March 08, 2005

So much for that plan

I got in to work today about 11 as planned, and read email over coffee and a donut. Then I pursued some miscellaneous on-campus errands and eventually started lapsing into my bad old habits---websurfing, mostly---that would preclude getting any much-needed grading done.

Around 2:30 or 3 I headed over to the Gizmo with grading in hand. Sans internet and other distractions, I can more easily force myself to get work done. Some of my best, most quality grading time has been in the Gizmo.

I got about half a problem graded when I was joined by Matt Raffety, with whom I had a lovely and very long conversation. (I think he was also procrastinating on grading. ;) It was one of those rambling conversations that hits lots of topics and usually occurs at about two in the morning. Indeed, it was dark out when we finally left (he had to go play basketball).

At that point, of course, I had to go home, because Nutmeg really needed to be let out. And at home I have my usual raft of distractions, which brought me through to the Daily Show and now back to the internet, where I'm blogging about procrastination. Not exactly a new topic for this blog.

Well, try, try again. Maybe I'll get through a bunch tonight.

"Sometimes I wish software was corporeal so I could wring it's throat good and proper." --Brian Porter

Posted by blahedo at 10:54pm on 8 Mar 2005
Lucky for you Don, you're a Prof. now, so you don't have to worry about turing things in on time. But now that I know that this is what my Profs are doing instead of grading my papers, I'll bug them about it less. By the way, visit my blog sometime, I've got some cool deathmatches going on right now. You'll have to go through the back log, Kirk v. Picard, Godzilla v. Trogdor, Skeletor v. MumRa, Worf v. Chewbacca, and the current James Bod v. Batman. Posted by Chris at 11:31am on 10 Mar 2005
Oddly enough, in one long grading blitz the night I posted this, I finished grading homeworks 6 and 7 for one class and homework 7 for the other; the only thing I have left is their projects (which came in last Friday) and their exams (which will be due tomorrow). So I'm not even behind anymore, really, although I'd best get cracking if I plan to get home on Sunday. :) Posted by blahedo at 11:43am on 10 Mar 2005
So you're going to be home eh? Dan and I are looking to D&D or some kind of roleplaying. Want in? Posted by Chris at 4:22pm on 10 Mar 2005
Oh, man, am I in consonance with you on this one. I can't get a lick of work done at home; I absolutely have to go to a cafe or the library. Posted by Michael at 6:34am on 12 Mar 2005
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