April 07, 2006

En fuego

I had a great class today. Despite the ongoing malaise (today: "productive" coughing. Ew.), I was pretty well on top of my game. We backed up and covered some stuff that should have been review but maybe wasn't; I gave an extemporaneous blurb about the bitwise operators (summary: ^ does not mean what you think it means. Caveat programmor.); I answered some more questions about exceptions, and we moved on to implement the first half of IntArrayBag. And students were asking lots of good questions. An excellent day to have four visitors (two students, two parents).

Now I'm going home to take a nap and cough into my pillow. :P

'The question isn't whether God exists like a brick exists, but rather "what part of our experience does the symbol 'God' reveal and what parts does it obscure?"' --Jim Rigby

Posted by blahedo at 3:48pm on 7 Apr 2006
Please be sure to wash your bedding when you start feeling better. It is supposed to help in speeding your recovery. Posted by ansible at 11:46am on 8 Apr 2006
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