February 15, 2003

Lexington town centre is quite

Lexington town centre is quite charming. But the people here are freaks. We were meeting at Aesop's Bagels (isn't that cute?) for a late lunch; I showed up at about 3:15 and the doors were locked. I checked next to the door and it said they were open until 4... and I looked questioningly at the guy inside, who shrugged and held up three fingers, i.e. they closed at three. I remained puzzled, and he unlocked the door. When I asked why they were closed, he claimed they closed early because of "the weather"---which was sunny and clear. (Laura said later that there was a sheet of paper taped up off to the side that said winter hours were only til 3. It's still weird.)

Then a bunch of us went over to the Bread Company a few doors down. It was about 3:25, and on the sandwich board it said they served them "only until 4pm". But when I tried to order, they said they weren't serving sandwiches anymore... because "the guy who makes the sandwiches already left." What is with these people? Why do they even post hours of business? So odd.

"I really don't like how I look on video."
"I've decided to just get used to it." --Rob Hunter and Mike Attisha Posted by blahedo at 5:22pm on 15 Feb 2003

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