September 09, 2003


The path was rocky, but Insight came through for me. Web and ssh work, and I have an internet connection from my apartment.

I may, and don't hold me to this, shout "woo".

On where to turn for usage information: "Style manuals. Good ones. Specifically, ones that agree with me." --Annemarie Peil

Posted by blahedo at 10:58pm on 9 Sep 2003
Ah, but the question is, can you use port 25? Posted by Chris at 8:01pm on 10 Sep 2003
I need none of these things, as my only "home" computer is my laptop---which is neither always at home nor always awake---so I won't be running services from there. All my email, web, etc. is done with the fine folks at phpwebhosting. Posted by blahedo at 11:26am on 24 Sep 2003
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