September 07, 2003

Sunday in Galesburg (and environs)

I went to St Pat's this morning, and I'm undecided as to whether I like it better than Corpus Christi. It's an older crowd there, just as pleasant of course, and the church itself is smaller, which is nice. The choir leader has a fairly tentative relationship with the tempo of the music, but I can carry my own on that. The priest there seems to write out his homilies in advance and then read them, which makes for a less gripping oratory, but it was at least fairly well composed. They use normal vestments for the priest there, but they do up the lector in a maroon choir robe and the EMs in white; which would be fine except they used cheap fabric that just doesn't hang right at the gathers. The altar servers still held the patens under the host during communion; maybe that's a diocesan thing. And they ring those damn bells during the Eucharistic Prayer, though at least they only do it twice. Hmm, I seem to be sounding very negative here, but I shouldn't---I can't really explain why, but I rather like the place. I'll try it again next week and see how it goes.

After lunch I drove around for a while. I went down to Knoxville (about ten minutes away on US-150) pursuing an unsuccessful lead on a yarn shop, and found to my amusement that a whole bunch of the roads in that town have the same names of roads in Galesburg (with which they are not contiguous). Heading back, I drove around Galesburg for a good forty minutes, getting the hang of the various areas of town and figuring out where all the railroad overpasses and underpasses are. Useful information, to be sure. I think I have a sunburn now, but only on my left arm. How embarrassing.

Anyway, later I moved twelve boxes of books to my office, where they will sit until Facilities bolts my shelves to the wall. At least they're out of the apartment, which is starting to look more like an apartment and less like a storage shed. Also, I sawed and sanded the board I picked up yesterday for hanging pots and pans from---now I just need to get the paint for it from Judy, and I'll be all set.

"Of course they're razzing you--that's what straight men do. It's how you people display affection and/or hostility." --Dan Savage

Posted by blahedo at 8:22pm on 7 Sep 2003
God, it's like it's 1998 all over again. Posted by Kimmitt at 2:46pm on 8 Sep 2003
Heh. Where did you live that summer, anyway? Posted by blahedo at 2:57pm on 8 Sep 2003
I think you're too picky about your Masses. :D Posted by tony at 11:31pm on 8 Sep 2003
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