August 01, 2003

Music and fundies

First of all, how did it get to be this far through the day before I realised it was August? Sheesh.

I was just walking from my house to the CIT, when I heard a band playing on the porch of Atlas Bower books on Meeting St. They were playing country. I was shocked. I wandered over and listened for a while---they're pretty good, actually. Called the "Hillbilly Graham Crackers", they're local to Providence, and they do a bunch of different stuff. The country version of REM's "End of the world as we know it" was priceless (and very well executed).

As I was standing there listening, a guy walked up to me and tried to give me a flyer---looked like the sort of thing that the born-agains hand out from time to time on Thayer Street. I said I wasn't interested, but then he said it was for a concert... I was momentarily confused, and asked if it was for this band (since I would've been interested in that). But I'd given him his entré, and as he handed me the flyer: "have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life?" *sigh* I responded, "yes, I'm Catholic", which seemed to throw him for a loop, and I could tell he had a few scripts memorised and wasn't quite sure which one to go with. For what it's worth, the conversation was kind of interesting, if a little unfair; he said he'd been born again at the age of 22, and couldn't've been much older than that, and it's possible he'd never witnessed before. In any case, he really wasn't expecting anyone (except maybe other born-agains) to know what they were talking about. "You know, the Bible says that if you aren't born again you won't be saved." "Well, actually, we interpret that verse in the context of two millennia of tradition and community, and between being baptised and being confirmed, I'm covered." "Uh." I felt a little bad playing the Catholic card so much, but he was trying so hard to claim that this little gettogether that he was trying to recruit me for wasn't about different denominations and that it was inclusive of all Christians, while at the same time not really thinking Catholicism measured up.

Ah well.

"I'm from the country. New York takes one look at me and says, ah bet yew squeal REAL nice, only without the southern accent and in twelve different languages." --Matt Boyd, Mac Hall

Posted by blahedo at 11:45pm on 1 Aug 2003
It's okay; people who tell you your religion doesn't measure up are entirely fair game for having their ignorance exploited. For that matter, people who are ignorant who try to tell you what to do fall into that category. Posted by Kimmitt at 6:32pm on 2 Aug 2003
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