March 25, 2004

More about Nutmeg

Now that something on the order of two or three hours has been sucked out of my day, I am a lot busier. :P Despite getting a full night's sleep (7-1/2 hours or so) each night this week, I'm really tired, and my schedule's been thrown all out of whack. The dog's still really cute, though. :) Cute, house-trained, and incredibly well-behaved; I can't even begin to imagine why someone would've gotten rid of him. I walked him over to the campus the other day and let a bunch of students play with him---everyone loves him, and he loves them right back.

Oh, and yes, I've named him Nutmeg. I had been thinking nutmeg was more of a brownish colour, but in fact it's exactly the same colour of reddish-brown as the fur on top of his head. So there you go.

"Sometimes I think the greatest hindrance to our cause is the sheer force of the American legend. So strongly do people believe this country stands for freedom that they can't fathom it's ever otherwise." --Laura Conaway

Posted by blahedo at 11:43pm on 25 Mar 2004
What I want to see are spice dogs named Tumeric, Cayenne, and Saffron. Wouldn't that be colorful? Posted by lee at 7:01am on 26 Mar 2004
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