December 14, 2006

At the community meeting: AmeriCorps

[The community meeting]

Tonight is the last night for one of the Americorps groups. I'm getting a little jealous, and I'm sitting here wishing I had done this between college and grad school. Some of them are doing exactly that, some are taking time off from college, and some are in it directly out of high school. It's such an opportunity to actually do something; it bundles up community and service and friendship all into one convenient package, and you get to see the country while you're doing it. I can remember when Clinton signed it into existence, and thinking then that it was a great idea, and a worthy complement to the Peace Corps, but honestly hadn't heard much about it since then.

So anyway, we're wishing them all goodbye. One of them I hit with a sales pitch for Knox, because she'd be an awesome addition to Knox; I had to wait in line behind several students who were trying to do the same thing. But the whole group was interesting; their next assignment is building houses in Biloxi with Habitat. After that, who knows? In their 10-month term of service, they get four assignments, and they don't find out about each one until just before the previous one ends, so the rest of their term could be just about anything....

Posted by blahedo at 6:02pm on 14 Dec 2006
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