November 03, 2005

Bang bang boom

After an eternity of waiting (ok, really not much longer than the four weeks they quoted me), I now have roofers dismantling the roof of my house. By sometime a week or so from now, I will be several thousand dollars poorer, but with a brand-spanking new roof. With no gutters, but that's a minor detail.

Right now, sometime today, I need to pick what kind of shingles I want. I've eliminated white, beige, and anything that requires a special order, but I'm left with a range of greys from medium-light to nearly black ("onyx") to choose from. I would be leaning towards one that is approximately slate, with just the slightest hint of bluish grey in there, except that I'm not sure it'll go with the red brick. :P

"A cure for those bugs that eat cloth,
Is steal," said old Heinrich the Goth,
"A flatulent pony."
He's wrong, but if only...
A stolen roan gasses no moth.

Posted by blahedo at 9:47am on 3 Nov 2005
Just double checked our shingles, and they are 'chapel grey'. It looks like the slightest hint of blue in the sample, but looks great on the roof. What color are you thinking for the soffit and facia(eventually)? That would probably influence the cast from the roof----ours will be 'everest grey'. Posted by Mom at 10:35am on 3 Nov 2005
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