Don has joined the game

Sedlack has joined the game

Jeff has joined the game

[Don] Wow, that's timing.

[Brian] heh

[Brian] back in a few...

[Sedlack] I'm going to go set myself up the tunes

[Sedlack] brb

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Don --

[Master] Everything seems to work, but I keep getting the error:

[Master] Error writing game information to server

[Master] Every 8 seconds or so. Ideas?

[Master] Note -- I am at school and behind their NAT.

[Don] Hmm.

[Don] Your hard drive isn't full or anything, is it?

[Master] Let mme check good idea.

[Master] NOt nearly -- 4 GB space left.

[Don] The initial problem I'd assume with a NAT (that you can't run servers behind it) is obviously not a problem here, or we wouldn't be chatting.

Sedlack has left the game

[Don] That's bad.

Jeff is receiving the map...

Jeff has received the map.

[Master] Yes! I wonder if it has to do with the Klooge server thingy

[Don] When you say "everything seems to work", how much everything does that include?

[Master] CLients connecting, etc.

[Don] Ah, it could be a problem telling the central "public game" server that you exist.

[Master] I tried disabling that.

[Don] Not sure why it would want to keep updating, though.

James_Linux has joined the game

[James_Linux] I didn't see any e-mail about the IP, so I thought I'd try the menu.

[Master] Yeah, I need to send one.

[Master] Sent

[James_Linux] I'll probably have to drop out at some point. We've got to review some schematics.

Client has joined the game

[Master] nod

[Master] Don, do you see anything in the forums about this.

[Master] Is everyone on a black backgroudn in the chat window these days?

[Don] During our dinner break, I need to go look at a house; preferably while it's still light out, so 4 or 4:30, maybe 5 CST at the latest. Does that sound like a plausible dinner time?

[Don] ...yes, why?

[Master] Just curious.

[Don] Nothing in the forums, no.

Jared has joined the game

[Master] Hm.

[James_Linux] I am away from the keyboard.

[Client] Hi

[Master] Hey there -- what can I do for yoU?

[Tamora] Oops. I have a name now, sorry.

[Don] HA ha ha ha. has joined the game

[Master] Hee, sorry. Public game and all

[Jared] good morning/afternoon

[Ryan] So, what exactly does that mean to us? Any changes?

[Master] Nothing, hopefully.

[Master] We're waiting on SHIDLE and Angie and (who'm I not seeing)?

[Don] Chris was here, but dropped out.

[Master] That's it

[Don] He left to go set up music, but then his connection died.

[Master] He's not on Imsanet either.

[Master] I think it's a Chambana thing -- snow.

[Master] Possibly.

[Master] Don, you got the chat log for us?

[Master] Everyone -- go to

[Master] and read the last few chat logs (skim) to get caught up.

[Ryan] Angie's machine is slow. She's on her way.

[Master] bueno

[Master] hm.

[Ryan] Gotta go brush snow off the car so Anna can go shopping. Back in 5ish.

[Master] Hey!

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Klooge always fails to save some of the info from my prefs.

[Master] I bet that's the problem here!

Angie has joined the game

[Master] Don, do you have any idea where the Preferences are saved in the Master version?

[Master] Er, it's all Master/Client now. But still.

[Master] Hey Angie!

[Tamora] Have we truly not played since August?

[Don] I know where it's saved in the Mac and Linux versions....

[Angie] Hey y'all

[Master] Where?

Sedlack has joined the game

[Sedlack] My internet connection crapped out on me

[Sedlack] What are we up to?

[Master] Waiting on Joe, oddly enough. Could someone drop him a lilne?

[James_Linux] I am back at the keyboard.

[James_Linux] I'm going to be in a meeting for a while... sorry.

[James_Linux] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] C'est la vie

[Don] It's in a different place on each system, unfortunately.

[Brian] man, meetings on sunday. that sucks.

[Master] Yeah, James just never stops working.

[Don] You could try checking your home directory or subdirectories off the main kw install dir.

[Angie] Do we know that Joe is not in the meeting?

[Master] Don -- what are the two places?

[Master] We do not know that.

[James_Linux] I am back at the keyboard.

[James_Linux] meeting delayed for a few minutes. Joe is not involved in the meeting (nor is he at work.)

[Angie] Thanks

[Master] Tamora, could you look up the Shidles' home number for me? The number I have appears to be Erica's cell.

[Don] Huh, y'know what, I think they standardised it. Look for a kw.prefs file in the main kw installation dir.

[Tamora] 847.359.8135

[Don] See when it was last modified.

[Master] Don -- my theory is that the

[Master] Today at 10

[Master] 9:10

[Master] Dang.

[James_Linux] That number is correct.

[Master] So much for that clever idea. :)

Sedlack has left the game

Sedlack has joined the game

[Sedlack] Whee

[Master] He

[Master] Heh, I'm just glad it isn't Klooge's fault for once -- or that it isn't costing us 4 clietns ever time it happens.

New Image received: shaolin.jpg

[James_Linux] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Just sent you an image which is an approximation of a view of the Order of the Open Palm

[Don] Ha. The Order is, what, Korean now? ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] acknowledged

[Master] Shaolin.

[Master] Or, at least, patterned on them. :)

[Don] Ah, ok. I thought I recognised the source image from somewhere else.

[Master] I'm gonna keep trying to track down this error until Joe arrives,

[Master] at whichc point I'll work around it and we'll start playing.

[Don] Did you get through to him on the phone?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] woo.

[Master] No.

[Master] (was in menus)

[Master] I hope things're all right.

[Master] 10 mins and we'll sadly start without him.

[Jeff] Noooooooooooo

Sedlack has left the game

[Don] Strange. He was posting this morning.

Sedlack has joined the game

Sedlack is receiving the map...

Sedlack has received the map.

[Don] No, wait, 12:56am means midnight. Derrr. Nevermind.

[Brian] i see you've switched to the Klooge Internet Service, Chris

[Don] (rather, an hour after midnight. But not an hour after noon. *sigh*)

[Master] I hope it isn't anything serious.

[Don] Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

[Sedlack] No, these last two have been Klooge, not my ISP

[Don] You said you got voicemail when you called his house?

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Yes.

[Master] Chris -- seriously? Distressing.

[Sedlack] I restarted Klooge

[Don] Brb

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] That often seems to improve my stability

[Master] Lemme try one thing.

[Master] hm.

[Master] Okay, this problem appears to be intractable.

[Master] FOrtunately, it's also not deadly, just annoying.

[Master] t minus 5 minutes to No Joe

[Tamora] What IS "the problem" to which you keep referring?

[Master] Every 5 seconds or so, I get the following popup:

[Master] Error writing game information to server

[Master] (more like 10 seconds)

[Tamora] Dang

[Master] When I OK it, no problem. Just kind of annoying, really.

[Master] I've been playing with prefs to try to fix it, no luck.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Strange

[Master] Yeah, it's damn peculiar.

[Master] Wa

[Master] Was there any info missing when you tried to log in via the public game?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hypothesis: Joe and Erica had a childbirth class yesterday, which got moved to today, due to the massive snow stormage in Chicago yesterday, and he didn't think to inform us.

[Master] In which case, Erica's phone might be turned off and they might not be home, yes.

[Master] Test: Joe will arrive in an hour or so, based on the message I left him.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] probably. i don't know how long such things normally run

[Angie] I'd guess 2hours

[Angie] (for length of class)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] of course, i actually had some e-mail communication with him last night, and he didn't mention anything.

[Angie] I don't suppose we know when the due date is?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 3/16

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] 2 more minutes for me to finish gettting things together.

[Angie] OK

[Angie] Is someone handling Arkady while James is out of game?

[Master] Could you, please?

[Tamora] You :)

[Angie] Joy

[Angie] I'll give it a shot

[Aedean (Sedlack)] At least no one has to cover for Jared and deal with Dralafi's attack tree

Aedean (Sedlack) has adjusted Aedean's hit points...

[Master] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 86 (2) - Unharmed

[Jared] Man, I may just have to leave in that case ;)

[James_Linux] I am back at the keyboard.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] hooray

[James_Linux] ... temporarily.

[James_Linux] But I'm fine with Angie running Arkady today.

[Angie] thanks

Joe has joined the game

[Angie] Ryan said he'll help

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Joe!

[Jared] joe!

[Jeff] woot

[Joe] What up dogs?

[Master] Joe!

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean targets Velkyna. Distance: 5'05"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna targets Aedean. Distance: 5'05"

[Master] Okay!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna no longer targets Aedean.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean no longer targets Velkyna.

[Master] Has everyone had a chance to catch up a little bit on the logs?

[Joe] Shit, am I the last person? Am I the SEBBY?

[Master] You are indeed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Enough to know that we're going to see the monks of the silky palm

[Master] Hee

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought they were the monks of the hairy palm.

[Jeff] Roger doesn't pay attention anyway.

[Master] Yes, even thoguh I forgot to improt the map of Saxlund when I ported over to the laptop, this is true!

[Velkyna (Joe)] THOGUH. IMPROT

[Master] Yeah, laptop keyboard.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] hey mike, one random thing i noticed - there may be some char sheet issues, i'm not sure

[Ryan] save those names -- we might be traveling there next. =)

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i think when i put in my stats for equipment, i manually took into account the strength bonus, etc

[Turcanaur (Brian)] now it seems to do that by itself...not sure if it's correct or not

[Turcanaur (Brian)] been too long

[Master] Hm. Could you figure out what it should be on paper, then check?

New Image received: SaxlundA0.PNG


[Master] Also, I found the map!

[Velkyna (Joe)] HERE WE GO

[Velkyna (Joe)] (CLAP CLAP)

[Master] So you're currently waiting out the storm at the Tower of Boccob.

[Master] After manhandling the beasties that came down the pike.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd help the Order of the Open Palm, but they're way over there.

[Jared] dammit. there's football today, and no tv in this room. that's gonna hurt.

[Master] Aedean is studying to be a midwife, and Ss'sra is trying to spend a lot of money to make Garfield transportable.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Like, a dragon midwife?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, it's his other reptile anatomy project.

[Ryan] I'm open to other suggestions, if you think there are useful animal companions to be found elsewhere.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] isn't garfield the boccob's tiger? they're just going to let us take hime?

[Master] Sure, they like you.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heeeeeuw. I don't think I even want to be in the same country, let alone the same building when that happens.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That is, either reptile anatomy project.

[Jeff] Her water broke ... swim checks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ZIGGI BAMWA

[Master] Oh my.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SURF

[Velkyna (Joe)] OR DIE

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Clear your temp mods from August... mine were still there.

[Master] Ooh, good call.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mine 'r fine.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Ki Strike (): (d20+12+2) [19+12+2] 33 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Open Lock check:(d20+16+7+2+2+4+1) [15+16+7+2+2+4+1] 47 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Turcanaur: Damage: Ki Strike (): (1d10+5+2) [9+5+2] 16 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey, Mike. Any thought on that Tactile Trapsmith?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] hey guess what, that fixed it :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think that Turc's rolls are correct, excewpt he still has the temp mods

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i just cleared them

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Resist Elements: grants the target 12 points of damage resistance to one type of elemental energy for the next +12 minutes (DC=(10+7++2) [10+7+2] 19) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [31] 31 -- spell cast

[Master] Yeah, go ahead.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Ki Strike (): (d20+12+2) [19+12+2] 33 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] I decided I may as well let Vel be that absurd.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] or thought i did

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Attack #1: Dagger (+1): (d20+5) [8+5] 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] KICK. ASS.

[Master] np

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Try again, Brian

[Master] Everyone more or less up to speed on what's going on?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think you might have forgotten to "OK" the clear

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Ki Strike (): (d20+12) [11+12] 23

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) (Both): (d20+21) [16+21] 37

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

Defthon (Don) is now controlling Defthon

[Aedean (Sedlack)] More or less...we're going to see the monks. *sigh*...monks

[Master] Okay, sound off and check in.

Ryan has left the game

Dralafi (Jared) is now controlling Dralafi

[Master] Dang.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sound off, 1, 2

[Master] Angie, tell that boy to restart Klooge. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] here

[James] Here, temporarily. I'll be in and out a lot.

[Don] Sound off, 3, 4

[Jared] ya-ho

Ryan has joined the game

[Angie] present

[Ryan] hola

[Master] Heh, that's most of us.

[Velkyna (Joe)] here, modding my char sheet

[James] As usual, Arkady will whip up two batches of GMW stuff, 100 +3 arrows, and 50 +3 xbow bolts. Before we think we'll be heading into action.

[Master] You spend an increasingly frustrating two weeks dealing with the insane weather patterns caused by the Wyld Storm. But even the most plotty of plot devices must come to an end, and one day you wake to find that the

[Master] weather is merely extremely crappy, instead of magically delicious.

[Roger (Jeff)] mmmm

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (traps, secret doors, etc.) check:(d20+16+7+5+1) [11+16+7+5+1] 40 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: Done with char sheet)

[Jeff] show off

[Saminda] I am glad that you came, but I fear it is time for you to leave.

[Saminda] The Tower of Boccob cannot neglect its neutrality in Saxlund affairs.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We shall miss your hospitality

Velkyna (Joe) snickers

[Saminda] We can, however, pledge that we shall not vote for any Bretwalda at the Moot.

[Don] Thank you.

[Saminda] And we will be in contact with you later, as information becomes available.

[Saminda] I wish you the best of luck in your quest.

Davis is visibly amused by Saminda's understatement.

[Ryan] I was wondering whether you might let Garfield accompany me on my quest.

[Davis] Yeah, don't fuck up.

[Arkady (James)] Thank you Saminda.

[Saminda] He is yours, if you can find a way to reliably transport him. Otherwise, we can keep him until you have need of him in the future.

[Master] (i.e. to the Moot when you'll be moving less and possibly fighting more.)

[Ryan] I have had some thoughts along those lines, which I would like to discuss with you briefly before we go. (Mike: I've sent you email in the past, which we can dig up again offline)

[Master] (Given this group's extreme mobility, I really fear that Garfield, like a warhorse, is a luxury.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] [OOC: What about a permanent item of Dimunition? Like a collar?]

[Don] (grumble)

Alex has joined the game

[Master] That's what was discussed.

[Master] Hi!

Alex is receiving the map...

Alex has received the map.

[Ryan] Joe: that is exactly what I suggested. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kewl.

[Master] The problem is that it would be quite expensive, basically, and still not really get the job done. Garfield's too big.

[Master] Alex, welcome -- please feel free to observe as long as you care to.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Garfield's such a beefcake, he can't even get through the door.

[Master] Background info is at

[Alex] pl

[Alex] ok

[Ryan] trouble is, a druid without an animal companion is a bit low on combat power, and I'm already the lowest-level character in the party.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think Joanne's a little bit lower.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ;)

[Ryan] *thhhbbbpppptt*

[Master] Don't think in those terms -- I've got plans for Ss'sra's specialized abilities. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] dire squirrel

[Arkady (James)] Lots of dire squirrels

[Ryan] well and good, then... assuming we ever game enough to get there. ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Those dire squirrels are on thin ice with me.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] We shouldn't have killed that den of dire weasels way back when.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] a few dire wolverines would actually be quite nice.

[Master] Heh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] *snikt*

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] they only weigh 2500 pounds each. :}

[Master] You may recall that Turcanaur made it clear that the next stop will be the Order of the Open Palm. Can everyone see the map?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Of Saxlund?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Which map?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I don't see any of the images in my campaign toolbar. Have they moved?

[Master] In the images file?

[Don] Labelled SaxlundA0.PNG in the campaign tree.

[Arkady (James)] So we're going to fly there, right? Did we want to stop anywhere along the way?

[Master] Lemme resend

[Don] Yeah, OOP is kind of a hike from here.

[Master] Yeah, since Shottamip hasn't really been there.

[Master] However!

[Roger (Jeff)] what about the weather?


[Master] One morning, Turcanaur wakes up, and there is a badge printed on his glowing vest.

New Image received: pattern.gif

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bloody brownies


[Velkyna (Joe)] Turc don't need no stinking badges.

[Master] It looks like the image pattern.gif!

[Ryan] what's the approximate scale on that map?

[Master] Lemme recall

[Don] Huh.

[Master] The coastline of Saxlund is 500-700 miles, which I'm going to leave vague so I don't end up tripping over it later.

[Sedlack] If Turcanaur mentally "walks" the pattern on his vest, he can teleport himself anywhere!

[Master] If the pattern (hee) were to be laid on the ground, one could walk along its length as a form of moving meditation.

[Brian] I bring the Logrus to mind.

[Ryan] So if the rest of us want to teleport, we walk all over him? =)

[Master] Bloing! You are a pickle!

[Master] Heh, enough Amber jokes. Time to start the Hinduism jokes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yay! Making fun of a real religion!

[Master] Woo!

Angie has left the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] IT HAS BEGUN.

[Master] Seriously, this is a bastardized version of some meditation practices in India, FYI.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] If I toss Angie outside in the snow, sghe'll start to Shiva almost immediately.

[Master] Ryan, anything special going on over there? :)

[Arkady (James)] Ohhh.... *groan*

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] My last dog was a border Kali

[Master] I think my karma ran over your dogma.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm having a good time, Vishnu were here.

[Ryan] I thought you were requesting Hinduism jokes.

[Master] Heh.

[Don] My ears hurt. My *brain* hurts.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I Ganesh we should head out.

[Master] So we're looking at a 2-3 day journey via carpet, if my scale is vaguely right.

Sedlack has left the game

[Arkady (James)] Did we want to stop by Czina on our way?

[Master] Dammit, this is getting distressing.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Master] It's kind of out of the way.

[Master] Not that you shouldn't.

[Master] Just saying.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think the only thing "on the way" is the paladins.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Have we checked in on the elves lately? It's been a while.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe not physically, but via a message spell or something?

Angie has joined the game

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] on the carpets, nothing is very far out of the way.

[Master] Not since you got stuck in the tower.

Roger (Jeff) frolics outside in the rain

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmm. Wet halfling.

[Arkady (James)] I presume my contact with Asratia ended, right? That was just a temporary thing, IIRC.

[Master] Yes.

[Sedlack] We returned the gryphons, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's something we can do while we're travelling, but I think we should try to contact the elves to touch base.

[Arkady (James)] Well, they have mages, they could have sent something if they needed to.

[Arkady (James)] I thought we still had the gryphons.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey, yeah, gryphons, weather delay, all that.

[Master] Not through the storm, but other than that, yes. Keep in mind that you borrowed the gryphons from them.

[Master] You do, and you kinda need to return them.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I shrunk and TPed them to get them here, IIRC.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That would kill two birds with one stone and all that.

[Master] Okay, how many gryphons were there total? :)

[Arkady (James)] So fine, let's stop off at Cloudhome for a bit.

[Arkady (James)] It was 2 or three.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 2 or 3, I thought

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] 3

[Arkady (James)] Yes three.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Can they fly alongside the carpets okay? How often do they need breaks?

[Arkady (James)] Two people on each, pursuing the thief.

[Master] The elves very much need them back.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yeah, I promised to bring them back right away and now it's been closer to a month. I feel kina bad about that.

[Saminda] I can shrink two of thhem.

[Master] (we shortened that to 2 weeks or so, FYI)

[Davis] I got the other one.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But if we want to say hi en masse, then there's no real need to reduce them for travel.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Do we need to say "hi" en masse?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh, or were we all going to teleport? I can do that too.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Do we really have time to say hi en masse?

[Master] Yeah, that's a long flight over orcish lands -- or over the ocean in a wide arc.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I was figuring we could just send Shottamip w/ the gryphons to check in

[Turcanaur (Brian)] With each day, Eflense's power grows.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Then, please, assistance with shrinkage would be fabulously helpful.

[Master] (FYI, the Moot will be in about five months.)

[Master] (was reading over the previous transcripts)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That would be just as effective (if not more so) than Messaging

Alex has left the game

[Master] Heh, well, there we go.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Who was Alex?

[Master] Random guy who stopped by.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] was taht someone we know?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, can wee assume prepwork and I'll go now?

[Master] No.

[Master] Yes, is anyone going with Shottamip?

[Master] Otherwise, I think she can take all 3 of them shrunk.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's fine.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*+12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [88] 88 (DC=(10+7++5) [10+7+5] 22) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [49] 49 -- spell cast

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fine by me. I have no hos in that area code

[Master] *checks the teleport table*

[Master] No problem. Just a momen

[Master] t while I bring up the map

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, 49 is golden for anything except a "False destination" (where it's not possible)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No, no, uhe 88

[Shottamip (Tamora)] that was "use the" I'm getting freeze errors.

[Master] Yeah, that's cuz I"m freezing for a few secs during loading.

[Master] I'm pretty sure it's because of the NAT at school and will be okay for next session.

[Master] (Shottamip appears, three shrunken Gryphons in tow.)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] In any case, the relevant number is the "teleport check" not the "spell failute check" which is armor-related

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oops. My badd.

[Ivellian] Ivellian is giving orders and rushes over.

[Ivellian] Shottamip!

[Ivellian] We feared you lost!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can't figure out where that double ++ is coming from though.

[Ivellian] Instead I see that you were engaged in Bonsai!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hi! We were stranded by mage storms and I couldn't get back. I'm really sorry about the delay.

Ivellian gestures to the mini-gryphons

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Cute, aren't they? They've been resting for a couple weeks and should be in great shape.

[Ivellian] *smiles* Truly, this is great news for us. We've been missing them, and news of you.

[Ivellian] What can you tell us?

Elf Ranger takes the bridles and leads them back to the stables.

Aramil Xiloscent wanders over mostly just to look at Shottamip. This happens so often that she barely notices.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We're still recruiting groups againt Eflense. We got some assistance from the Boccobites, though they are still officially neutral.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Next we plan to talk to the Order of the Palm.

[Ivellian] Do you plan a confrontation?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Things will come to a head in 5 months at the Bretwalda vote. We'll do what we have to in order to keep the tyrant from taking over the country.

[Ivellian] Six months . . .

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You'll never get honest trade with him in charge.

[Ivellian] Well, things have been quiet of late.

Aedean (Sedlack) has adjusted Aedean's hit points...

[Ivellian] Aedean: No adjustments made

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That sounds positive. Nothng new with the orcs?

[Ivellian] I fear, though, that the Triumvirate has copied our design and now sends emissaries to other dark powers.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] [OOC: Make sure he knows he can contact us magically if shit starts to hit the fan.]

[Ivellian] They have exhausted much of the easy strength of the orcs and must bide.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hmm. Should someone be scouting other dark powers? Or do you always keep an eye on them?

[Ivellian] And Nailo's reorganization of Nailoglas has reduced our casualties to nearly nothing.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's great news.

[Ivellian] We have neither the resources nor, I suppose, the culture.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If an emergency arises, you know you can always count on us - if you can figure out how to reach us.

[Ivellian] Those that stay here and fight are those who are most . . . elven, if you take my meaning.

Ivellian smiles

[Ivellian] Now that I do know.

[Ivellian] If you find sources of information, the elves of Nailoglas and Cloudhome will pay most handsomely.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll consult with the group and see if anyone has a brainstorm.

[Ivellian] Thank you, Lady Shottamip.

[Velkyna (Joe)] [ooc: Hey, the Boccobites are supposed to be Neutral in Saxlund affairs ,.. what about elven/orcish affairs?]

[Master] Can't hurt to ask.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I should be heading back, then. I'll drop by when we have some news on the results of our next mission.

[Ivellian] l look forward to our next meeting, then. I shall also remember this day the next time we fear you are lost to us.

Shottamip (Tamora) grins.

Ivellian gives a courtly elven bow.

Aramil Xiloscent gives a somewhat less courtly but quite elegant bow.

Shottamip (Tamora) curtseys gracefully and disappears mid-movement.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*+12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [60] 60 (DC=(10+7++5) [10+7+5] 22) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [50] 50 -- spell cast

Elf Ranger is about to bow, but is startled by her disappearance.

Sedlack has left the game

[Brian] Wizard is about to die.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey, now, that's not an appropriate reaction to my return.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Don] Valkyrie needs food.

[Don] Badly.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ?

[Master] ok afk for a sec

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Shottamip (Tamora) communicates the gist of the conversation to her companions.

[Don] Just participating in the call-and-response.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] (gauntlet)

[Ryan] videogame catechism

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good to hear the elves are doing okay. I was worried.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think I missed the lead-in, is the problem

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I know my Gauntlet

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's strange...

[Brian] Shoot, phone call...i gotta go afk for a few minutes, sorry.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Roger (Jeff)] Let's go, guys.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm going to pop out and back in.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Chat messages are taking FOREVER to clear off my map

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Sedlack has left the game

[Master] Use / to clear them.

[Angie] We are going straight to the monks?

Ryan has joined the game

Sedlack has joined the game

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] blargh

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We might want to consider consulting with the Boccobites re: elves before we go.

Roger (Jeff) makes impatient noise

Ryan has left the game

[Master] Sorry about all the pauses.

[Master] Klooge definitely has NAT issues.

[Angie] definitely, Shot

[Master] Angie, could you tell Ryan to restart Klooge? :)

[Sedlack] brb

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

Ryan has left the game

[Saminda] It is an . . . intriguing proposal. The transactions would be challenging.

[Angie] done

Ryan has joined the game

[Master] thanks

[Ryan] that was odd. It said I left the game, but the chat log was continuing to update!

[Saminda] I shall consider it and bring it to the attention of my superiors.

[Master] wacky

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Lia (Angie)] Thank You

[Lia (Angie)] (to Saminda)

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] You make preparations and get on your carpets for the long and somewhat gruelling journey westward.

[Master] What would you like to do en route, if anything?

Sedlack bids Saminda a fond farewell

[Sedlack] Oops. That was Aedean, of course

[Master] noted.

[Lia (Angie)] Do we want to try talking to the Rangers?

[Lia (Angie)] they appear to be on our way?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Didn't we already talk to them?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought we did, and they were pretty ... ahm ... not interested.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] This time, FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS when they tell you what to do lest they shoot!

[Master] hee

[Lia (Angie)] OOC I thought we just did an unplanned teleport in/out

New Image received: SaxlundA0.PNG

[Master] Yeah, that's what they're referring to.

[Lia (Angie)] I don't think that counts as talking.

[Master] Don -- could you put the Saxlund map on the Serendair page? Thanks. :)

[Lia (Angie)] If we do want to talk, I don't think teleporting into the middle of them unannounced is the way to start

[Master] Okay, let's decide in the next 5 minutes. If you do go to the Rangers, I'll have to draw some stuff up -- which is fine, but it'll take a few minutes.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] They may have some advice on how to travel with animals.

[Lia (Angie)] I would like to warn them about Eflense, somehow

[Master] ooc -- They're probably quite aware.

[Master] Keep in mind that Eflense has been forcibly adding to his demesne for the past several years.

[Lia (Angie)] yes, but how aware of what?

[Master] Fair enough.

[Master] Certainly they've probably been informed as to the Moot.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] What do they know of how he treats my people? I doubt they would like that.

[Lia (Angie)] Do we have any idea of their invovement in the Moot?

[Don] Ok, Saxlund is on the webpage.

[Master] Thanks!

[Lia (Angie)] We should atleast have Ss'sra have a chance to talk to them

[Master] You haven't had a chance to seriously talk politics with someone who cares enough to have a deep interest.

[Master] That might be something to put on your to-do list.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] I was just asking if we can make some basic contact

[Turcanaur (Brian)] sorry about that

[Master] 1 minute to decision.

[Lia (Angie)] maybe arrange to meet them after we talkto the monks

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm trying to check the logs to see what exactly went down with the rangers before

[Master] Okay, let's wait for Chris's historical report. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] We should talk to them soon.

[Don] Fwiw, I don't really care either way, but the rangers seemed pretty disinterested last time.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] They seemed ready to shoot trespassers. I don't see that as disinterest

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It was the priests of Pelor who told us they refused to become involved.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC: lets foolow the expected plan for now to make gaming easier

[Master] That works.

Sedlack has left the game

[Lia (Angie)] OOC but we should put the rangers on the to do list

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It's a rather long list


[Master] You've got five months, right? :)

[Turcanaur (Brian)] if there are any female rangers, i bet they'd be on Aedean's "to do" list

[Master] Livin' off the land.

[Master] Anything else you'd like to do en route?

Sedlack has joined the game

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] calculate exactly how much carpet transport weight might be available for animal companion(s)

New Image received: shaolin.jpg

[Sedlack] Okay. I guess the only contact we had with the rangers (Kord folks) was the accidental TP

[Master] What's the total carpet load? I thought you all were

[Master] pretty close to it without any additional help.

[Sedlack] They weren't particularly friendly, and there was a Priest of Kord who was all "Leave now, and don't speak of this to anyone else"

[Sedlack] We were pretty close to the carpet limit

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Our band was also really bad about being reasonable with them

[Master] Mistakes were made.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] As I recall, the standard carpet division was in part constrained by the weight of the heaviest PCs

[Master] Okay, in the interests of expediency, I'm gonna rule that there really isn't room on the carpets for now. We'll revisit that issue later.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could have Turc jog alongside us.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Animal companion(s) that could fly with the carpet might be worth looking into at some point

[Master] The Boccobites (hee) hand you a map of Saxlund with lots of landmarks.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] How fast are the carpets?

[Master] As though a cartographer who flew a lot made it.

[Don] I'm here and half-reading, but also talking on the phone; ring me if you specifically need my input. :)

[Master] 60', which is, if I recall, as fast as cruising speed for a hawk, etc.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] hey, how about no?

[Master] Yep.

[Master] So an animal companion which is hawklike would be fine. I'm happy to say that something like a Dire Hawk happens to be in the Boccobite menagerie.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Come on. We throw an Endurance spell on you and you're gangbusters.

Sedlack has left the game

[Master] dangit

Sedlack has joined the game

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Well it'd be kind of boring by myself. I'd need someone to talk to on the way. Vel, since it was your idea, I nominate you.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fine by me. We'll get you fitted with a saddle.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] No stats for dire hawk in MM1.

[Velkyna (Joe)] YEAAHHH MULE!

[Master] It's in MM2.

[Master] Ooh, Dire Elephants. Imsothere.

[Lia (Angie)] he's looking downstairs for MM2

[Master] lol

[Lia (Angie)] How many hit dice?

[Master] 5 HD

[Lia (Angie)] he's back

[Master] In the meantime, anyone ELSE have any errands that need running?

Sedlack has left the game

[Master] Good grief.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OK, so I could handle three of them. How many can I have?

[Master] Three is fine.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Thank you!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] man, we need a dire cloudray

[Master] Okay, that'll be amusing later on.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Turcanaur (Brian)] or maybe some dire bodaks

[Master] Ryan -- I'll whip up the Hawk and char sheet later on

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yeah, but I'd need seven more levels to be able to take even a non-dire one as a companion...

[Master] You fly for two and a half days, until you see the temple coming up on the horizon.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Thanks, boos.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ^boos^boss

[Master] It's a surprisingly modest structure, set into the base of a cliff. Some formal gardens and farms surrouund it, including a rice paddy.

[Master] Actually, scratch the rice paddy -- wrong climate. Wheat field.

[Master] It looks like the image shaolin.jpg in your image set there.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] what time of yeart is it?

[Master] Except a little grander.

[Master] Right now, it's late autumn, heading toward winter. The image happens to be snowy, but it isn't snowing yet in Saxlund.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I hate cold.

[Master] (I think that's right. I hope I didn't mess up the time.)

Sedlack has left the game

[Joanne] It's not so bad. Here, share this blanket with me; I'm just fine.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Sedlack] *sigh*

[Master] Yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm fine. I just hate being cold. It reminds me of being poor.

[Master] How do you approach the temple? There's obviously a front entrance thingy.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Come on, Vel. We throw an Endurance spell on you and you're gangbusters.

[Ryan] Angie says, "It's not cold until you get weather warnings that say exposed flesh freezes in under a minute"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Resist Elements: grants the target 12 points of damage resistance to one type of elemental energy for the next +12 minutes (DC=(10+7++2) [10+7+2] 19) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [3] 3 -- spell cast

[Master] Hee.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Lia (Angie)] Turcanaur - your show

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Flame Strike: A column of flame descends from the heavens, doing (+11d6) [(6+6+3+2+3+4+4+1+2+1+2)] 34 damage (DC=(10+6++5) [10+6+5] 21) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [6] 6 -- spell cast

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Let's go in the front entrance and present ourselves.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Flame Strike: A column of flame descends from the heavens, doing (+11d6) [(1+1+3+3+1+5+3+3+4+1+5)] 30 damage (DC=(10+6++5) [10+6+5] 21) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [72] 72 -- spell cast

[Lia (Angie)] fine

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmmm

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I suspect they already know that we are here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Terrell Owens is wearing a facemask that makes him look like Sub Zero from MK.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I'll take the lead

[Master] As you approach, you note that there seems to be a dual line of monks waiting in some fashion.

Turcanaur (Brian) approaches the lead monk and bows deeply.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Greetings, Master Monk. I am called Turcanaur, and these are my travelling companions. We have traveled far to seek your council and to bring you a warning.

[Master] hang on a sec

[Velkyna (Joe)] [OOC Oh dude, speak when spoken to.]

[Master] The master monkk is way in back

[Brian] CHARISMA 6

[Master] Heh, not any more, remember? :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] MAGIC PANTS

[Jared] ooc: that reminds me. I'm tivoing the football. please dont spoil it for me :)

[Brian] oh yeah. ok, um, can i pretend i didn't say that and just go with the bow?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Hokay. ;)

[Master] This an okay marching order? Shuffle your char around if apropos.

Velkyna (Joe) stays near the back.

[Brian] Psst, Joe, don't tell Jared ... but I think that one football team will score more points than the other.

Joanne sticks near Vel

[Velkyna (Joe)] One will have to. No ties in the playoffs.

[Velkyna (Joe)] brb

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Someone read my mind! (and moved Aedean)

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] That was me.

Monk bows deeply in return

[Monk] This humble monk welcomes you to the temple of the Open Palm.

[Monk] We offer our hospitality, if your errand be in line with the goals of our order.

Angie has left the game

[Master] hrm.

Aedean (Sedlack) slouches barely perceptibly

[Turcanaur (Brian)] We thank you. This one is grateful for your hospitality.

[Monk] This one cannot help but to notice that you are attired as a student of the Way.

[Monk] May this one ask under whom you study?

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

Angie has joined the game

[Angie] oops

[Angie] brb

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (I guess Aric doesn't want to answer that....)

[Master] composing his

[Master] reply

[Turcanaur (Brian)] At the present time, this one follows the path of the Bright Lady, she who is soon to be known as Charis, the Righteous Lady.

[Brian] not used to monking it up

[Master] The head monk claps, and the greeting monk bows and withdraws to the side.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: What's up with the stale movement lines left over from Roger and Ss'sra moving.

[Master] An almost imperceptible movement from the head monk makes it clear that Turcanaur is to approach alone.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Aric, Spot check"

[Master] Nah, he's used to this sort of thing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Never mind.

Turcanaur (Brian) approaches slowly, and bows more deeply to the head monk.

[Wu] I am Master Wu. Whom do I have the honor of addressing?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: He may, and don't hold him to this, shout "Wu"

[Turcanaur (Brian)] This one is called Turcanaur, Master Wu.

[Wu] It is so.

Wu withdraws a sheaf of paper from his robes

Ryan has left the game

[Master] wait till he makes it back

Ryan has joined the game

[Wu] This design was drawn by the founder of our order, nearly one thousand years go.

[Wu] It denotes the end of our guardianship of the Demon Cave.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Angie] ooc urp

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Oh, I don't like the sound of that.

[Wu] Many have meditated upon its mysteries, and gained enlightenment.

[Brian] Demon cave? I'm smelling Dungeon Crawl!

[Jared] ooc: Isn't that in FF1?

[Brian] I assume this is the design I have on my vest?

[Wu] Master Turcanaur, you bear the symbol upon your vestments!

Wu reveals the scroll, and the monks gasp in unison.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice. Turc's going into a career in the thrilling field of security guard.

Turcanaur (Brian) is startled.

[Wu] This is a glorious day! The Order of the Open Palm is no more! The Order of Charis, the Righteous Lady is begun!

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Our guy is a "Master", huh? Good going.

[Master] there is a stunned silence.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Velkyna (Joe) 's mouth drops open.

[Brian] and as i delete the sentence i was writing.....

Wu bows deeply, and the other monks, brought from their reverie, bow as well.

[Don] !!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Did he just say what I think he just said?"

Turcanaur (Brian) , not knowing what to do, hastily bows back and his mind goes over what was just said.

Ryan has left the game

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think we found ourselves some devoted allies, that's what I think.

Ryan has joined the game

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Wu!.....I mean, Woo!

[Joanne] Fuck, I dunno. I got lost in all the "this ones" and "masters."

[Ryan] well, finally a visit that pays off.

Velkyna (Joe) sniffs. "Our little Aric. All growed up."

[Wu] Come! Let us celebrate the arrival of the Master and his companions!

[Angie] allies are ggod, we like allies

[Roger (Jeff)] Or all glowed up

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I er- This one would be deeply honored to help the Order in whatever ways he would be useful.

[Angie] good

Monk s cheer and busy themselves in preparation.

Wu laughs heartily.

[Angie] what about this Demon cave?

[Wu] I suppose

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now that I understand. Celebration.

[Wu] that humility is appropriate for one in a Righteous Lady's service.

[Wu] Come inside and I shall explain all.

Turcanaur (Brian) (Over Message): Just as a note, guys, I don't really understand what's going on either.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Of course, monks probably don't do booze.

[Master] I forgot to draw the great room; pretend the porch here is enclosed.

[Lia (Angie)] ok

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm hoping they're the "drunken master" kind of monks

[Lia (Angie)] ooc brian, I think Turc is now a Master

[Ryan] How many members does this order have?

[Wu] Wu is seated at a head table which is oval in shape. Turc is at his right hand, and he, for some reason, asks Lia to sit at his left.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: He's the duke of new york. A number one.

[Master] He doesn't bat an eye at the Lizardman, and the other monks are too polite not to do as their master does.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think Wu has "plans" for Lia

[Lia (Angie)] Lia is courteaous asn accepts

[Lia (Angie)] ooc not a good typing day for me

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You may eat pie and cake and ice cream now.

[Brian] Naw, I'm sure they follow an oath of celibacy, like their fathers, and their fathers before them.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Party OFF."

[Lia (Angie)] LOL

[Master] The assistant (hee) monks help with the food. It is light fare -- leavened bread,

[Master] fruits and vegetables, some fish.

[Master] There is no wine, but the water is uncommonly delicious, near-frozen from some hidden spring.

Roger (Jeff) feeds fish to Pilagro

[Master] Once you have begun eating (and therefore have something to do), Wu begins speaking.

[Brian] "We call the water...Icee"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Frosted Monk Wa-ter, it's magically delicious!

[Wu] The order of the Open Palm was founded by Great Master Wu nearly one thousand years ago, to protect Saxlund from the dangers of the Demon Cave and to provide guidance to those who would seek enlightenment.

[Wu] It was said that one would come who would destroy the evil which permeates the Demon Cave and causes its foul denizens to emerge.

Sedlack has left the game

[Wu] When that deed is done, the Order of the Open Palm shall have no purpose, and thus it shall cease to exist.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Ryan] Anna often talks about paladins with holy swords being carted around in order to close portals to hell...

[Ryan] toss them through, and it shuts...

[Wu] We shall instead venerate the Master (and here he nods) or Mistress of the one who will destroy the Demon Cave's evil.

[Wu] So -- tell me of the Righteous Lady, Turcanaur.

[Lia (Angie)] ooc good thinlg I'm not a paladin

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (I missed a line or two in there...)

Velkyna (Joe) continues stuffing her face with bread and fish.

[Ryan] The real question is, are they gonna help with the demon cave thing, or are they just gonna sit abck and watch?

[Master] Just one -- the Order of the Open Palm shall cease to exist. :)

[Master] These guys are chumps compared to y'all. The only one who's close is Wu.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (to Joanne) "Guess who's going to have to wipe out the Demon Cave?"

[Ryan] So, about this Demon Cave...?

Velkyna (Joe) shakes her head with a sigh and crams some broccoli in her mouth.

[Master] Is Ss'sra saying that, or is he letting Turcanaur drive? :)

[Joanne] Oh you have to be kidding.

[Joanne] That's not even a little funny.

[Joanne] Fucking fuck.

Arkady gives her a dirty look for her language.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Turc gets a couple more exchanges of pleasantries before I start asking for details

Velkyna (Joe) nods. "Come on. How long you been with us? You should know better by now."

[Joanne] Well, I wanted to see shit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's clear Vel was speaking to both Joanne and Arkady.

D'Uvar has joined the game

[Master] Welcome!

[Master] Feel free to hang around as long as you like.

[D'Uvar] Thanks!

[Master] Background can be found at

[Turcanaur (Brian)] The advent of the Righteous Lady has not yet occurred, yet her power already permeates Serendair. She is soon to be born the child of the Elven God Corellan Larethian.

D'Uvar is receiving the map...

D'Uvar has received the map.

[Wu] And why does she choose the Order as her temple?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] She is a Stern Mistress, yet she leads me towards redemption - and I feel that the Bright Lady may lead the Orcs out of the darkness.

[Wu] She sets no small task, though your presence here, Master Turcanaur, is testament to her power.

[Don] Ok, sorry, have to go look at a house now. Sorry I haven't been very participatory. Be back in a half hour or so....

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Wu] C U soon Don!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] The path of the Monk allows one to quell the chaos in his soul.

[Master] heh that shoulda been ooc

[Ryan] (so that she may lead them into the Orc Mulch gardening supplies factory...)

[Wu] me nods

[Wu] It is so.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Why the Bright Lady chose this temple, Master Wu, this one knows not. But the Righteous Lady commanded me to journey to this place.

[Wu] Ah.

[Wu] Well, if it is fate or the machinations of the gods which have brought you here -- either way, your path and ours is now clear.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I have devoted myself to destroying evil wherever it threatens.

[Tamora] I am away from the keyboard.

[Wu] You shall destroy the evil of the Demon Cave, and then you shall stay for a time and teach us of Charis.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] And this one would be honored to fight against the evils in the Demon Cave that threaten this land.

Wu appears to suddenly note that Ss'sra is dying to talk.

[Wu] Your companion seems to wish a word, Master Turcanaur.

Velkyna (Joe) holds out a hand. "See?" she mutters to Joanne.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Please describe this demon cave in more detail

[Joanne] He's giving it away.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "We're going to the Demon Cave."

[Wu] It is a place where the walls between the worlds are thin, a remnant of Seren's Folly, or perhaps of the wars which preceded it.

[Brian] Lesson 1: When in the presence of the Bright Lady, the proper method of addressing her is to say "'Sup, dawg?".

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Of course!

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Bright Lady targets Velkyna.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: "Why you gotta be like that?"

[Wu] We have set various wards which weaken those who leave the cave, but to enter and destroy its evil is beyond our power.

[Wu] So we are vigilant. Of course, the path of many monks is in wandering and then returning, so there are many of us scattered across Saxlund.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] What is the nature of this evil?

[Wu] We have not learned it, for to do that would require us to penetrate the depths of the cave, and we cannot without risking the Order itself.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] What comes out of the cave?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: There is evil there that does not sleep.

[Wu] Creatures which are called Demons and Devils . . . also evil creatures of elemental magic.

[Ryan] Seen on a bumper sticker last week: "Frodo failed. Bush has the Ring!"

[Master] Oh perfect.

[Brian] Bodaks, Nightwings, Destrachans, Purple Worms. The usual.

[Master] I do love them Destrachans.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Destrachans can suck my +14 fortitude save.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Velkyna, I see that you do not seem happy with this arrangment. I must go to the cave, but it is not your quest. If you do not wish to go, you do not have to.

[Roger (Jeff)] Can I have your share of the loot, Vel?

Velkyna (Joe) gets a "what?!?" look on her face.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I didn't say nothing.

Joanne turns bright red and gulps her water, then starts coughing!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] You spoke of wards which reduce the power of the beings which leave the cave. Have you anything we could bring into it to do the same inside?

[Wu] The wards are both immovable and irreplacable. We do not.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just being a good little quiet type over here.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] My sight and smell are not the only senses that are hightened. (as he grins)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Has anyone ever entered and returned?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't know what you're talking about.

Velkyna (Joe) sniffs indignantly.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I suppose we could just turn over the vast wealth the evil has accumulated to ... charity.

Joanne is seriously coughing, only barely managing not to spray food everywhere. She turns and almost ducks under the table in mortification.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh please. You know they're not going to have shit.

[Wu] Only very shallowly -- we know that there are many rooms, connected by passageways, and that they are not always occupied.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If the dragons on this continent barely have enough to fill my belt pouch, how are some damn demons from another place going to have some vast hoard.

Velkyna (Joe) snorts. "Please."

[Velkyna (Joe)] (To Joanne) "And what's wrong with you? See something you like down there?"

Joanne waves feebly.

[Joanne] I'm (gasp) fine, thanks for asking.

[Tamora] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] We are all aware of our choices.

Turcanaur (Brian) looks at Master Wu, and gives a look that says "please forgive them"

[Monk] Be still for a moment, young one.

Monk rubs her shoulders and back to relax her after the coughing.

Shottamip (Tamora) giggles helplessly.

[Lia (Angie)] I have not heard any ask to left benind

Monk then bows shyly and continues serving.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oooh, hey buddy. I'm feeling kind of tense. Right here, the shoulders.

[Joanne] (more confidently) Oh, thanks.

Monk smiles and shyly ducks back into the kitchen.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Damn.

[Wu] I have had the honor of knowing long-married couples, though that path is not my own.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ladies, I think we've found our Horse Lords.

Wu leaves it at that.

[Ryan] So Mr Monk is a love-em-and-leave-em kind of guy.

[Wu] You must be tired from your long journey. Rest here a night, and face the dangers fresh and prepared.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Is there anything more you can do to help us prepare?

[Roger (Jeff)] Do you have any milk?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Old man, how is it that you can see these things?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Young man, how is it that you cannot?

[Wu] Little, I fear.

[Wu] /

[Brian] OOC: If there are any girls there, Aedean wants to do them.

[Wu] (to Roger) Sadly, we do not.

[Master] Any other questions before we fast-forward to the morning?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Ohj

[Velkyna (Joe)] No dessert?

[Ryan] Um, "in what way are you guys not entirely useless?" =)

[Master] ridiculously fresh blueberries; someone must've been picking them during the feast.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Master Wu, do the Blasted Lands have anything to do with the Demon Cave, or were they caused by some separate evil?

[Wu] Separate but related, Master Turcanaur. They are the results of a magical siege gone terribly awry.

[Wu] This, too, before Seren's Folly.

[Wu] It is said that when elephants fight, it is the grass which suffers.

[Wu] I once thought to become an elephant, but now I know my sympathies are with the grass.

[Wu] Such is the way.

[Tamora] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] Any plans on how to approach the cave?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Where is it?

[Wu] The cave is very near here, as you might imagine. Less than a quarter-mile distant, and under guard at all tiems.

[Wu] It will be a matter of a few moments for you to walk or fly there.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Demons and Devils, huh?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Can you turn demons and devils like in 1st ed?

[Master] Yeah -- those who have spell lists, make sure to slant them against Outsiders. :)

[Master] Not without a particular Domain, no.

[Sedlack] Mike: ditching Giant Vermin and Inflict Crit for Dismissal

[Wu] Wise.

[Master] Heh, wise.

[Sedlack] Ditching 2x Flame Strike for 2x Dispel Evil

[Lia (Angie)] 2 or 3 GMW from Arkady?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady usually does three. 2x arrows and 1x crossbows.

[Lia (Angie)] but 2 come from stones

Ryan has left the game

Ryan has joined the game

[Lia (Angie)] I'm thinking 1 each arrows and bolt

Ryan has left the game

[Master] Ah, the joys of instability.

Ryan has joined the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't know. This is probably going to be close-quarters. Vel may not be doing a lot of crossbowing.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And we may need the arrows for Dral.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric/Aedean/Shot definitely won't be doing any crossbowing I'll bet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] My thought is that maybe 2x arrows because I don't want Dral to run out.

[Lia (Angie)] so 2 arrows and no bolt?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Does anyone else have any input on this?

[Joanne] Vel . . . I don't think I should go.

[Dralafi (Jared)] I'm probably the only one guaranteed to be shooting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dral fires, what? 4-5 arrows per round?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think we want more than 10-12 rounds worth of arrows out of him.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i doubt i'll be using my crossbow. i can't even remember the last time i had to use it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] /back in character.

[Dralafi (Jared)] ooc: 3, usually.

Velkyna (Joe) nods. "Yeah, this is going to be bitchy. I think you'll be in safer hands here.

Joanne nods. Okay.

[Joanne] I'll just, um, wait out front.

Velkyna (Joe) smiles a little, impressed with Joanne's prudence.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We'll be back in a bit.

[Master] Okay, let's pause for 1/2 hour for me to get my shit together and for y'all to get some foodage.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Dralafi (Jared)] ok.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

Velkyna (Joe) takes a length of red-dyed cloth out of her haversack and hands it to Joanne. "I'll be back for this," she says with a wink.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I can have up to five barkskins available for the adventure. Each gives +4 natural armor for 80 minutes. How many of you would be interested in one?

[Brian] Maybe it's time for Joanne to get to know that nice young shoulder-rubbing monk a bit better ;)

[Master] how long a length of cloth?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Like a scarf. Maybe three feet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's soft linen.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well-worn.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Barkskin stacks with normal and magical armor, btw -- it's its own kind of bonus.

Joanne wraps it around her neck and holds it tight to herself.

D'Uvar has left the game

[Roger (Jeff)] Sure, I'll take one

Joe has left the game

Joe has joined the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um. That wasn't me getting dumped. That was me missing the "I am away from the keyboard" button. Sorry.

[Tamora] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] However, it looks like I didn't get the campaign stuff. Give me a minute to try and reload.

Joe has left the game

Joe has joined the game

Angie has left the game

Joe has left the game

Joe has joined the game

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Joe] Test

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

Alex has joined the game

Alex is receiving the map...

Alex has received the map.

[Joanne] Things are quiet just now.

[Master] We're taking a short break.

[Alex] gaming running smooth??

[Master] Yes andn o.

[Master] We have some ongoing technical issues, but things are manageable.

[Alex] i usually get a couple of drops and crashes in my games

[Alex] what do you use for mapping??

[Master] A freeware program called Izandwo which isn't published anymore.

[Master] I'm looking at some of the commercial programs, but, well, I'm a grad student and they cost too damn much.

[Alex] your spells aren't settup right?

[Master] The individual players do some setting up, but that's it.

[Alex] have you visited

[Master] No, I'm unfamiliar with that.

[Alex] its gott maps and the proper spelll setup

[Alex] plus all the dnd monsters

[Master] Hunh. I've been making do with older stuff

[Master] from the old Yahoo group.

[Alex] new site

[Master] crap!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ?

[Master] it just deleted my entire goddamn map!

[Master] *sighs* At least I've still got the images and stuff.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] annoying

[Master] Actually, let me restore. jas

[Roger (Jeff)] WEE JAS

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Time of Day: 01:24 PM. Sun, Apr 11th, 2004.

[Master] Hm, we may have lost some chat history there. Hope we didn't lose all that info.

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ummm...isn't that a little far back?

[Joe] All my images are gone ...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditto

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't think that was quite the desired outcome...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Although the char sheet looks correct

Angie has joined the game

Alex has left the game

[Master] Better?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Still missing images

New Image received: velkyna11.jpg

New Image received: white temple.JPG

[Master] still?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let me leave and come back and see what happens...

Sedlack has left the game

[Joe] I should clarify that I have IMAGES in the campaign side. But all the character icons on the main map are blanks.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Joe] Let me also try to bow out.

Joe has left the game

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That worked

Joe has joined the game

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

Sedlack is receiving the map...

Sedlack has received the map.

[Joe] That seemed to do it.

Jeff has left the game

Jeff has joined the game

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmmm....

Jeff is receiving the map...

Jeff has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Our party is not chaotic enough....

Tamora has left the game

[Joe] That sounds like your problem.

Tamora has joined the game

[Tamora] What's up? Is there a map?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh, wait. Duh. If I use the "good" version, rather than the "chaotic" version, it would work on demons _AND_ devils, and wouldn't hurt anyone in the party

[Master] Did you get the map?

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I got the map

[Jeff] I got the Motts

[Master] Damn everything's such a PitA here.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Don] Back now.

[Don] Did the disconnect-reconnect work for everyone? Or should I hold off on that?

[Master] It seems to've.

[Jeff] Worked for me

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sebby's klloge is hanging, but he's still seeing the chat

[Don] Ok jas

Don has joined the game

[Angie] are we starting soon?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (This is his request, BTW)

[Master] Sure.

Brian has left the game

Don is receiving the map...

Don has received the map.

[Master] ready in about 5 mins.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.



Brian has joined the game


[Brian] sigh

[Brian] had a whole copy of the session so far, too

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mike: I may need a ruling on Candle of Invocation.

[Master] Wossat?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The description says that "[the cleric] can even cast spells normally unavailable to him, ... but only so long as the candle continues to burn."

[Master] You want to know ifyou can leave it behind?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The overall description is somewhat ambiguous on this point.

[Master] I'm gonna say no; the intent is pretty clear -- that you have to have it there in front of you.

[Master] Nice idea, tho.

[Master] Who we missing?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. That's what I figured

[Don] This is all of us, aside from the afk folks, right?

[Master] James is gone, Jared should be back soon. Where's Ryan again?

Jared has left the game

[Master] Heh, here's Jared.

Ryan has left the game

Jared has joined the game

[Brian] shh, everyone stop talking about him

[Joe] I'm here.

[Jared] sorry, I was in, but everytrhing was all slow and/or locked. back now.

[Joe] You know, pause still doesn't work for me.

Ryan has joined the game

[Don] Kurris claims that if you manually pause it, it should always work. It has so far for me.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Master] Woo!

[Don] Wu!

[Jared] ooh, map me

[Master] Maps for everyone!

[Master] Okay, you finish dinner and rest in a rarely-used section of the temple.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmmm...I'm seriously considering using the Candle of Invocation.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The effects of this would essentially be:

[Master] You get the impression that the population of the temple waxes and wanes as monks wander in and out, or as recruits come and go.

[Master] Right now seems to be below the maximum, whatever that is.

[Master] Those of you who sleep all the way through the night are awakened at dawn by the ringing of a bell and the rise of the temple to wakefulness.

[Master] All around you, monks perform their daily chores, seeking both mindfulness and the maintenence of their way of living.

[Master] You prepare in your own ways, from stretching to meditation to spell creation.

[Master] (ok done, Chris go ahead)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] an additional 4th level spell (likely Dismissal), an additional 5th level spell (likely Dispel Evil), an additional 6th level spell (possibly Banishment), a 7th level spell (almost certainly Holy Word), and the ability to gate in a friend somewhere around 2 hours in

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Roger wanted a barksin. Does anyone else?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] This would be "loading for bear" vs. extraplanars

[Master] Would you carry the candle in, maybe in a lamp?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That would be the plan

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The disadvantage would be that this would basically be it for the candle

[Master] The Order can supply a nice iron lamp for you.

[Master] True.

[Master] Okay afk for 1 min.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Thoughts from the parrty?

[Joe] I would ask for a Barkskin for Joanne, but she's not coming.

[Tamora] I don't make a policy of turning down AC, but the big guys up front may need it more.

[Angie] Arkady does GMW on 2 sets of arrows

[Joe] If Turc/Def/Lia are going to be our front line, we may want them to have extra AC (esp if it's compatible)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes, it's compatible with everything

[Brian] could you bring the candle with, and only light it if you need to?

[Joe] Also if Vel is going to be scouty-aheady, that might also be prudent.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I can do up to five

[Aedean (Sedlack)] In order to get the extra spells, I have to burn it while prepping

[Don] Yeah, 'cause it's a bonus to natural AC. Front-liners make sense.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] In order to keep Holy Word, it would have to stay burning

[Don] And Vel is going to be both scouting and stabbing outside of general group protection.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ummm....Having Vel separate might not be so wise

[Defthon (Don)] (On the other hand, she's pretty much a tank, so.)

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Defthon (Don) is now controlling Defthon

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How much do we know about the general properties of Demons and Devils?

[Master] So the five receivers of Barkskin are, so far as I can tell,

[Master] Lia, Turcanaur, Defthon, Vel, and . . .

[Master] Ss'sra?

[Joe] Roger

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] doesn't help me. I already have better natural armor than it provides.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] scaleskin is better than barkskin. =)

[Brian] does that stack with my mage armor?

[Joe] Demons and devils, in 1st ed, were immune to a lot of shit.

[Master] So just the four. And yes.

[Joe] Immune to sleep, charm hold.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] yes, it stacks with mage armor

[Joe] Devils immune to fire, demons to cold.

[Master] Demons and devels tend to be immune to mentalish effects and fire or cold, depending.

[Joe] Immune to poison and some were immune to acid.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That was a question for the GM

[Master] Gimme a Bardic Knowledge and a Knowledge: Arcana.

[Joe] Also, obviously, they're going to have damage resistance and spell resistance.

[Jared] are they immune to arrows through the eye? :)

[Joe] They used to have magic resistance.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Knowledge (arcana) check:(d20+1+6) [14+1+6] 21

[Joe] Normal arrows through the eye? Yes.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Knowledge (Arcana) check:(d20+15) [2+15] 17

[Master] Arkady: bardic knowledge check:31

[Master] Arkady's got it going on.

[Jared] Dral doesn't even know what normal arrows are anymore.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] arkady and roger have both requested it. question is, is ther another use for a second level druids spell?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. What does Arkady know?

[Joe] Used to be "cure light wounds"

[Master] give it to Arkady, in case things get really hairy.

[Joe] ;)

[Master] They tend to have DR that can be defeated by GMW.

[Angie] Arkady casts mage armor on himself and message for the party

[Master] nod

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Dragon Scales: provides the target with a +4 armor bonus to AC for the next +12 hours (DC=(10+7++1) [10+7+1] 18) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [5] 5 -- spell cast

[Tamora] Hmm, spell decrementing is down.

[Master] They also regenerate.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ...and?

[Master] THey have varying resistances to fire/cold (usually one) and sometimes to things like acid.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ...and?

[Master] When you see a particular one, Arkady will throw in a few important tidbits.

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: mage armor: is now protected by a shimmering force field. (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [82] 82 -- spell cast

[Master] There's a decent amount of variation.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] right, barkskins for lia, def, turc, vel and arkady. +4 AC for 80 minutes, so I cast them only right before we step through the door.

[Brian] hey, would GMF be a useful thing to cast on me?

[Master] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OOC: Damn. He didn't get the general trait of devils I was hoping would come up

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] yes, you're getting one of those. +2 to-hit and damage for the next 8 hours

[Master] General trait . . . ?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Messaged

[Don] 'k, I'm applying the bark bonus now, let me know if we see something before it officially gets cast

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Greater Magic Fang: living creature's natural weapons gain +((+8/3):5) [(8/3)] -1 enhancement bonus and are blessed for +8 hours. (DC=(10+10+6++3) [10+10+6+3] 29) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [31] 31 -- spell cast

[Master] Right! Devils tend to have variations on telepathy.

[Joe] Ditto.

[Master] Which makese it bitchy to sneak up on them.

[Jared] I want a -1 enhancement bonus.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] division clearly didn't work right.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We call that "tremorsense plus"

Alex has joined the game

Alex is receiving the map...

Alex has received the map.

[Master] Hey we're jsut about to head into the dungeon.

[Joe] Great.

[Master] HOw late can the east-coasters go?

[Angie] 10ish

[Jeff] whenever

[Master] Okay, time limit is 10ish EST. Let's get cracking.

[Master] Ss'sra targets Wu. Distance: 11'10"

[Master] Roger targets Wu. Distance: 15'03"

[Master] Arkady targets Wu. Distance: 15'10"

[Master] Defthon targets Wu. Distance: 19'01"

[Master] Dralafi targets Wu. Distance: 10'10"

[Master] Pilagro targets Wu. Distance: 19'11"

[Master] Wu targets Wu. Distance: 0'00"

[Master] Velkyna targets Wu. Distance: 19'03"

[Master] Turcanaur targets Wu. Distance: 5'10"

[Master] Praxis targets Wu. Distance: 17'03"

[Master] Lia targets Wu. Distance: 6'05"

[Master] Joanne targets Wu. Distance: 18'09"

[Master] Aedean targets Wu. Distance: 18'11"

[Master] Shottamip targets Wu. Distance: 17'04"

[Master] oops

[Brian] so i've got +4 AC and +2 hit/dam?

[Brian] JESUS, GUYS!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] From me, yes.

[Brian] Wu wets himself.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, what do people think? Use the Candle or no?

[Joe] Could somebody set my temp AC to +4? Klooge isn't letting me see my OK button it's making the window too large.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Well, it is called the "demon cave"

[Angie] go for the candle

[Joe] I say do it.

[Jared] go for it

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, that's how I was leaning

[Master] Okay, could y'all fix your marching order when I send the map?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] oh great. another enormous kimmitmap

[Joe] Thanks, magic temp mods fairy!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay

[Master] Smaller than usual because no background textures.

[Master] You're in the nw

[Tamora] I'm not there.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If possible, the chaotic good folks should stay close to Aedean

[Tamora] Thanks for the tip.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +2 to attack rolls, saves, and skill checks within 30'

[Master] Wu leads you to what looks like a peaceful cave in the cliffs, about a quarter mile east of the temple.

[Joe] Note that Vel is not, contrary to popular belief, chaotic.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I know.

[Master] It is surrounded by various statues of lions and other guardian beasts, and you can see various magical characters etched into the rock.

[Master] Four monks who were guarding the entrance (two facing inward, two outward) greet Master Wu, one at a time.

Dralafi (Jared) is now controlling Dralafi

Velkyna (Joe) is now controlling Velkyna

[Master] "We are here," says Wu, somewhat unnecessarily.

[Master] "Please prepare yourself and go in. There is a short staircase, followed by the first chamber.

[Tamora] If anyone else wants Mage Armor, speak up now.

[Master] "We shall await your triumphant return."

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] How wide are the passages?

Velkyna (Joe) has her short sword drawn.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mike: In addition to previous spell list:

[Master] You'll find out soon enough that they're 10 feet wide, plus or minus.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: That's pretty much two abreast.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] L. 2: Spiritual Weapon, L. 4 Dismissal, L. 5 Dispel Evil, L. 6 Banishment, L. 7 Holy Word, Spell Turning (D)

[Don] Marching order?

[Master] Gimme some marching order lovin. Angie, place Lia first, and everyone else use her as a reference point.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Vel has to go first to scout for traps and stuff.

[Sedlack] OOC: And to attract devils

[Master] Does Vel have anything like Darkvision or Low-light vision? It's quite dark.

[Sedlack] OOC: and evil earth elementals

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, she does not.

[Jeff] Complete Arcane has stats for grues

[Joe] Though do we think that traps will be an issue?

[Master] Will she be carrying a light or relying on her unusually good blind abilities? Because stumbling around a cave in the dark is bad.

[Defthon (Don)] Who's our rearguard? I'm thinking I'll go up front with Lia, but someone should stay back to guard the lower-AC ones.

[Joe] If we feel it prudent, she can carry her Everburning Torch.

[Master] Make it Turcanaur -- he can move fr

[Master] om back to front quickly and easily.

[Defthon (Don)] trvth

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean should be 2nd or 3rd rank

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] my hawks are medium-size creatures, so each should in some sense take up a slot...

[Defthon (Don)] That's good, I thnk.

[Master] I'm sorry, but you're not going to get the hawks to go down

[Defthon (Don)] Vel, what are you doing? Scouting or hanging back to sneak around the side in a fight?

[Master] in the caves. They can't even spread their wings fully.

[Master] Do you want to break out a Summon Critter spell?

[Joe] I think I should scout ahead, but I would defer to the leader types.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I've got the bag of tricks, which should probably do.

[Joe] Especially if we don't think there are going to be any pits or traps or anything down here.

[Master] Okay. You understand. I hate to keep jerking Ss'sra around, but druids don't travel quite as well as other classes. :(

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, I don't think we want you to get bum rushed by devils

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] You were the one who wanted me to be a druid, boyo. =)

[Master] It fit the character, and there will be payoff, oh yes.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, I'm a little leery of Vel being in front. Didn't do us much good on the last dungeon crawl.

[Defthon (Don)] Mmm, tremorsense.

[Joe] Tremordamnsense indeed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, we will presumably have some outdoor adventures at some point

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Summoned critters don't last long enough to companionify, but if ther happened to be a nice, big bear in a cave nearby...

[Master] Someone's gotta learn a spell to give Vel some Darkvision. That'll make her hardcore.

[Defthon (Don)] And carrying a torch of everburning or whatever is not going to help the hide roll much.

[Joe] Vel will stay in the third rank, she can tumble ahead if necessary.

[Master] Sadly, no. This is pretty pastoral kinda land.

[Defthon (Don)] Looking pretty crowded back there.

[Defthon (Don)] Spread out a bit?

[Joe] If demons and devils can telepathy then hide isn't doing me shit for good.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Dire Sheep. =)

[Master] Like so?

[Master] With Shottamip hovering?

[Don] Ooh, I totally want a dire sheep.

[Master] After I get my dwarf mammoth.

[Defthon (Don)] How high are the ceilings?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If u R CG, +2 (morale) to attacks, saves, skills

[Master] In the chambers, as high as 15 feet. In the passageways, more like 8.

[Lia (Angie)] cool

[Defthon (Don)] Is Shot going to have room to hover over Vel's head then?

[Master] You jostle around a bit and enter the cave. The first room is unoccupied, which isn't entirely surprising. The floor is mostly smooth, with some detritus and irregularities.

[Master] The walls have a little dampness -- this is a sandstone cave, and it is apparently mostly natural.

[Defthon (Don)] Should we make everyone Follow Lia to make the moving easier?

[Joe] That's fine until we get more open area.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean casts Spell Turning on himself.

[Master] I'll move you for the collective parts.

[Defthon (Don)] Okeydokey

[Master] Who's carrying lights?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean targets Aedean. Distance: 0'00"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean follows Lia.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean follows Aedean.

[Master] Obviously, Tsohanoai is glowing.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean no longer targets Aedean.

Velkyna (Joe) carries her Torch.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean has the Candle

[Velkyna (Joe)] Since she doesn't need her off hand for anything.

[Master] ...and will therefore be moving slowly and carefully.

[Defthon (Don)] How bright would Tsohanoai be, btw? Enough to see by?

[Master] Easily.

[Defthon (Don)] It is a sun sword, I guess.

[Lia (Angie)] Arkady has an everburning torch

[Master] Turcanur's pants are glowing.

[Master] What's Arkady wielding?

Angie has left the game

[Master] East coaster down!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mike: you need to roll 1d4+6 (secretly) to determine how many levels of spells will be rebounded

[Master] Roger roger

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If it's not bright enough back here, I can cast light cantrips all day. I never use my cantrips anyway,

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Master] ok, Lia leads, sword drawn, with Defthon by her side.

[Defthon (Don)] , sword also drawn.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We should thin out a little when we start going.

[Master] You come to a fork in the passageways.

[Master] (hang on, lemme up the scale a hair.

Roger (Jeff) snickers at the map

[Master] Well that was catastrophic

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It occurs to me that I should have asked for a GMW for my scimitar. Does anyone have a spare?

[Don] What exactly did you do? Clearly this is deserving of bug report.

[Master] I increased the scale on the map, and all the icons got shoved in the corner and now I can't get them out.

Angie has joined the game

[Master] ...and no

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Which corner

[Master] ...and now the map appears to be fucked. Gimme a sec.

[Master] got it!

Angie has left the game

Angie has joined the game

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Anyone have any idea how the chat got hidden from the map display?

[Master] No clue.

[Defthon (Don)] ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do we want to start over?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] woohoo

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whenever anything appears in the chat window, I get a little "Chat hidden" message where the chat would normally appear on the map.

[Master] Check your prefs?

[Defthon (Don)] Something in your prefs?

[Defthon (Don)] ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nothing obvious.

[Master] Please fix any errors I introduced into the marching order.

[Velkyna (Joe)] This is a much better scale.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also: I didn't change my prefs

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] So when I changed the scale, it totally barfed and decided that the scale was infinite.

[Master] I manually fixed it and the rest is histoyr.

[Master] Okay, you see a fork up ahead.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I can't see to click on Dral or Def.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Any tracks on the floor?

[Master] I got 'em.

[Master] Wilderness Lore.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [17+18] 35

[Master] There's something that's been through here, but you haven't seen it before in all your years.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Boom.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i'd like to use my scent feat to smell down each corridor, maybe peer down as far as i can with darkvision

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Any idea how long since it went past?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I have darkvision, too, btw.

[Master] (nice 35)

[Ryan] (thank you)

[Master] Something that either eats or flattens rock in some way.

Alex has left the game

[Master] It's been a while.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Umber Hulks!

[Master] Months, maybe.

[Master] Nah, he'd recognize them.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Earth Elementals!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm sure it has tremorsense, whatever it is

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Umber hulks tunnel by digging. leaves different signs

[Master] Turc smells something acidic wafting from the south passage.

[Master] From the southeast, a whiff of sulfur.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BUT OF COURSE

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] joy]

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Any ideas what sort of creature would smell like sulfur?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Something that eats it in order to stoke its internal fires

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Balor.

[Dralafi (Jared)] BAMF.

[Sedlack] OOC: Pooh, sitting on my PH is not going to work in the long term

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Also, just before the map disaster, I asked about the possibility of a GMW for my scimitar. Any chance?

[Master] There appears to be some rubble piled to the SE, possibly as a barrier.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ideas on how long it would take to move?

[Master] Not long at all -- maybe a minute or so.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't know if we want to be making too much noise right off the bat.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Why don't we try south first?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] We just need to make sure that if we go SE, something doesn't sneak up on us from the other corridor

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds good to me

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless we think that the barrier is funneling us in a certain direction.

[Master] It might be a good idea to have Ss'sra go first, since he's got the Trackign thing going on. Dunno.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OK. With Lia or Vel beside me?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lia, unless we want Vel in front to Search.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] From the sound of it, the barrier wouldn't really pose much of a diversion to the crap in here. Best to avoid making noise

[Master] Okay, Ss'sra and Lia go forward, while Def and Turc keep an eye on the rubble as rear guard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let _them_ demolish the barrier and alert us, rather than the other way around

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Indeed, Aedean.

[Defthon (Don)] Works for me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sure.

[Master] Spot check for Shottamip

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The rest of us at the fork? Or behind Ss'sra and Lia?

[Master] ???: Hide check:3

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean follows Aedean.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot check:(d20+9+2) [6+9+2] 17 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

Aedean (Sedlack) is now controlling Aedean

[Angie] Arkady casts GMW for the scimitar

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh great. Uh, guys?

[Master] Okay, you look down the corridor, but it continues until it fades into darkness.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sup?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Something's up here, near the ceiling, following us.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Where?

[Belker] Bitch! What'd I do to you?

[Defthon (Don)] Can we see it now that she's pointed it out?

Velkyna (Joe) clambers up the ceiling with her Slippers.

[Defthon (Don)] Nemmind.

Ryan has joined the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll init?

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Belker] Initiative, please. Only Shottamip and the Belker get to act

[Dralafi (Jared)] ooc: help! we're being attacked by the ghost of aaron copland!

Ryan has left the game

[Master] first round

[Belker] Belker: Initiative:13

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative:(d20+6) [17+6] 23

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative:(d20-1) [3-1] 2

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative:(d20+3) [2+3] 5

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: Initiative:(d20+3) [2+3] 5

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative:(d20+2) [3+2] 5

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Initiative:(d20+6) [6+6] 12

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative:(d20+4) [14+4] 18

[Defthon (Don)] Wow.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur: Initiative:(d20+4) [2+4] 6

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative:(d20+0) [16+0] 16

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Lia: it's your turn

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So many 5s

[Master] ROUND: 1 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Lia: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative:(d20+7) [1+7] 8

[Master] ROUND: 0 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Lia: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE.

[Brian] ok the giant flashing 23 LIA was kind of cool

[Master] INIT: 18 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 18; Roger: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 13 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 13; Belker: it's your turn

[Belker] Belker targets Shottamip. Distance: 9'07"

[Belker] Belker no longer targets Shottamip. Distance: 9'07"

[Belker] Belker targets Shottamip. Distance: 9'07"

[Belker] Belker: Attack #1: Bite (): 22. PROBABLY HITS Shottamip!!!

[Belker] Belker: Damage: Bite (): 4

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I guess it isn't friendly.

[Belker] Belker: Attack #1: 2 Wings (): 22. PROBABLY HITS Shottamip!!!

[Belker] Belker: Damage: 2 Wings (): 6

[Belker] Belker: Attack #1: 2 Wings (): 17. Probably MISSES Shottamip

[Belker] The creature, some kind of evil air elemental, bites Shottamip and buffets her with its wings.

[Master] Shottamip's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 68 (-10) - Lightly Wounded

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You need to decrement my HP there.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] nemmind

[Master] INIT: 12 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 12; Dralafi: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 8 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 8; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 6 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 6; Turcanaur: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 5 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 5; Arkady: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 5 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 5; Shottamip: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, that's new.

[Master] Yeah, and it doesn't suck.

[Master] Shottamip?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Serpents, empowered: sends 5 green serpents flying through the air to strike the target(s) for ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(3+1)*3/2] 6, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(3+1)*3/2] 6, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(1+1)*3/2] 3, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(4+1)*3/2] 7, and ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(1+1)*3/2] 3 damage (DC=(10+7++1) [10+7+1] 18) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [1] 1 -- spell cast

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 25

[Master] Shottamip combat-casts Serpents -- gimme a Concentration roll to avoid provoking an Attack of Opportunity.

[Don] They added a lot of nice features in 2.5+, if you can get around the stuff that doesn't work. :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Concentration check:(d20+19+2) [19+19+2] 40 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] no problem.

[Dralafi (Jared)] and of course they dont tell you anywhere the features exist :)

[Belker] Aah!

[Belker] I'll tear your fucking heart out, bitch!

[Master] ROUND: 1 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Lia: it's your turn

[Master] round 1, everyone can act.

[Belker] Though Lia's kinda stuck.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Only if you get to act before my friends wipe you out.

[Master] Heh, Lia's kinda stuck.

[Angie] thanks

[Lia (Angie)] holding

[Roger (Jeff)] You can move through your allies, rigth?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yes, you can.

[Master] Not in tight quarters, though

[Aedean (Sedlack)] To some extent

[Master] INIT: 18 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 18; Roger: it's your turn

[Roger (Jeff)] magic missile

[Master] Kick it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Good call for wispy enemies.

[Roger (Jeff)] okay, my spells are weird

[Master] Ok I'll roll it for ya.

[Roger (Jeff)] alright

[Master] 19

[Velkyna (Joe)] Opa.

[Belker] What'd I do to you . . . *dissipates*

[Master] The Belker dies.

Velkyna (Joe) comes down off the ceiling.

[Master] (oh what a feeling)

[Master] Nice shooting there, Roger.

[Roger (Jeff)] Eh, they aim themselves

[Velkyna (Joe)] So mdoest.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (modest)

[Master] Well, time to go on.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that you guys are on our side?

[Master] You continue down the corridor a little ways.

[Master] Eventually, you see at the end, a creature Ss'sra's only heard of in legends -- a delver,

[Master] which eats rock and metals

[Master] and lives underground.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] And thus probably made the strange tracks. I write this one down for the annals.

[Delver] *a strange stonegrind sort of snore*

[Velkyna (Joe)] I assume this is a bad guy?

[Delver] *sniff*

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] What do the legends say?

[Master] The legends say that Delvers are unpredictable, some good and some bad.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It will prpbably try to eat all the metal we have on us.

[Delver] I smell . . .

[Delver] delicious, watered steel . . . iron and copper, gold and silver . . . and gems, too!

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... half orc!

[Delver] Oh, who has brought me this feast for my senses, mm?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Enough with the metal-destroying monsters already!

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wish we had some of that on us.

[Don] Well, I guess that answers that question.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] This is your quest, Turcanaur -- you talk to the Delver.

[Delver] Who brings me tasty metal, which lets me forget for a time, all that I have seen, mm?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] What have you seen, ancient one?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Yeah, but I'm not the one who's good at the talky-stuff.

[Delver] Oh, terrible things . . . you are a druid, no?

Ss'sra (Ryan) glares at Turc

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes. I am called S'ssra, of the Turtle Clan.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Plus I'm way in the back.

[Delver] Mm . . . this is a bad place, and the monks, well, they know this.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The monks have sent us in here to clean out the evil.

[Delver] So their rites and their rituals, they seal me in, mm? Far from the tasty veins of rock I have known.

Sedlack has left the game

[Turcanaur (Brian)] can i tumble to the front to talk to the delver?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Pssst. If we give him some metal, will he leave us alone?

Sedlack has joined the game

[Delver] Far from others of my kind, I wandered and now I pay the price . . . plaything for devils and demons, mm?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Will you help us, if we release you?

[Master] Let Ss'sra handle it.

Sedlack is receiving the map...

Sedlack has received the map.

[Delver] Oh, you cannot release me, delicate flesh creature . . . though it is kind of you to offer.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] If we succeed, the monks will have no reason to maintain their wards. You can then go free.

[Delver] But if you would give me a little gold . . . it makes it easier to bear the passage of time, to wait for my wounds to heal, mm?

[Delver] Mm, I'll believe it when I see it . . . it has been a very long time, mm.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Aedean, would you heal the delver?

[Delver] No!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Message: How much is "a little")

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Why not?

[Delver] Don't bring your metal armor closer to me, mm, I am not entirely myself, and you are so delicate, yes?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I wouldn't dream of it

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ah, indeed.

[Delver] Please, just a few coins, mm?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Let me approach him.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Someone throw it some coins

[Roger (Jeff)] You first

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I have no armor.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] /speaks to party

[Delver] Gold, gold, gold lets me forget.

[Delver] Silver for joy, but gold for sorrow, stone today, gems tomorrow.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I have no gold. Does anyone else carry any?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I have gold.

[Delver] Copper and tine,

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I have gold

[Master] (tin)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I've got some.

[Delver] Bronze and steel.

[Delver] (singsong)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Arkady, you could heal the delver through Praxis without the danger of any metal. Thoughts?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And this great little spell to float it over to him, too.

[Praxis] Yeah, uh, no.

[Praxis] It'd eat me.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'd happily give up some gold to make it happy.

[Don] Yeah, always best to give gifts; he'd just spend the money on booze and drugs anyway.

[Praxis] As an h'ours d'ouvre.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'll put my scimitar down and carry the gold over.

[Master] I know I spelled that wrong.

Shottamip (Tamora) drops a few gold pieces on the floor. "Anyone else want to toss some in?"

[Don] (hors d'oeuvre)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll throw in 20

[Master] thanx

[Brian] i believe the correct spelling is "horse's doover"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Dragon Claw: points her finger at an object and can move it at will over short distances (DC=(10+7++0) [10+7+0] 17) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [26] 26 -- spell cast

[Praxis] Ok, go ahead and subtract your contributions. Shottamip floats them over.

[Master] sig

[Master] h

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I never have an excuse to use that one! How fun.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Was that "Master" or "Delver"?

[Delver] Ooh, you are so generous, so generous. Make four piles, then.

[Delver] Easier to space them out, yes, oh such a clever girl you are.

Delver works a flipper loose and brushes one of the piles of gold under his body

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No problem. If it's mine and Aedean's. that's 4 piles of 6-7 pieces each.

[Delver] Mm . . . that's nice. Time for you to go, then, before I remember too much again, mm?

Delver croons softly in Undercommon

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I found that I do have a grad total of five pieces, which I toss in.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ooc: is this a dead end?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Poor thing.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Before you forget again, is there anything else down this passage behind you?

[Master] It's certainly blocking any further progress, and it probably is.

[Sedlack] OOC: Are we supposed to walk past it while it's eating?

[Don] I wouldn't recommend it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Never mind

[Delver] No, nothing behind me, this is my corner, mine.

[Delver] Now leave me be, be generous with your absence, too.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Very well. If you see us again, you will be free.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds good to me

Ss'sra (Ryan) departs

[Delver] Oh, I will never be free, never again, for the gold has its claws in me, yes it does . . . mm . . . .

[Brian] Delver Parents: Talk to your kids of the dangers of gold addiction. Tell your children to JUST SAY NO.

[Master] More or less the way things were.

[Master] Okay, what to do about the rubble?

[Don] Except that Praxis is rocked. ;)

[Defthon (Don)] Clear it, then?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] There's not much rubble, but it's blocking the path and the view, yes?

[Master] Basically. I

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Perhaps it would be prudent for me to scout ethereally?

Velkyna (Joe) produces a small spade from her haversack. "Some strong back can feel free to use this."

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Mike, you said clearing it was just a minute, yes?

[Master] Yes, but something of an exposed minute, if you take my meaning.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] any chance i could move silently while de-rocking the passage?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey, bust out that Ring of the Ram.

[Lia (Angie)] so Turc digs and I watch his back?

[Roger (Jeff)] Oh yeah! Blast shit with magic time!

[Master] Turc -- no.

[Master] Roger -- yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey! Kool Aid!

Roger (Jeff) activates the ring

[Master] OH YEAH!

[Master] BOOM!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Marching order first?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] HERE COMES THE BOOM

[Velkyna (Joe)] As long as Roger gets back, I think we're fine.

Roger (Jeff) is now controlling Roger

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That will probably attract some attention

Velkyna (Joe) returns the shovel to her haversack.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oy.

[Efreet] r

[Efreet] Ow!

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's a no good-a.

[Efreet] Who the hell are you?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Turc...

[Don] Oh boy. Quick rundown of general knowledge about efreeti that my char would know?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Elemental plane of fire creatures, immune to fire, can cast spells.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Extremely intelligent.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Well, you can see that they're on fire...

[Master] They're powerful, evil, and can grant wishes. They're from the Elemental Plane of Fire.

[Don] shaynem dank

[Master] the source of the sulfur smell isn ow appparent, as four Efreeti stand in defensive poses.

[Efreet] Do you speak Common? Who the hell are you people?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Look, you knew that we'd be encountering some devilish types down here. Now isn't the time to complain.

[Defthon (Don)] Message: any reason not to just charge in?

[Master] Def's in front and he has charisma. He's gonna set the tone.

[Don] And I know they're evil, right?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Unless they're willing to leave peacefully...

[Master] Sure, but there's evil and there's evil, you know?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Which doesn't seem likely

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Do paladins actually know that?

[Tamora] It's wacky meeting/fighting all these things that can talk back.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Message: We could try the 'leave now and we won't kill you' line we gave to the pirate guy.

[Master] Def -- fight or chat! Decide!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think he's got the "at will" det. evil going on

[Velkyna (Joe)] Msg: Where are they going to go? They're trapped here.

[Defthon (Don)] Message: 4, 3, 2...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Try talking

[Turcanaur (Brian)] try to chat if you think it'll help

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: I don't, really.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Actually, if the "walls between planes" are thin, then creatures down here possibly could just "go home".

[Efreet] Er, decide now, please.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Master] er, decide now, please. :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm not proposing a course of action, just mentioning a factual possibility.

[Defthon (Don)] Creatures of evil,

[Defthon (Don)] return now to your own plane!

[Efreet] Oh, for fuck's sake, a paladin.

[Defthon (Don)] You do not belong here

[Efreet] Right, then!

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Ha!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (msg: we could beat the crap out of a few of them, then extract wishes from the remainder)

[Defthon (Don)] and we will tolerate your presence no longer.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Message: Hey, if they'll grant wishes, let's wish them home.

[Efreet] Initiative.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative:(d20+7) [16+7] 23

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative:(d20+3) [3+3] 6

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative:(d20+4) [13+4] 17

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative:(d20+6) [4+6] 10

[Master] Efreet: Initiative:18

[Master] Efreet: Initiative:21

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur: Initiative:(d20+4) [3+4] 7

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Initiative:(d20+6) [8+6] 14

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative:(d20-1) [9-1] 8

[Lia (Angie)] Arkady: Initiative:(d20+3) [4+3] 7

[Master] Efreet: Initiative:9

[Master] Efreet: Initiative:16

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative:(d20+2) [11+2] 13

[Turcanaur (Brian)] yay, i get to be whipping boy again

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative:(d20+0) [9+0] 9

[Aedean (Sedlack)] test

[Aedean (Sedlack)] test

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Master] Go Vel!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] test

[Master] No surprise this time.

[Brian] Hey, they're Efreets ... someone summon Shiva!

[Master] Chris, your tests are coming through; can you see them?

[Velkyna (Joe)] With my sword drawn, move 30' and hold.

[Defthon (Don)] Should've just charged. Oh well.

[Master] Ok.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] yeah

[Jared] I'll start thumping on X.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I got randomly paused for some reason

[Master] Well, it's not like you were conciliatory.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, can I charge and tumble?

[Master] INIT: 21 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 21; Efreet: it's your turn

[Master] I'm not sure what you mean . .

[Velkyna (Joe)] I want to move 60 feet and in doing so move through the efreet.

[Master] Sure!

[Master] Tumbv

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kickass.

[Master] Tumble checks to avoid AoOs.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Tumble check:(d20+14+7+2+1) [10+14+7+2+1] 34 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna targets Efreet. Distance: 6'02"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [17+19] 36 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT] Rolling again...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [9+19] 28. PROBABLY HITS Efreet [CRITICAL HIT (x2)]

[Velkyna (Joe)] EAT

[Master] lol

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are they meaty?

[Master] *checks*

[Master] Yeah, but that's not a sneak as you're not flanking.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but they're critable

Sedlack has left the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage: Short Sword +3 (right): (1d6+3+0) [3+3+0] 6

[Master] This is true. Roll your damage.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage: Short Sword +3 (right): (1d6+3+0) [1+3+0] 4

Sedlack is receiving the map...

Sedlack has received the map.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well that was ass.

[Master] Ouch!

[Velkyna (Joe)] I now demand someone flank that efreet and hit it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can you sneak attack or crit elementals?

[Master] They're not elementals.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fair enough

Efreet pauses a moment, then circles toward Vel.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] They're fire genies.

[Efreet] Efreet targets Velkyna. Distance: 8'02"

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dodge that Efreet.

[Efreet] Noted, ty. Give yourself a +1 AC

[Velkyna (Joe)] AC 24+4-2+1 = 27

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure. I wasn't sure whether genies were a subclass of elementals or something wacky like that

[Efreet] Efreet: Attack #1: Slam (): 24. Probably MISSES Velkyna

[Velkyna (Joe)] Remember I can't do my temp mods because of Klooge.

[Efreet] Efreet: Attack #1: Slam (): 22. Probably MISSES Velkyna

[Efreet] Slipp

[Efreet] ery little human.

[Master] INIT: 18 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 18; Efreet: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, I assume Kimmitt's making a spell effect.

[Master] thinking for a sec.

[Master] not used to playing these guys

Efreet holds his action

[Master] INIT: 17 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 17; Roger: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 16 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 16; Efreet: it's your turn

[Roger (Jeff)] hey!

[Master] INIT: 17 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 17; Roger: it's your turn

[Roger (Jeff)] Ice store

[Roger (Jeff)] m

[Efreet] Heh, sorry. OYEZ.

[Master] Dang, gotta work on that.

[Master] Okay, Ice Storm.

[Master] What's the area of effect?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] does shottamip have an ice-version of "I say you gots to toast me!"?

[Roger (Jeff)] I'm not getting a radius size inymore

[Roger (Jeff)] 40'

[Velkyna (Joe)] Reflex save? Hit me!

[Roger (Jeff)] 40' diameter

[Roger (Jeff)] no save

[Master] Like so, or avoid Vel?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hoo.

[Velkyna (Joe)] AVOID PLEASE

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Ice Storm: (3d6+2d6) [(4+3+4)+(6+2)] 19 (DC=(10+4++4) [10+4+4] 18) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [31] 31 -- spell cast

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Afraid not. I do fire and MM and holds and geases, that covers most of my arsenal.

[Master] Which is the Cold damage?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 19

[Roger (Jeff)] The 2d6

[Master] Gotit -- so a total of 27, since the Cold is doubled.

[Master] Nice.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sexxy

[Master] INIT: 16 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 16; Efreet: it's your turn

Efreet flanks Vel

Angie has left the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, I didn't realize three of these bastards would go before most of the part.

[Efreet] Efreet targets Velkyna. Distance: 4'07"

[Efreet] Efreet no longer targets Velkyna. Distance: 4'07"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Note that Vel cannot be flanked.

[Efreet] Efreet targets Efreet. Distance: 0'00"

[Don] The efreet doesn't know that. :)

Alex has joined the game

[Efreet] Efreet targets Velkyna. Distance: 4'11"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Saying that for Kimmitt's benefit of course.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ...unless the efreet have a lot of rogue levels.

Alex is receiving the map...

Alex has received the map.

[Master] thank you for the reminder. :)

[Efreet] Efreet: Attack #1: Slam (): 17. Probably MISSES Velkyna

[Efreet] Efreet: Attack #1: Slam (): 16 [CRITICAL MISS]


[Master] nice rolls there.

[Master] INIT: 14 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 14; Dralafi: it's your turn

Angie has joined the game

[Velkyna (Joe)] IDo I get a free attack on critical miss lad?

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi targets Efreet. Distance: 20'04"

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi targets Dralafi. Distance: 0'00"

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi no longer targets Dralafi.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi targets Dralafi. Distance: 0'00"

[Master] Nah, first one's free.

Angie has left the game

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Might I suggest targetting the ones trying to savage Vel?

[Master] Man this is lame.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (30') (Both): (d20+24) [13+24] 37. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Master] Damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (30') (Both): (1d8+11) [5+11] 16

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, take out the middle one so people can bum rush the ones near me.

[Master] Wow.

[Master] Keep it coming.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That guy's running a blocking pattern.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I can last all day back here.

Angie has joined the game

[Dralafi (Jared)] Im done; no full attack cause of the move.

[Master] ok

[Turcanaur (Brian)] alas

[Master] INIT: 10 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 10; Lia: it's your turn

[Defthon (Don)] Hey, wait


[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Angie is having more system problems.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Charge to the Efreet near me.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] She's restarting klooge, again

[Defthon (Don)] The heck?

Angie has left the game

[Master] What was your init, Don?

[Defthon (Don)] I did roll initiative, got a 13, but it dropped me.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Plan is: Haste boots, then charge. try to flank one of the ones engaged with Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Obviously everyone needs to run this on Win95.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] =)

[Master] INIT: 13 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 13; Defthon: it's your turn

[Master] Ok Don first then Lia.

[Velkyna (Joe)] FLANKIE

[Defthon (Don)] 'k. If I charge past that middle efreet, he gets an aoo, but I still get to continue the charge?

Alex has left the game

Ryan has left the game

[Defthon (Don)] Does it matter that he's already been targetted and attacked by Dral?

Angie has joined the game

[Master] No, you've got it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If you want to get to the northernmost efreet near Vel you could probably do so without going near the efreet in the middle.

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Defthon (Don)] 'k, I think I'm going to do this anyway. Note that Defthon can't be flanked (per 6th rogue) as long as he's wielding.

Ryan has joined the game

[Master] thanks for the reminder.

[Defthon (Don)] CHARGE!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey cutie!

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon targets Efreet. Distance: 6'04"

[Master] Ooh vel had -2 AC cuz of the charge, forgot about that.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Master] Well, So will Def. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but it didnt' matter.

[Velkyna (Joe)] As I stated, I was at 24 base, +4 bark, -2 charge, +1 dodge for 27.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then whiff lad needed a 26.

[Master] thanx. :)

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack #1: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): ((d20+10++3+5)+2) [(9+10+3+5)+2] 29 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Master] damage

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): (1d10+5++3*1.5) [8+5+3*1.5] 17 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] That's gotta hurt.

[Master] INIT: 10 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 10; Lia: it's your turn

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi no longer targets Dralafi.

[Angie] haste, charge, hit

[Master] ok

[Angie] aiming to flank the one on the N

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sexcellent.

[Master] ok

[Don] And now, I know this is really shitty, but I have to go again. :P I should be back by 8:40 (and at our usual pace I'll probably only miss about one turn...)

[Master] Heh, sorry.

[Master] Go man go.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia targets Efreet. Distance: 6'00"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia no longer targets Efreet.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia targets Efreet. Distance: 6'00"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack #1: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+19+2) [13+19+2] 34 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Please note: Lia no longer has the +2 bonus from the Candle

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is that a flank?

[Don] Whoever rolls for me, remember to roll vs eeeevil. :)

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] It is not a flank, and noted.

[Master] damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(4+5)+11] 20

[Master] woof

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now I get a free attack from Opportunist.


[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [5+19] 24. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage: Short Sword +3 (right): (1d6+3+0) [1+3+0] 4

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shitty shitty damage dice.

[Master] INIT: 9 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 9; Efreet: it's your turn

Efreet casts Wall of Fire.

[Velkyna (Joe)] AoO?

[Efreet] Combat Casting

[Master] okay, effects:

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll up that concentration then bro

[Efreet] Efreet: Concentration check:15

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That won't be enough for wall of fire

[Master] yeah it's too little.

[Master] I'll try again.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ...later, right?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] i'M NEXT, i THINK.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um. ATTACK OF OPP

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm at 8

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ack. I'm at 9.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'm probably not on the list b/c my session died in the middle.

[Efreet] For the concentration check? What's he need, a 20?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 15+spell level

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's still trying to cast the spell right?

[Master] he gets a +4 from the Combat Casting.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Joe: The def. cast means he acoids AoO

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, but he failed right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The failed Con check means he loses the spell

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Never mind.

[Efreet] Never mind, it's not a spell.

[Efreet] It's a spell-like ability. Gotta look it up

[Aedean (Sedlack)] SLA provokes AoO

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (like casting a spell)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] DMG, 72

[Efreet] The Con check was 15, so it's defensive.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Spell-like abilities work as though spells of level 0?

[Efreet] Spell-like ability Con check is only 15 always, p. 126

[Efreet] apparently. No verbal somatic or other components either

[Master] Ok, on t

[Master] o effect!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. Yeah. PH, 126. OK

[Aedean (Sedlack)] My badd

[Master] The wall does 2d6 +1/caster level (18) to Dral unless he reflex saves.

[Master] Any creature within 10' on the left takes 2d4 damage

[Master] Any creature within 29' on the left takes 1d4 damage

[Master] 20', that is

[Master] Any creature passing thru takes 2d6 + 18 (otherwise known as "plenty") damage.

[Master] So-- reflex save for Dral, then he picks a side to dive to.

[Master] Jared, you awake?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Recommend diving in.

[Master] dc 16

[Dralafi (Jared)] sorry, my stuff got slow.

[Master] kick it

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Reflex save: (d20+12) [3+12] 15

[Dralafi (Jared)] curse you frank nord.

[Master] ooh, that's gonna laeve a mark

[Dralafi (Jared)] dive in.

[Master] 25 damage

[Dralafi (Jared)] owowowow

[Master] INIT: 8 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 8; Aedean: it's your turn

[Master] Aedean.

[Master] Sorry that took so long.

[Master] My recurring error kept fucking with my drawing of the wall of flame.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'm at Init 9.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] ryan needs to go

[Aedean (Sedlack)] First, I have to take 2d4 from the WoF. Other people also have to take lesser damage

[Master] INIT: 9 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 9; Ss'sra: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 9 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 9; Efreet: it's your turn

[Master] Right.

[Velkyna (Joe)] When you kill the caster, does the wall go away or is it a set duration?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 'Cause that happens when the Wall appears

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d4) [4] 4, Roll #2: (d4) [1] 1

Aedean (Sedlack) has adjusted Aedean's hit points...

[Master] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 86 (0) - Unharmed

[Master] Aedean takes 2d4, everyone else on that side takes 1d4

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Roll #1: (d4) [4] 4

[Master] except turc and ss'sra.

[Master] Who take nothing

Aedean (Sedlack) has adjusted Aedean's hit points...

[Master] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 81 (-5) - Barely Scratched

[Turcanaur (Brian)] hooray!

[Master] This is Fire damage, so elemental protections are part of this.

[Master] INIT: 9 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 9; Ss'sra: it's your turn

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 1d4

[Roger (Jeff)] (1d4) [2] 2

[Master] Yeah, sorry about the insane slowness. I gotta find a way to make combat move quicker.

Roger (Jeff) has adjusted Roger's hit points...

[Master] Roger's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 32 (-2) - Barely Scratched

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Cast Protection from Elements (Fire) on myself, then run through the flames.

[Master] The wall does block LoS.

[Master] Okay, Prot/Elements takes how long to cast?

[Brian] "You come across 4 Efreet. It is assumed that you defeat them. Everyone take (roll) damage. You get (roll) XP."

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] standard action. Do it, then move.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] No attack this round, but I'll be next to one of them.

[Master] Ok.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: (1d4) [3] 3

Shottamip (Tamora) has adjusted Shottamip's hit points...

[Master] Shottamip's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 65 (-3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Shottamip's Current Hit Points: adjusted to XX (-x) - Lightly Toasted.

[Master] Okay, take 26 fire damage, minus whatever help the prot/elements provides.

[Jared] how far do I have to move to avoid continuing damage? 20' away?

[Master] About 2' away toward the inside.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It soaks the first 96 points of fire damage I take in the next 80 minutes. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah no damage to those of us on this side.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Prot Elements absorbs all damage up to a limit

[Dralafi (Jared)] ah my badd.

[Master] Rock it.

[Master] Okey dokey

[Master] 30' is your move, right? I'm not boning you, am I?

[Master] Nah it is.

[Master] INIT: 8 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 8; Aedean: it's your turn

[Master] Aedean!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] LoS is blocked, huh?

[Master] sad but true

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If I cast a spell here, I need to do a Conc. check of 15(10+damage)+spell level, right?

[Master] That sounds right, lemme check.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or is that only damage that hits _while_ casting?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or is that "continuous damage"?

[Master] you're gonna eat 2d4 damage this round before you start.

[Master] Then stuff happens. So that'll create a con DC of 10 + 2d4 + spell level

[Master] 4

[Master] 4 damage.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I read "remain" as saying that I get hit with the damage if I stay in the area

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, we can do it that way, I guess

Aedean (Sedlack) has adjusted Aedean's hit points...

[Master] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 77 (-4) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] I'm gonna do it at the beginning of a round.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay conc check, DC 17 to cast Prot. from Elements (fire)

[Master] rock it!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Concentration check:(d20+2+9) [3+2+9] 14

[Master] Denied!

[Master] Mulligan?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] jas

[Master] WEE JAS!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] yes. mulligan

[Master] go dog go!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Concentration check:(d20+2+9) [13+2+9] 24

[Master] Woo!

[Master] You is pro tec ted

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How fast can I move with the candle?

[Master] 20' due to a clever lantern thing you've set up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also: it's been about 10 minutes or so since we entered the cave, right?

[Master] Sure, we'll call it that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Noted

[Master] INIT: 7 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 7; Turcanaur: it's your turn

[Master] Go green boy go

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How much damage?

[Master] 26

[Aedean (Sedlack)] suntracted

[Turcanaur (Brian)] ok.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ^n^b

[Master] hee

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i have to get on the other side of that wall of flame

[Master] Well, it seems like it would be a good idea.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] is there anyone who could cast prot/el on me if i hold?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I ask again: if we kill the caster what happens to the wall?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] As an SLA is it dispellable with Dispel Magic?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It'll go away 1 rd/lev after end of concentration

[Master] Sorry -- Sedlack has it, and it is dispellable.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's 18 rounds, no? We've got to get that down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless everyone wants to run through.

[Master] "We should be able to get some kind of reading on that shield, up or down!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll try on my turn.

[Master] Then I'd hold my action if I were Turc.

[Angie] Arkady has dispel

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i'll hold then.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i've learned that rushing blindly into damage, not the best idea

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Might not work though. I don't know exactly how that works when it's contested. And I don't know if he can start one right back up again.

[Master] Still not a good idea to dive thru flame.

[Master] INIT: 7 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 7; Arkady: it's your turn

[Master] Arkady! Got any Dispel Magic in there?

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: dispel magic: Dispelling with a caster check of (1d20+10) [18+10] 28 (DC=(10++5++3) [10+5+3] 18) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [28] 28 -- spell cast

[Master] *looks it up*

[Master] I am so amused -- you needed a 29.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

[Master] Sorry, man.

[Master] Shottamip's going to face a similar predicament.

[Master] INIT: 6 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 6; Shottamip: it's your turn

[Master] Go Shottamip go

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Caster level is 18?!?

[Velkyna (Joe)] 18 HD, yeah.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] whoa.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It doesn't necessarily work like that

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't think it's worth it then.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fair enough but Kimmitt said +18 damage on the wall, which I thought was +caster level.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] yes, it's 11+caster level

[Master] Caster level is equivalent to 18, thought they don't have 18 HD.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fair enough. I guess they're advanced efreeti

[Velkyna (Joe)] They have 28 HD!

[Master] Affinity for fire spells, and it's standard for Efeet. Look 'em up. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I see caster level 12

[Shottamip (Tamora)] backup plan... hmm... I suppose they probably have good Will saves.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] These are special Efreet. Whatever.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Like I said "advanced efreeti"

[Master] Where are you getting that, Chris? I've got p. 96 o

[Master] f MM1.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 3.5 SRD

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think I'll just hit one and hang out. I'll target the one in front.

[Master] Hm, might be a typo here, then

[Master] So, yeah, advanced efreet.

[Master] Er, LOS is blocked by the wall of flame.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (I don't have the books. It's possible they changed it between 3 and 3.5, as well.)

[Master] Line of Sight, that is.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh, you can't see through it?

[Master] That's correct.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] thanks.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[James] Site to site teleport.

[James] Arkady can try D-Door next round too, if you want to wait.

[Master] That'd work.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know, I completely fricking forgot about DDoor. As much as we talk about it, that's inexcusable.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, can I do a 5' move to touch Turc and TP us to the other side of the frewall?

[Master] Yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I know what's there since I could see it just fine 10 seconds ago.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*+12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [14] 14 (DC=(10+7++5) [10+7+5] 22) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [89] 89 -- spell cast

[Master] Casual knowledge, since LOS is blocked and yyu've nevactaully been there, but you're fine.

[Master] Move yourselves.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That okay?

[Master] Turc's turn.

[Master] INIT: 6 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 6; Turcanaur: it's your turn

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Wait, I couldn't have seen right there.

[Dralafi (Jared)] (BTW, they did change the cast level between 3 and 3.5)

[Master] Sure, move it around a bit. :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] There, I would have seen that open space.

[Master] Ok.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] doh, sorry

[Master] no prob, that's why I messaged you.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] which one is def flanking?

[Master] Turcanaur targets Efreet. Distance: 7'03"

[Master] There ya go.

[Master] Add +2 to your attack totals.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur no longer targets Efreet.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur targets Turcanaur. Distance: 0'00"

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur targets Efreet. Distance: 7'03"

[Turcanaur (Brian)] for GMF?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Flanking.

[Master] for *flanking*

[Turcanaur (Brian)] already got it, unless there's something else i missed

[Turcanaur (Brian)] oh

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] ok

[Master] attack!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] anyway, going to do a ki strike

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur no longer targets Efreet.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur targets Efreet. Distance: 7'03"

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Ki Strike (): (d20+12+2) [18+12+2] 32 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Master] damage

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur: Damage: Ki Strike (): (1d10+5+2) [9+5+2] 16 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] Whack!

[Master] ROUND: 1 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Turcanaur (Brian)] numero dos

[Turcanaur (Brian)] wait! i've got like 3 attacks!

[Master] All you get is a partial action when you Hold.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] oh

[Turcanaur (Brian)] ok, nevermind

[Master] So you got a 5' move and then your attack. :)

[Master] Vel! Do it to me one more time!

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd like to make a 5' move here but I don't know if there's enough room with the wall.

[Master] Enh you've got slippers.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet. Flankomatic.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And a full attack.

[Master] Gimme a Tumble check DC 15 to pull it off.

[Master] ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, I succeed.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Tumble check:(d20+14+7+2+1) [4+14+7+2+1] 28 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [19+19] 38 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT] Rolling again...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [18+19] 37 [CRITICAL HIT]. PROBABLY HITS Efreet [CRITICAL HIT (x2)]

[Master] Mr. Outstanding.

[Master] Hee.

[Master] He's at like 5 HP, man

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, NINE d6 plus 6.

[Dralafi (Jared)] warm it up vel

[Velkyna (Joe)] (9d6+6) [(2+3+3+6+2+5+4+6+5)+6] 42

[Master] Vel pulls out his spinal cord.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jared] (that explosion sound effect is way louder than the rest)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then that was essentially a standard action, can I move 30'?

[Master] Sure.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tumble to avoid AoO

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Tumble check:(d20+14+7+2+1) [10+14+7+2+1] 34 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now if Defthon hits that efreet, HINT HINT then I get an Opportunist sneak attack.

[Master] INIT: 21 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 21; Efreet: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 18 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 18; Efreet: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 21 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 21; Efreet: it's your turn

[Master] That's a bug.

[Velkyna (Joe)] HIT ME

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ?

[Master] When I increment the initiative, then hit return, it increments the initiative again.

[Master] It should just go to the chat window.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] (Gosh, Johnny Carson died this morning.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] btw, which efreet cast the last one?

[James] Well, I've got to get going. Code freeze for a major product on Friday.

[James] Sorry I couldn't stay longer.

[Master] Can we finish this combat?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] we've got arkady coverage, right?

[James] Angie will handle Arkady.

[Angie] with Ryan/Joe advice

[James] Have a good night y'all.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] um, ow

[Master] G'night!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] night james

[Roger (Jeff)] Good night

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good night, stud.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Later

[Master] REflex saves for Lia and Def.

James has left the game

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Reflex save: (d20+7+4) [10+7+4] 21 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] Lia saves! The hot part's to the left.

[Master] Defthon: Reflex save: 17

[Angie] maybe -2 on that?

[Master] Yeah, but she still saves.

[Master] Def does not!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Did pud roll his conc check?

[Master] 30 fire damage!

Sedlack has left the game

[Master] Ooh, thank

[Master] s for the reminder.

Sedlack has joined the game

Sedlack is receiving the map...

Sedlack has received the map.

[Master] Efreet: Concentration check:16

[Master] Yay!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah wel.

[Master] Owie for Def!

Angie has left the game

[Master] Defthon's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 37 (-30) - Moderately Wounded

[Master] Lia escapes!

[Master] INIT: 18 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 18; Efreet: it's your turn

[Master] It's the other Efreet's turn!

[Master] More Walls of Fire!

[Velkyna (Joe)] HIT ME.

[Velkyna (Joe)] HIT ME.


[Velkyna (Joe)] HIT ME

Angie has joined the game

[Master] Flame on!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] no no! hit her hit her!

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Master] Reflex Saves for Shot and Turc!


[Turcanaur (Brian)] Turcanaur: Reflex save: (d20+11) [9+11] 20

[Master] Yes!

[Master] The northeast side is the cold side.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] did i make it?

[Master] Er, northwest side.

[Master] You made it, yes.

[Master] The southeast side is the hot side!

[Master] Vel, take 2d

[Master] 4

[Master] heat damage!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Do I roll it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] No save?

[Master] No save, just hot.

[Master] Please roll it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (2d4) [(4+2)] 6

[Master] There we ahve it.

Velkyna (Joe) has adjusted Velkyna's hit points...

[Master] Velkyna's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 97 (-6) - Barely Scratched

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Reflex save: (d20+7+2) [1+7+2] 10 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Shottamip (Tamora)] blah.

[Master] Doesn't she have a

[Master] Nemmind

[Master] Shot takes 25 fire damage!

[Master] Ow!

[Master] INIT: 17 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 17; Roger: it's your turn

[Master] Go Roger Go!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i'm trying to figure out where exactly i can move

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger tries to dispel the first wall

Shottamip (Tamora) has adjusted Shottamip's hit points...

[Master] Shottamip's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 40 (-25) - Moderately Wounded

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: (DC=(10+4++3) [10+4+3] 17) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [16] 16 -- spell cast

[Turcanaur (Brian)] is that good, or is that toasty?

[Roger (Jeff)] Huh, didn't put in the dice roll, I guess

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's toasty.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] or can i not move yet?

[Master] 12

[Master] No dice.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] dispell attempt is 1d20+10

[Master] +9 in Roger's case.

[Roger (Jeff)] +9 in my case

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If you made your Ref save, pick a side

[Velkyna (Joe)] Again, that's the hot side.

[Roger (Jeff)] and I move away from the wall

[Master] The not-hot isde.

[Master] There we go.

[Master] ok

[Master] INIT: 14 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 14; Dralafi: it's your turn

Ryan has left the game

[Master] 5' move and lots of arrows?

[Dralafi (Jared)] indeed

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (d20+22) [2+22] 24. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Master] damage

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (1d8+11) [2+11] 13

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (1d8+11) [4+11] 15

Ryan has joined the game

[Master] The first one

[Master] I assume.

[Dralafi (Jared)] yes

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Dralafi (Jared)] the dice roller is acting funny.

[Dralafi (Jared)] one sec.

[Master] He ain't dead yet.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (d20+22) [20+22] 42 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT] Rolling again...

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (d20+22) [6+22] 28. PROBABLY HITS Efreet [CRITICAL HIT (x3)]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Master] FYI, we'll finish this combat and call it an afternoon.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (1d8+11) [2+11] 13

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (1d8+11) [1+11] 12

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arr. (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (1d8+11) [2+11] 13

[Master] Efreet down!

[Dralafi (Jared)] check out those shitty rolls. he dead yet?

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi targets Efreet. Distance: 32'11"

[Master] You m ake up for it in volume.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi targets Ss'sra. Distance: 4'01"

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi no longer targets Ss'sra.

[Dralafi (Jared)] do I have LoS on that last one?

[Master] I'm gonna rule yes.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 Lbow/+3 Arrow (3rd Shot) (Both): (d20+16) [16+16] 32. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Master] damage

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 Lbow/+3 Arrow (3rd Shot) (Both): (1d8+7) [3+7] 10

[Master] Not quite dead yet.

[Master] INIT: 13 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 13; Defthon: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 10 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 10; Lia: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 13 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 13; Defthon: it's your turn

[Master] sigh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, shouldn't that have been +11 damage like the others?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] which is the hot side?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or no, first two shots.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Never mind.

[Master] Okay, Don's gone, so I'll have him move out of the flamage...

[Master] to the cool side.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Def, if you go there, ther's nowhere Lia can go

[Aedean (Sedlack)] and then full attack

[Master] Unfortunately, there's a hot side in each direction, so he still takes 2d4 from the other Wall.

[Master] 6

[Master] Defthon's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 43 (6) - Moderately Wounded

[Velkyna (Joe)] Will no one allow me an Opportunist sneak attack? Is this the end of zombie shakespear?

[Master] Defthon's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 31 (-12) - Heavily Wounded

[Jared] Joe: Im more than 30' away from that one./ I do more damage inside 30.

[Master] Defthon no longer targets Efreet. Distance: 5'03"

[Master] Defthon targets Efreet. Distance: 5'03"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Did he take 18 or just 6?

[Master] Defthon: Attack #1: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): 30. PROBABLY HITS Efreet!!!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] he gained 6, then lost 12

[Master] Defthon: Damage: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): 19

[Master] Aedean has it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.

[Master] Defthon: Attack #2: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): 15. Probably MISSES Efreet

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, I get my Opportunist attack.

[Master] Tsohanoai does some serious damage.

[Master] And Vel steps in.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna targets Efreet. Distance: 6'03"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [3+19] 22. PROBABLY HITS Efreet

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm assumng no flanking.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage: Short Sword +3 (right): (1d6+3+0) [6+3+0] 9

[Master] yeah

[Master] INIT: 10 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 10; Lia: it's your turn

[Master] Lia.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lia can move through Defthon to between Vel + Def.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Since Def is an ally.

[Master] Yeah, not a problem. Thru 1 ally is fine.

[Angie] cool, move and attack

[Master] Warm it up

[Angie] 14' move =haste pa

[Angie] full attack

[Master] yep

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack #1: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+19+2) [16+19+2] 37 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(1+3)+11] 15

[Master] He's obviously badly wounded.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack #2: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+14+2) [10+14+2] 26 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(2+4)+11] 17

[Master] Efreet down!

[Master] Can we Cleave?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I shall call her "Boom Boom"

[Master] Sadly, no -- it is too far.

[Master] INIT: 9 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 9; Efreet: it's your turn

[Aedean (Sedlack)] think you can from there, sadly

[Master] Fuck! I surrender!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Give us a wish, bitch

[Efreet] Fuck! I surrender!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then turn off the fucking fire walls!

Efreet dismisses the fire walls

[Efreet] (a li

[Master] a little bit of dramatic license

[Efreet] Damn, who are you people?

Velkyna (Joe) keeps her sword drawn.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The Cleaners

[Master] combat's over! He surrendered!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Combat's over when he leaves this plane forever

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes. Let us extort two more wishes

[Velkyna (Joe)] We're ten tickets to the Gun Show. And admission is obviously not free.

[Angie] no

[Angie] I don't trust wishes from this guy

[Efreet] Whoa!

[Efreet] Seriously, I don't even want to die a little!

Sedlack has left the game

[Efreet] You lot would hunt me down. I can't get out until those wards come down, but once they do, it'll be like I was never here.

[Efreet] Except for the three wishes I'll leave behind.

Sedlack has joined the game

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Turc? It's your cave, sorta.

Sedlack is receiving the map...

Sedlack has received the map.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Did I miss anything?

[Master] the Efreet has offered a ransom of 3 wishes for his life.

[Defthon (Don)] I was right: I only missed one turn. (And only barely, at that!)

[Defthon (Don)] ;)

[Master] Yeah, that has to stop.

[Defthon (Don)] Awesome.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We should take it

[Velkyna (Joe)] What's he going to do until we bust down the wards?

[Master] Decide now who gets them and then make them quick.

[Master] does Vel say that?

[Defthon (Don)] No shit we should take it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sure.

[Efreet] Hide.

[Efreet] From you.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fucking A right.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Um, is the suggestion seriously that we just release him (it?) on the world?

[Efreet] Oh hell no.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 'Cause you know we're a night in the Pain Box.

[Efreet] I'm going back to the Plane of Fire, first chance I get.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I wish I had a good way to transport Garfield, so he could always accompany me...

[Efreet] This Prime Material shit is way old.

Efreet looks at the Lizardman

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ok then.

[Efreet] We got a deal, then? Because no dealie, no


[Efreet] wishie.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] I mistrust this being, but I will defer to those more attuned to the spiritual.

[Ryan] That is the part of the game I really hate most. The only reason it exists is that Gygax was a major asshole.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We have a deal, as far as I'm concerned

[Efreet] First three to wish get 'em.

[Don] OOC: looks like the best bets are inherent att bonuses

[Ryan] I word the wish as I would need to in order to make it work.

[Don] unless anybody has a better idea.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra has a 23 Wisdom, fer fuck's sake.

[Efreet] Bloing!

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wish that the demense of Eflense crumbles to dust in the next week, crumbles for all time.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's too big for a wish

[Master] Ss'sra gets a collar with Shrink on it, where the Shrink has been metamagicked to be more effective than usual.

[Ryan] Wishes aren't *that* powerful.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I like her. She thinks big.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Vel doesn't know that.)

[Efreet] You're a sweet girl, and I'm afraid of you, so I'll just say that that's too big.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I wish I had a full Candle of Invocation attuned to CG, (in addition toi the partial I have now)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'LL GIVE YOU TOO BIG

[Efreet] Bloing!

[Master] A Candle appears at Aedean's feet.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Can we send Eflense up in a pillar of flame? Burned body and all?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (I'm guaranteed to make a profit on this one!)

[Efreet] Can't be that direct, sweetie. Or I'll pay the price.


[Efreet] Holy crap!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Can you send some other summopned being to kill him?

[Efreet] Damn you're hot for a Prime Material.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] could i wish for a bigger amulet of natural armor or anything like that?

[Efreet] Huh? Depends on how pudly he is, of course. If you lot are worried about him, then no.

[Efreet] Enough questions! Wish and let me out of here!

[Don] brian: if it's less than 15K gp, yes.

[Brian] i'd like to not get beaten in combat quite so much

[Ryan] (Mike, I really like these chats we've had in the dungeon so far.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fine. I wish for a big fucking pile of gems.

[Velkyna (Joe)] For the party.

[Efreet] A girl after my own heart.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] hahahahaha

[Efreet] Bloing!

Efreet flees

[Defthon (Don)] Dammit, Vel, they're going to be, like, rose quartz or something.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Be good!

[Ryan] Brian, wait -- you've got an amulet of natural armor? Barkskin *doesn't* stack with that.

[Defthon (Don)] D'oh!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] doh!

[Master] *does some system stuff*

[Turcanaur (Brian)] it's only a +1

[Angie] who needs healing?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Then you get +3 on top.

[Ryan] Fine. The the barksin replaces it, not adds to it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Me, please. Who's got the CLW wand?

Velkyna (Joe) looks at the gems, a little disgusted.

[Defthon (Don)] Me!

[Angie] Arkady

[Master] 15,000 GP in gems shows up!

[Master] Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I guess you scared him good.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, at least we can use these to buy something useful.

[Aedean (Sedlack)]

[Defthon (Don)] Wow, nice efreet.

[Master] Even some nice amethysts and supporting stones.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't know why I don't feel better about this.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Ah, man, I was going to wish for a Glaive Glaive Guisarme Glaive.

[Master] Joe -- come up with a nice and fun distribution.

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [4+1] 5 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [15] 15 -- spell cast

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Good for raises and restorations.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Will do.

Velkyna (Joe) starts collecting the swag.

[Master] Okay, we've hit our time limit and my brain is mush.

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [8+1] 9 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [100] 100 -- spell cast

[Master] Thank you VERY much for playing, and I'll muse on ways to speed up combat

[Master] as time passes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Keep track of your spells used for next session.

[Master] Because god damn.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will blow some CLW charge on Defthon

[Turcanaur (Brian)] shit, i survived a combat unscathed

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've been a DM for twenty years and I haven't found a way. Combats just take a long time.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [5+1] 6 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [26] 26 -- spell cast

[Angie] Is that enough , shot?

[Defthon (Don)] And actually, I think it proceeds faster with KW than it otherwise would...

Shottamip (Tamora) has adjusted Shottamip's hit points...

[Master] Shottamip's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 60 (20) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] No, it's way faster in person, because I can queue people up and some other thigns.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Don, 6 HP for Def

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [3+1] 4 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [5] 5 -- spell cast

[Master] I'll think about it. I may have the folks who are less combat-oriented give me vague orders and have me carry them out.

[Master] I seem to have the Klooge system down better than some, too. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d8+1) [8+1] 9

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [1+1] 2 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [39] 39 -- spell cast

Defthon (Don) has adjusted Defthon's hit points...

[Master] Defthon's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 37 (6) - Moderately Wounded

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d8+1) [4+1] 5

[Aedean (Sedlack)] and 14 more

[Master] Still, that was a fun set of encounters! Thanks for the positive feedback on my intelligent critters.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d8+1) [2+1] 3

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d8+1) [5+1] 6

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d8+1) [2+1] 3

[Shottamip (Tamora)] experience?

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [1+1] 2 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [41] 41 -- spell cast

[Aedean (Sedlack)] and another 12

[Master] Ooh, yeah. jas

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] XP?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] were more of those CLW on me? I couldn't tell

Defthon (Don) has adjusted Defthon's hit points...

[Master] Defthon's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 63 (26) - Barely Scratched

[Turcanaur (Brian)] oh hey, did anyone set my XP for the last encounter in august? i can't remmeber what i had before and i wasn't there for that.

[Angie] Shot?

[Master] 900 XP each.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Thx.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i realize that no one is going to remember that far back

[Dralafi (Jared)] I was about to ask the same question as brian

[Master] It's in the logs, check it out.

[Master] Someone would have said if they were taking care of it.

[Don] Brian: I make a habit of chatting that I've done the XP update, so that I can check logs. :)

[Master] *waits for people to housekeep*

[Roger (Jeff)] I leveled!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Just 350 from my next level, woohoo!

[Don] For instance, I just committed my XP update, and am now just shy of 51K. Ways to go before the next level....

[Master] Outstanding! Go Roger!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I also keep a hard copy of current XP

[Dralafi (Jared)] how did roger level but don and me notso much? :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Right now, it's 59643)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I believe I've made level 13 now.

[Master] Uh oh.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i don't see anything in the log

[Master] Then no one gave you XP, Brian. Take them. TAKE THEM!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] woot

[Jared] psst. hey brian. look for me too :)

[Turcanaur (Brian)] so 800 for last time + 900 for today?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I believe it was 1850 last time

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The catoblepi, ravager, and purple worm were all that session, yes?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yep.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] last time: 1050 for catoblepas and rampager. 800 for purple worm.

[Master] Yep. Sadly, my XP awards match up only vaguely with my personal views regarding advancement. :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I keep an XP log in my character sheet's "notes" section. if you find yourself having trouble keeping track, you might want to try that.

[Angie] Am I doing the CLW wand correctly?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i'm not sure, jared

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i see a [Aedean (Sedlack)] Did anyone give Dral his XP, or should I do that? [Velkyna (Joe)] Unless we want to send someone back and maybe the Boccobites can xport it. [Master] Chris, you go ahead.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] but i don't see if he actually did it

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think I did.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] wow. so 1850+900

[Dralafi (Jared)] ok

[Dralafi (Jared)] don, do you have 50850?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i know i was at 51k the last time I played Turc

[Don] Yes.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] which is what it is now

[Turcanaur (Brian)] so it looks like the 1850 wasn't applied

[Dralafi (Jared)] slast time got added for me. good enough

[Turcanaur (Brian)] ok...

[Turcanaur (Brian)] oh jesus

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i'm 500 short of levelling

[Roger (Jeff)] Wait no I didn't added wrong

[Velkyna (Joe)] Welcome to flavor country.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sebby, I think you're missing more XP than that

Shottamip (Tamora) has adjusted Shottamip's hit points...

[Master] Shottamip's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 62 (2) - Lightly Wounded

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's a big country.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i did lose half a level to the death

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ah. Never mind. That would do it

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i had just made 11 before ... then went back to 109

[Turcanaur (Brian)] er 10

[Turcanaur (Brian)] now i'm creeping back to 11

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I forgot about that

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You actually sound about right, then

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You're at 54k ish now, right?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] 54500

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, that's about right

[Don] Ok, so we're done now?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Tune in next time for the fun of Spell Turning, Holy Word, and Gate!

[Master] We are. How was the howse?

[Don] About how long was that whole session in game time?

[Angie] Tami, I'm showing 5+9+4+2+2= 22 hp healing for shot

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] G'night, all.

Ryan has left the game

[Turcanaur (Brian)] Does it needs fixed anymore?

[Master] The dungeoun stuff was 30 mins.

[Master] Also, I hate the world.

[Don] 'Cause we have 80 minutes on our barkskin, so that's going to carry over.

[Master] 5 hours to do 30 mins -- realistically 4.5

[Turcanaur (Brian)] why do you hate the world?

[Master] hours to do 30 seconds.

[Dralafi (Jared)] hey, can I borrow turc's amulet o armor if he's not using it? :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Thanks Angie, that matches what I had.

[Master] It's gruelling.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Thirty minutes?

[Angie] so we still need more, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] We didn't do that much, it seemed...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I would have said more like 15 or 20

[Don] We didn't hit the efreet until about 6:45 central, and we had them wrapped up by 8:45.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, which was two rounds or 12 seconds.

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [2+1] 3 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [60] 60 -- spell cast

[Don] And there was a 45 minute break in there, too.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] but 30 works too

[Master] Call it 30 total, after you do the CLWs, gather up the gems, and get back into marching order.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure

[Master] It's cool, I'm just being grumpy.

[Master] If you're all happy, then I'm happy. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh I think it'll take Vel quicker than you think to gather up swag.

[Don] Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it go faster!

[Angie] Do I need to roll more healing for Shot?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] There are some limits, though

[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway, I'm calling it a night. Take care all.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] After all, there are times when I have a plan queued up, which has to change when the monsters act

[Don] I'm a prime offender, too, I think, because I'm so damn indecisive. :P

Joe has left the game

[Master] Heh.

[Master] I wish the draw thingy was friendlier, too. Ah, well.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] At least the system as a whole was pretty stable

[Dralafi (Jared)] ok folks, Im out of here. time to collapse into the haze of antihistamines and decongestants. laterz.

[Don] Yeah, but how many times did your client drop, Chris?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] about 5 or 6

Jared has left the game

[Don] Seemed like a lot more. Huh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I pretty much always had at least 2 or 3

[Aedean (Sedlack)] There were some extras at the start

[Master] Yeah, aren't you playing behind NAT, Chris?

[Master] Klooge hates that shit.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] NAT?

[Master] Take it away, Don!

[Don] He probably is, but I suspect that it's network slowness resulting from the NAT rather than the NAT per se.

[Master] Network Address Translation

[Master] In essence, LANs behind some kind of router.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I dunno. I'm at home, rather than at work (which I have been in the past)

[Master] And I agree, it's definitely the network slowness that makes Klooge barf.

[Don] (Network Address Translation: lets one router seem like a single IP to the world, but serve many different computers inside the network)

[Master] Do you have a router or are you straight to the interweb?

[Turcanaur (Brian)] i'm taking off

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [3+1] 4 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [78] 78 -- spell cast

[Master] Bye!

[Turcanaur (Brian)] later everyone

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I have no router that I'm aware of.

[Turcanaur (Brian)] let's play again soon :)

[Master] If Kurris would just make Klooge a little less picky...

[Master] Hunh, noted.

Brian has left the game

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [1+1] 2 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [81] 81 -- spell cast

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, I did have one death due to network, rather than Klooge failure

[Master] nod

[Arkady (Angie)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (+1d8+1) [6+1] 7 HP recovered (DC=(10++5++1) [10+5+1] 16) Spell failure check (>=+0): (d100) [60] 60 -- spell cast

Shottamip (Tamora) has adjusted Shottamip's hit points...

[Master] Shottamip's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 78 (16) - Unharmed

[Don] I'm heading out then.

[Master] Thanks again, all.

[Master] Yeah, I'm

[Master] on campus and woudl like to go home and hang out, so finish your stuff and log on out. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] bye all

Jeff has left the game

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. I'm done. See yall later

Sedlack has left the game