Client has joined the game.

[Sedlack] Howdy

[Joe] Heyo

[Joe] Sword sneak attack for (1d6+6d6+3) [5+(1+1+1+2+3+1)+3] 17

[Sedlack] The Champain room is ready

[Howard Dean] I'm gonna send you some maps, Ryan.

[Joe] There is no sex in the Champain room.

[Jared] lol

[Ryan] thanks, boss.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Howard Dean. Distance: 13'04"

[Howard Dean] I'm here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party!

[Brian] it's duke estin!

[Dralafi (Jared)] I do not trust this new arrival.

[Joe] Velkyna: Attack 1: Short Sword +3 [r] hits AC: ((d20+19)) [(15+19)] 34

[Joe] Velkyna's attack of 34 misses Howard Dean



[Don] Howdy

[Joe] Heyo

[Howard Dean] You cannot beat Bush by being Bush-lite, Velkyna.

[Master] hehe

[Joe] Snif!

[Master] Okay, the blurry ones are of the continent as a whole.

[Master] You're in the Elven Lands right now.

[Master] Currently sitting on top of an enormous dead flying pale yellow Manta Ray.

[Jared] (psst. which blurry ones? :) )

[Master] You'll be returning to Saxlund shortly.

[Joe] (that's a trick. They're all blurry.)

[Master] And probably going into the Horse Lords' territory to rescue some paladins.

[Joe] !

[Master] You're doing this because it's nice and because you need their help.

[Master] Other than that, the campaign logs are at

[Don] So there *are* paladins down there.


[Don] nice.

[Joe] Defthon needs friends ... BADLY

[Brian] dude. we've got a massive mobile artillery platform. i say we fly cloudhome over eflense and deliver the beatdown

[Brian] :)

[Master] I said you were going to go there to rescue the paladins.


[Master] I did not say you were going to find any.

[Brian] i say you gots to toast me

[Joe] what food u got

[Jared] (I'm reading. just pretend Dral is being his usual laconic self. I vote however Vel votes. :) )

[Joe] YES

[Master] Who doesn't have the map?


[Joe] THE


[Master] And we're missing Jeff...

[Joe] I do not have the Saxlund map. Just the Serendair one.

[Jared] all I have is serendair.

[Joe] There it is.

[Angie] got map

[Ryan] that's 'cuz that ones' not blurry.

[Jared] and a 2x3 room

[Joe] I see a maze of twisty little corridors, all alike.

[Jared] oh there it is

[Jared] d00d, nice map. much improved over serendair :)

[Master] Yes, I can be taught!

[Master] :)

[Master] The map is deliberately a little vague, to give me wiggle room.

[Master] We'll start in a couple of minutes.

[Don] okeydokey

[Joe] Fetching provisions, be right back.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jared] ooh, good idea.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Joe] Where's my little Jeffy wootles?

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Brian] perhaps with brentywootles

[Joe] Awwwwwww

[Master] I find that idea disturbing, thank you.

[Master] Has everyone had a chance to brush up on the last session's events?

[Master] I'm gonna go grab some provisions and we'll begin.

[Brian] er no

[Joe] I have

[Brian] i also forgot to look over the monk stuff. i'm a dork.

[Jared] look over the monk stuff? have we switched rules?

[Joe] 3.5e?

[Brian] mike said to look at them (yeah 3.5e) and see if there was anything i wanted to use

[Brian] since monk has some changes apparently that make it a little more balancec

[Master] Way up in the trees live the monk-chee-chees.

[Jared] yeah, you want the changes where your fists count way better on the 'magic/special qualities' scale

[Joe] I'm guessing 3.5e didn't change rogues very much.

[Master] Not really.

[Master] It added a pile of new Feats that gave bonuses to certain skillz.

[Joe] Is that info all up on or is it somewhere else online?

[Master] Should be.

[Brian] "Improved Tumble"

[Brian] "Exalted Tumble"

[Joe] "Really Quite Bad Ass Tumble"

[Joe] "Matrix Tumble"

[Master] Let's get this party started.

[Ryan] the 3.5 srd should be at, too.

[Master] Y'all are sitting in the sleeping area you've used before while staying on Cloudhome.

[Master] It's time to decide what to do next about the elves in general and Eflense in particular.

[Jared] (Joe: rogues gaines 'trap sense' which gives them some trap bonuses. also, the get evasion/improved evasion earlier.)

[Angie] Do we want to warn Estin about Elfense?

[Ryan] Of course!

[Sedlack] Enh. The Alemanic States are between them

[Jared] sorry, uncacnny dodge. not evasion

[Master] (...not to mention lands which I haven't even bothered to map out.)

[Joe] I just got back from opengaming and saw the trap sense. I'll take it!

[Master] I haven't even looked at it; gimme a bi.t

[Angie] But those lands are a buffer from the orcs for Estin

[Ryan] and information is always interesting...

[Joe] All it is is the old rogue "+N to reflex saves vs. traps, +N to AC vs. traps" thing that they get at like 11th level.

[Angie] and Elfense seems to be doing his best to run them into the ground

[Joe] Now you get it at 3rd and it's +1 per 3 levels.

[Master] Ah.

[Joe] So Vel would have +4 to AC and Reflex saves vs. traps.

[Joe] ... you know, assuming she doesn't find them first.

[Master] Sure, go ahead. It's well in character.

[Sedlack] I think the best thing to do about Eflense is to get rid of him.

[Sedlack] We need allies for this

[Angie] Also, do the elves or Estin know anything about the lizardmen?

[Ryan] how long will that take, and can we do it woithout additonal resources?

[Ryan] also, who or what exactly will replace him? will it be worse?

[Master] The elves, probably not. Who knows what Estin knows? He's crazy competent.

[Lia (Angie)] Shot, what do you think?

[Master] Eflense is converting a feudal confederation into a more absolute monarchy.

[Master] If he goes, it'll probably just revert.

[Joe] Shottamip thinks we should unleash the beast.

[Lia (Angie)] NO

[Jared] (Joe: you also get auto proficiency with the spiked gauntlet, sickle, javelin, and spear. woohoo!)


[Master] All of those make sense except the javelin.

[Master] Anyway.

[Joe] (It's a simple weapon)

[Master] I guess. I almost care.

[Jared] (yeah, rogues get all simple weapons, rather than a subset)

[Tamora] I don't think that Estin needs to worry about Eflense. Too far away.

[Brian] vel could compete in the estin olympics

[Sedlack] I think we should get local allies: Hores Lords et al.

[Ryan] i don't see any scale on the maps. just how far away is he?

[Joe] I'd clean up in gymnastics.

[Brian] what about the monks?

[Sedlack] "et al."

[Brian] eflense is being pretty chaotic

[Master] The scale is deliberately vague, but Estin is in the NE corner, while you and Saxlund are about 3/4 the way down the coast.

[Sedlack] Imposing order is not chaotic

[Ryan] well, we've flown the distance on magic carpets, right? how long did that take?

[Sedlack] Days

[Master] Four to five days.

[Lia (Angie)] He's not imposing order in Czina

[Master] Plus or minus.

[Sedlack] It's several hundred meils

[Sedlack] He's not imposing order there yet.


[Master] Probably something like 1200 miles. But again, deliberately vague. :)

[Sedlack] Stupid touch typing

[Lia (Angie)] And his policies are reducing the ability of this area to defend itself

[Sedlack] A huge army should be good for defenses

[Lia (Angie)] (Taxes without providing services)

[Ryan] ok, 1200 miles is not a distance he needs to be immediately worried about.

[Master] He's despotic; I'm not sure that chaotic is a good choice for him.

[Lia (Angie)] What if he decides to work with the orcs?

[Arkady (Ryan)] Lia, is the word you're looking for "evil"?

[Sedlack] That would be bad, but then he'd have to compete with the will of the Triumvirate

[Wellington] Nobody works with the orcs.

[Wellington] The orcs own you, they kill you, or they ignore you.

[Joe] I don't think we were disputing the "evil".

[Joe] I think we were trying to flavorize the Law-Chaos angle.

[Lia (Angie)] What about Tristan or the triumverate?

[Brian] it was an off the cuff comment. didn't mean much by it.

[Sedlack] There's the important point that we don't know where these monks fall on the Good-Evil

[Ryan] the whole alignment system is a crock, anyway. but let's not have that argument right now. =)

[Joe] (I guarantee you Tristan is the orc wizard)

[Master] The alignment system is scarily real in this world. :)

[Lia (Angie)] I'm looking more at Estin as possible information source

[Lia (Angie)] But we can just head for the Horselords now instead

[Master] I just want to say that I'm eating a really really good apple right now. Thank you.

[Sedlack] Anyway, I say we should visit the Horse Lords. We might be able to get info on the missing paladins

[Master] Damn. It's like a little present for me, with every bite.

[Tamora] I like that as a next step.

[Master] I'm gonna buy a bushel of these suckers.

[Sedlack] and they probably have an interest in getting rid of Eflense

[Don] Horse Lords should definitely be our first stop.

[Ryan] happy temptation, Mr. Eve. ;)

[Sedlack] Also, cavalry beats infantry

[Lia (Angie)] I do want to find a way to eliminate Elfense

[Master] And oliphants beat cavalry!

[Lia (Angie)] He is everything I have never liked in nobility

[Master] And elves beat oliphants!

[Sedlack] Well, yes, heavy cavalry with artillery beats light cavalry

[Ryan] not if the infantry has pikes and good discipline. it's rock-paper-scissors

[Master] Right, but close-order infantry gets mugged by artillery.

[Master] ...which is itself mugged by cavalry. Woo!

[Ryan] heavy vs. light -- it all depends on what the two sides are trying to do.

[Master] But we digress.


[Ryan] which means, of course, use combined arms. =)

[Don] Yes, rather.



[Lia (Angie)] Don't we always?

[Master] Ryan, are you still working (at least indirectly) for the DoD?

[Ryan] Well, sort of. AFAICT, I'm not actually allowed to tell you who my customer is. =)

[Don] Is this colour too light?

[Master] lol

[Master] Don: No.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "I can neither confirm nor deny..."

[Master] Exactly.

[Master] Okay, so, it's off to find teh Horse Lords.

[Don] Ok, good, I had been a little too close to Tami's purple. :)

[Don] Yes!

[Aric (Brian)] let

[Aric (Brian)] ack. nevermind.

[Joanne] Um, how does one just kind of find them?

[Lia (Angie)] OOC I like Horses

[Joanne] Do they have a king or something?

[Defthon (Don)] Wander south?

[Aric (Brian)] horsies!

[Jared] I think between don abrian and me this could get confusing.


[Aric (Brian)] they're fairly distinct i think

[Joe] Rapid Reload can now be used multiple times per round.

[Defthon (Don)] d00d.

[Master] That's not nice.

[Ryan] what exactly do we know about them?

[Joe] I.e. I get the normal # of attacks always.

[Aric (Brian)] and come on jared, i'm Aric the White. don't make me glow my pants at you.

[Master] But it makes sense for high-level chars.


[Wellington] Until a couple of years ago, they were the border between Saxlund and the orcs.

[Aric (Brian)] Kimagure Orange Road?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The Horse Lords fought with the missing paladins against the orcs

[Wellington] Then the Triumvirate took an interest in them.

[Wellington] I'm not sure there are any left -- Lords or Paladins.

[Jared] I sense a disturbqance in the force. As if a new party member had become a ranged combat god.

[Joe] Mmmmmmhey

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, it's at least worth investigating

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, getting in character now.

Ryan has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] d'oh

[Velkyna (Joe)] PIPER DOOOOOON

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan's keyboard died

[Lia (Angie)] he's trying to reset things

[Master] kewl

[Velkyna (Joe)] And Imsosure there's now a feat that lets you get +2 to open locks and disable device. WHERE WERE YOU ONE LEVEL AGO?

Ryan has joined the game.

[Ryan] ok, that's better.

[Jared] theres a feat for +2 to any two related skills. where 'related' is defined as 'some drunk guy thought they sounded similar'.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm noticing that. +2 to Heal AND Survival!

[Ryan] Michael, do you need to set up my map again?

Ryan is receiving the map...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Way to rename Pick Pockets guys.

Ryan has received the map.

[Ryan] ah, there we go.

[Defthon (Don)] What's it now?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sleight of Hand

[Defthon (Don)] feh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah.

[Master] Pfeh.

[Jared] it should be legerdemain.

[Master] There's a lot of that wandering around.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, given that the description included "minor feats of legerdemain", it makes some degree of sense

[Aric (Brian)] you could become a court jester

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, the horse lords "were" until a few years ago. what happned then?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I notice they renamed every wondrous magic item that had a proper noun in it. Heward's Handy Haversack is now just Handy Haversack.

[Lia (Angie)] How long ago was it?

[Wellington] They all got killed.

[Lia (Angie)] (for the horselords

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's not a rename, Joe.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so why are we looking for them if they're dead?

[Wellington] It started, I'm told, three to four years ago.

[Wellington] *shrugs*

[Jared] joe: thats an opensource thing. the proper names are not OGL.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The proper nouns aren't part of the open release

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, fine. Quiver of Ehlonna is now the Efficient Quiver.

[Master] FOCUS

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, because they couldn't just call it "Quiver"

[Velkyna (Joe)] (but they were there in the old SRD)

[Aric (Brian)] Quiver of Stuff

[Velkyna (Joe)] (but we digress)

[Arkady (Ryan)] ahem.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC WHAT are we doing?

[Defthon (Don)] FOCUSSING

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or not

[Lia (Angie)] I have seen focus, and this is not it

[Aric (Brian)] well we should go see if the horse lords are there

[Aric (Brian)] if they're not, maybe we can get an idea of what happened to them

[Aric (Brian)] rather than just what we've heard happened

[Velkyna (Joe)] _All_ the Horse Lords can't have been killed.

[Lia (Angie)] OR if the orcs are at the door

[Arkady (Ryan)] how big an area do we expect to need to search, and how far away is it?

[Master] Check the Saxlund map.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, so where in the HL domain should we try first?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Did they have a capital at all? Or were they nomadic?

[Master] Saxlund is just on the other side of the Orcish Wastes from the Elf Lands.

[Defthon (Don)] How wide of a strip is that?

[Joanne] Dunno.

[Arkady (Ryan)] that map also fails to have a scale.

[Wellington] I think they had a thane, but I do not know how he chose to rule.

[Master] The Horse Lords' demesne was something like 50 miles wide and stretched along the Saxlund river.

[Aric (Brian)] we should be able to fly that

[Defthon (Don)] Would it make sense to just start at one end and fly to the other?

[Aric (Brian)] oh wait. wide. hrm.

[Wellington] Kill two birds with one stone.

[Defthon (Don)] I'm thinking that on the carpets we could see a significant portion of the width of the domain.

[Wellington] Find the paladins' path and follow it.

[Defthon (Don)] Which two would those be?

[Defthon (Don)] ah.

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, just how high are we comfortable flying? the higher we fly, the wider the area we can see below us, though of course the lower the detail.

[Lia (Angie)] Galen should be able to tell us where to start

[Lia (Angie)] (following the paladin)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We don't necessarily have to fly *that* high to cover a 50 mile wide stretch

[Aric (Brian)] and several of us have sharp eyes

[Master] (50 miles is an average; it's smaller in some areas and larger in others)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Uh, yeah, we would have to fly quite high to see 50 miles, wouldn't we?

[Arkady (Ryan)] then again, if there is an orc army there, we may have similar problems as we did once before.

[Defthon (Don)] And we don't necessarily have to cover the whole 50 miles---they'll be relatively spread out, I'd think.

[Aric (Brian)] how long is the domain? we could take a couple of passes

[Master] Hey, physics lad -- there's a problem for you.

[Aric (Brian)] i mean we'll have to come back this way

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We only have to be able to see 25 miles in either direction

[Defthon (Don)] OOC on flat ground you can see up to six miles theoretically

[Shottamip (Tamora)] When we go up in our small plane I don't think I can see near 50 miles.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What's the radius of the planet?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] heehee.

[Master] About the same as earth's.

[Arkady (Ryan)] 6371 km. =)

[Master] I got 6378 in my websurfage.

[Master] Anyway, convert it to miles and use 2 sig figs and we'll be all set.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: well, the planet is an oblate spheroid, so that last digit depends on direction...

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Chris is back-of-envelope-ing and will give us a number momentarily.

[Master] OOC: BotE. Work with me here.

[Arkady (Ryan)] 25,000 miles circumference --> 4000 miles radius.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Almost there.

[Aric (Brian)] all hail physics lad

[Master] I love you guys.

[Velkyna (Joe)] YOU THINK YOU'RE BAD?

[Arkady (Ryan)] which of us, exactly, is physics lad?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sedlack

[Aedean (Sedlack)] something like 400 ft

[Master] Chris, as he is currently pursuing a Ph. D. in the subject.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] it goes like sqrt (h)

[Master] ah.

[Arkady (Ryan)] *sigh* I dropped out of one of those. I really need to go back someday.

[Master] You're gonna want to add 100 ft. to that, since the land is wrinkly.

[Master] But your chars will sort that out through trial-and-error.

[Aric (Brian)] chris is hardcore. he wrote the program for parabolic ranged weapon fighting

[Aedean (Sedlack)] d ~ sqrt(2Rh) to be more precise

[Lia (Angie)] Large flying things in sky make good targets

[Arkady (Ryan)] indeed. subtlety may be more important than speed.

[Lia (Angie)] Lets stay low and try to follow th paladins

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's fine by me.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] How do we follow a years-old trail?

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, we need to start somewhere.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Galen can probably tell us where to start

[Lia (Angie)] YES

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And is it really that old?

[Defthon (Don)] A couple years, yes.

[Wellington] Galen said two years.

[Defthon (Don)] So, to the paladin stronghold?

[Arkady (Ryan)] aye!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, Lia said that about 20 minutes ago.

[Lia (Angie)] Shot?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I suppose we could try to hire a tracker

[Velkyna (Joe)] I empathize with the Cassandra effect.

[Master] Or, you know, use the Paladin who's also a Ranger that's in your Party.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ding.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could fetch Max!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh, right. I didn't remember that

[Defthon (Don)] Yuh, I can track to some extent

[Defthon (Don)] but...

[Master] :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The ranger part doesn't annoy me

[Defthon (Don)] a two year old trail?

[Master] One way to find out.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC is there actually any tracking that can be done there?

[Arkady (Ryan)] like i said, we need to start *somewhere*. there is no better option than "try the old trail and see", eh?

[Defthon (Don)] That would require me to be on the ground, though, I think

[Master] It's not tough to follow an army; if nothing has really cleared the trail...

[Defthon (Don)] and would go quite a bit slower.

[Defthon (Don)] We should start by consulting Galen in any case, of course.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so shall we go and do that, please?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure

[Master] How do you go to the Temple of Heironeous?

[Aric (Brian)] we could hang you from the carpet and let you sort of float a few feet off the ground. like carpetskiiing

[Defthon (Don)] Er, no.

[Lia (Angie)] Galen, folow paladins, search if lose trail?

[Defthon (Don)] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We could fly. We could 'port

[Lia (Angie)] Shot?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Whatever.

[Arkady (Ryan)] how long would the carpet trip take?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] What day are we on, for that matter? I don't remember spell-wise.

[Lia (Angie)] I assume next day?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ooh, right. We're on Cloudhome. It's a few days by carpet

[Master] No, this is right after the next session.

[Master] You may need to nap.

[Defthon (Don)] next?

[Master] last.

[Master] Work with me.

[Defthon (Don)] :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yeah, I can't 'port us all until tomorrow.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so if we need to rest up, then we should carpet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So let's take five.

[Master] You're a linguist; you've no excuse. :)

[Aric (Brian)] or we could rest for an evening

[Aric (Brian)] gather up food and gear

[Defthon (Don)] If we 'port I want to rest at the other end too---

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's going to take a couple days by carpet as we'd have to cross the Orcish wastes I'd think.

[Defthon (Don)] I want Shot to have all her spells.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If we take the carpets, I can put the ever-popular Dimensional Anchor back into the Ioun Stone

[Velkyna (Joe)] So we may as well rest here and then port.

[Wellington] I am not crossing the entire Orcish Wastes by carpet.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, then.

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh. yes, no making ourselves targets needlessly.

[Aric (Brian)] oh come on. we've done it. it ... mostly worked.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel coughs under her breath *WUSS*.

[Wellington] You kids have fun; I'll stay here and eat elven food while stomping around the flying manta ray.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no no, we'll port tomorrow.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Vel, next time I get to kill to dragon, and you'll die, OK/ ;>

Wellington gives Arkady a complicated look saying, "Who died and made you Lieutanant," and "Hey, Arkady grew some stones!"

[Velkyna (Joe)] If I die, you guys aren't killing any dragons. ;)

[Lia (Angie)] Not that I wouldn't like to hit something

[Master] So you nap?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yep.

[Lia (Angie)] But I think rest and then port

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, porting is fine

[Velkyna (Joe)] Heck, we may get to hit something after we port. Like last time.

[Master] Okay, you then teleport to the temple.

[Master] Shottamip, tell me who's in the first set of people you port.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Send the badasses in the first landing.

[Defthon (Don)] I'll go first to chat with the paladins.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mike, I'm swapping out an Inflict Crit for Dimenisonal Anchor. Otherwise, same spells as last time

[Defthon (Don)] s/s//

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Lia, Def, etc.)

[Master] bueno

[Velkyna (Joe)] In case we get jumped again.

[Master] You decide, beloved. It'll move faster that way.

[Jared] we still doing the pile of magical arrows before jumping into danger?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, Lia, Def, and ... Aedean.

[Master] Yes. Arkady, please mark off 2 Greater Magic Weapon spells.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Ready?

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay

[Master] Roll 'em.

[Lia (Angie)] lets go

[Arkady (Ryan)] would I have had them in the ioun stones from yesterday?

[Defthon (Don)] How many arrows for each person?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [88] 88

[Master] Same as standard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [46] 46

[Arkady (Ryan)] which is? :}

[Defthon (Don)] I don't have my notes with me, sorry. Someone else remember?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Next.

[Master] They're at

[Master] The front of the temple is uneventfully quiet.

[Master] As you arrive, you suddenly remember that you've got a dead wizard in a bag to interrogate at some point.

[Master] Shot, go ahead.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] The distribution of these has been: > > arrows: > Dral: 50 > Defthon: 20 > Lia: 20 > Arkady: 10 > > xbow bolts: > Velkyna: 25 > Aric: 15 > Roger: 10

[Lia (Angie)] oops

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Vel, Joanne, Arkady, and Praxis.

[Lia (Angie)] I forgot

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, so Aedean should get a Speak with Dead at some point.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] (about the wizard)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [64] 64

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah. I had that written down, but didn't have my notes out. Oops

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [52] 52

[Lia (Angie)] could we have done that last night?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Who's left? Roger, Dralafi, Wellington?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No, as I didn't have it prepped

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And Aric.

[Master] ok.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We'll get it done at some point.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We are taking Wellington, right?

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: greater magic weapon: (DC=(10++5+3) [10+5+3] 18) +3 to attack and damage for the weapon

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: greater magic weapon: (DC=(10++5+3) [10+5+3] 18) +3 to attack and damage for the weapon

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [94] 94

[Master] ooh

[Shottamip (Tamora)] um.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Neeeeeeeeeeee

[Defthon (Don)] ruh roh

[Velkyna (Joe)] WAIT

[Velkyna (Joe)] ROCK

[Velkyna (Joe)] You are stuck in solid rock.

Jeff has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] JEFF!

[Jared] I hate it when that happens

[Aric (Brian)] JEFF

[Master] I am so goddamn sorry.

[Jared] not the jeff thing. hi jeff.

[Master] I totally screwed up, Jeff -- my alias for GAMING had your email spelled wrong.

[Jeff] hello

[Master] Thank you for making it!

[Jeff] no prob

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, what color do I select now?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Arkady is usually a slightly different purple from me, but that's not ideal either.

[Master] gimme 10 secs here.

[Jeff] Map me?

[Master] There is no map.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Feel free to pick a color.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Pink is available.

[Arkady (Ryan)] how's this?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Too dark

[Defthon (Don)] James is usually cc66ff.

[Arkady (Ryan)] seems brighter to me than Tami's.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's fine.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tami's is particularly dark, yours is the old Defthon color. It's fine.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Wiping the dust off my monitor helped

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Master] Shottamip, Dralafi, Wellington, Aric, and Roger appear on the front lawn of a bustling temple.

[Defthon (Don)] off target indeed!

[Master] Priests and laborers all stop their duties and stand up to stare quizzically at them.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's not as bad as it could be.

[Defthon (Don)] depends on the alignment of the priests. ;)

[Master] Several of them draw weapons out of reflex.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sorry, guys.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Maybe Aric will get to visit the monks aftewr all

[Jeff] Which religion?

[Master] THey are wearing holy symbols of Pelor.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do we want to figure out where we are and apologize, or just leave/

[Aric (Brian)] psst shot, you have the highest char. you should probably talk.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You may as well talk to them while you're there.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, there's a Pelor temple on the map too

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Ooh, good guys. Let's apologize.

[Aric (Brian)] find out where we are, too.

[Master] You stare at one another in shocked silence for a few second.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll step forward and say something like Hi, sorry to startle you.

[Master] One of priests then booms, just as Shottamip starts to talk, "EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!"

[Master] Their words get mixed up, and he chuckles with banal embarassment.

[Priest of Pelor] Who are you, then, halfling mage?

[Jeff] I am Roger. We same to have teleported to the wrong place.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm Lady Shottamip, your excellence ( or whatever you call a priest).

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Code name)

[Velkyna (Joe)] ("Your Emminence"?)

[Master] (Holy father, for Priests of Pelor. They're pretty paternalistic.)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Holy father. That sounds nice.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm afraid we got here accidentally; we were heading for the hall of Heironeous.

[Priest of Pelor] Shottamip, gimme a Charisma check, pls.

[Master] hee

[Master] Cha check.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: CHR check: (d20+7) [13+7] 20

[Master] ok thnx

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Are we even in Galloway?

[Priest of Pelor] That's some distance away.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (I think you're in Strathclyde)

[Priest of Pelor] No, madam; you are in the Hall of Pelor, in Strathclyde.

Priest of Pelor is still a little tense, but is relaxing.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Thank you. I think we intended to stop by here eventually.

Priest of Pelor looks a bit nonplussed.

Shottamip (Tamora) looks around so that she can get here on purpose in the future.

Priest of Pelor wonders why she is casing his temple.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC do we have message up?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I doubt it.

[Lia (Angie)] What do they think of Elfense?

[Lia (Angie)] Ask if its ok to return later?

[Master] Message is not up; you're not there. :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] message has a 200 FOOT range. =)

[Lia (Angie)] sorry

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ?)

[Aric (Brian)] OOC ok. wasn't quite sure how that worked.

[Lia (Angie)] So the rest of us are just waiting int he Hall

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We're trying to free people from the tyranny of Eflense, but we're kind of busy helping the paladins find some missing comrades right now. May we return to speak with you later?

[Master] Yeah, it's been a few seconds; Shot should've gotten there by now.

[Priest of Pelor] Er.

[Priest of Pelor] Please.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Thank you.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm afraid we should be going. Our friends will be concerned.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hail Pelor.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [100] 100

[Velkyna (Joe)] DAMMIT

[Jeff] NYAH

[Master] lol

[Jared] NICE

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Uh-oh!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh my.

[Defthon (Don)] GAAAAAAAH.

[Lia (Angie)] oops

[Master] roll 1d20

[Velkyna (Joe)] DERP

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] "Mishap".

[Aedean (Sedlack)] WAIT

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Mistakes were made."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ROCK

[Aric (Brian)] charis protect ,e

[Aric (Brian)] me

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You are stuck in solid rock.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I suppose you have to roll a 100 eventually.

[Master] Please give me a 1d20.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Press 'h' to hide or shift-HELP to delete your character.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Wait for someone to save you, or press SHIFT-HELP to delete your character

[Velkyna (Joe)] My badd.

[Defthon (Don)] Nice.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Actually, you may be right

[Aric (Brian)] our charis, who art in asratia, hallowed be thy name...

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, you're right. Rocking is different.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I don't remember the exact message if you've rocked

[Velkyna (Joe)] There's no point in hiding if you're in rock.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Roll #1: (d20) [12] 12

[Master] ok

[Master] everyone takes 10 damage; you feel a bit . . . scrambled.

[Defthon (Don)] Still off target. Plus damage.

[Defthon (Don)] Gaahh.

[Jeff] Roger's hit points adjusted by -10 to 23.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sorry. I must be more tired than I thought.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Stay on target

[Velkyna (Joe)] WAIT FOR IT

[Master] You appear in front of a sprawling keep; several peasants are carrying wood, drawing water, et cetera.

[Sedlack] Aric's hit points adjusted by -10 to 60.

[Defthon (Don)] Der.

[Aric (Brian)] wacky

[Aric (Brian)] i can right click on shottamip but not aric

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, this is totally Max's keep.

[Tamora] Shottamip's hit points adjusted by -10 to 68.

[Jeff] something need doing?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or Eflense's

[Master] As you appear, a half-dozen Ranger types who were running various errands ready bows and nock arrows.

[Defthon (Don)] d'oh

[Aric (Brian)] Hold! We come in peace.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They're going to meet everybody

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hee hee.

[Master] Another priest in heavy armor draws a greatsword.

[Velkyna (Joe)] KORD


[Aedean (Sedlack)] WOO WOO KORD

[Aric (Brian)] Er, I don't suppose this is the keep of Lord Mennendon?

[Priest of Kord] On your knees! Hands on your heads! Do it now!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Does the priest have a holy symbol?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh. Who was Kord?

[Master] Yes, it is of Kord, CG God of Strength.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] At least I keep getting good guys.

[Aric (Brian)] i glow my pants

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey! Nice pants!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Perhaps now Wellington won't be such a wuss about flying over the orc lands

[Master] That word is no longer to be used as a transative verb.

[Master] transitive, sorry.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Kord is CG)

[Aric (Brian)] i do not get down on my knees, but i attempt to stand respectively, but strong

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: he glows his pants????

[Master] By the way, we never said that that was voluntary

[Velkyna (Joe)] He has magic pants.

[Master] Your vestments glow all the time.

[Defthon (Don)] They glow.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] They're holy vestments.

[Master] Either you cover them or you don't.

[Aric (Brian)] i thought i could use them to cast daylight


[Aric (Brian)] make them glowier

[Master] You could have them cast daylight.

[Master] That's independent of their ongoing holy aura.

[Aric (Brian)] UNLEASH

[Aric (Brian)] THE

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So either you're wrapped in your cloak, or you're glowy.

[Aric (Brian)] PANTS

[Aric (Brian)] ok, sorry

[Master] ...or wearing a sarong or something, yeah.

Shottamip (Tamora) doesn't kneel, but she spreads her hands placatingly.

Shottamip (Tamora) isn't much of a kneeler, really.

Jeff sits down

[Master] A second or two passes, and nobody dies.

[Lia (Angie)] So what did Wellington and Dral do?

[Master] Wellington follows your lead and places his hands behind his head but does not kneel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If Vel were there, she'd be hitting the ground like Elwood in the sewer in "Blues Brothers"

[Master] Is Dral's bow readied or stashed?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] We're very sorry to have startled you, sir. (Or holy father, or whatever.)

Dralafi (Jared) lowers his bow, makes sure its not pointing at anyone, but does not kneel

[Arkady (Ryan)] So would everyone with half a brain. :}

[Master] A good one for Kord is "friar;" it's all-purpose.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I know. All this "I don't hit the ground" crap is ... so patrician.

[Master] Does Dral have an arrow nocked?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] OOC: well, aren't we all ennobled by now/

[Master] heh.

[Dralafi (Jared)] no, he thought we were going in safe.

[Master] Those that wanted it.

[Master] ok thanx.

[Priest of Kord] Unstring your bow.

[Priest of Kord] Only the halfling woman talks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (DO IT)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (DO IT NOW)

[Velkyna (Joe)] i say you gots to toast them

[Shottamip (Tamora)] By the time we get home, I'm going to know how to address every priest on this stupid continent.

Dralafi (Jared) begins slowly unstringing the bow

[Arkady (Ryan)] Anna is with Joe.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC (hey jared, just roll a 1 a couple of times. it'll do the same thing)

[Dralafi (Jared)] LOL

[Master] She already does -- every adventurer who cares even a little picks this stuff up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, but now TAMI will know. ;)

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, but Tami personally will know, now. ;)

[Defthon (Don)] jinx

[Shottamip (Tamora)] yes.

[Priest of Kord] (to Shottamip) who are you and why are you here?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I am Lady Shottamip, and we're here because apparently I'm too tired to teleport us back to the Hall of Heironeous properly.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I *am* very sorry.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can explain, or we can just leave, if you would like.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shottamip Air, Flight 734 now departing for ???

Priest of Kord *eyes you suspiciously*

[Priest of Kord] Yes, please explain.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] My friends and I are helping the paladins at the Hall of Heironeous in Galloway. I was trying to take us there to meet the rest of our friends, but I've been popping people all over the place, and I guess I got worn out.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm glad that we didn't end up in fromt of some blackguard castle.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Right Now Shottamip is seriously considering Teleport Without Error)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yeah, well.

[Arkady (Ryan)] One more level....

Priest of Kord looks a bit confused.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Right Now Eflense's spies know we didn't leave the area)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (my badd, Greater Teleport now)

[Priest of Kord] Leave, please.

[Priest of Kord] And speak of this no further to anyone but me.

Priest of Kord eyes Aric suspiciously

[Shottamip (Tamora)] As you wish, friar.

[Aric (Brian)] i bow to the priest

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Where are we, by the way/

[Priest of Kord] The Hall of Kord.

Shottamip (Tamora) moves to touch everyone and tries to really concentrate this time.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [47] 47

[Master] Woo!

[Dralafi (Jared)] oh good.

[Defthon (Don)] yaaaaay

[Dralafi (Jared)] I start restringing the bow the instant we land

[Master] Did everyone take their 10 damage?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (actually, looks like Shottamip is two levels from 7th level spells)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Did Wellington?

[Defthon (Don)] What took you guys so long? We were starting to really get worried.

[Jared] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by -10 to 44.

Shottamip (Tamora) sighs in relief.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You guys look like shit.

[Lia (Angie)] is everyone OK?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You also look injured

Shottamip (Tamora) isn't inclined to doubt her own abilities. "That was fun."

[Arkady (Ryan)] (Joe: yeah, my bad. sorcerer is a level behind wizard.)

[Arkady (Ryan)] Fun, eh?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Ryan: S'cool. Hey, I'm all in favor of anything that beefs up the party)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What happened?

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Hang on, Brian is still trying to receive his map.

[Aric (Brian)] testings

[Defthon (Don)] Hmm.

[Aric (Brian)] weird i'm still "receiving map" and don't see any text

[Master] Try to reconnect?

[Aric (Brian)] let me reconnect

Brian has left the game.

Brian has joined the game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Brian's getting updated from Don

[Master] ?

[Master] on what's going on.

[Master] got it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He's reading the stuff he missed from off Don's screen

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah

[Lia (Angie)] Let's get inside

[Master] It's crashed again for Brian...

[Master] yeah

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He's gonna restart klooge

Brian has left the game.

[Galen] Oh, aye, welcome back, then.

[Defthon (Don)] Hello, Galen.

[Galen] How may I be of service to ye?

[Arkady (Ryan)] than you, Galen. it's good to see you again.

[Defthon (Don)] We have decided to investigate the disappearance of the paladins

[Arkady (Ryan)] We were hoping you could tell us the route they took.

[Defthon (Don)] Or at least where specifically in the Horse Lord domains they were headed.

Brian has joined the game.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC (getting Brian the transcripts)

[Brian] i don't have a map or anything

[Aedean (Sedlack)] . . .

[Galen] Sorry about the delay.

[Brian] that's ok, galen

Galen describes the roads they likely took, including the construction of a pontoon bridge across the Saxlund.

[Galen] Ye'll find the pylons still there, I imagine; no reason to take them down.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ah, a landmark! our thanks.

[Defthon (Don)] Sweet.

[Defthon (Don)] Thanks, Galen.

[Galen] Glad to be of service to ye.

[Defthon (Don)] So, shall we?

[Arkady (Ryan)] galen, is there anything we could bring from here to show them we come in good faith?

[Velkyna (Joe)] LET'S RIDE

[Aric (Brian)] let's teleport!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sure. We'll take the carpets and look for the bridge?

[Aric (Brian)] sorry

[Defthon (Don)] LET'S NOT

[Defthon (Don)] Sure.

[Master] You find the bridge without excessive difficulty, given Galen's directions; it's about a three-hour flight.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's head out. I am curious to know what happened on the apparently ill-fated teleport trip

[Master] ...or the pylons, anyways.

[Arkady (Ryan)] um, did you see my question to him before we left?

[Master] Ah.

[Master] just a sec.

Galen takes a holy symbol from around his neck and hands it to Arkady.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and is there anything the folks who got lost on the way want to tell the rest of us, or galen?

[Galen] This will identify ye as from the temple.

[Arkady (Ryan)] thank you, galen. I hope it may help us find them, as well.

Tamora has left the game.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.


[Master] when should we do lunch/dinner?

Tamora has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've been snacking as we go.

[Master] When should we do lunch/dinner?

[Defthon (Don)] I dunno, 6 or so?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We had lunch right before starting

[Arkady (Ryan)] 6 which time zone?

[Master] Ok kewl.

[Defthon (Don)] (i.e. in 3 hours)

[Aric (Brian)] we had lunch right as we started

[Master] We'll snack, then, if that's ok with Tamora.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm flexible.

[Master] ok then

[Master] We'll wait a few hours.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC ooh, another holy symbol for aedean's collection :)

[Master] You find the pylons on the other side of the river which marked the other side of the pontoon bridge.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i repeat, before we leave galen, could we at least talk about where you five got lost, nudge nudge?

[Master] You are now in the Horse Lords' demesne.

[Master] You chat while you're on the carpets.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC ooh, good word

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Perhaps Lia and I could try talking to the Kordites

[Master] By the way, cute new toy:

[Aedean (Sedlack)] At some point

[Aric (Brian)] OOC Kordites? weren't they bad guys from Star Trek?

[Arkady (Ryan)] i think you should tell galen about the whole setup and ask him about it before going back to either other temple.

[Roger (Jeff)] You're asking us?

[Aric (Brian)] rhetorical

[Defthon (Don)] "new"? Didn't you mention it, like, two weeks ago somewhere?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Why? Galen isn't our boos

[Arkady (Ryan)] from your descriptions, both priests raected rather oddly to the mention of working with the paladins.

[Master] Two weeks old is new.

[Lia (Angie)] No, but Galen might be able to help us

[Master] Plus, I mentioned it on Imsanet. Which not all of us are on.

[Arkady (Ryan)] because he knows these people much better than we do. he can give us information.

[Master] I'll hush now.

[Defthon (Don)] oh, right.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, Kord is chaotic, so his clerics would no doubt share my natural distaste for paladins.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kord's nice.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i suspect there is rather more to it than that.

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] Paladins have some uses

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, when they're not dead

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, they're good at runing a party

[Lia (Angie)] I am hoping, yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "ruining"

[Defthon (Don)] Jeez, and I was about to agree.

[Defthon (Don)] Thanks a lot Aedean.

[Arkady (Ryan)] also, i would suggest that in future, we find out how other people feel about baron eflense before telling them our opinion of him.

[Defthon (Don)] Hm, good thought.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm inclined to agree with that sentiment

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Where are we now? Did we back up to the keep or are we on carpets?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Come on now. Def's not ruining anything. Not with that sweet, sweet ass.

[Lia (Angie)] Probably a good idea

[Arkady (Ryan)] carpets, i think

[Lia (Angie)] Carpets, at the pylons?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I took it this is a conversation we had en route

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Lia (Angie)] right

[Lia (Angie)] are we done

[Lia (Angie)] ?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think so. For now

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: she just wants to kill stuff, soon. =)

[Lia (Angie)] OOC orc mulch

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OOC: As do we all

[Arkady (Ryan)] we'll have plenty of time on our hunt to talk more, i suspect.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OOC orc chops taste gooood

[Lia (Angie)] yuck

[Master] Ok

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, how long does the trip to the pylons take, and shall we do any healing en route?

[Master] This is just a random bit of steppe to get us all in the right frame of mind.

[Master] Okay, do you land at the pylons, then?

[Arkady (Ryan)] what can we see from the air before landing?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (as a clerical note (double meaning intended) should we heal up the people hurt from the TP?)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We probably ought to, yes.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Little to nothing. This isn't a high biomass area.

[Master] Y'all figure it out.

[Master] :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's blow some CLW wand charges

[Arkady (Ryan)] on our way here, what signs of habitation, if any, did we pass? how settled is the near side of the river?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Wands are Castre Level 5, right?

[Defthon (Don)] Sounds good. My wand or yours?

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] MASS EXODUS

[Master] It was mostly agricultura; the area got more mountanous, so it moved to pastoral, and then to kind of sparse pastoral.

[Arkady (Ryan)] how wide is the river?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I guess wide enough that pontoon boats were preferrable to fording.

[Master] Ding.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+6+1) [10+6+1] 17) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(5+5)] -10 HP recovered

[Master] Not Mississippi-ish, but quite respectable.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shot

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Next Roger

[Master] What would that make it -- 1/4 or 1/2 mile? Something like that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+6+1) [10+6+1] 17) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(6+5)] -11 HP recovered

[Velkyna (Joe)] 1/4 mile.

[Tamora] Shottamip's hit points adjusted by 10 to 78.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, so let's land on the near side and scout things out a bit.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Next Dral

[Jeff] Roger's hit points adjusted by 10 to 33.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+6+1) [10+6+1] 17) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(2+5)] -7 HP recovered

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then Aric

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+6+1) [10+6+1] 17) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(6+5)] -11 HP recovered

[Jared] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 7 to 51.

[Dralafi (Jared)] sure, Im the only one still hurt ;)

[Sedlack] Aric's hit points adjusted by 11 to 70.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Suck it up, big elf.

[Arkady (Ryan)] what else would you like him to...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Was Wellington damaged?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh, right

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I take it you need curing as well, Weelington?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Light Wounds: (DC=(10+6+1) [10+6+1] 17) (0-(1d8+5)) [0-(2+5)] -7 HP recovered

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

Sedlack has left the game.

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Mike, can you re-map Chris?

[Wellington] I'm good.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] hh

[Defthon (Don)] hey I want some lurve too!

[Master] Um, ok.

[Defthon (Don)] :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, what are we doing?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, we landed, and are going into tracking mode, right?

[Master] Def, you're up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought that was the plan.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Master] Gimme a Wilderness Lore check.

[Defthon (Don)] Wilderness?

[Arkady (Ryan)] that was my thought, yes.

[Master] Those with crazy high Spots can help out.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Wilderness lore: (d20+4+2) [6+4+2] 12

[Defthon (Don)] feh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+1) [7+12+1] 20

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+6+8) [17+6+8] 31

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+16) [9+16] 25

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: spot: (d20+3) [15+3] 18

[Master] Defthon: It's been two years. This isn't happening.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spot (Within a mile of Pilagro): (d20+12) [7+12] 19

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Spot: (d20+6) [20+6] 26

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought.

[Master] Aedean: You spot a marker a little ways inland which is marked with some kind of military code.

[Defthon (Don)] Is the WL DC the same as the Spot DC for equivalent tasks?

[Master] No

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hey, a marker!

[Arkady (Ryan)] ah, decipher script time, I think.

[Master] And you'd find different things.

[Defthon (Don)] Aha.

[Master] Yes, that would be quite appropriate.

[Dralafi (Jared)] way to waste a natural 20.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: decipher script: (d20+9) [12+9] 21

[Master] It's a variant on the military codes used to direct stragglers.

[Arkady (Ryan)] can i tell what directions it gives?

[Master] You're not sure what it says precisely, but it's probably something like "head south-southeast until you see the big hat" or something.

[Velkyna (Joe)] THE BIG SOMBRERO

[Master] You could do a Bardic Lore check to see ify ou've seen this code before,

[Master] or else use a magical form of decryption for more info.

[Arkady (Ryan)] that was exactly what i was typing. =)

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+12) [7+12] 19

[Master] We play similarly.

[Master] Nope, haven't seen it before. Sux to be on a new continent.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yup.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I have no decipher script, sadly.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't think that Read Magic is any use on a basic code, is it?

[Arkady (Ryan)] tragically, tongues only works on speech.

[Master] Depends on how it was encoded.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Well, it's a little spell, no harm in trying.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Read Magic: can read magical inscriptions for the next (10*12) [10*12] 120 minutes

[Arkady (Ryan)] and they were paladins, so magic would be reasonable.

[Master] There is a magical component to it.

[Arkady (Ryan)] keen!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sweet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SKOR

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mounds

[Velkyna (Joe)] Chunky!

[Master] If you touch the top of it with a holy symbol of Heironeous, a couple extra bits will glow.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i happen to be weearing one. =)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey, Arkady! Over here with the medallion!

[Velkyna (Joe)] C) Dip a rag in it.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i follow the instructions.

[Master] The new bits make it much easier to decode. :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] *grin*

[Master] You want to head south-southwest; it says that there will be a muster point in about twenty miles.

[Master] That's probably gone, but there may be some clues.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good thing these carpets have odometers.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, a new thing to look for. is the muster point the big hat, or was that a geographic feature of some kind?

[Master] "big hat" was me being goofy; it was not meant to be literal.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK. =) Gotta check these things, though.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, SSW rather than SSE, huh?

[Master] SSW is something like SSE. ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Heh

[Arkady (Ryan)] let's roll!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d2) [2] 2

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Let's carpet!

[Master] Spot checks for those on the carpets.

[Arkady (Ryan)] unless there's anything else around here...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+1) [16+12+1] 29

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Spot: (d20+6) [2+6] 8

[Defthon (Don)] We're all on carpets, yes?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Meaning those who didn't get off to look at the inscription?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+6+8) [19+6+8] 33

[Master] Sorry, everyone, once you mount up.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+16) [16+16] 32

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: spot: (d20+3) [5+3] 8

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot: (d20+3+2+1) [2+3+2+1] 8

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spot (Within a mile of Pilagro): (d20+12) [12+12] 24

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [3+8] 11

[Master] Aedean and Lia: There's some kind of weird cloud formation off to the southwest . . .

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Knowledge: arcana?

[Velkyna (Joe)] which is, in the direction we're heading, or the opposite?

[Master] Slightly off from the direction you're headed.

[Lia (Angie)] Point it out

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kay. Got confused with the SSW, SSE bit.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Relay info to the party.

[Master] Roger spots the muster point after a bit of flying; there is a lot of leftover trash and tents and suchlike there.

[Defthon (Don)] After two years?

[Master] Yes.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Arkady (Ryan)] can we guess how far away the weird cloud is?

[Master] Which is, as you note, odd.

[Master] Less than a dozen miles from the muster point.

[Arkady (Ryan)] any movement in the area? trails nearby?

[Master] Spot.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What, precisely, is weird about the clouds?

[Lia (Angie)] tents left att he muster point is not a good sign

[Master] THey're kind of sitting in one area; they're very dark, and they swirl.

[Arkady (Ryan)] help me out, folks, please...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+6+8) [16+6+8] 30

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: spot: (d20+3) [13+3] 16

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Spot: (d20+6) [13+6] 19

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+16) [3+16] 19

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+1) [1+12+1] 14

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot: (d20+3+2+1) [11+3+2+1] 17

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yuk.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spot (Within a mile of Pilagro): (d20+12) [17+12] 29

[Master] Aedean catches sight of a herd of cattle to the south; Lia spots a couple of small mammals.

[Master] Roger thinks he can see a small human settlement to the east.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [6+8] 14

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I SEE ALL

[Aric (Brian)] Let's do the Time Warp again

[Roger (Jeff)] There's a village to the east

[Arkady (Ryan)] aedean, how far are the cattle from the cloud?

[Master] at least several miles.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe we should search up the encampment.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That makes a lot of sense

[Master] Where are you headed?

[Velkyna (Joe)] At least to look for the predicted "further clues".

[Defthon (Don)] Sounds good to me.

[Master] The muster point?

[Defthon (Don)] We land at the muster point

[Defthon (Don)] to search the tents and such

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We're searching the muster point for now

[Arkady (Ryan)] we should alnd a bit away from it.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Search: (d20+8) [19+8] 27

[Arkady (Ryan)] don

[Defthon (Don)] Yes/

[Defthon (Don)] ?

[Arkady (Ryan)] don't land in the middle of it , approach on the ground from the side.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, sure.

[Lia (Angie)] right

[Arkady (Ryan)] what's the terrain like?

[Master] Somewhat wrinkly steppe.

[Master] Lots of heather and gorse.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] After we're through, it'll have lots of heather and gore

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, so no real cover.

[Master] Not so much.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There are swords and shit just lying around?

[Aric (Brian)] that's not a good sign

[Master] Yes, mostly broken or rusted.

[Defthon (Don)] THAT'S BAD

[Arkady (Ryan)] any signs of recent presence?

[Master] Spot checks for Lia, Aedean, and Def

[Velkyna (Joe)] Any bodies?

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+16) [17+16] 33

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+6+8) [6+6+8] 20

[Velkyna (Joe)] LIA. EN FUEGO.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot: (d20+3+2+1) [9+3+2+1] 15

[Aedean (Sedlack)] About time I got a low Spot roll

[Master] Lia -- There are a few mounds which are almost certainly the results of the cremation of a nontrivial number of bodies.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Low"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Spot:Aedean::Tumble:Vel

[Lia (Angie)] damn

[Velkyna (Joe)] Righto.

[Lia (Angie)] I show the rest of the party

[Master] The cloud formation is a few miles away; it seems quite centered around one area.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fucked up.

[Aric (Brian)] Should we check out the human settlement, then the cloud?

[Wellington] I'd . . . prefer to be on a carpet.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can we get any further insight into the cloud formation now that we're closer?

[Wellington] Maybe me and a couple of the bow folks.

[Master] Spot check for those who would muse on clouds.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+6+8) [10+6+8] 24

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: spot: (d20+3) [19+3] 22

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+16) [17+16] 33

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd like to search around the encampment for anything out of the ordinary.

[Master] That shit ain't natural, I can tell you that.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Spot (Within a mile of Pilagro): (d20+12) [10+12] 22

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+12) [16+12] 28

[Velkyna (Joe)] Def might also want to track up for signs of battle, what they fought, etc.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [12+8] 20

[Arkady (Ryan)] the bardic knowledge is for weird weather magic.

[Master] That'd be a Wilderness Lore check.

[Master] Right.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Wilderness lore: (d20+4+2) [8+4+2] 14

[Master] Nope, haven't really seen anything like it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can I do a Knowledge: arcana to try to narrow it down some?

[Master] Yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+7) [13+7] 20

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+1+6) [13+1+6] 20

[Master] Don: This was the base for some kind of fighting; there are only human items here; not orc items.

[Master] Neither of you have seen anything like it, which is information in and of itself.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Spot: (d20+6) [3+6] 9

[Arkady (Ryan)] roughly how many troops were in this encampment?

[Master] It looks like it's focused on one particular spot, and there is just a constant wind/rain blasting down onto it.

[Aric (Brian)] "nope! nothing here!"

[Master] Heeeuw.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] hmmm.

[Master] Could be anywhere from a hundred to a full regiment of a thousand.

[Defthon (Don)] Interesting. So the attack didn't come from outside the camp

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, are there signs of struggle, or was stuff just abandoned here?

[Defthon (Don)] I wonder if the horse lords turned on the paladins?

[Master] Hard to tell after two years.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How far to the village?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (basic): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+17+1) [19+17+1] 37

[Aric (Brian)] i'm reminded of the words of Qui-Gon Jinn

[Master] Twenty to thirty miles. Give or take.

[Dralafi (Jared)] nice roll

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmm.

[Aric (Brian)] "I can only protect you. I cannot fight a war for you."

[Master] Gimme a d100, Vel.

[Defthon (Don)] Let's look at the cloud first, then we can ask the villagers about it too.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [17] 17

[Arkady (Ryan)] let's keep looking around here a bit more.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmm...Well, the storm isn't moving, so the other way around might make more sense

[Defthon (Don)] I mean, we can go back to the cloud once we've talked to the villagers

[Arkady (Ryan)] especially since the villagers might know something about it already

[Master] ok gimme another d100

[Defthon (Don)] but if we see something specific about the cloud when we go close

[Defthon (Don)] we can ask about it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [80] 80

[Master] You find an uncorroded greatsword in some of the detritus.

[Aric (Brian)] With our small band, intelligence about what we may encounter may help us more than our strength.

[Defthon (Don)] I mean, the other way round is not a terrible idea either, of course.

[Master] Your expert eye notes that it is likely magical.

[Aric (Brian)] Great. More useless stuff like swords, armor, and shields.

[Arkady (Ryan)] does it react to the amulet galen gave us?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel tries to lift it. It's pretty fucking heavy. So she decides to drag it back to the rest of the group.

[Defthon (Don)] Interesting

[Defthon (Don)] Anybody need one?

[Velkyna (Joe)] "I found something."

[Master] Vel is dragging a greatsword -- the magically inclined among you note that it is an item of some little power.

Velkyna (Joe) nods towards Defthon.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, it looks nice, but I'm not really in the market for a new sword.

[Defthon (Don)] Anyone else need one?

[Master] Classic.

[Arkady (Ryan)] anything written on it?

[Defthon (Don)] Eh?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Maybe we can find the paladins, and return the sword to one of them then.

[Aric (Brian)] "Or...christ?"

Velkyna (Joe) clears her throat. "I kind of FIGURED you might want to RETURN IT to the PALADIN HALL."

[Defthon (Don)] Oh, sure.

Velkyna (Joe) rolls her eyes. "And I'm supposed to be the chaotic greedy one. Fuck on toast."

[Arkady (Ryan)] which is why i asked about the amulet. what heppens if I touch them together?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Galen might even recognize it.

[Master] Nothing.

[Master] But the sword's pommel definitely has the same design as the amulet.

[Defthon (Don)] That's a thought.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, wrap it up and we can stick it in someone's BoH.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, good.

[Defthon (Don)] I think mine has room.

[Master] You do so.

[Defthon (Don)] (Who has the wizard, btw?)

[Lia (Angie)] sword or sword in scabbard?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (actually, looked up greatswords and they're only 8 lbs. Still, I was amused by the dragging.)

[Arkady (Ryan)] um, could we ask Lia's sword if it knows anything about this one?

[Master] Angie's ahead of you.

[Master] No joy.

[Lia (Angie)] Already done, nda

[Defthon (Don)] Well, that's why I said to wrap it up first.

[Lia (Angie)] nada

[Lia (Angie)] sword or sword and scabbard?

[Defthon (Don)] Mike didn't say scabbard

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think it's just the sword.

[Master] It is increasingly clear that the battle did not really take place here; that there may have been some fighting, but that the area was abandoned in haste for a different one.

[Defthon (Don)] which is why I said to wrap it up firt.

[Defthon (Don)] first.

[Arkady (Ryan)] right. any sign of which way they went?

[Defthon (Don)] ...i.e. possibly under the cloud?

[Master] Wilderness Lore.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Wilderness lore: (d20+4+2) [19+4+2] 25

[Master] Yeah, they went toward the weird storm.

[Defthon (Don)] Woo!

[Aric (Brian)] oh well that

[Aric (Brian)] 's not good

[Arkady (Ryan)] just what i was afraid of.

[Lia (Angie)] great

[Defthon (Don)] Well, which way first?

[Aric (Brian)] i say we talk to the humans first

[Aric (Brian)] see if they know what might have happened

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That seems prudent to me

[Arkady (Ryan)] sounds good to me

[Aric (Brian)] if hundreds of soldiers headed for it and abandoned their camp, never to return...

[Lia (Angie)] ok with me

[Defthon (Don)] Aight, fine by me.

[Wellington] We should check out the storm.

[Wellington] The leftover natives will possibly attack us on sight.

[Aric (Brian)] Go ahead, Wellington. Let us know what you find.

[Wellington] And they'll be avoiding the area. They will know nothing.

[Wellington] *shrugs*

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Don - you asked who has the wizard? The transcripts say it's you.

Joanne looks out of her depth.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC HINT HINT , eh Mike?

[Defthon (Don)] thought so.

[Master] Not particularly.

[Roger (Jeff)] Wait, what wizard?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The dead one

[Master] That's just Wellington's opinion. He could be wrong.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Chris points out we probably would've dumped him off at cloudhome.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I figure we might have left the body at Cloudhome

[Lia (Angie)] the wizard we killed at the Hall

[Master] I mean, I want to reserve the right to have Wellington be wrong occasionally. :)

[Defthon (Don)] See?

[Master] Sure, leave him on Cloudhome.

[Defthon (Don)] What kind of NPC is he if he's wrong occasionally?

[Arkady (Ryan)] I say approach the village, but CAUTIOUSLY!

Wellington shrugs

[Aric (Brian)] OOC I thought Mike only made crazy competent NPCs.

[Arkady (Ryan)] No flying in with weapons drawn looking like a raiding party.

[Wellington] Keep Aric cloaked.

[Wellington] They will not understand.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC And come on, they're probably not even Level 1 Peasants

[Lia (Angie)] yah, land a ways out and walk in

[Defthon (Don)] Just a couple of us, walk in there and be like "what up yo" and see what they say

[Lia (Angie)] right

[Aric (Brian)] I put on my cloak, pulling a hood over my face to shadow it.

[Arkady (Ryan)] heck, better to send an invisible scout or two first just to see whether they're even humans.

[Lia (Angie)] who waits with the carpets and who goes into the village?

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: yes, brian, which is why we don't want to scare them to death before asking them to talk to us.

[Lia (Angie)] Vel?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I can scout inviso if you need.

[Arkady (Ryan)] sounds good to me. bring praxis, if he's interested.

[Master] You should invisiVel.

[Praxis] Oh, sure, hey.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Message me, I'll be back in a bit.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It only has 200' range

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh. Then Praxis me.

[Arkady (Ryan)] that's why she's bringing an invisible pseudodragon. =)

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: invisibility: (DC=(10++5+2) [10+5+2] 17) You are now invisible.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Try not to kill Praxis while you're gone, Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nah, save the spell. Put Praxis under my cloak and the ring works for both of us.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, sure. works for me if it works for him.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll do what I can.

[Defthon (Don)] What's the point of bringing praxis if he has to ride under Vel's cloak?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Communication.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If I get in trouble, he'll tell Arkady.

[Arkady (Ryan)] right. i have a range of a mile in telepathy with him.

[Master] Okay.

[Arkady (Ryan)] we should stay most of that distance away on the carpets ready to ride to the rescue if need be.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Joanne, stay close to Aedean while I'm gone.

[Master] You approach the settlement, a little ways off.

[Defthon (Don)] oh right.

Velkyna (Joe) uses her ring once Praxis snuggles up.

[Master] It is a nomadic encampment, with a large herd of cattle tended mostly by large dogs surrounding it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Eeeeeuw, dogs.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The cow says "moo"

[Praxis] Do you even have any hips? Where am I supposed to sit?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The dog says "woof"

[Aric (Brian)] Hey maybe we can buy a new one for Hill

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, quit sniping.

[Arkady (Ryan)] that line I definitely share with the rest of the party. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wrap your tail around my waist or something.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or I'll stick you in my haversack.

[Master] Waist, waist . . . I know it's around here somewhere.

[Master] (oops, that was supposed to be Praxis. :) )

[Praxis] Ok, I'm set.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's what the BELT is AROUND. Fucking Shadows.

[Arkady (Ryan)] *grin*

[Velkyna (Joe)] If he's done, we're off.

[Master] Move Silently, please.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Move Silently: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+22+1) [1+22+1] 24

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Master] Then a Spot check, followed by a Search check.

[Master] You're fine.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+1) [4+12+1] 17

[Master] The dogs try to sniff at you, but Vel avoids them.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Praxis: Spot: (d20+5) [19+5] 24

[Master] Okay.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (basic): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+17+1) [4+17+1] 22

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fucking bad rolls.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Praxis: Search: (d20+2) [4+2] 6

[Praxis] Where are all the men?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The way is shut.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Do I see any settlements or huts or anything?)

[Praxis] I've seen maybe two boys here . . . and twenty women.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it

[Aric (Brian)] Oh that's a bad sign.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The way is shut.

[Master] It's a nomadic encampment -- there are tents and the usual accountrements.

[Arkady (Ryan)] men off hunting, prax?

[Velkyna (Joe)] An encampment of ... how many? Can I tell?

[Praxis] There should be a few here, to craft and defend.

[Arkady (Ryan)] any of the boys or women armed?

[Master] This looks like a hamlet; based on the small number of tents, fifty, sixty at most.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey now. Girls can fight too.

[Praxis] Yes.

[Defthon (Don)] Er, yes.

[Praxis] All of them with short swords or the equivalent.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mmm...Eowyn

[Praxis] Some of the women have sabers.

[Arkady (Ryan)] vel -- i know. prax -- all, or just some?

[Defthon (Don)] Perhaps it should be two or three of our women who approach them, to keep them more at ease?

[Praxis] All.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Praxis. Ask them if we should come back.

[Arkady (Ryan)] at ease seems unlikely. from lia especially. =)

[Praxis] This isn't a happy place.

[Praxis] Have you heard enough?

[Arkady (Ryan)] folks, the scouts seem to think maybe we should just leave.

[Arkady (Ryan)] shall we bring them back?

[Lia (Angie)] sure

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then we should probably check out this..."storm"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel will make her way back to the party.

[Lia (Angie)] I still think we should talk to the villagers

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dropping the inviso when she gets close.

[Master] ok

[Lia (Angie)] they have probably seen some trouble

[Arkady (Ryan)] good. now, shall we send a greeting party they can see coming from a long way off, or just check the storm?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, which is going to make them extra-weary of outsiders.

[Lia (Angie)] I think we should be able to approach without starting a fight

[Arkady (Ryan)] shall we send Shott, Vel and Joanne?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Whoever said we should only send a couple people is probably right.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They may be...edgy

[Joanne] Um.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And I don't think we should send Joanne into potential danger like that

[Arkady (Ryan)] I was thinking Vel's right to keep it to women, and you look relatively unthreatening, Joanne -- at least next to Lia. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Just because they're women doesn't mean they're going to freak out if they see a man. Send our charmers. Shottamip and Arkady.

[Arkady (Ryan)] But yes, we could just keep her safe here.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, OK, flatter me and I'll go. =)

[Lia (Angie)] Maybe Defthon, paladins usually being welcome

[Velkyna (Joe)] Plus, Arkady's got the Diplomacy.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Fine by me.

[Arkady (Ryan)] depends on their relatiuonship with the last bunch of paladins to come by here!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Exactly.

[Lia (Angie)] good point

[Master] Arkady and Shottamip, then?

[Defthon (Don)] Sounds good.

[Lia (Angie)] sure

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, then. prax can stay here and report our progress.

[Master] The two of just kind of walking and maybe singing to announce your presence?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds good. Shottamip alone should be able to deter them if they try to get stabby

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... preferrably non-violently.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Sure. I know lots of good songs. Something soothing and innocent-sounding.

Shottamip (Tamora) takes Arkady's arm and gestures to the village. "Shall we?"

[Arkady (Ryan)] maybe something happy about cows. =)

Arkady (Ryan) nods to Shottamip

[Arkady (Ryan)] But of course, my lady.

[Aric (Brian)] "Where's the beef? Oh! It's there!" etc

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You talk; I'll smile winningly.

[Arkady (Ryan)] before we leave, shott -- do we want to work out a cover stopry?

[Arkady (Ryan)] check.

[Arkady (Ryan)] any suggestions from the peanut gallery on who to say we are and why we're here?

[Lia (Angie)] go for it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tell them a subset of the truth. We're explorers from the north on a peaceful mission in the area. What's up with that cloud out there?

[Master] That's a good approach.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Say you saw the nasty storm brewing, and came to the village to seek shelter

[Lia (Angie)] sounds right

[Arkady (Ryan)] but we can tell it's not moving, right?

[Master] You walk, singing. The dogs start barking at you, and a half-dozen women approach on horseback, spears at the ready.

[Arkady (Ryan)] we stop walking.


[Arkady (Ryan)] I say, "greetings!"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sisters are doin' it for themselves.

[Master] They encircle you in a fasion similar to the whole Eomer vs. Fellowship meeting in Two Towers.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i keep my hands empty, still, and in plain view.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Dip roll, perhaps?

[Aric (Brian)] Bring your pussy face to my ass.

[Master] IN a sec.

[Arkady (Ryan)] sense motive seems a tad superfluous at this juncture, but...

[Master] A woman who appears to be a leader clears her throat.

[Jora] I am Jora.

Jora waits

[Arkady (Ryan)] I am Arkady.

[Arkady (Ryan)] This is Shottamip.

Shottamip (Tamora) nods.

[Jora] Do you come to talk about the mirror, or to trade?

[Arkady (Ryan)] We come to trade, but are interested to hear more about the mirror.

[Jora] We have need of magical components for our Adept, and we have much beef to offer.

Jora eyes Arkady

[Arkady (Ryan)] We should be able to supply those. We could certainly use food, and would like to talk with you about this land.

[Jora] We will have the conversation here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmmm ... BEEF

Jora waves, and the women put up their spears

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OxDEADBEEF

[Arkady (Ryan)] Thank you for letting us speak with you in peace.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If you want beef, eat a pork chop

[Aedean (Sedlack)] orc chop

[Velkyna (Joe)] Once we get it going, you know it won't stop.

[Arkady (Ryan)] We have seen that storm from far-off, and are rather worried by it. Could you tell us anything about it? How far to stay away, for one, perhaps.

Jora smiles

[Jora] You are a good liar, but your ignorance betrays you.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, now it's time to sense motive.

[Master] Go ahead

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: sense motive: (d20+14) [6+14] 20

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Sense Motive: (d20+2) [6+2] 8

[Master] She is disappointed, not angry.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and, I fancy, a little diplomacy and gather information, just as a general sense of how I'm doing.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: diplomacy: (d20+18) [2+18] 20

[Master] don't do the gather info.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: gather information: (d20+10) [4+10] 14

[Master] heh. It's not apropos.

[Arkady (Ryan)] whoops, sorry.

[Master] Noted on the Diplomacy; I'll give you a hint or two of what to say.

[Arkady (Ryan)] roilled before I saw.

[Arkady (Ryan)] thanks! could use it.

[Jora] You need not mince words with me; we are not northerners. Our men are dead and we fight.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I know I am ignorant, but why do you call me a liar, good lady?

Jora cuts you off with a hand gesture.

[Jora] I meant little offense. I know that this is how northerners speak, carefully hiding their true intentions behind a veil of polite lies.

[Arkady (Ryan)] No offense taken.

[Jora] Tell me why you are here, and I will see if we can help one another.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Maybe we should've sent our coarsers instead of our charmers. Vel and Dralafi.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Aedean is coarse/charming multi-classed)

[Arkady (Ryan)] We come seeking news of men who came here to help fight off the orcs.

[Roger (Jeff)] We should have sent the bumbling mage

[Arkady (Ryan)] We truly do not know what that storm is, and would like you to tell us what you can of it.

[Jora] The storm surrounds the Mirror. It is not safe there.

[Arkady (Ryan)] What is the mirror?

[Jora] I have no news regarding your men; they are likely dead.

[Arkady (Ryan)] We found a camp nearby which leads us to believe the same.

[Jora] I have not seen it with my own eyes, but I have been told that it is like the top of a soap bubble.

[Jora] It reflects all light cast upon it, and the storm beats down upon it mercilessly.

[Jora] Some magical creatures sustain it.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Has the mirror always been here?

[Jora] No, it appeared at the end of the wars of destruction.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: am I suppsed to know what she means?

[Master] Sense Motive

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: sense motive: (d20+14) [5+14] 19

[Master] She is almost certainly referring to the recent wars which were near-genocidal.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Give us information, and we will give you our Y chromosomes"

[Arkady (Ryan)] Does it do anything but sit there and be rained on?

[Jora] No.

[Jora] It is defended by those magical creatures though, so I would not tread lightly.

[Arkady (Ryan)] What kind of magical creatures?

[Velkyna (Joe)] don't be golems don't be golems don't be golems

[Aric (Brian)] "bodaks"

Jora shrugs

[Jora] I am not a wise woman.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mmm...bodaks

[Jora] And I have not seen it with my own eyes, at any rate.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BODAKPROOF

[Arkady (Ryan)] Does your adept know anything of them?

[Arkady (Ryan)] We will need to speak with her about magical components, at any rate.

Jora shakes her head

[Jora] You do not have the look of those who can take cattle to market.

[Jora] Go and explore the mirror, if you have the strength.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We can take the cattle to my BELLY.

[Jora] Or else return on horseback, with men who know cattle.

[Arkady (Ryan)] True. But we do have spell components to spare, and you did express a need.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmm. Steak.

Jora looks torn

[Jora] How many cattle would you purchase, then?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Maybe we should investigate the storm before we start buying cows)

[Lia (Angie)] Ithink the goal is to talk to the adept

[Arkady (Ryan)] We have others traveling with us who we did not bring closer so as not to alarm you. Will you allow us to fetch them now, and see what they may wish to say on this topic? In fact, if we are to explore the mirror, we may wish to leave some in safety with you for a time, if you would permit it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (If we die investigating the storm, won't we regret that we didn't eat a nice steak dinner first?)

Jora shakes her head.

[Jora] I would not tempt the wrath of those who dwell there.

[Arkady (Ryan)] fair enough.

[Jora] We shall butcher a fine bull for you this eve.

[Jora] Return tomorrow, and we will discuss its price.

[Jora] Do not return, and we shall burn it to speed your souls' depature to the other planes.

[Arkady (Ryan)] our thanks! will you allow us to speak with your adept, to find her needs and thus determine a fair price?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (What time of day is it now?)

[Roger (Jeff)] No downer cows

[Jora] Tomorrow.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Ah, indeed.

[Defthon (Don)] No mad cows either

Jora signals, and the half dozen of them ride off.

[Master] It's getting on toward evening.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm pretty sure this cow's organic.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, we walk back to the party now.

[Master] Free range cows.

[Arkady (Ryan)] gotta run for a sec. brb. talk amongst yourselves.

[Master] (food will be arriving for us soon, FYI.)

[Lia (Angie)] Anna has been feeding us

[Velkyna (Joe)] I didn't quite catch it. Is this a mirror with a bubble around it, or do they call it a mirror because it's a shiny bubble?

[Master] Anna Ng and I are getting old, and we still haven't walked in the glow of each others' majestic presence.

[Master] They call it a mirror because it's a shiny bubble.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Ana Ng"

[Master] ok ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] no biggie

[Arkady (Ryan)] huh?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shiny bubbles. In my wine.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, perhaps we should at least scout out the bubble from a distance.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes, indeedy.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, we should approach, but cautiously

[Lia (Angie)] carefully, but yes

[Lia (Angie)] jinx

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hence, "from a distance".

[Master] The world is blue and green.

[Master] Ok I need to increase my blood sugar level.

[Master] Food is here, I'll be eating for a few mins.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, if we can find out the nature of the magical beasts, then we probably can figure out what to do from there.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We can chat.

[Lia (Angie)] So we are done searching the camp?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right. If the magical beasts are obviously evil (demons, dragons, etc.) or good (devas, etc.) or indeterminate (golems, etc.)

[Arkady (Ryan)] Vel?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I can go check it out, sure.

[Arkady (Ryan)] (that was meant to indicate, do you think there's anything left to find?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (oh)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Probably not, but another glance can't hurt

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dunno. It was a large camp and I stopped looking when I found the sword.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, I think we can move on to the Evil Death Cloud

[Lia (Angie)] Send Praxis invisible this time?

[Dralafi (Jared)] (OOC: Are we taking an actual food break, or should I try and scrounge something?)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Unless it's a good death cloud

[Velkyna (Joe)] He seemed so comfortable hanging from my haversack.

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, another look round the camp, then.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I don't think sending one invisible person is good strategy this time

[Lia (Angie)] I'm just thinking there is increased danger of discovery in this case

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Some magical beasts will be able to see right through that

[Lia (Angie)] Like Praxis does

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good point.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right. And we don't want one person hung out to dry vs. magical beasts

[Lia (Angie)] I still think Vel is the best bet

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think we should stick together

[Velkyna (Joe)] VELKYNA IS ... HARD TO KILL

[Arkady (Ryan)] sneaking in midair is a bit tricky. i like sticking together on this one, too.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (sticking together's what good waffles do)

[Defthon (Don)] I think that we should all go to the cloud, not split up.

[Lia (Angie)] I agree we all go closer

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I agree also.

[Lia (Angie)] I just think Vel going closest to check things out is a good idea

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, so let's get closer and see what we see as we go. except we should have one more look round the camp before we go, while there's still some light.

[Lia (Angie)] Sounds good

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right, which we'd need to wait on Kimmitt for.

[Arkady (Ryan)] right.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, what'sa good distance at which to stop and reconsider? a mile?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I just think Vel shouldn't get too far ahead this time, in case there's trouble.

[Arkady (Ryan)] there will prety mcuh definitely be trouble.

[Lia (Angie)] I think we will need to see what we see

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could do it like that athach fight, where Vel was only a running-length away.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (i.e. distance coverable by one round of running)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I agree with Arkady. Either the beasts will be trouble or the cloud will be trouble.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or both.

[Lia (Angie)] or both

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If we're really unlucky, then both could be touble

[Velkyna (Joe)] JINX

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so do we go in in the air, or on the gound?

[Lia (Angie)] I type too slow

[Arkady (Ryan)] and what shall we do with the NPCs?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I say fly in, low and slow

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Joanne will not want to be left behind. We've talked about that.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That is, we probably could be just 10 or 15 feet off the ground

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, then. "We will all go together, when we go; all suffused with an incandescent glow!"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We will all fry together when we fry

[Lia (Angie)] Let's just have a plan for her if things get messy

[Arkady (Ryan)] We'll be french fried potatoes by and by

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel has a few contingency plans.

[Lia (Angie)] care to share?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If Vel is only a short distance in front of us, I think the plan is "retreat behind the line"

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Pretty much. "Stay down."

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Arkady (Ryan)] So, that conversation with the natives went moderately well. If we pull this off, I think they'll be much more receptive.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've talked with Kimmitt about various ways Vel could use Reflex saves to push/cover for Joanne in the event of mishap. Mostly it's just "here, take this crossbow and stay behind a big rock".

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] OK, let me know if I need to play rock

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, Vel did help Aedean with his Ref save that one time...

[Master] ok, what's the plan?

[Lia (Angie)] advance on the cloud

[Master] On carpets?

[Velkyna (Joe)] We'd like to do one last once-over on the camp before we go.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I thought we were going to stay closer to the ground, though

[Master] Sure, Search check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Search (basic): ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+17+1) [1+17+1] 19

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Search: (d20+8) [19+8] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] Crap. Getting the ones out early today.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Search: (d20+1+0+1) [19+1+0+1] 21

[Master] Nothing more of importance.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Search: (d20+2) [17+2] 19

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, let's advance on the carpets.

[Velkyna (Joe)] low and slow, I believe we agreed.

[Arkady (Ryan)] low, slow, together and we stop for a reconsider about a mile out.

[Lia (Angie)] who is on which carpet?

[Master] ok who's on carpet 1?

[Arkady (Ryan)] or sooner if anything odd is noticed.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... or as soon as we get a good look at the bubble.

[Velkyna (Joe)] JINX

[Master] You get within a mile and nothing interesting happens. The storm continues to be localized and the rain is heavy enough that you can't tell what's under it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Split everyone up. Roger on one, Shot on the other. Lia on one, Def on the other. Etc.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I don't suppose anyone's packing Control Weather?

[Lia (Angie)] I'd like to be with Vel and Joanne

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, so what's the spell slot situation? This is still all the same day, yes?

[Master] yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Same day as the TPs, yes

[Master] and your GMWs have expired, if memory serves as to the duraitn.

[Master] duration

[Arkady (Ryan)] The GMWs last ten hours. Are we still within that?

[Velkyna (Joe)] 10 hours, I thought.

[Master] *thinks*

[Master] Okay, they're still going.

[Velkyna (Joe)] HUZZAH

[Arkady (Ryan)] Woohoo!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Woo

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] ok, -- Dral, Aric, and Arkady

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Dral should probably be on the top carpet

[Arkady (Ryan)] top?

[Master] Northerly

[Arkady (Ryan)] (has James had a standard position in the past?)

[Master] No.

[Master] Put him with Roger and Lia, I think.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, then.

[Master] Everyone please clear your temporary modifiers.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Done.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I did mine

[Lia (Angie)] Mine are only from the sword

[Defthon (Don)] Done

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, mage armor has a 10 hour duration. who wants one?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Brian's not here. Dunno if he has mods that need to be cleared

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Are we doing prep spells now?

[Roger (Jeff)] I'll take a mage armor

[Lia (Angie)] I'm good

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Dragon Scales: provides the target with a +4 armor bonus to AC for the next 12 hours

[Master] I took care of Brian.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Note that my temp modifier is Luckstone-induced.

[Master] notado.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: mage armor: (DC=(10++5+1) [10+5+1] 16) is now protected by a shimmering force field.

[Master] You get within a mile without incident. I assume you approach?

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, I'll armor Roger.

[Arkady (Ryan)] what can we see from here?

[Lia (Angie)] shit, that's BIG

[Roger (Jeff)] What's the +AC?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is that white arc the bubble?

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: mage armor: (DC=(10++5+1) [10+5+1] 16) is now protected by a shimmering force field.

[Master] mirror, yes

[Arkady (Ryan)] (and one for me)

[Velkyna (Joe)] C) Dip a rag in it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can we see the aforementioned magical beasts?

[Master] Not yet.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What does the storm look like from here?

[Master] There is a very clear demarcation between the storm and not-storm areas.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Does it look like it would pop like a soap bubble?

[Lia (Angie)] what's the stuff on the ground?

[Arkady (Ryan)] looks like equopment

[Master] Essentially, the storm is right over the mirror (you dunno) and dumps rain and wind on it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Swords, shields, scabbards.

[Master] There is various equipment and detritus on the ground, including some paladin bodies.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Bodies or skeletons?

[Master] ...along with a number of orcish bodies, both identifiable by their armors.

[Lia (Angie)] Great

[Master] Both pretty thoroughly decomposed.

[Defthon (Don)] Lovely.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Good

[Defthon (Don)] And the "mirror" is actually fully reflective?

[Arkady (Ryan)] shall we search them now orlater?

[Master] Along the side of the bubble is a small forest, nourished by the constant rain.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's bad. We might want to consider collecting any identifying items (signet rings, etc.) to return to the Hall.

[Master] Yes.

[Defthon (Don)] Or can we see into it, a little bit?

[Master] You hear the howling of the wind. Bardic Lore, Knowledge: Arcana, et cetera.

[Roger (Jeff)] That's a good idea

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+12) [5+12] 17

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+1+6) [17+1+6] 24

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+7) [1+7] 8

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Knowledge (Arcana): (d20+10) [13+10] 23

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: listen: (d20+16) [17+16] 33

[Master] ok thanks.

[Master] The wind is starting to whip at you.

[Master] Spot checks for Lia Vel.

[Arkady (Ryan)] time to land

[Master] Lia and Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] As in, whip stronger?

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+16) [2+16] 18

[Master] As in, "masterwork whip."

[Defthon (Don)] Is the bubble 100% reflective?

[Master] Yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+12+1) [9+12+1] 22

[Master] ok thanks.

[Defthon (Don)] got it thx

[Roger (Jeff)] YOU MUST WHIP IT

[Master] The rain over the mirror is pretty impressive.

[Master] YOu really can't see anything but the mirror's edge.

[Arkady (Ryan)] time to land?

[Velkyna (Joe)] But it is a dome, yes?

[Defthon (Don)] yes.

[Master] You get that impression.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] Who wants to try shooting an arrow into it?

[Defthon (Don)] See if it bounces or is absorbed?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No one wants to try that.

[Arkady (Ryan)] let's not do that just yet.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How high up are the storm clouds?

[Master] spot

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot: (d20+6+8) [7+6+8] 21

[Master] Def, Wilderness Lore

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [4+8] 12

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Wilderness lore: (d20+4+2) [15+4+2] 21

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot: (d20+16) [14+16] 30

[Master] They are unnaturally low maybe sixty feet up.

[Defthon (Don)] Wow.

[Arkady (Ryan)] LAND

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, let's.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Agreed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I concur

[Master] You land.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We're a mile off?

[Master] no.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 70' or so, looks like.

[Master] You approached closer after nothing funny happened a mile off.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Search?

[Master] What would you be searching?

[Arkady (Ryan)] Oh, none of the bodies are this close?

[Master] Oh, sure.

[Master] There are some orcish, human, and horse bodies strewn about.

[Master] Well, skeletons mostly, in armor.

[Master] They're past even being icky.

[Master] Mostly just morbid and sad.

[Arkady (Ryan)] "What a wonderful smell you've discovered!"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will cast a Detect Evil before we approach any closer.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Good plan!

[Master] What's the range on that sucker?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 60'

[Master] ok nothing.

[Defthon (Don)] I can DE for free.

[Defthon (Don)] ...still nothing though. ;)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think I'll try a detect thoughts - 120 ft

[Aedean (Sedlack)] *shrug* I wasn't expecting anything yet, but it lasts for 100 min.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Detect Thoughts: concentrates and begins to detect the thoughts of creatures around her (Will save negates, DC (10+2+7) [10+2+7] 19)

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'll detect magic to look around the bodies.

[Master] what's the range on the Detect Thoughts?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 120 ft, as I said

[Dralafi (Jared)] do we have 'detect bodak'?

[Master] ah, missed it. :)

[Master] There is something alive in the clouds.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, folks, we are being scried upon!

[Defthon (Don)] Interesting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm. I wonder if there's an air elemental going on here.

[Wellington] I deserve a raise.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay... a turn or two after 'something alive' I ought to get more specifics.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Maaaybe

[Defthon (Don)] Does DT tell us anything about the thoughts?

[Defthon (Don)] got it.

[Master] There appear to be a pair of low intelligence creatures in the clouds.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I will attempt to locate the source of the scrying with an int check.

[Master] They are insane.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: INT check: (d20+2) [6+2] 8

[Arkady (Ryan)] laugh!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh, delightful. I'll share with the group.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Great. Feebleminded aair elementals.

[Arkady (Ryan)] don't forget bonkers.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Which is worse, a smart insane creature or a dumb insane creature?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yes.

[Dralafi (Jared)] yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] smart and insane

[Aric (Brian)] air elementals. what do we know about these? how do you hurt air?

[Arkady (Ryan)] smart insane!

[Dralafi (Jared)] jinx!

[Arkady (Ryan)] magic, I'd guess.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Well, then, it could be worse. :)

[Defthon (Don)] earth?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I would think that magic weapons like our talking swords would work.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Probably fire spells, too.

[Velkyna (Joe)] All elementals are damage-able by physical attacks, just magical weapons (+2 or so, IIRC)

[Master] Gimme a Scry skill check, pls, Ryan.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... IF these are air elementals. It just makes sense, tho.

[Arkady (Ryan)] don't have the skill, so I did a raw Int check.

[Master] ah.

[Master] heh.

[Master] nemmind

[Aric (Brian)] ok, so my +1 kama is worthless against them then?

[Master] So, are you gonna start off with the fireball?

[Roger (Jeff)] Aw yeah

[Velkyna (Joe)] Whoa, whoa. We don't know if it's evil or good.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How far up are they, Shot?

[Master] They are air elementals, Shottamip.

[Lia (Angie)] we have no idea who is on what side

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, I rule.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Air Elementals are evil, right?

[Dralafi (Jared)] I dont think we should kill them until we have some idea of their intentions.

[Master] Knowledge: Arcana.

[Arkady (Ryan)] neutral.

[Roger (Jeff)] N, I think

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+7) [11+7] 18

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Knowledge (arcana): (d20+1+6) [15+1+6] 22

[Master] Elementals don't die; they just go home.

[Master] Yeah, they're neutral. So they're insane neutral creatures.

[Arkady (Ryan)] like elvis!

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Knowledge (Arcana): (d20+10) [4+10] 14

[Dralafi (Jared)] s/kill/banish/

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, are they worth trying to talk to first?

[Aric (Brian)] "Begone, thing of neutral!"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They're stupid and insane

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Have you had much luck rasoning with dumb lunatics?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Talking to them will probably not be useful

[Master] It's like trying to talk to warbloggers. *ba dum bump*

[Arkady (Ryan)] which differentiates them from most people how? =)

[Dralafi (Jared)] ooc: 'Kif, what makes a man go neutral?'

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Because uf so, I'd like to know your secrets.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So beautiful, yet so neutral.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We could get a little closer to the Mirror and see how they react

[Arkady (Ryan)] So, no need to shoot unless they start it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I suspect they're allied with the cloud, thoiugh

[Wellington] Right, then. So, who's gonna go walk up to the mirror?

[Roger (Jeff)] me me me

[Arkady (Ryan)] No no no.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll approach it. At least another 20' or so

[Arkady (Ryan)] Lia?

[Lia (Angie)] I can go

[Defthon (Don)] I'll go with for a bit at least.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We should get in more of a battle formation.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Any sign of Evil?

[Master] No.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, back to my earlier question. anything magical within 60 feet? well, the storm, obviously.

Lia (Angie) pulls sword and walks forward

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And the mirror, obviously

[Master] Lia draws her sword.

[Master] It is as though the storm itself takes a breath; the rain stops suddenly, and the clouds contract.

[Defthon (Don)] I prepare to draw my sword, but don't yet

[Arkady (Ryan)] ooooooooooooh.

[Master] Initiative.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel has her crossbow out. She'll hand a case of 10 of the GMW bolts to Joanne in case she needs to toss the crossbow to her.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Stay down."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative: (d20-1) [6-1] 5

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative: (d20+6) [9+6] 15

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [2+2] 4

[Joanne] NOT a problem.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative: (d20+7) [20+7] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Initiative: (d20+6) [8+6] 14

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative: (d20+3) [1+3] 4

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [16+3] 19

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Initiative: (d20+4) [15+4] 19

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm not last!

[Joanne] Joanne: Initiative: 9

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative: (d20+4) [11+4] 15

[Joanne] Wellington: Initiative: 27

[Defthon (Don)] Gaaaahhh.

[Master] I think I typoed Wellington's initiative.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Interesting.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Heh

[Master] Wellington: Initiative: 12

[Aric (Brian)] i also draw my crossbow. i'm guessing the GMW'd bolts will do better than the kama

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'll draw my flute. =)

[Dralafi (Jared)] I had the bow out hours ago

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude, you could do a Jethro Tull impression.

[Roger (Jeff)] I ready the bat guano

[Arkady (Ryan)] Exactly!

[Velkyna (Joe)] THICK AS A BRICK


[Aedean (Sedlack)] The mouse police never sleeps

[Velkyna (Joe)] Jazz police are looking through my folders.

[Arkady (Ryan)] the builder of the castle renews the age-old purpose, and contemplates the miling girl...

[Arkady (Ryan)] milking

[Master] Elemental: Initiative: 20

[Master] Elemental: Initiative: 23

[Dralafi (Jared)] nice elementals

[Master] Two air elementals come screaming down out of the clouds.

[Master] Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I take it they're advancing as if to attack?

[Master] Sense Motive.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Sense Motive: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+0+1) [14+0+1] 15

[Master] Yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fire, rapid reload, fire, rapid reload.

[Master] Ok.

[Master] They're about 20' up, so add 10' to the distance.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Elemental. Distance: 61'00"

[Master] (BotE)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Under 80' range increment.

[Defthon (Don)] Don't we have tables for that sort of thing?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: Light Crossbow, MWork [b] hits AC: ((d20+17)) [(6+17)] 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 23 (probably) hits Elemental

[Master] Yeah, but this'll be over very quick.

[Master] Damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 2: Light Crossbow, MWork [b] hits AC: ((d20+12)) [(15+12)] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 27 (probably) hits Elemental

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, at this distance, 20' ain't a big deal

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] does ((1d8+3)) [(6+3)] 9 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] does ((1d8+3)) [(8+3)] 11 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I even rolled the wrong attack (non-GMWed). Should've been another +3 to hit.

[Master] The elemental is wounded . . . weird clumps of nasty air trail behind it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I take it elementals are not Sneak Attackable?

[Master] No.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I assume not, as they have no vitals

[Master] Elemental: Attack: Slam hits AC: 11

[Master] Elemental's attack of 11 misses Lia

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, thought I'd ask tho.

[Master] Elemental: Attack: Slam hits AC: 6

[Master] Elemental's attack of 6 misses Lia

[Master] no luck there.

[Master] Elemental: Attack: Slam hits AC: 16

[Aedean (Sedlack)] vs?

[Master] hm . . . 24

[Master] Elemental: Attack: Slam hits AC: 24

[Master] Elemental's attack of 24 (probably) hits Aedean

[Master] Elemental: Damage: Slam does 2 points of damage.

[Master] Aedean takes 2 points of damage from the elemental's ineffectual slam attack.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oooooh...2 damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hurt me hurt me but the pants stay on.

[Master] Aedean's hit points adjusted to 75 (-2) - Lightly Wounded

[Lia (Angie)] OOC don't get cocky

[Master] Arkady.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Good point.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Inspire Courage

[Master] what's the radius?

[Arkady (Ryan)] anyone who can hear me.

[Master] kewl, what are the bonuses?

[Arkady (Ryan)] +2 morale save vs charm and fear, +1 morale to attack and damage

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +1 att/dam; +2 to saves vs. charm/fear

[Arkady (Ryan)] lasts while I sing and for five rounds after

[Master] ok, everyone pump yourselves up. :)

[Master] Roger?

[Roger (Jeff)] I cast magic missile

[Master] :)

[Master] At the one on Lia or Aedean?

[Aric (Brian)] how do we take care of the charm/fear bit?

[Master] I'll let you know if it comes up.

[Aric (Brian)] "i attack the air!"

[Roger (Jeff)] Aedean

[Master] Roll 'em up.

[Roger (Jeff)] how do you do the in chat roll again?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Any roll should show up in chat.

[Master] with brackets. Like this: 5d4 + 5

[Master] {

[Master] }

[Roger (Jeff)] (4d4+4) [(1+3+2+1)+4] 11

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, I understand what you meant.

[Master] bling bling.

[Master] The bolts of magic slam into it . . . it looks hurt and confused.

[Master] Aric.

[Aric (Brian)] swoop around and shoot

[Master] ok

[Master] don't miss; Aedean might end up pissed.

[Brian] Aric targets Elemental. Distance: 17'04"

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Light Crossbow (GMW Bolts) hits AC: ((d20+15+1)) [(14+15+1)] 30

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 30 (probably) hits Elemental

[Master] damage.

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Light Crossbow (GMW Bolts) does ((1d8+3+1)) [(6+3+1)] 10 points of damage.

[Master] It dies.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !

[Elemental] free . . .

[Velkyna (Joe)] I have the sneaking suspicion that there's a bigger baddie.

[Elemental] Lia.

[Master] heh.

[Master] Lia.

[Defthon (Don)] Ya think?


[Angie] Lia targets Elemental. Distance: 5'09"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] GREAT CLE...oh, wait

[Master] I think I spelled that wrong.

[Aric (Brian)] CLEAVE....oh wait you need multiple

[Master] CLEAVAGE . . . always a good choice.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(20+18+1)] 39 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(14+18+1)] 33

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 33 (probably) hits Elemental [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

[Master] um.

[Master] damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOYAH

[Aedean (Sedlack)] BOOYAKA

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((3+4)+11+1)] 19 points of damage.

[Master] "And now the air is shattered by the force of Lia's blow."

[Master] It's gone.

[Arkady (Ryan)] go in peace

[Master] The storm immediately begins to dissipate.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can we get a better look?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Any sign of Evil?

[Aric (Brian)] That was easy......too easy.

[Arkady (Ryan)] or thoughts, Shott?

[Master] No.

[Master] No.

[Dralafi (Jared)] phone. back in a sec.

[Arkady (Ryan)] hmmm. the bubble is unchanged?

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] yes.

[Lia (Angie)] I do not like this

[Arkady (Ryan)] me neither

[Velkyna (Joe)] With the storm gone, do we see anything else moving around or over the bubble?

[Master] No.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Want to get a little closer?

[Wellington] No.

[Velkyna (Joe)] With the storm gone, is there anything we can further tell about the bubble? Is it truly a dome? Etc.

[Roger (Jeff)] I will!

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Joanne] Yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roger!

[Master] The bubble is a featureless dome; as the last of the water runs off of it, you can see that it is perfectly reflective.

[Master] Roger is, startlingly enough, fine.

[Defthon (Don)] I vote we shoot an arrow at the bubble

[Defthon (Don)] After Roger backs up a little.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I vote we don't

[Roger (Jeff)] It's like a giant mirror surrounding the mirrow

[Aric (Brian)] hey so if the elementals were just air, could we just pick our GMW'd bolts off the ground?

Tamora has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] well what do you want to do then?

Tamora has joined the game.

[Master] Nah. General principle.

[Defthon (Don)] ok, maybe throw a rock at it then?

[Arkady (Ryan)] try to talk at it?

[Defthon (Don)] I'm against touching it until we know a tad more about it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm thinking something potentially less disruptive.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Somehow, I'd rather poke it gently with a stick before we sling violence at it.

[Lia (Angie)] Maybe walk up to it with the sword

[Aric (Brian)] poke it with a stick?

[Velkyna (Joe)] JINX

[Defthon (Don)] ok, that's not bad

[Lia (Angie)] which

[Lia (Angie)] ?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll poke it with a stick, sure.

[Defthon (Don)] stick

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger pokes it with a stick

[Arkady (Ryan)] you go, Lia.

[Defthon (Don)] well, then.

[Master] It is absolutely hard and frictionless.

[Defthon (Don)] heh

[Master] Right, then.

[Defthon (Don)] Can we dig down a little and see if it goes underground?

[Master] Yes.

[Master] It does.

Lia (Angie) walks forward with sword

[Arkady (Ryan)] can those who are tapping on it try to make it ring? see if it vibrates?

[Master] As a matter of fact, it extends into the ground beneath you.

[Defthon (Don)] So it's probably a sphere then.

[Defthon (Don)] wait, underneath us?

[Aric (Brian)] dude, it's a frictionless surface! we could do first level physics problems on it!

[Master] That's a decent supposition.

[Master] It's not the top half of a dome.

[Master] It's, like, the top fourth.

[Arkady (Ryan)] um, a dome only has one half?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will touch the Mirror

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Master] Of a sphere, rather.

[Master] It is unyielding.

[Aric (Brian)] i knock on it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Should we try to walk around it? Maybe there's a door.

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] How big around is it?

[Master] It's hard enough to hurt your knuckles if you put much force behind it.

[Aric (Brian)] hey maybe someone should grab the arpets-cay

[Arkady (Ryan)] worth a try, Vel

[Lia (Angie)] That's a good idea

[Master] About 150' radius, so . . . 1000 ft. around, plus or minus.

[Lia (Angie)] All together?

[Defthon (Don)] Not bad.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yes.

Wellington grabs the carpets

[Defthon (Don)] Wellington, you getting the carpets?

[Lia (Angie)] or split up?

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] All together.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC i suppose we could beat bones on the ground, throw them up into the air, and see if they turn into spaceships

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We may as well stick together

[Defthon (Don)] Yup.

[Lia (Angie)] right or left?

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, I start playing bits of music at it. scales first, to see if any of the notes do anything, then more close encounters-y.

[Master] Off topic, James is *really* sad he's not here.

[Master] Nope.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Max would suggest the right-hand rule.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] In honor of Max, we should go around in a clockwise directiobn

[Master] Nothing. No vibrations, no interaction whatsoever.

[Master] lol

[Master] You circle the area. The mirror is featureless.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe also check the top.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll fly up and look.

[Master] Climbing would be a bitch. You'd almost have to get a boost and slide across.

[Master] It's the ultimate sledding hill.

[Defthon (Don)] That's what I was thinking earlier.

[Master] Gentle slope, unyielding, without friction.

[Master] The top slice of a ball bearing.

[Master] Perfectly reflective.

Roger (Jeff) racks his brain

[Arkady (Ryan)] magical, of course?

[Master] The sole of your boots is developing a hole.

[Master] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Maybe it is a giant ball bearing

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Knowledge (Arcana): (d20+10) [3+10] 13

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Boots? Hole?

[Master] You've never heard of anything like htis.

[Defthon (Don)] a *magical* ball bearing.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: bardic knowledge: (d20+12) [8+12] 20

[Master] You can see them in the mirrored surface.

[Master] Arkady: Nope.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Except her boots are magical.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I made these boots. They don't get holes.

[Defthon (Don)] a *magical* hole.

[Master] Hee.

[Master] Ok, sorry. Trying to be funny.

[Master] Nemmind.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Gotcha.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So, nothing to see up here?

[Master] Spot check

[Defthon (Don)] All of us?

[Master] Shottamip

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot: (d20+8) [13+8] 21

[Master] Wellington is trying really hard not to ogle you and mostly failing.

[Defthon (Don)] heh

[Arkady (Ryan)] prax, what do you think about this?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Ask the swords?

[Praxis] This is seriously weird.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yup. and probably the adept back at the village.

[Defthon (Don)] I was actually going to touch the sword to the mrirror

[Defthon (Don)] see if there's a reaction.

[Master] Ok.

[Defthon (Don)] Any thoughts?

[Master] You do.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Lia? same thing?

Defthon (Don) draws sword

[Lia (Angie)] sure

Lia (Angie) steps forward

Defthon (Don) touches Tsohanoai to the mirrored surface

[Lia (Angie)] /touches sword to surface

[Aric (Brian)] Defthon falls over dead.

[Master] Nothing happens.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean casts Ethereal Jaunt

Defthon (Don) pokes at the surface with the sword

[Master] Ok.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean attempts to walk through the Mirror

[Master] The surface is utterly unresponsive. No vibration, no anything.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Shall we try a dispel magic on the dome?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can we assume this dome was made by the paladins? Possibly to protect themselves from getting wiped out by orcs? Maybe try the holy symbol.

[Master] Hang on, lemme think a sec.

[Master] Aedean is blocked by the dome.

[Defthon (Don)] Ooh, good call.

[Master] It is just as utterly impermeable on the astral plane.

[Defthon (Don)] Who has the pendant?

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, try the holy symbol. touch it, say "we come seeking the paladins of Heironeous"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. I figured as much. I couldn't get through (for example) a Wall of Force

[Arkady (Ryan)] that is, tough the amulet to the dome and say that.

[Master] Nothing happens.

[Lia (Angie)] I think we should talk to the Adept before we start hacking at this thing

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will check out the dome undergorund

[Master] "Speak, Friend, and Enter."

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are there any other features or landmarks nearby?

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, let's go back and search the bodies for anything interesting they may have had on them.

[Master] For the record, the Adept will be totally ignorant. It's not worth bothering. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (a short distance underground)

[Master] Vel: Nothing that you can tell.

[Arkady (Ryan)] "Mellon!"

[Master] Who is searching the bodies?

[Master] Roger, what're you doing?

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'd like all of us to search them.

[Roger (Jeff)] Searching the bodies

[Arkady (Ryan)] using det magic, as well as skills.

[Master] You cast Detect Magic?

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Error parsing "14/18(evocation)+0": kLoOgeWerks.lo: unexpected character: evocation

[Master] whoops.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] As long as you're ethereal, could you go underground and confirm that it's a sphere?

[Velkyna (Joe)] He already did.

[Roger (Jeff)] Oh yeah. Well that was a det magic

[Arkady (Ryan)] I said I did some time ago, but I couldn't get the interface to let me select it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mike hasn't answered him yet.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or, at least, that's what I'm in the process of doing

[Master] Wait wait.

[Master] I didn't see Arkady actually cast it, so I didn't react to it.

[Master] Let's have Roger cast it first now.

[Arkady (Ryan)] sorry for not mentioning I tried but couldn't. =}

[Master] :)

[Master] Roger screams and falls to the ground.

[Roger (Jeff)] I did, that was the error

[Master] Jeff, Roger is blinded for a little while.

[Arkady (Ryan)] whoops!

[Master] The mirror is unbelievably bright.

[Roger (Jeff)] nyah

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Smooth move.

[Roger (Jeff)] Aaaah! The sphere is incredibly magical

[Master] (try casting it now, Jeff.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's going to circumnavigate the sphere, searching for cracks or seams or secret doors or anything like that.

[Master] Search check for Vel.

[Master] IT's 1 check for every 10 x 10 area, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Taking 10. Skill mastery. So 32s all around.

[Roger (Jeff)] (seeriously?)

[Master] (Yeah, I think I may have fixed it.)

[Velkyna (Joe)] 33s, sorry. Luckstone.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Detect Magic: (DC=(14+0) [14+0] 14)

[Master] Ok cool it works now.

[Master] :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] Aedean, I think you ought to commune with Olidamarra tomorrow. Ask, among other things, whether we should try to get it there, and whether we can. =)

[Master] Vel spends some time searching the side of the dome. Joanne goes and helps.

[Aric (Brian)] i can try to ask the lady charis

[Arkady (Ryan)] ^it^in

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Aedean is underground right now)

[Roger (Jeff)] Is there any way we can try to combine dispel magic spells?

[Lia (Angie)] /Lia follows Vel and Joanne

[Arkady (Ryan)] Aric, are you actually a cleric now?

[Master] (You're pretty sure it's a sphere at this point. It's pretty damn huge, and it just went right through the rock.)

[Arkady (Ryan)] Whoawhoawhoa!

[Master] You haven't even tried one yet.

[Master] Brian's a bit presumptuous these days.

[Aric (Brian)] hey it's worked before

[Arkady (Ryan)] No dispelling until we know whether it was put there to keep something nasty trapped inside!

[Master] He's going to try to commune with Charis. Something interesting might happen.

[Wellington] There aren't nearly enough bodies here.

[Aric (Brian)] ok, well i try communing. sort of go into meditation, perhaps touching the dome. i try to communicate with charis to ask her the purpose of the obect.

[Aric (Brian)] object.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so can we tell if the orcs and men were fighting each other, or came here at different times and fought the dome's guardians?

[Master] Ok I'll get back to you.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and can we please search the bodies now?

[Wellington] These are orcish arrows in men's bodies, and vice versa.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no det magic, though. =)

[Arkady (Ryan)] thanks, well.

[Dralafi (Jared)] despite my lack of skillz, I make with the searching of the bodies.

[Master] There are about sixty human bodies and a few hundred orcish bodies scattered around the dome;

[Master] you're in a spot that happens to be relatively light.

[Master] More or less all of the human bodies are wearing magical armor of some sort.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Master] +1 plate or +1 Chain Shirts.

[Arkady (Ryan)] how much could we carry back to the temple on the carpets?

[Master] That sort of thing. Some of them look quite ancient.

[Defthon (Don)] Wow.

[Master] They're rather heavy.

[Master] You might be better off teleporting piles of them.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ahem. Bags of Holding.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Which means wait for tomorrow?

[Roger (Jeff)] click bang, what a hang, you're daddy just shot poor me

[Roger (Jeff)] er, your

[Master] I'm not saying; I'm just saying.

[Master] The orcs are not nearly so well-equipped; you suppose that you might find a few magical weapons and armor if you work at it.

[Master] Which is, of course, part of why there are a lot more dead orcs than human.s

[Master] The humans are mostly paladins, with a few page-type folks and a few cleric-type folks.

[Master] The orcs are orcs.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Any holy symbols?

[Master] All of Heironeous

[Velkyna (Joe)] Any distinguishing features on the orcs? Unholy symbols, standards, etc?

[Master] The few orc clerics have mostly Gruumsh symbols with a few Erythnuls scattered around for good measure.

[Master] Their standards have all rotted away; there's not much left of the orcs, to be honest.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, I don't have a Heironeous yet...

[Arkady (Ryan)] we should take it all back to the temple.

[Arkady (Ryan)] somehow.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC Holy symbols - the Pokemon of Serendair.

[Lia (Angie)] We should take as much as possible back to the hall

[Master] This takes some time -- light is fading.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, do we camp here, nearby, or try to go back to the village for a big steak dinner?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will pick up a Heironeous symbol for the collection.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel has her everburning torch out while she's searching.

Joanne thinks it's pretty cool.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Any change in the dome as night approaches?

[Master] Nope.

[Master] It reflects the sunset quite spectacularly.

Velkyna (Joe) smiles and lets Joanne carry it so she can search the dome with both hands.

[Master] Very beautiful in its own way.

Joanne has a good sense of where to hold it.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'd like to sing something to commemorate the paladins. Not a full funeral service, but at least the local equivalent of "Taps".

[Master] Arkady sings a lovely lament to the fallen.

[Lia (Angie)] So a sunset memorial and then make camp?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (sorry phone call)

[Defthon (Don)] Sure.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes.

[Defthon (Don)] Is Aric still communing?

[Master] Yep.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Then we will wait, at least. Do we want to camp right here?

[Roger (Jeff)] I hate waiting!

[Arkady (Ryan)] not right right here. maybe a hlaf-mile away.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The waiting is the hardest part.

Roger (Jeff) casts dispel on the sphere

[Arkady (Ryan)] arrrrrgh

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Dispel Magic: (DC=(14+3) [14+3] 17)

[Master] lol

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm so happy I'm circumnavigating.

[Master] Okay, arrange yourselves as you would have been doing while getting ready to head out.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I figure Vel, Lia, and Joanne are still circumnavigating.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I figure 1000' or circumference, 1 round per 10' ...

[Defthon (Don)] We're not leaving until Aric's done communing, right?

[Master] It's been several minutes -- you're back in the front by now.

[Aric (Brian)] Sorry. Nothing. I'm guessing it helped that I was in the presence of Lady Asratia before.

[Master] You all weren't really planning on leaving till Vell/Lia/Joanne were done.

[Arkady (Ryan)] indeed not.

[Aric (Brian)] should we return to the village?

[Aric (Brian)] perhaps they would have more suitable lodging for the night.

[Aric (Brian)] although if something comes after us

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mmm...steak and women

[Aric (Brian)] staying away might be better

[Master] Roger casts his spell.

[Master] Roll 1d4.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'd sort of like to guard this place for the night, until we can be ready to take the paladins back to the temple tomorrow.

[Roger (Jeff)] (1d4) [2] 2

[Master] Thanks.

[Master] The mirror disappears, to be replaced by a second, smaller mirror inside.

[Defthon (Don)] Eh?

[Arkady (Ryan)] oho!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey!

[Aric (Brian)] don't DO that

[Arkady (Ryan)] roger, what did you just do?

[Defthon (Don)] Wait, what spell?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Lia (Angie)] Really

[Master] At the top of the new, smaller mirror is crouching a Huge black dragon!

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!

[Defthon (Don)] When did he cast a spell?

[Arkady (Ryan)] you idiot!!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!!!!!!!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] How much smaller?

Roger (Jeff) craps his pants

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oho


[Lia (Angie)] damn

[Arkady (Ryan)] talk, people! say hello!

[Master] About half the height and 1/4 the coverage of the first mirror.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Um.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Um. Um. Um.

[Master] Actually, 2/3 and 1/2.

[Master] Sorry.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No problem.

[Master] Initiative, please.

[Master] Joanne: Initiative: 7

[Arkady (Ryan)] ROGER YOU IDIOT!

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative: (d20+2) [5+2] 7

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative: (d20+3) [1+3] 4

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Initiative: (d20+4) [11+4] 15

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative: (d20+6) [20+6] 26

[Master] Wellington: Initiative: 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative: (d20+7) [16+7] 23

[Roger (Jeff)] Um

[Aric (Brian)] can we escape?

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: Initiative: (d20+3) [11+3] 14

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Initiative: (d20+6) [16+6] 22

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative: (d20-1) [20-1] 19

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is the Inspire Courage still in effect?

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Initiative: (d20+4) [15+4] 19

[Master] Corentur: Initiative: 5

[Master] No.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Shott -- no, it's been more than 5 rounds.

[Defthon (Don)] Good christ I suck at initiative rolls.

[Roger (Jeff)] Sorry?

[Dralafi (Jared)] SERIOUSLY. YOU GUYS.

[Master] Praxis: Initiative: 4

[Shottamip (Tamora)] At least I'm using up all of my 1s on initiative rolls.

[Arkady (Ryan)] roger, didn't you just open that to bring the dragon on top of us?

[Master] How does one avoid being surprised...

[Arkady (Ryan)] or what was it you did instead?

[Aric (Brian)] is there an opposite of dispel magic?

[Aric (Brian)] like "put back magic"?

[Defthon (Don)] What do we know about black dragons?

[Roger (Jeff)] I didn't know there was a dragon in there!!

[Dralafi (Jared)] Did you ask?

[Arkady (Ryan)] didn't I say, "don't cast dispel until we know whether anything nasty is trapped under there?"

[Master] They're dragons. They're evil. They shoot lines of acid from their mouths.

[Defthon (Don)] Ew, suck.

[Master] No time for recriminations.

[Lia (Angie)] great

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No we know

[Roger (Jeff)] Maybe.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Now"

[Aric (Brian)] hey, maybe if you cast dispell magic again, there'll be a terrasque under the next layer

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey, it might just as easily have popped when one of the swords touched it. We didn't hesitate then. Don't blame him.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Someone should try to dispell the second dome.

[Master] Everyone, Will save against the Dragonfear. DC 23.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] After we deal with this

[Defthon (Don)] We should probably clear our temps, yes?

[Master] Yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Maybe whatever's under the second dome will fight the black dragon!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Will: (d20+10+6) [16+10+6] 32

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Will: (d20+8) [10+8] 18

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Will: (d20+8) [5+8] 13

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Will: (d20+10) [8+10] 18

[Velkyna (Joe)] Damn.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Bring your pussy face to my ass"

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Will: (d20+3+2+4) [13+3+2+4] 22

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: Will: (d20+8) [19+8] 27

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Will: (d20+8) [12+8] 20

[Dralafi (Jared)] we all fail. yay!

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Will: (d20+10) [16+10] 26

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Don't clear the Mage Armor though.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Praxis: Will: (d20+9) [2+9] 11

[Defthon (Don)] hang on a sec

[Lia (Angie)] I am immune to dragonfear

[Arkady (Ryan)] I don't fail vs. 23.

[Defthon (Don)] I'm immune to dragonfear;

[Defthon (Don)] AND:

[Aric (Brian)] shouldn't Velkyna Dragonslayer also be immune to fear due to sheer chutzpah?

[Defthon (Don)] Allies within 10 feet get a +4 morale bonus vs fear effects

[Master] Those who failed are "shaken" -- -2 to attack, saves, and skill checks for 11 rounds.

[Master] pretty much the whole combat.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I would think so.

[Defthon (Don)] So, Ark, Wellington, Joanne, Vel get +4 to their save.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Doesn't help me, sadly.

[Master] I'm cool with that.

[Master] Wellington: Will: 17

[Dralafi (Jared)] DAMMIT.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Who all failed?

[Master] nope, scared Wellington too.


[Master] Joanne: Will: 6

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I failed, but I don't use my attack roll much in combat.

[Master] Joanne is terrified and turns to flee.

[Master] Everyone who failed, fix your temp mods.

[Master] Those who didn't, yay you.

[Master] It's Lia's turn.

[Lia (Angie)] go for bow, sword was allready sheathed

[Master] ok.

[Master] Reading your bow is a partial action, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Saken is -2 to attack, weapon damage, and saves, but not to skill checks

[Lia (Angie)] oops

[Master] I've got "-2 to attack rolls, saves, and checks."

[Angie] Lia targets Lia. Distance: 0'00"

[Master] Hang on hang on.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm looking at p.85 of DMG

[Master] Is Lia activating the Boots of Love?

[Lia (Angie)] activate boots, draw bow

[Shottamip (Tamora)] What's "Saken"?

[Master] I'm looking at p. 76 of the DMG.

[Master] Shaken.

[Angie] Lia targets Corentur. Distance: 84'02"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] A typo of "shaken"

[Shottamip (Tamora)] no problemo

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmmm

[Master] Okay, hang on.

[Master] What is Boot Activation -- free or partial action?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Methinks one or the other is errata'd

[Master] One would hope.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's see what 3.5 says

[Lia (Angie)] partial? I think

[Master] We'll go with my ruling for now.

[Defthon (Don)] How high is the dragon off the ground?

[Master] Okay, then activating the boots and readying your bow is your full action.

[Master] The dragon is approximately twenty-five feet off the ground.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes, partial

[Lia (Angie)] so I get 1 shot?

[Master] No.

[Arkady (Ryan)] but once the boots are activated, she grows an extra partial, yes?

[Master] YOu can move a little if you want, though.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Once's she's activated, doesn't she get the haste action?

[Velkyna (Joe)] yeah

[Master] Right, which she then uses to ready the bow.

[Master] ...right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wouldn't readying be the MEA?

[Master] Is readying a MEA?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I thought it was.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I think so.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes.

[Defthon (Don)] PH p 128

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes! p. 251 (3.0 DMG)

[Master] ok then 1 attack, thanks for clearing me up.

[Defthon (Don)] Er, well, "draw weapon" is MEA. I assume that includes bows.

[Master] Yes.

[Master] Cheese it!

[Velkyna (Joe)] 1. Bend

[Velkyna (Joe)] 2. Cheese it!

[Lia (Angie)] So can I shoot now?

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes. you could even move, since your BAB is at least +1

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: * MC longbow (+3GMWarr) [t] hits AC: ((d20+15)) [(15+15)] 30

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 30 (probably) hits Corentur

[Master] roll damage.

[Aric (Brian)] So I assume negotiating is out of the question?

[Master] Lia certainly sees it that way.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Why can't it ever be a BRONZE dragon, and we could all settle down for a chat over dinner?

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: * MC longbow (+3GMWarr) [t] does ((1d8+8)) [(8+8)] 16 points of damage.

[Master] ...because we've had enough dinner chatting over the past few sessions.

[Lia (Angie)] how do I do the fire damage?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Point. pointpointpoint.

[Master] what kind of damage does it do again?

[Arkady (Ryan)] d6 fire.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: Fire damage does ((1d6)) [(1)] 1 points of damage.

[Master] that did it.

[Defthon (Don)] Did what?

[Arkady (Ryan)] made it mad

[Master] Made it work technically.

[Master] Velkyna Dragonslayer.

[Master] ...currently a little startled.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Free action, draw loaded xbow from haversack.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Free action, grab Joanne by the arm.

[Lia (Angie)] and Joanne is running away

[Defthon (Don)] Are we still GMWed?

[Velkyna (Joe)] MEA ... drag Joanne 1/2 movement with her.

[Master] Yeah, what the hell.

[Master] which direction?

[Arkady (Ryan)] hallelujah!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Attack ... fire Xbow, free action rapid reload.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Corentur. Distance: 91'03"

[Master] -2 circumstance penalty for holding onto Joanne.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm letting go to fire.

[Master] And you need both hands to rapid reload.

[Master] ok.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (free action)

[Master] kick it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] One range inc. -2 to result.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-2) ** Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] hits AC: ((d20+20-2)) [(2+20-2)] 20

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 20 misses Corentur

[Velkyna (Joe)] well, shit.

[Master] no dice.

[Defthon (Don)] That's the beauty of klooge.

[Master] Dral.

[Master] *smile*

[Dralafi (Jared)] full attack, rapid shot, etc.

Master of puppets is pulling your strings.

[Dralafi (Jared)] how much add to range for height?

[Master] 10'

[Jared] Dralafi targets Corentur. Distance: 90'10"

[Master] go you.

[Dralafi (Jared)] do I have to move, or can I shoopt over arics head?

[Master] Do a 5' move; make an old man happy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] DO NOT LINE US UP

[Velkyna (Joe)] BAD BAD NO BAD

[Master] You started lined up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, dont' make it obvious.

[Dralafi (Jared)] its either that or no shot.

[Master] YOu're fine the way you are now.

[Arkady (Ryan)] take the shot!

[Master] Take the shots.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's 25' up, how can he need to move?

[Master] To get into range.

[Master] Oh, for Dral?

[Dralafi (Jared)] that was my thought. but kimmitt said move.

[Master] Aric is a dynamic individual.

[Velkyna (Joe)] yes, for dral

[Master] I'd hesitate to shoot just over his head or right past him.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-2) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20-2)) [(14+20-2)] 32

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 32 (probably) hits Corentur

[Master] Besides, I"m pretty clear on who the dragon's going after, and it isn't the skinny punk with the bow.

[Master] Damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Erp.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7)) [(3+7)] 10 points of damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-2) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20-2)) [(15+20-2)] 33

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 33 (probably) hits Corentur

[Master] You're a machine. Go.


[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7)) [(7+7)] 14 points of damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-2) ** +2 Lbow/+3 Arrow (3rd Shot) [B] hits AC: ((d20+15-2)) [(5+15-2)] 18

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi's attack of 18 misses Corentur

[Dralafi (Jared)] oops.

[Master] All done?

[Dralafi (Jared)] yeah

[Master] Aric.

[Dralafi (Jared)] unless someone hasted me when I wasnt looking


[Aric (Brian)] um, no

[Dralafi (Jared)] RIDE THE SNAKE!

[Aric (Brian)] GMW bolts

[Brian] Aric targets Corentur. Distance: 67'04"

[Master] I can just see Aric sprinting up, leaping on the dome, and skidding toward the dragon.

[Master] .

[Master] Okay, MEA to ready Xbow.

[Aric (Brian)] maybe later

[Dralafi (Jared)] can you move out of the way a bit? :)

[Master] Fire 1 shot.

[Dralafi (Jared)] guess not.

[Aric (Brian)] i can't move and ready, rght?

[Master] 5' move.

[Aric (Brian)] dude, i can bend like a reed in the wind

[Dralafi (Jared)] my badd.

[Aric (Brian)] nope

[Aric (Brian)] if i move i'm in lia's way

[Master] Aric juke jives to get a clearer shot and fires.

[Dralafi (Jared)] no prob

[Aric (Brian)] Aric: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-2) ** Light Crossbow (GMW Bolts) hits AC: ((d20+15-2)) [(6+15-2)] 19

[Aric (Brian)] Aric's attack of 19 misses Corentur

[Master] Aedean.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Protection from Elements: Acid

[Defthon (Don)] Quick question to the rulesmeisters:

[Defthon (Don)] Would it be worthwhile to just hold/refocus my action until after Corentur goes? I suspect he's going to swoop a lot closer,

[Aedean (Sedlack)] on myself

[Defthon (Don)] and if I don't wait for that I'll essentially waste a move drawing my bow and then re-drawing my sword.

[Arkady (Ryan)] or he could just breathe on us.

[Master] A valid perspective, but Arkady's got the right of it.

[Defthon (Don)] Hm. Ok, then.

[Velkyna (Joe)] After he breathes tho, he's got to wait a few rounds. 3, IIRC.

[Arkady (Ryan)] "It's do or die -- hey, I've died twice..."

[Velkyna (Joe)] He'll swoop then.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whose turn now?

[Master] Roger Leafbower

[Velkyna (Joe)] ROGER. GET BACK.

[Roger (Jeff)] Hm.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dude, where is buffy when you need her? and I don't want to hear no cookie dough analogies.


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hide behind Aedean

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Go sideways. You don't have enough HP.


[Master] Er, keep your movement rate in mind. :)

[Roger (Jeff)] I think that was a double move

[Master] Go hide under the trees.

[Arkady (Ryan)] full run is x3, yes?

[Master] Seriously.

[Velkyna (Joe)] x4 unless heavy armor.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean is probably decent cover for Roger

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Forward, the dome would be some protection.

[Master] The dome is gone.

[Arkady (Ryan)] all of them>

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The lower dome, she means

[Shottamip (Tamora)] There's another dome, right?

[Arkady (Ryan)] ?

[Master] Ah.

[Master] Sorry.

[Master] Yes, it would possibly be protection. But I like the trees better, personally.

[Roger (Jeff)] Fine

[Master] Or just getting separated so as to be a lousy target.

[Master] Either works well.

[Master] That works.

[Master] Arkady.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Inspire Courage. We need it.

[Master] "Tomorrow is St. Crispin's day!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roger should still be able to cast a spell, no?

[Master] Nah, he did a full run.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and gentlemen in england now abed...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless he ran there and back and all over.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He didn't run that far tho.

[Master] Ooh, you're right.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (from the original point)

[Dralafi (Jared)] It's been too long. I totally forgot to cast shield.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, rog then.

[Master] It's noncombat running, so it provokes an AoO, but there is none to provoke.

[Master] Roger, you get a spell. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Bring the noise.

[Roger (Jeff)] On a dragon? Hm.

[Master] ...or a helpful spell on your allies, yah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] they don't have spell resistance, do they?

[Master] They do.

[Roger (Jeff)] I'll try ice storm

[Master] Ok.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Ice Storm: (DC=(14+4) [14+4] 18)

[Master] Roll 1d20 + caster level + int modifier to break his SR.

[Master] I think that's right.

[Roger (Jeff)] (1d20+8+4) [7+8+4] 19

[Master] sorry, just 1d20 + caster level.

[Master] -4 is 15

[Roger (Jeff)] Then 15

[Master] The spell dissipates against the dragon's natural resistance to such things.

[Master] Good thought.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Everyone needs to get some spell penetration featage.

[Roger (Jeff)] But I don't target the dragon

[Master] Point.

[Master] The spell goes off but does not affect the dragon.

[Roger (Jeff)] I create ice which falls on the dragon

[Master] :)

[Roger (Jeff)] aw

[Master] I dunno; that's just the way it works.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I do have SP, actually. Picked it up at level 12.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well done!

[Master] Ok, Arkady inspired courage.

[Master] Everyone update your temp modifiers appropriately.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What's th -4 for?

[Master] I added 4 by accident at first.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right

[Arkady (Ryan)] +1 atk and dmg, +2 save vs. fear (sorry that's a round late. :})

[Master] Joanne is no longer trying to flee. She is, however, shaken.

[Wellington] Uh huh.

[Wellington] I hate my life.

[Dralafi (Jared)] You too, bud?

Wellington hides

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How does inspire courage combine with the dragon fear?

[Velkyna (Joe)] RESAVE

[Joanne] They come very close to cancelling.

[Aric (Brian)] thanks, joanne!

Joanne looks to Vel for guidance.

Velkyna (Joe) screams: "RUN. HIDE."

[Don] Defthon targets Corentur. Distance: 99'03"

Joanne notices Wellington's maneuver and figure he's a pretty bright guy.

[Joanne] Def

[Master] Defthon

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, I drop the sword (free) draw the bow (MEA) and fire one shot

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** longbow/GMW arrow [b] hits AC: ((d20+9+2+4+1)) [(13+9+2+4+1)] 29

[Master] That's a hit.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] I'm targetted---why didn't it say...?

[Master] dunno.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** longbow/GMW arrow [b] does ((1d8+3+3+1)) [(5+3+3+1)] 12 points of damage.

[Master] Baffling.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Retarget, maybe.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Here comes the boom.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (ready or not how you like me now)

Corentur eyes Defthon briefly, then breathes a line of acid at the character who did him the most damage.

[Dralafi (Jared)] shit

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh sweet Shadows.

[Dralafi (Jared)] MEDIC!

[Corentur] It stops literally inches in front of Vel.

[Dralafi (Jared)] oh, like Vel would take damage on a reflex save

Velkyna (Joe) gasps

[Corentur] Take 27 damage; half on a Reflex save, DC 26

[Don] Defthon no longer targets Corentur.

[Don] Defthon targets Corentur. Distance: 97'04"

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dralafi: Reflex: ** MODIFIED BY: REF(-2) ** (d20+10-2) [16+10-2] 24

[Dralafi (Jared)] Stupid fear.

[Corentur] Sorry, that's 32 damage.

[Corentur] I forgot 2d4.

[Jared] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by -32 to 19.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Dralafi (Jared)] MEDIC!

[Aric (Brian)] i hate to ask, but am i in the way?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] At least he's polite about damaging you

Corentur flaps his wings and slides down the back side of the dome, out of LOS.

[Dralafi (Jared)] indeed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I assume that him being off the ground is what saved you

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think we need to fan out in groups around the dome

Ryan has left the game.

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan's keyboard is down again

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So he can't pull this hide and seek shit with the dome

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Who's waiting to go around?

[Dralafi (Jared)] that way he can take out half of us at once?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Why not dispel the next dome?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Um I didn't say two groups

[Corentur] Shottamip's turn.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So this dome is 20 feet high-ish? has joined the game.

[Master] yep.

[Defthon (Don)] 25.

[Master] Welcome!

[Ryan] that's me.

[Master] ah, ok.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, MEA, 30 feet up.

[Master] Please allow me to remap y'all.

[Ryan] thanks.

[Defthon (Don)] Heh.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Can you show us where the new dome is, on the map?

[Defthon (Don)] . . .

[Master] (roughly)

[Master] damn I lost everyone's initiative.

[Defthon (Don)] Joanne and I were 7

[Velkyna (Joe)] I had a 23.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm up right now at 4. The dragon was at 5.

[Defthon (Don)] The dragon was just before us---9 I think

[Dralafi (Jared)] 22

[Ryan] dragon was 5.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No wait, 26. One behind Lia.

[Defthon (Don)] Sorry, just after us, Shot's right

[Ryan] prax and shott are 4.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I was 19

[Roger (Jeff)] 15

[Ryan] 14

[Lia (Angie)] 26

[Defthon (Don)] Did you move me, Mike? I thought I was up higher. Maybe not, though.

[Aric (Brian)] 19\

[Master] ty

[Defthon (Don)] Doesn't matter much anyway. :)

[Master] Shottamip, you're up.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So. 30 feet up - what do I see?

[Master] *thinks*

[Shottamip (Tamora)] A head or wing or anything?

[Master] You see Corentur landing on the other side of the mirror.

[Master] The new, smaller one -- he is getting his feet and taking a moment to regain his sense.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Specifically, my feet are 30 feet up, so I suppose my view is from 34 feet.

[Master] lol

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, thanks.

[Defthon (Don)] So he accidentally slipped ...?

[Arkady (Ryan)] zap 'im!

[Defthon (Don)] Huh

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Haste: gives the target an extra partial action and a +4 haste bonus to AC for the next 12 rounds

[Master] woot!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball, empowered: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for ((10d6)*3/2) [((5+2+2+3+2+1+1+4+2+6))*3/2] 42 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Master] beat his SR.

[Master] 21

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Defeat SR: overcomes Spell Resistances up to: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (-2) ** (d20+2+12-2) [15+2+12-2] 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's 29

[Master] ok then.

[Master] ???: Reflex: 32

[Dralafi (Jared)] why is it 29?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It isn't really a skill so the -2 doesn't apply.

[Dralafi (Jared)] oh.

[Master] He looks surprised and really pissed.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So, half damage is 21. Not bad.

[Praxis] Tits on a bull, that's me.

[Master] Lia.

[Lia (Angie)] Run around the dome

[Master] Ok.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, wasn't the smaller dome closer? Wasn't Joanne, Wellington and Roger up against the new dome?

[Master] No.

[Master] The new dome was inside the old dome.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That was the old dome

[Master] The three hiders are hiding in the trees that surrounded the old dome.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oooookay.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The three hiders are hiding in the three concentric domes...

[Master] 90', riright?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh, wait...

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan and I are working the numbers

[Lia (Angie)] Running, in plate, hasted

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, you're shooting over the dome, too.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oops. nevermind

[Master] Right.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 60' I thought

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Heavy armor is 20' move)

[Velkyna (Joe)] 3x 20'

[Master] + 20' for the extra Partial?

[Velkyna (Joe)] And then an extra partial, which would be 20' more.

[Master] This is about right.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless hasting adds +feet to movement as well.

[Arkady (Ryan)] 20 x 3 x 1.5...

[Arkady (Ryan)] I think.

[Lia (Angie)] = 90

[Aedean (Sedlack)] There's no 1.5

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Run is 3x20' for heavy, barring other Feats/magic items

[Lia (Angie)] hasted from boots

[Arkady (Ryan)] the 1.5 is for the extra partial action due to the haste

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That just adds a normal move, though

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Run is a full round action

[Arkady (Ryan)] so 80?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yep

[Master] I think we're covered. Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, here's the thought.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Run straight towards the dome, jump up near the dome, land on the side of the dome, sticking to it with slippers. Then next turn run to the top and start pegging buttpong.

[Lia (Angie)] I assume the dome is slippery

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then the slipperiness of the dome gets to fight the stickiness of her slippers

[Velkyna (Joe)] This dome isn't wet like the outer one. It's just smooth and my slippers can handle smooth.

[Lia (Angie)] what stickiness?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Slippers of Spider Climbing.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Vel's slippers are magical

[Lia (Angie)] ok, I thought we were talking about my move still

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You didn't think i was the only one with magic shoes, did you? :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (is Mike thinking?)

[Arkady (Ryan)] maybe drawing a bigger map...

[Master] ok

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I kind of figured we might need one.

[Master] Run and jump onto the dome.

[Master] Give me a Tumble check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Taking 10 on the jump check (skill mastery) so that's 25' for a running jump.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Tumble: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+23+1) [5+23+1] 29

[Master] The slippers don't work!

[Defthon (Don)] d'oh!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp.

[Master] Vel slides across the dome, unimpeded by friction. She manages to keep her balance.

[Master] How much farther in a running move?

[Velkyna (Joe)] 120' (4x 30)

[Master] And you used up how much?

[Velkyna (Joe)] So maybe 15' more feet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (thought it was 105ish

[Master] Vel skids up the dome.

[Master] Dral

[Velkyna (Joe)] So, I'm on the dome, stablized, but I can't Slipper across it?

[Dralafi (Jared)] Are we all going around the same side?

[Arkady (Ryan)] no

[Dralafi (Jared)] Is anyone going to heal me before I get eaten?

[Master] 4

[Arkady (Ryan)] go other side

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No, I think you're on the dome and sliding around

[Arkady (Ryan)] i'll heal you.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I suspect you'll still be sliding when your turn comes back up. Just keep making those Tumble checks.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or move towards Aedean and he can heal you

[Dralafi (Jared)] Ill make with the going around.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No problem.

[Dralafi (Jared)] apparently I will run off the edge of the world.

[Master] yeah, yeah.

[Master] hang on, lemme redraw this damn map again. :)

[Master] Is that making sense now?

[Defthon (Don)] That's what I'm talking about.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Much, much better

[Dralafi (Jared)] thanks

[Master] Yeah, there we go.

[Master] Imagine that there are trees all the way around in the same pattern as the trees some folks are hiding under.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay

[Master] Also, there are more bodies, but the ones inside the first mirror are fresh.

[Master] Aric

[Arkady (Ryan)] fascinating

[Aric (Brian)] hrm


[Defthon (Don)] They must have been preserved by the dome

[Defthon (Don)] I wonder if they're all dead yet?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or it's some sort of temporal stasis effect

[Aric (Brian)] do we want to all work on circling this thing?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Some folks should stay generally on this side

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think we should.

[Dralafi (Jared)] someone else better, cause I am tasty and good with ketchup

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If there are more bodies inside, then I feel something of a moral obligation to dispel all existing domes so that we can take all the dead paladins home.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes, aric, follow dral

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Not right now, of course.

[Aric (Brian)] ok sorry just want to check my speed

[Master] If you skate across you'll get most of the way there.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'm coming that way, too

[Aric (Brian)] i think i'll wait a bit rather than rushing around

[Aric (Brian)] but will run over that way

[Arkady (Ryan)] no, rush! get into melee

[Lia (Angie)] RUN

[Aric (Brian)] that's scary

[Aric (Brian)] ok want me to run farther?

[Arkady (Ryan)] please

[Arkady (Ryan)] wow!

[Velkyna (Joe)] We need to be spread out, but not too spread out.

[Aric (Brian)] ok that's about the extent i can run

[Aric (Brian)] 240 ft

[Arkady (Ryan)] nicely done

[Aric (Brian)] is running a full action?

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes

[Velkyna (Joe)] yeah

[Aric (Brian)] ok. was thinking of trying to "hide" if i could

[Aric (Brian)] but nevermind

[Master] Aedean.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Running

[Lia (Angie)] trees go all the way around

[Master] yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's all for me 20'x5

[Master] Roger.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Roger (Jeff)] ok

[Roger (Jeff)] that's it

[Arkady (Ryan)] me, yes?

[Angie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] ok

[Master] yes

[Jeff] I am away from the keyboard.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i'd need to get within 30 feet of dral to inspire greatness, so that

[Arkady (Ryan)] 's not happening this round.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I will standard move, then activate a cure which I will hold for delivery until praxis can land on him.

[Defthon (Don)] Rulesmeistern: Picking up my sword will be a MEA. I clearly can't *run* (x4) in addition to that; can I double-move? PH p126 is unclear.

[Master] Where is your sword?

[Defthon (Don)] At my feet, I'm pretty sure

[Master] Ah.

[Master] THen you can double-move.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, thx

Joanne hides

[Master] Def

[Defthon (Don)] I grab my sword off the ground (MEA) and then double-move.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(1+1)] -2 HP recovered

[Master] ok

[Arkady (Ryan)] oops, rolled it early.

[Corentur] By the gods, what is going on?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um.

Corentur charges Aric

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is it actually speaking, or are we eavesdropping on its internal monologue/

[Jeff] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] can i try to tumble or dodge it?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's what your AC is for.

[Master] Indeed.

[Master] It spoke there.

[Defthon (Don)] The plot thickens.

[Aric (Brian)] Um, is it too late to parley?

Corentur laughs

[Corentur] Corentur: Attack: Bite hits AC: 36

[Corentur] Corentur's attack of 36 (probably) hits Aric

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, you have the dodge feat, so you can get another +1 by saying you're dodging it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It IS a black dragon.

[Corentur] Corentur: Damage: Bite does 15 points of damage.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC well better that than acid...

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dunno. You can reflex save the acid.

[Corentur] I'm gonna rule that he gets a pair of wing attacks, but no claw attacks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] WING BUFFET

[Corentur] Corentur: Attack: 2 Wings hits AC: 25

[Corentur] Corentur's attack of 25 (probably) hits Aric

[Corentur] Corentur: Damage: 2 Wings does 12 points of damage.

[Roger (Jeff)] Mmm.... buffet

[Corentur] Corentur: Attack: 2 Wings hits AC: 37

[Corentur] Corentur's attack of 37 (probably) hits Aric

[Corentur] Corentur: Damage: 2 Wings does 13 points of damage.

[Corentur] Aric's hit points adjusted to 30 (-40) - Heavily Wounded

Corentur tears the shit out of Aric.

[Master] Shottamip.

[Arkady (Ryan)] um, if he's dodging, he was AC 25.

[Master] Corentur has +2 to hit because of charging.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Plus if you meet the AC, that's a hit.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can still see the dragon, I assume?

[Arkady (Ryan)] sigh. hoping too hard.

[Master] Yep.

[Master] Aric, if you'd like to give yourself a temp +1 AC, that'd make a certain amount of sense.

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But it's right next to Aric. Do I think I can aim another fireball at it without scorching him?

[Aric (Brian)] i sure as hell will dodge it

[Velkyna (Joe)] I assume so. He's fucking huge.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] How big is the dragon? The icon is only around twice the size of us.

[Master] He's not just next to Aric; he's chewing on Aric.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That too.

[Master] Yeah, that's an issue.

[Arkady (Ryan)] aim at the tail?

[Dralafi (Jared)] hit his ass. itll be like a mile away then.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But you can hit him such that you hit his ass and Aric's out of bounds.

[Master] That's better.

[Master] Heh, he thought you weren't quite that insane.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Huh?

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh, we are.

[Master] He figured that if he engaged one of you in melee combat, the area effect attacks would lay off.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] Did you say how large it was?

[Master] He's like 30' long; he's pretty big.

[Master] I just cranked up the size of his icon.

[Master] Sorry, 20' long.

[Master] And 10' tall.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, then I will aim a fireball around 10 feet off its tail.

[Arkady (Ryan)] "Alas, poor Aric. I knew him, Horatio."

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball, empowered: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for ((10d6)*3/2) [((4+4+1+4+6+1+4+4+1+4))*3/2] 49 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Master] E fucking gad.

[Master] Beat the SR>

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Defeat SR: overcomes Spell Resistances up to: (d20+2+12) [20+2+12] 34

[Velkyna (Joe)] AW YEAH

[Shottamip (Tamora)] i think that worked

[Master] Corentur: Reflex: 29

[Velkyna (Joe)] SUCK IT PIMP BOY

[Master] ow.

[Master] Praxis follows Dral.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And I succeeded in missing Aric?

[Master] Yes.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Y'know, I would like to finish my move here.

[Master] ooh, point.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right.

[Master] Second fireball . . . yikes.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and now the cure goes off for a measly two.

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball, empowered: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for ((10d6)*3/2) [((4+6+2+1+4+4+4+3+4+5))*3/2] 55 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Master] SR again.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Defeat SR: overcomes Spell Resistances up to: (d20+2+12) [17+2+12] 31

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Artillery is your savior, baby.

[Master] Corentur: Reflex: 23

[Arkady (Ryan)] AMEN!

[Velkyna (Joe)] So close.

[Master] That's -27.

[Master] Praxis does his little thang.

[Dralafi (Jared)] Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Does it look injured?

[Dralafi (Jared)] I think that just woke it up.

begin transcript from Brian

[Master] The other mirror disappears.

[Velkyna (Joe)] On the up side, it should leave Aric alone next round.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If you all could finish it off before it comes for me, I wouldn't mind. :):)

[Master] In the center is a swirling battle between orcs and mounted paladins.

Don has left the game.

[Dralafi (Jared)] MAN DOWN!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Don is overwhelmed by the stasis effect.

resume transcript from Don

Don has joined the game.

Jeff has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !!!

[Defthon (Don)] That was interesting.

Jared has left the game.

Sedlack has left the game.

[Master] At its center, a

[Master] I ran out of memory for a bit there.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, is the dragon still alive?

Jared has joined the game.

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Jared] mike, you have to stop with thew game killing map updates.

[Sedlack] What happened?

[Velkyna (Joe)] The followers of chaos out of control.

[Jared] I know you lurve the drama ;)

[Master] hehe

[Sedlack] I get the impression more domes were dispelled

[Defthon (Don)] That was interesting.

[Jared] thats a lot of paladins. I hope they like us.

[Master] The second dome disappeared.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Not us. Maybe the dragon?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Didn't Mike say there were orcs too?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, here they come.

Jeff has joined the game.

[Jared] hes desperate to kill the connections, inst he?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh fucking great.

begin transcript from Brian

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Why are the paladins in red? Shouldn't they be neutral to us or something?

[Aric (Brian)] hey at least the paladins are still alive. some help i guess

[Aric (Brian)] and um, an athatch

Joe has left the game.

[Aric (Brian)] maybe we can get everyone to attack the dragon

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Vel crapped her pants

[Aric (Brian)] then settle our batllte with orcs

Don has left the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I second Brian.

[Aric (Brian)] orcs and humans! against the dragon!

[Master] Ok who died?

Joe has joined the game.

[Jared] seriously with the dropping people.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Are the dinks and orcs fighting each other?

[Master] Sorry.

[Velkyna (Joe)] STOP THAT.

[Master] Everyone, please change your prefs so that Klooge can access more memory.

[Aric (Brian)] i think don dropped?


[Aric (Brian)] and he just went downstairs

[Master] hehe

[Master] Seriously, I think you're allowed to change your prefs to give Klooge more space.

[Jared] it grows itself, bub.

[Aric (Brian)] i think it's a command line option

resume transcript from Don

Don has joined the game.

Joe is receiving the map...

[Arkady (Ryan)] yeah, it's an option to the java runtime.

Joe has received the map.

[Aric (Brian)] look at kw.bat

[Master] That's what it is -- in kf.bat you can change it.

[Jared] it was using like 70 when i died. it needs more?

[Master] Mine's already huge.

[Aric (Brian)] i never use that since it is so small

[Aric (Brian)] by itself it grows

[Master] Who needs more map?

[Aric (Brian)] you can also garbage collect to free memory

[Master] I just did.

[Master] Sorry about all the droppage.

[Master] Anyone not have the map?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm good.

[Jared] so, the batch starts at 128 and goes to 256. you want me to increase that? seriously? :)

[Master] oh 256 is fine.

[Master] :)

[Master] Mine was 64 at one point. Insufficient.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You can double-click on your char and it'll reload maps for you automatically.

[Jared] cause that what I started with. it killed me.

[Defthon (Don)] I don't have the map.

[Arkady (Ryan)] angie's klooge is hung, using 127 of 128.

[Arkady (Ryan)] mine is running 38 of 128.

[Arkady (Ryan)] go figure

[Master] It'll catch up in a sec.

[Roger (Jeff)] 32/64

[Master] Mine hung for a while, then garbage collected and got back on its feet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You can also clear the chat buffer.

[Master] Or else just quit and reconnect.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That saved me a bunch.

[Master] good thought.

[Roger (Jeff)] I've been on for an hour less, htough

[Master] Since it's all saved on, yes?

[Defthon (Don)] Oh my heavens, where did they come from?

[Master] Under the boardwalk.

[Master] At the center of the melee, a paladin on horseback is holding a featureless mirrored sphere up in the air.

[Arkady (Ryan)] iot's all his fault!

[Master] In the half second before the fighting begins again, it shatters.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Ooh, someone to blame.

[Master] Bodak: Initiative: 14

[Roger (Jeff)] Willem?

[Master] Orc Cleric: Initiative: 11

[Shottamip (Tamora)] hey!

[Master] ATHACH: Initiative: 21

[Shottamip (Tamora)] no bodaks!


[Arkady (Ryan)] roger, do you know thius guy?

begin transcript from Brian

[Master] Lia's turn.

[Roger (Jeff)] No, I looked at the floaty text

[Arkady (Ryan)] lia's machine is still huing.

[Master] I'd restart Klooge then.

[Master] And I'm not sure I'd call Aramil "Lia's machine," precisely.

[Arkady (Ryan)] working.

Angie has left the game.

[Master] Irregular borders are cooler.

Angie has joined the game.

[Arkady (Ryan)] angie asks that someone be sure they are still saving the whole chat log...

[Defthon (Don)]

[Master] It is Lia's turn.

[Defthon (Don)] but I missed a bit in the middle there.

[Arkady (Ryan)] thank you, Mr. Don

[Master] At the center of the melee, a paladin on horseback is holding a featureless mirrored sphere up in the air.

[Master] In the half second before the fighting begins again, it shatters.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So the dinks are fighting the orcs, right?

[Master] Yes.

[Master] They're good for that.

[Angie] Lia targets Orc Cleric. Distance: 40'11"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** * MC longbow (+3GMWarr) [t] hits AC: ((d20+15+1)) [(11+15+1)] 27

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 27 (probably) hits Orc Cleric

[Defthon (Don)] is off Brian's and is a little more complete at the end there.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, Roger. This is a fine mess you've gotten us into.

[Arkady (Ryan)] actually, I think it looks a bit better now.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** * MC longbow (+3GMWarr) [t] does ((1d8+8+1)) [(2+8+1)] 11 points of damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Fire damage does ((1d6+1)) [(2+1)] 3 points of damage.

[Arkady (Ryan)] every body between me and the dragon is a good body. ;)

[Orc Cleric] (in Orcish)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm more worried about the lack of focus on HELPING ARIC

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** * MC longbow (+3GMWarr) [t] hits AC: ((d20+10+1)) [(17+10+1)] 28

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 28 (probably) hits Orc Cleric

[Arkady (Ryan)] we'll get there eventually...

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** * MC longbow (+3GMWarr) [t] does ((1d8+8+1)) [(5+8+1)] 14 points of damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Fire damage does ((1d6+1)) [(2+1)] 3 points of damage.

[Arkady (Ryan)] dral now has a clear shot without moving, actually.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** * MC longbow (+3GMWarr) [t] hits AC: ((d20+15+1)) [(1+15+1)] 17 [CRITICAL MISS]

[Orc Cleric] Lia reacts quickly, spots an Orc in elaborate armor, and drops three arrows into him.

[Master] Oop, only two.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, two arrows.

[Master] Don't worry about the critmiss.

[Master] Vel.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey, I helped Aric a lot. Don't be whiny.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I assume I drop 5-10 feet to the ground.

[Master] Tumble check to keep your feet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Tumble: ** MODIFIED BY: SKILL (+1) ** (d20+23+1) [11+23+1] 35

[Master] no prob.

[Master] Hey, look a FUCKING BODAK.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We noticed



[Jared] unfortunately, aric is to busy wrestling the dragon to wrestle the bodak

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's going to help out Aric.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Which was her initial plan.

[Arkady (Ryan)] you could shoot from where you are...

[Master] The LotR music starts playing in the background, as Velkyna rushes to aid her distressed half-orc friend.

[Master] Ah, but that would not be Sneak-Attacky.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 2x move (MEA), fire (std), rapid reload.

[Arkady (Ryan)] or go all Eowyn on us. ;)

[Joe] Velkyna targets Corentur. Distance: 76'07"

[Master] ok.

[Aric (Brian)] Corentur: NO MAN CAN DEFEAT ME

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] hits AC: ((d20+20-1)) [(4+20-1)] 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 23 misses Corentur

[Velkyna (Joe)] Gawd, I suck.

[Master] Clean miss.

[Master] Dral.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no woman either, at least this time.

[Jared] Dralafi targets Corentur. Distance: 136'10"

[Arkady (Ryan)] Shoooot!

[Aric (Brian)] ok, elf?

[Jared] Ill take my three shots.

[Jared] wait, thats above a range increment. one sec.

[Corentur] You know you got my sympathy . . .

[Master] Just give yourself a -2 temp attack mod.

[Aric (Brian)] You talking to me?

[Corentur] But don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me.

[Arkady (Ryan)] use all you well-learned ploitesse, or I'll lay your soul to waste?

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20-1)) [(18+20-1)] 37

[Jared] Dralafi's attack of 37 (probably) hits Corentur

[Master] damage.

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20-1)) [(17+20-1)] 36

[Jared] Dralafi's attack of 36 (probably) hits Corentur

[Jared] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(5+7+1)] 13 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Jared] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(6+7+1)] 14 points of damage.

[Master] ok

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** +2 Lbow/+3 Arrow (3rd Shot) [B] hits AC: ((d20+15-1)) [(8+15-1)] 22

[Jared] Dralafi's attack of 22 misses Corentur

[Master] Clean miss.

[Jared] the dragon is going to eat my spleen.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nrrrg

[Master] ATHACH: Attack: Bite hits AC: 22

[Master] ATHACH's attack of 22 misses Lia

[Master] ATHACH: Attack: Huge club [l] hits AC: 29

[Master] ATHACH's attack of 29 (probably) hits Lia

[Master] ATHACH: Attack: Huge club [l] hits AC: 27

[Master] ATHACH's attack of 27 (probably) hits Lia

[Master] ATHACH: Attack: Huge club [l] hits AC: 16

[Master] ATHACH's attack of 16 misses Lia

[Master] oops

[Master] 1 too many attacks there.

[Master] ATHACH: Damage 2: Huge club [m] does 12 points of damage.

[Master] ATHACH: Damage 2: Huge club [m] does 15 points of damage.

[Lia (Angie)] also, +4 AC for boots

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Y'know, that's supposed to go attack [l] [m] [r]

[Master] He skipped m in favor of bite.

[Lia (Angie)] so I'm at AC 30

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah that's right boy.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] okay, but you still did [l] over and over for the attack, then [m] twice for the damage.

[Master] You're counting the Haste twice.

[Master] They're all the same.

[Master] Look at your char sheet -- under Armor you count your Haste bonus by default.

[Jared] has the fear worn off yet? :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yes, I know that, but it's not proper.

[Master] Lia's hit points adjusted to 51 (-27) - Moderately Wounded

[Master] Noted.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Thank you.

[Master] Aric.

[Lia (Angie)] sorry

[Master] (is this enough killing of things?)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Woo!

[Aric (Brian)] ok well first i'm going to wholeness of body and recover 20 HP

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, we haven't killed anything yet.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Well, no, nothing's died yet.

[Arkady (Ryan)] not enough actual kills yet...

[Master] No prob -- it took me a sec to figure out how Lia had such a huge AC without a shield.

[Velkyna (Joe)] JINX

[Corentur] I'll see what I can manage

[Aric (Brian)] then i'm going to try to tumble out of the dragon's grip and get away

[Master] Ok go ahead.

[Master] You aren't grappled.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so will we, you overgrown iguana!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The air elementals "died"

[Master] And is Wholenss of Body a full-round action?

[Brian] Aric's hit points adjusted by 20 to 50.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The bodak is already dead

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wasn't counting them, they were dispelled.

[Aric (Brian)] i'm not sure

[Jared] I recommend hitting the dragon. its gonna be like abother 10 rounds at the rate we're going.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... and we didn't kill that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] True

[Aric (Brian)] well i want to heal.

[Aric (Brian)] not sure if i can attack too

[Velkyna (Joe)] I need Aric on his feet to sneak attack (flank)

[Arkady (Ryan)] no, take him down ASAP, then heal!

[Aric (Brian)] let me check the SRD for wholeness

[Aric (Brian)] i ignore arkady

[Master] Yes.

[Aric (Brian)] yes?

[Jared] wholeness is a generic supernatural ability

[Aric (Brian)] to what?

[Master] I'm thinking it'll be a Partial Action, leaving you a MEA?

[Master] Jared, that make sense to you?

[Jared] yeah, a supernatural is partial unless its specified as longer

[Arkady (Ryan)] yeah, i thin kit's a standard action.

[Master] ok there you go.

[Aric (Brian)] ok so can i do something else?

[Master] No.

[Jared] but you can move

[Aric (Brian)] will that provoke an AoO?

[Master] Not if you "disengage.I

[Jared] if you move multiple times in its threat zone

[Master] I wouldn't bother, though. If you move, he'll turn and eat Velkyna.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No, he has to Tumble to avoid it

[Master] Also a point.

[Aric (Brian)] ok. i'll disengage, and o to the opposite side to support vel

[Aric (Brian)] or i can stand here

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Disengaging is if you do nothing but move

[Master] You wanna just stand there,I think.

[Master] Unless you want to bail.

[Aric (Brian)] ok. i'll pretend i didn't heal myself

[Master] Those are your options.

[Master] Er, okay.

[Arkady (Ryan)] vel wants you to help flank, so stay

[Aric (Brian)] i'll stand my ground

[Master] You can stand and heal.

[Master] Or stand and fight.

[Master] Either is fine.

[Master] But you can't heal and fight.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, I'd prefer it if he do whatever he can to stay alive.

[Aric (Brian)] i'll stand and heal

[Master] :)

[Master] ok.

[Master] Aedean.

[Aric (Brian)] what i meant was to try to not let the dragon know i was in better shape

[Aric (Brian)] unless it's all glowy or somehting

[Master] It

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Bodak. Distance: 77'06"

[Master] You look like Neo doing the little muscle thing to heal himself.

[Velkyna (Joe)] TURN

[Master] It's neither obvious nor inobvious.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll cast Searing Light

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Master] Yesh!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ranged Touch Attack roll

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Light Crossbow [1] hits AC: ((d20+7-1+1)) [(13+7-1+1)] 20

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean's attack of 20 (probably) hits Bodak

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Did I hit?

[Master] yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Searing Light (svu): (DC=(10+6+3) [10+6+3] 19) Light burns the unholy creature of the night for (10d8) [(6+6+1+3+7+3+2+6+5+2)] 41 damage!

[Jared] woohoo!

[Lia (Angie)] YAH!

[Master] whoa.

[Master] Roger.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE.

[Jared] booooooooooooooodak

[Arkady (Ryan)] good spell choice. =)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's Right

[Aric (Brian)] i thought you said the bodak was dead

[Arkady (Ryan)] it will be again soon

[Shottamip (Tamora)] undead. it's a joke

[Master] You're up, halfling mage.

[Master] Foom.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um. Dral.

[Roger (Jeff)] That can't be right. 20 ft radius?

Joe has left the game.

[Roger (Jeff)] crap

[Defthon (Don)] whoops

[Master] There ya go.

Joe has joined the game.

[Roger (Jeff)] I think an orc or two can fit in there

[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp.

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

[Master] Don't mess with the orcs.

[Defthon (Don)] ?

[Master] They're in close combat with the paladins.

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Fireball: (DC=(14+3) [14+3] 17) (7d6+1) [(2+2+2+4+6+2+4)+1] 23

[Master] It's a bad scene.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Master] Orc Cleric: Reflex: ** MODIFIED BY: REF(-2) ** 17

[Master] Bodak: Reflex: 22

[Roger (Jeff)] I think the DC should be 21

[Roger (Jeff)] Because it's an evocation spell

[Master] Ok.

[Master] The bodak takes no damage, since he has a nice DR for fire effects.

Wellington covers Joanne.

[Aric (Brian)] aww

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Perv

[Wellington] Arkady.

[Master] Arkady's up.

[Master] And you all know Wellington only has eyes for Shottamip.

[Arkady (Ryan)] what kind of barrier are the trees?

[Master] Pervious.

[Arkady (Ryan)] can i see through them well enough to cast or shoot?

[Master] Individual trees are pretty good cover, but they're not a wall by any means.

[Master] Yes.

[Angie] Lia no longer targets Orc Cleric.

[Aric (Brian)] "Pervious"? Perfect for Wellington!

[Arkady (Ryan)] draw bow, shoot orc cleric, or heal dral again? prax, what's dral say?

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's gonna get his ass kicked if there's any perviousness going on.

[Defthon (Don)] Vel is very protective of her ward.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You can say that again.

[Arkady (Ryan)] dral, any comment via prax on desire for healing?

[Jared] yeah, I need mroe of it

[Velkyna (Joe)] A good idea might be to cast darkness on the bodak/cleric.

[Jared] 2 points is not sufficient for one the dragon decides to eat my spleen

[Velkyna (Joe)] (via wand)

[Arkady (Ryan)] darkness is range touch

[Velkyna (Joe)] Cast it on an area, no?

[Master] Plus they get Will saves. If you cast on an area, they just jog out.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Weird Darkness is ranged touch.

[Velkyna (Joe)] True.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and I could only cast it on the area I or prax is in...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's bizarre

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, move more, then heal dral again.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Besides Bodaks loove darkness

[Velkyna (Joe)] But then the bodak can't gaze.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Because we can't see the bodak.

[Arkady (Ryan)] range 30 feet

[Master] BODAK.

[Arkady (Ryan)] on bodak gaze

[Velkyna (Joe)] ATHACH

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(4+1)] -5 HP recovered

[Jared] yeah, if you can take something else out, I can wait on the healing for a turn or two. prolly.

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, I done healed you now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Arkady's not so good with the offensive spells.

[Jared] ok

[Arkady (Ryan)] we need to do more damn SNEAKING

[Velkyna (Joe)] Agreed.

[Jared] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 5 to 26.

[Master] The bodak jogs up.

[Master] It then looks at Lia.

[Master] Fortitude save, please.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NRG

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(+2) ** (d20+7+2) [10+7+2] 19

[Master] DC 15

[Master] Nothing happens.

[Arkady (Ryan)] phew!

[Arkady (Ryan)] wow, lia's popular today!

[Lia (Angie)] EEP!

[Master] The Orc Cleric casts Circle of Doom for 17 points of damage to Lia. Fortitude save DC 19 to cut in half.

[Master] The Bodak heals the same amount.

[Jared] damn.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(+2) ** (d20+7+2) [15+7+2] 24

[Master] Take 8 points of damage from the Orc cleric's spell.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's a nice spell. Dag.

[Master] It's good for evil folks.

Joanne boggles.

[Arkady (Ryan)] should it zap the athach, too?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is there a "Circle of Life" or somesuch.

[Master] "enemies" only.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes.

[Master] And "healing circle."

[Arkady (Ryan)] ah, ok.

[Master] Def's up.

[Angie] Lia's hit points adjusted by -8 to 43.

[Master] I figure he makes an exception for Bodak boy . . . spells act like that.

[Defthon (Don)] I'm not going to be able to hit the bodak, am I? Looks like the damn cleric's in the way.

[Arkady (Ryan)] indeedy.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Actually, the effect hits "All living enemies and undead"

[Master] ah, thanks.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Undead aren't living

[Arkady (Ryan)] so charge!

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, how far can I get on a charge?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lia definitely needs help.

[Master] Def is currently weilding Tsohanoai.

[Master] You can go 60' and attack once on a charge at +2 to hit.

[Defthon (Don)] Right, and they're 90' away.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] On the athach

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ah

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oops, sorry.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Was trying to sextant.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shoot the aflac, then

[Master] You're weilding a sword, not a bow, correct?

[Master] It's time to try to get into the action, if that's the case.

[Defthon (Don)] I'm carrying both at the moment.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Atach is 60ish feet from Def.

[Arkady (Ryan)] then just run up into range for next time

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, I guess.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Athach is 70' from deft

[Velkyna (Joe)] 60ish of movement.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Puts him nearby for melee, no?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] To get into its reach, yes

[Master] You can hit him.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But not to hit it

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, if Mike says so

[Defthon (Don)] What? How?

[Master] I've moved Def around like twice over the course of this.

[Master] I'm not gonna be all "football is a game of inches" just now.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok. Heh. Which one, or my choice?

[Master] The Athach.

[Defthon (Don)] The athach?

[Defthon (Don)] Kewl.

[Defthon (Don)] Now, Tso at +2 for the charge

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Tsohanoai vs eeeevil [b] hits AC: ((d20+9+3+5+1)) [(9+9+3+5+1)] 27

[Lia (Angie)] Flank

[Defthon (Don)] The +1 was from Ark's singing

[Defthon (Don)] Sorry, forgot to target

[Shottamip (Tamora)] eeeevil

[Defthon (Don)] Ark still singign?

[Lia (Angie)] FLANK

[Arkady (Ryan)] flank will help once you're fighting the same target...

[Master] Roll damage.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, how does flanking work again?

[Arkady (Ryan)] song's effect lasts 5 rounds after I stop, so you're still good.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Tsohanoai vs eeeevil [b] does ((1d10+5+3*1.5+1)) [(10+5+3*1+1)] 20 points of damage.

[Master] You have to be on opposite sides of it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You have to be on opposite sides of a creature.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Then you get +2 to hit.

[Lia (Angie)] get on the opposite side

[Master] ATHACH: Fortitude: 26

[Defthon (Don)] (The bow got dropped during the charge, of course)

[Master] 20

[Master] The Athach takes 46 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOYAH

[Arkady (Ryan)] woohoo!

[Master] Tsohanoai cuts deep and burns deeper.


[Aric (Brian)] speaking of burning, i'm likely to be hurt a lot real soon now

[Velkyna (Joe)] Damn, it's going to take forever to do some pally-on-orc-on-pally action.

[Corentur] I'm gonna knock you out. Momma said knock you out.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don't call it a comeback.

[Master] Oh, give me some credit. That's gonna be handled off-camera.


[Master] Corentur: Attack: Bite hits AC: 41

[Master] Corentur's attack of 41 (probably) hits Aric

[Master] Corentur: Damage: Bite does 14 points of damage.

[Master] Corentur: Attack: 2 Claws hits AC: 36

[Master] Corentur's attack of 36 (probably) hits Aric

[Don] Defthon targets ATHACH. Distance: 8'04"

[Master] Corentur: Attack: 2 Claws hits AC: 29

[Master] Corentur's attack of 29 (probably) hits Aric

[Roger (Jeff)] Holy CRAP!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, I tried for the distract manuver.

[Master] Corentur: Damage: 2 Claws does 11 points of damage.

[Defthon (Don)] Guh.

[Master] Corentur: Damage: 2 Claws does 12 points of damage.

[Jared] uh, guys, what about the dragon?

[Master] Aric was very right to heal himself.

[Master] Corentur: Attack: 2 Wings hits AC: 28

[Master] Corentur's attack of 28 (probably) hits Aric

[Velkyna (Joe)] STILL GOING

[Master] Corentur: Attack: 2 Wings hits AC: 24

[Master] Corentur's attack of 24 (probably) hits Aric

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh, i stand corrected. it's a good thing you healed yourself!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I hit it! I hit it a lot!

[Aric (Brian)] hey arkady, fuck you too :)

[Master] That last one missed.

[Jared] is anyone else going to hit the dragon? please?

[Master] Corentur: Damage: 2 Wings does 11 points of damage.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no prob, buddy. ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I. am. on. it.

[Master] Aric's hit points adjusted to 2 (-48) - Massively Wounded

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think "heal and run" might have been the best option, though

[Jared] yeah, I meant besides you vel.

[Corentur] BITCH

[Corentur] Corentur: Attack: Tail slap hits AC: 36

[Corentur] Corentur's attack of 36 (probably) hits Aric

[Velkyna (Joe)] Squeak.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OH SHIT.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ooooops.

[Corentur] Corentur: Damage: Tail slap does 15 points of damage.

[Corentur] Aric's hit points adjusted to -8 (-10) - Dying

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh shit.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] And that was being kind.

[Corentur] Aric goes flying from a contemptuous tail slap by Corentur.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 2 minus 15 isn't usually -8.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, I thought you couldn't tail slap something you were clawing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I.e. you tail slap something behind you.

[Master] Lemme check.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] WAIT

[Velkyna (Joe)] He can't get his tail all the way around in front.

[Aric (Brian)] please

[Aedean (Sedlack)] POSSIBLY NOT DEAD

[Roger (Jeff)] For the love of Zod!

[Velkyna (Joe)] What did he do, the hokey pokey to turn himself around?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, I'm obviously trying to save Aric here, but this is silly.

[Master] The tail slap is supposed to be reaching around front.

[Master] They have a "tail sweep" which is rear-oy.

[Master] One cannot do a tail slap and a "tail sweep."

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm calling bullshit on this.

[Master] Lemme find the SRD.

[Master] I don't want to whack people and have them feel like it's inappropriate.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I find it silly that a huge dragon can bite, claw, claw, wing, wing, and then TAIL a single man-sized creature.

[Velkyna (Joe)] In one round.

[Master] Or almost-whack people. :)

[Master] Yeah, well.

[Master] I was supposed to auto-grapple Aric with each bite and claw attack, and I didn't feel like dealing with it.

[Aric (Brian)] that's 6 seconds!

[Master] I'm checking the 3.5 rules to see if they cleared itup

[Aric (Brian)] ok i'm going to do what aric might be doing and visit the restroom. back in a couple.

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Can the dragon really do that many attacks in one round?

[Master] 1) Yes.

[Master] Here's the SRD.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] It's supposed to, yes. It's a dragon and it's badass.

[Master] The bite is at full attack bonus and the rest are at -5.

[Master] It doesn't get the tail slap until it's Huge.

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is it huge?

[Master] Yeah.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I see a BAB of +22

[Master] Mature Adult.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay.

[Master] Yeah.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] so +22/+17/+12/+7/+2

[Velkyna (Joe)] I mean, I'm not trying to be pissy. I just find it silly is all.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's five attacks

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Not 6

[Master] If it was a person, yes.

[Master] But it has the Creature Multiattack Feat.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ah

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OK

[Master] Which means that it gets 1 primary and N secondary attacks.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I guess

[Arkady (Ryan)] and it's a _dragon_. they're supposed to be extra-gross. :/

[Master] Where N is more or less limited by the imagination of the sicko writing the description.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 5 attacks is still pretty gross

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Aric (Brian)] man, i'm totally going to lightning fists it with my ... five ... attacks

[Master] Aric's down; he's not yet out.

[Master] Shottamip.

[Aric (Brian)] actually that's probably not what i'd do. i could use the +5 to fewer attacks

[Arkady (Ryan)] prax, feel like flying to him?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Thank Olidammara for small favors

[Praxis] (for once not snarky) Yes.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] I guess I'll continue to attempt to keep Aric alive by whaling on the dragon.

[Arkady (Ryan)] that works.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball, empowered: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for ((10d6)*3/2) [((1+3+5+5+4+1+5+5+2+1))*3/2] 48 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Master] Beat the SR.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Defeat SR: overcomes Spell Resistances up to: (d20+2+12) [7+2+12] 21

[Master] ok.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] not enough?

[Master] Corentur: Reflex: 28

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Apparently.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] equal is good enough

[Master] Ok.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball, empowered: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for ((10d6)*3/2) [((2+6+2+5+2+3+3+3+5+2))*3/2] 49 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Defeat SR: overcomes Spell Resistances up to: (d20+2+12) [2+2+12] 16

[Corentur] For the next thirty years, your thigbone will be my toothpick.

[Master] SOrry, didn't beat the SR that time.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yay for spell penetration, all the same.

[Aric (Brian)] what's a thigbone, oh mighty one?

[Master] Definitely.

[Arkady (Ryan)] still, one hit is good!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Related to Yancey Thigpen.

[Corentur] Don't you have some bleeding to do?

[Master] Praxis.

[Aric (Brian)] working on it

[Aric (Brian)] now granted i'm probably not in a shape to actually be speaking :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] umm, prax is under dral.

[Master] (I really do like the image of this dragon savaging Aric, getting him on the ropes, then spinning to tail slap him away while turning to face his next threat)

[Arkady (Ryan)] ui won't let me grab him.

[Arkady (Ryan)] thanks.

[Master] there ya go.

[Master] Whoosh.

[Master] That it for Praxis?

[Aric (Brian)] you know, master, i'm not overly fond of that image myself

[Arkady (Ryan)] he's not planning to sting the dragon, if that's what you mean.

[Master] You'll think it's awesome in two weeks.

[Aric (Brian)] no, i don't like dying

[Master] The orcs and paladins fight in a scene right out of Return of the King.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i didn't like being killed by a dragon much either, bud... sorry. hopefuly, we can keep you from going through that one, too.

[Master] Ogderman releases the sphere, readies a mace, and bashes an orc's brains in. The participants fight for their lives, oblivious to the presence of the adventurers.

[Master] Lia.

[Lia (Angie)] FA drop bow, PA draw sword, full attack on bodak

[Master] Fortitude Save.

[Angie] Lia targets Bodak. Distance: 15'02"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(+2) ** (d20+7+2) [17+7+2] 26

[Master] Heh.

[Master] Kick it.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(12+18+1)] 31

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 31 (probably) hits Bodak

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((4+5)+11+1)] 21 points of damage.

[Master] Claidemn Soluis sings as he is expertly wielded.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+13+1)) [(15+13+1)] 29

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 29 (probably) hits Bodak

[Master] Ancient elvish marches

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((2+4)+11+1)] 18 points of damage.

[Master] Songs the warrior gods recognize.

[Master] Cleave.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM

[Velkyna (Joe)] CLEAVE

[Arkady (Ryan)] WOHOOOOO

[Jared] cleave the dragon, would you?

[Angie] Lia targets Orc Cleric. Distance: 14'05"

[Arkady (Ryan)] the sword isn't *that* long

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm glad you all are having fun against the warm-up act.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(18+18+1)] 37 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(17+18+1)] 36 [CRITICAL HIT (x2)]

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 36 (probably) hits Orc Cleric [PROBABLY A CRITICAL HIT]

[Master] Damage.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((3+6)+11+1)] 21 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The main course is going to fuck us up over here without anyone to flank for Vel.

[Master] Cleave.

[Aric (Brian)] CLEAVE

[Arkady (Ryan)] WOOHOOOOOO!

[Angie] Lia targets ATHACH. Distance: 7'07"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(7+18+1)] 26

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 26 (probably) hits ATHACH

[Arkady (Ryan)] hallelujah Corellon Larethian!

[Master] Damage.

[Aric (Brian)] CLEAVE

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((6+6)+11+1)] 24 points of damage.

[Master] Any attacks left?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Doesn't she get three?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Haste

[Velkyna (Joe)] (in a full attack)

[Master] She drew a sword for her Partial Action.

[Lia (Angie)] PA to draw sword

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ah

[Master] Velkyna.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well shit.

[Master] So much for Plan A.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Is its back to me? As in, would I be able to sneak attack it sans flanking?

[Arkady (Ryan)] you and dral will both shoot again before it goes

[Master] Not if you're, um, visible.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, but Vel and Dral won't kill it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's got at least 120 or so hits left.

[Arkady (Ryan)] blargh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Seriously.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Now that the Bodak is gone, help will be coming

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh, i believe you. hence the blargh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck fuck fuck.

[Arkady (Ryan)] um, hang in there?

[Velkyna (Joe)] She'll fire, rapid reload, fire, rapid reload.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] She's got to distract it from eating Aric.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No range penalties.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] hits AC: ((d20+20-1)) [(19+20-1)] 38 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] hits AC: ((d20+20-1)) [(7+20-1)] 26

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 26 misses Corentur [NO CRITICAL HIT]

[Master] ok

[Jared] curses

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-1) ** Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] hits AC: ((d20+15-1)) [(11+15-1)] 25

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna's attack of 25 misses Corentur

[Master] roll damage for 1 attack.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (-1) ** Light Crossbow (GMW) [b] does ((1d8+3-1)) [(3+3-1)] 5 points of damage.

[Corentur] I like your spunk. I'll eat you last.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Seriously guys. Quit fucking around over there.

[Corentur] Dral.

[Jared] I'll take my standard three shots.

[Master] Go.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] This is what Aric gets for being so damn fast.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, don't blame this on him.

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-3) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20-3)) [(17+20-3)] 34

[Jared] Dralafi's attack of 34 (probably) hits Corentur

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-3) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20-3)) [(20+20-3)] 37 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x3)] Rolling again...

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-3) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] hits AC: ((d20+20-3)) [(8+20-3)] 25

[Jared] Dralafi's attack of 25 misses Corentur [NO CRITICAL HIT]

[Master] Aric is better used as a second wave than as a first one - he's flexible as hell but a little fragile.

[Aric (Brian)] you know, i was happier when we were back blaming roger

[Master] aw.

[Jared] Dralafi: Attack: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-3) ** +2 Lbow/+3 Arrow (3rd Shot) [B] hits AC: ((d20+15-3)) [(9+15-3)] 21

[Jared] Dralafi's attack of 21 misses Corentur

[Jared] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(8+7+1)] 16 points of damage.

[Master] 2 hits; Dral's still the machine of death and destruction.

[Jared] Dralafi: Damage: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** +2 LBow/+3 Arrow (1st 2 shots) [B] does ((1d8+7+1)) [(8+7+1)] 16 points of damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE.

[Jared] if only I got the crit. alas.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Still wouldn't have killed it. We're fucking worm food here.

[Corentur] How'd that acid bath feel, little one?

[Jared] Guys, seriously, Im about to be a puddle of goo.

ATHACH is too stupid to do anything but fight.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm reminded of a scene from Kimmitt's vampire campaign.

[Master] ATHACH: Attack: Bite hits AC: 25

[Master] ATHACH's attack of 25 misses Lia

[Jared] and 'puddle of goo' is not a clever turn of phrase.

[Master] ATHACH: Attack: Huge club [l] hits AC: 19

[Master] ATHACH's attack of 19 misses Lia

[Master] ATHACH: Attack: Huge club [l] hits AC: 14

[Master] ATHACH's attack of 14 misses Lia

[Master] sux to be him.

[Master] Aedean.

[Master] Which scene?

[Velkyna (Joe)] damn, I can't cut and paste.

[Master] lol

[Master] cntrl-v pastes into the bar.

[Master] chat bar.

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Corentur. Distance: 179'01"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Listen, you pantywaists. I'm not the main asskicker. In fact, I'm not even the #3 asskicker. So how come I'm always the motherfucker doing the John Woo impressions around here? Christ.

[Master] lol

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Casting Flame Strike

[Master] ok.

[Master] No save, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Reflex Save

[Master] got it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And SR

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, you *are* the dragonslayer, sweetpea. =)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Caster Level Check: (1d20+10) [3+10] 13

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean's caster level check of 13 (probably) overcomes Corentur's spell resistance

[Master] Well, no.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mulligan

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Caster Level Check: (1d20+10) [7+10] 17

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean's caster level check of 17 (probably) overcomes Corentur's spell resistance

[Master] Sure.

[Master] Um.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Damn

[Master] Bad news.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh well

[Master] Corentur shrugs off the flame strike and winks at Aedean.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Have to roll bad eventually

[Master] Roger.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Blow me, stinkbreath

[Corentur] All in due time.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bring it

[Roger (Jeff)] hm

[Roger (Jeff)] magic missile the athach

[Master] ok.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no, the dragon!

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger: Magic Missile: (DC=(14+1) [14+1] 15) 4*(1d4+1)

[Master] He doen'st have LOS on the dragon.

[Master] 16

[Arkady (Ryan)] but lia will toast it...

[Roger (Jeff)] (4d4+4) [(2+4+3+4)+4] 17

[Master] There we go.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If the athach dies, Lia can head for the dragon

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd rather have Lia and Defthon spending actions getting over to save our asses.

[Master] Roger's out of position; Lia's a huge badass.

[Wellington] Oh, fuck this.

[Master] Gimme a sec.

[Aric (Brian)] please let this mean that wellington's been hiding that he's an uber-mage

[Shottamip (Tamora)] No, a vampire.

[Master] ok.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... or a very very fast fighter-type.


[Master] Arkady.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] 40' move?

[Master] Apparently.

[Velkyna (Joe)] DER BARBAR

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Or, possibly, just someone willing to run 160 feet to stand in front of a dragon.

[Jared] Um, ok then.

[Jared] as long as hes between it and me.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i'm considering a dim door in to melee the dragon the help vel flank

[Arkady (Ryan)] but i think one more round of move towards them while healing aric to stabilize him.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's better. The dragon goes between you and I. He'd get to slap you around.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not good.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(5+1)] -6 HP recovered

[Arkady (Ryan)] haven't we played this scene before, Vel?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah. New game.

[Master] Aric heals 6 HP/

[Master] ?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yep

[Master] He is stable and no longer losing HP.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yay

[Shottamip (Tamora)] What happens to a bodak when you kill it? I mean, a ghost or spectre just dissolves, right, and a zombie kind of falls apart.

[Master] It just kind of stops. And rots really quickly.

[Joanne] This is totally fucking insane. Where did Wellington go?

[Master] Defthon.

[Defthon (Don)] Attacking the Athach

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, new plan: lia and def take out the athach, then I dim door all three of us onto the dragon.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Tsohanoai vs eeeevil [b] hits AC: ((d20+9+3+5+1)) [(15+9+3+5+1)] 33

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 33 (probably) hits ATHACH

[Master] Damage.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Tsohanoai vs eeeevil [b] does ((1d10+5+3*1.5+1)) [(2+5+3*1+1)] 12 points of damage.

[Master] ATHACH: Fortitude: 29

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack 2: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Tsohanoai vs eeeevil [b] hits AC: ((d20+4+3+5+1)) [(5+4+3+5+1)] 18

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon's attack of 18 (probably) hits ATHACH

[Master] 13

[Master] ATHACH: Fortitude: 22

[Master] 14

[Master] damage.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Tsohanoai vs eeeevil [b] does ((1d10+5+3*1.5+1)) [(5+5+3*1+1)] 15 points of damage.

[Master] The Athach is weaving, barely conscious, rent by burning scores on its back and sides.

[Jared] (why is there a *1.5 in that expression? anmd Im not sure its doing what you want it to)

[Defthon (Don)] That's it for me, I'm not hasted.

[Master] He's using it 2-handed, so STR modifiers are *1.5

[Defthon (Don)] Because I'm wielding a bastard sword two-handed, so I get Str * 1.5

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's not 1.5ing

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If only it would give up its eeeevil ways.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Look at the results.

[Defthon (Don)] It is, but not in the breakdown.

[Jared] yeah.

[Jared] ok. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, okay.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right. It would have been 14, rather than 15.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (If it weren't 1.5ing right)

[Defthon (Don)] Although, the breakdown is now differently-screwed-up than it used to be.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BREATHE ON ME.

[Velkyna (Joe)] HIT ME.

[Defthon (Don)] The result is still correct, though.

[Master] Wellington: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (-2) ** Dagger +2 [R] hits AC: 20

[Master] Wellington's attack of 20 misses Corentur

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I wonder what Wellington's HP is.

[Arkady (Ryan)] goodbye, mr. wellington. been nice knowing you.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh that's not good.

[Wellington] Asshole!

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh, he's not eating you! good.

[Arkady (Ryan)] he's eating dral instead. not good.

[Master] Since he's charging, I'm only going to give him a bite and 2 wing attacks; his claws and tail are being used for locomotion.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck a duck.

[Master] Corentur: Attack: Bite hits AC: 41

[Master] Corentur's attack of 41 (probably) hits Dralafi

[Jared] heh. probably.

[Master] Corentur: Damage: Bite does 13 points of damage.

[Jared] by guys.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 41?

[Master] Corentur: Attack: 2 Wings hits AC: 26

[Master] Corentur's attack of 26 (probably) hits Dralafi

[Jared] bye.

[Velkyna (Joe)] This is what I'm fucking talking about.

[Velkyna (Joe)] While you guys are lollygagging over there.

[Jared] WAIT. ROCK.

[Master] Corentur: Damage: 2 Wings does 8 points of damage.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Is this charging with multiple attacks part of this creature multiple attack feat thing?

[Arkady (Ryan)] and how exactly were the supposed to get there?

[Master] Yeah.

[Defthon (Don)] Vel, shut the hell up.

[Master] Dralafi's hit points adjusted to 5 (-21) - Massively Wounded

[Aric (Brian)] Corentul is doing a brand new dance now. COME ON BABY DO THE LOCOMOTION

[Master] Corentur: Attack: 2 Wings hits AC: 31

[Master] Corentur's attack of 31 (probably) hits Dralafi

[Jared] DEAD

[Master] Corentur: Damage: 2 Wings does 8 points of damage.

[Master] Dralafi's hit points adjusted to -3 (-8) - Dying

[Master] Dral goes down.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] *sigh*

[Jared] no claws? I feel left out.

[Master] See above comment.

[Master] Shottamip.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I calls 'em like I sees 'em. And I sees 'em like we're dying over here.

[Arkady (Ryan)] don't say shit like that, amn

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You mean, "i feel NOT DEAD.'

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Same shit, different turn.

[Jared] I'm gonna grab a snack.

[Jared] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball, empowered: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for ((10d6)*3/2) [((6+2+3+1+6+6+5+6+1+1))*3/2] 55 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage, DC (10+3+7) [10+3+7] 20)

[Master] beat the SR>

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Defeat SR: overcomes Spell Resistances up to: (d20+2+12) [14+2+12] 28

[Master] Corentur: Reflex: 18

[Shottamip (Tamora)] yes!!

[Defthon (Don)] heeeee.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Holy crap.

[Arkady (Ryan)] WAAAAAAHOOOOOO!!!!!!

[Corentur] What the . . . BOOM!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whew

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You failed to dodge.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Lessee, I'm too far away to heal anybody this turn.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is anything left other than random orcs?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] MM the Athach or something

[Corentur] Empowered Magic Missile one of the radom orcs.

[Arkady (Ryan)] magic missile the athach

[Corentur] Or the Athach.

[Aric (Brian)] aren't you dead?

[Master] Out of general principle.

[Corentur] Aren't you?

[Aric (Brian)] not yet

[Tamora] Shottamip targets Orc Raider. Distance: 102'04"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ATHACH

[Master] Saved time.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Serpents, empowered: sends 5 green serpents flying through the air to strike the target(s) for ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(1+1)*3/2] 3, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(3+1)*3/2] 6, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(2+1)*3/2] 4, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(3+1)*3/2] 6, and ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(2+1)*3/2] 4 damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] Too late.

[Master] Hey, I guessed righ!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ?

[Master] hehe.

[Master] How much damage it'd do.

Jeff has left the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Did that calculate right, give you a total to apply?

[Master] Not sure.

[Master] I killed him to save time first. :)

Jeff has joined the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] nemmind then.

[Arkady (Ryan)] is aric still negative?

[Arkady (Ryan)] how negative is dral?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah.

[Master] but no longer decreasing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dral's dying tho.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aric is negative, but stable

[Master] Praxis's turn.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think he's at -3

[Master] You really wouldn't know that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, no.

[Arkady (Ryan)] true. dral is more than 30 feet from me, so prax should fly to him.

[Master] Shottamip's the firestarter. Twisted firestarter.

[Arkady (Ryan)] thanks, pal.

[Praxis] Take that, you overgrown boil!

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip Dragonfryer.

[Master] Orcs start dying very quickly now.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] GREAT CLEAVE

[Defthon (Don)] How did that work?

[Master] ...while the Paladins use their last few healing abilities to take care of their own.

[Arkady (Ryan)] kill the oorcs, kill the oorcs, kill the oorcs, kill the oorcs!

[Jared] I am back at the keyboard.

[Willem Ogderman] Thank Heironeous. We are victorious at last.

[Defthon (Don)] Lia finished off the athach?

[Aric (Brian)] is the athatch dead?

[Arkady (Ryan)] Hail paladins of Heironeous!

[Master] Lia, could you give it one last whack, please?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel runs over to where she last saw Joanne.

[Angie] Lia targets ATHACH. Distance: 7'03"

[Arkady (Ryan)] We come from your temple in search of you!

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack 1: ** MODIFIED BY: ATTACK (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] hits AC: ((d20+18+1)) [(3+18+1)] 22

[Lia (Angie)] Lia's attack of 22 (probably) hits ATHACH

[Arkady (Ryan)] (while going to heal Dral, of course.)

[Master] Arkady, stabiliize Dral . . . Aedean,you want to take care of Aric?

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage 2: ** MODIFIED BY: DAMAGE (+1) ** Claidemn Soluis [t] does ((2d6+11+1)) [((6+1)+11+1)] 19 points of damage.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(5+1)] -6 HP recovered

[Brian] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] After Tsohanoai ravages its body, Claidemn Soluis takes its head.

Velkyna (Joe) exhales finally once she sees Joanne is okay. "Oh thank fuck."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditching a Giant Vermin...

[Defthon (Don)] whee

[Master] Jared, Brian, Chris, Ryan, please take care of the details.

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Aric. Distance: 11'11"

Joanne throws her arms around Velkyna

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Critical Wounds: (DC=(10+6+4) [10+6+4] 20) (0-(4d8+10)) [0-((4+8+4+5)+10)] -31 HP recovered

Shottamip (Tamora) drifts back towards the ground.

[Sedlack] Aric's hit points adjusted by 31 to 29.

Velkyna (Joe) embraces Joanne tightly.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(3+1)] -4 HP recovered

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(5+1)] -6 HP recovered

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditching a Divine Power

Wellington wanders back toward the field.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Critical Wounds: (DC=(10+6+4) [10+6+4] 20) (0-(4d8+10)) [0-((2+3+8+2)+10)] -25 HP recovered

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, that's 14 so far for dral

[Sedlack] Aric's hit points adjusted by 25 to 54.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(6+1)] -7 HP recovered

[Willem Ogderman] Form ranks, men! We've got several miles to the mustering point.

Shottamip (Tamora) goes over to look at the fried dragon.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(4+1)] -5 HP recovered

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: cure light wounds (wand): (0-(1d8+1)) [0-(5+1)] -6 HP recovered

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditching a Calm Emotions

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Moderate Wounds: (DC=(10+6+2) [10+6+2] 18) (0-(2d8+10)) [0-((4+5)+10)] -19 HP recovered

[Arkady (Ryan)] 14+18=32

[Sedlack] Aric's hit points adjusted by 19 to 70.

[Jared] 33 I think; you misses one ;)

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Dralafi. Distance: 132'09"

Sedlack has left the game.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Lord Paladin! May we speak with you?

[Jared] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 33 to 30.

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Welcome back.

[Aric (Brian)] Wellington...thank you. I sensed that you came to help.

[Sedlack] Aedean no longer targets Aric.

[Wellington] My happy ass you did.

[Wellington] But I'm glad you're not dead.

[Sedlack] All targets for Aedean removed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditching a Prayer

[Aric (Brian)] As am I...that wyrm...nasty creature.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Serious Wounds: (DC=(10+6+3) [10+6+3] 19) (0-(3d8+10)) [0-((5+4+7)+10)] -26 HP recovered

[Arkady (Ryan)] thanks for finsihing up with dral, aedan.

[Sedlack] Dralafi's hit points adjusted by 26 to 54.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No prob

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mayhap we should speak to our new friends

[Jared] thanks

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Arkady's been trying.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I've been trying...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] lia, Def, you wanna get their attention/

[Master] Who the blazes are you, young man?

[Willem Ogderman] Who the blazes are you, young man?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ditching a Dispel Magic

[Arkady (Ryan)] My friends and I have come in search of you.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Cure Serious Wounds: (DC=(10+6+3) [10+6+3] 19) (0-(3d8+10)) [0-((8+6+6)+10)] -30 HP recovered

[Sedlack] Lia's hit points adjusted by 30 to 73.

[Lia (Angie)] thanks

[Arkady (Ryan)] I bring this amulet from galen who serves your temple

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You're welcome. That should do it for now...

[Lia (Angie)] yes

[Willem Ogderman] Galen . . .

[Arkady (Ryan)] you have been gone longer than you may think, my lord.

[Defthon (Don)] Two years passed while you were fighting that battle.

Willem Ogderman looks around.

[Willem Ogderman] (quietly) Say it quickly and quietly for my ears only, young man.

[Arkady (Ryan)] the mirrored orb you held appeared to have frozen you in time.

[Willem Ogderman] I know what it did, tell me how long.

[Defthon (Don)] About two years.

[Arkady (Ryan)] you have been missing and presumed dead for over two years.

Willem Ogderman reels

[Willem Ogderman] Two years . . . the horse lords sent no aid?

[Arkady (Ryan)] we don't know. we have been trying to find that out ourselves.

[Willem Ogderman] Where were the promised levies from Mercia?

[Arkady (Ryan)] we don't know that either.

[Willem Ogderman] Why, Eflense himself gave his word he'd bring three thousand good men.

[Defthon (Don)] !!!!!!

[Willem Ogderman] And when Eflense decides to do something, it gets done.

[Arkady (Ryan)] eflense has been acting strangely of late.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC do we have Message going?

[Master] Yes.

Willem Ogderman surveys things a little more, notices the dragon, and blanches.

[Defthon (Don)] Message: these guys are paladins---do we explain how evil Eflense is/has become?

[Willem Ogderman] That was why I used the orb (murmuring)

[Arkady (Ryan)] not immediately

[Arkady (Ryan)] we encountered it on our way in to you.

[Willem Ogderman] I knew that the creature would destroy us . . . an Athach anvil and a draconic hammer.

[Defthon (Don)] Message: If we can convince them, they'll be with us; but if not, they'll assume we're just trying to turn them on their ally. :P

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, if i may be so bold my lord, that's why we were sent to find you.

[Willem Ogderman] Sent?

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, volunteered.

[Paladin] Sir, should we be moving?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: On the plus side, Eflense's apparent treachery will probably help us convince them

[Defthon (Don)] Message: Ark, where are you going with this?

[Willem Ogderman] A moment, lad. I need to parley with our reinforcements here.

[Arkady (Ryan)] message: i just want to keep them talking and make them like us!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] Message: Hm, ok...

[Arkady (Ryan)] message: and its working

[Master] Don't try to shade thetruth with Ogderman; he'll see right through it in a few minutes when he's got his bearings.

[Master] You can present stuff in the right order, but don't add new things. :)

[Defthon (Don)] I don't think we need to move---there really isn't anybody in the near vicinity.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: umm, ryan is a bit out of his depth here, given that he's only skimmed the logs.

[Defthon (Don)] oh, right, duh.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok.

[Wellington] Look at that goddamn thing. You were insane to engage it ahead of everyone else, Aric.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'm delighted to roleplay this, but somebodsy needs to get my facts straight.

[Master] Def should take the lead, since he's also a Paladin. He'll speak in the right fashion.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Why don't we let one of the paladins take over.

[Defthon (Don)] What kind of relationships did you have with the Horse Lords, and with Eflense?

[Aric (Brian)] Well I was trying to sneak up on it. I figured we'd all surround it. Well that didn't quite happen.

[Arkady (Ryan)] my lord, may I introduce you to Defthon, a paladin who travels with us.

[Arkady (Ryan)] message: don't talk too much of eflense too soon

[Arkady (Ryan)] message: work up to it gradually.

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: I'll see what I can do. I'll let him answer the question first...

[Willem Ogderman] Well met, young man.

[Arkady (Ryan)] message: explain what he's missed in the last two years, and where we're from.

Willem Ogderman waves off the question

[Willem Ogderman] First things first -- where are the orcish armies?

[Arkady (Ryan)] attacking the elves.

Willem Ogderman sits back on his horse

[Arkady (Ryan)] we've not seen them near here.

[Defthon (Don)] That's not entirely clear, but they probably joined the orcish armies further south

[Defthon (Don)] fighting the elves.

[Willem Ogderman] (murmurs) They were clearing off their flank . . .

[Defthon (Don)] Probably.

[Willem Ogderman] Bastards.

[Arkady (Ryan)] indeed, my lord.

[Willem Ogderman] And where is the Thane mustered, then?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sorry, was distracted. Have you mentioned that the horse lords seem to be decimated? (C.f. "Wars of destruction" from Jora)

[Arkady (Ryan)] we have heard nothing of him in years.

[Master] (it's okay if you don't know what that means.)

[Defthon (Don)] We actually came (most recently) from down there; the elves had lost contact with the humans in this area and sent us to investigate.

[Arkady (Ryan)] the local villagers say all their men were killed in the fighting.

[Defthon (Don)] The Thane leads the Horse Lords?

[Master] (hang on hang on)

[Master] You haven't been here for two weeks yet.

[Master] Don't pretend to knowledge you don't have. :)

[Willem Ogderman] Aye, lad.

[Arkady (Ryan)] by we I mean the people we've talked to on the way.

[Defthon (Don)] We don't know where the Horse Lords are, and were hoping to find them, actually.

Willem Ogderman peers at Defthon quizzically

[Willem Ogderman] Where did you come from, that you know so little of us and yet aid so readily?

[Arkady (Ryan)] we come from very far away by some magical accident.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC We're on a mission from God.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, we found the paladin hall, and Galen told us you had come this way.

[Arkady (Ryan)] recently we met duke estin of the north, and entered his service in some measure.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: Arkady, no need to give our whole life stories here

[Willem Ogderman] Estin . . . I know that name.

[Willem Ogderman] But why are you here?

[Arkady (Ryan)] to find you.

[Defthon (Don)] We came to investigate, and found ourselves engaged by first some air elementals and then a dragon.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: Just let Defthon do the talking for right now

Willem Ogderman grows impatient.

[Defthon (Don)] Then the inner sphere came down and we met the bodak and the athach as well.

[Arkady (Ryan)] galen asked us to find you, and we agreed.

[Willem Ogderman] Why does a man who does not know who the Thane is seek to find the last remnants of Heironeous's legion?

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: how much to say?

[Velkyna (Joe)] ( I think it's time to drop the Eflense bomb on him )

[Arkady (Ryan)] we sought shelter in heironeous's hall.

[Master] Tell them about the elves' trade mission.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no one was there but galen, and we though this odd.

[Arkady (Ryan)] we asked the story, he told us, and asked if we would help.

[Arkady (Ryan)] we did

Willem Ogderman is absorbing Arkady's statements but has Defthon pinned in his gaze.

[Defthon (Don)] When we first came here, we stopped in Czina and found it decimated and under the control of an avaricious mayor emplaced by Eflense.

[Defthon (Don)] It seems that Eflense himself has become...

[Defthon (Don)] rather...

[Defthon (Don)] despotic, I guess, is the best word for it.

Willem Ogderman sits back in his chair

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: thoughts?

[Willem Ogderman] (saddle)

[Willem Ogderman] So . . . it has come to that, then.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mention the elvish trade mission

[Arkady (Ryan)] message: wait for what he says next

[Shottamip (Tamora)] He has a chair??

Willem Ogderman glances again at the dead dragon, Athach, and bodak.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (maybe)

[Willem Ogderman] (saddle)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (bodak)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] gotit

[Velkyna (Joe)] (unleash)

[Aric (Brian)] (mentos)

Willem Ogderman pins Defthon down again.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC ouch!

[Willem Ogderman] You've answered every question but the one I've asked.

[Willem Ogderman] Why did you come to Saxlund?

[Defthon (Don)] We came for your help.

[Defthon (Don)] Why to Saxlund? The elves sent us to reestablish contact. Specifically, trade with Czina.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: I thought I have answered it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (He's getting to it)

Velkyna (Joe) gets exasperated. "Because we're good people. Good people help other good people. "

Velkyna (Joe) has her hands out in a "DER" position.

[Defthon (Don)] By extension, contact with the humans of Saxlund.

Lia (Angie) steps forward

[Defthon (Don)] We sought the paladins of the Hall to assist in dealing with Eflense.

[Willem Ogderman] The elves have had little interest in us for the past forty years; I was a boy when the great ships

[Willem Ogderman] stopped coming to Czina harbor.

[Defthon (Don)] The elves do seem to operate on a different timescale.

[Defthon (Don)] It may well have taken them that long to notice, I'm afraid.

[Lia (Angie)] The elves have been hard pressed for many years

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or it could just be their tendency towards flightiness

[Master] (or maybe they went collectively apeshit when they STOPPED HAVING CHILDREN.)

[Defthon (Don)] OOC That's your cue Joe

Willem Ogderman notices Lia's armor.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That, too

[Willem Ogderman] That is elven made, dragonscale.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC mine too?

[Willem Ogderman] And young man, yours is the same.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes.

[Lia (Angie)] We recently helped the elves in fighting the orcs

[Defthon (Don)] We received it from the elves.

[Wellington] Put your cloak on, Aric. Better not to strain already strained nerves.

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: tell them about the swords?

[Lia (Angie)] and I am bound to the service of corellon Larethin

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: Only if they pressus on the details

[Arkady (Ryan)] msg: yes

Lia (Angie) presents sword

[Shottamip (Tamora)] msg: not relevant right now

[Lia (Angie)] with this

[Aric (Brian)] I'll put my cloak on and wander over to Dral, to see how he is

[Willem Ogderman] That is a magnificent weapon . . .

[Lia (Angie)] I recieved it from Duke Esstin

[Claidemn Soluis] We are well met, Willem Ogdeman.

[Defthon (Don)] /shows Tsohanoai to Willem.

Willem Ogderman starts

Willem Ogderman is even more startled.

[Willem Ogderman] You are no mere trade mission.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's part of a bigger plan.

[Defthon (Don)] Not "mere", perhaps.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no, my lord.

[Wellington] We should skin the dragon.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ooc: we are many things to many people

[Lia (Angie)] But we are looking for trade to help the elves in thier long fight with the orcs

[Wellington] Take its head as a trophy.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Indeed

[Master] The elves would have been well-served to aid us in our hour of need.

[Master] (oops, that was Willem)

[Willem Ogderman] Now the Horse Lords have fallen and . . .

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They did. They sent us

[Arkady (Ryan)] i fear their own need was also dire.

[Willem Ogderman] Yes.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC I don't remember the full history of Czina-elven contact, who does?

[Willem Ogderman] And now Eflense uses their decimation to justify his ambition.

[Arkady (Ryan)] sadly, it would seem so

[Willem Ogderman] I can hear him in council now -- if we are divided we fall; we must unite behind a great leader.

[Arkady (Ryan)] he has contracted tribves of lizard men to enforce his will

[Defthon (Don)] Not in itself a terrible sentiment.

[Willem Ogderman] And if our borders have been safe, his pleas would have fallen upon deaf ears.

[Defthon (Don)] But Eflense is not the great leader that you need.

Willem Ogderman shakes his head

[Lia (Angie)] And his actions are decimating Cszina

[Willem Ogderman] Lizard men, eh?

Willem Ogderman takes a deep breath

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes.

[Defthon (Don)] Yes.

[Willem Ogderman] This is too much for me to digest in a sitting.

[Willem Ogderman] I shall lead my men back to our Hall.

[Arkady (Ryan)] may we travel with you, my lord?

[Willem Ogderman] There, we shall restore its defenses and I reward Galen for his loyal service.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (OOC: We need to speak with dead the dragon again, find its hoard.)

[Willem Ogderman] You may, if you so choose, though if I were you, I'd do something with that dragon.

[Defthon (Don)] The overland route from here to the Hall passes right through Eflense's camp.

[Master] Er, no it doesn't.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes, we will be coming to that, my lord.

[Master] There is no overland route.

[Master] You have to cross the river at some point.

[Defthon (Don)] Doesn't it? I thought we came straight here?

[Defthon (Don)] Yes, but that's overland, as opposed to flying or porting.

[Master] You came from the Hall to the pontoon bridge to here.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, well, whatever.

[Master] Am I confused here?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No, it's probably us

[Master] ok sorry to be unspecific.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, I have a map, but only a vague idea of 1) where we are and 2) where the Eflense camp is

[Velkyna (Joe)] "intentionally vague"

[Defthon (Don)] Right-o.

[Arkady (Ryan)] my lord, eflense recently left guards on your hall to interfere with us.

[Willem Ogderman] Thanks for understanding.

[Master] lol

[Master] That was me, not him.

[Arkady (Ryan)] we defeated them, but he may try something similar in our absence.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC yeah, we got that

Willem Ogderman looks back at his men.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We can probably spend the night in the village, deal with the dragon, and then fly to the Paladin Hall and meet them there

[Defthon (Don)] I suspect that this many men will have no troubles eradicating any guard he sets.

[Willem Ogderman] I know that you are bound to the elves, but I have need of mages and clerics.

[Willem Ogderman] And your strength at arms frankly outmaches ours.

[Defthon (Don)] For what purpose?

[Arkady (Ryan)] what is your plan, my lord? these goals need not conflict.

[Willem Ogderman] Our Hall has many resources; I would contract you to defend it for two weeks.

[Defthon (Don)] We have fairly broad authority from the elves to fulfill our mission

[Willem Ogderman] Until such time as I can reestablish my levies and satisfy myself as to our defensibility.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and two weeks seems but a short time

[Lia (Angie)] We would see you safe returned to your hall, at least

[Willem Ogderman] Is it safe to camp here?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (we also need to get all this fallen paladin arms/armor back to the pally hall)

[Defthon (Don)] ---it seems clear that assisting you definitely contributes to the stability of Saxlund and the eventual restoration of contact and trade.

[Lia (Angie)] I agree

[Arkady (Ryan)] (vel: i think they can handle that)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (do they all have horses?)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] They probably have extra horses at this point.

[Master] (only a few, now; most of them lost them at some point.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or at least they can carry stuff

[Defthon (Don)] Even if not, we've got the carpets to ride alongside them.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC horsies

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I LOVE HORSIES!)

[Arkady (Ryan)] msg: don't forget the dragon...

[Master] (but these are pretty tough guys; they'll do what it takes.

[Defthon (Don)] If we all march back, the carpets could be used as floating cargo barges, no?

[Defthon (Don)] Oh right. What do we need to do with the dragon?

[Master] (answer Ogderman's question; he's getting testy.

[Master] )

[Velkyna (Joe)] Strip it. Flay it. Get its hoard. Not necessarily in that order.

[Arkady (Ryan)] msg: we can probably fly to catch up with them...

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, camping here is no problem.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I say we can defend their Hall, yes

Willem Ogderman turns his horse around

Willem Ogderman raises his voice

[Lia (Angie)] I

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sure, 2 weeks, more friends, good deal.

[Willem Ogderman] Our reinforcements have cleared the area for us.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC I'm lost as to which question we haven't answered.

[Willem Ogderman] We need retreat no longer.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 'Is it safe to camp here"

[Willem Ogderman] Our dead have waited long for us to emerge from the magics which protected us.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC ok, that's what I thought but then other people were answering the other question. Very confusing. All done now, though.

[Willem Ogderman] I shall explain all in a short time, but until then, we must gather them for burial and secure their artifacts.

[Aric (Brian)] Dral, Wellington, if we are to help these men for two weeks, perhaps we should introduce ourselves as well. I especially would prefer them to know I am no enemy.

[Willem Ogderman] What we have today is not victory, but neither is it defeat. Heironeous has preserved us to serve again.

[Willem Ogderman] Three cheers for the outlanders!

[Defthon (Don)] Once he's done with his speech, I pull out the greatsword from the muster point

[Paladin] Hurrah!

[Defthon (Don)] and give it to him

[Paladin] Hurrah!

[Paladin] Hurrah!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] They seem nice.

[Arkady (Ryan)] waiting until he's done: my lord, if we are to serve you, you should be introduced to each of us.

Paladin s busiy themselves with the grisly tasks of afterbattle work.

[Willem Ogderman] Aye.

Defthon (Don) introduces everyone.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC you want I should actually spell it all out?

Willem Ogderman is more baffled than anything by Aric.

[Willem Ogderman] A . . . monk?

[Willem Ogderman] A new goddess?

[Willem Ogderman] What is she the goddess of?


[Velkyna (Joe)] Prenatal care.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Elf/orc crossbreeds/

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ?

[Aric (Brian)] Indeed. Lady Charis is to be the Lawful Good Goddess of the Orcs.

[Aric (Brian)] OOC I think

[Arkady (Ryan)] daughter of corellon of the elves and a silver dragon

Velkyna (Joe) 's jaw drops.

[Aric (Brian)] And Redemption. That too.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Seriously?

Master nods.

Willem Ogderman nods.

Velkyna (Joe) mutters to herself. "No one tells me anything."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whoa.

[Willem Ogderman] If any time has need of such a one, it is this one.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC that's what you get for missing staff meetings

[Master] (This is new info. Aric just popped out with it.)

[Defthon (Don)] heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: I should check my breakroom mailbox more often, obviously. I must've missed the memo.

[Aric (Brian)] I believe that there are more like myself, who dispise the hatred and evil orcish society breeds. Among other things, I wish to find these good orcs.

[Willem Ogderman] Or create them.

[Willem Ogderman] Men are not just born.

[Willem Ogderman] And righteousness does not come from a single act, but a lifetime of habit.

[Arkady (Ryan)] very true, my lord

[Arkady (Ryan)] but a habit must begin with a single act

[Willem Ogderman] (brb phone)

[Defthon (Don)] OOC why Willem, what's that ringing sound?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: Are we going to do anything about the village at this point?

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: it's heironeous, wondering what willem hasn't been returning calls in two years

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: do we need to?

[Arkady (Ryan)] msg: I say we camp here tonight, and go back in the morning.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: It might be nice to help them out

[Velkyna (Joe)] Msg: No, but we should at least drop by. They're going to think we're dead.

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: they'll see the cloud gone, there's not much more we can do, right?

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: hm, true.

[Lia (Angie)] magic compnents

[Velkyna (Joe)] Msg: And we should help them out, too. LIke Aedean said.

[Arkady (Ryan)] msg: and we owe their adept

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: Umm, we can help them replenish their population

[Velkyna (Joe)] Msg: They certainly need help.

[Arkady (Ryan)] msg: after all, they have already killed the cow for us

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: Well, some of us

[Lia (Angie)] msg: might they know the fate of the Horse Lords?

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Hey, are paladins required to be celibate?

[Arkady (Ryan)] msg: i though "our men are dead" pretty much covered that

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Message: I was sort of under the impression that they are what's left of the Horse Lords

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: yeah, that's what I thought too.

[Willem Ogderman] (back)

[Defthon (Don)] Msg: I was going to work it into the Willem conversation, but didn't manage it. Just as well, probably.

[Willem Ogderman] /busies himself with the details of command.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK: vel, you were talking about dragon cleanup

[Master] That one village is not all that's left of the horse lords, but it is representative of the remnants.

[Lia (Angie)] So what do we do with tge

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right. Gotta start somewhere

[Master] And if Arkady and/or Aedean show up, they will probably be . . . entertained.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, on the way back we can swing by and give them an update.

[Master] Aric, prolly not.

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] We can salvage a lot of stuff from this dragon. Skin, teeth, and so on. It's worth a lot of money.

[Defthon (Don)] OOC still wondering about that celibacy thing.

[Wellington] So is its hoard.

[Lia (Angie)] the dragon, orc cleric, bodak, athach

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, and Aedean hasn't gotten any since the first time we got to the city of Estin

[Arkady (Ryan)] and there was some thought of asking it where it laired?

[Velkyna (Joe)] But before that, we need the body whole.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Right. Aedean can speak with the deda.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (dead)

[Velkyna (Joe)] We can question it regarding its lair.

[Arkady (Ryan)] lia, you can probably just mince the orc cleric right now, and/or burn him.

[Master] Def -- your call, man. It's probably considered a venal sin, given the way fantasy times seem to work.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We did all of this with the previous dragon.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, I'll think about it. I was just wondering if there was an inherent thing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: If Def was celibate, that'd be a waste of such a nice ass.

[Master] Not discussed, really. "Lawful Good" implies no sex out of wedlock, but men are men.

[Arkady (Ryan)] um, that depends on the local laws, doesn't it?

[Defthon (Don)] Well, that's assuming the law requires no extramarital sex.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] :)

[Aric (Brian)] btw, what were you telling me no for?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] They probably won't be into you

[Arkady (Ryan)] or let you into them

[Master] Ahem.

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Master] Dragon?

[Master] Speak with Dead?

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes, dragon

[Velkyna (Joe)] I was trying to steer the conversation.

[Defthon (Don)] That's all Aedean.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But I got distracted by Defthon's ass.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Umm...not prpared yet

[Master] Right.

[Arkady (Ryan)] *grin*

[Arkady (Ryan)] so we spend the night here

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Tomorrow morning, I'm all over it

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, some of us could spend the night in the village

[Defthon (Don)] Anything to ask beyond just where its lair is?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's what I was thinking, anyway

[Arkady (Ryan)] now that's a though!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe figure out if it was allied with teh orcs or just happened by the slaughter.

[Master] The village isn't big enough for nine adventurers to set up shop there.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We'll need the questions we have to narrow down the location of the lair

[Arkady (Ryan)] two or three?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Probably.

[Master] Two or three is fine.

[Arkady (Ryan)] some should stay here.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I was suggesting me and a couple of the other gents

[Arkady (Ryan)] i believe i have already been mentioned positively

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Probably Arkady, since they know him

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm not really interested, other than the fresh meal.

[Defthon (Don)] Have your fun. I shall stay here and help to guard the encampment.

Aric (Brian) rolls his eyes. I'll stay here and guard the body. See if I can't help the paladins.

[Arkady (Ryan)] shott, you could probably bring food back for everyone.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Fine idea.

[Aric (Brian)] Dral or Wellington? :)

[Aric (Brian)] Or Roger?

[Lia (Angie)] Vel, would you and Joanne rather stay here or in the village?

[Jeff] I'm not big enough to carry that much food

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Elves and halflings. Uh-huh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think we'd be fine either place.

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh, sorry I yelled at you, roger. getting killed the last time we met a dragon was a bit rough on me

[Jeff] It's okkay

[Jared] does the village need our assistance? If not, helping to guard might be a better use of me. I need little sleep.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. Arkady and I spend the night in the village, and Shot goes to fetch some food?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We do have a cow to feed to the paladins....

[Arkady (Ryan)] i think aedean and i can take care of their needs. ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm severely doubting that Aedean or Arkady are getting any, cha or no.


[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: hey, I'm James Bond! It's my job!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's the benefits of the order.

[Aric (Brian)] you won't believe what this cleric will do when we give him the holy symbols!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Oh, do the paladins have enough food to get back? Maybe we should buy more cattle than the one.

[Master] Aedean and Arkady are going to get three each, though not at the same timel

[Master] These are some extremely practical women.

[Aric (Brian)] three cows? or women?

[Master] Women.

[Arkady (Ryan)] you take the cows, orc boy

[Arkady (Ryan)] we'll handle the women. =)

[Aric (Brian)] whatever

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, let's go!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] It's a whole new arkady.

[Master] Anyone even vaguely pleasant looking and badass enough to go to the mirror and come back to buy beef is a good set of folks to have kids from.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OOC: the clerics gone wild thing is ROTFLMAO, though!

[Defthon (Don)] yah, no kidding.

[Master] The three of y'all go to the village and engage in some haggling. Shot spends the night if she wants to.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] On the way to the village, Aedean will cast Endurance on himself

[Master] lol

[Aric (Brian)] I comfort myself by thinking this: not all horse lord women can look like Eowyn...

[Arkady (Ryan)] *grin!*

[Master] Lemme put it this way -- the horse lords aren't named for what they like to ride. ;)

[Arkady (Ryan)] ummm, dare i say... tongues?

[Master] Ok that's enough.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, stop.

[Arkady (Ryan)] mage hand?

[Arkady (Ryan)] soprry, sorry.

[Defthon (Don)] Hoo boy.

[Aric (Brian)] "Wanna see my 'Hand of Vecna'?"

[Aric (Brian)] ok sorry

[Master] Those who stay with the paladins help with the manual labor and swap stories.

[Master] Ogderman slowly gets his men used to the fact that they've jumped two years into the future.

[Willem Ogderman] This is all that remains of the one thousand fourteen men who rode out with me.

[Arkady (Ryan)] at least they're still on the same continent...

[Arkady (Ryan)] shiiiit.

[Willem Ogderman] We had waxed strong in recent years, and we believed that we knew why -- that we had been chosen to face this orcish host.

[Willem Ogderman] And we slaughtered them . . .

[Willem Ogderman] Green, stinking bodies piled high enough to be barricades for those behind them.

[Willem Ogderman] But the Triumvirate was crafty; they ignored our horsemen and drove for our wizards and clerics.

[Willem Ogderman] Heedless of losses.

[Willem Ogderman] And when we were uncovered, the wyverns and bodaks appeared.

[Willem Ogderman] Men would fall before their gaze and rise the next night to visit fell vengeance upon their former brothers.

Aric (Brian) shudders.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (speaking of which, we might want to burn the fresh bodies from under the sphere. Bodakproofing. )

[Aric (Brian)] They used bodaks in the south. Horrible creatures.

[Willem Ogderman] Others would be snatched from their horses and poisoned, dead before they were dropped to the ground.

[Willem Ogderman] And for all that we suffered, we knew that the Horse Lords suffered moreso -- we at least had the might of Heironeous to protect us.

[Willem Ogderman] But their levies? Herdsmen, most of them, though they could ride.

[Willem Ogderman] They fell like wheat before a scythe.

[Willem Ogderman] The Thane's army was meant to deal with raiding forces; he took the strongest men from each village and trained them superbly.

[Willem Ogderman] But in these great battles, we needed both bodies and wizards, and we had a dearth of both.

[Willem Ogderman] We were driven back.

[Willem Ogderman] I was once the third ranking member of my Order; I now lead its remnants.

[Willem Ogderman] Vouchsafed to me was an artefact, a strange side effect of Seren's folly.

[Willem Ogderman] Far to the south, there is a spur of land which juts out into the Wyld storms.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] RealOne Player says "In my prison cell, I bide my time"

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... with plenty of wyld stallyns, no doubt.

[Willem Ogderman] Time flows strangely there, and it is said that many years ago, a great hero of ours was given a quest that ended there.

[Willem Ogderman] As part of this, he took a perfect sphere of crystallized time.

[Defthon (Don)] Nifty!

[Willem Ogderman] And since then, we have been told that should our order's very existence be threatened, we should hold it aloft and it would buy us the time it contained.

[Willem Ogderman] And so it has.

[Willem Ogderman] Though not in the fashion I expected.

[Willem Ogderman] Still, one righteous man is a majority.

[Willem Ogderman] That makes nigh-thirty righteous men an army.

[Willem Ogderman] We have a unspoilt temple and the love of our vassals.

[Willem Ogderman] We shall find strength again.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ?

Willem Ogderman feeds the fire, musing.

[Lia (Angie)] Any idea how the dragon got in the second sphere?

[Willem Ogderman] You say, "second sphere." What do you mean?

[Lia (Angie)] And what about the air elementals?

[Willem Ogderman] I held the artifact aloft, and then we were transported two years in the future, where we found allies.

[Defthon (Don)] There were two spheres.

[Defthon (Don)] You were inside the inner sphere

[Lia (Angie)] You said you were being attacked by the dragon?

[Defthon (Don)] Between the two was the black dragon

[Willem Ogderman] Aye.

[Defthon (Don)] and above the outer sphere were two air elementals and a dreadful unnatural rainstorm.

[Lia (Angie)] WHich is what drew us here

[Defthon (Don)] When we showed up the air elementals attacked, and we banished them

[Defthon (Don)] Then Roger dispelled the outer sphere, revealing the dragon.

Willem Ogderman shakes his hed

[Willem Ogderman] I haven't the faintest notion.

[Defthon (Don)] I believe the inner sphere dispelled of its own accord, although I may have missed something.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] The dragon may have dispelled it, once it came out of stasis.

Willem Ogderman feeds the fire.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ...

[Willem Ogderman] I had accepted my death.

[Willem Ogderman] It is a strange thing to be given back my life.

[Willem Ogderman] I hold it more loosely now, I think.

[Willem Ogderman] Every day now is a gift.

[Aric (Brian)] But a good thing. We can work to defeat the evil that threatens all of Serendair.

[Lia (Angie)] Every day is always a gift

[Lia (Angie)] And we do with it what we may

[Lia (Angie)] I do sorrow for your losses here

[Lia (Angie)] but you and your men are definitely still needed

[Willem Ogderman] Thank you for your kind words.

[Willem Ogderman] It is now upon me to decide how we shall live in righteousness.

[Lia (Angie)] (I manage not to roll my eyes)

[Lia (Angie)] There is work to be done

Defthon (Don) nods soberly.

[Lia (Angie)] I am concerned that your vassals have suffered also

[Willem Ogderman] That is a matter for after my return.

[Willem Ogderman] Our return.

Willem Ogderman relaxes and suddenly looks significantly older.

[Willem Ogderman] I should get some rest.

[Lia (Angie)] Rest well

[Lia (Angie)] Wathes?

Willem Ogderman waves and arranges himself on a bedroll.

[Willem Ogderman] Please take care of it.

[Lia (Angie)] watches?

Willem Ogderman is asleep in moments.

[Defthon (Don)] I'll take the first watch.

[Jeff] I'll take last

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can do middle.

[Lia (Angie)] Aric and Dral, do you need some rest?

[Aric (Brian)] wouldn't hurt, but i need more to meditate.

[Aric (Brian)] clear my mind

[Jared] I need little rest; I can happily stand watch the next 4 hours.

[Lia (Angie)] Vel, can you do 2nd?

[Defthon (Don)] How about the middle watch? I got first already. ;)

[Sedlack] Aedean's hit points adjusted by 2 to 77.

Velkyna (Joe) and Joanne are off near the brushes, apparently in conversation. They haven't been with the group for a while now, you realize.

[Aric (Brian)] now vel's feeling pervious

[Jared] whichever works best.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (hey now)

[Lia (Angie)] Well I need a good nights sleep to finish healing

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Vel's explaining to Joanne what Arkady and Aedean are doing)

[Lia (Angie)] so I'll do last watch with Roger

[Velkyna (Joe)] (now when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much ...)

[Master] lol

[Lia (Angie)] I doubt she is ignorant

[Defthon (Don)] I lay hands on Lia to restore her remaining HP

[Defthon (Don)] Didn't realise anyone was still down.

[Lia (Angie)] thanks

[Master] The night passes uneventfully.

[Lia (Angie)] I was well out of danger

[Arkady (Ryan)] not uneventfully for me

[Master] Arkady's used to it, even if you're not.

[Arkady (Ryan)] lol!

[Master] :-p

[Arkady (Ryan)] Don't make Anna hurt you. ;)

[Master] You awaken the next morning with the usual aches and pains.

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Defthon (Don)] No comment.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Heh

[Master] The paladins are reshuffling packs and trying to get all the expensive stuff ready to go back.

[Aric (Brian)] Do we get our feast before we go? :)

[Master] When you return with the beef, it is much appreciated; they roast it as breakfast.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Prep a Speak With Dead in place of a Spiritual Weapon

[Defthon (Don)] Are we SWDing the dragon now?

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, did i manage to gather any more local info in the village?

[Master] Yes.

[Master] Gather Information (now it's appropriate!).

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, I put the Dim Anchor into the Ioun Stone last night

[Master] Right.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: gather information: (d20+10) [8+10] 18

[Master] They really don't know much.

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, i cast three GMW yesterday, yes? was that 2 from ioun stones and 1 from me, or the other way around?

[Arkady (Ryan)] also, are we still being scried?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Your scry site got 1000s of hits last night

[Master] Basically, they lost the war. There are other villages scattered around (2 from you, and the scry went away as you were examining the mirror), but they're all pretty much hosed in the same way.

[Master] If the orcs come back, they're all just going to flee across the river; they have barges set up.

[Arkady (Ryan)] is there anything we can do to help them defend themselves?

[Master] Not really. It's a systemic problem.

[Arkady (Ryan)] gotcha.

[Aric (Brian)] We can only help them by stopping the Triumvirate, then.

[Master] They like the idea of trading beef for longbows, but the elves aren't big beef eaters.

[Master] Maybe some kind of triangular trade.

[Master] Anyways.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Other spell prep change: Dim Anchor back to Inflict Critical

[Master] ok.

[Master] Time to enscorcell the dragon.

[Master] JOe, get your dierolling hand ready.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] fun.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, so then my ioun stone is filled with one GMW, one invisibility and one mage armor.

Velkyna (Joe) leads Joanne over to the dragon with Aedean.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There he is. Or she. I can never fucking tell.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, we get five questions

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm thinking:

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 1) Distance from battlefield to lair

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 2) Direction from battlefield to lair

[Joanne] Shite, that thing is huge.

[Master] (brb)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Can you get distance AND direction in one q?)

[Arkady (Ryan)] why it was at the battlefield?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's much safer to split

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lair questions take precedence over why questions.

[Lia (Angie)] they're like that (to Joanne)

[Aric (Brian)] we've done this before. what worked that time? do it again.

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] distinguishing features near the entrance?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The dead will avoid giving info if the questions aren't short and direct

[Arkady (Ryan)] traps?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 3) Landscape surrounding lair

Velkyna (Joe) approaches the head of the dragon, carefully pulling back the gumflesh to bare the teeth. "Check this shit out. Don't touch it though. You don't have gloves and there's a lot of goo and shit around."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 4) Distinguishing landmarks near lair

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 5) Any defense other than the dragon's badass self

[Velkyna (Joe)] (don't ask about traps. I gots traps covered.)

[Arkady (Ryan)] "any defenses" is good. maybe "what defenses", to avoid, "Yes. ha ha"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, okay "What" rather than "any" for q 5

[Defthon (Don)] Looks good to me.

[Master] Essentially, its lair is an underwater cave with an air pocket in the top.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Swimming!

[Master] The water itself is stagnant and will cause disease if you are not careful.

[Aric (Brian)] got that covered

[Aedean (Sedlack)] See, I'm thinking "Water Breathing"

[Master] The horde is in a small fen a little ways northwest of here.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and cure disease

[Master] Any other questions?

[Defthon (Don)] ...and immunity to disease.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's five. That's all we get

[Master] A'ight.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Defenses?

[Master] The stanky water.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (other than gnasty water)

[Arkady (Ryan)] if we've got a spare, yeah -- what was it doing taking part in this battle?

[Master] Joe, gimme a d100.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [1] 1

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We don't have a spare

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's ass.\

[Defthon (Don)] Wow

[Arkady (Ryan)] eeep

[Master] Amusingly, the orc cleric had Ioun Stones of dull grey on him.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Master] Anything else seems to have been destroyed earlier or by Lia's CLEAVE age.

[Lia (Angie)] happens

[Master] The paladins are claiming most of the orcish wealth as wite and weirgild.

[Velkyna (Joe)] S'fine.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So what does a dull grey ioun stone do?

[Master] Circle.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Nothing

[Master] Around your head.

[Arkady (Ryan)] as long as we keep the dragon hoard, sounds fair

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's basically a burned out stone

[Velkyna (Joe)] Used to provide psionic points. Now, nothing.

[Master] weit, sorry.

[Arkady (Ryan)] the dull grey kind are burned-out, useless.

[Arkady (Ryan)] sell for maybe 20 gp as a neat ex-magic trinket, but nothing else

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So, a magic prom tiara, once someone paints them sparkly.

[Arkady (Ryan)] bingo

[Aric (Brian)] "wite and weirgild"? are you still speaking english and/or common?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] yes, old english

[Arkady (Ryan)] clear enough to me

[Velkyna (Joe)] He meant Wight and Wereguild.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Undead and lycanthropes.

[Master] wite and wergild

[Master] That's it.

[Defthon (Don)] Not sure about wite, but "weirgild" would be "man-money", yes?

[Master] Ding.

[Master] Wite is blame-money.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] White and Wear Guild. Tells you what to wear after Labor Day.

[Master] punitive and econoimc damages.

[Defthon (Don)] Makes sense.

[Arkady (Ryan)] speaking of which, I'd like to assess Willem's feelings on having me make up a saga to commemorate the deeds of his fallen comrades in their late war

[Master] Willem's too busy to help out much with it and figures you'll get the details wrong anyway but figures it's fine as long as you can dance to it in the end.

[Master] You really aced your Sense Motive on that one.

[Arkady (Ryan)] *grin*

[Arkady (Ryan)] so i chat up his men

[Master] Gather Information.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Arkady (Ryan)] always good to have that local color, down in the tre3nches flavor for a really rousing battle of maldon we're all doomed sort of thing.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: gather information: (d20+10) [3+10] 13

[Arkady (Ryan)] blargh

[Master] Noted and filed for future reference.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ok, so i will mess up the details. =)

[Master] Okay, time to loot the dragon hoard!

[Arkady (Ryan)] *bounce* *bounce*

[Arkady (Ryan)] are we sending everyone, or just a subset?

[Jeff] I want to go!!

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aric and Defthon are immune to disease

[Arkady (Ryan)] good start

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Def can also remove disease on two folks

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think Vel should go, for possible trappage.

[Master] You should send someone who can teleport.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And appraising and the like.

[Master] To make all your lives easier.

[Jeff] Ah poo

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shottamip is also good, so we can TP loot out, rather than swimming it out

[Master] I like the Vel/Jeff/Aedean/Defthon combo.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I only have one dim door in me, sad to say.

[Defthon (Don)] Not Shot?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, Roger can go if Aedean has cure dis.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Except it's Aric, rather than Aedean

[Master] hehe, right, thanks.

[Defthon (Don)] Can Jeff TP?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And, presumably Shott rather than Roger

[Jeff] sniff

[Jeff] no

[Master] Aw.

[Master] :(

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roger can go if he sucks up a day of getting sick.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Def could cure him the next day.

[Defthon (Don)] So: Def and Aric, because we're immune, Vel to catch traps, and Shot to TP. Vel and Shot I can remove disease from.

[Jeff] that's fine

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Def cures are two/week

[Defthon (Don)] Nope, only two per *week*.

[Master] Sounds like a plan.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But Aedean could prep one for tomorrow

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oooh.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, that's true.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, let Roger come with. It would make him so happy.

[Master] Ok then.

[Master] Fortitude saves for the 3 non-immune ones. DC 19.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's not going to get ebola or anything.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That's getting heavy - i have to TP us all.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(-2) ** (d20+14-2) [16+14-2] 28

[Jeff] Roger: Fortitude: (d20+8) [10+8] 18

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Only 600 lbs.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Did we skin the dragon, as well?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Eat it, plague.

[Master] I assume Lia or some other buffperson is on that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, that was 30. The dragon fear should've worn off.

[Defthon (Don)] Well, we can always swim back out, I guess.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fortitude: ** MODIFIED BY: FORT(-2) ** (d20+8-2) [12+8-2] 18

[Master] A 20 for Shottamip, too. Gnomes are tough.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Temp mods all cleared up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right. I was figuring we'd port the loot. The people can swim

[Master] Okay, gimme a d100, Joe.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] No whammies.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Big bucks, no whammies.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [63] 63

[Jeff] prepping spells

[Master] d4

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d4) [2] 2

[Master] There is something like 2,000 GP in straight-up coinage scattered around as a kind of tiling/beanbag chair equivalent.

[Master] d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [54] 54

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I suppose scorching the dragon to death ruined at least some of its scales for resale.

[Master] d12

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d12) [1] 1

[Velkyna (Joe)] DAMMIT

[Master] 4d4

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d4) [4] 4, Roll #2: (d4) [2] 2, Roll #3: (d4) [3] 3, Roll #4: (d4) [2] 2

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oops, forgot to sum.

[Master] You find a diamond worth 1100 GP.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Could've been SO MUCH MORE.

[Master] (or two worth 550 each, whichever is better for spellcasters. :) )

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ooh, spell component.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I know

[Master] ok last d100

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (2 550s probably better)

[Master] ok then.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [5] 5, Roll #2: (d100) [27] 27, Roll #3: (d100) [11] 11, Roll #4: (d100) [84] 84

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ooop. shit.

[Master] hehe

[Master] 84.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lemme reroll.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 84s fine

[Velkyna (Joe)] That works too.

[Master] d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [18] 18

[Master] nah, a different one. You've got enough magic weapons.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [86] 86

[Shottamip (Tamora)] is that possible?

[Master] d100

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [2] 2

[Arkady (Ryan)] no, can never have enough

[Velkyna (Joe)] Stop it.

[Master] When you can overequip a 3rd level char with your castoffs, you've got plenty.

[Master] Chris, use your mulligan on that one. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay

[Master] Again!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roll #1: (d100) [71] 71

Jeff rolls in a pile of coins, cackling

[Shottamip (Tamora)] heehee

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We could use a slightly better Mace of Disruption at some point. :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] watch the acid...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] lol

[Shottamip (Tamora)] well?

[Arkady (Ryan)] or a dozen of 'em. =)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] c'mon c'mon

[Master] hehe.

[Master] You found an obviously magical necklace.

[Master] Shottamip checks it out.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oooh.

[Master] It's a Neckace of Adaptiation.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is it a holy symbol?

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE

[Master] A heavy chain with a platinum medallion.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Power to ... CREATE SHITTY MOVIE ENDING

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't even get to roll? Geez. :)

[Master] The magic of the necklace wraps the wearer in a shell of fresh air, making him immune to all gases and allowing him to breathe, even underwater or in a vacuum.

[Master] Keep track of that, I'm gonna use it in a plot, I guarantee it.

[Jared] lol

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sounds like a party item.

[Master] Tam, give me a d100.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Too bad we already faced a green dragon

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Roll #1: (d100) [35] 35

[Arkady (Ryan)] and useful for the next time we need to break into an underwater lair.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] True.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm just sayin', what's the point of a spellcraft of 17 if i don't get to roll to ID magical stuff?

[Master] You also find some Boots of Elvenkind.

[Master] I think someone tried to sneak in and got caught.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] cute.

[Master] Hehe.

[Aric (Brian)] do i get to roll anything?

[Master] The boots give a +10 bonus to Move Silently Checks.

[Master] Hey, sure.

[Master] Gimme a d100.

[Arkady (Ryan)] which could come in very handy...

[Aric (Brian)]

[Master] brackets.

[Aric (Brian)] i thought you said that worked in chat

[Aric (Brian)] [d100]

[Master] curly brackets.

[Velkyna (Joe)] <1d100>

[Master] Work with me.

[Arkady (Ryan)] braces

[Velkyna (Joe)] (1d100) [83] 83

[Defthon (Don)] Working on it.

[Aric (Brian)] <1d100>

[Velkyna (Joe)] Cool!

[Master] Those are not curly

[Aric (Brian)] (1d100) [80] 80

[Master] THank you.

[Aric (Brian)] yay!

[Master] ok d100 again.

[Aric (Brian)] (1d100) [47] 47

[Shottamip (Tamora)] testing (d100) [97] 97

[Shottamip (Tamora)] nifty

[Aric (Brian)] testing (1d1231234213) [1109783155] 1109783155

[Master] ok another d100

[Arkady (Ryan)] lol!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] oh wow.

[Aric (Brian)] (1d100) [82] 82

[Master] and a d3

[Velkyna (Joe)] I like his other roll better.

[Aric (Brian)] (d3) [3] 3

[Roger (Jeff)] (1d1) [1] 1

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well done.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] (d4804) [3682] 3682

[Master] and now 3 separated d100s.

[Aric (Brian)] (d100) [93] 93 (d100) [31] 31 (d100) [11] 11

[Master] You found a scroll.

[Arkady (Ryan)] oh joy. please don't incinerate the party by accident. =)

[Aric (Brian)] i hand it to the spell guys

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nothing I can't dodge, I'm sure.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spellcraft: (d20+17) [5+17] 22

[Master] It has on it a Dispel Magic, a Fly and a . . .

[Velkyna (Joe)] ANTICI

[Velkyna (Joe)] ...

[Velkyna (Joe)] ..

[Aric (Brian)] ........PATION

[Velkyna (Joe)] ..

[Master] Magic Circle against Evil.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] nice.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] functional stuff.

[Master] Roger knows Fly, but it's nice to have a scroll around just in case. Same goes for Dispel Magic.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Give it to Arkady, maybe?

[Master] Arkady can't use the Fly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Roger should probably have it anyway. That way he wouldn't have to memorize a Fly if he needed to maneuver during a combat.

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, at least roger can learn magic circle out of the deal

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Not high enough even to read it off a scroll? I thought that was easier.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I guess I was thinking of a different system.

[Master] It's not on his spell list...

[Jared] i could use it, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You can't use a scroll unless the spell is on your list

[Master] Yes, Jared could use it.

[Master] Actually.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Also true.

[Master] So maybe you should transcribe the Magic Circle for Roger, then hand it to Jared.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (unless you're a Rogue)

[Arkady (Ryan)] but I do have a use magic device of +19

[Master] That'd increase your capacities.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I thought it was a Use Magic Device item. Not like a wand, then.

[Master] lol.

[Master] You have a what?

[Master] Good grief.

[Master] Then, yes, you probably could use it.

[Aric (Brian)] i misread that as "magic deviance"

[Jared] sweet merciful crap your car.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No. that was last night.

[Master] Mm. Sexcuse me.

[Defthon (Don)] Ew.

[Arkady (Ryan)] greater magic weapon?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] XP?

[Arkady (Ryan)] ;>

[Defthon (Don)] xpxpxpxpxp

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmm.

[Master] 1500 each.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and splitting the cash nets us, what, 200gp each?

[Master] I think there are 9 of you, no?

[Master] Joanne and Wellington are kind of hangers-on.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah 9 of us

[Defthon (Don)] Yes.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes, nine.

[Aric (Brian)] yes

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Henchmen"

[Defthon (Don)] And now I am 800 from levelling. Whee!

[Master] W00t!

[Master] You return to the Hall with the last of the paladins, tired but deeply satisfied..

[Roger (Jeff)] Really? Jared, what do you have?

[Arkady (Ryan)] wellington did mention wanting a raise, and he did charge the dragon...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Level 10 in January. congrats.

[Jared] Aftert the 1500 here, Im at 41,300 I think. 45000 for level

[Aric (Brian)] 2144 to level

[Master] All the new guys, put yourselves at 44,200.

[Roger (Jeff)] We all have different amounts calculated

[Master] You haven't really been separated, and I'm feeling generous.

[Master] Jared, Roger, Def.

[Jared] woohoo!

[Roger (Jeff)] hooray!

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's 222 gp, 2 sp, 2 cp, and another infinitely repeating fraction of a copper piece.

[Master] Roger, what's it cost to transcribe a spell to your spellbook?

[Roger (Jeff)] I dunno

[Roger (Jeff)] one sec

[Arkady (Ryan)] could we round that a bit? he did say "roguhlyZ", right?

[Lia (Angie)] Vel can have teh extra cp

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shot, you need a diamond for components?

[Roger (Jeff)] 100 gp per page

[Velkyna (Joe)] I rather like the idea of the infinite fraction.

[Roger (Jeff)] 2 pages per spell level

[Master] Holy buttmonkies!

[Arkady (Ryan)] 600 gp for magic circle, then

[Master] Well, feel free to run yourself out of cash transcribing spells.

[Jared] its really expensive ;)

[Roger (Jeff)] And it will take 4 days

[Aric (Brian)] we've got a couple of weeks

[Master] That's fine; you've got that time at the Hall guarding it.

[Roger (Jeff)] okay

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mike: can we round the cash to a convenient digit?

[Master] Of course.

[Master] Also, Roger finds a useful scroll while poking around the Hall's archives.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Let's call it 2007 gp.

[Master] He can transcribe it as well.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's 223 for all.

[Roger (Jeff)] excellent

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will take one of the diamonds for spell component purposes

[Master] (rather than having you get five that you can't afford to transcribe, let's be a little more sensible.)

[Master] :)

[Roger (Jeff)] okay

[Master] Go ahead and debit yourself the appropriate gold amoutn.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He'll take the other as well, unless Shot needs it

[Arkady (Ryan)] and willem did say "hire", yes?

[Roger (Jeff)] It's a component for stone skin

[Master] Yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] He said contract

[Roger (Jeff)] But I don't know if I ever need to cast it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mike: can we get some basic supplies from the Paladins? Vel wants to get Joanne some necessities like a backpack, her own bedroll, a good cloak, etc. And some leather so Shot can get to making her some boots like she wants to.

[Master] Stoneskin is pretty awesome.

[Arkady (Ryan)] be ready to cast it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, for me, it's a component for Raise Dead

[Master] Vel: Yes.

[Master] Raise Dead is also pretty awesome.

[Roger (Jeff)] I think Raise Dead winds

[Roger (Jeff)] wins

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah. Everyone wants me to be able to cast that

[Velkyna (Joe)] We can talk offline about amounts. She'd also like her to get fitted for some armor. Would that be possible?

[Master] Prolly not, actually.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm, sux.

[Master] Don't y'all have an extra Chain Shirt +1 wandering around?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Joanne-sized?

[Master] Magic armor resizes to fit the wearer.

[Master] Part of its charm.

[Jared] dont they magically fit?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh yeah.

[Jared] right

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mine is my sleeping armor...

[Master] That's why there simply are no non-magical suits of full plate on Serendair.


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Not sure if we had another one running about

[Master] The Order would sell you one for the usual prices.

[Master] They've got kind of a, um, surplus.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hm. Will look into it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] As a sorceress, with a very limited number of *different* spells, each of which I cast frequently -- well, you can see why I avoid anything with a component cost. So I have no use for the diamond.

[Jared] wasnt there like a pile of magic armor like 4 hours ago? Wh ydidnt we still one of those if we needed it? :)

[Master] Ogderman wants to pay you in room and board and support, with increased costs if you

[Master] actually end up bearing any danger.

[Arkady (Ryan)] fine.

[Arkady (Ryan)] do we encounter any danger?

[Defthon (Don)] Let's deal with that later?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm thinking that's next session.

[Lia (Angie)] or is that for next session?

[Master] Actually, no, you dn't.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !

[Master] Next session will pick up in two weeks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We should Animal Messenger the elves with a status report, possibly.

[Master] You will have had a chance to rest, refit, and consider your next move.

[Master] Which I want well in advance.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, cool.

[Master] Yay!

[Master] You got to kill things~!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We can Sending a Message

[Master] :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] um, on that note, once james is back, how might you folks feel about having Ryan around as a regular player, running some other character of his own?

[Angie] When are we playing next?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No prob.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I would be amenable to that.

[Defthon (Don)] I don't mind at all

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That would be okay.

[Master] Man I want to make you play Wellington.

[Defthon (Don)] Heh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] D00D

[Arkady (Ryan)] gee, thanks. =)

[Angie] lol

[Arkady (Ryan)] any particular reason?

[Defthon (Don)] Actually, isn't XP already being spread a bit thin?

[Master] The Party is already huge.

[Master] Actuallly, do we have 15 mins?

[Jared] sure

[Aric (Brian)] sure

[Defthon (Don)] Sure why not

[Angie] Ido

[Velkyna (Joe)] I got all night.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I do

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then Def, Dral, and Roger won't be "the new guys" any more

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I got 15 minutes

[Defthon (Don)] Yaaay!

Wellington sidles up to Aedean.

[Wellington] "I feel like kind of a fifth wheel."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I can understand that feeling. What would you like to do about it?

[Defthon (Don)] OOC Ya think?

[Wellington] Well, you've got what you wanted from me, and I've got part of what I want from you.

[Wellington] Which is enough money to start making my fortune on.

[Wellington] But I want something else.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes?

[Wellington] Czina.



[Arkady (Ryan)] oh ho!

[Defthon (Don)] INTERESTING.

[Angie] really?

[Master] Sense motive.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Interesting....

[Defthon (Don)] Is this just Aedean he's talking to?

[Defthon (Don)] Or are we all in on it?

[Arkady (Ryan)] Arkady: sense motive: (d20+14) [12+14] 26

[Wellington] Just Aedean.

[Arkady (Ryan)] whoops

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Sense Motive: (d20+6) [18+6] 24

Wellington is quite serious

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What precisely do you propose?

[Wellington] Give me a thousand gold pieces, and I'll have a government ready to take over the minute you tell me Eflense won't massacre us in our sleep.

[Velkyna (Joe)] !

[Wellington] The mayor is an idiot, and I'm not.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think we can arrange this...

[Wellington] I know how he operates; we'll take a few of his shipments and use them to finance an underground.

[Wellington] The artisans will support me.

[Angie] NOW he knows how he operates?!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I don't personally have 1000 gp on me, but I imagine I can garner financial support from my friends

[Master] Well, yes. Y'all are excellent stalking horses.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And the elves will no doubt be pleased to working with someone we know closely

[Wellington] The port will be open as long as I live.

[Wellington] Czina is what I want. I could be happy with it, I think.

[Arkady (Ryan)] (cuz y' can't make money if y' ain't tradin')

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds good to me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've got the brains, you've got the looks. Let's make lots of money.

[Master] So everyone contributes 111 GP to the cause?

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'm in.

[Angie] sure

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes

[Master] In gold, silver, gems, and assorted coinage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] When informed of the plan, Vel wonders if we get a cut at some point down the pipe.

Wellington whispers to Vel "Like I could stop you if you wanted to."

[Jared] Shouldn't we know a bit more about this guy before handing him a city?

[Arkady (Ryan)] flattery will get you everyhere. =)

[Jared] (obviously that wasn't said to him)

[Velkyna (Joe)] True.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Def says yes (Don's computer is running slow)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (to Wellington)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] sure, it sounds like a start. if he makes a mess of things, we can always come back.

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, he does know we can take out a dragon.

[Jared] how do we know he wont be as bad as what we have now?

[Arkady (Ryan)] at least he'd be taking away some of eflense's power base.

Wellington 's heart would be kind of broken if he'd overheard Shottamip say that.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Because he knows that if he isn't at least a little better than what we have now, we won't put up with it.

[Arkady (Ryan)] even if he's evil too, it will weaken the big baddie

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's just it. He won't take over until the big baddie is already weakened.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] If he's evil, Detect Evil would have picked it up

[Master] I believe someone already tried the "detect evil" thing?

[Jared] evil, and out for himself arent the same thing

[Aric (Brian)] i'll help. he tried to help me during the dragon battle.

[Arkady (Ryan)] he can't be set up to take over the moment eflense is gone if he hasn't already half taken over beforehand

[Master] My chat scren is a pretty pretty rainbow.

[Jared] Chaotic Neutral, the official alignment of do whatever the fuck I was going to do anyway.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If we're setting up a despot, we should make sure it's a benevolent despot.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What's wrong with Chaotic Neutral?

[Jared] nothings wrong with it, but you could take over a city qand not be good. and not be evil :)

[Arkady (Ryan)] which would be fine.

[Aric (Brian)] "We rename Czina the Holy City of DralAriShotDefAedLiaVelArkPraRog"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right. And"not evil" is better than what's there now

[Arkady (Ryan)] that's a bit of a mouythful.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Anyway, I don't think Wellington's going to rape the city

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, that alone makes him a fair sight better

[Aric (Brian)] comment about the horse lord's women thought better of

[Arkady (Ryan)] "they raped the fields and pillaged the women!" "boy, those are BAD men!"

[Jared] obviously, Im alone in my reservations. I'll donate the 111, with rights withheld to say 'I told you so' later, if necessary ;)

[Master] The short version is "ZotFotPiq."

[Aric (Brian)] haha

[Arkady (Ryan)] *grin* "ZotFotPiq" I like. =)

[Aric (Brian)] "Oh lord, please don't let us die today. Tomorrow would be so much better!"

Velkyna (Joe) will count out 111gp. Handing it to Wellington, she'll give him a stern look. "Don't fuck this up. We'll know where you live."

Wellington smiles at Velkyna.

[Wellington] You know you can trust me.

[Wellington] We're kindred spirits.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Here's sticking it to the baron, old son. =)

[Roger (Jeff)] Roger also hands over the gold

[Aric (Brian)] "We're more alike than you realize..."

Wellington grins at Roger

[Wellington] Please don't ever change.

[Velkyna (Joe)] This remains to be seen.

[Wellington] (ooh, let's do a whole leavetaking scene. This roxx0rs.)

[Aric (Brian)] I'll hand over the money, and give a short bow.

[Wellington] Thank you, Aric. I am honored by your gift.

Jeff has left the game.

Jared deposits 111 GP in Wellington's hands. "Do well by it."

[Aric (Brian)] We'll see the measure of your skill.

Jeff has joined the game.

[Dralafi (Jared)] oops. didnt realize I wasnt dral.

Lia (Angie) hands over her share

[Wellington] Thank you, Dralafi. I shall endeavor to do so.

[Wellington] I am grateful, Lia.

Shottamip (Tamora) hands over a money pouch.

[Lia (Angie)] Do your best for them

[Wellington] I wish you the best of luck on your quset.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] "Do well and earn honor."

Wellington smiles ruefully at Shottamip.

[Wellington] Don't go anywhere just yet; I need a ride to the docks.

Aedean (Sedlack) hands money to Wellington

Wellington grins

[Wellington] This is the first and last time I'll see this happen.

[Wellington] I'm never gambling with you again.

[Arkady (Ryan)] smart man.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Damn. I was hoping to get some of that back

Aedean (Sedlack) winks.

[Wellington] You will always be welcome in any house I build, Aedean.

[Master] (who's left? Def and Arkady, right?)

[Defthon (Sedlack)] I think you will do a good job as a new leader of Czina.

Defthon (Sedlack) hands over 111gp.

[Aric (Brian)] (and shottamip's welcome too, of course ;) )

[Wellington] I am honored by your judgement, Paladin.

[Defthon (Sedlack)] We'll talk about the trade agreements once we've got you safely installed.

Defthon (Sedlack) winks at him.

Wellington shrugs

Wellington nods to Arkady

[Wellington] I had a good time, when we first met.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Fare well upon your road, good sir. Confusion to the enemy, and a well-placed nudge to finish him off someday. Live and let die, eh? I know you will use this well. We will meet again.

[Wellington] I am sure of it.

Wellington turns to Shottamip.

[Wellington] May I prevail upon you another time?

[Aric (Brian)] Wellington'd prevail upon Shottamip like Aedean on a horse lady.

[Arkady (Ryan)] LOL

Shottamip (Tamora) waits.

[Master] Wellington, if he had his druthers, would make prevailing on Shottamip his day job.

[Wellington] The docks, if you please. Where we first met


[Master] You know me and closing narratives.

[Arkady (Ryan)] He is the closed circle? He is returning to the beginning?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do you think we need to worry about Formians showing up this time? Because if there's a chance, then we should take backup.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] *grin*

[Wellington] Shottamip, you killed a dragon.

[Wellington] I mean, everyone else just distracted it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] not by myself. They diverted it a lot.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah but Formians are immune to fire.

[Wellington] I have no fear while this sorceress is near me.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Flatterer.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Okay, to the docks it is.,\

[Arkady (Ryan)] he's too busy having other ideas...

[Lia (Angie)] want company?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If I don't come back tonight, I'm probably at the Hall of Pelor again.

Wellington glances at Lia

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Sure, come along.

[Wellington] Certainly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, a chaperone.

[Wellington] Let us be off, then. I've much work to do, and I'm looking forward to it.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] You can protect me if the priest of Korad is insulted after I show up again.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Ready?

[Lia (Angie)] Kneel this time

[Wellington] I was born ready.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [23] 23

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yay!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Bye, Wellington.

[Wellington] Wellington quickly disappears into the mist.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Teleport: transports herself and up to (50*12) [50*12] 600 pounds of willing creatures to another location, teleport check (1d100) [16] 16

[Master] He waves as he strides off.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He disappeared into the waves. The waves.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hey, no side jaunts.

[Master] Woo!

[Lia (Angie)] cool

[Master] Okay, that's it for Wellington.

[Aric (Brian)] Wellington has diminished and passed into the ... east.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Woo.

[Dralafi (Jared)] lol

[Master] (I'm gonna delete some Paladins to clear up memory. Don't read much into it.)

[Master] woo.

[Master] Okay, that's what I had for today.

[Aric (Brian)] yay

[Master] Ryan, if you'd like to stay and talk shop, you're welcome to do so.

[Arkady (Ryan)] sounds good to me.

[Master] I hope everyone had fun. I certainly did.

[Aric (Brian)] indeed

[Velkyna (Joe)] Quite a bit of fun, yes.

[Lia (Angie)] Any idea when next time will be?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It was. We got to kill things.

[Roger (Jeff)] yes

[Velkyna (Joe)] cutcutcutcutcutcutcut

[Lia (Angie)] LOTS of fun, thank you

[Arkady (Ryan)] I completed my instructions succesfully: Arkady and Praxis did not die. =)

[Master] Everyone send me emails for weekends starting on January 18th.

[Master] Well done!

[Aric (Brian)] the 18th weekend is lumen

[Lia (Angie)] OK

[Aric (Brian)] the week after i'm out of town

[Aric (Brian)] but to email i will send

[Roger (Jeff)] Until next time

[Roger (Jeff)] Bye all

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bye

[Aric (Brian)] bye everyone

[Aric (Brian)] good times

[Master] Bye!

Jeff has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Later all.

[Master] night, Joe!

[Dralafi (Jared)] good evening everyone

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, I was gonna stick around. I was latering the people who were dropping off.

[Master] sexcellent.

[Master] Headed out, Jared?

[Master] Ah, well.

[Aric (Brian)] talk shop about what?

[Dralafi (Jared)] if people are hanging, Ill hang.

[Master] Okay, ground rules.

[Master] Brian or SEBBY is Brian Sebby

[Arkady (Ryan)] if I'm gonna join the campaign, we need to work out as what, exactly. =)

[Master] Ryan is Ryan.

[Dralafi (Jared)] rule number 1: when theres a dragon, everyone attacks the dragon.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Last name is Caveney, if it helps.

[Master] THANK you.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] i don't have to work tomorrow! i'll hang.

[Master] Couldn't remember how to spell it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Rule number 2: if there's a dragon, everyone attacks the dragon.

[Master] Dralafi and Shottamip managed.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I was moving in that dfirection... and healing you, I might add.

[Master] The trick is getting someone in front of it who can take a round or two of abuse.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But "Caveney" is Anna. :)

[Lia (Angie)] I was trying to attack the dragon

[Velkyna (Joe)] Rule number 3: If there's a dragon, everyone attack the dragon.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Rule number 4: if ... well, you get the idea.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Only through me, Tami. =)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hey, I was just making sure we didn't get Bodak'd

[Shottamip (Tamora)] that's good too.

[Dralafi (Jared)] bah, excuses, excuses ;)

[Master] Okay, skillsets not currently fully within the party:

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Dang it, the shift keys on this laptop are so intermittant.

[Master] 1) Wilderness Lore/Tracking.

[Master] 2) Druids, as such.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Rule number 5: if there's a bodak and a dragon, the cleric gets to attack the bodak.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Everyone else attacks the dragon.

[Lia (Angie)] The bodak attacked me

[Shottamip (Tamora)] What if there's a bodakized dragon/

[Master] 3) non-regular-race PCs (i.e. centaurs, et cetera).

[Shottamip (Tamora)] ?

[Aric (Brian)] Rule number 6: Don't try to coerce the monk into running ahead and/or not healing when really hurt.

[Lia (Angie)] run away!

[Velkyna (Joe)] We've never had a dwarf.

[Master] That's when Rule 6: If it's a dragon bodak, fucking run.

[Master] You can't have a dwarf.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Awwwww.

[Master] Dwarves are all evil on Serendair, and everyone would assume that you were one of them.

[Velkyna (Joe)] But they're so cute and stumpy.

[Arkady (Ryan)] druid I can do. I was thinking that or cleric.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] The dwarves here are all.. derro, was it?

[Master] You can have a Deep Hafling or Deep Gnome if you'd like.

[Dralafi (Jared)] psst: hey sebby: dont run that far ahead. we know your fast. :)

[Master] They call them Duergar. Lord knows what they really are.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SVIRFNEBLIN

[Shottamip (Tamora)] duergar. different clan.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'm not a big halfling/gnome fan. I was thinking elf, but centaur could be way cool.

[Master] Presents its own difficulties, of course.

Don has left the game.

[Aric (Brian)] maybe one of nailo's men? or someone from one of the temples of the area?

[Lia (Angie)] fitting on the carpets

[Arkady (Ryan)] indeed it does! how are they perceived by the other races?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] um, how heavy is a centaur? Any single character that's too heavy for me to TP will mess up gameplay.

[Master] Basically unknown.

[Aric (Brian)] the "people from our old continent dropped here" can only be used once before it's cliched :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] "What the fuck's a centaur?"

[Master] That's the other thing -- we'll have to give you more of a backstory or make your ignorance of Serendair as a whole reasonable.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I was actually thinking it'd be good to have a local who was sent to assist with your quest by his/her god.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] *Which* quest?

[Arkady (Ryan)] but if the rule is "no locals", then we go with that.

[Arkady (Ryan)] up to mike.

Don has joined the game.

[Master] Locals is fine, but you want a local who isn't supposed to have intimate knowledge of the area.

[Master] Becuase I haven't published the sourcebooks yet. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Elves from the elven lands wouldn't necessarily know squat about anything north of their lands.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm quite willing to leave that open to you and Mike. Many of the party members have slightly different agendas

[Velkyna (Joe)] Esp. elves from the not-Nailo-elves.

[Master] Right, but they'd know a TON about the Elven lands.

[Arkady (Ryan)] that wasn't decades or cetnuries out of date, as well

[Master] Characters should be Good or Lawful Neutral.

[Master] If you want, we could create an elf from one of the really fucked up southern states.

[Arkady (Ryan)] NG to CN -- I am NOT a lawful kind of guy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (that's what I meant about not-Nailo-elves)

[Master] Ryle and Envap are totally insane, and you could just be trying ot escape.

[Aric (Brian)] dude, we should have him be the Dane. who's lost his memory.

[Master] That's another possibility.

[Arkady (Ryan)] *grin*

[Master] Someone from Daneland would be pretty isolated.

[Arkady (Ryan)] totally insane in what way, exactly?

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Batshit"

[Master] Lost in hedonistic pleasure which has begun to turn putrescently sadistic and masochistic.

[Master] Elves are usually CG.

[Master] Ryle is CN.

[Don] I think this computer just has network problems in general. :P

[Master] Envap probably is too.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Ah. dear me.

[Don] At least they didn't activate until the very end now.

[Master] We could do something really wacky, like a Blink Dog character or some such.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ack

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, but then he'd be LG.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Mike, do you know the palladium alignment system?

[Master] Yep, it's nice enough.

[Arkady (Ryan)] no dogs. cats, maybe.

[Master] Heh.

[Master] I'm just saying. With nine Party members already settled, we can get pretty out there.

[Master] brb.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I play Aberrant. I believe in torturing prisoners only when necessary, and keep my word to those I deem worthy of it. I don't really like any of the D&D alignments, though CG/CN seems the best fit.

[Master] This ain't about you. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think a Druid could be an interesting addition, but I'd prefer we don't get too wacky with the blink dogs or anything

[Arkady (Ryan)] yeah, I know. but in champions, says, I will not play in a prty with someone who has Code Against Killing.

[Dralafi (Jared)] An aberrant? maybe a high taint one? ooh, he could be caestus pax ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are druids allowed to be Neutral-but-not-True-Neutral in 3e?

[Aric (Brian)] a reformed formian!

[Arkady (Ryan)] Yes. any neutral.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes. They have to be neutral in some respect

[Arkady (Ryan)] NG and CN are in.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Um, no. Kimmitt won't allow CN

[Dralafi (Jared)] or Divis Mal. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's LN or any Good

[Arkady (Ryan)] Not True N?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Not in this campaign.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] being good or LN gives us reasons to all generally agree on what to do.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Here's a though re: centaur druid == could he wild shape into a human???

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That would be up to Mike

[Arkady (Ryan)] I know, I'm just setting it in his path. =)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Unless there's a guideline in the "Non-humanoid characters" book

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Which there might be

[Arkady (Ryan)] cat+centaur = wemic?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Depends on which half of the cat and which half of the centaur

[Arkady (Ryan)] *laugh*

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's still a bit wacky for my tastes

[Arkady (Ryan)] mine too, but mike was getting rather wacky as well.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I'd still lean towards just elf.

[Master] Why in God's name would a centaur want to wild shape into human?

[Master] That's like me wyld shaping into a bonobo.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's cool. Elf druid makes perfect sense

[Master] Just plain wrong.

[Velkyna (Joe)] For mass considerations?

[Master] Who cares what bonobos think?

[Arkady (Ryan)] to be teleported more easily.

[Lia (Angie)] We are working with the elves

[Arkady (Ryan)] to not get stares from the uncouth

[Master] In order to integrate you, I'd have to have you be part of one or more of the ongoing plotlines.

[Master] There are three or so that have space:

[Don] I kind of like the crazy-elf idea.

[Master] 1) Help the elves.

[Don] The elves could hand him off to us.

[Arkady (Ryan)] but yes, as lia says, I'd like to be an agent of the elves on some level.

[Master] 2) Deal with the birth of the Goddess of Redemption.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dude! A LG orc!

[Master] 3) Estin's keepin an eye on you.

[Dralafi (Jared)] the rules say you have to wild shape into an animal (which presumably means somethign of type animal in the mm)

[Aric (Brian)] no no mike. wyld shape into a stallyn.

[Master] Okay, elves it is.

[Arkady (Ryan)] that's too weird for me. I like #1 much better.

[Arkady (Ryan)] let aric keep his vision quest to himself, for now.

[Master] Defthon and Lia are the Chosen Ones, and this Party is kind of grouped around them.

[Arkady (Ryan)] group me with lia. paladins are prickly. she's practical.

[Master] So I'd need some reason why your guy, who's a druid, would join up with the Party instead of just supporting the general war effort down south.

[Don] Heh.

[Master] ...or whichever kind of guy your elf is.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No pally love today.

[Don] Ivellian hands him off to us somehow?

[Master] Ivellian really would not do that; it's not good group dynamics and he's taking a terrible risk farming you out as it is.

[Master] *thinks*

[Lia (Angie)] cares about the lizard men?

[Arkady (Ryan)] so, am I to be from outside as well?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Maybe he wants to restore the forests somewhere?

[Master] Well, I dunno.

[Arkady (Ryan)] if so, could some important elf outside have heard of this need and sent me to help?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Remake the Orc Wastes or some portion thereof?

[Master] I like the idea of him being a lizardman character, honestly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe he wanted to help us, knew he'd be forbidden by the elf elders, so he snuck off.

[Master] :)

[Don] Heh

[Dralafi (Jared)] unfortunately, now I need to get going.

[Master] Ah well.

[Master] G'night, Jared!

[Arkady (Ryan)] see yuh!

[Dralafi (Jared)] ITs been fun all. have fun coming up with a lizrd man :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OKay, see ya later, Jared

[Dralafi (Jared)] gnight, and ttyl!

[Lia (Angie)] A potential cultist I hit on the head?

[Aric (Brian)] dude

[Master] A Lizardman who didn't like Eflense would have every reason to work with the Party.

Jared has left the game.

[Aric (Brian)] what about that one lizardman?

[Brian] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Arkady (Ryan)] hmmmm.

[Arkady (Ryan)] hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Heh

[Master] He'd have nowhere else to go, and you'd have every reason to keep him.

[Arkady (Ryan)] but wouldn't i still know too much about this world?

[Don] What is the typical LM alignment again?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I could certainly live with a lizardman, on the wackiness scale

[Arkady (Ryan)] TN

[Master] Neutral, likepeople

[Don] One of the neutrals, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] So beautiful, yet so neutral.

[Don] So yeah, he could lean to NG and he'd be ok for us.

[Master] That's the beauty of it -- the Lizardmen are kept sequestered and carefully ignorant.

[Lia (Angie)] There is the one we captured before

[Arkady (Ryan)] intriguing. the "prefers human flesh" thing could be a bit dicey... ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, they're like humans in that the come in basically all alingments, so he wouldn't even have to be part neutral if he didn't want

[Don] I was just thinking that.

[Master] You'd know about the ins and outs of Eflense's group but little about Serendair as a whole.

[Master] And it'd be a quirk.

[Don] We kept trying to explain stuff to him, and he seemed unusually philosophical

[Aric (Brian)] hey

[Don] Sslet'm, right?

[Master] Where is the log for that session?

[Master] That's him.

[Arkady (Ryan)] wouldn't I need to be a lot more powerful than the one you captured so as not to just be a sitting duck?

[Aric (Brian)] maybe instead of charis being just the orc goddess

[Aric (Brian)] we get all sorts of misunderstood folks.

[Don] And he could think about it and then try to escape.

[Aric (Brian)] who are *usually* one way, but we're different

[Don] I dunno, what level was he?

[Master] Brian, sweetie, I'm way ahead of you.

[Aric (Brian)] thanks mikeywootles

[Arkady (Ryan)] =)

[Master] But Ryan's not interested in a LG leaning char. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] NG's close.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yup.

[Velkyna (Joe)] LG dieties can have NG servants.

[Master] Yeah, but Redemption requires a careful path.

[Don] If he was like 4th or 5th then, he could have some character-building experiences in the wilderness to beef him up to 8 or 9.

[Master] Charis is deliberately a bit more restrictive than most gods.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... don't touch the sides!

[Master] Sslet'm may or may not be a good choice (depends on what kind of char you want to play).

[Velkyna (Joe)] He could also be a higher-up LM who talked to Sselt'm at some point and decided to check us out.

[Arkady (Ryan)] And anyway, if I'm gonna be a druid, Mother Nature will be my god.

[Master] Ding.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes, joe.

[Don] Right, forgot about the druid thing.

[Master] The Lizardmen are also in awe of Nature, so Druids make sense. And a Druid would start thinking about how he could do this or that

[Don] I'd really like to see Sslet'm at least involved in the backstory somehow.

[Don] Really appeals to my aesthetic sense.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If we're still talking elves, he could be a CG Envap elf who defected to Nailo but was a little too wacky for Nailoglas to handle so they pawned him/'her off on us.

[Aric (Brian)] hey

[Master] to make the Lizardmen's lives easier, which Eflense would subtly undermine, which he might get disguested with.

[Master] Nah, Nailo'd hand him off to one of the wacky troupes that does border patrols.

[Aric (Brian)] what if sslet'm fell into some sort of weird time thing having to do with seren's folly

[Aric (Brian)] and emerged like 10 years later for him, but a few weeks for us

[Master] Seriously, there's places for everyone. IT's how elves work.

[Arkady (Ryan)] clan-based society -- relative of Sslet'm as well as druid: uncle or cousin or some such.

[Aric (Brian)] and he's all leveled and stuff

[Master] Wait wait.

[Don] for the transcript of the last session, btw.

[Master] Ryan, go ahead and read the log for Sslet'm.

[Master] See if you like the char or the ideas discussed.

[Master] If not, don't worry, we'll do something else.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] After all, this party will pick up roving charlatans and teenaged thieves

[Arkady (Ryan)] teenage mutant ninja lizardmen?

[Master] Start at "Shot and Vel are flying in quietly..."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So you should be able to come up with _something_ that'll work

[Master] Do a "find" for that phrase and you'lll be all set.

[Master] Then scroll down through the capture and discussion.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] brb

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] he's reeding

[Lia (Angie)] reading

[Velkyna (Joe)] As an aside, while he's reading ... what kind of payment do we get from the Pallys for the two week stint?

[Master] Dammit, what's that word.

[Master] When a lawyer takes a case and only gets paid if he wins.

[Velkyna (Joe)] pro bono

[Velkyna (Joe)] No wait.

[Master] No, that's charity work.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (right)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Contingency?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] contingency

[Don] That's it.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aric (Brian)] so basically "squat"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Goodwill"

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Here's your payment. A big sack full of JACK."

[Velkyna (Joe)] So then Willem's all like "we have resources" and I'm like WHATEVER

[Aric (Brian)] oh well. goodwill is worth it. we'll need allies against eflense.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And, one good thing about paladins is they have the tendency to repay such debts

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... with cash?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Please say "with cash".

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's not with cash, is it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dammit.

[Lia (Angie)] probably not

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No, but if you need someone to charge stup...bravely into battle...

[Don] Ahem.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Defthon! Didn't see you there!

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If they help us to depose Eflense, and then the elves get trade, then... one way or another, there will be more cash.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Whassup?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And, if there's a fire, and you need a wet blanket to cram under the door...

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE.

[Master] Contingency.

[Master] I was rereading the Sslet'm stuff.

[Master] Ogderman's got y'all on contingency and a small retainer.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, we covered that. We're poking fun at paladins now

[Velkyna (Joe)] Everybody in the pool.

[Arkady (Ryan)] I like him. I like him a lot. I'm not him, but I like him. Yes, I think a relative will do nicely. Possibly even one who had a voice in the clan council (albeit a minor one), but once eflense and his new ways came in, chose to retreat from the swamps and live apart from the clan while it did things he though dishonorable or at least unwise.

[Master] Let's refine that a bit.

[Arkady (Ryan)] among other things, you just don't make a spellcaster into a "private". =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Doesn't even have to be a relative. Just someone who knew Sslet'm enough to hear about us.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Dishonorable" seems a good angle, given that LN is the likely alignment

[Arkady (Ryan)] I was thinking NG.

[Master] Sslet'm sandbags.

[Master] Hardcore.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That would work, too

[Master] You could play a Ranger easy, but prolly not a Druid.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Well, to whom would ssletm go? A trusted clan member, spiritual adviser. Hence priest within clan.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But then, "unwise" probably beats out "dishonorable"

[Master] Sslet'm wouldn't go to *anyone*.

[Arkady (Ryan)] druid is lizardfolk favored class!

[Master] Okay, clan loyalty trumps everything.

[Master] Hey cool!

[Arkady (Ryan)] but if he knew someone who'd already come to the same decisoons...

[Don] Sweet.

[Master] So your druid would go along with things until something really intolerable happened.

[Master] I like the idea of him knowing Sslet'm and even perhaps knowing Sslet'm's mind without Sslet'm knowing it.

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes.

[Master] The thing is, Sslet'm was brought back to the camp and then magically wrung dry for details.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and ssletm would know when I'd gotten fed up and faded away into the swamps...

[Master] And once they found out how deep he was, they killed him and disappeared the body.

[Master] No one would possibly do that.

[Master] The Lizardmen are completely fanatic

[Master] about clan survival.

[Arkady (Ryan)] he might even go to find me once that happened, to discuss his experiences once he had credible evidence it was safe, that I was no longer in a position to betray him.

[Master] They wouldn't walk away from Omelas.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ah. drat.

[Master] But.

[Arkady (Ryan)] Omelas?

[Master] Le Guin story. You'd like it.

[Master] "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas."

[Master] But.

[Master] If there was a Druid leader who thought along similar lines as Sslet'm, only more advanced.

[Master] And was finally convinced that the Lizardmen were tools rather than allies for Eflense,

[Master] and then managed to convince himself, through painful reasoning, that the only way for the clan to survive long-term was for Eflense to be defeated....

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes.

[Arkady (Ryan)] exactly

[Master] Such a creature would seek out the Party rumored to meet Eflense in order to offer its servics.

[Arkady (Ryan)] i like this idea more and more

[Master] Which would be a glorious encounter in and of itself.

[Arkady (Ryan)] =) Uh-oh.

[Master] ^meet^oppose

[Master] Sorry.

[Arkady (Ryan)] it would be meet to meet those who would mete justice to him. =)

[Master] Something like that, but justice is not a concept which enters the lizardman mind often.

[Master] There is survival, and then there is everythinge lse.

[Arkady (Ryan)] to do what is necessary to do to him in order to preserve the clan

[Arkady (Ryan)] this mindset, this i can play.

[Arkady (Ryan)] justice is what works. moderate, sensible an necessary.

[Master] Does this sound like a character that it'd be fun to have around, folks?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Of course, concern for justice is more LN than NG)

[Master] Or could he get a bit preachy and/or dissenting?

[Velkyna (Joe)] No more preachy than Def.

[Aric (Brian)] hey, i'm in favor of someone who'd probably be more serious than me ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or Lia.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or Aric.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and clan loyalties clinch it all. sslet'm was astonished to find the party think of all humans as clan. perhaps this liozardman is the first to think of all liozardmen as clan. and if the party are adopted clan, then that's about as good as loyalty gets.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] My big concern regarding this concept is "what's his motivation to stick around after Eflense is gone?"

[Master] I wouldn't think of it that way..

[Arkady (Ryan)] NG in this case == adopt whatever methods most benefit the people I protect

[Master] I'd have the Lizardman not adopt the Party, really, but treat them more as pets of which he is fond.

[Arkady (Ryan)] master: to whom??

[Arkady (Ryan)] ah, ok. can do.

[Master] It's better to have him have a genuinely different motivation that is compatible for now.

[Arkady (Ryan)] highly unlikely to be preachy. oddly dissenting at times, perhaps.

[Master] You'll be dealing with Eflense for at least another six to eight months.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fair enough

[Velkyna (Joe)] I kind of figured on that.

[Master] After that, we can either find an excuse or just mae a new character who fits the next set of issues.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Something may evolve.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Although, I'm not sure I like the "treats us like pets" angle

[Master] See, I personally really like that part.

[Arkady (Ryan)] *laugh*

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Of course, it's not like Aedean gets along perfectly with everyone we currently have anyway

[Master] But let's get his motivations down -- he's about saving the lizardmen. He'll help the Party and build up goodwill, because he's capable of acting indirecltly.

[Arkady (Ryan)] well, it would be terribly gauche to actually tell you.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, I'm fading. Will call it a night. Gnight all!

[Don] Heh.

[Master] But at the end of the day, it's his clan that needs to be rescued.

[Don] G'night.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Night, Joe!

[Arkady (Ryan)] night!

[Master] G'night, Mighty Joe Nduwe.

[Lia (Angie)] night

[Arkady (Ryan)] yes. his clan.

Joe has left the game.

[Aric (Brian)] night joe

[Aric (Brian)] doh

[Arkady (Ryan)] which we would need much more detail on, at some point. possibly soon.

[Master] Hehe. The COmmander was such an asshole.

[Master] The clan we'll keep vague for now; I suspect that we'll find that we need it to be and do certain things for the plot to all make sense.

[Arkady (Ryan)] So, how much of his clan is left? How much of its structure intact? Have old leaders been replaced with more pliable ones?

[Arkady (Ryan)] gotcha.

[Master] Most of it. Most of it. Not particularly; Eflense has been good for the Lizardmen in the short term.

[Arkady (Ryan)] but I'd at least want to know how many close relatives I was leaving behind.

[Master] Your character should be reasonably old and have no close children.

[Arkady (Ryan)] OK, so this is long-term vs. short-term optimization. check.

[Master] That pushes one's worldview in certain ways.

[Arkady (Ryan)] and all parents and siblings dead, probably.

[Master] Dead or promoted so far up that they hardly see one another.

[Arkady (Ryan)] good, good. a few nieces and nephews and perhaps gradkids to be fond of.

[Master] Right.

[Aric (Brian)] ok. i'm starting to fade as well

[Aric (Brian)] i think we're heading out

[Don] I think we're going to head out now and let you hash out details.

[Master] Fair 'nuff.

[Arkady (Ryan)] big question: how much does his leaving endanger them?

[Master] Good night, all.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sounds like you two are just nailing down details at this point

[Aric (Brian)] good night everyone

[Master] Not at all; he'd leave a convincing "body" behind.

[Don] 'night

[Aric (Brian)] see you all later

[Arkady (Ryan)] i think we have an idea we like, yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, we'll take off

Don has left the game.

[Master] Faking his death is the very best way to attain total freedom.

[Master] Night, fellas.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] bye

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Night, all

[Master] Enjoy Chambana.

Sedlack has left the game.

[Arkady (Ryan)] ah, good. good. so what happens when eflense learns of a lizard helping the party? Wildshape should help, but still...