September 09, 2003

More moving

My office plants are now hanging in my office. Looking very sad (I think they miss Providence), but they'll be fine. I've broken down all the boxes from the books I put here and brought them to my car. At this point, I'm pretty well Moved In.

My term looks like it'll be a bit lighter than expected---among the freshmen alone we were expecting 30 people to sign up for Intro CS I, plus a few upperclassmen, hence the two sections. In fact? One senior, one junior, five sophomores, and---wait for it---five freshmen. That's it. We're closing the second section and putting all of them into the first, which will still be on the small side. Nobody has any idea why we got 60% less than expected, aside from a general nationwide dropoff in CS majors. For myself, it's too late for them to invent a new class for me to teach, so I'm only teaching one this term. Problem is, that's not significantly less work for me BUT it seems like it is. Bum deal all around.

"The Judge was still dead when Ray returned to his study, and that was not a complete surprise." --John Grisham, The Summons

Posted by blahedo at 6:30pm on 9 Sep 2003
Ah, but the thing is, even with two sections, I'd only be working out lectures for one class. I would non-obviously have a lighter load. Now, I *obviously* have a lighter load. :P Posted by blahedo at 9:32pm on 9 Sep 2003
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