March 06, 2005

Influence update

I caught my dad using the alternate pronunciation of "influence" this weekend. He suggested that the stress goes on the second syllable when it's an active verb, but on the first if it's a passive participle or a noun, so

  • Sam inFLUenced Sasha's decision.
  • Sam will inFLUence Sasha's decision.
  • Sasha was INfluenced by Sam.
  • Sam had an INfluence on Sasha's decision.
I have no idea if this is borne out by even his own usage, but it's an interesting idea, and I'll have to keep my ears open.

"I believe that there are UFOs; I just don't know who's driving them." --Peter Jennings

Posted by blahedo at 8:38pm on 6 Mar 2005
Will you be in the Chicago area during break? Posted by Vernon at 7:03am on 7 Mar 2005
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