March 06, 2005

The epicentre of midwestern college ballroom

Just got back from the Cyclone Ballroom Classic. Iowa State is, I think clearly, the epicentre of college ballroom dancing in the Midwest. There are other schools that have some ballroom presence, but not many; and the ones that do tend to have small programs, or don't focus on competition. Not only does ISU have a good-sized team, it operates a good-sized and growing competition, under the loving guidance of Ed Simon, an awesome New York dance pro.

It's too bad that this weekend was the last before the end of the term, because that meant a lot of Knox kids didn't go to the comp who otherwise would have. However, I did get one couple to go, and Andrew and Rachel did fantastic: they competed eight events, did respectably in all of them, and placed first in Newcomer American Tango and Newcomer International Rumba. Woo! And they did great in the categories I deem even more important: having fun with their dancing and being able to dance with lots of different people.

Now my thoughts turn to program-building. I need to poke the students working on making us an official club, as this will provide a source of money for travelling and competing. I need to psych up the students about competing, so that they'll be up for competition next year. And I need to advertise the success so I can bring in new people for the spring term. :)

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Posted by blahedo at 8:10pm on 6 Mar 2005
I have become a ballroom competition 'junkie', and bring brownies for the competitors.....Seriously, I thought Rachel and Andrew did an amazing job, and am looking forward to seeing them compete again...Iowa State has grown and improved over the time I have been watching, and of course, I love watching Kathy and Don dance together. Posted by Mom at 11:06am on 7 Mar 2005
I think you're just saying that about ISU cuz that's the school Kathy goes to, and the team she's on ;-) Posted by Chris at 2:02pm on 7 Mar 2005
Not really. It was certainly a serendipitous choice on her part, though, especially given how whimsical and random college choices generally appear in hindsight. :) Posted by blahedo at 10:58pm on 8 Mar 2005
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