February 18, 2003

Today's entry is a few

Today's entry is a few online essays and articles you should read. Long, but worth it.

First, a report on CNN's manipulation of the American public. It seems they saw fit to edit out part of a transcript without marking it as edited. Seriously, check this one out.

Next, an essay by Paul Graham on why nerds are unpopular, why high school and junior high suck so bad in this country, and what we might think about doing about it. This one's the long one, but bookmark it and come back to it, especially if you are, were, or plan to be a high school or junior high teacher; have, had, or plan to have high school or junior high-age kids; or do, did, or plan to attend high school or junior high. Really.

Finally, on the lighter side, a tandem essay written by two college students. It's fun, and short.

"The American dream is to be born in a gutter, grow up and make *all* the money in the world, stick it in your ears, and go *THHBBBBBTTT!*" --Eddie Izzard Posted by blahedo at 10:59pm on 18 Feb 2003

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