April 07, 2004

Evening trip to Peoria

I went to Peoria tonight to see Dan Savage (of "Savage Love") speak at the Bradley student union. It was awesome. He spoke for maybe twenty minutes and then opened it up to audience questions, both vocally and anonymously via note cards that people would fill out. It's a format that works well for him, and lets him answer the questions and make interesting digressions.

The major news of the thing is that he's getting married tomorrow. What, you say? What about his boyfriend? Well, it turns out he is friends with this lesbian couple, who (during the whole San Francisco deal) applied for a marriage licence in Seattle, and were turned down. But he went with one of them back to the licensing bureau and explained that he was a gay man, she a lesbian, no attraction to each other whatsoever, would never have sex, have kids, anything else, were they able to get a licence? Of course! The sanctity of marriage is clearly much better preserved by this sort of joke marriage than by letting either of them marry the committed partner they'd been with for years and years. So he's going to do it, presided by a preacher, hosted in a gay bar, and armed with a phone-book-size pre-nup agreement. And then get divorced 55 hours and 10 minutes later (ten minutes longer than Britney!). He'll write it up in Salon in a few days, but hey, you heard it here first. :)

On ordering food in foreign countries: "It is all about sign language and gesturing. Of course it helps if you can make out some of it, but I alway consider it a sign of success if I can get the waiter to physically try to imitate the type of animal to help explain what type of food you are ordering." --Matt Wicks

Posted by blahedo at 11:39pm on 7 Apr 2004
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