August 02, 2003

More wonkiness

I finally found someone who has IE6 installed, so I can fix the CSS stuff to work on that as well. So there is to be a bit more wonky arrangement for a while as I try and sort out a layout that all the browsers like.

[under construction]Remember when every third site had an "under construction" sign on it? Well, this one won't stay under construction forever, but I was feeling nostalgic, so I put the sign up for old times' sake. :)

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Posted by blahedo at 4:37pm on 2 Aug 2003
Ok, I settled on the solution involving floats, which looks close to correct on all the main browsers. As an added side benefit, the content now precedes the sidebar in the HTML, so text browsers will be more usable now too. Let me know if it still doesn't work for you.... Posted by blahedo at 5:13pm on 2 Aug 2003
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