Jeff has joined the game.

[Master] WHy, hello!

[Jeff] hello

[Jeff] I have still never beaten AC with an economic victory

[Jeff] Tried again this morning

[Jeff] frustrated

[Master] There are a couple of tricks to that.

[Master] If all of your cities have the Energy Bank thingy, then you don't suffer from crashes.

[Master] The second is that the Energy requirements for EV in AC are absurd on the higher levels, so try it on the lower level first.

[Master] ok that's it

[Jeff] Huh. I had the planetary energy grid and crashed.

[Master] If you build new cities, ther'es like a 5 turn window where crashes can happen again

[Jeff] Ah, suck. I'm addicted to building new bases.

[Master] Heh. The EV is supposed to be a way for small factions to still win. :)

[Master] Test

[Master] There we go

[Jeff] It's just so antithetical to my usual Gaian aggro games.

[Master] So I have no fricking clue what I'm going to do today. I think you'll wander around the Tower and do shit.

[Jeff] That's cool.

[Master] If there's anything you're interested in -- history, magic research, et cetera, let me know now

[Master] I'll work it in.

[Jeff] Magic research would be good. I don't have any spells in mind at the moment, though

Tamora has joined the game.

[Master] Right, I'm thinking more in terms of RP-stuff

[Jeff] Ah, I see.

[Tamora] hello

[Jeff] Hello

[Tamora] I was going to hang out and watch.

[Master] Do you see my little placekeeper map?

[Jeff] yeah

[Master] Okey-dokey

Tamora has left the game.

Tamora has joined the game.

[Jeff] Pamela Anderson is going to be doing a book reading on tuesday

[Jeff] No joke

[Master] She can read?

[Master] (brb)

[Master] Wait, there was an implication that she wrote a book.

[Master] Horrifying.

[Jeff] yeah


[Master] Ok we're just kinda waiting for James now.

[Jeff] ok

[Master] I seriously have nothing planned, so do feel free to get caught up on the archives and ask about things that pique your interest.

[Master] Best libraries, experts, et cetera.


[Master] Oh -- could you save the text somewhere as html and email it to Don?

[Jeff] sure

[Master] sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

[Jeff] Roger needs to spend some downtime transferring spells

[Jeff] Is the wyld storm still raging?

[Master] Oh yes

[Master] I'll start talking about that when James shows up

[Jeff] ok

[Tamora] test

[Jeff] Underdark gear, darkvision goggles, etc.

Tamora has left the game.

[Jeff] Are there any underground halflings?

Client has joined the game.

[Jeff] Actually Roger wouldn't care about gathering the gear.

[Jeff] Or wouldn't think about it, at least.

[Jeff] Helllo

[Master] Heh.

[Master] Aloha.

[Client] Hello there.

[James] That should be better.

[James] How are things going?

[Master] Not too bad.

[Master] I was just telling Jeff that I pretty much have nothign planned.

[Jeff] We were wating for you to come out so that we could get this party started.

[Master] So this is your chance to plow through the archives at and ask peopel questions

[Master] Or do random things -- just let me know what, if anything, interests you.

[James] OK. It is good that I am using dual monitors now. Browse on one screen, chat on the other.

Angie has joined the game.

[Master] Hey Angie!

[James] She said she'd stop by.

Tamora has joined the game.

[Master] Geeez, now I have to clean up the place.

[Angie] not for me

[Tamora] hi guys

[Angie] hey y'all

[Jeff] hello

[Master] Okay, let's get rollin'.

[Master] You return from the pocket dimension battered, bruised, and a little confused by the whole process.

[James] More than a little.

[Master] As you emerge from the Well of Worlds, various outsized animals in tow, you look out the opening of the aerie where you arrived.

[Master] There is an extremely energetic storm taking place -- thunder, lightning, and rain pelting down; even standing several feet back from the opening,

[Master] gusts are occasionally pushing heavy drops onto you.

[Master] (lemme switch back to the other map.

[James] Mmmm... I wonder if a wet tiger smells like a wet dog?

[Master] Heh

[Master] Nah, they're cleaner.

[Saminda] As you can see, the weather has worsened in your absence.

[Arkady (James)] I wonder what the storm will bring this time...

Saminda nods.

[Saminda] You are right to do so.

[Saminda] All signs we have seen point to a storm of unusual strength and magnitude.

[Saminda] You may be forced to stay here for a little time.

[Saminda] At least a few weeks.

[Arkady (James)] I take it no one has ever found the source for these storms, or been able to predict them accurately?

[Roger (Jeff)] Hooray!

[Saminda] We can get a few days' warning sometimes, but no more than that.

[Saminda] As for their source . . . they are manifestations of the weakening of Seren's Folly.

[Saminda] Or, rather, their increased frequency is.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: When was the time of pennance supposed to end?

[Saminda] The wyld storms are known throughout Serendair's history, but they have increased lately in frequency and ferocity.

[Master] Seven years from when you talked to the Oracle. Six and a half years now.

[Arkady (James)] That makes me wonder just how bad the storms will get as we approach the end.

[Saminda] We have not yet learned the answers to your question.

[Roger (Jeff)] Things could get pretty ugly if so.

[Saminda] The storm will no doubt attract creatures from the Blasted Lands and bring others, both good and ill.

[Arkady (James)] The ending of great magics can be just as disruptive as their creation.

[Arkady (James)] Do we know of any tales where people from Serendair have been transported away from here?

[Saminda] It would be wise to go out during the hours of lesser rain and patrol; there may be innocents trapped, or undesirables not yet established.

Saminda shakes her head

[Saminda] I do not know . . . I had not thought to ask.

[Saminda] How would we know? An isolated group is transported away -- so far as we know, they were taken by slavers, yes?

[Arkady (James)] True.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: Does Saminda know about Tristan, the Triumverate, and Essen?

[Master] She is certainly aware of Duke Estin's existence as an ascendant power, and she probably knows the vaguely the Triumvirate's control of the orcs.

[Roger (Jeff)] Or Asratia?

[Master] Probably not about Asratia; she's more or less a state secret of the elves.

[Arkady (James)] OOC: I wasn't going to talk about that unless necessary...

[Arkady (James)] ... as far as the griffons go, is it enough to say we know some elves who we borrowed them from?

[Roger (Jeff)] OOC: Yeah. Still going through the archives

[Master] Yeah, that'd be fine.

[Master] brb

[Saminda] ok back

[Master] heh

[Arkady (James)] OOC: Do we think it is a good idea to tell Saminda about Tristian?

[Master] She might know useful things or she might just pump you for info. You're not certain.

[Saminda] I see that you have animals who need attending.

[Saminda] We can stable them for your time here.

[Arkady (James)] Thank you very much. We greatly appreciate your hospitality.

[Saminda] It is my pleasure.

Saminda yawns

[Saminda] Those of you who are more interested in study may spend as much time as you like in the Tower.

[James] So, as far as the fighty group goes, they are still here, and they're going to leave later?

[Saminda] One of my assistants would like to spend some time with you, so he may serve as your guide.

[Saminda] I am sorry, but I am quite tired. Shall we retire?

[Arkady (James)] Thank you again.

[Roger (Jeff)] Thank you.

Saminda shows you to a suite with a large common room and various sleeping rooms leading off from it

[James] So we finally get to rest, and get our new spes and such.

[James] spells.

[Master] Yes.

[Master] The fighty group makes its plans and gets its various spells together.

[James] Arkady is going to loan them his ioun stone, with two greater magic weapon spells on it.

[Master] Okey-dokey.

[Tamora] I believe we all agreed to Chris's suggested distribution of Boccob's book to Roger and the Ring to Shottamip, right?

[Roger (Jeff)] Yes.

[Tamora] Did we deicde who will hold the Rod?

[James] I don't know that we actually came to an agreement, but that was the most sensible thing proposed.

[James] Not that I still don't want the ring... :-)

[James] Wouldn't Joanna be with Vel?

[Tamora] I'm not possessive of it. If you think it's a good idea for you to have it for a given session or planned encounter or anything, do bring it up.

[James] I don't think it would be appropriate to bunk with us.

[James] ... I meant Joanna.... bunking w/ us.

[Joanne] Running around in shitty weather getting clawed by magic critters is only just barely Vel's thing.

[Joanne] Not mine so much. If that's cool.

[James] I don't see a need for Arkady to have the ring, it is just my greedy nature.

[Tamora] :)

[Master] (This isn't the sleeping room; it's the lounge out front.)

[Roger (Jeff)] I think Chris wanted the Rod

[Arkady (James)] IHow are you holding up Joanna? Do you want to go home yet?

[Arkady (James)] Seeing as how we only have the one cleric, we need to make sure he doesn't get zapped.

[Joanne] Nah, Wellington'd probably hit on me.

[Tamora] Sensible idea.

[Arkady (James)] Does the rod's user have to wield it for it to work? Or is it enough to just have it in his possesion?

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Arkady (James)] At any rate, Arkady got a toy, the lyre of building.

[Arkady (James)] Any time you need a building, just let me know.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Roger (Jeff)] The rod has to be held

[Arkady (James)] Roger, are you going to work on the shield guardian, and try to get it working again?

[Master] Jeff -- you got that right.

[Master] You sold the shield guardian to Sarah Estin in exchange for a carpet.

[Arkady (James)] Oh, what's this one then?

[Master] Saminda's servant.

[Arkady (James)] Ah. Ok then.

Jeff is receiving the map...

[Arkady (James)] We should get one of those, at some point.

Jeff has received the map.

[Master] I tried to send you the map; did it work?

Jeff is receiving the map...

Jeff has received the map.

[Roger (Jeff)] When did we get a shield guardian?

[Master] From the castle in Dessit with the Shadows.

[Arkady (James)] That was at the castle where we first encounterd you guys.

[Roger (Jeff)] ah

[Master] Yep!

[Roger (Jeff)] What are those red things in the corner, braziers?

[James] So is the plan for the fight-y group to go out looking for trouble, while Roger and Me talk to people?

[Roger (Jeff)] *snort*

[James] (I try to be topical.)

[Master] Jeff -- yep. Everburning torches.

[Master] James, you've pretty much got it.

[Roger (Jeff)] When's the last time we slept?

[Arkady (James)] Yesterday, it was just a long, long day.

[Master] Yeah, so go ahead and get some sleep -- you'll want your spells back anyways. :)

[Arkady (James)] I was out of spells, more or less.

[Arkady (James)] (I should check my character sheet, to make sure I finished updating it.)

[Roger (Jeff)] I'm not sure I have any spells for this situation.

[Master] hee

Master looks at Roger's char sheet

[Master] Heh.

[Master] Okay, you wake up as the fighty group is getting ready to leave. A wizard shows them how to get around and out the door, then comes back.

[Master] He is an attractive darkskinned half-elf.

[Arkady (James)] I think he looks like trouble.

[Master] He has a quiet mein and is wearing casual robes with relatively little ornamentation.

[Arkady (James)] (I don't actually say that, though.)

[Master] When he speaks, his voice betrays an unusual accent that you can't quite place, but it is quite mild.

[Davis] Good morning; would you like anything to eat?

[Arkady (James)] Yes we would. Thanks. Trail rations have lost their appeal.

Davis chuckles politely.

[Davis] I'll bring up a few trays.

Davis disappears, then reappears towing a cart with bread, butter, milk, and eggs.

[Davis] We're a little low on fruit, because of the storm.

[Arkady (James)] That's fine. If you don't mind my asking, where are you from?

Davis relaxes on a couch as you eat.

[Davis] The Baryzet Empire, a long way north and west of here.

Roger (Jeff) fills a saucer of milk for Pilagro

[Arkady (James)] Praxis, would you like some eggs?

Pilagro eats happily

[Praxis] Are they cooked?

[Davis] Er, yes.

Praxis sighs impressively, given his size

[Praxis] Fine, pass the salt.

[Arkady (James)] Here you go.

Davis smiles

[Joanne] /me, as usual, eats like it's going out of style.

Joanne , as usual...

[Davis] And where are you from, if I may ask?

[Arkady (James)] I am from a small island on the west cost of the northern continent.

[Arkady (James)] It is called Brannick, but I'm sure you've never heard of it.

Davis nods.

[Davis] That's so cool.

[Davis] I love travelling.

[Roger (Jeff)] I am also from the northern continent.

[Arkady (James)] It was a nice place to grow up, but it seemed rather small after a while.

Davis smiles

[Davis] Whereas the Baryzet Empire is a terrible place to grow up, and extremely large.

Davis turns to Roger.

[Davis] Did you grow up in a clan, or as a City Halfling?

[Arkady (James)] As for travelling, while I have a wandering heart, I've seen a bit too much of the road (or the sky) lately.

[Roger (Jeff)] I grew up in a clan that settled near an abandoned castle.

Davis nods

[Davis] And you, ah, Joanne?

Joanne shrugs and looks vaguely embarrassed.

Angie has left the game.

[Joanne] I'm just from Czina.

Davis smiles.

[Davis] You're so lucky to come from somewhere near here. I didn't hear of the Tower until I was almost forty.

Angie has joined the game.

[Arkady (James)] She's been very brave on this trip, and she has held up well.

[Arkady (James)] (Joanna)

[Joanne] (brightly) I'm also housetrained, and I can balance a piece of bread on my nose!

Joanne does so

Arkady (James) laughs.

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Davis] Er, thanks.

[Arkady (James)] Davis, did you come here because you wanted to learn, or for some other reason?

[Davis] I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life.

[Davis] But the real world's not it. And I like studying, so I'm here.

[Arkady (James)] Well, it is probably past time for us to take a break, and maybe do a little studying too.

Davis nods.

[Davis] Yeah, it never ends.

[Davis] Here, let me show you around.

Davis takes you to various parts of the Tower.

[Arkady (James)] So, how many people live here at any one time?

[Davis] A few hundred students and about the same number of servants and other sentient creatures.

[Roger (Jeff)] Who runs this place?

[Davis] Plus shield guardians, golems, homonculi, and familiars.

Davis glances at Davis.

[Master] (Roger)

[Praxis (James)] Glad I'm not counted as a servant...

[Davis] There's a priesthood of Boccob. They kind of keep things moving.

[Davis] It's kind of a velvet glove thing. They don't tell you what to do, but if you do something that pisses them off, you find that you've lost access to libraries and workshops.

[Arkady (James)] There has been a lot of turmoil lately, among the gods.

[Davis] Really?

[Davis] What kind?

[Arkady (James)] Well, with Corellian Laurinthian having gone missing...

[Master] (Lorethian)

[Arkady (James)] (sorry)

Davis coughs

[Davis] Sorry?

Arkady (James) tells him about Corellian, leaving out a bits involving Asratia and her pregnancy.

[Davis] That's seriously fucked up.

[Joanne] Oh good. I'm not the only one.

Arkady (James) talks about what happened with the Elven priests, and how they've all swiched or fled.

[Davis] I can't even imagine how much that must suck. Is that why the elves have stopped coming around?

[Arkady (James)] Well, that, plus they've got some other problems.

Arkady (James) tries to delicately discuss their current reproductive issues...

[Arkady (James)] (maybe I should do a diplomacy roll for that...)

[Master] Maybe you should.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: diplomacy check:(d20+18) [3+18] 21

[Davis] Er.

[Davis] Every teenager's dream, I guess.

[Arkady (James)] Have there been any problems like that with your people?

Arkady (James) looks around to see if any other elves are listening.

Davis makes a show of looking around while Arkady does

[Arkady (James)] (LOL)

[Davis] Dunno. I don't have a girlfriend, you know?

[Arkady (James)] Yeah. Me neither.

Davis shares a moment of companionable despair.

[Davis] You ever notice that all the interesting places seem to have twice as many guys as women?

[Arkady (James)] (LOL)

[Davis] I need to find where all the leftover women are hiding.

[Arkady (James)] Well, I don't typically hang around libraries as much as you...

[Davis] Oh, and your party is such a disproof of this rule.

[Joanne] I'm STANDING right HERE.

[Davis] Next to two guys. Case in pont.

Joanne smiles quietly.

[Davis] I'm just saying.

[Davis] I need to join a midwife school, or wherever they hang out.

[Arkady (James)] Well, maybe you just need to go out a little more. Is there a bar, tavern, or music hall near here?

[Praxis] It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Davis gives Praxis a weird look.

Joanne gives Praxis a weird look.

Pilagro gives Praxis a weird look.

Arkady (James) also gives Praxis a wierd look.

[Praxis] What?

[Arkady (James)] Nevermind.

[Davis] Yeah, not so much with the bars in the Tower of Boccob.

[Roger (Jeff)] LOL

[Davis] There's a tavern where, I kid you not, they don't let girls in.

[Arkady (James)] Beer doesn't really help with studying.

[Davis] Oh, you'd be surprised.

[Davis] Beer is excellent for theology. It's the only way to keep up.

[Arkady (James)] Well, that's one tavern I won't be hanging around in much.

Arkady (James) laughs out loud.

[Arkady (James)] I need to get some water, be right back.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

Davis takes the group to an empty workshop

[Davis] There's a forge here and crucibles.

[Arkady (James)] Ah, this reminds me too much of real work.

[Davis] It's pretty much fully stocked, if you want to do any magic item work. I'd like to help out, if you need any.

[Roger (Jeff)] I might take you up on that

Davis grins.

[Arkady (James)] Though I should try out this lyre before too long.

[Davis] Sure, I mean, the shelves are pretty high.

[Davis] Lyre?

[Arkady (James)] It is supposed to aid in the construction of buildings and such.

[Davis] Oh, a Lyre of Building. Cool.

[Davis] We could put up some shelves in my dorm room.

[Davis] I've been meaning to, but you know how these things go.

[Arkady (James)] I was thinking something a little bigger than that though. :-)

Davis smiles back

[Davis] ...and this is the main history library.

[Joanne] Whoa.

[Arkady (James)] Perhaps if there was some storm damage to one of the buildings...

[Joanne] That is a lot of books.

Davis nods, proudly.

Joanne wanders around, touching the spines.

Roger (Jeff) drools

[Joanne] Hey!

[Joanne] There's a book here called "A History of Czina!"

Davis shrugs

[Davis] History's not really my subject.

Joanne pulls it down and blows off the dust which has collected on it.

[Arkady (James)] What are you most interested in?

[Joanne] Dunno.

[Davis] I think he meant me.

[Joanne] Oh. Right.

[Arkady (James)] (LOL)

[Davis] I'm more into magic theory, that sort of thing.

[Davis] I'd like to invent a metamagic feat or something cool like that.

[Arkady (James)] We should probably look up the history of the lizard men who are currently serving Essen.

[Arkady (James)] I mean Eflense.

[Davis] That's pretty recent.

[Davis] You'd probably be better off talking to someone who keeps track of politics, honestly.

[Arkady (James)] We like to get some more background on them and their history too.

[Davis] I doubt anyone knows anything.

[Davis] It's kind of a state secret, you know?

Davis shakes his head

[Davis] What an asshole.

Praxis (James) starts looking at a book on how to win friends and influence people.

[Davis] I was here when he came looking for Tower support at the Moot.

Joanne is already engrossed in the history of her home city.

Pilagro pads over to see what has Praxis so wrapped up.

[Arkady (James)] So is Eflense mad at you (the residents of the Tower)?

[Jeff] I am away from the keyboard.

[Davis] Dunno.

[Davis] Doesn't really matter. The Tower stays neutral in everything.

[James] Angie has commented that Pilagro's picture doesn't look much like a cat...

[Davis] It's how they do things. They don't really "do" politics.

[Master] Yeah, that's kind of my little joke to myself.

[Master] it's a land shark.

[Arkady (James)] Well, everyone gets involved sooner or later. Like it or not.

Davis shrugs

[Davis] The Tower doesn't really agree. I think that's the idea of the Tower, actually. A place where people can be not involved.

[Arkady (James)] I take it the Tower is protected from scrying?

[Davis] It's hard to explain.

[Arkady (James)] It wouldn't help of Eflense spotted us here.

[Davis] But yeah, it's not easy to scry here.

Davis shrugs.

[Davis] It really doesn't matter.

[Jeff] I am back at the keyboard.

[Davis] It's the Tower. Nobody really has the power to affect us if we don't want to be affected.

[Arkady (James)] Must be nice.

[Davis] I think that's the idea.

[Arkady (James)] Well, if you're powerful enough, no one messes with you. Like The Dane.

[Davis] I like The Dane.

[Davis] That whole "whale" thing is too cool.

[Roger (Jeff)] Who's The Dane?

[Arkady (James)] Whale?

[Davis] Look at the map on the ceiling

Davis points up

[Davis] THat island to the east, called Daneland.

[Arkady (James)] He made it.

[Davis] He didn't conquer or settle it. He --

[Arkady (James)] (sorry)

Davis glares at Arkady for stepping on his line.

[Davis] You should be.

Davis chuckles

[Arkady (James)] (gott be fast at the keyboard around here.)

[Arkady (James)] I hadn't heard about any whale though.

[Davis] No, whales plural.

[Davis] He absorbs the lifeforce of whales to extend his life.

[Arkady (James)] (from Angie) I wouldn't think that makes him very popular with the whales.

Davis grins

[Davis] You will never see a whaling ship within three hundred miles of Daneland.

[Davis] He's a hero to them.

[Davis] I mean, insofar as whales have heroes.

[Arkady (James)] Give a little, get a little. There are worse ways to live I suppose.

[Davis] I dunno, that whole "lack of opposable thumbs" thing would get old.

Angie has left the game.

[Arkady (James)] Having barnacles live on me, and having no way to scratch them off would also get old.

Angie has joined the game.

[Davis] Oh my.

[Davis] I hadn't looked at it that way.

Davis shivers

[Arkady (James)] I suppose, while we're at it, we should do some research on liches too.

[Davis] Liches?

[Roger (Jeff)] Good idea.

[Davis] Planning to conquer Baryzet as a followup?

[Arkady (James)] Yeah, there was this powerful mage, who has since turned into a lich.

[Arkady (James)] We don't know what his plans are exactly. But he's definitely not a nice guy.

[Arkady (James)] We haven't done much more than annoy him so far, hopefully we can do better the next time.

[Davis] Your funeral, I guess.

[Arkady (James)] Very likely, yes.

[Davis] Me, I prefer to hang out in the places where liches don't like to show up, not go after them.

[Davis] But that's why you'll be in the history books, I suppose.

[Arkady (James)] We're not actively trying to stop him, we just seem to run into him a lot.

[Arkady (James)] And he tries to kill our friends, which isn't cool.

[Davis] Um, yeah.

[Davis] So where'd you see him last?

[Arkady (James)] That was in Dessitt.

[Arkady (James)] But he's got this dimensional gateway thing (I forget what it is called). So he can be anywhere.

[Davis] Oh. Well, that sucks.

[Davis] If this were a bad story, I'd, like, rip off my face and reveal myself as THE LICH YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

Joanne jumps.

[Joanne] Lich?

Joanne looks around.

[Joanne] Asshole.

[Davis] Heh.

Arkady (James) laughts.

[Joanne] Prickmonkey.

[Arkady (James)] Joanne, take it easy.

[Arkady (James)] You're starting to sound like Vel.

[Arkady (James)] I can only guess why.

[Joanne] I like to think that Vel has always sounded a little like me.

[Joanne] Chickenchoker.

[Arkady (James)] Joanne!

Joanne giggles and puts on an innocent expression while reading her book.

[Arkady (James)] This is our host. That's enough.

Roger (Jeff) giggles

[Joanne] (archly) I wasn't talking about him.

[Arkady (James)] I can arrange for you to be quiet. Very quiet.

Davis looks pained.

Joanne looks innocent (again).

Arkady (James) rolls his eyes.

[Davis] Yeah.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Davis] Anyway, let's head down to the mess hall and get some lunch, and we can figure out how you're going to spend your time.

[Arkady (James)] Sounds good to me.

[Roger (Jeff)] me too

Davis leads you to a room with lots of tables and benches, where some servants wheel around trays with little plates on them.

[Davis] Ooh, Dim Sum!

[Davis] Sweet.

Davis pulls off plates with various items on them and passes them around.

[Davis] It's family style; just eat what looks good.

[Arkady (James)] Thanks.

[Arkady (James)] (I'll need to think a bit before I can ask more questions.)

[Davis] Ok I"m gonna take a short break.

[Master] Heh, that shoulda been ooc

[James] How long did you want this session to go, anyway?

[Master] Long enough for us to figure out how you spend a couple of months -- Roger gets to do some research and such.

[Master] I'll come up with more clever ideas shortly. :)

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[James] Wowsers, I didn't realize the break would be that long.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Heh.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Ok let's do system stuff for a while. Roger, what kind of item creation stuff do you want to do?

[Master] And/or what kind of spells would you like to learn?

[Roger (Jeff)] Hm.

[Roger (Jeff)] Wand of fireballs?

[Roger (Jeff)] I don't think Roger has ever stopped and thought about the diirection of magic he wants to go in

[Master] That makes sense to me.

[Master] Let me bring up the Item Creation rules.

[Roger (Jeff)] ok

[Master] Okay, the cost would be (Spell Level + Caster Level) x 750

[Master] Spell Level is 3, Caster Level is 9?

[James] I think with Shottamip's new ring, we don't need more fireballs.

[Master] Heh

[James] I think we've still got one wand anyway.

[Master] Ok hm.

[Master] You could also break out the Ice Storm and do a wand of that. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] I thought of that, but it didn't seem wandy to me.

[James] Or a wand of dispel magic, that's always handy.

[Roger (Jeff)] That's a good idea.

[Master] Ice Storm is wandy if you want it to be. Basically, wizards use wands to keep stuff they don't want to have to memo five times. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] Ok, sounds good

[Master] Okay, is Ice Storm an Evokation?

[Roger (Jeff)] yeah

[Master] So the Spell Level is 4, and the Caster level is 9, so that 36 x 750 =

[Master] 27000

[James] GP?

[Master] is what the wand is worth.

[Roger (Jeff)] yikes

[James] It costs half that to make it, right?

[Master] Jeff -- you get that as a gift from the Boccobites.

[Master] But you have to spend the XP -- 1080

[Roger (Jeff)] ok

[James] Ouch.

[James] Are you sure you won't want to expend that XP on something more permanent?

[James] Like a ring or something?

[Master] Ok, other thought:

[Master] One can create items that can cast a spell a certainnumber of times per day.

[Master] They're generally Wondrous Items, tho. Lemme look some stuff up

[Roger (Jeff)] Yeah, I only have potions and wands

[James] Ah.

[Master] We can retcon the Feat; this is new territory for all of us.

[Roger (Jeff)] alright

[James] Isn't there something where you can have someone asist you? Maybe someone else has the feat, but you still have to use the XP yourself?

[James] But we've retcon'ed stuff too.

[Master] Especially the item creation stuff.

[Master] Okay, here's my conundrum:

[Master] It's pretty obvious you can create a Wand of anything you'd like.

[Master] But the implication is that Staves and Wondrous Items are supposed to be all that's out there -- there's a limited amount of customization available.

[Master] Lemme see if there's something which is about the same thing that can just be switched over.

[Roger (Jeff)] I think there was something in Tome and Blood

[Roger (Jeff)] one sec

[Master] That might work.

[Roger (Jeff)] Full price of the most expensive power + 3/4 the pricce of the next most expensive then +1/2 price of the rest

[James] There's monk's belt, boots of speed, cape of the mountebank, etc.

[Master] right

[Roger (Jeff)] * fudge factor it looks like

[James] Those are things which are usable once per day or such. Boots of speed might be a good model, since that's just haste.

[Master] What form does it suggest -- rod or Wondrous Item?

[James] Cape of the Mountebank allows D-Door once per day. market price is 12960gp.

[James] I personally like wonderous items, because I can wear them. I like having my magic festooned upon me.

[Master] Right, that's what I'm looking at.

[Roger (Jeff)] And the price for a spell effect that affects others is spell level x caster level * 100gp

[Master] Heh.

[Master] That's gonna be a positive effect.

[Master] Okay, we can do this. I think that Random Items that can cast a spell a certain number of times per day are going to be rods.

[Master] Unless it's a spell that lends itself to a particular form.

[Roger (Jeff)] wait, that was for single use

[Master] So we can change your Craft Wand to Create Rod.

[Roger (Jeff)] Any spell, command word is x 1800

[Roger (Jeff)] ok, create rod is fine

[Master] And we would have it cost -1 / 5

[Master] It's 1800 if you can use it 5 times a day.

[Master] You divide it by 5 then multiply it by the number of times a day you use itl.

[Master] :

[Master] :)

[Master] so -1

[Master] weird

[Master] 64800

[Master] 12960

[Master] I get 12960 for a Rod of Ice Storm, once per day.

[Master] (Same as the Cloak of the Montebank

[Master] Which costs 518

[Master] xp to produce

[Master] If you want 2 Ice Storms per day, it's just twice as much. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] once is fine

[Master] Does that sound like something Roger would like to have around?

[Roger (Jeff)] Yeah

[Master] Ok let's go with that then. It'll take Roger 13 days of work (which Davis will hang around and be helpful with).

[James] Of course, the flip side of it is... how quickly would you run through 50 charges?

[Master] And cost him 518 XP. You create a Rod of Ice Storms.

[Roger (Jeff)] alright

[Master] Keep in mind that this actually is significantly cheaper than the wand. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] yeah

[James] OK, wand of ice storm is 21000 gp.

[James] just looked it up.

[James] It's kind of funny really... In the real world I _gain_ experience when I create something.

[Master] The XP is supposed to be that bit of Life Force you put into the item. It's not really balanced for anything other than adventurers.

[James] true. I am fully aware that DnD is not like real life.

[James] Ach. Getting sleepy. Already.

[Master] Heh. If we have a 3-4 hour session and that's it, that's okay.

[Master] I did want to get some flavor information out, and that happened.

[Master] Okay, we know what Roger's up to for the next little while.

[Master] What would Arkady like to spend his days doing?

[Roger (Jeff)] It's muggy here, which is making me drowsy

[James] I'm thinking Arkady would like to earn some cash.

[Master] Yeah, me too. :(

[James] The party members he's loaned money to haven't paid him back yet.

[Master] Hee.

[Master] Do you want to do some Perform rolls? The Tower folks are both rich and starved for entertainment...

[James] Well, that's because we haven't encountered pots of gold in our adventures....

[Joanne] Ooh ooh let's put on a play!

[James] We could do that too.

[Praxis] I want to be Hamlet!

[Joanne] Who?

Arkady (James) gives him the hat of disguise.

[Praxis] Never mind.

Praxis turns into a small ham

[Praxis] That wasn't what I meant!

[Arkady (James)] (LOL)

[Arkady (James)] So we can put on a play (may have to write one first, unless we come accross some good books in the library).

[Arkady (James)] ... in a play book.

[Joanne] Oh, I'm SO in.

[Arkady (James)] And I'd probably do some solo concerts too.

[Master] (We're going to have to RP this -- the fighty party goes out and slays monsters in order to come back to Joanne and Arkady auditioning wizards and special effects guys to be in a play.)

[Master] They're gonna hate you guys.

[Master] Okay, lemme see the rules on Perform...

[Master] Okay, let's start with a couple of regular Perform checks, as Arkady seeks to build up a reputation.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: perform w/ instrument check:(d20+22) [13+22] 35

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: perform w/ instrument check:(d20+22) [15+22] 37

[Arkady (James)] (just using my masterwork lute)

[Master] Heh.

[Master] That was magnificent.

[Arkady (James)] Well, had to use those skill points for something...

[Master] Okay, you make 62 gp for those performances and build up a reputation.

[Master] Keep this in you back pocket -- you have a +2 to all social roles with Tower of Boccobites henceforward.

[Arkady (James)] That'll be handy.

[Master] That should be rolls

[Master] ok

[Master] That applies to the Grande Play, as well.

[Master] Okay, you have Joanne, Praxis, Roger, and Davis help and you put on a classic Serendair tragedy you found in the library.

[Master] There are several results of this

[Master] 1) All of your Bardic Lore checks for Serendair-only things are no longer at a penalty; you are fully familiar with Serendair and its history.

Angie has left the game.

[Master] 2) Praxis and Joanne, to your amazement, are quite talented, and you can work around Roger and Davis, so you get a +4 to the Perform roll.

Angie has joined the game.

[Master] That's a total of +6.

[Master] Make your Perform check; if it's goofy high, something interesting will happen.

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: perform check:(d20+20) [8+20] 28

[Master] Heh, that's 8 low.

[Master] OH wait, only 6 low; no Masterwork instrument.

[Arkady (James)] Still, a 34 is pretty good for most crowds.

[Master] Nah, I'll say that the special effects guys you hired count as a "masterwork instrument" for a play.

[Master] So, 46.

[Master] 36

[Master] rather

[Master] You are approached after the play by an attractive female Boccobite; gimme a Seduction roll.

[Arkady (James)] Heh. What's that?

[Arkady (James)] Straight CHA?

[Master] (looks to see what it should be)

[Arkady (James)] I didn't know that was a skill.

[Master] Diplomacy.

[Roger (Jeff)] Wits+Streetwise

[Master] It isn't a skill in 3rd Ed, I was thinking of a different system. Jeff has it. :)

[Arkady (James)] Arkady: diplomacy check:(d20+18) [19+18] 37

[Arkady (James)] plus another 2 for 39.

[Master] That went well.

[Master] Okay, gimme a d%

[Arkady (James)] (d100) [96] 96

[Roger (Jeff)] wowzers

[Master] Ok another d%

[Arkady (James)] sometimes high is good, sometimes high is bad.

[Arkady (James)] (d100) [46] 46

[Master] You carry on a brief, passionate affair with a female priest of boccob.

[Master] The short time you're going to be together serves to intensify the feeling.

[Arkady (James)] Ah, good. Don't have to be asking Aedean for a 'cure disease' then.

[Master] At the end of it, she gives you a great gift.

[Master] As a token of her affection.

[Master] A Tome of Leadership and Influence +1!

[Arkady (James)] Wow!

[Arkady (James)] I thank her in any and every way possible.

[Master] In addition, the play is extremely successful and runs over six nights in two weeks, making you 62 gp

[Master] Sorry, that should be 186 GP.

[Davis] I hate being the wingman.

[Praxis] GIT SUM.

[Arkady (James)] (LOL)

[Joanne] Boccob girls are easy.

[Pilagro] Humans . . . always in heat.

[Master] Ok, that was fun!

Arkady (James) splits the take with Davis, Joanne, and everyone who helped.

[Master] Let's pick a name and race and stuff for chikkie.

[Master] Hang on.

[Master] GImme a d100

[Arkady (James)] (d100) [52] 52

[Master] Ooh, half-elf. Davis has a chance for sloppy seconds.

[Arkady (James)] Oh. Dear. Me.

[Master] Heh, too much, sorry.

[Master] Her name is Miroawen Giede.

[Master] She's a midlevel priestess of Boccob.

[Master] Half-elven.

[Arkady (James)] I will give Davis some coaching on the opposite sex.

[Davis] I bow before the master.

[Arkady (James)] (Rock stars always get the chicks)

[Arkady (James)] (that was from Angie too)

[Master] How do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?

[Arkady (James)] Well, with clean living, my expenses aren't that high.

[Arkady (James)] I don't gamble with Aedean...

[Master] Heh, good plan.

[Arkady (James)] I will also try to make myself useful around the Tower. Try out that lyre of building to repair storm damage and such.

[Master] Okay, I think we know what we're doing for the duration. Roger makes his wand and gets access to 1 more spell (pick one when you get a chance).

[Roger (Jeff)] ok

[Master] Arkady proves himself both sensitive and effective with his Lyre of Building and suchlie.

[Master] Joanne acts in the play and spends hours in the library, absorbing information like a sponge.

[Arkady (James)] (I was going to say something rude, but I will refrain.)

[Master] And Praxis watches all of this with great amusement.

[Arkady (James)] Yeah, you can shoo him out of the room when spending quality time with that special someone, but he still knows what's going on.

[Arkady (James)] Being telepathic and such.

[Arkady (James)] Nice.

[Miroawen] I thought so.

[Miroawen] I shall always treasure our time together, Arkady.

[Arkady (James)] You shall travel with me always in my thoughts and dreams.

[Master] Okay!

[Master] Well, that wasn't too bad, considering we were just kind of wandering around.

[Joanne] Hey, Davis.

[Davis] Yeah.

[Joanne] So, like, these underground gnomes.

[Davis] There are underground gnomes?

[Joanne] Yeah, we met one. Fugue was one of them.

[Roger (Jeff)] It had some slow patches, but ended up being great

[Davis] I thought Fugue was a jungle gnome.

[Joanne] There are jungle gnomes?

[Arkady (James)] ???

[Davis] Yeah, up in the northwest, past the duergar mountains.

[Joanne] Weird.

[Joanne] What I was going to say was, can you help me find histories of the underground gnomes?

[Davis] Sure. Let's get Roger and Arkady to help, if they're not crazy busy.

[Master] (Search checks)

[Arkady (James)] We'll help.

[Master] Joanne: Search check:94

[Master] lol

[Arkady (James)] ???

[Master] It rolled a d207, weirdly.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: WIS check:(d20+1) [3+1] 4

[Master] Joanne: Search check:14

[Arkady (James)] Can I just assist, and give someone else a +2?

[Master] Search is INT based.

[Master] Sure.

[Master] Why don't Roger and Arkady help Davis?

[Arkady (James)] Fine w/ me.

[Master] Davis: Search Check 24

[Roger (Jeff)] oh

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: INT check:(d20+4) [8+4] 12

[Davis] Okay, we've been here for a while.

[Davis] I don't see any books on the underground gnomes, what do you call, svirfneblin.

[Davis] Maybe they're in with the duergar histories.

[Joanne] I looked there, too.

[Davis] That's weird.

[Joanne] Yeah. How likely is it that there's this group of underground gnomes that no one's ever heard of?

[Arkady (James)] Was it possible Fugue was misleading us?

[Davis] Dunno. I mean, they could have come over during a recent wyld storm, right?

[Joanne] Maybe.

[Arkady (James)] We were a party of 8 when we were transported here. Are there tales of much larger groups being moved?

[Tamora] (I thought Fugue indicated something about many years of slavery.)

[Arkady (James)] Yeah, the slavery wasn't a recent thing, IIRC.

[Davis] Well, entire sailing vessels have come over, and some villages.

[Arkady (James)] Huh.

[Joanne] This whole fucking continent is on opium.

[Master] Okay, that's the last of my plot points.

[Roger (Jeff)] Interesting. Don't know what to make of it yet.

[Arkady (James)] Well, we'll have to do some more legwork to find out the truth about Fugue.

[Master] Yep!

[Master] Well, that was plenty of fun. Let's say 700 XP each for the session.

[James] Thank you Mike.

[Roger (Jeff)] Nice.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Angie] cool

[Master] I had fun, thanks for putting up with the pacing and general wanderiness.

[James] This was fun. And something different.

[Master] I think we'll reduce the length of the storm to one month, so as not to get everyone totally stircrazy.

[Master] Good!

[Roger (Jeff)] Definitely

[Master] :) :)

[Master] I'm gonna go and drink OJ. I'll leave this up as long as you feel like chatting.

[Angie] As long as I get to hit something

[Master] Oh yes. The other session will be pretty much the polar opposite of this one.

[James] I'll try to log in for the next session.

[James] I am currently _not_ scheduled to go to Taiwan next week.

[Master] noted

[Roger (Jeff)] Yeah, I'll probably stop by just to lurk

[Tamora] The more the merrier

[Angie] lurking is fun

[James] I tend to lurk on most of the mailing lists I'm subscribed to.

[Angie] thanks for a fun aternoon guys, see you later

[James] I'll probably go home and play some Diablo 2.

Angie has left the game.

[Master] Heh, Diablo 2 is decidely the exact opposite of this session.

[Roger (Jeff)] Haven't hit the D2 pipe in a while

[James] I hadn't played it in months and months. But felt the urge again recently.

[James] I'm usually playing necromancers. I like having minions.

[James] It is more elegant and refined. I don't dirty my hands with actually killing anything.

[James] Though I do have to dirty my hands in looting the bodies. :-)

[Roger (Jeff)] I always preferred direct whacking

[Master] Heh.

[Tamora] I usually go for distance killing - bows or spells. I don't like being in range of edged weapons.

[James] I've mostly played the Ancestral Recall mod.

[James] Good gear falls like the rain. But you need it, the monsters are much tougher. Especially in hell mode.