December 20, 2006

NOLA update

I've just finished typing in posts that I wrote while still in New Orleans, and backdated them to when I actually wrote them. They are:

That's not by any means all I have to write about the trip. I still need to finish up the Water Saga, and I need to talk about Timberland, for instance, not to mention recounting the final community meeting. But I figured I'd mention the backdated posts, since if you've been following along and keeping up, you might miss them.

Also, now that I'm back, I'll be going back to posting about my usual array of random topics. If you're interested specifically in the NOLA posts, I've thrown together a special NOLA edition that includes only New-Orleans-related musings.

Posted by blahedo at 7:10pm on 20 Dec 2006
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