April 05, 2006


Yesterday, it was just a sore throat. Today, it's a sore throat, a stuffy nose, maybe a slight fever, but above all this general malaise that just makes me feel generally cruddy. Bleh. And yet, still not bad enough to override my pressing need to not fall (further) behind in classes, so here I am at work, teaching. Sigh.

"Large religions are not merely difficult to usefully generalize about because they're large; they're large because they're difficult to usefully generalize about." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 3:36pm on 5 Apr 2006
I'm so sorry you got this crappy bug. there will be coughing to follow. In the mean time, drink lots of fluids, have campbell's chunky chicken noodle soup, and get lots of rest. *hug* Get well soon! -j. Posted by julietta at 8:06am on 6 Apr 2006
And today comes the cough. Perfect analysis, doc! Now off to buy some orange juice.... Posted by blahedo at 12:47pm on 6 Apr 2006
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