July 30, 2011

Silicone bakeware, part 2

As you might know, one of the most popular posts ever on this blog was on an unlikely topic—silicone bakeware. Indeed, six years later it continues to get new comments every couple months, and for most of that time it's been on the front page of Google hits for "silicone cookware" and related queries. Amazing.

Anyway, I have an update on yet another way in which silicone bakeware sucks. I'm cleaning out my kitchen, and way in the back of a cupboard I found the red silicone bundt pan that had been the proximate motivation for my prior negative review. I'm not sure why I didn't throw it out then (well, I am—I resist throwing out anything that might possibly be useful later) but I figured I'd toss it in a bag of stuff I'm bringing to the Salvation Army tomorrow.

Only... it was sticky. Really sticky. All over the entire thing. It wasn't I-missed-a-spot sticky, like a food remnant I hadn't quite washed off well enough. And it wasn't top-of-the-fridge sticky, where airborne stovetop grease has embarrassingly accumulated but can be wiped off with a bit of warm soapy water. This was existentially sticky, and no scrubbing could get it off. It was flypaper sticky, transferring the sticky to my hands and remaining even after washing them (with more soap and water). In point of fact, it was really gross.

I've certainly never had that problem with glass and metal bakeware.

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Posted by blahedo at 3:20am on 30 Jul 2011
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