February 15, 2006


I just went to take out the garbage and I about died just going down the stairs. We've had a light sleet/freezing rain mix and there is now a smooth 1/8" plate of ice on the ground. Even taking baby steps (after I realised the situation), I ended up skating all the way down my driveway and had to walk back up on the grass, which was fairly slick itself. Craziness. Hope it melts before I have to leave tomorrow morning....

"Oh, wait. You're in California, where they put their hands over their ears and go "lalala" when urban blight is mentioned. No wonder." --Pete McFerrin

Posted by blahedo at 11:53pm on 15 Feb 2006
There is this substance, called salt, that can do wonders for slick drive ways. Posted by lee at 5:45am on 17 Feb 2006
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