeff] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC FOOD!

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ooc food is the best kind!

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jared] Dralafi targets Nightwalker. Distance: 146'10"

[Jared] Dralafi no longer targets Nightwalker.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jeff] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] You know, the Smoove B columns are surprisingly poignant.

[Roger (Jeff)] Heh

[Roger (Jeff)] This is what I'm doing right now:

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Tumble: (d20+21) [18+21] 39

[Velkyna (Joe)] I tumble.

[Dralafi (Jared)] oof the carpet. you die.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd think with a 39 I tumble exactly where I want to tumble.

[Dralafi (Jared)] how high up are the carpets anyway?

[Velkyna (Joe)] We'd just gotten on them and rose up, I don't think we're up that high at the moment.

[Defthon (Don)] Hey, how much more time do we have before we reconvene?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe 30-50 feet.

[Dralafi (Jared)] alternately, can nightshades dispel magic?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dunno.

[Dralafi (Jared)] right.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is this an actual MM creature, or something Mike made up?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's an actual MM creature.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Its an actual creature.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp.

[Roger (Jeff)] Yes, they can

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I have the entry up.

[Dralafi (Jared)] theres the nightwing/nightwalker/nightcrawler unholy trinity

[Velkyna (Joe)] *BAMF*

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But, it would be unethical to use that info unless our chars know it.

[Dralafi (Jared)] right.

[Dralafi (Jared)] we're all gonna fall to our deaths :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I tumble.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The fall won't kill us.

[Dralafi (Jared)] YEah, I know. I enjoy exaggerating for effect

[Master] how amusing

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What is amusing?

[Dralafi (Jared)] this may be our best chance ever to declare 'I attack the darkness!' in full seriousness.

[Master] The game Jeff posted.

[Master] hunh...

[Defthon (Don)] Oh well.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] I was going to try to set up my mac with kw172 so I could move out to the balcony

[Defthon (Don)] but I can't get it to connect. :P

[Velkyna (Joe)] DENIED.

[Master] VICTORY!

[Master] That's a fascinating game Jeff put up.

Don's mac has joined the game.

[Master] Okay, who's not here?

[Don's mac] Hey! worked that time.

[Master] fun-kay.

[Master] Okay, waiting on Brian, Angie, and James.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It would appear Brian, Angie and James are not.

[Master] Brian said he might be delayed.

[Master] So we're waiting on the cuties.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Roger (Jeff)] I'm beginning to think that once you figure it out, it's too dependent on the initial setting of the arrows

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mike; what's that Gryphon (live) doing in the middle of the field there?

[Jeff] Gryphon targets Velkyna. Distance: 65'06"

[Don's mac] this is So Cool.

[Don's mac] I love my laptop.

Velkyna (Joe) gives the gryphon the finger.

[Arkady (James)] Don't forget to run the garbage collect

[Arkady (James)] The little trashcan in the lower right corner.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is that a new feature? I don't ever remember seeing it until earlier today.

[Don] me? why?

[Velkyna (Joe)] "don't"

[Arkady (James)] Well, what's your memory usage right now?

[Dralafi (Jared)] its been around since 1.5 or 6, I think

[Roger (Jeff)] It's been there for forever

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right now, I'm 20 of 50

[Roger (Jeff)] I'm at 35/41

[Arkady (James)] Mine is 31 out of 127, but it was as high as 90

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 38/61

[Aedean (Sedlack)] now 26/61

[Dralafi (Jared)] 20/36

[Don] you shouldn't need to, generally.

[Roger (Jeff)] That's just a hint to the interpreter, isn't it? It's going to garbage collect when it damn well pleases.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I generally don't. Just wanted to see the level of effect.

[Arkady (James)] Dunno, it is closed-source software after all.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd assume it's a "collect now" vs. "collect the next time you think you need to"

[Don] yes, but it's *java*.

[Don] Java will collect when it needs to, plus when you say to.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right.

[Arkady (James)] I know. It doesn't make any sense to have it there at all, but there it is.

[Don] It's pretty rare that you need to force it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's what I said.

[Roger (Jeff)] I always learned that even calling gc() is taken as just suggestion by the interpreter.

[Arkady (James)] I figure it is better to run it when things are quiet, before they get busy.

[Don] It's pretty fast.

[Master] ok let's get this party started.

[Don] I mean, slow enough to notice, but fast enough not to matter

[Velkyna (Joe)] I do that every night. I collect and then I get busy.

[Master] yeah.

[Don] hee

[Master] hehe

[Don] Map me?

[Master] I use the garbage collector fairly often, but I run up against the 64 limit more than y'all.

[Velkyna (Joe)] True. You've got more going on.

[Arkady (James)] You could set the limit higher, if you have more system memory.

[Master] Dral's turn.

[Master] How?

[Roger (Jeff)] Oh, that was the "tracking initiative now" sound

[Arkady (James)] It is a startup option for Klooge.

[Master] ah

[Arkady (James)] Check the .bat (windows) or .sh file (Unix)

[Don] Neat! Now I get sound!

[Lia (Angie)] I'm back, sorry

[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway, Vel mentioned earlier that if her recollection is correct, this thing is affected only by magical weapons and powerful spells. Magic missiles, fireballs and lightning bolts, she's seen it shrug them off.

[Master] Ah.

[Defthon (Don)] Marvellous.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She's also seen it rip through capable warriors like butter.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dral casts Shield (!!)

[Arkady (James)] Is it time to run away yet?

[Defthon (Don)] UP! UP!

[Master] Okey-dokey, Dral is Sheilded.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If it doesn't bleed, we can kill it.

[Arkady (James)] Don't you mean the reverse?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No.

[Defthon (Don)] Probably not---he can turn it if it's undead.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We have to walk before we can crawl.

[Master] okey-dokey

[Master] Shot

[Master] "Your sparring partner is -- Yatoshi, eater of souls!"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Haste: gives the target an extra partial action and a +4 haste bonus to AC for the next 11 rounds

[Master] "who disturbs my thousand-year slumber?"

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC thousand year? didn't he just destroy the keep today?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It was that flying thing. Or some orc cleric or somebody.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Not us.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah Mister Cookie Head! I will consume your soul!

[Master] And why does he have a japanese name?


[Velkyna (Joe)] Ditto.

[Master] Great! That means Aramil can flank!

[Master] ;)

[Arkady (James)] Ditto

[Jared] Dralafi targets Nightwalker. Distance: 148'09"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm thinking I should haste a shooter. Any thoughts?

[Defthon (Don)] We're still atop the carpets, no?

[Master] seems wise.

[Arkady (James)] fine by me

[Velkyna (Joe)] Haste someone with a very studly weapon.

[Master] Yes, you stuffed Aramil into a bag so the carpets wouldn't be overloaded.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Dral

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is Dral our best bow guy?

[Dralafi (Jared)] mmm. 4 shots per turn.

[Velkyna (Joe)] YES

[Arkady (James)] yes, Dral is best by far.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Haste: gives the target an extra partial action and a +4 haste bonus to AC for the next 11 rounds

[Defthon (Don)] We could fly people overhead and rain shit down on him?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll fix your AC

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sounds like a great idea.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Except I don't have magical missiles.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (FWIW)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's it for now.

[Roger (Jeff)] (OOC: AT WILL dispel magic)

[Dralafi (Jared)] dont bring us too close. remember the 20 ft tall and the reach.

[Lia (Angie)] We don't want to get any closer

[Defthon (Don)] aha.

[Dralafi (Jared)] well, inside 110 would be nice.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't suppose it has any area effect spells.

[Arkady (James)] That'll happen soon enough.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Could not lock character sheet to set temporary modifiers. Locked by Jared

[Master] Defthon

[Dralafi (Jared)] sorry. Im off it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ok

[Defthon (Don)] I cast Bless on the party:

[Roger (Jeff)] (OOC: cloudkill)

[Master] what does that give again?

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Bless: Allies gain +1 attack and +1 on saves against fear

[Master] +1 attack damage?

[Master] just attack ok

[Arkady (James)] does that stack with inspire courage

[Master] aye

[Velkyna (Joe)] We should be studly enough to avoid most of the ick of cloudkill. Other than the damage/round.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless it's changed since 1e

[Aedean (Sedlack)] no

[Master] I put the mod on Lia and Roger.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bless and Inspire courage are both morale bonuses

[Master] Could everyone else please mod themselve?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Don, it would be nice if you could label the *type* of bonus in spell descriptions like that - morale bonus or whatever

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] I thought morale bonuses stacked...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They don't stack

[Aric (Brian)] sorry...took longer than i'd hoped

[Master] Or is that only enhancement bonuses?

[Master] no prob, Brian.

[Defthon (Don)] Hmm... ok, I'll work on it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dodge bonuses all stack.

[Master] ah

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nope. Just dodge and circumstance

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought that was it.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Master: I thought you had the 'affect everyone in the party' mod button

[Master] I do, but some folks have previous mods to attack and this would foul it up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I changed myself.

[Defthon (Don)] I still had the mods from the *last* gaming session

[Master] ok that's it for Defthon

[Defthon (Don)] but I fixed that. ;)

[Joe] Velkyna targets Velkyna. Distance: 0'00"

[Joe] Velkyna targets Nightwalker. Distance: 143'11"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, it's a bit hard to do the +1 saves vs. fear

Master casts Haste

Nightwalker casts haste

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You'll just have to remember the +1 when a fear effect comes up.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, I know, we'll just have to remember that if it becomes important.

Nightwalker casts Dispel Magic

[Dralafi (Jared)] THATS NOT GOOD.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, I thought I go on 16.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not that I can do anything. But I wrote down that I'm on 16.

[Nightwalker] Vel didn't take for some reason.

[Nightwalker] jas

[Velkyna (Joe)] WEE JAS

[Master] Velkyna: Initiative: 16

[Master] feecksed

[Master] Go, Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Again, not that I can do much. But could Arkady cast GMW on some bolts? Or should I wait for it to get closer to use a sword?

[Arkady (James)] well, I can't cast until my turn.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but I could at least prep.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And hold my action.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's going to take out a sack of xbow bolt cases and her xbow from her haversack (both free actions)

[Velkyna (Joe)] And then hold her action.

[Arkady (James)] Actually, I was going to cast dispell this round.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] S'fine. I'm not going anywhere.

[Master] Dispel Magic: 27

[Master] That's not good.

[Dralafi (Jared)] dispelling what?

[Velkyna (Joe)] THE CARPET

[Velkyna (Joe)] (it's happened before)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But which one?

[Dralafi (Jared)] which one? :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] and it'll all happen again

Velkyna (Joe) tumbles.

[Master] 4

[Arkady (James)] it has to be a targeted dispel, after all.

Dralafi (Jared) tumbles

Don has joined the game.

[Jared] whats happenin?

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Don] I dunno, I got booted once,

[Sedlack] There we go.

[Don] and couldn't reconnect so I restarted klooge

[Sedlack] Uh-oh.

[Don] and that worked, but then it booted me again

Joe has joined the game.

Jeff has joined the game.

Tamora has joined the game.

[Sedlack] I got booted, then tried many times to come back.

[Don] Everyone else had the same problem, I take it?

[Dralafi (Jared)] yes


[Sedlack] I guess so.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Michael's master crashed.

[James] Angie's WinME is being cranky.

[Sedlack] That would do it.

[Don] AH.

[James] It may be a few minutes before she's back.

[Master] We need to redo all thos etemp modifiers.

[Master] Sure.

[Dralafi (Jared)] well, its WinME. That;s what it was born to do.

[Master] The ones involving the inspire confidence stuff

[Sedlack] Ah.

[Joe] Looks like the HP stuck.

[Dralafi (Jared)] all my mods are still there.

[Joe] (maxes, at least)

[Master] inspire changes thingy

[Sedlack] My haste and prayer and bless are all there

[Shottamip (Tamora)] He's fixing things.

[Joe] Same here.

[Don] yeah, looks like all my temps are good.

[Sedlack] map us

[Joe] brb ... Erica needs some heavy lifting.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] We can't adjust HP without a map, apparently.

[Don] "heavy lifting" hmm?

[Don] ;)

[Master] Tonight's forecast calls for flurries of passion,

[Master] followed by extended periods of Gettin' It On.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm just curious, why does Lia have a big Spell Resistance temp mod?

[James] From the sword

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Nifty.

[Sedlack] Okay. I can't re-adjust Roger's HP, apparently.

[Master] Try it again, I just fixed that thing.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

Angie has joined the game.

[Dralafi (Jared)] client participation is offish

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nope

[Don] How'd the "heavy lifting" go?

[Tamora] Lia's hit points adjusted by 14 to 83.

[Joe] Yeah, fifteen to twenty seconds of heavy lifting's all i'm good for.

[Tamora] Aric's hit points adjusted by 21 to 84.

[Sedlack] Roger's hit points adjusted by 1 to 33.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] OK! Let's kill this thing.

[Master] Clearcase biscuits! Clearcase wine!

[Joe] !!!

[James] ???

[Joe] I call shenanigans on Kimmitt for not even knowing what that means.

[Master] It's version management software.

[Master] Development tool.

[Don] That's what *I* thought it meant

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's blow this thing and go home.

[Don] What were you thinking, Joe?

[Joe] Okay, so you got half the joke.

[James] Yes, I helped re-design Motorola's network.

[Don] Ah.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We used ClearCase at Geneer so Michael's heard me complain.

[Joe] ClearCase is awesome as long as you have good IT people.

[Joe] We did.

[Joe] (fortunately)

[Joe] Anyway, what's Lia doing?

[James] We're just using lame-o CVS now at DMS.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It was fine once they developed the graphic interface,

[James] arrows.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] psst...don't forget to chat as character

[Master] on the phone jas


[Shottamip (Tamora)] 8 years after everyone else had adopted Windows.

[Don] I wouldn't know, I was using it from a Solaris box

[Don] So I didn't mind the CLI. ;)


[Velkyna (Joe)] Huh. We ran it on HPUX and it'd been GUI since, like, 1996.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Has anyone here seen a wee jas?

Brian has joined the game.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] When every other software company seems to be using a nice simple integrated-with-Visual-C++ tool and you aren't, you get grumpy.

[Don] Ok, sure.

[Master] sorry, was political organizing

[Velkyna (Joe)] DEANTASTIC

[Arkady (James)] I've heard some horror stories about MS's Visual Source Safe.

[Master] Oh Lord yes

[Master] This is so fucking much fun.

[Brian] sorry about the delay, had some other things i had to do while waiting for the crash to come back

[Master] okay, are we all modified?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Should be, yeah.

[Arkady (James)] looks OK.

[Lia (Angie)] I think so

[Master] Sounds good.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, wait, you forgot to add in Vel's +5 sword.

[Master] Lia, take action, please?

[Master] It's always something.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I have a wand of wish that you forgot about.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] execpt when it's nothing

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+6) ** * MC longbow (GMW) [t] hits AC: ((d20+13+6)) [(4+13+6)] 23

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 23 misses Nightwalker

[Master] I think you're confused. You have a Fish called Wanda.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Where do you buy one of those?

[Master] attack 2?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] A wand of wish?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Or is it a gift from a greater god to his holy high priest once a millennium or something?

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+6) ** * MC longbow (GMW) [t] hits AC: ((d20+8+6)) [(17+8+6)] 31

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 31 (probably) hits Nightwalker

[Master] damage

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The Dane might sell you one.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... FOR YOUR SOUL

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** * MC longbow (GMW) [t] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(5+7+1)] 13 points of damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+6) ** * MC longbow (GMW) [t] hits AC: ((d20+13+6)) [(12+13+6)] 31

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 31 (probably) hits Nightwalker

[Nightwalker] Fuck Peter Jackson.

[Master] damage

[Don] hee

[Dralafi (Jared)] lol

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** * MC longbow (GMW) [t] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(3+7+1)] 11 points of damage.

[Brian] well this challenger is done for. only 2 dishes, one of which a judge called "average". and the first dish by the iron chef was called a masterpiece.

[Master] Roger

[Roger (Jeff)] Shit, I dunno

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tumble.

[Velkyna (Joe)] When in doubt, tumble.

[Dralafi (Jared)] CAST DETECT DRAGON

[Velkyna (Joe)] CAST FOOL'S GOLD

[Roger (Jeff)] The illusion turns around and moons the nightwalker


[Arkady (James)] get a dispel magic ready

[Master] noted.

[Master] Aedean.

[Arkady (James)] prepare to counter-spell perhaps

[Shottamip (Tamora)] See, this is why I'm not hasting Roger.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Partial action 1: Cast Divine Favor.

[Dralafi (Jared)] DISRUPT UNDEAD

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don't worry Roger, I'm equally useless. Thing is, I don't know it yet.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] mods done

[Master] FOr the record, Nightwalkers can See Invisible continuously.

[Master] Vel's even less useful than she thought. ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'M WELL AWARE. VEL IS NOT.

[Master] A

[Master] ric


[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm not done yet

[Master] ooh sorry

[Master] go ahead, Chris.

[Master] Lia, how are you on arrows?

[Velkyna (Joe)] she should have 3 left

[Master] k

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Free action: "Back in 12. Hope you guys are there when I am."

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Partial Action 2: Cast Ethereal Jaunt

[Master] yeeeee-ha!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Invisible, incorporeal)

[Lia (Angie)] I have one GMW arrow left

[Velkyna (Joe)] M'badd.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BUM RUSH THE SHOW

[Master] Aric.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Move Equivalent: move down 10 feet, horizontally 20 feet

[Master] like so?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure.

[Master] ok

[Master] Aric's u

[Master] p

[Dralafi (Jared)] WARM IT UP, SEBBY

[Velkyna (Joe)] HE'S ABOUT TO

[Dralafi (Jared)] WARM IT UP, SEBBY



[Brian] sorry had it pased

[Brian] paused

[Brian] free action: "If you won't come to us, YEARGH!!!!"

[Master] Sure.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Eat it!

[Brian] ward cestus unarmed strike

[Master] One little thing

[Don] zoinks!

[Master] THe wall is 10' high

[Master] But Aric's a monk!

[Dralafi (Jared)] oh this isnt good.

[Master] so it doesn't matter!

[Velkyna (Joe)] TUMBLE

[Master] Aric attacks.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Which wall?

[Velkyna (Joe)] The wall we're on.

[Master] The one you're standing on.

[Brian] Aric: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+5) ** Ward cestus [S] hits AC: ((d20+10+5)) [(5+10+5)] 20

[Brian] Aric's attack of 20 misses Nightwalker

[Velkyna (Joe)] The brown part.

[Defthon (Don)] That we're standing on.

[Master] ok

[Master] next attack.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Thats a wall? I gues I wont back off it hen.

[Defthon (Don)] Good of him to mention it, though, I'd forgotten.

[Brian] Aric: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+5) ** Ward cestus [S] hits AC: ((d20+7+5)) [(12+7+5)] 24

[Brian] Aric's attack of 24 misses Nightwalker

[Master] ok

[Brian] DAMMIT

[Brian] well i'm about to be spanked


[Master] Dral


[Arkady (James)] I have to Dral's on screen

[Arkady (James)] two Drals

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditto

[Velkyna (Joe)] I have two Arics.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+18+2)) [(15+18+2)] 35

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 35 (probably) hits Nightwalker

[Master] fixed

[Master] damage

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditto that

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(4+7+1)] 12 points of damage.

[Roger (Jeff)] I have two Drals in the morning, i have two Arics at night

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+18+2)) [(14+18+2)] 34

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 34 (probably) hits Nightwalker

[Velkyna (Joe)] Bring it!

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(6+7+1)] 14 points of damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** +2 Lbow/+3 Arrow (3rd Shot) [B] hits AC: ((d20+13+2)) [(16+13+2)] 31

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 31 (probably) hits Nightwalker

[Velkyna (Joe)] BRING IT

[Master] damn that's a lot of arrows

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 Lbow/+3 Arrow (3rd Shot) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(5+7+1)] 13 points of damage.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] What a lovely man.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (Base) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20+2)) [(17+20+2)] 39

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 39 (probably) hits Nightwalker


[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (Base) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(4+7+1)] 12 points of damage.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How many GMW arrows does he have left?

[Dralafi (Jared)] 18, now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He had 30.

[Arkady (James)] I have him 30

[Dralafi (Jared)] thats why you gave me 30.

[Master] ok then

[Master] Shottamip

[Arkady (James)] Can someone heal him?


[Shottamip (Tamora)] Defthon:

[Master] Nah, I rolled random HP and got a very nice result

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Wyrm's Girth: increases the target's dimensions up to x1.5 and weight up to x3.4 for 11 minutes; a creature gains a +2 enlargement bonus to Strength


[Defthon (Don)] Nifty!

[Arkady (James)] Huge and beefy

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Could not lock character sheet to set temporary modifiers. Locked by Don


[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey, add it yourself if you want.

[Arkady (James)] He looks like a giant Brad Pitt

[Velkyna (Joe)] He IS a giant Brad Pitt.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, that's what I was doing

[Defthon (Don)] That's +1 bonus to strength, yes?

[Master] aye

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Any other suggestions, or should I enlarge Aedean too?

[Arkady (James)] boiiiiiiing

[Master] YOu can't see Aedean to enlarge him

[Defthon (Don)] Can you? He's incorporeal righ tnow

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean is presently on the Ethereal Plane

[Arkady (James)] Enlarge Aric

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Too far away.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He can see all of you, though.

[Arkady (James)] can someone heal Dral.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I support that plan

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I could dump a CLW potion on him ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, SOMETHING I CAN DO

[Master] hehe

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'LL GET IT

[Velkyna (Joe)] ME

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You do that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ME

[Arkady (James)] good

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I will hold to counterspell.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yay! I'm helping!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Done.

[Master] Def

[Defthon (Don)] I do kno whe has *some* dam resist, right?

[Master] yes

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, two GMW arrows left:

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** longbow/GMW arrow [b] hits AC: ((d20+9+2+4+2)) [(18+9+2+4+2)] 35

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 35 (probably) hits Nightwalker

[Master] damage

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** ** MODIFIED BY: STR (+1) ** longbow/GMW arrow [b] does ((1d8+3+3+1)) [(4+3+3+1)] 11 points of damage.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** longbow/GMW arrow [b] hits AC: ((d20+4+2+4+2)) [(9+4+2+4+2)] 21

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 21 misses Nightwalker

[Defthon (Don)] So then I drop my bow, draw my sword


[Arkady (James)] actually, if he has a mighty longbow, he'd get more damge from the enlarge

[Defthon (Don)] Step forward, and figure out what the hell to do next

[Master] yes +1 damage

[Arkady (James)] maybe

[Defthon (Don)] That shoudl've got factored in

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It just did

[Master] Don already did his char sheet so that it was factored.

[Arkady (James)] OK

[Velkyna (Joe)] Free action, pull out the Keoghtom's ointment.

[Master] Vel guards the horses.

[Velkyna (Joe)] MEA move to Dral.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Std action, RUB HIM WITH THE LOTION


[Master] Dral:

[Master] Good news and bad news.

[Master] Bad news, you're being touched out of nowhere.

[Master] Good news, she seems nice.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll: ((1d8+5)) [(3+5)] 8

[Defthon (Don)] *chuckle*

[Velkyna (Joe)] Give him 8 HP

[Master] Will save to figure it out before doing something foolish.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Will: ** MODIFIED BY: WILL(+1) ** (d20+8+1) [17+8+1] 26

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Vel's not inaudible you know

[Master] kewl

[Master] She didn't say anythign. ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I move pretty quiet.

[Master] ANd there's this whole battle thing going on

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Move Silently: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+21+1) [6+21+1] 28

[Master] hehe

[Aedean (Sedlack)] She said "I'll heal DRal"

Nightwalker flees

[Tamora] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 8 to 40.

[Defthon (Don)] SERIOUSLY??

[Velkyna (Joe)] GET IT

[Master] It hops the rubble then uses it as cover.

[Jared] Dralafi no longer targets Nightwalker.

[Jared] Dralafi targets Nightwalker. Distance: 264'09"

[Master] Aric, you get an attack of opportunity.

[Velkyna (Joe)] FINISH IT

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can't counterspell a Flee.

[Master] The nightwalker is no longer visible.

[Dralafi (Jared)] HOW MUCH COVER?

[Master] total

[Dralafi (Jared)] FARKER

[Master] Nightwalker: Hide: 4

[Master] it gets circumstance bonuses...

[Dralafi (Jared)] NICE HIDE

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

[Master] due to being made of shadow at night

[Velkyna (Joe)] I hid better than that when I was 6 months old.

[Master] That said, Aric, roll the circumstnace.

[Master] Joe: That's cuz you were much much smaller.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] AoO

[Master] AoO, please.

[Master] Aric.

[Brian] sorry

[Brian] Aric: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+5) ** Ward cestus [S] hits AC: ((d20+10+5)) [(1+10+5)] 16 [CRITICAL MISS]

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know, Dral's still on the Carpet.


[Master] hehe

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fly after his ass.

[Master] ok, no probs there.

[Dralafi (Jared)] how far can I go on the carpet?

[Master] 60 feet

[Master] Have you flown it before?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yes, Dral and I are the ones still on the carpet.

[Dralafi (Jared)] and what happens when he dispels it and eats me?

[Master] THen you taste like chicken.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shot can fly it and Dral can shoot.

[Dralafi (Jared)] mmm. chicken.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Again with the Dispel, though

[Roger (Jeff)] FLY BY SHOOTING

[Master] "I'm chaste like Nixon!"

[Arkady (James)] stay low to the ground then.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tuck and roll.

[Dralafi (Jared)] fly south like so we can get around the rubble without getting closer.

[Master] ok

[Brian] my explanation for the critical miss, btw, is that i was so shocked it ran, i was expecting it to wail on me hard

[Dralafi (Jared)] well, a bit clser.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Aric: ITS AFRAID OF YOU

[Master] like so?

[Master] The rubble:

[Dralafi (Jared)] Its ok to get closer. just not on top of it.

[Brian] i think it fears you, link

[Velkyna (Joe)] 60' though, right?

[Master] It used to be a 30' tall castle.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That was only 50'

[Master] So there are beams that go up 10-15 feet

[Master] (I assumed they went up 5 feet as well

[Master] )

[Master] (for a better angle)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah

[Dralafi (Jared)] IF i can see it from hear, I'm all good :)

[Master] It collapsed down into a basement as well

[Master] So there's this huge confused jumble of rotted ironwood, regular wood, and foundational supports.

[Nightwalker] Master . . . save me . . .

[Arkady (James)] Uh oh.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think we'll have to get another turn closer to pick it out.

[Defthon (Don)] THAT'S BAD

[Brian] shit

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Huh?

[Master] Roger, Lia, Aedean, what are you doing?

[Master] Let's do this quickly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's not "happy to see me", is it?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Why'd we fly through the initiative like that?

[Roger (Jeff)] Nothing

[Master] ok

[Master] Roger watches intently.

[Master] Gimme a spot check

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Running toward the way it ran.

[Master] ok

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+10+1) [14+10+1] 25

[Arkady (James)] Arkady gives Lia his magic arrows

[Master] That's pretty good. You think if you got a little closer, you could pick it out.

[Master] ok

[Master] Lia?

[Arkady (James)] thinking....

[Arkady (James)] Is the carpet OK again?

[Master] nope

[Master] It should be in a turn or two, tho

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lia's hasted, she should be able to neatly move into position.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Lia is way heavier than normal, as far as the carpet goes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] weight x 3.4

[Arkady (James)] still thinking...

[Master] sure

[Lia (Angie)] How fast can I move?

[Master] Personally?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wouldn't she move faster, with a longer stride?

[Master] Size determines base movement.

[Master] Lia's still "Medium."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] *except Dwarves

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.

[Arkady (James)] because of their short stubby legs

[Velkyna (Joe)] *: STUMPY LEGS

[Arkady (James)] ah yes, thick as stumps

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's interesting, we've got every damn race represented except dwarves.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Actually, it's more that their "solid construction" makes them medium-sized, despite their stature

[Lia (Angie)] I grab the arrows and move my max

[Arkady (James)] she can move 60' for a full move, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yep. Or run 90'

[Velkyna (Joe)] x4 if she runs.

[Master] Heavy armor

[Defthon (Don)] ...including a 10' drop?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] x3 (heavy armor)

[Master] base 20

[Master] You gotta get some mithral plate

[Master] ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah. See, I don't worry much about the heavy armor.

[Arkady (James)] OK, first a roll to get down the wall.

[Arkady (James)] Jump?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah. I've got so many bonuses to running, I have to recalculate every time.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Jump: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL+STR (+1+1) ** (d20+5+1+1) [1+5+1+1] 8

[Master] hm

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Jump or tumble

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's, um. -2 feet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She actually jumps up.


[Master] hehe

[Master] Please take 6 damage from the fall

[Master] That's gonna end your turn.

[Master] Lia picks herself up and prepares to charge after the Nightwalker.

[Velkyna (Joe)] A lot of damn 6s on those d6 to fall rolls.

[Master] 6

[Master] 5

[Master] ok whew

[Master] I thought I was typing it in wrong

[Tamora] Lia's hit points adjusted by -6 to 77.

[Master] Aric

[Brian] am i enlarged?

[Master] it's your turn.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Just the swordbearers.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Run, Arric, Run!

[Brian] ok, so if i "run", what can i do when i get to him?

[Velkyna (Joe)] CHARGE

[Brian] run is move x 4, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] CHARGE

[Master] yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Running is a full-round action.

[Master] run and then do spot to find him

[Velkyna (Joe)] But Aric is hasted, yes?

[Brian] he's 200 ft away

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hasted yes.

[Master] yes, hasted

[Brian] let's see, 60x4 = 240

[Velkyna (Joe)] So full round run, partial round attack.

[Brian] so i can run over, but i can't attack then right?

[Master] yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Crap. I forgot to take my extra partial last turn. Oh well.

[Master] if you spot him, then you could find him

[Brian] Aric: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+6+1) [16+6+1] 23

[Dralafi (Jared)] NICE SPOT

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's why I say hey man nice spot.

[Master] Aric finds the Nightwalker amidst the rubble

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's some nice spot man.

[Brian] ok, so i can do a single unarmed attack, right?

[Master] Absolutely.

[Master] At your max stuff

[Brian] i message where he is to everyone

[Dralafi (Jared)] BEAT IT

[Velkyna (Joe)] JUST BEAT IT (BEAT IT)

[Brian] Aric: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+5) ** Ward cestus [S] hits AC: ((d20+10+5)) [(16+10+5)] 31

[Brian] Aric's attack of 31 (probably) hits Nightwalker

[Velkyna (Joe)] WOOOH

[Master] Roll damage

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Everyone on the Prime Material Plane, anyway.


[Master] Er.

[Master] Did anyone GMW the Ward Cestus?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] no

[Dralafi (Jared)] I dont think so.

[Master] ok roll damage

[Arkady (James)] no

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Brian] my damage is all messed up

[Master] what would it be?

[Master] STR plus 1d10, yes?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +1 prayer

[Master] 10

[Master] That's right, yes?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dunno, we just see "10"

[Defthon (Don)] Dunno, we didn't see the roll breakdown

[Master] Ah.

[Master] 3 + 2 + 5

[Master] 5 str

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's right.

[Brian] Aric: Damage 1: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+2) ** Ward cestus [S] does ((1d10+4+2)) [(7+4+2)] 13 points of damage.

[Brian] fixed it, sorry

[Master] kewl

[Master] The damage is absorbed by the foul creature's spell resistance.

[Dralafi (Jared)] blast!

[Velkyna (Joe)] CURSE YOU AVATAR

[Arkady (James)] I hope you mean damage resistance...


[Master] yes, damage resistance.

[Master] Sorry.

[Master] ok

[Dralafi (Jared)] lol

[Arkady (James)] Actually, we're not really being sneaky, you can just yell it too. :-)

[Master] Something more like,

[Brian] ok i yell it out

[Master] "MY ATTACKS WERE ABSORBED TO NO EFFECT," since D&D folks don't think exactly

[Master] in terms of +1, +2, etc.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Excellent. Now I can hear, too.

[Brian] i use my +1 keyboard of typing to input my text

[Master] hehe

[Master] Dral

[Master] is on the carpet

[Dralafi (Jared)] Can I see it from here?

[Master] You can see Aric, so you have a general area, but can't see it.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I delay until shottamip moves the carpet.


[Master] ok

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Maybe shoot some, hold a partial until after

[Arkady (James)] Closer

[Master] Shot

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I move the carpet?

[Master] a

[Master] mip

[Master] yes

[Dralafi (Jared)] can I see it now? :)

[Master] Spot check

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+6+1) [19+6+1] 26

[Velkyna (Joe)] roll high

[Velkyna (Joe)] W00T

[Dralafi (Jared)] thats about as high as I can roll.

[Brian] that's a spicy meatball

[Master] Ok it has 75% cover from your angle.

[Brian] or spot check, case depending

[Master] you've got a shot, though.


[Dralafi (Jared)] cover or concealment?


[Master] cover

[Master] Take your shot.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I use my haste partial action to cast true strike

[Master] 1 range increment.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE

[Master] +20 to hit

[Master] For Dralafi, the world swiftly ceases to exist.

[Master] The spell focuses his mind and his body, and his training only serves to magnify the effect.

[Brian] Taking another swig from the bottle, the same happens to Jared as well.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Im not going to use fast shot.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] There is no sound; there is no movement, there is Dralafi, the bow, the arrow, and the target.

[Velkyna (Joe)] and the carpet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] and Shottamip driving the carpet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And, y'know, the cover.

[Arkady (James)] Mommmmiiieeee, Mike's being poetic again!

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+2) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (Base) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20+2)) [(13+20+2)] 35

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 35 misses Nightwalker

[Velkyna (Joe)] And Aric.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] +20 is 55.

[Dralafi (Jared)] there should be another +20 on that

[Master] He stops even breathing.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I edited the sheet, but it didnt like it :)

[Dralafi (Jared)] damage?

[Master] And then there is only the bow, the arrow, and the target.

[Master] No Dralafi at all.

[Master] He releases.

[Master] And there is only the target.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's all ninja and shit!

[Defthon (Don)] *giggle*

[Master] damage

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (Base) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(3+7+1)] 11 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Shottamip (Tamora)] HIP HIP

[Dralafi (Jared)] lousy roll, but oh well :)


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Score!

[Roger (Jeff)] Woo!

[Dralafi (Jared)] THAT'S RIGHT



[Master] The arrow threads past the cover, past Aric, and into the creature's exposed chest


[Arkady (James)] wowsers

[Master] Then passes through, leaving a trail of sparks.


[Brian] OLE OLE OLE OLE...OLE....OLE!!!

[Master] The living shadow dissolves, a circle of normality spreading out from the arrow wound,

[Velkyna (Joe)] OLE

[Velkyna (Joe)] OLE


[Velkyna (Joe)] OLE

[Velkyna (Joe)] OLE

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOOOOOOOLE


[Dralafi (Jared)] HE SHOOTS HE SCORES

[Master] the darkness devoured by . . . air.

[Dralafi (Jared)] That wizard level was so worth it.

[Defthon (Don)] It's a good fit for your character.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Excellent wizard level.

[Master] Reflex save to avoid falling off the carpet, Dral.

[Dralafi (Jared)] lol

[Defthon (Don)] That spell in particular is a really fucking good spell for a fighter.

[Defthon (Don)] HA!

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Reflex: ** MODIFIED BY: REF(+1) ** (d20+10+1) [16+10+1] 27


[Master] Dral weaves for a moment as he remembers, suddenly, the existence of his body.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And the carpet

[Master] Then regains his focus and balance.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And the ground.


[Arkady (James)] and how the ground might hurt his body...

[Dralafi (Jared)] I tumble.

[Defthon (Don)] Moving along.

[Defthon (Don)] Are we done here? Wtf was the deal with this "master" he was talking about?

[Asratia] Arkady, are you successful?

[Brian] i move back to the party

[Defthon (Don)] I pick up my bow.

[Arkady (James)] Asratia: apparently so.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is there anything else around here?

[Lia (Angie)] Is the other carpet working yet?

[Asratia] Yes, it just starts up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm going to spend a couple rounds checking out the rubble from inside it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] What happened to all the "activity and lights"?








[Master] ok

[Master] The other carpet starts up with a faint whoosh noise

[Arkady (James)] Let's regroup back on the wall.

[Defthon (Don)] I thought it had been dispelled?

[Defthon (Don)] Isn't that permanent?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] no

[Master] dispel lasts for 1d4 rounds on an item

[Defthon (Don)] Oh!

[Brian] we've had it happen to us before :)

[Arkady (James)] Arkady will take the carpet, and pick up the people below the wall.

[Lia (Angie)] Thanks

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We go through this a lot.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel turns visible.

[Brian] Good thing it didn't see you, Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good thing!

[Velkyna (Joe)] I was all ready to clock it, too.

[Asratia] How is Aramil?

[Brian] is it just arkady she can talk to?

[Arkady (James)] My lady, he is dead. I am sorry.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Anything of note? I'm particularly looking around where the Nightwalker burrowed up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He won't be attending that HAT CONVENTION in July!

[Brian] We can fix that.

[Brian] or the furry convention.

[Arkady (James)] Asratia: It may be possible to bring him back, however.

[Brian] he goes as a dire fox

[Dralafi (Jared)] a celestial dire fox?

[Master] Aedean, spot check?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+13+1) [20+13+1] 34

[Roger (Jeff)] Oh momma

[Arkady (James)] Let's get Dral healed, before anything else.

[Master] Do so, and quickly. We need his knowledge of the night flyer.


[Arkady (James)] Asratia: got it.

[Arkady (James)] Shot and Dral, please move back to the wall.

[Defthon (Don)] Aedean too...

[Master] Aedean: There's nothing else there. There is almost certainly some kind of summoning chamber below the rubble, but you'd have to pick you way down to it, maybe dig.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean's "searching"

[Master] Search check

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Search: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+1+1) [14+1+1] 16

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wonder if the summoners got out the secret way.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Underground.

[Defthon (Don)] So who was the "master" he was talking to?

[James] Arkady targets Dralafi. Distance: 22'11"

[Illusory Elf] I wish my mom was still alive.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds: (DC=(10++3+1) [10+3+1] 14) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(2+5)] -7 HP recovered

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds: (DC=(10++3+1) [10+3+1] 14) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(8+5)] -13 HP recovered

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Are the elves short on gryphons? Should we bring it back to be raised?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Anything on the search?

[Master] Nothing, really.

[James] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 20 to 54.

[Master] They stripped the place pretty clean.

[Lia (Angie)] We need to get Aramil back to Cloudhome and regroup

[Master] It seems like they used up the ironwood in some fashion; it seems like it aged suddenly.

[James] Arkady targets Lia. Distance: 14'09"

[James] Arkady no longer targets Dralafi.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The things can... I dunno ... affect wood.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] All the Hastes and so forth go away. I can take out those mods.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, I'll head back up. And return to the good ol' PMP.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Pimpmobile?

[Asratia] The nightflyer is stalking our Rangers. If you can, bring back Aramil so that I may speak with him.

[Asratia] Can you raise him there?

[Arkady (James)] Asratia: Let me see...

[Arkady (James)] So guys, do we want to raise Aramil here?

[Dralafi (Jared)] thanks for the heal

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] At least, we can.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I cleared out all of the Haste bonuses.

[Arkady (James)] Asratia: we'll raise him here.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Then let's bring him back fast.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hey, Mike, de-invis Aedean.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] What about the Prayer and Bless and Inspire Greatness -- are they all just for a few rounds?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yep.

[Arkady (James)] inspire greatness is just 5 rounds

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, I'll take care of it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Got mine already.

[Dralafi (Jared)] mine too

[Lia (Angie)] I put my modifiers back to just the sword

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wiped out all of mine.

[Brian] so do all of my mods go away?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bring Aramil down here and I'll take care of him

[Arkady (James)] mine oare done.

[Arkady (James)] Better yet, we'll bring you up here.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whichever

[James] Arkady no longer targets Lia.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Actually, the size increases and corresponding STR bonuses will last for 11 minutes, so, a little longer.

[Arkady (James)] Well, we can add those back if we get back into combat

[Asratia] sounds good

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Exactly.

[Master] I swear to fuck,

[Master] I will get the head programmers

[Master] to put a little box on the top row, saying

[Master] "Chatting as:"

[Master] grr.

[Master] Aedean, do your magic thing.

[Master] And don't forget to hit return after every entry on the temp mods

[Dralafi (Jared)] can you get them to write actual documentation, too? :)

[Master] If you don't, it won't work.

[Master] Jared: I cannot work miracles.

[Master] No matter how many curse words I swear to.

[Dralafi (Jared)] how about just providing a list of what each of the fields means? :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean would but he's way over there.

[Arkady (James)] Do we want to fix the griffon too?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, using one of the Scrolls of Raise Dead we found last time...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I moved myself.

[Brian] i removed all my mods

[Master] Maybe keep the Magic Fang

[Brian] is that just the +! to attack?

[Brian] er +1

[Shottamip (Tamora)] +1 attack and +1 damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] And damage

[Brian] got it

[Arkady (James)] Sounds like some east-coast people are getting sleepy

[Brian] mike...XP? :)

[Defthon (Don)] ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Angie's east coast now too ...

[Brian] i assume he means angie

[Defthon (Don)] why do you say that?

[Defthon (Don)] ah.

[Arkady (James)] I'm on the phone with her now.

[Master] kewl

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, DON, he can go all night like a lumberjack.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OKay. I assume the Raise goes off without a hitch?

[Master] Aedean, do your thang.

[Master] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I did. He gets 1 HP per HD (after losing a level )

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aramil rejects the raise dead. he's holding out for a true resurrection.

[James] Mike, does the character you're chatting at go italic in the campaign window?

[Master] Yes, but that's pretty damn small an reminder.

[Aramil] Wha . . .

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We can't have you thinking that all humans want all elves dead, now can we?

Aramil sits up suddenly

[Lia (Angie)] Welcome back

[Aramil] The nightflyer! Gaveena!

[James] Asratia: Who's Gaveena?

[Velkyna (Joe)] HIS WOMAN

[Asratia] His gryphon, child.

[Brian] james is chatting as asratia now?

[Velkyna (Joe)] RIGHT. I SAID "HIS WOMAN"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No, he was addressing her.

[Brian] he is a furry i guess

[James] Can the griffon be raised?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey baby, I need you to wear this griffon outfit ...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Awwwwwww, yeah.

[Arkady (James)] Joe, there's somethign wrong with you...

[Lia (Angie)] OOC Are we close to done? I still need to do my shot

[Aramil] Aedean?

Aramil shakes his head

[Aramil] Where is the nightflyer?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It flew east.

Aramil stands woozily

[Arkady (James)] It headed east, why know not why.

[Aramil] It's going to tear our scouts to pieces.

[Aramil] It attacked Gaveena, just ignored me.

[Brian] from foodtv: "There are more than 300 sanctioned barbecue cookoffs in the United States every year."

[Brian] my quesation: WHO SANCTIONS BBQ COOKOFFS?!

[Velkyna (Joe)] "299 of them are in Texas"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I do, it's my night job.

[Aramil] Flew off like I didn't even exist after it killed Gaveena

[Arkady (James)] The Kansas City Barbeque Association

[Velkyna (Joe)] The BBQ Committee.

[Aramil] I even shot the damn thing, it ignored me.

[Arkady (James)] So does it just have a thing for griffons?

[Dralafi (Jared)] "Between them, the Lone Star Barbecue Society and the International Barbeque Cookers Association sanction about 130 cook-offs a year,"

Aramil shakes his head.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It might be summoned with a purpose.

[Aramil] I know little about these creatures.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That may be the case.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Let's get Gaveena and head back, hmmm?

[Aramil] Get . . . Gaveena?

Aramil spots the gryphon's broken body.

[Aramil] Oh . . .

[Arkady (James)] Well, you don't want to just leave her here, do you?

Aramil shakes his head again

[Aramil] No, of course not.

[Dralafi (Jared)] OOC: also the American Barbecue association, the Central Texas BBQ Association, etc. just google.

[Arkady (James)] How much does she way, by the way?

Aramil coughs bloodily.

[Arkady (James)] weigh I mean

[Aramil] A little less than she used to.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Serious Wounds: (DC=(10+5+3) [10+5+3] 18) (0-(3d8+9)) [0-((5+1+5)+9)] -20 HP recovered

[Brian] be back in a few minutes...gotta go afk

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aramil] Let us wrap her in a blanket and teleport her back.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] on Aramil

[Defthon (Don)] Maybe we should stuff her in a bag and then raise her later

[Defthon (Don)] Can the carpets carry that much?

[Arkady (James)] I don't think she'll fit in a bag

[Aramil] perhaps Misre or Obad-Haiset will be on Cloudhome.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd imagine that griffon would weigh more than a horse.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll teleport her.

[Arkady (James)] If she's less than 900 lbs, I can levitate her for 90 minutes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Will someone please help with the blanket-wrapping that Aramil proposed?

[Lia (Angie)] Do we have a blanket?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure.

[Arkady (James)] I have a bedroll, will that help?

[Master] Too small, unfortunately.

[Master] A regular blanket will be enough.

[Master] Does Vel happen to have one?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I have a blanket.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Several of us have bedrolls. We could stitch them together.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And a wool cleak.

[Velkyna (Joe)] cloak

[Shottamip (Tamora)] The haversack comes through.

[Arkady (James)] a wool croak?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] gecloaken


[Master] (dazedly) Thank you, Velkyna.

[Defthon (Don)] Saw *that* one coming.

[Aramil] (dazedly) Thank you, Velkyna.

Velkyna (Joe) just nods.

Aramil stops speaking common and drifts into elvish.

[Aramil] Come on, we have to wrap her.

[Arkady (James)] So, less than 550lbs, teleport, less than 900, levitate, yes?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Come on, come on, people might be dying while we laze around here.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (MIke-did you give Aramil the extra 20 HP I cured him?)

[Master] yep

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. Just checking

[Aramil] Oh! Lia. I didn't see you.

Aramil gathers together the larger parts of the gryphon on the blanket.

[Arkady (James)] She's like 8 ft tall now...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And considering her current size, that's quite an oversight.

Aramil looks up

[Aramil] Shottamip?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yes, Aramil?

[Aramil] Are you ready?

[Aramil] (in elvish)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sorry, Common? Or Gnome, or Draconic?

[Aramil] Oh. Of course.

[Aramil] Are you ready to teleport, Shottamip?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yes. Would you like to come with me, or go on the carpet?

[Aramil] With you, please.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*11) [50*11] 550 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [74] 74

[Master] Shottamip disappears, along with Aramil and the gryphon

[Arkady (James)] OK, back on the carpets, and we're out of here.

[Master] You have an uneventful flight back.

[Arkady (James)] yay

[Lia (Angie)] that's nice

[Velkyna (Joe)] X

[Velkyna (Joe)] P

[Arkady (James)] We don't like being intercepted by green dragons

[Arkady (James)] That's Joe/Vel...

[Arkady (James)] it's either money or XP

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, I'm so close to 12th I can TASTE IT

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 3600 XP?

[Arkady (James)] Does it taste like chicken?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Only 2500 for Vel


[Master] 1200 XP each

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's a prediction.

[Velkyna (Joe)] DAMMIT

[Aedean (Sedlack)] WHAT!?!

[Master] I need to do a post-mortem, so I can decide which adventure to plan out next

[Master] Don't fade out quite yet.

[Defthon (Don)] well, we only got 1900 last time, and it was way harder

[Arkady (James)] We had several rolls go our way, however.

[Arkady (James)] It could have been much worse.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] There are a lot of us. If we'd left Roger and Defthon at home, say, there would have been more XP each for the rest of us. :)

[Defthon (Don)] I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We played this one a lot better.

[Master] Significantly.

[Master] But this encounter was worth 1200.

[Arkady (James)] Angie thinks it would have been hard to do worse.

[Master] Part of this is that your party level keeps increasing.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm just saying that based on the CR of the monster and the party level and size, the table indicates more than that.

[Master] You jumped from an average level of 10 to average 11.

[Master] Yes; I knocked a CR point off because of the favorable circumstances.

[Velkyna (Joe)] How? Our max level is 11.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Our max level is 11, how could it be our average?

[Master] Sorry, average 9 to average 10

[Master] type

[Master] o

[Master] typo

[Dralafi (Jared)] our average is 11? thats some funny math. :)

[Master] At any rate,

[Master] The Nightwalker generally attacks from ambush with lots of spells.

[Master] That's part of its crazy high CR.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 24000/9 = 2667

[Master] So I knocked 2 points off.

[Master] I've added points to CRs for other encounters (such as the Shadows or Destrachan) which hit

[Master] you at a disadvantage.

[Master] shrug

[Arkady (James)] Hey, we survived the fight, I'm glad.

[Master] I did divide by 10, though, which _is_ wrong.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 1333!

[Velkyna (Joe)] STILL NOT ENOUGH

[Velkyna (Joe)] (DAMMIT)

[Master] Yeah

[Master] 1333.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, not for me, either.

[Master] Next session. ;)

[Master] When you return, Aramil is sitting vigil over Gaveena's body.

[Master] Obad-Haiset and Misre are nowhere to be found.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] that's what I told myself last session.

[Master] hee.

[Lia (Angie)] I'm going to go do my shot

[Master] Don't worry, I"ve got glorious plans for the next few sessions.

[Master] You'll have no troubles levelling.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whee!

[Velkyna (Joe)] But I wanna level NOW!

[Dralafi (Jared)] Sweet nourishing Arcane Archer

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Of course, the amount I'm short now, it would be hard not to level.

[Master] Calculate your levelling stuff; you'll get to use it next adventure anyway

Angie has left the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You could go hunt some rabbits for dinner or something.

[Brian] so 1333xp?

[Master] aye

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Okay

[Master] Give Angie our best, please, James.

[Master] You return to Cloudhome and are ushered into Asratia's presence.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Arkady (James)] Oh, I will

[Asratia] I am grateful for your safe return.

[Arkady (James)] We are also grateful for our safe return.

[Asratia] The nightflyer has inflicted terrible losses on our flying rangers and their mounts.

[Brian] Were the rangers off to the east, my lady?

[Asratia] So much so, that I have agreed to re-examine a decision we made some time ago.

[Asratia] Yes, Aric.

[Asratia] Ivellian?

[Ivellian] Shortly before Seren's folly, a terrible invention was created by one of the wizards in his company.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (please be a gold machine please be a gold machine)

[Ivellian] An automaton capable of creating other automatons in its own image.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (dammit)

[Arkady (James)] a self-replicating assemler?

[Dralafi (Jared)] OOC: oh, thats no good.

[Ivellian] The device was unleashed as a result of a border dispute, and its creations ravaged entire kingdoms.

[Arkady (James)] So grey goo then.

[Ivellian] It was defeated by Lord Seren himself -- it is said that this great success was the keystone of his arrogance.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ooc Ooh, robot tribbles.

[Velkyna (Joe)] More like golem tribbles

[Ivellian] However, because of its magnificence, the item was not destroyed.

[Ivellian] It was hidden.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I KNEW IT

[Ivellian] Deep in the mountains to our west, above the realms of the Duergar, where even the Mountain Giants go rarely,

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Thanks, Dr. Calder!

[Ivellian] there is a crystal cave, preserved in time.


[Ivellian] In this cave is the greatest of the automatons.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, wait.

[Ivellian] In this cave is the elves' salvation.


[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, wait.


[Asratia] And their doom, Ivellian.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, wait.


[Ivellian] I believe that we must bring forth this . . . clockwork horror . . . and unleash it within the orcs' lands.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] Kind of random, isn't it?

[Dralafi (Jared)] OOC: Oh man. Thats not good.

[Ivellian] Only that way may we counter their ability to make good their losses.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 0/4

[Defthon (Don)] That sounds like a bad idea...

[Arkady (James)] And we turn it off afterwards how exactly?

[Velkyna (Joe)] 7 +1/+0 COUNTERS

[Dralafi (Jared)] Clockwork Avian?

[Brian] That sounds like a terrible idea. But I'm guessing you want us to do it anyway.

[Asratia] Well, that is the question, isn't it?

[Defthon (Don)] Curiosity: was Seren elf or human?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I cannot believe he does not shut up.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Has a cease & desist condition been added since then?

[Brian] Here's how I see it. The orcs are overwhelming you to the point where you feel you cannot defeat them.

[Ivellian] We deal with it fifty or a hundred years from now. Perhaps the human kingdoms might care to assist, instead of standing by as they do now.

[Brian] So you want to unleash something more powerful on them to do the work for you.

[Ivellian] And we will have a new God to assist us.

[Brian] But then...what do you do after it wins, and turns on you?

[Ivellian] But perhaps it will merely fail.

[Ivellian] And the orcs will be diminished.

[Defthon (Don)] and go into the west?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How did Seren stop them in the first place?

[Ivellian] Certainly, it was defeated once before, and the battle prowess of the Triumvirate is unmatched.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And perhaps the orcs will capture it, and transport it to your own lands.

[Dralafi (Jared)] OOC: Note to Brian: He's NEVER SEEN STAR TREK HE DOESN'T GET IT.

[Ivellian] Through no special tactic; merely an understanding of their ways and an exercise of his power.

Ivellian nods

[Ivellian] We, however, know its secrets.

[Ivellian] It is a far greater danger to them than to us.

[Arkady (James)] But it is a great danger to everyone, yes?

[Ivellian] The orcs destroy us because of their short lives. We shall use that against them.

[Ivellian] Yes. Many things are.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fair enough. So the plan is to get this device, turn it on, and set it loose in the orc lands?

[Ivellian] That is what I propose to you. You must make your own decision.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds good to me. But I'm a gambling man.

[Asratia] That as far as I will go. I will not endorse this plan of action; it seems like typical elvish short-sightedness.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm doomed to drift for all eternity with hardly any swag.

[Arkady (James)] Too bad we can't just move all the elves up here and hide out for a while.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, these are the same guys who locked a bunch of fucked up shit in a hole and hoped it would stay there.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Vel: Have you considered the possibility that the machine might have gold parts? If it makes more of itself....

[Defthon (Don)] hahaha

[Velkyna (Joe)] I considered it, but dismissed it as quackery.

[Asratia] OOC: This is a real decision; the choices open to your characters will change based on it.

[Defthon (Don)] This seems like a relaly bad idea. On the other hand, it would clear out the orc lands pretty well...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, what other courses of action ar eopen to us?

[Roger (Jeff)] I wanna see this machine in action!

[Asratia] I cannot answer that question, which is why I have allowed this conference to take place at all.

[Arkady (James)] So is that nasty flying dark beastie still out there?

[Asratia] Yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Letting the elves deal with attrition, pursue a delaying tactic, wait for the birth of the goddess.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait. So this machine is just a weapon, right? Except it's a weapon we may not be able to turn off?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, it's not evil or anything it's just a tool?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They claim they know how to turn it off.

[Defthon (Don)] Does it just rampage indiscriminately?

[Asratia] You have found the shortest path to the hoard, Velkyna.

[Ivellian] No.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do they?

Velkyna (Joe) looks confused.

[Arkady (James)] Though if it were that simple, they'd have used it already.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Ivelliean didn't say he could turn it off.

[Ivellian] It will seek to build a power base, then attack mining settlements in search of raw materials.

[Ivellian] It is not that we can deactivate it. It is that we know what attacks are most effective against it, while the orcs do not.

[Arkady (James)] So it can think for itself?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] He kind of indicated that with time and people they might figure out how to handle it.

[Ivellian] Yes, after a fashion.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So wait, turning it on turns on its replication shit?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw, man.

[Ivellian] That is inherent to its nature.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You ... I mean, you ...

[Defthon (Don)] Why is it that you need *us* to do this?

[Arkady (James)] It's like a disease.

Velkyna (Joe) shakes her head in disbelief.

[Ivellian] Because there are few parties of elves capable of slaughtering a nightwalker in three minutes,

[Ivellian] much less displaying the type of adaptability you do.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It was more like 24 seconds.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] :)

[Arkady (James)] LOL!

[Ivellian] You will face numerous challenges which we cannot foresee.

[Defthon (Don)] And all we did was shot it with a bunch of magic arrows. Seriously.

[Ivellian] And, finally, you are the fellows of our chosen ones.

[Defthon (Don)] Anyway,

[Defthon (Don)] this seems like a really bad idea.

[Ivellian] If we are to gamble the fate of the elves on the actions of a few, then you must be that few.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I have one other concern which makes me want to go after this thing....

[Roger (Jeff)] Are there any elven diviners that can be consulted?

[Defthon (Don)] I like that it would clear out the orcish lands, but the potential collateral damage seems too high.

[Brian] sorry had to go afk unexpectedly

[Asratia] Our clerics have been largely taken from us.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Often when we have come across powerful objects in our travels, there has been another there, sometimes seeking the same objects...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If all it does is go after mining settlements, I don't even get how you could expect it to "largely clear out the orcish lands."

[Velkyna (Joe)] Once it hits the mining settlements it GROWS

[Velkyna (Joe)] AND EATS

[Velkyna (Joe)] AND FUCKS SHIT UP

[Velkyna (Joe)] AND EATS SOME MORE


[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, such is my understanding.

[Ivellian] That is the first action it will take.

[Arkady (James)] So how many others will die, while it is killing orcs?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'd hate to think what would happen if he were to get ahold of this, collector of artifacts that he is.

[Ivellian] Then the orcs will attack it.

[Ivellian] And then they will be at war.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Interesting view -- if we don't go get it, you think that Tristam might, Aedean?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He might.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If he knows about it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He seems to like powerful stuff.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I do not particularly know this tristam fellow, but I feel that would be bad.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And he seems to not care about the negative consequences

[Asratia] I doubt that even your lich has knowledge of this artifact. Its origins are recondite indeed.

[Arkady (James)] There's the classic: we do the work of getting it, and he grabs it at the end.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I hate that part.

[Defthon (Don)] ooh, nice word.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So maybe the best thing to do is to go nowhere near it.

[Brian] Asratia, do you have any inclination of what Charis may think of such a plan?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Is Seren's battle with these devices not the stuff of legend?

[Ivellian] And wait until the elves abandon these lands to the orcs.

[Brian] I know I would be annoyed to be born faced with the task of destroying such a device.

[Ivellian] Because maybe, hopefully, Asratia's daughter will lead us to victory.

[Asratia] Ivellian!

[Brian] Would orcs ever consider negotiation?

[Ivellian] Asratia, Charis has made a decision, even if you cannot see it.

[Brian] Perhaps if we caused enough damage to them.

[Defthon (Don)] ha!

[Arkady (James)] If it were just the orcs, that would be one thing...

[Ivellian] Her agenda is not ours.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Not driven by the masters they have.

[Ivellian] Yes, orcs can be made to negotiate. They are bloodthirsty, but they are rational.

[Ivellian] But the Triumvirate seeks only our destruction.

[Arkady (James)] But the orcs are pawns in a larger game.

[Defthon (Don)] In any case, none of this seems to be getting us any closer to freeing Corellon Larethian, is it?

[Brian] So we take out enough of them to make them realize that further war is too damaging. A powerful leader is nothing without his support.

[Ivellian] Then, Paladin, let us gather for ourselves some breathing space in which to decide how to pursue that goal.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, I thought that Charis was the new Corellan ..?

[Ivellian] Aric, I must disagree. The Triumvirate gains power only through their devotion to Erythnul's desire for slaughter.

[Defthon (Don)] No, Charis is Corellon's daughter.

[Defthon (Don)] Will be, that is.

[Defthon (Don)] Wioll havon be.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but Corellan is gone and he left Charis to help ... right?

[Brian] OOC: Then let's just take out Erythnul.

[Asratia] Ivellian, I do not know what you mean. You have closed your mind to me.

[Defthon (Don)] Not permanently gone.

[Defthon (Don)] Kidnapped, captured.

[Ivellian] Asratia, I have fought alongside Aric, and I know that he is strong and true.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm so fucking confused.

[Ivellian] But he is not a leader of elves, nor would he care to be.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I need a drink.

[Arkady (James)] Me too.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Sense Motive: (d20+5) [6+5] 11

[Ivellian] Charis will be a new power in the world.

[Defthon (Don)] Fountain's over there...

[Brian] But it is foolhardy to ignore the advice of the mother of the God.

[Arkady (James)] I'm thinking we had enough drinking from that...

[Ivellian] Charis will lead many orcs and half-orcs to righteousness.

[Brian] Ivellian...have you given up on Lady Asratia in favor of something whose powers you know not what they will be?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I need some FIREwater.

[Ivellian] Charis will be a companion and beautiful child to Corellon Lorethian.

[Arkady (James)] Well, so just summoned all those big nasty shadow beasties at Erdun, anyway?

[Ivellian] Charis will not be the elves' salvation.

[Brian] I must meditate on this.

[Brian] Aric: WIS check: (d20+1) [17+1] 18

[Velkyna (Joe)] I must meditate on a bottle of scotch.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] As I see it, we have two options:

[Aedean (Sedlack)] First, we unleash the machine and see what happens.

[Roger (Jeff)] I support that option.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Second, we continue on the path we began walking today...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That is, we try to strike the Triumvirate at one of its hearts

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The thing that has changed is the elves' ability to hold off further incursions

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Without the reconnaisance abilities of the Ranger corps

[Arkady (James)] Well, even if we're striking at the Triumvirate's leadership, how long can the elves hold out against what they've facing now?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] they will be less able to track the movements of the orcidh armies

[Arkady (James)] So the orc attacks will be worse.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Our wise elder counsellor, consort and mother of gods, does not approve of this course of action. For reasons both of conscience and of kin, I fell that I must agree.

[Defthon (Don)] I think the dangers are too great, and the gains too indefinite, to follow the route Ivellian advocates.

[Arkady (James)] Well, she doesn't disagree either. She's changed her mind on that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And our own ability to gain the information we require to pursue the members of the Triumvirate

[Dralafi (Jared)] I wish that stopping the orcs would be as easy as unleashing this machine. And it may be. But I do not believe we can risk this machine turning against unintended targets.

[Velkyna (Joe)] What's in this magic mushroom cave besides the machine?

[Arkady (James)] True, starting this machine could mean unleashing a great evil upon the earth.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, would there be an instruction manual or something?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Possibly?

[Arkady (James)] It would be nice to have a self-replicating orc-eating machine.

[Velkyna (Joe)] How'd the machine get in the cave?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I assume Seren put it there because it was a cool trophy.

[Ivellian] Some details were hidden, of course.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Arkady, Lady Asratia has indicated that she still disagrees. She merely has relented to the extent of allowing it to be discussed.

[Ivellian] It was placed there because it was a great machine; Seren sought to learn from its creation.

[Defthon (Don)] I bet there's an inscription on the cave: "Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate"...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, but did Seren learn anything? And maybe write it down?


[Arkady (James)] OOC: We have such a strong emphasis on documentation at our company.

[Ivellian] Possibly, but the destruction accompanying his Folly destroyed all such information.


[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Hey I comment the shit out of my code man.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But did the Folly didn't destroy the cave, obviously.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: Yeah, that's why we like documentation on any projects we're going to be working on from someone else.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe there's still some shit in there.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Is it not just as possible he placed there as a warning against stupidty? Kind of like a self-replicating head on a pike? That's alive?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] As outsiders, we know nearly nothing of Seren. The fact that we hoped to learn from this dangerous machine does not hold any particular meaning for us. We know little of him but his name and the phrase "Seren's Folly."

[Shottamip (Tamora)] "he hoped" sorry

[Ivellian] There is almost certanly some information on the machine's workings in its cavern.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If he thought it was that dangerous, he probably would have destroyed it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, Seren figured out how to shut it down once. Once.

[Defthon (Don)] I wouldn't count on that.

[Defthon (Don)] I mean, why would you think that?

[Arkady (James)] He was probably a bad-ass wizard though.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If he meant it as a "warning of stupidity", well it's pretty stupid to keep it around.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We know that, if anything, he knew how to turn it off. Because he did. And maybe he left that knowledge in the cavern. I'm just saying.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Even if he thought it was the coolest thing ever, I have no reason to emulate him or trust his opinion.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm just saying that most of the negatives seem to be "what if it runs amok". If we know how to turn it off because Seren left that info there, then that negative goes away.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just saying.

[Master] ok I'm gonna do a thing with Aric for a few minutes.

[Master] brb

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Here's another thought:

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And if we go find it, and this information is not there? Then we may have exposed its existence and location to our enemies. They would surely notice the effort we had put into such a quest, and scry us to locate our intent.

[Arkady (James)] From what I gathered, you can't just turn it off, yes? It is just the elves know more of its weaknesses.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If we set this thing going in the orcish lands, perhaps it will serve as enough of a distraction for the orcs

[Defthon (Don)] Also: it takes a while to get up to speed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] that the elves will have time to formulate a plan for Corellon's return

[Defthon (Don)] So it's not going to distract the orcs right *now*, and we *still* have to do this local fighting.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] or, it may prove enough a distraction to the triumvirate that we can increase our chances of success.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If the name of this cave the machine is in is called the Time Tombs, I'm going to be very upset.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If it doesn't "get up to speed," it will not be effective enough to change the course of the war. A few villages and mining settlements will not matter. That many lives pass every few months as it is.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If we strike one of them, even if we succeed, there will be two more.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And they'll sure be aware of us, assuming they aren't already.

[Arkady (James)] We can't just worry about the elves either. Other people (including our families) live on this world.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Pardon me...I sometimes forget that some of you have families.

Velkyna (Joe) gets a far off gleam in her eye, thinking about the machine eating a few choice people.

James has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait a minute. What about the Dane?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can't we get him involved somehow?

[Defthon (Don)] who?

[Velkyna (Joe)] The Dane.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right now, Serendair is still isolated. Even if the machines got out of hand, there would be isolation...options.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's the Dane.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] While I wish for all the elves to live, I would be just as unhappy about the loss of life if a couple of these machines strayed into human or gnome lands.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The gnomes have lands?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I thought they were all gone.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Well, there are some among the halflings, and we've heard that there may be more in the jungles.

[Velkyna (Joe)] JUNGLE BOOGIE

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, but the machines would have to work their way all the way through the mountain ranges first.

[Defthon (Don)] So, to run this down: at the moment, Def and Shot are against, with Arkady leaning against, Roger is for, with Aedean and Vel leaning in favour as well; Aric is meditating on a decision, and Dral and Lia haven't weighed in. Right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless they're clockwork avians.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And, I can't imagine the jungles have a hell of a lot of what the machines want, anyway.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm not one way or the other. I'm just trying to throw out things.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Brainstorm, you know.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (lessee, jungles can have spices, or silks, or gems...)

[Dralafi (Jared)] Maybe they're like kill-bots, and they turn off after they kill enough people.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (coal! they have coal.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's roughly the breakdown.

[Master] Aric emerges from his meditations. His slacks and jacket are pure white.

James has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, he's Kid Creole.

[James] DSL want off-line for a bit there.

[James] Could someone save the chat buffer?

[Master] When Aric opens his mouth to speak, he finds that words come far more easily to his lips.




[Master] His face, formerly asymmeticral, is now merely homely.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "merely"

[Master] And his eyes are an attractive shade of deep blue.

[James] woah

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Some went and gained qa point of Cha.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] wowsers.

[James] woah!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Someone had a peyote spirit quest.

[Defthon (Don)] wow!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, he's CAB CALLOWAY

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Soon, there'll be yet another "Smoove A" in the party.


[Dralafi (Jared)] Whoa.

[Defthon (Don)] James:

[Brian] I spoke to Charis.

[Master] Er . . . Brian?

[Master] :)

[Defthon (Don)] whoops, wrong filename. fixed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And?

Velkyna (Joe) nods. Okay, Aric's gone bye bye on us. Aedean, what've you got left?

[Brian] Unfortunately, she has no knowlege of this world yet. She does not know of the good and the horror that awaits her.

[James] got it

[Brian] But I feel that I could not in good conscious allow her to awaken only to have to fight to destroy a terrible engine of destruction.

[Asratia] Aric.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do they only destroy? Do they build anything other than more of themselves?

[Asratia] You are young; you have no children. You must understand -- you do them no favors by shielding them from the world.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, updated rundown: Def, Aric, and Shot are against, with Arkady leaning against, Roger is for, with Aedean leaning in favour as well; Vel is undecided, and Dral and Lia haven't weighed in.

[Brian] My gut feeling is that Seren was /not/ able to stop the device. Such is why he was forced to place it in a time-stopped cave.

[Asratia] I oppose this, but I do not do so out of fear for Charis. Do not be blinded by your infatuation or your sense of fatherhood.

[Brian] I suspect it may begin its attack the moment we release it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Defthon (Don)] ??!!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[James] !!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, Aric. I never got a cigar.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I vote nay.

[Asratia] Save that feeling for your true children, to come in their own due time.

[Ivellian] I beg you to reconsider, Dral.

[Brian] My apologies, my lady.

[Ivellian] I have not seen a child in fifty years. Please, give me a chance to see one before I die.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ("I think you're doing it wrong.")

[Defthon (Don)] Ivellian, we'll try. Unleashing this machine does not seem to be the best way to do it.

[Ivellian] Paladin, I assure you, we know its strengths and weaknesses.

[Ivellian] Further, we can capture some of its creations and take them to our artificers.

[Defthon (Don)] I believe that you believe that.

[Arkady (James)] Well, I've decided.

[Ivellian] Perhaps create metallic mounts or suits of armor that give strength to their wearers.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BATTLEMECHS

[Dralafi (Jared)] My name is Dralafi. And what good would seeing a child do if immediately after you saw it it was destroyed by this automaton?

Ivellian shakes his head.

[Ivellian] I . . . despair.

[Defthon (Don)] Arkady, how have you decided?

[Ivellian] I have cheated death too many times. I haven't Aedean's connection to luck.

[Arkady (James)] Unleashing the machines is too great a risk. Not just to the elves, but to everyone on the world.

[Ivellian] I shall be lost before long.

[Asratia] Ivellian, we agreed.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm sorry, Ivellian.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Ivellian, your plan is not the only way.

[Brian] I oppose unleashing the automaton. However, if the majority decides that it is the path to follow, I will, of course, do all I can to assist in getting this plan to work.

[Aric (Brian)] (sorry didn't notice i'd lost the chat as)

Ivellian looks to Lia, silent through this discussion.

[Arkady (James)] We will need some better way to strike back at the Triumvariate

Ivellian then gazes at Defthon

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I feel the same way. However, we seem to have reached a critical mass of people.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: Lia will probably do at what the sword wants her to do.

[Ivellian] /me's voice goes flat and emotionless.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's hard to imagine something that would be more effective.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "I think we should do it," Vel says, finally. "I think it's just a tool. It's just a tool."

[Defthon (Don)] As I said, I think there are potential benefits; but they are too indefinite, and the potential dangers too great.

[Ivellian] OOC -- The sword will do what Lia tells it to here. This is the kind of stuff it needs human intellect to suss out.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Um, but Angie left the chat like an hour ago.

[Arkady (James)] OOC - well, I'd call Angie, but she's asleep.

[Master] We have few scouts remaining.

[Ivellian] We have few scouts remaining.

[Arkady (James)] So we're going to have to pull back, to a more defensible position.

[Ivellian] Aedean, can you be counted on to bring what few we have to life, along with their mounts?

Ivellian shakes his head

[Ivellian] Laucian will not pull back.

[Ivellian] Laucian will die in Nailoglas.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I figure fuck the dangers. The machines may not stop at the orc lands? You think the Triumvirate is going to stop at the elf lands?

[Ivellian] So, let us make that day as long away as possible.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No way.

Ivellian becomes more animated.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Either way, there's a world of shit headed towards the human lands in about five to ten months.

[Defthon (Don)] Does their evil justify ours?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or years.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Give me a diamond mine, and I'll do what I can, but I could not replenish your ranks as quickly as war would diminish them.

[Velkyna (Joe)] IT'S. JUST. A. TOOL.

[Arkady (James)] So if we destroy all civilizations on this earth, will we be remembered as any better than the Triumvarate?

[Ivellian] We have diamonds as much as you need.

Velkyna (Joe) draws her sword.

[Ivellian] I shall instruct Nailo to open her vaults.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, and it is not evil. But our unleashing of it might be.

[Velkyna (Joe)] This is just a tool.

[Velkyna (Joe)] What I do with it, kill orcs or kill elves.

[Ivellian] you will be equipped to the best of our abilities.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's evil.

[Defthon (Don)] I do not ascribe any evil to the machine. Only danger.

[Ivellian] We have more carpets.

[Asratia] Your mind is still closed to me, Ivellian.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, there's danger if we DON'T use the machines.

[Arkady (James)] Yes, Vel, but it is not an indescriminate tool. It kills who you choose, and no others.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not necessarily

[Ivellian] I cannot share my bitterness, bright Lady. Give me time.

Velkyna (Joe) looks away briefly.

[Defthon (Don)] But you cannot use the fact of the triumvirate's evil to justify the potential disastrous release of the machine.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yes I can.

Velkyna (Joe) throws up her hands.

[Arkady (James)] Well I can't. I won't be a part of it.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Do we know that the machine cannot be controlled?

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, we don't.

[Ivellian] We will pull our settlements back from the Elende, concentrate around Nailoglas.

[Arkady (James)] If Seren, a bad-ass mage couldn't control them, I'd rate our chances as "very low".

[Ivellian] Let the druids run wild in the forests and launch our raids from a central command.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nor can we use the potential disastrous effects of the machine to justify letting the Triumvirate take ever larger bites of the Elven lands.

[Ivellian] If it is the Triumvirate, and not the orcs, that we face, then we shall face them with all the lore and might of the elves.

Ivellian looks stricken

[Arkady (James)] The difference is: our choice.

[Ivellian] Perhaps . . . perhaps we can gain access to Ryle or Envap . . .

[Ivellian] With the chosen ones, maybe a new army could be raised.

[Arkady (James)] We must find another way.

[Arkady (James)] We must buy time for the elves.

[Arkady (James)] We must find out more about the Triumvarate.

[Ivellian] Yes.

[Arkady (James)] If we can split them apart, they will destroy themselves.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought we discussed that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And it was impossible.

[Arkady (James)] They rule through hate and fear. These are not the best tools, though they can be effective.

[Ivellian] Defthon --

[Ivellian] I will need every drop of information you have on the nightflyer.

[Defthon (Don)] That *I* have?

[Ivellian] Tomorrow, you will go hunting, with what support we can muster.

[Ivellian] You said that Dralafi could kill the thing? Then let us bring him near to it.

[Ivellian] I shall inform Nailo of our discoveries and our new decisions.

Defthon (Don) looks a bit alarmed

[Defthon (Don)] I suppose so...

Ivellian is looking a bit manic.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Sense Motive: (d20+5) [9+5] 14

[Ivellian] By your leave, Lady.

[Master] Might wanna blow your Mulligan; it's late tonight. :)

[Defthon (Don)] If it is like the nightwalker, then we could take all our long-range shooters and try to take it out

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: sense motive: (d20+11) [20+11] 31

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Sense Motive: (d20+5) [10+5] 15

[Master] Okay, then.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Defthon (Don)] but it would not be easy.

[Master] Arkady: Ivellian expects to die soon.

[Master] Possibly in the next week or two.

[Defthon (Don)] and I have no idea how similar it is to the nightwalker

[Arkady (James)] I can load us up with magic arrows.

[Master] He's preparing things for his passing.

[Defthon (Don)] The largest danger is the flying problem.

[Arkady (James)] ... and magic crossbow bolts

[Master] You should fly in a formation with the gryphons.

[Ivellian] Each can carry a passenger.

[Defthon (Don)] Right.

[Ivellian] Perhaps have the mages on the carpets with the melee fighters to guard them.

[Arkady (James)] Aren't they harder to shoot from than a carpet?

[Defthon (Don)] How exactly did the nightwalker take out Aramil's gryphon?

[Ivellian] Then a bowman on each mount.

[Ivellian] He tore it limb from limb.

[Defthon (Don)] Ouch.

[Arkady (James)] It wasn't the nightwalker, it was the flying thing.

[Ivellian] Nightflyer, rather.

[Ivellian] yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The nightWING took out the gryphon.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah, right, that's what I meant.

[Asratia] Ivellian . . .

[Defthon (Don)] Still, with many gryphons around it there is some hope that *enough* would survive to let us finish the attack.

[Dralafi (Jared)] if we take the carpets after it though, it can just dispel them.

[Aric (Brian)] On carpets? What about its abilty to dispel the magic enchanting the carpet?

[Ivellian] Truly, it is all right, Asratia. But there is much to do. We must begin to fight the war the orcs have pressed upon us.

[Dralafi (Jared)] it will likely be more than 20 feet in the air

[Ivellian] That is why you must have the magic users on the carpets

[Ivellian] To counter its Dispel Magic spells.

[Ivellian] And then reply with the Hastes and other suchlike which are needed.

[Arkady (James)] I can protect us if we should fall. As can Roger.

[Dralafi (Jared)] ooc: EVERY ROUND? :)

[Ivellian] Perhaps only one carpet.

[Ivellian] Then you can have three mages upon it.

[Arkady (James)] Well, think of it this way. If it is trying to dispel carpets, it isn't doing other things...

Ivellian throws up his hands

[Ivellian] Details!

[Arkady (James)] ... like rending people limb from limb.

[Ivellian] You decide; you obviously have the skill.

[Ivellian] I must go! We have a new way of war to wage.

Ivellian 's eyes gleam

[Arkady (James)] We'll take both carpets, more targets, more flexibility that way.

[Ivellian] New ways to kill orcs.

Ivellian disappears.

[Defthon (Don)] ...continue the discussion by email?

[Arkady (James)] As long as Roger is on one, and Arkady is on the other, we should be fine.

[Master] Put Defthon, Lia, and Dral on the Gryphons.

[Master] As passengers.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: literally diappears? or walks out of the room?

[Master] Teleports out.

[Velkyna (Joe)] TP

[Dralafi (Jared)] If only I had more time to study, I could be ready with Featherfall as well. alas.

[Master] He had that band, remember?

[Velkyna (Joe)] The Bee Gees?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, we have a plan for the immediate term.

[Master] Then put Aedean, Vel, Arkady, Roger, and Shottamip on one carpet.

[Defthon (Don)] Vel should be on a gryphon too, no?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or put Shottamip next to the carpet

[Defthon (Don)] She'll be shooting GMWed bolts at the thing...

[Master] Keep Roger and Arkady on Dispel duty, let Shottamip dole out the Hastes like candy, and (sure, if you can GMW her bolts), and Aric and Aedean handle problems.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll do whatever.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You guys obviously have it all figured out.

[Arkady (James)] Does Aedean have a crossbow?

[Master] Okay, now all I have to do is figure out how to handle aerial combat.

[Master] hm.

[Defthon (Don)] With you we have four shooters

[Defthon (Don)] Ooo, 3D!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean has a crossbow.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How many bolts do you want him to waste?

[Defthon (Don)] We're going to need some adaptations to the range increment rules, methinks.

[Master] Chris, you'd better show up for the next session.

[Arkady (James)] So one GMW for arrows, one for xbow bolts, and one spare 3rd level for dispel.

[Defthon (Don)] hee hee

[Aric (Brian)] i can fight with a crossbow as well

[Velkyna (Joe)] YOU THINK YOU'RE BAD?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll give it a few turns through the physics grinder


[Master] Okay, continue this conversation as long as you'd like.

[Master] We've gotten my plot point done, so I can do planning.

[Master] As I said, either option was available, so it'll work out Just Fine.

[Defthon (Don)] We should continue by email, so as to include Angie.

[Dralafi (Jared)] we should unleash the terror machine on the world, then do this.

[Master] Angie isn't necessarily hugely into talking about tactics,

[Master] though of course Lia is.

[Dralafi (Jared)] just to mess with the DM

[Master] GIVE ME TIME.

[Master] I need to write up the things is all.

[Defthon (Don)] By the way... did everyone in the Chicago area get my pool party invite?

[Master] yep!

[Arkady (James)] yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I also doubt we'll agree on a course of action tonight.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yes,

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes

[Arkady (James)] Don't know if I can attend though.

[Master] Well, feel free to toss around ideas.

[Master] I'm here for questions.

[Defthon (Don)] 'Sokay, I just wanted to make sure I hadn't screwed up the email addresses. :)

[Arkady (James)] Well, as far as the nightwing goes, if it isn't immune to magic arrows, then just shoot it.

[Defthon (Don)] Right.

[Arkady (James)] a lot. We'll just have to deal with any other spells it casts.

[Defthon (Don)] I like the idea of an aerial battle, but I'm worried that we'll forget something important....

[Velkyna (Joe)] GRAVITY

[Defthon (Don)] Yyyess.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I'm all for shooting it.

[Dralafi (Jared)] A lot.

[Dralafi (Jared)] And then some more

[Master] Don't worry; it won't forget you.

[Defthon (Don)] Also, is anything accompanying it?

[Arkady (James)] Well, can we use some of the ioun stones to put featherfall on them?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We could do that. One of them is even empty right now.

[Arkady (James)] it is just 1st level spell.

[Defthon (Don)] Is anyone telling it what to do? It seemed to have a specific destination in mind.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm all for protecting Dralafi while he shoots and shoots and shoots some more.

[Defthon (Don)] ...and can that controlling person send reinforcements?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Pardon me, but I must step outside for a few minutes....

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It appeared to have been given directions of some sort. Ordered? Coerced?

[Roger (Jeff)] It didn't reinforce the nightwalker

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] that's true.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] This is just a guess, but I think the two of them could communicate, and they thought that the walker would take us out.

[Arkady (James)] Was the nightwalker calling to someone else?

[Dralafi (Jared)] remember that the nightwalker died in less than 30 seconds.

[Dralafi (Jared)] it didn't have a whole lot of time to be reinforced.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We killed it too quickly for the flyer to realize its mistake and turn around.

[Defthon (Don)] Thank the gods.

[Arkady (James)] And we bravely ran away before anything else could happen.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, the walker definitely called to his "master".

[Arkady (James)] ... which would not have been the nightwing, right?

[Defthon (Don)] I'm guessing no.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't think so.

[Defthon (Don)] Someone had to summon the things.

[Arkady (James)] yup

[Defthon (Don)] Hey, spellcasters: can you summon things from a distance, or do you have to be there?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Anyone know where they come from? They aren't extraplanar, are they?

[Arkady (James)] you have to be close by

[Defthon (Don)] I.e. was the summoner of the night*s possibly The Wizard, or would it have been a flunky that was actually at Erdun?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC they're undead so they're probably negative material plane entities)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can summon things and then teleport out faster than you could blink.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Effectively not there.

[Defthon (Don)] Oh... right.

[Arkady (James)] well, that would be the safest way, huh.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC I'm getting all sorts of java exceptions right now...

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: CHR check: (d20+1) [5+1] 6

[Velkyna (Joe)] Especially if they knew the whol damn fort was going to come down.

[Arkady (James)] Well, well, well, isn't that interesting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think that's sufficient to merit a "Smoove A".

[Defthon (Don)] I still wonder what caused that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The thing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] They can rot wood. I told you this. No one listens to me.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (I got 3 exceptions, but as long as it doesn't crash, whatevah.)

[Arkady (James)] Aric was much more chummy with Asratia and Ivellian than I would have expected.

Velkyna (Joe) sighs.

[Defthon (Don)] We were... distracted, Vel.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Did you see that? CHR check ** +1 ** ??!!

[Defthon (Don)] yup

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know, once is a fluke. Twice is a coincidence. Three times ...

[Arkady (James)] OK. 1am CST. Really tired now. Still have to drive home.

[Roger (Jeff)] is a lady

[Aric (Brian)] oh mike

[Aric (Brian)] can i role my new HP now?

[Defthon (Don)] Oh? James, where are you?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Work.

[Arkady (James)] still here.

[Arkady (James)] I'm at work.

[Defthon (Don)] Ahh.

[Arkady (James)] Better internet connectivity.

[Defthon (Don)] Better net connection? :)

[Arkady (James)] Bigger screen too.

[Defthon (Don)] Yup, that'd be why I'm at my office... ;)

Aedean (Sedlack) returns.

[Arkady (James)] We were short a couple computers, so I've brought in my own systems too.

[Arkady (James)] I can't give up my SGI 1600SW's.

[Arkady (James)] ok, signing off now. Please save the final chat buffer Don. Thanks all for an interesting session.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Later, James.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Later! Drive safe.

[Roger (Jeff)] I'm going to go too.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bye, Jeff.

[Roger (Jeff)] It's been fun

Jeff has left the game.

James has left the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Michael's on the phone right now, that's why he hasn't answered you Brian.

[Aric (Brian)] ok

[Aric (Brian)] i can wait

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Is there anything more we wanted to discuss tonight?

[Master] sorry I'm her enow

[Dralafi (Jared)] I doubt it :)

[Defthon (Don)] I just had a thought: we shoudl probably attach our bows to our belts with a stout length of rope when we do this 3D adventure

[Jared] Dralafi targets Asratia. Distance: 19'03"

[Master] rolll it up, stud.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I can't think of anything that can't be handled in email over the next few weeks.

[Defthon (Don)] In case anyone rolls a 1. ;)

[Aric (Brian)] what's it off?

[Asratia] bring it, skinny.

[Tamora] Whoa. Microsoft's IE 5 is the last version it will develop for the Mac?

[Asratia] Monk?

[Master] D8

[Aric (Brian)] +con right? which die do i use? ... handbook is in another room, hang on a sec

[Velkyna (Joe)] d8

[Aedean (Sedlack)] d8+con mod

[Aric (Brian)] ok, so 1d8+2?

[Dralafi (Jared)] sure!

[Master] ayup

[Defthon (Don)] Well, d8; the con mod is separate (and impermanent)

[Aric (Brian)] Roll #1: (d8+2) [5+2] 7

[Master] Spoken like a computer scientist.

[Master] Excelletn.

[Master] And now Aric has the Ki strike

[Aric (Brian)] yay

[Defthon (Don)] yes, yes.

[Master] Say bye bye to the Kam

[Master] a

[Defthon (Don)] woo hoo!

[Master] We're gonna do a monty haul in Nailoglas first thing next session.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Kama, kama, kama chameleon

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You come and go

[Master] You'll be able to trade stuff for custom hardware, et cetera

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You come and goooooo

[Aric (Brian)] i may need to keep it around in case we're up against something that a blade is more effective against

[Velkyna (Joe)] YES

[Defthon (Don)] Ahh.

[Defthon (Don)] we should think about what we need....

[Dralafi (Jared)] +5 arrows.

[Defthon (Don)] Hey, when is our next gaming session?

[Dralafi (Jared)] buckets of them.

[Master] We'll decide that via email in a while.

[Velkyna (Joe)] My July weekends are rapidly disappearing.

[Dralafi (Jared)] as are mine

[Velkyna (Joe)] You should hammer something out soon.

[Defthon (Don)] Mine are sort of already gone.

[Defthon (Don)] Sort of.

[Defthon (Don)] We'll see.

[Master] ok I'll send out the initial email shortly.

[Aric (Brian)] mine are really booked too

[Master] Well, step 1 is for eveyrone to send me free weekends.

[Master] so, do that.

[Aric (Brian)] the first one i'm in LA, then i come back and will be zonked, then is my condo closing/IAA weekend, then .....

[Aric (Brian)] and i have to move at some point so weekends will probably be used for that a lot

[Defthon (Don)] *email*.

[Defthon (Don)] :)

[Aric (Brian)] right

[Defthon (Don)] 'sok, I trump you: I'm going to be defedning my dissertation in there somewhere.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I'm going to head off for the night, folks.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If everyone's July is full up, we may just have to wait til early August

[Dralafi (Jared)] have a good evening/rest of weekend

[Defthon (Don)] :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] G'night, Jared.

[Dralafi (Jared)] later.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, I'm out as well. Good night all.

Joe has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] g'night

[Master] night!

[Aric (Brian)] night jared

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: +2 Longbow (30') [B] hits AC: ((d20+18)) [(17+18)] 35

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 35 misses Asratia

[Aric (Brian)] joe etc

Jared has left the game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds like a good time to go. Later, all.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bad Dral.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No biscuit.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [7+2] 9

[Defthon (Don)] Hey, they fixed ACs to used variables! cool...

Sedlack has left the game.

[Aric (Brian)] night everyone

[Aric (Brian)] talk to you later

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, I'm out too. ttyl