December 02, 2003

Clean bill o' health

Well, I had my "I just moved here" checkup, and the doctor pronounced me perfectly healthy. The chest thing he suspects was actually an inflammation of the cartilage making up part of my ribcage (I guess that's the intercostal stuff). Didn't know cartilage got inflamed, but whatever. He also authorised a factor V Leiden blood test on the basis of strong family history; I HATE BLOOD TESTS AND NEEDLES but in any case I should find out the results relatively soon.

In other news, the speakers on my TV seem to be dying after six years of good service; it's the high range stuff that does it, and anytime anyone makes a sibilant sound (s, sh, tch) it's got significant distortion (especially if the volume's up). I'm not sure how hard it would be to fix it or have it fixed, but I'm thinking that now (well, after winter break) would be a good time to start looking at receiver/speaker systems, since I'd been planning to get one at some point down the line anyway, and once I get one of those, the TV speakers become pretty much irrelevant. :P Of course, I have no time to do anything about it (or care) anytime soon, since I'll be in Galesburg for all of about seven days---in at least three different chunks---between now and New Year's.

"Whatever system they have in place clearly has far too many humans in the loop, because the IMSAlum was addressed to 'Windy Peak Lane' and I live on 'Cloudy Peak Lane.'" --Brent Spillner

Posted by blahedo at 4:50pm on 2 Dec 2003
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