November 22, 2002

Ok, "groove" was maybe the

Ok, "groove" was maybe the wrong word; but at least I'm done with another application. They really do get easier as I go. A lot of stuff stays the same from app to app---the description of my research, for instance. But there's always the tricky bit, i.e. finding the few things about the school that makes me a particularly good match for it. That part is going to get trickier as I go down my list into the schools where I may be a good candidate, but not a notably tight match. Conveniently, the ones that don't match very well *I'm* not that interested in, either, so I'll just punt and do a more boilerplate application. ;) But I'll get to those later, maybe next week....

"US teens invariably report that it is vastly more difficult to obtain beer than cannabis or hallucinogens. No one asks them for ID when they try to buy cocaine." --Sam Walker Posted by blahedo at 4:46am on 22 Nov 2002

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