November 18, 2003

More required reading

Read this article.

I've mentioned before that Wal-Mart is evil. E-V-I-L. What part of that did you not understand? Why do you still shop there? Same goes for Sam's. DO NOT BUY THINGS FROM THESE STORES.

On Matrix Revolutions: "It ceased to be about an epic struggle to free the human mind, and became a movie about how CGI graphics still can't simulate believable inertia when animating bipedal robot weapons platforms." --Paul Hebble

Posted by blahedo at 5:25pm on 18 Nov 2003
Yes, evil and soulless. But so convenient! On my way home from work I can pick up bulk chicken, beef jerky, protein bars, toiletries... If there were a different warehouse store situated as conveniently, I'd go there instead. Regrettably, it's Sam's or going miles out of my way. Posted by gss at 10:27am on 21 Nov 2003
So it's ok to profit from evil, as long as it's convenient? I'll keep that in mind. Posted by blahedo at 11:19am on 21 Nov 2003
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