November 14, 2003

Good thing I didn't take long

When I was getting my thesis signed up in Boston, I quite accidentally found the closest possible parking spot to Michael's condo. Of course, it wasn't a legal parking spot, because those just aren't available in that area.

I was just reading a random article about Sen. Kerry that mentioned he lived in an area of Beacon Hill called "Louisburg Square"; some further details rung a bell, and I did a little research. It's the ritziest address in Boston, and it's exactly where I parked my car. So I was illegally parked in one of the twenty or so most expensive parking spots in New England, quite possibly the very one owned by the Senator himself. I feel special.

"As a recognized guru of dead horse abuse, I gotta say y'all are beating a big one." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 12:02am on 14 Nov 2003
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