March 22, 2004


I'm now the proud companion of a 1-year-old male corgi-sheltie mix. After inspecting the apartment, and spending a fair amount of time in my beanbag, he is now sprawled on my green rug, sleeping. Good boy!

Now I just need to come up with a name. "Zwei" is really tempting (can anyone guess why?) but he doesn't quite have the right look. Aside from that, I was thinking perhaps "Nutmeg" or something, to go along with "Cinnamon". I'm sure I'll come up with something good, but I really have to do it soon, because I feel like a dufus trying to get his attention without a name to call.

I'll get pictures up at some point, but I'm tired now and I really still should write my lectures for tomorrow. He's really, cute, though; the sheltie-type fur is very puppylike, especially when it's short. He has the huge corgi ears, except that his right ear stands up properly while his left ear flops down. It's absolutely adorable.

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Posted by blahedo at 12:09am on 22 Mar 2004
Mace is also a good name, and spice related too. Kelly voted for Basil, but Anise is right out. Posted by lee at 12:10am on 22 Mar 2004
Ooh, I like "Basil". I keep perversely fixing on things like "Cardamom", too, though. :) Posted by blahedo at 12:14am on 22 Mar 2004
I like cardamon too. The ultimate question needs to be, how will this name work for something to call out. If you're in a park and you need to call out his name, how will it sound? Vernon suggests Coriander. What is it with you Blahetas and your lopsided spice dogs? You could name it Posh. Posted by lee at 6:31am on 22 Mar 2004
You guys keep coming up with great names. "Coriander" is great. ("Posh" not so much. Maybe "Sporty"? ;) How about "All"? :) Posted by blahedo at 8:14am on 22 Mar 2004
I am awaiting photos. :) Posted by Sue at 11:24pm on 25 Mar 2004
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