October 28, 2005

Blago's legacy: healthy kids

You know, for all that I'm down on Illinois' current governor---he really is kind of a schmuck---I do have to give credit where it's due. The All Kids plan he's just gotten passed sounds pretty awesome: all Illinois children, up to age 18, will have health insurance. And rather than have a bunch of onerous hoops to jump through to keep out the people who "don't need" it, the plan is technically open to anyone. The only requirement is that the child hasn't been insured for twelve months, or is under one year old, or a parent has just lost a job. In addition, there is a sliding copayment and premium scale, so that if somehow some rich family wanted to enroll, they would be basically paying their way. And---this is the best part---preventive care checkups require no copayment.

I understand Vermont has a similar program, but then, we have twenty times as many people as them. I really hope this works. This is an important first step towards socialised health care, and it's happening right here. Illinois is so the best state to live in.

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Posted by blahedo at 11:03pm on 28 Oct 2005
I am quite glad that this was passed, but I hope that they advertise this well; I don't think anyone noticed with the White Sox winning and all.

Do you think this program will survive long term? I remember Scott's parents discussing Hillary's proposed health care plan when they were over at my house for his graduation. If I recall correctly the jist of their argument was: Why should I pay my hard earned money for anyone else to have health insurance, if they want it, they should get a job and get their own. Will this program survive with the growing attitude that anyone who can't afford to raise a family without ever relying on outside help, cannot morally have sex. Never mind of course that medical bills can bankrupt all but the very wealthiest, the attitude is that if you can't afford any hardship you run into, you shouldn't have brought anyone else into your situation either.

Posted by lee at 5:38am on 30 Oct 2005
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