August 02, 2003

Cold? In August?

It's 80 degrees outside, and I'm sitting here in socks, jeans, and a sweatshirt. Why? My officemate's back from SIGGRAPH. I suppose I can't really blame him for keeping the office cold when he's around; he grew up in a colder climate than I did. I just grew up in the Chicago suburbs, but he's from southern Florida.

Anyway, in between starting runs of experiments for my thesis, I've been fiddling with the site, and it should now render acceptably in all the major browsers, although each seems to have some little quirk. I've also activated the "recent comments" feature---the last five are in the sidebar, and the last 25 are listed on the recent comments index.

Hm, no wonder I'm hungry, it's already 8pm. The question is, should I go home and consume some of the food I need to get rid of before moving out---which means probably an hour at least---or should I get cheap pizza from Antonio's again? I've been eating there an awful lot... but then, getting a good, fast dinner for less than $4 is not to be underestimated....

I had some mint-scented odor eaters once. They gave me tic-tac toe. --Peter Morris

Posted by blahedo at 8:04pm on 2 Aug 2003
There is a sidebar? Posted by lee at 10:11pm on 2 Aug 2003
Well, the area with the description, calendar, and all the links in it. What would you call it? Posted by blahedo at 11:28pm on 2 Aug 2003
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