October 30, 2005

Comp results

This weekend, I took nine kids to the UIUC ballroom comp, and they sure did me proud. Over the course of a dozen or so events, they took home 16 (pairs of) ribbons, but even better, they got complimented by several total strangers for having fun and looking good. Also notable is that of the nine of them, six got called back and/or placed in a jack-and-jill event, dancing with someone they'd never danced with before.

Speaking of which, I danced a couple of events with Amy from UIUC, whom I had met before in a non-ballroom context but never danced with before; we got called back into Advanced-A for our Hustle and placed in Advanced-B for our International Cha. And I know this might be more attributable to the partner, but when I danced with Kathy, we got put in Advanced-A for all six events, and placed in three of them: 5th in Int'l Samba, 4th in Am Rhumba, and 3rd in East Coast Swing. So much for smooth being my better section! (But like I said, the credit is probably hers; among her other events she racked up another five placings, including two well-deserved firsts.)

Now, here's hoping ISU's comp doesn't have some horrible conflict with Knox's schedule next term, so I can sustain this momentum. My team is totally psyched about competition now, and are working on becoming actively designated a club sport, for better access to things like renting vans to go to competitions. Which would certainly be convenient!

Thursday also happens to be "take our children to work day" at IBM. If you seem significantly taller and less rambunctious than the other participants in the conference room, check whether you have inadvertently signed up for an event at "take our children to work day". If so, return to the lobby and re-register. --PL Day Info, IBM

Posted by blahedo at 10:42pm on 30 Oct 2005
Congratulations on doing so well. I know i certainly enjoyed being a spectator. Wish more people would come out and enjoy....Good Luck in the future, and keep that momentum up. Posted by Mom at 8:46am on 31 Oct 2005
Ok, west coast maybe. but samantha and I did NOTHING to deserve first in Merengue. We walked in circles and shimmied at each other. Funny yes, quality... I think not. Posted by kathy at 12:03am on 1 Nov 2005
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