December 14, 2006

More shotguns

[Today's house]

Another cajun shotgun house today—six rooms front to back, with just a couple of side closets and bathrooms. Plus two rooms out back, one a mud room (with water heater) and the other a greenhouse. It had already undergone one day of gutting; today was the finishing gut.

Some of you that have known me long know of my fear of heights. Some may even know of my bungee jump in Reno, and that after that my acrophobia got a lot less strong. Well, today that was proven over again, as I found myself leaning way over from the second step of a ten-foot ladder to get the opposite side of a closet. (The ladder wouldn't fit inside the closet.) "Screw this," thought I, "I'm climbing on the rafters like Elyse is doing."

So I left the ladder behind and spent the next forty minutes climbing around the door frames and pulling down walls, twelve feet up. The TL got all worried and said it was against HONO policy; that's as may be, but I certainly have seen a lot of HONO people, including TLs, going off-ladder, so whatever. This TL was way more concerned with following the rules than with safety, because it was way safer to be firmly planted on a rafter than to lean way over. (Not that I haven't also done my share of leaning off ladders.)

[My closet perch]

The excitement of the day was that a TV crew from TNT came around to get footage of a gut in action. So, I might be on national cable at halftime tonight. (Charles Barclay seems to have adopted NOLA—he was present in person at yesterday's hoo-ra, and I think this coverage is attached to him somehow.)

I had a headache on and off today, and I was thinking it had to do with too-tight hardhat or respirator or something, but when I described the specific symptoms, Sarah instantly diagnosed it as a mould headache, and said that Tylenol and such would do nothing for it. Which wasn't very reassuring, but at least it seems to be gone now.

Ooh! I still need to talk about Timberland. But we have to go now; I'll write more later.

Posted by blahedo at 4:42pm on 14 Dec 2006
What bungee jump? Posted by mom at 10:02am on 19 Dec 2006
Well, the people called it a bungee jump. It was really one of those things where you get wrapped up in a sling and then lifted to a great height, to swing in an arc. It starts off with a hundred foot drop or something like that. I did that when I flew out to Reno with Hilary and the others, October '01 I think. Posted by blahedo at 10:33am on 19 Dec 2006
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