November 16, 2003

Movie, Dance, & D&D

Another weekend in Galesburg. Friday night I went to the screening of Ma vie en rose by Common Ground (only four people showed :P), an excellent show.

Saturday I slept in, for the first time in ages, then I puttered around all afternoon and went to the dance performance at 7. It was a little too modern for my tastes, but reasonably well executed for what it was trying to do. The leader of the dance company, Margi Cole, was without a question the best of them (of course), and fun to watch. Her solos really made the performance. The student piece was good as well, and I actually thought the part that they had choreographed themselves was better than the pre-existing portion of the piece.

Today I went to Mass at St Pat's and then came back and gamed all day. Except for an hour-and-a-half interlude where I went off and taught my ballroom class. A fairly lazy day, overall.

Note what wasn't in there? Grading. Writing my exam. I really need to get to that....

"If I were tied down and tickled until I had to choose...damn. I really don't know." --Michael Kimmitt

Posted by blahedo at 11:04pm on 16 Nov 2003
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