November 22, 2002

I've been putting off doing

I've been putting off doing this for ages, mostly to annoy Kathy, but now that I'm doing job apps I figured I'd finally update the picture on my webpage. The old one was taken during orientation my first year at Brown (1997)---I suppose I looked a little younger then. What do you think?

August 1997 November 2002

Hm, I'm also standing up noticeably straighter in the new one. Thank you, ballroom dancing!

"Nobody has a sense of history anymore. The modern fan could tell you Barry Bonds' on-base percentage with two outs and runners in scoring position during night games on the road, but he's never even heard of the old St. Louis Browns shortstop Walter "Shitty Batter" Dugan. They called him that because he was a real shitty batter." --Joe Shidle Posted by blahedo at 3:57pm on 22 Nov 2002

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