December 13, 2011

Buy my house!

As was basically inevitable (given that I've moved 800 miles away), I've finally put my house in Galesburg up for sale. It is an awesome house, and so I have put together a webpage aptly entitled

Buy my awesome house!

Should you find yourself in need of an awesome house in the Galesburg, Illinois area, or if you know someone else who is, you should click and/or forward that link.

I'm so glad that I'll never fit in;
that will never be me.
Outcast girls with ambition:
that's what I want to see! --Pink, "Stupid girls"

Posted by blahedo at 5:34pm on 13 Dec 2011
Oh man, if there were teleporters that would get me back and forth to work here, I would buy your house in an instant. It's GORGEOUS. Good luck! Posted by Chelsea at 7:59pm on 13 Dec 2011
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