July 18, 2008

A win and a loss

About a year ago, chain coffee shop Starbucks built a store in Galesburg, already home to two coffee shops and a coffee kiosk, all independent. One of them will be closing soon...

...the Starbucks!

Though I'm hardly happy to see any Galesburg business closing, I confess that it's a little gratifying that if the town's not big enough for four coffee shops, it's the indies squeezing out the chain rather than the other way round....

"Look, I know it's embarrassing and it makes you feel kind of silly. I understand. But you should never make someone feel bad for liking you. It's a compliment. It means she thinks you're a good guy. Don't make her feel like she's wrong about that. It doesn't mean you have to like her, it doesn't mean you have to play with her, it doesn't mean she has to be your girlfriend. The only thing you're obligated to do is to say, 'Thank you.' Nothing else. Okay?" --Leigh Anne Wilson

Posted by blahedo at 2:56am on 18 Jul 2008
It's not all good. Where are people going to spend their inevitably-gifted starbucks gift cards? Posted by Mark at 8:42am on 18 Jul 2008
The starbucks online store, of course. Posted by lee at 12:32pm on 19 Jul 2008
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