July 22, 2008

Thanks, google

If you google for tub spout "nipple came out", you get exactly two links on completely different topics which, in retrospect, I should have seen coming:

  • Plumbing Basics - Google Books Result
  • iParenting.com - preconception, pregnancy, baby names, newborns ...
Er, thanks, google.

"Good ol' C++. It will happily let you shoot your foot off. It might alert you if your sight is misaligned." --Kevin Colby

Posted by blahedo at 1:12pm on 22 Jul 2008
And soon, there will be three. Posted by Kelly Martin at 9:16pm on 22 Jul 2008
Already, actually. I think Google spiders me multiple times a day, but almost certainly at least once a day; the post about the hex tile was on google after less than 15 hours, and this one after about 8. Posted by blahedo at 9:29pm on 22 Jul 2008
Not sure if you know this already or not, but you can actually set some coarsely-grained control over things like how frequently Google indexes your pages using their Webmaster Tools (http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/). It will also give you stats about which search terms are driving traffic to your site. That by itself is something a good log file can do, but the Webmaster Tools also gives you things like a break down of how GoogleBot is ranking your keywords and your site's PageRank. Personally I have no practical use for these tools with any of my sites, but it's an interesting glimpse into how Google perceives you. Posted by Brian at 3:24pm on 7 Aug 2008
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