November 23, 2002

I feel like the kid

I feel like the kid in the AP test who just discovered his essay question was on the topic he had just written his term paper on. I've been emailing back and forth with the faculty at some of the schools I'm looking at, and the contact at one of my top choices just asked me what my opinion was on Scheme vs Java in intro classes---that they had just switched from Scheme to Java, and that he was of two minds about the whole thing, but that the students found Java more "practical". I don't think he was expecting a three-page answer, but boy howdy, was it fun to write. :)

"By the way, I have an upcoming TV appearance--- as a lip-synching member of the chorus in a TV opera about Princess Diana. As the old saying goes, "You should make a point of trying everything once, except incest and folk-dancing", and that was certainly my feeling about this experience." --John Lavagnino Posted by blahedo at 1:10pm on 23 Nov 2002

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