February 16, 2003

Got up early this morning

Got up early this morning to go to Mass at St Brigid's in downtown Lexington. It's a nice little church... no, actually it's a nice big church. Old-style, with the two columns of pews, but it probably seats close to a thousand. Which made it look really empty, but I bet there were about a hundred people there, which isn't bad for an 8:30 Mass. The acoustics are really good, though: even when not standing at a mike, the priest and the other people by the altar could be heard relatively well all through the church. (Unfortunately, the poor cantor wasn't used to dealing with an organ that sat at the back of the church---and it was big enough to have a significant sound delay from back to front of the church---so there were some synchronisation problems.)

The homily was a fairly good anti-war commentary, and among other things revealed to me that Tariq Aziz (Saddam's right-hand guy) was a devout Roman Catholic! I mean, I have been and continue to be against war in Iraq, so this doesn't affect me directly, but why have we not heard that a major leader in this supposedly hyper-Muslim, working-with-al-Qaeda government is a Christian? No... nevermind, I know why.

"Sam, you're not just going to hide a bow in your pants that you can pull out and unload ten shots at someone." --Matt Lease Posted by blahedo at 11:06am on 16 Feb 2003

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