April 06, 2004

Perhaps they should reconsider.

This morning I saw a 2001-vintage bumper sticker. On the left side was an American flag, with the canton a charcoal grey with perhaps a hint of blue, and the field an array of very faint light-grey stripes from which all the red had been entirely bleached out.

The right side? "These colors don't run." Evidently they just fade away. I'm generally a fan of leaving bumper stickers on even after their nominal relevance period has passed (if Kathy hasn't taken it off yet, there's still a Nader 2000 sticker on my old car), but it seems like an exception might be made in this case....

"It would be relatively easy to form a wheat cartel, seeing as there are many fewer countries which are large-scale producers of wheat than there are large-scale producers of oil. The U.S., Canada, Argentina, Russia, and the Ukraine could basically starve the rest of the world. That is not, however, politically expedient." --Michael Feltes

Posted by blahedo at 1:30pm on 6 Apr 2004
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