March 04, 2005

A flurry of activity

The term is winding down; it is the end of week 9, the last day of classes is Tuesday, and my exams go out on Monday. I've been making good progress in flushing my queue of backlogged grading; two homeworks and a project went back in my 141 class this week, and hopefully I'll get a 262 homework done tonight, bringing me up to the stuff turned in just this week, which I feel less guilty about not having graded yet.

My students are wrapping up their projects, although I bribed the 141 kids with a nine hour extension if they came to class, so hopefully I won't have people turning it in "on time" and then going home to sleep it off. We'll see how it works, but in the abstract I like the policy better than making it due at 2am.

This weekend is the Cyclone Ballroom Classic. Because it's so late in the term, initial interest in attending waned a bit, and we ended up with just two Knox kids going. That's ok, though, since it's really our debut as a college team, and I certainly don't mind starting small. Andrew and Rachel are good, too, and I think they'll really represent Knox well.

Between now and 5 tomorrow, though, I have a lot to do: pack, drop off my dog, assorted miscellaneous errands that can't wait until Monday. No rest for the wicked, I guess.

"I'm convinced artichokes are actually an extremely sessile animal; perhaps an extraterrestrial species. They're Meat Plants." --Sam Walker

Posted by blahedo at 12:02am on 4 Mar 2005
We had artichokes again last night. Loren is getting better at eating the flesh off the leaves. She asked for more several times whem I was not quick enough delivering leaves. If they are animals, the choke must be the brains. Odd, I don't think I have seen fibonacci numbers like that in an animal though. But were life to visit from another planet, I would be less surprised to see numbers from the fibonacci sequence in their construction than I would to see actual DNA in them. Posted by lee at 6:55am on 4 Mar 2005
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