March 26, 2004


Galesburg HS put on Oklahoma! this weekend, and I went tonight. What a fun show. The production was a decent high school job; the vocal quality of several of the performers was unfortunately marred by a lot of problems with the sound system, though. At times, it almost seemed like it would be better if they just ran it without mikes. On the other hand, there were a few solo lines by members of the ensemble that the mikes didn't catch, making the words difficult to discern if you didn't already know them.

In any case, I was really impressed with the voice quality of the leads, Laurey and Curly. Both had clear singing voices with excellent range, and they easily carried through the gi-normous auditorium (which probably could seat 2000 or more, though only about 200 or so were in attendance).

I'm still trying to figure out why Will Parker was played by a community member I've seen in local PPCT productions. Maybe the high school couldn't field enough vocal talent? I mean, he did a good job, but it was too bad the whole thing wasn't all high schoolers.

Further evidence for the "small town != backwards/backwoods" file: Curly was played by a black kid. Yay Galesburg!

One thing I have to ask, though: is it now standard to keep talking through the entr'acte? They did that during Phantom, too. It's really annoying.

"It would be better to teach creationism in the context of a high school class on world religions or human origins, but not if science continues to be taught as Truth and religion as Something Gullible People Believe In." --Chris Tessone

Posted by blahedo at 11:54pm on 26 Mar 2004
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