March 26, 2004


At least, that's my best guess as to what made my dog crazy this morning. He got me up at 7, whining and crying, so I took him out (in the pouring rain, I might add), but he refused to so much as pee. After a few minutes, I brought him back in, dried him off a little with a towel, fed him, and decided to go back to bed for an hour. About twenty minutes later he started crying again, and this time when I took him out he finally peed after like five minutes; and then he kept up his crying after we got back in. What's weird, though, is that the whining wouldn't start at the lightning or thunderclaps, but at random times. So I have no idea.

This afternoon, when I got home, he was just fine. At least, as long as he was occupied downstairs; he kept staring up my attic stairs and whining, looking at me, and looking up them and whining some more---he'd go up and come down and then start the routine again. I checked; nothing there. Again, no clue what set him off.

I did, however, spend about an hour outside with him on the 12' lead tied to the laundry pole, and we worked on "Nutmeg, Come!" for about ten minutes. He seemed to be getting it pretty fast; of course, the training treats may have aided in that regard, somewhat.

"Sign a few contracts, the well-intentioned advise, and you'll get all the same rights as straight couples—that's an outrageous fiction, but not as outrageous as the notion that being almost equal under the law is good enough." --Laura Conaway

Posted by blahedo at 6:57pm on 26 Mar 2004
Have you never seen a scary movie? DON't GO UP THERE AND GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Posted by lee at 8:42am on 28 Mar 2004
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