[recorded by James]

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Sun Feb 26 07:28:57 GMT-10:00 2006 ====
[Master] Whoa.
Jeff has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 07:33:22 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Kel.
[Master] Kewl.
[Jeff] By the power of Greyskull!
[Master] Okay, chekc now to see if it's publicly available.
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Jeff has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 07:34:22 GMT-10:00 2006
[Jeff] yep
[Master] Bueno.
[Master] Okay, time to reraed the logs so I remember what all we did.
James has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 07:42:40 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Aloha!
[Master] Can I get you to keep the log for this session?
[James] Howdy.
[James] Need to set the new prefs.
[James] I am away from the keyboard.
[James] I am back at the keyboard.
[James] Changed chat color...
[James] Ah, that's better.
[James] I am away from the keyboard.
Client has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 07:55:54 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Okay, I'm pretty much ready to go.  I'd forgotten how bitchy I set up this section to be.
[Master] Woo!
[James] I am back at the keyboard.
[James] I'm not sure I remember how to play DnD.
[Master] S'okay, Arkady's not going to need to do a ton.
[James] What does a bard do, anyway?
[Master] By the bye, be sure to read the last couple of transcripts over at blahedo.org/serendair
[Master] James -- sings, casts "Messenger" and "Greater Magic Weapon," and handles discussions.
[James] That's good.  I've been feeling a bit ill this weekend.  Unpleasant cold thingy.
[Client] Test test test
[James] I hear you.
[Joe] Veddy good sir.
[Joe] Testaverde.
[Joe] Good.
[Joe] Okay, I think I'm ready.
x[Roger (Jeff)] I'm ready
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative:(d20+7) [20+7] 27
[Master] Anyone know Jared's number?
[James] No.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Nope, and IMSA's ph is no longer informative.
[Master] Ok, let's give it 10 mins, and then we'll roll.
[Master] In the meantime, refresh yourself on the logs and feel free to ask questions.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So, let me make sure I understand the situation.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] 1) We're in this necropolis.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] 2) We're looking for an artifact of WEE JAS.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] 3) In order to get it we need to take two paths simultaneously.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] 4) That's why we're split up.  There's a beat ass path (them) and a sneak and trick path (us).
[Master] Yepper.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Gotit.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] What was the artifact again?
[Master] Deliberately Left Vague, if memory serves.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, just as long as we're not going to get screwed because we left a rusty dagger behind that was really the artifact because we're supposed to be looking for daggers.
[Master] This place is clean as a fucking whistle.
[Master] There's nothing to be left behind.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I dunno.  I've had this signal whistle since the beginning of the campaign and I've never cleaned it.
[Master] Heh.
[James] It's probably got lots of backpack cruft encrusted within it.
[James] Broken off pieces of lembas, spilled potions, etc.
Client has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 08:08:02 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Alooooohaaaa!
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey now.  My haversack's -clean-.  The whistle's been on a string around my neck, that's the problem.
[Master] Okay, I'm going to call a 5 minute "get settled in" break, and we'll start.
[James] Oh, so that doesn't disrupt the power of your amulet?
[James] :-)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] That would suck if, all this time, it was a magic whistle and my +2 con bonus goes byebye in Bodaktown.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (Population: YOU)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi moved 2'04".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'00".
[Jared] g'morning
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Is Dral -up- 20 hit points?
[Jared] sure I am. Im better than everyone.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] For sufficiently generous definitions of "better"
x[Dralafi (Jared)] well, yeah
[Master] Jared -- you caught up?
[Master] Okay, how many XP does everyone have?
x[Roger (Jeff)] 47780
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's XP on this system doesn't reflect her actual XP since I wasn't here last session.  A year ago.
[James] I need to dig though all the logs and figure it out.  Heck, I'm at home, so I can't even look at my character sheet.
[Master] Heh, okay.
[James] The paper-version character sheet.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] The Vel sheet here says 80500something, so that plus whatever we got last time.  Maybe 800 or so.
[Master] Bueno.
[Master] Okay, INT rolls for everyone.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm easily 9k or more on NFNL so if that's the issue, I can't imagine it happening.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: INT check:(d20+2) [1+2] 3
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: INT check:(d20+4) [15+4] 19
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I SO SMART
x[Velkyna (Joe)] S-M-R-T
x[James] Arkady: INT check:(d20+2) [17+2] 19
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: INT check:(d20+1) [10+1] 11
xVelkyna (Joe) fails to notice her slippers are untied.
xVelkyna (Joe) furthermore fails to realize her slippers don't need to be tied.
[Master] Great, now I have "Look Down" from Les Miserables stuck in my head.
x[Roger (Jeff)] The message we received about going down hallways might be literal
x[Roger (Jeff)] We should not turn around
x[Arkady (James)] Yes, I get that feeling too.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So, what?  No doubling back?
[Master] (apparently, Roger is channeling the Plot.  :)    )
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Let's hope we don't run into anything too difficul to handle then.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] ... or hit a dead end.
x[Roger (Jeff)] A dead end is just an excuse to blow something up
[Master] How do you want to handle marching order, etc.?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So we came from that U shaped area where everyone else is?
x[Roger (Jeff)] I'd like to be 2nd or 3rd
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel should obviously lead.
x[Arkady (James)] Indeed, keep Roger in the middle.
x[Arkady (James)] I can be tail-end-charlie.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Not, "lead" as in "leader" but "lead" as in "in front"
[Master] Um.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 19'02".
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 3'05".
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 5'07".
[Master] Okay, is Vel going to scout ahead, or are you going to keep pretty much together?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I think I should be 20-25 feet ish in front of the party.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] In case of mishap.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] what he said.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 11'00".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So Vel will creep forward to peer around the corner.  She has her Everburning Torch out.
[Master] Spot check for Vel.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot check:(d20+14+0+1) [14+14+0+1] 29 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] General rules -- since you're being careful not to retrace your steps, you can't take 20 on any Search or dDisable Device rolls.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] ObEnoughSpotJoke here.
[Master] You can take 10, when necessary.
x[Praxis (James)] I'll fly top cover.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Note that I have Skill Mastery, which lets me take 10 easier.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (on Open Locks, Search, DisDevice, and Jump)
[Master] The corridor is a perfect geometric curve; the floor is perfectly flat (noted) with small ridges to allow for reasonable grip.  The walls are utterly smooth and straight for the first 5 feet, then curve up to an arch over your heads (about 8' up).
[Master] I cannot emphasize enough how alien this space is . . . antiseptic, totally black, the torchlight flickers against the obsidian walls.
[Master] Vel sees no feature of note as she looks down the hallway.
x[Arkady (James)] Ugh.  Can we leave now?
[Master] (please ignore the little jagged edge there, it's an artifact of the mapmaking.)
xVelkyna (Joe) will be taking 10 on search rolls every 10' unless otherwise noted.  10+29 -> 39.
[Master] If you don't want Praxis to be flying back and forth, he really can't do a lot of top cover.
[Master] (noted, thanks.
[Master] Move VEl down the hallway with each roll.)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm going to turn the corner now.  Cover me.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 11'04".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [10+16+7+5+1] 39 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'05".
[Master] Vel finds nothing in the first 10 feet.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [14+16+7+5+1] 43 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Also nothing.
x[Arkady (James)] Let's move the party up to the corner.
[Master] (Move behind Vel as you do so.)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (i'll wait)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (til your love comes down)
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 28'08".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 28'08".
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 23'03".
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 19'01".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'09".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [3+16+7+5+1] 32 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Nothing...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 11'07".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [7+16+7+5+1] 36 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] There's something odd about this area.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I need a macro for this.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Can I see the dent-looking thing, or is that a photoshop error?
[Master] You can't put your finger on it (I'm enjoying the process), but something is different about this 10' than the rest of them.
[Master] (The dent is photoshop error, yep.)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Guys, something's up.  I don't know what.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe something magical.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Anything odd about the ceiling or walls here?
[Master] Yes, that's definitely the problem.  There's something incredibly subtly off about the ceiling and walls, just in this area.
x[Roger (Jeff)] I don't have detect magic prepared, but I do have dispel magic
x[Arkady (James)] Let's move up a little bit.
x[Arkady (James)] I've got detect.
[Master] Do you cast it?
x[Arkady (James)] yes
x[Dralafi (Jared)] I do too, actually.
[Master] After a turn or two for your eyes to adjust, you are unable to see any magic other than Vel's stuff.
x[Arkady (James)] I didn't have it set up in Klooge, though.
[Master] Don't even worry about it; there aren't any rolls or anything.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I attempt to disbelieve the illusory walls.
[Master] By what, hitting them?
x[Arkady (James)] Wouldn't it be easier to just poke them?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Come on.  Disbelieving is a D&D staple.
[Master] No, I'm asking.
[Master] You gotta commit, ya know.  :)
xVelkyna (Joe) takes out a two-foot long crowbar from her haversack.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Not moving her feet, she taps the wall on either side of her gently.
x[Arkady (James)] Ah, cold iron.   It has more meaning in other settings though.
[Master] It seems solid.
[Master] (Wisdom check)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: WIS check:(d20+0) [3+0] 3
[Master] Yeah, solid.
x[Arkady (James)] Ouch.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Derrrrrrrrrp.
xVelkyna (Joe) takes a step forward and repeats the process.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 2'01".
[Master] Sorry, Will save, not Wisdom.  Go ahead and reroll.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Will save: (d20+4+0+3+1) [10+4+0+3+1] 18
[Master] Okay, solid.
xVelkyna (Joe) takes a small cloth bag out of her haversack.
xVelkyna (Joe) produces a single marble from that bag, and rolls it forward down the hallway.
[Master] Hang on.
x[Arkady (James)] Won't that make some noise?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] a little.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] *dink* *dink* *dink*
x[Arkady (James)] Need to do a dex check later, to prevent from slipping on it.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] That's why I only chucked one.  I've got 100 in the bag.
x[Arkady (James)] LOL
[Master] (hang on)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (s'cool)
x[Arkady (James)] Should we move up a little?
x[Arkady (James)] Stay close-ish to Vel?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] we'll move when vel does. we're only 30 feet back.
[Master] THe marble gets caught in one of the little imperfections on the floor that give you grip.
[Master] (Roll another one and give me a to-hit roll, if you're feeling saucy.)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Basic Ranged Attack (unknown): (d20+16) [5+16] 21
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah, that sucked.
xVelkyna (Joe) slippers up the wall at this point to rap higher up the wall and on the ceiling.
[Master] This one stops a littmore purposefully.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] As in "it hit something"?
[Master] Gimme a reflex save, Vel, to avoid accidentally (no, it just doesn't seem to have been as random, somehow, like there was a slightly larger imperfection)
[Master] avoid accidentally taking a step backwards while doing this process.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex save: (d20+8+7+3+1) [10+8+7+3+1] 29
[Master] Okay, you climb up.  You retain the sense that things are not precisely as regular as they were before.  If the whole place hadn't been so strange, you probably wouldn't have noticed,
[Master] but your brain is so starved for stimulus that it's picking some incredibly subtle alteration up.  But nothing has tried to eat you.
Jared has left the game on Sun Feb 26 08:41:03 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Is it a space market?
[Master] space marker?
[Master] (Hm.)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Que?
[Master] You know, marking 100 feet or something?
[Master] Something.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Nah, just trying to see what happens.
[Master] You know stories of rangers leaving ridiculously tiny clues behind in forests, ando ther rangers spotting them.  Maybe this is something like that.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm.
xVelkyna (Joe) walks, along the walls, five more feet and searches again.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 5'04".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [1+16+7+5+1] 30 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] NOthing here.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Five more feet.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 5'02".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [8+16+7+5+1] 37 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] (follow after, as apropos.)
[Master] Still nothing.
xVelkyna (Joe) tries rapping on the walls, floor and ceiling from her walled vantage point.
[Master] Listen check.
x[Arkady (James)] Dralafi moved 7'10".
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 7'09".
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 9'10".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 13'07".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Listen check:(d20+2+0+1) [17+2+0+1] 20 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
Jared has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 08:44:46 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Hey hey!
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Jared Update:  Still creeping down the corridor.
[Master] The sound from the crowbar is weird, but it's consistently weird.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Hollow-weird, echo-weird, or just plain weird?
[Master] Plain weird.  A little off.
[Jared] stupid interweb
Jared has left the game on Sun Feb 26 08:46:05 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Hm.
x[Arkady (James)] Ruh roh.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] How dare Jared speak ill of the internet.
[Master] Heh.
x[Arkady (James)] What platform does he use?
[Master] Okay, this is ISP-related, not Klooge.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: While we're waiting for Jared, I'm open to suggestions re: weirdness.
[Master] ooc: Honestly, Vel's getting kinda creeped and wondering if she should keep doing the tapping.
Jared has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 08:47:18 GMT-10:00 2006
x[Arkady (James)] uld rather we creep along as silently as possible.
xVelkyna (Joe) puts the crowbar away.
[Master] Woo!
xVelkyna (Joe) gives Arkady the 'okay' sign, silently.
xVelkyna (Joe) slips down to the floor level again, steps forward 5' and searches.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 5'09".
[Master] (Again, follow along as apropos.
[Master] )
x[Jared] Dralafi moved 10'10".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [15+16+7+5+1] 44 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 10'11".
[Master] Nothing.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 9'07".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 6'05".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 7'04".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [10+16+7+5+1] 39 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Jared] Dralafi moved 5'04".
[Master] Nothing.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 5'03".
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 6'02".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 9'06".
xVelkyna (Joe) moves about two feet from the marble, stops, and searches.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 7'10".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [19+16+7+5+1] 48 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Jared] Dralafi moved 8'08".
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 8'01".
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 7'03".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 7'05".
[Master] (image of icon of me sent, because it's cool.)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.
[Master] Yahoo Messenger has a nifty little avatar thingy.  Anyways, we digress.
[Master] NOthing on the most recent search check.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] ooc: do I get a little more of the way ahead?
[Master] Okay, go ahead.
xVelkyna (Joe) picks up her first marble.
[Master] Hey, look, your first marble.
x[Arkady (James)] We can cast a light on one of the marbles, if that is a good idea.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Do you guys in back have any light?
x[Arkady (James)] I do.
xVelkyna (Joe) will actually leave the marble on the ground for Arkady to pick up and Light now or Light later, as is his wish.
[Master] ok
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 6'06".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [6+16+7+5+1] 35 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Nothing.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 9'06".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [15+16+7+5+1] 44 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] (catch up, guys.)
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 20'03".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 20'03".
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 19'04".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: You guys can probably move up to the photoshop glitch.
Jared has left the game on Sun Feb 26 08:53:57 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Heh.
x[Arkady (James)] Dralafi moved 18'09".
[Master] (That's good.)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Can I see past the unknown area?
x[Arkady (James)] Do the walls feel cold to the touch?
xVelkyna (Joe) will pick up the second marble.
[Master] Yes, but not unpleasantly.
x[Arkady (James)] About how far underground are we?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Do I get the sense, as undwarflike as I am, that we're descending?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (heh, that was what I was thinking James)
[Master] Not massively, though the way the marbles rolled, you probably are some.
[Master] Okay, reflex saves for everyone.
Jared has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 08:55:31 GMT-10:00 2006
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex save: (d20+8+7+3+1) [6+8+7+3+1] 25
[Master] Aloha!  Reflex save.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Reflex save: (d20+12) [5+12] 17
x[Roger (Jeff)] Velkyna: Reflex save: (d20+8+7+3+1) [14+8+7+3+1] 33
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Reflex save: (d20+11) [2+11] 13
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Reflex save: (d20+3) [13+3] 16
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Reflex save: (d20+11) [3+11] 14
[Master] Hm, everyone makes it but Arkady.
x[Roger (Jeff)] buh?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll take the one Roger rolled.
[Master] Heh.
x[Jared] Dralafi: Reflex save: (d20+12) [13+12] 25
x[Roger (Jeff)] I don't know how I rolled for two characters
x[Velkyna (Joe)] DOH.
x[Arkady (James)] Whoops, I don't know I I rolled another one.
[Master] Two doors, mind-bogglingly well-hidden, slam down from the ceiling.
x[Arkady (James)] This is going to leave a mark, isn't it?
[Master] They are mad eof the same rock as the cavern walls, leaving you in a distressingly featureless room.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] If I made my reflex save can I take an immovable rod out of my haversack (free action) and plant it so that the door doesn't shut all the way?
[Master] Nah, the reflex save was not to flinch.
[Master] Arkady does flinch, but fortunately it's in the not-bad direction.
x[Master] Arkady moved 1'01".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Fortunately Arkady should flinch forward.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (heh)
[Master] (heh, great minds)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, shit.
[Master] All is silent for a moment.
[Master] Listen checks.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Listen check:(d20+2+0+1) [13+2+0+1] 16 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Listen check:(d20+16) [7+16] 23
x[Velkyna (Joe)] GAS.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Listen (Within a mile of Pilagro) check:(d20+9) [18+9] 27
Jared (map me)?
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: listen check:(d20+17) [14+17] 31
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Listen check:(d20+16) [10+16] 26
x[Jared] Dralafi: Listen check:(d20+4) [14+4] 18
[Master] Roger and Praxis hear the faint sound of hissing air.
x[Roger (Jeff)] I hear hissing air
x[Roger (Jeff)] I have a scroll that contains passwall
x[Roger (Jeff)] just FYI
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I take it the door goes all the way to the ceiling.
x[Arkady (James)] I can also d-door us.
[Master] Joe -- yes.
x[Arkady (James)] I don't know about all of us.  Does someone have a PH handy?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (Cool.  Give me a try to do this conventionally first.)
x[Roger (Jeff)] It's willing creatures
xVelkyna (Joe) searches the door (quickly, since I have Skill Mastery) for any signs of a button or lever.
x[Roger (Jeff)] on the d-door
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [6+16+7+5+1] 35 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] James -- max 50 lb/level extra.
[Master] So, since you're all small folks, yes, you could.
x[Arkady (James)] OK, that's right 50/lb per level.
[Master] Vel finds a control panel.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Wie sagt man "control panel"?
x[Arkady (James)] First, turn off the poison gas.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I take it nothing's labelled.
[Master] Yes, but there's only one lever.
[Jared] we sould move near vel, just in case he can only get the door open for a short period of time.
x[Arkady (James)] Good idea.
[Master] Actually, control panel isn't the right word -- it's a tiny recessed area with a lever in it.
x[Roger (Jeff)] I agree with that
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 21'02".
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 21'09".
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 21'05".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 38'06".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Does it appear that there is more than one position on this lever, or is it a two-position lever?
[Master] It's basically an off/on thing.
xVelkyna (Joe) flips it the other direction from the current position.
[Master] The air starts to take on a chillier tone, as though you are heading into a high altitude.
[Master] You hear a "thunk," and then nothing changes -- same hissing, no door movement.
x[Arkady (James)] Ruh roh.
xVelkyna (Joe) flips it back to the original position.
[Master] "thunk," no change again.
x[Arkady (James)] I suppose we should have checked for a control panel by the other door...
[Master] Ooh, sorry -- Dral, gimme a Search check, sorry.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, well.
[Master] Elves, secret doors, etc., yada yada yada
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Search check:(d20+5) [3+5] 8
x[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] pulled that off well
[Master] Heh, ok.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] All right, let's do this the magical way.
xVelkyna (Joe) waves over Arkady.
x[Arkady (James)] Everybody hold hands...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] The passage keeps curving forward, nothing in the way past the wall.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 19'01".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] 10 or 15' should do it.
x[Arkady (James)] Got it.
xVelkyna (Joe) reaches back to grab a hand without moving her feet.
x[Arkady (James)] D-Door is pretty safe, unlike _teleport_.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 10'02".
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: dimension door: teleport to location within 800 feet (DC=(10+4++5) [10+4+5] 19) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [1] 1 -- spell cast
x[Master] Arkady, Roger, Dralafi, Velkyna and Praxis moved 21'03".
[Master] Poof.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] My marble!!!
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Dammit, those things are expensive.
[Master] And now they're expensive powder.
x[Arkady (James)] We're not going back for it.
xVelkyna (Joe) sighs.
[Master] More corridor.  MOre featurelessness.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Sorry about that, guys.
[Master] Ennui.  Existentialism.  The pointlessness of striving.
x[Arkady (James)] Is this the regular stone of the corridor, or the odd stuff?
[Master] It's exactly the same as the previous corridor, right down to the angle of the curve.
xVelkyna (Joe) searches the immediate area in front of the party.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [6+16+7+5+1] 35 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Nope.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'09".
[Master] Ok.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [2+16+7+5+1] 31 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Arkady (James)] Can Dral check for another control panel?
[Master] Sure.
x[Arkady (James)] ... just in case.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Don't step backwards, though.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 15'11".
[Master] In the door, I assume.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] oh. woops.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeaaaaah.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 16'11".
x[Arkady (James)] Yeah, well, nevermind.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Search check:(d20+5) [12+5] 17
[Master] Nah, it's okay, Jared misunderstood but Dral wouldn't've.
[Master] Nah, nothing Dral can see.
x[Arkady (James)] OK.
x[Arkady (James)] Thanks.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'10".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [6+16+7+5+1] 35 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] WHoops.
[Master] Hang on.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] These rolls are sucking.
[Master] Okay, never mind.
[Master] Vel doesn't find anything.
[Master] (had to recheck my DCs)
xVelkyna (Joe) exhales.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 4'09".
[Master] The door recedes into the ceiling.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [1+16+7+5+1] 30 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] YOu look back; both have fully receded.
x[Arkady (James)] Wacky.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Anybody have Mage Hand to get that marble?
[Master] It's powder.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] The first one too?
[Master] Oh, the other one.
[Master] Sure.
x[Arkady (James)] I'll get it.
[Master] But it's too far away for Mage Hand (10', right?)
x[Arkady (James)] The range is longer than that, I'm sure.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Obviously I'm joking.  Feel free to veto Vel.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 5'09".
[Master] ooc, nemmind, it's 25' +5' per level.  Grab it if ya wanna
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [14+16+7+5+1] 43 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Nothing to see here, Vel.
x[Arkady (James)] It's the lucky marble, the one was wasn't crushed.
[Master] Arkady grabs the lucky marble.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Excellent.  A fraction of a copper saved, a fraction of a copper earned.
Jared has left the game on Sun Feb 26 09:14:13 GMT-10:00 2006
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 9'07".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [9+16+7+5+1] 38 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Bye, Jared.
[Master] NOthing in this section, Vel.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 8'01".
[Master] Is everyone else hanging around where the last door was?
x[Arkady (James)] Let's resume marching order.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [8+16+7+5+1] 37 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Arkady (James)] Dralafi moved 22'03".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Roger moved 11'10".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady moved 3'04".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Praxis moved 12'11".
x[Arkady (James)] I don't think it is necessary to hang around the door.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 8'04".
[Praxis] Let me hang back in case the door comes back or something.
x[Master] Praxis moved 18'08".
Jared has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 09:15:57 GMT-10:00 2006
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Okay, assume I didn't move him.
x[Arkady (James)] Oooookay.
x[Arkady (James)] Stay out of trouble, little buddy.
xVelkyna (Joe) is consciously trying to remain within eyesight of the party, as the hallway curves.  FYI.
[Praxis] Heh, too late for that.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [12+16+7+5+1] 41 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Nothing.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] C'mon fellas.  I rarely fuck up twice.
x[Arkady (James)] Do you get the feeling we've been going around in circles?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'03".
x[Arkady (James)] Actually, roll another marble.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [5+16+7+5+1] 34 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 13'04".
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 13'07".
xVelkyna (Joe) shrugs.  "Okay."
xVelkyna (Joe) produces a third marble and gives it a rolls.
[Master] Another door comes down, reflex save for Vel.
x[Arkady (James)] Shit.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex save: (d20+8+7+3+1) [13+8+7+3+1] 32
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Great.
[Master] She leans back but doesn't step back; the door behind you also slams.  You can feel Praxis's smugness from here.
[Master] From sluices above the doors, water begins flooding into the rooms.
[Master] Room, rather.
[Praxis] Oh crap, I'm Tiny!
xVelkyna (Joe) searches near the floor first.
x[Roger (Jeff)] At least you can fly
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [6+16+7+5+1] 35 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Praxis:  Search: 28
x[Arkady (James)] Hmph.  Never did pick up wather breathing.
x[Arkady (James)] water breathing...
[Praxis] Glub, I found a lever but I can't get to it!
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Mage hand it.
x[Arkady (James)] Good idea.  Cast mage hand though Praxis.  Let him guide it.
[Praxis] Vel's cleverness pays off, as she finds a lever close to the floor.
[Master] That was me.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Same deal, two positions?
[Master] OOC: yes.
xVelkyna (Joe) flips it.  Vel flips it for real.
[Praxis] Do I pull now?
x[Arkady (James)] Yes.
x[Arkady (James)] No, wait.
[Master] Too late!
x[Arkady (James)] Let's see what the first level does, if anything...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Comedy gold.
x[Arkady (James)] Oh well.
[Master] Praxis pulls the lever as Vel does, and the doors retract while the sluices close.
x[Arkady (James)] Phew.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] That's what I was hoping.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Which is why the first time it didn't work.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] It needs both of them to trip.
[Jared] ooh it came back
[Master] Behold my mastery of routers.
[Master] Anyways, Praxis flies up to join Arkady.
x[Arkady (James)] Vel, can you mark the spot where the door was?
x[Master] Praxis moved 24'02".
x[Arkady (James)] Let's look on the other side of it, for the level now, as opposed to later.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Did the water recede or is it still sloshing around.
x[Arkady (James)] lever...
[Master] IT's sloshing, and it's running forward.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] There's our slope.
xVelkyna (Joe) withdraws a piece of chalk and marks the wall where the lever is.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] .. and then where the door was.
[Master] CHalk doesn't really hold on polished obsidian, unfortunately.
x[Arkady (James)] Lessee, air, water.. the next will be either fire or earth, if the pattern is followed.
x[Arkady (James)] We need to figure out how we are tripping these traps anyway.
x[Arkady (James)] Is it using magic?  We haven't found any tripwires or anything.
Jared has left the game on Sun Feb 26 09:30:15 GMT-10:00 2006
xVelkyna (Joe) shrugs, and takes out a pot of charcoal oil and smears it at the door and lever.  She then breaks two small chips of white chalk and sticks them in the smear.
x[Arkady (James)] Wait a minute.  Does the door come in from the top?
Jared has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 09:30:38 GMT-10:00 2006
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought the door came down.
[Master] Arkady -- yes.
[Master] Down from the top.
[Jared] router reconfigured
[Master] Bueno.
[Jared] lets hope this is better
x[Arkady (James)] Is there any discontinuity up by the ceiling?  I presume the bottom of the door must be flat, to match the floor.
xVelkyna (Joe) puts away all her crap except for the torch.
[Master] There was discontinuity up top with the water trap, but not a detectable one with the air trap.
xVelkyna (Joe) feels around the floor.  Are there grooves in the floor, however subtle, to match the door for a seal.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] ?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] (test)
[Master] The small irregularities in the floor were smashed flat by the door's coming down; when you think about it, that was probably the subtle difference you noticed -- the irregularities don't seem to grow back in precisely the same way as they were when the door comes down.
[Master] It's a terribly small difference -- a nubbin is off by a few millimeters, but Vel's tuned to this sort of thing.
x[Roger (Jeff)] afk
[Jeff] I am away from the keyboard.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So, with water on the floor, marbles are out.
x[Arkady (James)] Unless it all has drained off by now.
[Master] IT's still draining slowly.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Proceed?
x[Arkady (James)] Vel, look for the lever on the other side of this door.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Gotcha.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 4'06".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [5+16+7+5+1] 34 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] My bad -- the levers are all *in* the doors.
[Master] So you're not going to find them until/unless the doors come down.
x[Arkady (James)] Ah.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Sukk.
x[Arkady (James)] Does anyone have spikes?  Can we try to spike this door open?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, you four should definitely not move further than where I am now, in case.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I've got spikes.
[Master] The door feels a bit . . . massive for spikes.
x[Arkady (James)] I suspected as much.
[Master] Plus, there isn't an obvious place to wedge them.
[Master] Remember, the doors have retracted, leaving behind only the smooshed floor as evidence of their passage.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Where are they coming out?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Is there a panel in the ceiling where they're coming down?
[Master] At the Door Pride parade.  :)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Har har.
x[Arkady (James)] Ooooh.
[Master] It doesn't seem to be a panel; the whole ceiling is the door's floor.
[Master] er, door's bottom.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] But I thought the ceiling arched ... ?
x[Arkady (James)] Yes, that's what I thought too.
[James] I am away from the keyboard.
[Master] Good question1
[Jeff] I am back at the keyboard.
[Master] There's a panel which comes down from the door's interior.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Great, now it's me and Dropsy McLinker.
[Master] So the bottom is covered.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Oh good, Jeff's back.
[Master] It's pretty darn impressive, in all honesty.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Fair enough.
[James] I am back at the keyboard.
[Master] The arch of the ceiling obscures the structure of the door.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't suppose, having seen this happen now twice, I get any search bonus to find the next one?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] And do I detect any kind of trigger mechanism?  Or is it a Detect Life thing?
[Master] (Yes, you do.)
x[Roger (Jeff)] the marble wasn't allive
x[Arkady (James)] Was it actually the marble that triggered it?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] The marble didn't trigger it.  It triggered when I got too close, no?
[Master] You suspect it's either a detect life thing (because the marble didn't trigger it) or a tremorsense.  Or, hell, maybe it detects respiration.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I've got it.  We all kill ourselves before going forward.
x[Arkady (James)] OK, you first.
[Master] The thing is, it always comes down jsut before Vel gets there.  So it's definitely some kind of test.
[Master] Rather than just smashing down on poor Vel.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I thank the architects for that consideration.
[Master] Well, shall we continue?
x[Arkady (James)] I suppose.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Do you guys want to come to where I am so you know where the later door is?
x[Arkady (James)] Yes.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 39'04".
x[Arkady (James)] In general, we might want to stick a little more closely together.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 39'10".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 38'08".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd still prefer a -bit- of distance.  Maybe 10-15 feet.  Just in case of scything blades or any of that deadly reflex-savey type stuff.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] (map?)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi moved 52'00".
[Master] my badd
x[Dralafi (Jared)] danke
x[Roger (Jeff)] are there images of Mediterranean scenes?
[Master] Heh, nah, they want you tense.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'05".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [7+16+7+5+1] 36 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] nada
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Of course, it doesn't help that I'm rolling 4-8 instead of 10+.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 9'01".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [13+16+7+5+1] 42 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Velkyna (Joe)] There we go.
[Master] Nada.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 10'01".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [20+16+7+5+1] 49 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] (follow along after...)
[Master] Heh, extremely nada.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] That's what I'm talkin' bout.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi, Roger, Arkady and Praxis moved 20'05".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 8'02".
xArkady (James) leaves a copper coin in the door area.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [14+16+7+5+1] 43 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Ooh, a smashed penny!
[Master] Also nothing.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, my badd, did Praxis or someone want to stay behind?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] At the door.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] ?
x[Arkady (James)] We're at the door now.
x[Arkady (James)] I think.
[Master] Until now, the pattern has been both levers facing inward.
x[Arkady (James)] I'll stay by the door.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but if I moved everyone too far forward, that'd suck.
[Master] I won't be a punk about it.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Kickass.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 9'08".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [3+16+7+5+1] 32 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Back to this again.
[Master] Nope.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 9'03".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [3+16+7+5+1] 32 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Also nope
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 17'00".
x[Arkady (James)] Dral, you can move up too.  I'll stay by the door.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 18'05".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] The next 10' step is, in Vel's estimation where the next door would come down, based on the separation between doors so far.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 7'01".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So she's going to pay extra attention to this search.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [16+16+7+5+1] 45 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] IT's definitely not here.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 7'10".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [2+16+7+5+1] 31 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Nope.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Great, and that was probably the one I needed.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 6'02".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [9+16+7+5+1] 38 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] THis is it.
x[Arkady (James)] As much as finding/tripping traps is annoying, it is worse to _not_ find them.
[Master] The door will come down here, probably in a second or two.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Guys ...
[Master] THOOM
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I hear bomb noises.
x[Arkady (James)] Or someone is writing a comic book.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Search for the lever.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] WAIT.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] ROCK.
[Master] Much like the doors, a huge rock section comes smashing down out of the ceiling.  Reflex saves for Vel, Dral, and Roger.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Reflex save: (d20+12) [14+12] 26
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex save: (d20+8+7+3+1) [1+8+7+3+1] 20
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Reflex save: (d20+12) [12+12] 24
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I suck so bad.
[Master] Vel flinches forward, bouncing off the door.  2nd reflex save for Vel.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Reflex save: (d20+8+7+3+1) [6+8+7+3+1] 25
x[Velkyna (Joe)] These dice are rigged.
[Master] She manages to avoid stepping back and catches her balance.
x[Arkady (James)] Windows doesn't have a real good RNG, by the way.
x[Arkady (James)] I don't know about Java though.
[Master] Praxis: Search: 20
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway, search for lever.
[Praxis] Found it.
[Praxis] Say when.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [1+16+7+5+1] 30 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Velkyna (Joe)] imsosure.
[Master] You found yours, as well.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Now.
xVelkyna (Joe) flips it.
Praxis pulls the lever.
[Master] The doors recede.  The ROCK doesn't.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] How high is the ROCK.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] And, furthermore, can I smell what it's cooking?
x[Arkady (James)] Does it completely block the passage?
[Master] It's floor to ceiling ROCK in here. Yes, it blocks the passage.
x[Arkady (James)] Huh.
x[Arkady (James)] Stone to mud anyone?
x[Roger (Jeff)] nope
x[Arkady (James)] If not, I guess we'll have do do another d-door.
[Master] Swiss Army Bard.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 25'01".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 21'07".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Alt. the passwall.
x[Arkady (James)] But that's a scroll, more expensive, yes?
[Master] Arkady's got the spells, may as well make use of 'em.
x[Roger (Jeff)] 1 foot per level, so it wouldn't reach
x[Velkyna (Joe)] True, just putting out alternatives.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: dimension door: teleport to location within 800 feet (DC=(10+4++5) [10+4+5] 19) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [96] 96 -- spell cast
x[Master] Arkady, Roger, Dralafi and Praxis moved 34'11".
[Master] Voomp.
x[Arkady (James)] Too bad there is no puff of black smoke.
x[Arkady (James)] Like in the movies.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] BAMF
[Master] There is a pause while you collect yourself, and then the rock begins to pull back up into the ceiling.
x[Arkady (James)] Son of a...
[Master] The only sound, as you watch in awe, is a slight scraping of stone on stone.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Now that's just rude.
x[Arkady (James)] That was my last one, BTW.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Did we miss something, or is it that smart?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So going with Arkady's theory, it's fire next.  And then we start getting into the para- and quasi-elements like ash, magma, and vacuum.
x[Arkady (James)] Ugh.
[Master] Don't forget the element of suprise!
x[Arkady (James)] LOL
x[Arkady (James)] BTW, did the copper piece get smooshed?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I never did figure out what the difference between the planes of mud and ooze were.
[Master] Thoroughly, though now it seems to say something like "I went to the top of Starved Rock," whatever that means.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, wouldn't ooze have more organic compounds in it?
x[Arkady (James)] Heh.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Possibly.  But water-earth was the para- of mud.  Then it was mud-earth to be the quasi- of ooze.  Or something like that.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway ...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Someone stay by this door and I'll continue this thing.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 7'02".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 4'02".
x[Arkady (James)] I suggest curing into a ball to limit the fire damage.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [20+16+7+5+1] 49 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] I suggest someone casting Elemental Resist, if you've got it.
[Master] Definitely nothing here.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Isn't that divine?
x[Arkady (James)] That would be nice.  Too bad I don't have that.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm sure the elemental resists are back with the cleric iand druid.
x[Arkady (James)] I know Aedean uses it a lot.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] "Oh, you won't need any healing in the trick path."
xDralafi (Jared) lol
[Master] There are a couple of elemental reissts that are arcane.
[Master] Yeah, Endure Elements, Resist Elements, yada yada.
[Master] ANyways, not happening, so cool.
[Master] We're walking . . .
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 12'03".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [8+16+7+5+1] 37 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
xArkady (James) drops another copper piece in the door area.
[Master] Heh.
[Master] Nothing.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 13'00".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [12+16+7+5+1] 41 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] There's a trap here.
[Master] Well, sorta.  The trap is here, but the trigger isn't.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Type of trap?
[Master] Magic spell trap -- Fire Wall.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I believe I can disarm magical traps, but I don't know exactly how that works.
[Master] Regular Disarm Trap roll, just a phat DC.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Let's give it a go.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Disable Device check:(d20+16+7+2+2+1) [19+16+7+2+2+1] 47 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.
x[Arkady (James)] That's about as good as it gets.
[Master] You successfully disarm the trap; it's not incredibly tricky, though it does take a serious expert (like yourself) to get the job done.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Is there still water on the floor, from it sloshing forward?
[Master] Yeah, actually.
x[Arkady (James)] Cool.  I'll still stay by this door.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] How deep?
[Master] Not even a half-inch.  Just kind of trickling.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, I got one out of four.  That's, like, rookie odds.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 11'02".
[Master] You realize that if there is little enough water, the tiny pools from the floor irregularities are going to contain it.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [2+16+7+5+1] 31 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Door's going to come down about 5' ahead of you.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I make the fellas aware of this.
[Master] Nod.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Creeping forward a few steps ...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 3'08".
x[Dralafi (Jared)] should we move up or stay here?
x[Arkady (James)] Of all the ones to get, this as the earth ones would have been the most painful.
x[Arkady (James)] Someone needs to stay by this door.
x[Arkady (James)] I will.
[Master] ok.
x[Arkady (James)] Dral and Roger can move up if they want.
x[Arkady (James)] I'm sure Roger would be a little curious about the firewall.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 31'11".
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 30'04".
[Master] Vel steps forward to start the process?
x[Arkady (James)] Fine by me.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] As long as everyone's ready, yes.
x[Master] Arkady moved 17'11".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 2'03".
x[Master] Praxis moved 23'07".
x[Master] Arkady moved 1'03".
[Master] There ya go.
x[Arkady (James)] Oh,, is that where the door was?
[Master] Yep.
x[Arkady (James)] I was thinkking it was further back.  Thanks.
[Master] Thoom.
[Master] Search checks.
x[Arkady (James)] THOOM.  Boom.
[Master] Praxis:  Search:  21
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [13+16+7+5+1] 42 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Praxis] Got it.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: spot check:(d20+3) [7+3] 10
x[Arkady (James)] OK, on three.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Search check:(d20+5) [13+5] 18
x[Arkady (James)] One.
x[Arkady (James)] Two.
x[Arkady (James)] Three.
[Praxis] Clicky.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] clicky
[Master] The doors recede.
xArkady (James) recovers the squished copper piece.
[Master] Multiple paths, and, um.
x[Arkady (James)] Some green/orange thingy.
[Master] (hover your mouse over it)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Great.
x[Arkady (James)] IIRC, prismatic walls are rather unpleasant.
[Master] Prismatic Wall:
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeaaaaaaaah.
[Master] Prismatic Wall creates a vertical, opaque wall -- a shimmering, multicolored plane of light that protects you from all forms of attack.
[Master] The wall flashes with seven colors, each of which has a distinct power and purpose.
[Master] The wall is immobile, and you can pass  throuhg and remain near the wall without harm.
[Master] However, any other creature with fewere than 8 HD that is within 20 feet of the wall is blinded for 2d4 rounds by the colors if it looks at the wall.
[Master] Each color in the wall has a special effect.  The accompaning table (yada yada)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] It's pretty bad.  Seven colors, seven ways to die.
x[Roger (Jeff)] I have Cone of Cold, Gust of Wind, Passwall, Magic Missile
[Master] The wall can be destroyed, color by color, in consecutive order, by various magical effects; however, the first must be brought down before teh second can be effected, and so on.  A rod of cancellation, or a Mordenkainen's disjunction spell destroyes a prismatic wall, etc.
x[Roger (Jeff)] and dispel magic
[Master] Red  1st  stops nommagical ranged weapons  Cone of Cold
[Master] Orange 2nd Stops magical ranged weapons Gust of Wind
[Master] Yello 3rd Stops poisons, gases, and petrifications.  Deals 80 points electricity (Reflex half).  Disintegrate.
x[Arkady (James)] I think we're missing disintegrate and daylight.
[Master] Green 4th STops breath weapons.  Poison (Kills; Fortitude partial to take 20 points of damage instead).  Passwall.
[Master] Do I need to conitnue or has everyone looked it up by now?  :)
x[Arkady (James)] I'm looking at it online.
x[Arkady (James)] http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/prismaticWall.htm
[Master] Note that there are two other corridors, as well.
x[Arkady (James)] This might be the 3.5 version, however.
[Master] It won't have changed substantially.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, we're definitely not going to go straight ahead.
x[Arkady (James)] Could have d-door'ed it... if I had another.
xVelkyna (Joe) makes the party aware of the situation.  "Rainbow wall, two passages."
x[Arkady (James)] So, let Vel get up to the intersection, and then we'll decide left or right.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 11'11".
x[Arkady (James)] Should I stay by the last door, just in case?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [12+16+7+5+1] 41 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Probably.  It would suck to ave the prismatic wall moving forward on us.
[Master] Nothing.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 13'11".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [8+16+7+5+1] 37 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Master] Nothing.
[Master] (move the rest of the Party forward?)
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Im gonna move up to back u vel just in case
x[Arkady (James)] Sure.  I'll stay by the door though.  And leave another copper piece.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi moved 53'01".
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 21'03".
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 36'07".
x[Arkady (James)] was it about here?
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 21'08".
x[Master] Arkady moved 33'10".
x[Master] Praxis moved 29'05".
[Master] Here.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, I'm going to creep closer to the openings.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 7'02".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Swastikalicious.
[Master] Yep.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [11+16+7+5+1] 40 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Arkady (James)] I take it we don't want to split up?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Ideally not.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger moved 15'07".
x[Arkady (James)] Now would be a good time for wizard eye.
[Master] Nothing.
[Master] YOu do have a couple of extra familiars who could jog a bit, if needed.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I wonder if the rule against going backwards counts when the passageway itself doubles back.
x[Arkady (James)] Would they be also under the stricture of not moving backwards?
[Master] Likely so.
x[Arkady (James)] Maybe bounce a couple marbles down each path, see if we hear anything.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, these are either dead-end deathtraps or each one leads somewhere different.
x[Roger (Jeff)] ugh afk again
[Jeff] I am away from the keyboard.
x[Arkady (James)] Huh.  Dunno.
x[Arkady (James)] Maybe just flip a coin to pick one.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, let me try the marble trick first.
x[Arkady (James)] Heads left, tails right.  Unless someone has a better idea.
x[Arkady (James)] OK.
[Master] Listen check.
x[Arkady (James)] Everyone?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Listen check:(d20+2+0+1) [20+2+0+1] 23 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.
[Master] dink
x[Arkady (James)] Bank shot.
[Master] dink
[Master] dink
[Master] dink
[Master] dink
[Master] donk.
x[Arkady (James)] LOL
[Master] It stopped.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Did we get any sense of configuration of the passageway beyond?
[Master] Same as the other one.
[Master] Yeah, that Listen check combined with Vel's insane spatial reasoning gives you a definite swastika vibe.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] ... in that, each one dead ends?
[Master] Yes.
x[Arkady (James)] Maybe there are levers around the end of each corner...
x[Arkady (James)] ... that deactivate the prismatic wall.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, Vel could check it out and, if necessary, double back.  She's probably the sturdiest here.  Though that depends on the nature of the punishment.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Taking one for the team, as it were.
[Master] Take a backstep to see what happens while you're still in range?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm.
[Master] Of help, I mean.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] What do you guys think?
x[Arkady (James)] It would be easier for the party to heal you here, assuming you don't immdiately die.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Of course, if she doesn't -need- to take a step back because of the passageways ...
[Master] Hm.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Still facing forward (in case that matters), Vel will hesitantly take a step backwards.
[Jeff] I am back at the keyboard.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 0'11".
[Master] Fortitude save.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Fortitude save: (d20+4+4+3+1+2) [13+4+4+3+1+2] 27
[Master] Take 20 damage
[Master] Vel suffers a Disintegrate.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!
[Master] But she makes her FOrtitude save!
x[Arkady (James)] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x[Arkady (James)] Fuck.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] IT HURTS SO BAD.
x[Arkady (James)] I mean that in every sense.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] thats...not good
[Master] Everyone pauses to reassess.
[Master] BTW, can Roger give me a spellcraft check so I can justify him knowing how to beat a Prismatic Wall?
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spellcraft check:(d20+9) [15+9] 24
xJoe has adjusted Velkyna's hit points...
x[Master] Velkyna's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 83 (-20)  - Lightly Wounded
x[Velkyna (Joe)] IT.  HURTS.  SO BAD.
x[Arkady (James)] As soon I as catch up to you, I'll heal you.
[Master] Good enough.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Gime a minute to help Erica with something.  Talk amongst yoursleves.
[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.
x[Roger (Jeff)] 9
x[Roger (Jeff)] (I do have Daylights memoed, they're just not showing up)
x[Arkady (James)] Well, if we rest here for a day, I can get a couple more d-doors.
x[Roger (Jeff)] (in the dice roller thing)
x[Arkady (James)] OK, so we're just missing disintegrate.
[Master] Heh, Vel isn't.
[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] if only we could make wall step bacwards. :)
x[Arkady (James)] Indeed.  If we could somehow have her step backwards into the wall...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] back.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] That's, um.  Not funny.
x[Arkady (James)] Does the prismatic wall extend up to the ceiling?
[Master] Of course.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, if someone goes down the left passage with me, and we check it out...
x[Arkady (James)] and if there is anything there or not, we could d-door back to the corridor right before the PM.
x[Arkady (James)] That technically wouldn't be backwards, but sideways.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] hope the magic walls know that...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.
x[Arkady (James)] And actually, I could try to d-door to the right side corner, which is sideways from where Drall is now... sorta.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] This, hypothetically, will happen if we sleep and Arkady regains his spells.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Right?
[Master] Yes.
[Master] Of course, sleeping is something of a nervous-making proposition.
[Master] What with the "no rolling" rule.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] We would have to take shifts and two people guard the other two sleepers to keep them from rolling.
x[Arkady (James)] Lay down our bedrools in the direction of travel...
x[Arkady (James)] eeeew.  bed drools
[Master] heh
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel, for one, doesn't need to regain any spells too.
x[Arkady (James)] I meant bed rolls, of course.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm going to need to go AFK around 3pm for maybe 30 minutes, FYI.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] (so, five minutes from now).
x[Arkady (James)] sheesh.  disintegrate is a 6th level spell.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I wonder if it would be possible to go forward-ish, and then "backwardish" like this: NOTE PURELY HYPOTHETICAL VEL IS NOT MOVING.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna moved 1'09".
[Master] Prolly not
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Suck.
x[Arkady (James)] Or, since we are recovering spells, just d-door past the PM.
[Master] no.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Of course, we don't know what's past the PM.
[Master] 8th wall
x[Arkady (James)] Oh, it blocks all spell effects, right?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] if th pm doesnt block ddoor its really pretty silly
x[Arkady (James)] actually, if we go down the left passage, we would sort of go past it, not through it.
x[Arkady (James)] ... and d-door from the end of the left passage...
[Master] That's doable, but you'd better be sure that there's space behind the wall...
x[Arkady (James)] Yup.  That would be the problem.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, shit.  I can't think of anything clever.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, any other ideas.
x[Arkady (James)] ?
x[Roger (Jeff)] I got nothin
[Praxis] SOmeone really ought to check out the other two corridors.  I nominate Pilagro and the bird.
[Praxis] Unless someone's got a summon spell, in which case, woo.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] What's the save DC on Disintegrate?
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spellcraft check:(d20+9) [2+9] 11
x[Arkady (James)] Like any other spell, right?
[Master] Standard DC -- 10 + spell level + ability modifier of caster.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So I might've gotten really really lucky on that save.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Because it's 16 + modifier, which you figure is going to be in the 4-6 range for this.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So 20-22.
[Master] True.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] And I'm at a +14.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So not -really- lucky, but pretty lucky.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] And I take it we've got no summonses to sacrifice?
x[Arkady (James)] I don't.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] No figurines of wondrous power or anything like that?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] not that I'm aware of
x[Arkady (James)] I wanted to get a bag of tricks at one point...
x[Arkady (James)] We got rid of the elephant, right?  Because we're high rollers and now take carpets everwhere.
[Master] Ding.
x[Arkady (James)] Not that an elephant would fit in this corridors...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, I need to go AFK for 30-40 minutes.  Feel free to play Vel while I'm gone.  If we gotta, she'll check out a corridor and suck it up on the rebound, because she's got te best chance of anyone to save.
[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.
[Master] Okay, I need AFK for 10 mins, talk amongst yourselves.
[Master] I am away from the keyboard.
x[Arkady (James)] Aie.  I don't know what else to do.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] sorry guys; I got nothing.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, I think we'll have to take a shot with the d-door.  If there is solid rock behind the PM, then we'll get displaced.
x[Arkady (James)] ... which hurts, BTW.
x[Arkady (James)] But it is like 1d6, if the spell has to shift you up to 100ft.   4d6 for 1000ft.
x[Arkady (James)] As long as we don't get displaced _backwards_ of where we are now, we should be OK.
[Master] I am back at the keyboard.
[Master] Just make sure not to d-door directly thru the Wall.
x[Arkady (James)] Yup.
x[Arkady (James)] I think at this point, let's just have Vel go down the left corridor, and see what's there.
Joe has left the game on Sun Feb 26 11:13:46 GMT-10:00 2006
x[Arkady (James)] If there is a lever or something, then we may need to send someone down right right corridor.
x[Arkady (James)] to see if there is a lever there too.
x[Arkady (James)] If she doesn't see anything on the left, then we probably don't need to go down the right either.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Do we have anything that would boost Fort checks?
x[Arkady (James)] Like Endurance?
x[Roger (Jeff)] yeah
x[Arkady (James)] I don't have anything.
x[Arkady (James)] I thought someone (perhaps Vel) has a con ammy though.  But she would be the one using it.
[Master] Heh, we lost Joe there.
[Master] Okay, Vel will go down the left corridor.
x[Master] Velkyna moved 25'04".
[Velkyna] Yeah, guys, dead end.
x[Velkyna] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:41
x[Velkyna] Velkyna moved 10'00".
x[Arkady (James)] So let's camp out, and recover spells.
x[Velkyna] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:30
[Velkyna] I'll just stay here.
[Master] Since we're coming here anyway, right?
x[Arkady (James)] Yes.
x[Arkady (James)] Any objections to camping out for the night?  Better ideas?
[Velkyna] I got nothing.
x[Arkady (James)] OK, let's camp then.  I'm hungry anyway.
[Master] All right, you camp out.  It was going into evening when you got here, and your travels have taken a while, so it's not long before you get the 24 hours you need to refresh your spells.
[Master] That is, not much more than 8 hours.
x[Arkady (James)] Yay.  Nothing attacked us during the night.
[Master] Heh.
x[Arkady (James)] OK, so we go to where Vel is, and try to d-door to the corridor beyond the PM.
x[Arkady (James)] I mean PW.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady moved 49'01".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis moved 50'00".
x[Master] Dralafi moved 41'10".
x[Master] Roger moved 45'01".
[Master] ok
x[Arkady (James)] The only question is, how far down the corridor should we aim for?
x[Arkady (James)] Just beyond the PW, or further down?
[Master] Does everyone here have a Will save of at least +5?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] I do
x[Arkady (James)] I do.
[Master] ok
x[Roger (Jeff)] I memorized a TP
x[Arkady (James)] Oh, that'll be handy.
[Master] Okay, where to TP to?
x[Roger (Jeff)] I don't know
[Master] Sorry, DD to.
x[Arkady (James)] I can't seem to mark it.
[Master] It's ok.
x[Arkady (James)] I wanted to do a circular effect, but it isn't taking.
x[Arkady (James)] Actuall, Kimmitt should be able to see both of them..
[Master] IT's cool.
x[Master] Arkady: dimension door: teleport to location within 800 feet (DC=19) Spell failure check (>=+0): 19 -- spell cast
x[Arkady (James)] What are the rules on TP, if you try to go into solid rock?
x[Arkady (James)] OK, nevermind.
[Master] You have to have seen where you're going.
[Master] How far down the corridor are you DD-ing?
x[Arkady (James)] The first one I marked.
[Master] Oh, wait, "description," soryr.
[Master] Ok, WIll saves for everyone.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [19+8] 27
x[Master] Arkady moved 24'01".
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis: Will save: (d20+9) [13+9] 22
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [12+8] 20
x[Master] Arkady moved 23'02".
x[Master] Praxis moved 24'01".
x[Master] Velkyna: Will save: 27
x[Master] Velkyna moved 24'05".
x[Arkady (James)] OK, we're boned.
[Velkyna] What the fuck was that?  I had to, like, want to go somewhere that wasn't solid rock.  Shades.
x[Master] Dralafi moved 1'06".
[Master] Jared?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Will save: (d20+8) [8+8] 16
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Will save: (d20+10) [5+10] 15
x[Dralafi (Jared)] sorry, my chat window got pausd and I didnt notice it
[Master] Okay, Dral, Arkady, and Roger find themselves drifting in Astral space . . . you can "see" some space nearby, and you try to will yourselves over to it.
[Master] (1 Will Save per round . . .)
x[Arkady (James)] Huh, that wasn't supposed to happen.
[Velkyna] Seriously, where the fuck is everyone?
[Praxis] It's all right, they'll be here in a minute or two.
[Velkyna] What?
[Praxis] It'll be fine, they just need some time.
[Velkyna] Time to do what?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] What just happened?
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [11+8] 19
[Praxis] It's hard to describe.
[Praxis] Find their way here.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Will save: (d20+10) [12+10] 22
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Will save: (d20+8) [16+8] 24
[Velkyna] Well, isn't that just fucking peachy.
[Master] Keep 'em coming.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Will save: (d20+10) [12+10] 22
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [4+8] 12
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Will save: (d20+8) [5+8] 13
[Master] More.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Will save: (d20+10) [7+10] 17
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Will save: (d20+8) [13+8] 21
x[Arkady (James)] The D-door spell is supposed to automatically displace us somwhere where there is room... unless soemthing else is going on.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [4+8] 12
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Will save: (d20+10) [19+10] 29
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [14+8] 22
[Master] Arkady -- no, you're stuck in the Astral PLane until get a Will Save . . . at least in my reading.
[Master] Roger appears in the small aperture behidn the Prismatic Wall.
x[Master] Arkady moved 2'09".
x[Master] Dralafi moved 4'07".
x[Master] Roger moved 25'11".
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Will save: (d20+8) [18+8] 26
x[Master] Dralafi moved 22'02".
[Master] Dral appears shortly thereafter.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [10+8] 18
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [4+8] 12
x[Arkady (James)] LOL
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [4+8] 12
x[Arkady (James)] I don't think I want to be material anymore.
[Master] Arkady is drunken.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [8+8] 16
[Praxis] He'll be here . . .
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [19+8] 27
x[Praxis] Arkady moved 21'06".
[Velkyna] Hi, nice of you to join us.  As you can see, we're fucked.
x[Arkady (James)] Mightly cosy.  Too bad I didn't take a bath this morning.
[Praxis] Mammals.
[Velkyna] So, um, what now?
x[Arkady (James)] TP down the left corridor?
x[Arkady (James)] Oh wait, that won't work.
x[Arkady (James)] Maybe look for an 'off' switch for the PW.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] vel, do you have enough room to work in here?
[Velkyna] Okay.
[Velkyna] Hang on.
x[Arkady (James)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [1+16+7+5+1] 30 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]
[Velkyna] Yeah, I don't see anything.
x[Arkady (James)] That's a good question.
x[Arkady (James)] Did we actually check that it is a reall PW, and not an illusion?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] that would be embarassing
[Master] If it's an illusion, a Dispel Magic would wax it.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, let's try that then.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Dispel Magic:  (DC=(10+3+4) [10+3+4] 17) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [92] 92 -- spell cast
[Master] That didn't work, either because the illusion is of too high a level, or because it's not an illusion.
x[Arkady (James)] Why the heck would anyone put up a PW over a dead end?
x[Arkady (James)] Unless it was to just screw with us.
x[Arkady (James)] And cause us to waste a lot of spells.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] someone smarterthan us, apparently
x[Arkady (James)] Well, what to do now?
x[Arkady (James)] We can d-door back to the dead-end where we were.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] the question is, is that 'backwards'?
x[Arkady (James)] Yup, that's the question.
x[Arkady (James)] It looks sideways on the map...
[Master] Good question.  YOu willing to bet a Disintegrate on it?
[Master] All motion is relative.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, should we test the PW, maybe throw a marble at it?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] wouldnt an illusion good enough to beat a dispell also beat a marble?
x[Arkady (James)] Oh, because you would believe it disintegrated?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] presumably
[Master] A prismatic wall would simply deflect a marble.
x[Arkady (James)] Oh, before we forget, let's heal Vel.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Im going afk for just  a minute
[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.
x[James] Arkady targets Dralafi.  Distance: 3'10"
x[James] Arkady targets Arkady.  Distance: 0'00"
x[James] Arkady targets Roger.  Distance: 5'01"
x[James] Arkady no longer targets Roger.
x[James] Arkady no longer targets Dralafi.
x[James] Arkady targets Dralafi.  Distance: 3'10"
x[James] Arkady no longer targets Arkady.
x[James] Arkady targets Arkady.  Distance: 0'00"
x[James] Arkady no longer targets Arkady.
x[James] Arkady targets Arkady.  Distance: 0'00"
x[James] Arkady no longer targets Arkady.
x[Arkady (James)] Nevermind.  I'm just going to heal Vel.
[Master] Don't worry about the targetting, just cast the heal.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds: ((+1d8+5)) [(8+5)] 13 HP recovered (DC=(10+1++5) [10+1+5] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [7] 7 -- spell cast added to Dralafi
x[Master] Arkady moved 3'01".
x[James] Arkady no longer targets Dralafi.
x[Master] Velkyna's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 96 (13)  - Barely Scratched
[Master] She's fine.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [6+1] 7 HP recovered (DC=(10+1++5) [10+1+5] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [6] 6 -- spell cast
x[Master] Velkyna's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 103 (7)  - Unharmed
[Master] Problem solved.
Joe has joined the game on Sun Feb 26 11:50:36 GMT-10:00 2006
[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.
[Joe] Huh.
[Master] The map says it all.
[Master] You napped and D-doored.
[Joe] So those -were- dead-end deathtraps?
[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.
x[Arkady (James)] There was nothing at the end of the left corridor.
x[Arkady (James)] We haven't checked the right one yet.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] But we're past the PM.  Is this a dead end as well?
[Master] But here you are, in this little space.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Cozy.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Did Vel search?
[Master] Yes, nothing.
x[Arkady (James)] We could d-door back to the entrance area.  Outside the disinitegrate spell effect, presumably.
[Master] Are you certain that the spell effect doesn't go back to the entrance arae?
[Master] area, rather?
x[Arkady (James)] OK, the area right before the entrance.
x[Arkady (James)] But no, I am not certain.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Should we be re-reading that poem from the front entrance?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] For clues?
x[Arkady (James)] We searched this area too, BTW.  Didn't find anything.
x[Arkady (James)] Another option is to try to d-door again, but further in the direction of where the corridor would go.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] What would happen if it was solid rock?
x[Arkady (James)] We would get stuck in astral space again.  Will saves all around
x[Velkyna (Joe)] "Again?"
[Master] Though it is darkest just before the dawn,
[Master] All mortals eventually find Death's lightless halls.
[Master] Some say that life is a set of traps to be avoided and mysteries solved;
[Master] Others, more sinister, that it is a series of enemies to be defeated.
[Master] Be that as it may, one may tread Death's halls but once,
[Master] Lest ye attract the fell attention of the Gods.
[Master] To create life, and thus to defeat and invite death,
[Master] Two mortals must act as one.  So it is here.
[Master] That's the opening thingy.
x[Arkady (James)] OK, backtracking of any sort... bad.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Crazy thought time.  We could try touching the Prismatic Wall.
[Master] afk for 10 mins.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] On the off chance that it's more than just a PW.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Emphasis on "chance" because, y'know, bad bad no bad if we're wrong.
x[Arkady (James)] Two mortals must act as one...
[Master] WHy not break out the Cone of COld and Gust of Wind?  It's not like you're doing anything else with 'em.  :)
x[Arkady (James)] true.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Cone of Cold: (9d6) [(4+3+5+3+4+1+3+3+5)] 31 (DC=(10+5+4) [10+5+4] 19) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [57] 57 -- spell cast
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Which layer is the one that needs Disintegrate?
[Master] All of the Red from the Wall disappears.
[Master] 3rd layer -- yellow
xRoger (Jeff) reads gust of wind from the scroll
[Master] All of the Orange disappears from the Wall.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So we can't take down the GBIV until we take down the Y?
[Master] Yeah.
x[Arkady (James)] As far as we know, yes.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] hm.
[Master] INT checks for everyone.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: INT check:(d20+2) [13+2] 15
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: INT check:(d20+2) [17+2] 19
x[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: INT check:(d20+1) [16+1] 17
x[Arkady (James)] Praxis: INT check:(d20+0) [4+0] 4
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: INT check:(d20+2) [11+2] 13
x[Velkyna (Joe)] There's nothing at all remarkable about this space?  no patterns of bumps, no cracks or whatnot?
x[Master] Roger: INT check:22
x[Arkady (James)] I don't know why that happened.  I didn't roll Arkady again.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Why is this corridor different in shape from the other two branches?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Fill me (Joe) in, what's the difference in shape?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Other than, not bendy?
[Master] Ding.
[Master] Why isn't there a turn in this corridor?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Because, like life, it heads inexorably in one direction.
xVelkyna (Joe) takes a step forward, into the wall in front of the group.
[Master] Then what do the side corridors mean... :)
x[Arkady (James)] Actually, if we can TP or D-door to the other side corridor, that isn't really going backwards.
x[Arkady (James)] In the sense that we haven't gone down that corridor before.
x[Arkady (James)] None of us took the left branch.
[Master] OOC:  My intent is to leave you here until you solve the puzzle or try something else . . . if that gets too frustrating and unfun, I'll try to break out another hint.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, if this corridor, like life, heads in one direction towards one destination (death) then the other branches would, theoretically, be ways to ... cheat death?
x[Arkady (James)] I say we d-door to the left branch.  We should be able to hit the corner of it.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Go in a different direction from the normal mortal path?
x[Arkady (James)] ... errr right branch.  The one we haven't visited.
x[Arkady (James)] The two must act as one... that got us out of the other traps.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] of course, both paths could be dead ends. cheating death wouldn't be easy
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm.  I think Arkady has it.  We need people in each of the two branches at the same time.
x[Arkady (James)] Yeah, but we didn't see anything to activate.
x[Roger (Jeff)] w/o backtracking?
[Master] The rhyme says that you need 2 mortals to "create life."  If you have 2 here, what about the other party?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe something appears when there are two life forms, one in each corridor.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Are we now waiting on the other party to finish their end?
[Master] Probably, the other party's waiting on you.  I haven't finished their end yet.
[Master] It's likely that we'll have to retcon to one of you getting a Message from Aedean saying something like, "how's it going?"
x[Arkady (James)] Eh, going back to the left dead-end would be backtracking...
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, we've got two choices.  1) Try the "split down two branches" theory, or 2) Wait for the other party.
x[Arkady (James)] What, you don't want to stay here?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmm.  Trapped for all time.
[Master] We can call it a day and see how the other Party does on their end, then finish together.
[Master] In fact, we'd probably all meet at once, since there's only 1 more combat for the other party.
x[Arkady (James)] I somehow don't think we're supposed to be on this side of the PW.
[Master] Then you have to figure out what to do then.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, if the way to proceed is "other party gets past their PW" then I don't know what else we're going to accomplish here.
[Master] OOC:  It's not.
[Master] This is a puzzle which is designed to produce a single person doing something at the same time as a single person on the other end of the puzzle.  :)
x[Roger (Jeff)] We can TP to the beginning of the branch, but we might get disintegrated
x[Arkady (James)] Create life?  Get bizzayyy?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah ... no.
x[Arkady (James)] What?  I'm not ugly.
x[Roger (Jeff)] Did we search the end of that branch?
x[Roger (Jeff)] The one we camped out in
x[Arkady (James)] Vel did a search on the left branch, yes.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] vwl did
x[Velkyna (Joe)] You're fine.  But this menage-a-quatre isn't happening.
x[Arkady (James)] LOL
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't suppose we're supposed to touch the PW at the same time someone else on the other end does something similarly death-causing.
[Master] The only reason to touch the PW, for Vel, would be for her to eat a Disintegrate at the same time in the hopes of somehow transmitting it to the PW.
x[Arkady (James)] Dunno.  In retrospect, it would have been a good idea for us to explore the other branch.
[Master] T-minus 3 minutes to another hint.  :)
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So, let's say that this main artery represents life.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Two other deviations represent deviations from the "normal mortal path".
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Say, becoming a demigod or a lich or turned to stone or somehow, some way "deviating" from a normal born-live-die path.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Ideally we want to stay on this path.  The normal life.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Except there's a dead end.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Death.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] We need to get past that dead end.  We need to get past death, but not in a way that's deviating from that path.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] And before death is a prismatic wall? I'm not sure the metaphor olds
x[Dralafi (Jared)] ok, maybe
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, the prismatic wall certainly causes death.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, the PW will kill you pretty good.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, death is the end.  And we're at a dead end.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] So how do you get past death?
x[Dralafi (Jared)] high-level cleric?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't know if things like raise dead or resurrection are ways to "cheat death" like "deviate from the path" or ways to extend your life in a normal, cosmically-acceptible fashion.
[Praxis] Lich?
x[Velkyna (Joe)] I suppose there's always prayer and/or supplication to the gods.
x[Arkady (James)] Well, in DnD, if you get old enough, even those spells won't help.
x[Arkady (James)] Lich is undead.  But you're still sorta dead.  Not really getting _past_ death, per se.
x[Arkady (James)] More like extending death.
[Praxis] So life ends, but you continue.  Off to the side . . . ?
x[Arkady (James)] Yeah, that is undead.
[Master] Hm.
Praxis tries to disbelieve the wall behind Roger.
[Praxis] Praxis:  Will save:  11
[Praxis] Nope, it's a wall.
x[Arkady (James)] Wouldn't we have kind of seen that it was a wall, when we were on the astral plane?
xRoger (Jeff) tries to disbelieve the wall
x[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Will save: (d20+10) [15+10] 25
xArkady (James) tries too.
[Master] Heh, it's a wall.
x[Arkady (James)] Arkady: Will save: (d20+8) [1+8] 9
[Master] And on the Astral, you try to get to somewhere within 100'; you don't get a lot of info.
x[Arkady (James)] Yup, solid as stone.
x[Arkady (James)] Our senses prolly aren't used it astral travel either.
x[Arkady (James)] Would have been a good time for etheral jaunt.
[Master] Okay, anybody got anything?  We could call it for the afternoon and ponder until the next session.
x[Arkady (James)] I got nothing.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] That's probably for the best.  I'm tapped out.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] nothing here
x[Roger (Jeff)] ditto
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Are we even remotely on the right track with this "go beyond the dead end of normal life/death" thing?
[Master] Yes.
[Master] You are very much on the right track.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] This wouldn't have to involve one of us dying would it?
[Master] Okay, we'll call it for the afternoon.  THank you for a highly entertaining session, something a little different from our usual.
[Master] Nope, it's all symbolism.
x[Arkady (James)] Indeed.  Thanks guys... Kimmitt.
[Master] James, could you email the transcript to Blaheta?
x[Arkady (James)] Sure, if I can figure out how to save it....
x[Velkyna (Joe)] One of us has to experience the "little death".
x[Dralafi (Jared)] thyanks, that was fun
[Master] Right-click on the chat window.
[Master] Hee.
[Master] Buenas, everyone!  I'll send a larger email out to everyone.
x[Arkady (James)] Yeah, except that doesn't seem to work.
x[Arkady (James)] That's what I have been doing for years.
x[Arkady (James)] It creates the file, but there's nothing in it.
x[Dralafi (Jared)] see ya later folks
Jared has left the game on Sun Feb 26 12:46:24 GMT-10:00 2006
[Master] Oh for Pete's sake.  Hang on.
x[Velkyna (Joe)] Later all.
Joe has left the game on Sun Feb 26 12:47:08 GMT-10:00 2006
x[Arkady (James)] Yeah, I get a file that is like 600 bytes long.
x[Arkady (James)] I can save the text as text.
[Master] Me too.