December 04, 2003


Got a slow start on the day today, and I've about given up on getting serious work done this week. My faculty web page is finally up, though not all the links are good yet. I burned five CDs of music for the Brown ballroom team, something I've been meaning to do for years now. That's not even including the stuff that I think is fine but that other people complained about.

I'm also making some level of plans for next week when I'm in Providence. BRS isn't having a concert this term :(, but hopefully I'll be able to see most everything/everyone else I was hoping to.

The last ep of Reign is on tonight. This one is as weird as most of the previous ones put together, which is saying a considerable amount. I wonder what they'll start on tomorrow.

"I have never even pretended to be as cool as you think you are, Jonathan." --Liz Chilton

Posted by blahedo at 12:37am on 4 Dec 2003
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