December 04, 2003

Eventful day

After some futzing at work today, I went to the mall to pick up some stationery. Incredibly, there were just a couple packages of blank paper in the whole store, and not a single package of holiday cards that actually had a blank interior. Vastly annoying.

On the way out of the mall via Penney's, I observed the most concrete instantiation of a linguistic phenomenon I've been observing for a long time---an additional category "guy" in between "boy" and "man". They actually had three separate sections. The men's clothing section had dress shirts, slacks, suits, ties, and so on. The guys' clothing section had the T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and so on. The word "guys" was actually painted a bunch of places; it definitely felt like a separate department.

On the way home, I actually started to drive past Lowe's when I remembered that I needed to pick up a fire extinguisher. So I went in and kept remembering things I'd been meaning to get---a CO detector, a switch for the light over my sink, a timer for my lights.... I came out $60 poorer, and it's weird; I so rarely spend anywhere near that much on myself this time of year.

"So, I had a caffeine addiction, and I wanted to stop. So, I developed an addiction to chewing gum, and I wanted to stop. So, I started smoking, and I wanted to stop. So, I started reading notesfiles, and I really don't want to start drinking." --Amanda Muller

Posted by blahedo at 11:27pm on 4 Dec 2003
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