February 27, 2005

Robot Chicken

This insanely clever little show is the best new show Adult Swim has put together in a long time, maybe ever. It's a little reminiscent of the way Monty Python did lots of random scenes and sometimes threw in short little throwaway scenes, but moreso. The format (stop-action animation using clay and assorted action figures) admits really short scenes, some just a few seconds long, enough to set up a sight gag and then move on. Unlike, say, Saturday Night Live, it lets them have an idea and run it just as long as it's funny, and then stop. Not all the scenes are fantastic, but many are, and none of them last long enough to really drag---the whole show is only about ten minutes long!

"I've never been to Sicily, but I cannot imagine how desolate and bleak the landscape must be for those poor starving people to look at an artichoke and say, hey, beats starving to death." --Joe Shidle

Posted by blahedo at 11:06pm on 27 Feb 2005
We bought 5 huge artichokes at Jerry's, We boiled them and served them with lemon butter. Kelly and I eat our fill and then get all the good stuff out of the rest and save it for soup. I shared mine with Loren and she was ok with it, but not overy impressed acting. I had a bowl of artichoke goodness sitting on the edge of the table. She grabbed one stem and heart and was eating it like an ice cream cone. She ate it up! Posted by lee at 11:49pm on 27 Feb 2005
I have to say I'm with Joe on this one. Eucchhh. Posted by blahedo at 7:42am on 28 Feb 2005
How can you say that? Artichoke is not only one of the most tasty foods, it is one of the most fun to eat. Posted by lee at 11:35am on 28 Feb 2005
I'm so happy that you alos liked Robot Chicken. Dan and I watched it and couldn't help but fall in love. The whole Transformers bit was great for an 80's kid like myself. Posted by Chris at 8:00pm on 2 Mar 2005
I love robot chicken its the best and i hoope that its on more Posted by Tana at 9:09pm on 22 Nov 2005
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