April 10, 2004

Still the prettiest...

...but now there's competition. For my car, that is. I no longer own the only Mini in Galesburg! I was walking my dog just now, and parked on Seminary was a brand-new red and white Cooper S. It was purchased in Indianapolis (according to the plate holder), and the temp plate is a 31-day plate that expires on 10 May, so this thing must've been purchased yesterday. It was no longer there when I came back out after bringing my dog in, so I couldn't ask the owner about it... I'm guessing it's a Knox student, though. I hope it wasn't somebody just passing through, but such people are unlikely to be parked on Seminary. ;)

"Puritans... were the original Moral Majority types. They didn't come here for religious freedom, they came here for the right to religiously persecute anyone they could get their hands on." --Dan Savage

Posted by blahedo at 12:19pm on 10 Apr 2004
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